i am a real mermaid


I love manta rays :D

Official list right now includes cuttlefish, shrimp/mantis mermaid, eels/moray, deep sea fish, hagfish, lionfish, blue sea slug, seahorse, nurse shark, angel, and fairy.

Requests are still open till the 31 and I need about 5  more to reach Mermay quota so if there’s something you want to see that’s not on the list feel free to send one in. :)

🌊✨On my way to becoming a mermaid✨🌊

exciting news!

My lovely friend John from @fatmaninalittlesuit and I are currently working on a self-love challenge for the month of February! We will start on February 1st, so watch out for updates, they will be posted soon! I am so excited about this, it’s going to be awesome! Remember that bullshit diet I was talking about all the time and never ended up posting it because I am a chaotic little mermaid? It’s coming. This time for real. And it will be so much better than what I had planned 3 months ago because: John!! :) So glad to do this with an incredible person like him. Be prepared for something awesome.

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Firstly: So, yesterday DailyDragons hit 15,000 followers! Actually, it’s at 15,124 now, but I haven’t had time to post. I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s followed this blog, even through the rough patches where I’ve been a little less than daily. You guys are great!!

Secondly: I don’t put much of my personal stuff on here, but I wanted to take a second to advertise one of my other blogs. As most of you probably don’t know, in my spare time I am a real mermaid/mermaid model!  I have a mermaid tail that I’ve made and can swim in :) I also started a separate blog for my mermaiding not too long ago at themermaidjade.

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(that’s me!)

I know it’s not dragons, and it won’t update nearly as often/regular as I do here (since it’ll just be whenever I get a chance to take photos), but I thought I’d share it in case any of you fantasy fans are interested, so feel free to follow it if you like :) 

That’s all for now–thanks again for all the support! <3