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Height Differences

A/N: And the opinion therefore.  This may actually be first real slash I’ve ever written…huh.  Also apparently in my head Ghirahim is like a snooty-perverted cat. 

Words: 238

Link hates how short he is. How he barely reaches Ghirahim’s shoulder. How when Ghirahim calls him “Skychild” he actually feels like one. Link hates that the demon lord must bend low for their cheeks to touch when he taunts. Or when Ghirahim leans over him, smirking as he takes the space around Link. He can’t help but shudder as that cloying presence envelopes him from all sides. Especially when Ghirahim is feeling playful, flashing all over the room like a vicious magical whack-a-mole.

Ghirahim’s sword form is worse.

Link glares at the white diamond almost pressed to his face. A face that twists into a scowl when an amused chuckle comes from above. He hates being short he keeps telling himself. He hates it. And Ghirahim wraps his hand in Link’s hair and lightly pulls back, back until he can see his blue eyes.

Oh, Ghirahim loves his skychild’s height.

Relishes it. Has entertained many…thoughts of what could be done to this petite form. For now he settles for dragging the hero in and up, up without a single foothold. Unbalanced the boy is forced to wrap legs around Ghirahim’s waist. His smirk turns into a grin as Link flails about for a place to put his hands. Or perhaps that was an attempt to stab him in the eye.

No matter he thinks, and proceeds to devour the boy from the mouth down.

serious failboat high school aus

“your handwriting looks like jesus personified while mine looks like i wrote everything in the dark yet i’m writing you love letters and not the other way around this is what i get.” au

“you forgot your textbook on the bus yesterday and we’re having a dress up day tomorrow and i’m gonna look so good returning your textbook so you better fucking notice me.” au

“i had a dream where i was so cool you asked me to put my number into your phone but i spelled my name wrong thirty times.” au

“we’re having a heritage day tomorrow and i’m bringing in food from my country and i will fucking force you to eat it if you don’t.” au

“i keep on leaving sticky notes on your locker with really back pick up lines on them and you don’t know who’s doing it but it’s me.” au

“I was walking to my class and i was staring at you but i tripped and twisted my ankle and now your riding the ambulance with me and now i have to come up with an excuse to tell the doctor why i hurt my ankle.” au

“you tripped and injured yourself in gym class today and my first thought was ‘mmm whatcha say’ and i’m so sorry i’m not even using the meme right.” au

“i didn’t know you when you were eating a banana and i perved on you on the bus but now i have a crush on you and i keep on forgetting this is how it escalated.” au

“my gender suggests that i should not be taking the dancing role (lead or non-lead) i am but i’m doing it that way and just fucking deal with it.” au

“i am really mad at you for a ridiculous reason and you have no idea because we don’t even talk and you don’t even know me but fuck it i’m mad.” au

“my friend works on the yearbook and they’re taking photos but i stole their camera to take pictures of you and i keep on forgetting your on the yearbook team so now they have to come up with an excuse to why there are fifty pictures of you to you and the teacher.” au

“i heard you were the at your martial art and i do martial arts too so all i want to do is to meet up with you at a dojo so i can kick your ass.” au

“the process i have made to talk to you is so terribly slow i need my whole squad and the swat team and even the fbi to get this shit going because i can’t.” au

Tour - A JB imagine for my fav

Sorry I was thinking all day!!!! Hm how about an imagine where I don’t want Justin to go on tour because I’m not used to him leaving me and idk you can make up the rest IM BAD AT MAKING STUFF UP THAYS WHY I DONT MAKE THESE THINGS AHHHH


Ilysm btw :))


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“You’re going on tour?” I ask , totally not expecting those words to leave his mouth.

“Yeah babe, I just found out today” He replies , pulling me closer to him

“For how long?” I asks , mind blown at the conversation .

“Maybe three months? I don’t know , its all for promoting the album” He states and my mouth drops .

“Three months? When do you leave?” I say , trying to remain calm .

“Next week?” He says , and I turn to face him .

“Youre joking right? This is some sick joke youre pulling” I accuse , and he shakes his head sadly .

“Im sorry baby. The album comes out soon , we need sales” He tries to explain , but I don’t hear anything expect for next week . One week .

“So , youre leaving next week for three months?” I clarify , hoping my ears were deceiving me .

“Will I even get to see you?” I ask after he nods his head .

“Ill fly you out to visit. Id even let you come with me but youre in the middle of term exams and I don’t want you having to drop any classes for me” He says , and I sit up , holding the sheets to my chest.

“That’s my decision Justin. I want to go with you” I say , pleading .

“I know youre saying that now , but I also know how important school is to you. Youll regret it” He says , and I groan , knowing hes right .

“Weve never been apart for that long” I say softly , my voice shaking .

“I know, I don’t want you getting upset though okay?” He says and I shake my head at him .

“How do you expect me not to get upset? Im going to be alone. You know how scared I am of being by myself . And im going to miss being near you , sleeping with you , snuggling against you. “ I mumble , resting my head on his chest , his heartbeat drumming in my ear.

“I know baby , but we’ll figure something out . You can stay at Kendalls house maybe? And well call and video chat every night . Itll be like I never left” He tries to reassure me , and I sigh .

“Yeah except I wont be able to physically touch you” I say , my fingers trailing up and down his chest and stomach , before intertwining our fingers .

“This sucks” I add , and he chuckles .

“Trust me , im going to miss being with you too.” He admits , and I smile slightly .

“I don’t want you to feel sad about this Justin . This is good news . I was just caught off guard I guess” I say , realizing how selfish im being .

“I am excited , I just wish you could experience it with me” He says , and I nod in agreement .

“And Im not too happy about not being able to have you whenever I want” He adds and I gasp , slapping his arm .

“What a perv!” I tease , and he laughs .

“Just teasiiiin. Or am i?” He says and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a guy”

anonymous asked:

Don't you ever have the feeling that Baekhyun and Chanyeol are secretly dating, I mean like Baekhyun is always with Chanyeol and Chanyeol is just boyfriend material xD

Hello there darling~ Oh well, I am delulu sht so WHAT DO U THINK HMM? DO U THINK I HAD THE FEELING THAT BH AND CY ARE SECRETLY DATING (each other)??  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

If u haven’t figured it out well then I’ll just answer you. OFC I HAD/HAVE THAT FEELING. Since I am absolute dump for BaekYeol, and I am proudly announcing that I’m deluded over that ship, how can I possibly not have a feeling that they’re dating? xD

But if you were to ask for my serious opinion or a theory abt Bh and Cy’s relationship then idk. Majority of my deluded mentality thinks that Bh and Cy are dating. And I’m not saying this simply bc I’m BaekYeol biased (although it plays a big role). Bh and Cy’s interactions have made me think this way. 

Majority, but not all. I answered you that I do feel that Bh and Cy are dating each other sometimes, is bc it’s what I always yearn for, but not what I sincerely believe. BUT IT’S JUST A MINOR PART XD

I’m delulu af anyways so I won’t state my theory abt Bh and Cy’s relationship in this answer, bc my dear anon didn’t ask for it xD

And regarding Bh always being with Cy, that was already a long-known fact since…debut era. 

Bh said that Cy was the one who got him to open up his heart to EXO. (Oh the amount of feels I felt when I saw that gif. Which I can’t find, unfortunately) And that when they first met, they immediately became close. Within 20 secs, they said.

So yea, there’s so much proof to back-up the fact that Bh and Cy loves being around each other and that they’re not hanging out with each other simply bc they want to do ‘fanservice’. 

I would’ve elaborated my thoughts abt Bh and Cy’s so-called ‘fanservice/s’ but I’m saving that for another post. (which I am taking an eternity to post, someone slap me now)

Height Difference. And omg the awesome edit <3

This photo is so beautiful. Bless B.BRIGHT

OOMF ; A ; (and am I the only one who notices the ‘69′ on Cy’s sweater? omg sorry, I’m such a perv)


The date 05/11/14 has been engraved on my mind bc of the hundreds of fantaken photos of BaekYeol that have been taken.

BH FCKING RODE CY. Oops. Sorry not sorry :P

Dayum <3 <3 <3

It’s as if putting his hands on Bh’s shoulder is already a habit. I LOVE IT.

Laughing even though I’m pretty sure Cy didn’t say anything, but who cares, it’s cute.

Cy: /dancing awkwardly. But then he saw Bh, so he stopped dancing/

Cy: /turns around then runs to Bh/

Cy: /continues dancing awkwardly. But this time, with Bh/

Laughing hysterically together <3


A spam of Bh and Cy being with each other to end my answer~! There are tons. But that’s not what you asked for so I’ll stop with what I’ve posted above. I already posted majority of these anw, I just found the need to repost them bc these moments are absolutely precious <3

Lastly, IKR. Cy is soooo boyfriend material. But instead of boyfriend material, my perverted self is fondly seeing Cy as perfect: Daddy material. 

I hope my answer satisfied you dear anon~ Thank you for sharing your opinions with me <3 Keep coming anons, and non-anons, ily guys <3

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(( I am feeling so happy<3 Thank you so much anons you really made me a smile! and I laughed lol xD I love you guys! Thank you for supporting me! But I have a question… why? I mean pff look at me. Even I laugh of myslef, but what am I supposed to say? I am silly and I laugh of everything hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But seriously guys, thank you so much, you are the reason of my smile!  and to the people who talks with me on skype [[ If you want my skype… SAY IT!! ]] lmao I know I am so perv and that things, but what I am going to do… I born this way // lol I have  more munday questions- bbut I am slow and I am drawing two things more too >w> so I am soooooooo slow! ))
(( P.S: Byyy the way maybe I have a lot of mistakes there, sorry english is not my first language and I’m lazy to see if that text is ok-so sorry –_–  AND NO SENPAI.))

If I hear one more person say “Hook is a perv who wants in Emma’s pants” I will slap them. He has never made any comment about trying to get with Emma on a physical level. Closest was the beanstalk when he mistook her saving him from the tripwire. Even then he says SHE didn’t have to stand on ceremony. The comment was about EMMA making the first physical move.

Maybe I am old but if I recall asking a person you just met to have a drink with them is code for I am interested in having sex with you. I wonder who said that line not more that 5 minutes of meeting Emma. Oh that’s it was Neal. He asked underage age and very impressionable Emma for a drink. I’m sorry but you want to talk about a perv trying to get in Emma’s pants that award goes to Neal.

Let’s be real here, yeah they had a relationship but the first thought in Neal’s mind was getting into Emma’s pants. If it wasn’t he would have never asked her for a drink.


I am reinventing eternally as fire bites at my final draft. I see through morose tinted glasses and my words drip in red, as I write the ones I cannot say upon the pages of this mad world diary, my journal for all of these abstract interactions. It’s another silver afternoon, where I am seduced by a siren’s poetry and perv over curves. I’ve listened to your sweetest ramblings, so let’s go beyond the lyric fountain, where pen names don’t matter, so I can show you, that who you are, is important.

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Chapter 8


“That nigga had the wrong one if he thought I was just gone let him put his hands on Robyn and let that shit past. Niggas like him is the reason why I keep money saved. Just in case I need to get bailed out of jail.

I could tell that clown was snake in the grass the moment I laid my eyes on him. I don’t know if he a perv or a cop but he damn show is creepy.

He must not have heard too much about me cause anybody and everybody that knows Breezy know I am not to be played with. Especially behind Robyn.

Robyn and I was in the car on our way to her new place. I am just excited as she is she got he a new place. My mind is on another level considering what just happened but I’m still very excited for her.

"I’m sorry about what happened back there.” I told her as I looked over at her looking out the window.

“Chris, don’t worry about that. You always have been there for me and once again you were there to save the day. I just hate my Mom has gotten with this dude.” I understood what she was saying because even though she was now moving out. Her mom was there still with this dude and he shouldn’t be trusted.


“What you got planned today?” Ashley asked me as I got dressed. 

“Nothing much, I got a few errands to run.” She blew out air. “Chris you haven’t been paying me any attention since your friend came into town and I miss you.” Here she go with that nagging and shit.

“Damn, don’t start. I don’t want to hear that shit.” She followed me toward the bathroom. “Tell the truth Chris are you fucking her?” I turned around looked her directly in the eye. “No.”

“Well you fucking somebody cause you haven’t fucked me since she been here.” I thought about what she said. Damn she was right I hadn’t got laid in a couple of weeks and I didn’t even realize. 

“I just got a lot on my plate now. Tonight its me and you. Wear something sexy for me.” I kissed her on the lips and walked off. I was going to come home tonight and give her some of CJ. She was feeling insecure for a reason.

It had been a few days since Robyn moved and I could tell she was a little nervous about staying in that huge apartment by herself. I wanted to stay with her and make her comfortable but I wasn’t about to crowd her space. If she wanted me near she was going to have to ask.

Don’t get me wrong I did want her. I wanted her bad. We hadn’t even kissed since the night I went down on her and I was dying to feel the inside of her. Her house was now fully furnished and it looked good. I was on my way over there now to help her hang up some pictures and paintings. I wondered why she didn’t ask Sonya but I knew it was because she wanted to be in the presence of a playa.

I arrived at her house at about five in the evening. She had it looking and smelling good.

Did you wear those little old shorts for me?” I asked Robyn as soon as she opened the door. She looked damn good tin them too. “Oh you didn’t bring the homies today?” I guess she was referring to Mijo and the boys. This had become our little chill spot I guess it was a little break from Ashley being up all in our mix.

“Nah I was feeling a little selfish today I wanted you all to myself.” I told her honestly and she smiled.


I knew it wasn’t going to be long before Chris and I was alone again and I’m so nervous. I want to have sex with him I do but I’m scared my feelings for him will get stronger and he gone start being jack ass. 

“So what you need me to do?” Chris asked looking around and I showed him what I wanted done. And exactly how I wanted it.

We had been working nonstop for a couple of hours and I was hungry. “You hungry?” I asked Chris as he plopped down on the couch.

“Now you know damn well I’m hungry.” Why always has to be so smart?“ I asked myself as I walked towards the kitchen to cook.

"Damn it smells good in here.” Chris came in and put his arms around my waist. My body froze the moment I felt his Jr on my butt.

“Oh wow, is that a gun you’re holding or you happy to see me?” I asked him as I pushed back against him.

“Why you playing with me baby you know I want you?” Him calling me baby just made my insides melt. I turned around in his arms. “How bad you want me?” I asked as I placed my arms around his neck.

He began to turn off the food. “Let me show you how bad.” He lifted my legs and placed them around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom. 

I knew what was about to happen and I was anticipating it. He laid me gently against the bed and hovered over me. “You are so beautiful.” He looked into my eyes. I looked back into his beautiful brown eyes and I could see my life with him. Everything. Kids, marriage, and everything. It almost scared me. 

He began to kiss me softly and I wrapped my arms around his body. We slowly began to pull of each others clothes as our kisses got even more intense. 

He began to kiss down my chest. My breathing began to get raggedy. My body was tingling. 

“I refused to let you do all the work.” I pushed him over onto his back as I straddled his body.“ He smiled big as I started unbuckling his belt.

"Oh what you doing with that?” He started taunting me but it only lasted so long. I was once again speechless when I pulled out his monster. It should have its own zip code its so big. This thing is not going to fit.

I slowly eased my lips around it. The head is so plump I kissed it softly and his hips flexed off of the bed. It gave me motivation to go further. Inch by inch I went further down his shaft. He was choking me before I even got halfway down. I could hear his grunts and moans getting louder.

He was making me feel powerful. In that moment I had so much control. I started to go fast. “Robyn baby stop.” I heard him but I kept going. I wanted him to enjoy every bit of it.

Quickly he had flipped me over and I was back on my back. He had spread my legs wide and dipped his head into my center. My heart was beating out of my chest. “I could feel his breath on my love button and I wanted to push it in his face. It took all of my restraint not to. I was later rewarded because I could soon feel his tongue lapping at my pussy and it felt a lot better than the first time. It wasn’t long before I was riding the waves of pleasure.

I was too drunk in ecstasy to even realize Chris had grabbed a condom and was pushing inside of me. “Oh, baby, shit.” It was filling me up completely. I could feel it all against my walls. Deep inside me. He was going slow and working it around. All I could do was grab him and the sheets. 

“Baby.” I hear him say but it was feeling to good for me to open my eyes.

“Baby.” He said louder but still softly. I dragged my eyes open and looked into his eyes. We just looked at each other while the intense pleasure spread all around us. 

“I don’t want anybody but you.” A single tear slid down my face because I knew this was it. There was no turning back. I was his and he was mine and there would be nothing or no one that would keep me from him. 

He kissed my tear away, slipped his hands under my butt and dug deeper. “Argh!” I screamed out. It felt like I could feel him in my back. It was the best pain I’ve ever felt. I wrapped my arms around his body and held on for the ride I never wanted to get off of.

“Is it mine?” He asked me and I nodded.

“I can’t hear you, is it mine?” I licked my lips. “Yes baby its all yours. Nobody but yours.” I screamed out. I was so close to the edge and I was about to fall.

“Cum with me baby.” At the sound of his voice the dam broke and my shakes increased as my orgasm ripped me apart.

Chris collapsed on top of me. “I have been picturing this moment for over ten years now.” We both laughed.

The next morning I woke up to Chris’ body all over my body. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t Christmas. “What are you smiling about?” I looked over at his beautiful space. “You.” His body wrapped around mine and before I knew it we were going for another round.

My phone had rung several times but I refused to spoil my moment.

“Just answer it.” I huffed but rolled over to get my phone. “Its my best friend Melissa.” I told Chris. “I thought I was your best friend he laughed.

"Hey girl, whats up?’ I answered

"Are you still sleep? We’re here. Me and Kane. We’re at the airport.” I jumped out of the bed. 

“What? Now? Here in the city?” I ranted 

“Robz, what’s up? We talked about this? What’s your address? We’re on our way.” I rambled off my address and looked at Chris.

“Kane and Mel are here in the city and they’re on their way.” He just looked at me without saying a word.