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Book series is called The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. Brilliantly written, but the show deviates from the books quite a bit. In fact two episodes of the show take the entire plot line from book five or six and boil it down. I enjoyed the show, but the books were way better, and I tend to look at them as separate stories with similar plots and character names. Kahlan Amnell is a major badass as the Mother Confessor, but as mord-sith, Cara wins at badassary. Now I'm thinking of them together

Ooooh. It sounds more and more interesting. Books and shows (or movies) usually do have a lot of differences so I won’t fault them for that. Even if books usually are better. I am always looking for more badass ladies in my life <3

is there any real lgbt rep in the show or is it mostly subtext? I watch both but I am legit craving more shows like Carmilla where they get together and everything is happy canon. 

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