i am a real life tumblr lady now

First Update for my Return Back from Hiatus

The first 16 hours back into the game: $1200+

Actual amount of…quality time: 20 MINUTES

Total time of answering inquiries, screening, and preparing: the 16 hours minus my full night’s sleep. Whenever I’m awake, I’m persistently answering messages and calls.
(Remember, that one you got lazy and didn’t respond to could be the one looking to book multiple hours!)

Time in in traffic and driving: 3 hours (LA rush hour)

Hiccup: Showed up to a returning client to have him suddenly flake after I’ve already driven an hour.

LESSON for all Newbies: Be prepared for even regular clients to flake. Some think you should cater to their beck and call, not respecting the time it takes for you to prepare and travel. I’ve had a handful of legitimate clients had to reschedule for emergencies (kids came home, work, etc.). If a RETURNING client flakes twice within a low amount of visits, blacklist him. The time it took you to get dressed and drive out to him could be used investing in someone who results in payment. If it’s a first time meeting and he pulls this shit, blacklist him. First impressions matter; including the standard of respect you expect from a stranger.

Conclusion: All in all, getting paid $1200+ for a couple of hours out of my day is considered good enough for me in my book! Most of it was spent talking. (Thank the God I didn’t get one of those that try to squeeze every penny out of you for the time limit. You girls know what type I’m talking about. 😓😑🙄) Wasn’t my top earning day but certainly wasn’t my worse days. Way better than expected for my first day back. Can’t complain.

Where am I right now: Getting some well deserved sushi and answering questions/messages on Tumblr. 🍣🍱

What’s next: My vanilla world and its responsibilities calls my (real) name. I might have another client or two tonight but we’ll see if I can manage to squeeze everything in.

How’s the day going for all of you ladies today? Would love to know what everyone else is doing and chat.👑💸👛