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Hello. I'm fairly new at this and am thinking of getting into witchcraft (mostly for purity and to aid my psychic friend with terrifying clairvoyant dreams.) Any tips/ideas/links to help me dip my feet in the water?

Hey! I just want to tell you to never do anything youre not comfortable with, even if a lot of other witches do it, because your comfort comes above conformity. Also, never leave any spell/ritual/conversation with a spirit/etc unfinished. 

Heres my beginner tag, another beginner tag, and a masterpost. I would check out the masterpost first so you can decide which fields you want to research(start with one or two). I would recommend getting a grimoire/book of shadows so you can document your research(this can be anything from a google doc to a spiral notebook to a giant leather bound book). If you have any questions feel free to send another ask or pm me @modfaye !

- Mod Faye

Hello guys! So my name is Mod Tavros, or Mod Tav. I am a tenth grader in the USA, currently 16 years of age. I am OBSESSED with homestuck and steven universe! I am a transgender male, who is gray-asexual and panromantic, although im currently questioning whether im a grayace or just an ace. I am socially awkward and say “kill me” and “same” too much. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Feel free to send me asks! + Regarding one big request

For my final post of the night (though it’s currently about 12:25 am), I would just like to say that I will take asks. My ask box isn’t just for requests. So send me any questions or just anything you like (as long as it’s appropriate!)!

Also, I have one more request that involved six characters that I will work on later. That was the one that I lost progress on when my mouse froze. I figured that I should just work on it later because it would take a while to set up. But I do plan on getting it done, so don’t worry! It should be up some point between 10:00-11:00 am. Thank you and goodnight/morning/evening/afternoon, everyone! - Mod Shiloh

I’m still here

Hello everyone, this is Bonfire’s trainer, and the mod of this blog, here to apologize to all of our lovely followers and friends here, for not being active as much as I would like. The truth is, I’m am very unwell. Mentally, emotionally, and now it’s starting to be physically. I never plan on abandoning this blog, BUT I can’t keep it a “daily” blog. So it will be a normal ask blog. Everything is still the same with this blog, except I changed the blog name to better fit what this blog actually is. I still really want Bonfire and I to be appart of this wonderful pokeblog community. It brings us lots of joy, and comfort. Thank you all for sticking by us, and I hope to have some posts up soon. 

~Bonfire’s Trainer