i am a mom and pop

there is actually zero difference between baby groot and a minion. zero difference. you’re no better than a minion loving facebook mom for liking baby groot. “i am groot” “banana” its the same thing. dont fall for the scam just because baby groot is “nerd” in your loot crate funko pop. 

  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!

The Curse of Limbo: Age

When I was 1, my mother and father got into their first argument. When I was two, my first baby brother was born– he looks just like mother. Still does. When I was 3, my last baby brother was born– he acts so strange and he’s the luckiest one too. He almost died twice, but an angel is always there to save him. When I was 4, my father moved out and my mother was finally free from his tyranny. When I was 5, my grandmother smiled because she caught me in my first lie. When I was 6, my grandfather passed away– I cried for a whole week… or maybe for the whole day… time is an illusion, yeah? When I was 7, I burned my grandmother’s kitchen down. She covered for me. When I was 8, I made a best friend at school. The next day he was another kid’s best friend, so I cried about it. When I was 9, my grandmother from Vietnam passed away. My mom cried that whole month. Time is still an illusion. When I was 10, my mother still hit us. When I was 11, I questioned my existence. Why am I here? When I was 12, I told her to stop hitting us. She called the cops on me. They said I didn’t do anything wrong. Case closed. When I was 13, I got my first heartbreak. When I was 14, I smoked my first blunt. When I was 15, I popped my first pill. When I was 16, I was single for a whole year. When I was 17, I met a smile with poetry written all over it. When I was 18, she broke my heart. When I was 19, I started to smoke a lot more. When I was 20, I was so damn lost. When I was 21, all we did was fuck. When I was 22, she said that this was enough. When I was 23, I dropped the razor. I’m 24 now. I wonder about 25. I chase after 26. I’m in love with 27. It gets better.

Young!FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Small Town Part 1

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A/N: Look, I know it’s cliché but I feel this story could be really great. I hope you guys stick around for this because I’ve got a good plan for this and I hope you like it as much as you liked ‘Oh Dear’. I rewatched the whole first season to see what I could pick up about the parent’s past and I’m trying my best to include what I can but most of this will be my own creation. 

Overall Summary: Being the new girl is hard when all the attention seems to be drawing back to you even when you’re determined to stay under the radar. 

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Alice x FP, Alice x Hal, Fred x Hermione, Fred x Mary, Hermione x Hiram, basically a lot goes on in this fic

Word count: 2,607

Warnings: Some strong language

“Honestly, Mom, you are the only woman I know who didn’t improve her situation by getting a divorce.” You shared a sideways look with your mother as you carried in the last of the boxes to your new house. 

“Stop being so dramatic, (Y/n). The town is lovely, I grew up here, everyone here is nice, it’s got a decent school. You’ll love it.” Your mom rolled her eyes at you, dusting herself down as she brought in the last box. 

“It may be lovely, Mother but it’s not Chicago or Los Angeles. Somewhere exciting. If you had just fought Dad a little harder we could have gotten enough money to live like celebrities.” You fell back onto the couch, heaving out a sigh. 

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NCT Reaction to you dancing to Cherry Bomb

Anonymous requested: hello mom i’ve been thinking about this and ur the only person i trust with doing it if u have time can u do an nct reacting to you covering their dance part in cherry bomb !! thank you oml ily

A/N: This may suck ass, idk, I don’t usually do reactions but somehow I got roped into this. Hopefully this was what you wanted? 

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  • Okay actually a cheerleader? Cmon now. #HeyMickey makes a comeback. I feel like with Taeil, he probably was the one that taught you the dance, like it was a bonding moment because why not. ‘Since we can’t really go out and have dates, teach me the dick popping dance babe pls.’ so after spending hours teaching you the moves over and over, most of the time just ends in you both falling apart in giggles and jokes, seeing you finally have the dance down pat and nailing it gives him a sense of pride and adoration. He’s proud he could teach you. He’s happy he got to spend time with you. And he’s over the moon that his babe can dance the choreo better than him now. Nailed it. 


  • The ultimate hype man holy shiz. Even if you suck butt and trip over yourself, we all know he’s going to be yelling like you are k i l l i n g it. Just imagine him catching you one day, dancing to the song for tf of it, and try to do the splits and fall =and you just hear Johnny’s loud ass behind you, hopping up and down and if you’re happy and you know it clapping his hands like a seal, he’s so hyped you did it even if you flop like, ‘do you know how many pants we ripped?? you did better than any of us and you didn’t even have to practice it! legend! woo!’


  • Taeyong’s one for praising people, that much is known, and the fact that you learned his part for a dance that doesn’t repeat a move has him feeling incredibly proud. The second your back bows and you drop to the ground exactly how he does before the iconic split move, he’s losing his damn mind, hooting and hollering like he’s a cheerleader and you just scored the final touchdown of the winning game. 


  • Let’s be real, Yuta would be so fcking flatter and proud that you wanted to learn his choreo, let alone actually go through with it. And just to fck with him, obviously you had to steal his shirt to do it, because duh? So after pushing eveything against the wall in the livingroom, you come out decked in his hat and that god forsaken sleeveless shirt, popping hips and dicks and just nailing it #ImTheBiggestHitOnTheStage mofos and he’s just stunned into silence watching this go down. ‘okay, that was amazing. but uh….babe, don’t take this bad but ngl that rlly turned me on. we have an issue over here now. pls. help. 


  • Quick question, am I the only one that calls Doyoung the wine mom? Every group has one. If you know what I’m talking about you k n o w. Anyways. I swear with Doyoung, it’d probably been a damn bet or something. ‘Bet I can dance it better, you little cherry seed b i t c h.’ And the war began lmao. He may beat you hard but just seeing how competitive this became and how happy you are while you nail the choreo(though Doyoung still says he pops dick better so :P), he caves and ‘lets’ you win. He’s salty in the end but warmth bubbles in his chest at you just knowing his choreography from supporting him so much. 


  • Honestly Jaehyun got so damn hyped when you threw it out there that you wanted to learn the choreo for the lols. But, turns out Jaehyun is a shit teacher. And in the end, it’s just a mess of limbs and sweat and like three moves have been accomplished, but he’s had so much fun spending more time with you, and loves that with anything in the world to do, you chose to spend it failing to learn the dance with him. He’ll get ice cream later to apologize that he sucks, but hey, it was fun. 


  • Why do I feel like WinWin would be the guy that just teaches you all the choreo for the fck of it? Like ‘babe i’m practicing, come do it with me pls’ because why not. So I think you’ll have a damn good grasp on the dance, and when he catches you just dancing to the song on your own, he’s just tickled pink that you remember every move even without him there talking you through it, and heck, seeing you dance his part just fills him with joy. 


  • Jeez can you imagine excited baby Mark teaching you the dance? Like he’s another that’d teach you the dances, I feel like that’d be a good way to stay focused, ‘alright, i’m learning 15 different choreos rn and im going to teach you them so it helps me remember whats what. okay? okay. leggo.’ You’ll be like his test dummy to match pace and skill, and know what to tweak, and especially when he’s practicing, you can catch him if he messes up, ‘that’s not the move you taught me! what is that!’. So on a final run through together, side by side and looking like each other’s shadow, you both finish the choreo perfectly and he’s so excited that 1.) he taught you choreo 2.) he got to spend so much time with you 3.) he’s got the choreo down pat and 4.) you fcking nailed the choreo. He’s such a proud baby god my heart…


  • When you get to hang out, 8/10, it’s during practice and it’s just you chilling in the room while Haechan is running through dances. Or when you’re at the dorm/home, and he’s squeezing in some last minute/extra practice. It’s expected that you’ll pick some of it up from seeing him do it so much. So, when he’s running late, and comes in to see you just chilling and listening to the album and very sloppily copying the moves you’ve seen him do over and over, he becomes this giddy lil sunshine at the sight. ‘hey, i made it. but that kinda sucked. lemme show you how to do it right, cmon.’ 
Fear Potion

TW: Mentions of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault.

Dear diary,

It’s been six months to the day since I was raped.

I still haven’t gone back to school, I’m doing it all from home. It’s easier so I don’t have to face him. I sometimes miss my friends, but at least there’s Facebook. Not many of them talk to me anymore. There’s a few that do but half of those treat me like I’m… different. I haven’t changed.

That’s a lie. A lot has changed. But I’m still Alex.

And I’ve finally picked up going to the survivor support group.

The leader’s name is Krissa. She’s nice. I told them my story. For once I felt no judgment. Even my mom seems critical of my every move.

I’ll keep going back.

I don’t know if I can survive this still.

I survived today though. That counts for something, at least.

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.7

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2528
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild sexual content, the likeliness of Roo getting axed for more slow burn.
A/N: So in this part, we experience Bucky’s POV on that same day and get a little more into his character because reasons. It ties in with his backstory from pt.3 as well.

Click HERE for more character information

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

[ previously ]

After wishing them a good time and saying your goodbyes, you watched the remainder of your friends take off for the night. Leaving you alone and still thinking about where the hell Bucky could be.

[ The day of the full moon ]

He didn’t sleep. Technically he actually didn’t need to but it helped to pass the time and gave him less time to ruminate on whatever was troubling him. But for the first time in a long time, Bucky had no concerns. He finally found a sense of relief knowing that it was officially over; after decades of being hunted down and tormented by the descendants of awful men, he had put an end to their bloodline once and for all. It was just a shame that the final confrontation had to happen in that small village with their ridiculous “No Feeding” laws.

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The Fire I Got

Tom Waits interviewed by the New York Times March 1, 2017:

“I was a firefighter when I was 19 or 20. I was trying to get out of the draft and I thought of it as a good place to hide. I was working out of a fire station in a tiny town called Jacumba. There was an enormous amount of preparation and training that was like rehearsing a play … pretending to fight fires, learning how to dig a hole if you are cornered by a fire. … One night at maybe 3 a.m. the bell sounded. This was the real thing. I slept in my clothes and only had to put on my boots, and down the pole onto the truck and the siren was blasting and I am hanging onto the ladder and my heart is going like a drum and I am panting hard. It was late and all of a sudden the aroma of fried chicken envelops our truck and we begin to slow and there it is, roaring and crackling: a chicken ranch on fire. The old farmer couple, Mom and Pop, are holding each other in silhouette as their world burns. … The captain says: ‘WAITS!!! Take that hose and start putting out some of these chickens.’ So there I am aiming at these flying, screaming, burning chickens, and I had never seen a chicken fly before, but boy can they fly. … There had to be a hundred or so of them and the blast of water would douse the fire and they would come crashing to the ground — and then another and another. There was no time to think or prepare.”

“It was an emergency and when dealing with emergent behavior there is nothing to do but respond. I was in the moment. And it was not the fire I imagined or dreamed of. It was the fire I got.”

Windows to the Soul (Tom Holland x Reader)

A lovely interview in which Tom talks about you and your time in London. 

Word count: 1273

Author: @chrixa

I might have a thing with Tom and interviews. And I might write a part two if you guys like this? Just let me know.


Gif is not mine.

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“So I heard that the London premiere went well?” The interviewer begins and I smile immediately. 

“Uh, yeah, yeah. It went smoothly, I was thankful that a lot of people showed up and supported the movie. It’s just really overwhelming,” I breathe a sigh of relief and happiness.

“It seemed like you were excited for something else as well? Or rather someone else?” She showed a picture of Y/N and me on the red carpet and I laugh.

“Yeah, well, Y/N came and visited me in London with her family to attend the premiere and a short trip of sorts,” I nod and smile as I remember the moment she stepped outside the airport and jumped straight into my arms. We haven’t met for quite some time, with all the press junkets that I’m currently doing, so it was such an amazing feeling to have her back in my arms. 

“Did you guys have fun during her time in London?”

“The thing about Y/N is that she loves going to beaches so much that we go to one so often when we have time. I think it’s maybe because she came from a tropical country, you know, I think she relates a beach to home in some way.” 

“What time will you land on Thursday?” I ask her through FaceTime as she packs some more things inside her suitcase. 

“Uh, around 9 AM. Are you gonna pick me up or should I take the cab?” She pops her head into frame before disappearing again a second later. 

“9 AM? I’ll pick you up. Your family’s coming as well, right?” 

“Yeah, mom and dad are so excited to go to the premiere. It’s basically the only thing they talk about this week,” she scoffs and appears on screen.

“There you are. Done packing?” 

“Yes, finally. I can’t wait to meet you,” she sighs but eventually smiles. 

“Me, too. How’s your brother?” 

“John? Oh, he’s even more excited than mom and dad it’s literally driving me crazy,” she rolls her eyes playfully and laughs. “Will you have a day off when I’m in London, though?” 

“I, in fact, do. I emptied my schedule on Saturday for you, babe.” 

“Really? Oh, Thomas, can we go to-”

“Yes, babe, we’ll go to the beach,” I laugh at her bulging eyes which turned into an ear-to-ear smile when I said yes. We go to the beach so often that I literally have her child-like excitement memorized in my mind when she says she wants to go to the beach. I’m pretty sure by now even my Instagram followers know that Y/N loves going to the beach. 

“You’re the best.”

“I know. You’re lucky,” I smile smugly and laugh when she rolls her eyes. “Hey you know you love me.” 

“Yeah, whatever, don’t get so cocky now, Thomas,” she smirks. 

“Well, I’m sorry but I gotta go save the world,” I wink playfully. “And by saving the world I mean going grocery shopping with Mum.” 

“Don’t get yourself killed, handsome,” she laughs. “Can’t wait to see you.” 

“Me, too. Love you.”

She blows me a kiss, “You know I do, too.” 

“So I take it that you guys went to a beach in London?”

“Yeah, we did. And she had this ‘cute date’ idea that she found online that she wanted to try, so we tried it and it was pretty cute I’d say,” I laugh because of how Y/N’s face light up when I said yes to her idea that day. 

“Oh really? What was her cute date idea?”

“Basically we go to the beach and we’re suppose to look for those small stones that are scattered along the shore and find one that matches best with our eyes.”

“Oh yeah! I think I saw it online somewhere.”

“Yeah, and so we went and spent the day looking for stones. Sounds kinda stupid, but it’s not, I promise you,” I laugh and tuck that naughty strand of hair to its rightful place. 

“Did you guys finish the mission?”

“Of course we did! She didn’t want to go home before we find anything. I ended up posting a picture on Instagram of my rock and like placed it next to my eye.”

“Did Y/N get a picture with her rock too?”

“Uh, we found a rock for her, I actually have it with me, but we didn’t get a picture because it was kinda dark and her eye colour wasn’t clearly seen in my phone. So, yeah.”

“Wait, why do you have hers with you?”

“Oh, we decided to exchange rocks because she said when we’re missing each other we can look at the stones and we’re basically looking into each other’s eyes,” I shake my head and laugh because she was so adamant in exchanging rocks.

“But Y/N, I want to keep my own rock. It’s cute,” I pout and hope that she’ll let me have mine instead of hers.

“Thomas, your puppy dog eyes won’t work this time,” she laughs and smacks my arm playfully before grabbing my face. “Your little brown rock compliments your eyes, yes?” I nod. “So that basically means I have you with me everywhere I go.”

“That’s so not creepy.”

“Not the point, Thomas.”

“Yeah, sorry. You were saying?” I grin because I love that she calls me by my full name and not just Tom. 

“So when I miss you, I can look at this rock and see your eyes. And basically I’m also looking at your soul. Because eyes are the window to the soul.”

“Okay, fine. You can have mine and I’ll take yours.” 

“What, no ‘aww that’s so cute Y/N’? Because I thought that was pretty cute, don’t you think?” She finally releases my face and gives me a questioning look. 

“I admit that was cute. You are cute,” I kiss her cheek and grab her hand. “Now let’s go get some dinner, shall we?” 

“Y/N is such a sweetheart, that is so cute,” she smiles and her eyes genuinely show adoration towards Tom and his girlfriend’s relationship. 

“I know, she truly is,” I blush and giggle sheepishly because I didn’t think I would be so lucky to call Y/N my girlfriend. 

“Well, thank you for your time and sharing your beautiful relationship with Y/N,” she smiles and I shake her hand as she stands up to leave.

“Thank you so much,” I smile and reach for my phone. 

Lady Gaga photographed by Geordie Wood 

One fine day in August 2008 I was shooting street style for style.com in the Meatpacking District. My editor and I were trolling for stylish folks when we happened upon the young woman posing above. When we approached her she was shopping with her mom but took a moment to pose for a photo. After taking three frames I asked for her info and in a very serious tone she responded, I am Lady Gaga - a singer/songwriter. It took all my energy to not break into hysterics, needless to say I let out a laugh later that day.Sure enough it only took a couple months until she started popping up everywhere. After recounting this story recently to a friend I decided to dig up the photos. It seems that I caught her in the early stages of transformation into the cyborg we know and love today.


RIP Chester. This is the first celebrity death that actually hit me personally. I grew up loving Linkin Park, unironically, like a lot of people I’m sure. A fan since junior high school, and I still listen to them to this day. I remember showing clips from their Live In Texas DVD to my mom because I thought it was so cool and emotive. And it was. You could tell he cared about what he did.

I am saddened to hear that he has taken his own life, but I am reminded of how much his music, and music in general, has affected my life. I’m a writer because of people like Chester, and that’s why I leave you guys now with the prompt to write about music. Write about Chester, write about your favorite song, write about Linkin Park, write about this song. Write about music. Just write.

You can consider this an unofficial pop-up prompt. Not because Chester died, but because we are alive. And our words matter. From the small bit that I have learned as a fan of Chester’s, I feel like he would have appreciated it. 

And so could someone else.
Much love,

“You try to take the best of me, go away.”

Imagine Lee Raising You, And Your Real Mother, Barbara, Trying To Take You Back


“Oh, sweetheart, what have you gotten yourself into?”  

Lee swooped down and picked the girl off the floor, setting her on the counter in front of her. The child was crying. Her knee was bleeding and broken glass was on the floor.

“Were you playing with the snow globes again?”

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The cutest thing about Yuuko and Yuri P being friends is like… Yuuko is a Mom™. So I’m so sure half their texts are like her asking him if he’s eating well, if he’s drinking enough water, going to bed on time. Letting him know she checked the weather in St Petersburg and she saw it’s snowing badly all week, so she wants to make sure he’s careful going to and from the rink. (And Yuri pretends like he hates this but really he loves having someone fuss over him.) But she’s also a Millennial, so the other half of their texts are them updating each other on pop culture gossip and playing a game of Which Skater Has the Best Butt.

Idk it’s just so cute to think about.

sherlollymouse  asked:

My name is Philip. I am a poet. I could have saved the world; no one will never know it. I died for my dad And all the pride he had. He was my biggest hero, don't call him a zero. My mom did all with love, praying to god above. I know she may get busy, with all my pop did, it might seem a little silly, but don't forget me. And all I could've done. Short as a song, my life must have SOME meaning.I love my mom and dad and the life we had. I know I'm just me, but please, tell my story.

this one’s actually good wtf

Got7 members as your mom - Texting them about you going to a party.

Yes. I may think of weird shit for Tumblr post… But, like a sage once said :”K-pop fans are all going to hell anyway”

I am sorry if you think this is weird af, imagining Got7 members as your mom but hey, what can I say? I thought it was funny SO DONT JUDGE ME TOO HARD.


You: Mom I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Jinyoung) Mom : I wouldn’t have waited anyway.

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You: Mom I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Jaebum) Mom: If you go, I’ll disown you :)


You: Mom I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Mark) Mom: Be carefull sweetie, I don’t want u to get hurt. Call me if anything happens.

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Your parents telling you goodbye oh lord so sorry


You: Mom I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Yugyeom) Mom: My daughter? Having a social life? HAHAHAHAHA 

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You: Mom I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Bambam) Mom: Here’s the plan. We have the same legs, show them off and I’m gonna be having a son-in-law in no time.

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You: I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

(Jackson) Mom: Take me with u

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This gif is golden 


You: I’m going to a party tonight, don’t wait for me to come home!

 (Youngjae) Mom : DON’T YOU DARE GO !!!1!!!

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Can you do a scenario (you can do headcanons or a fic) where the reader is actually a model and she's best friends with Michael and Jeremy and they don't know till one day like an ad pops up and it's advertising some revealing clothes and they are like "ha hot chicks click on it!" But then the first picture is actually there best friend in some very pretty yet revealing clothes so they both scream and shut the laptop and the next day they are very like awkward around her thank you!!

I am so hyped about this omg!!

★ so the reader was a model when they were younger right

★like child modeling

★and maybe your mom is really into it and when you get into it again when you’re older

★you’re pretty sure no one is gonna find out about it bc it was really lowkey for some random clothing website but ooPS

★yeah maybe it was like a crop top and undies???

★something to that effect


★jeremy and michael are ‘researching’ for a school project one day and Jeremy gets one of those customized ads that pop up and he was like wOAH PRETTY GIRLS and michael was like fuck yeah??????

★they click on it

★they regret it immediately

mutual boners  broners (thanks maddie)

★michael just s l a m s the computer shut like he’s just seen granny porn and jeremy is blushin so bad like

★they don’t wanna talk about it at all but like you come over to michael’s house for movie night and jeremy is all red faced and michael is staring at you

★you make it through the first half of pixels before jeremy asks

★”so what do you think about modeling, (y/n)?” like hes gonna cry

★michael just loses it, he fuckin cracks up and flops face first on the floor

★it takes u a sec bc they obviously know and you’re mortified

★you want to leave bc you feel like they’re just gonna make fun of you

★the boys stop you and tell you that they think you’re the best and the prettiest

★you suggest that you all do a modeling shoot together

★i’ll let you go ahead and picture that ;)