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Height Differences

A/N: And the opinion therefore.  This may actually be first real slash I’ve ever written…huh.  Also apparently in my head Ghirahim is like a snooty-perverted cat. 

Words: 238

Link hates how short he is. How he barely reaches Ghirahim’s shoulder. How when Ghirahim calls him “Skychild” he actually feels like one. Link hates that the demon lord must bend low for their cheeks to touch when he taunts. Or when Ghirahim leans over him, smirking as he takes the space around Link. He can’t help but shudder as that cloying presence envelopes him from all sides. Especially when Ghirahim is feeling playful, flashing all over the room like a vicious magical whack-a-mole.

Ghirahim’s sword form is worse.

Link glares at the white diamond almost pressed to his face. A face that twists into a scowl when an amused chuckle comes from above. He hates being short he keeps telling himself. He hates it. And Ghirahim wraps his hand in Link’s hair and lightly pulls back, back until he can see his blue eyes.

Oh, Ghirahim loves his skychild’s height.

Relishes it. Has entertained many…thoughts of what could be done to this petite form. For now he settles for dragging the hero in and up, up without a single foothold. Unbalanced the boy is forced to wrap legs around Ghirahim’s waist. His smirk turns into a grin as Link flails about for a place to put his hands. Or perhaps that was an attempt to stab him in the eye.

No matter he thinks, and proceeds to devour the boy from the mouth down.


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