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How many versions of Trek have you watched and which were your favorites? I'm half way through next gen and am deciding on what series to watch next as well as which to avoid if any.

Watch DS9 after you finish TNG for sure. It’s my favorite of all of them, and it was made to go hand-in-hand with TNG as far as chronology goes (they’re both set in the 2360s-2370s, as is Voyager as well). 

As for avoiding certain series, I can’t really say. Voyager and Enterprise get pretty mixed reviews, but a lot of it depends on personal taste alone. Also Voyager tends to get its share of special fandom-brand misogyny over Captain Janeway, so watch out for people who just needlessly/baselessly hate on it without ever displaying nuanced arguments or criticism that’s actually well-deserved. 

I’d say to sample some of the “better” standalone episodes from each show to see if you like the characters/premise/writing/etc. before deciding to commit to watching the entire series. Voyager has 7 seasons and Enterprise has 4, so that’s a lot of TV watching either way. 

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So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think another hint at Black Paladin!Lance is that when Voltron is formed, the Blue Lion's head is inside of Black's - kinda like a secondary head?

there is both red and blue…

ok, i’m not saying this is co-leadership klance evidence 

but it’s co-leadership klance evidence 

the signs as ppl i saw at the airport at 4 am
  • Aries: the pilot that had a bottle of pepsi and a bottle of coke in his hands and looked at both for a long while before buying them both, mixing them into the same cup, and downing the whole cup in one swing.
  • Taurus: the old guy who accidentally threw his phone in the trash and got his two year old granddaughter to dig it out of the trash
  • Gemini: the guy across the waiting area from me that bought a whole bag of black licorice and poured it in his mouth
  • Cancer: the lady that has spider earrings in February
  • Leo: the obvious just-married couple that started making out aggressively in starbucks
  • Virgo: the guy trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom
  • Libra: the guy whose flight got delayed by and hour and he just kinda. collapsed into a chair and he looked like he was about to sob.
  • Scorpio: the very nice lady that asked me how old i was and how highschool was and offered me a cookie from her purse. it was stale and had a bite taken out of it.
  • Sagittarius: this 5 year old girl that was wearing five jackets while her parents wore shorts
  • Capricorn: that guy in gate 69 who would dab every time someone said "69" over the intercom
  • Aquarius: this girl talking on the phone to her husband and trying to explain how to make a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Pisces: the guy who obviously lost his luggage and was wearing a too-small powderpuff girl shirt and bags under his eyes.

listen i’ve seen this argument a few times regarding jewish characters celebrating christmas and i’m very tired so here we go

yes, some jews celebrate christmas. i am one of them. sometimes it’s because we’re ethnic jews who are from mixed or nonreligious families, (me,) who may either celebrate both christmas and chanukah, or some kind of blend, or one holiday w/influences of the other. (for example, my family does christmas but we set a menorah out and i get gelt and dreidels in my stocking.) some may celebrate christmas because they have loved ones who do, or because they have friends who do. some may celebrate christmas because of assimilation. why a jew may celebrate christmas is not your concern, nor does it erase their jewishness


fact that there are jews that celebrate christmas, like myself, does not mean that jews can’t be annoyed that jewish and jew-coded characters are predominantly shown in fic and art as celebrating christmas. when someone makes a post about how the pines family or spock or steven universe or what have you are explicitly coded to be jewish, based on actual jews or are literally religiously jewish in cannon, (say… i don’t know, the broflovski family on south park,) and your response is “yeah but some jews celebrate christmas too!” then stop it. seriously, stop it

stop using me and jews like me who may celebrate christmas to shame jews who don’t, stop using us as an excuse to avoid a conversation on jewish erasure. yeah, fine, maybe some of the characters would celebrate christmas. i know the pines family cannonically celebrates both. but here’s the thing. they celebrate both. and fanart does not always reflect that, and jews are allowed to comment on that fact and wish for less christmas art of jewish characters. and for those characters who have not been confirmed as celebrating anything, like, for example, steven universe, it is a little disconcerting and suspicious to only see art and fic of them celebrating christmas, and having to search for a long time to find these jewish characters celebrating jewish holidays. and i’m not even going to try and explain why having religiously jewish characters, again, like kyle broflovski or krusty the clown, celebrating christmas is an issue, that should be obvious. we have every right to complain about christmas art of jewish characters, and we have every right to get fed up and declare that we don’t want to see any christmas art of them, whether or not they might celebrate christmas

TL;DR: yes, there are jews who celebrate christmas. in fact, i’m one of them. and this christmas loving jew wants you to stop fucking using them as a shield to avoid you having to confront your erasure and antisemitism. “some jews celebrate christmas” is not excuse for an overwhelming amount of art and fic of jewish characters portraying them as celebrating christmas

Dear employers,

I will have to take the day off today because:

☐ It’s December and the streets are papier-mached with wet bronze leaves and it’s so dark outside that the cars have their headlights on at 3pm

☐ I have recently been through a breakup, or I have been through a breakup at any time in my life really, and I woke up today with the absolute conviction that I will never be loved again

☐ A dog looked at me

☐ I got a text from someone for whom I feel a mix of concern and frustration and recognition and longing that is both more and less than romance

☐ Someone made a joke about dead pets meeting you in heaven

☐ Daylight savings time

☐ I passed a knot of flowers that were so bright they glowed through the dim grey water of the day and when was anything in my life last that luminous?

☐ Girls are too pretty

☐ For the first time I genuinely comprehend that there is not enough time to have all the lives I wanted

☐ I accidentally listened to Leonard Cohen

I am submitting the following documentation:

☐ A scrap of an old lover’s favorite flannel shirt

☐ Trembling cupped hands full of rainwater

☐ Light angling over the face of a brownstone at 4 on a winter afternoon

☐ A blunt-edged ticket stub from a movie of which I remember nothing except how soft her hands were

☐ A crumbling copy of my favorite novel from childhood

☐ The universe

☐ The peachy glow of a sodium lamp far ahead down an icy pitch-dark path

I think I just need to:

☐ Stare at a cup of tea held in nerveless fingers and slowly leaching heat

☐ Watch the sun glow ruby through the dogwood leaves until I regain some capacity to be comforted by beauty

☐ Read old emails from someone who loved me because he knew nothing

☐ Move to Omaha without telling anyone and find work as a sympathetic bartender named Roxy

☐ Learn to live alongside the fundamental meaningless of existence, not just mine but everyone’s

☐ Get a drastic haircut

☐ Listen to Tegan and Sara’s “Heartthrob” on repeat for 24 hours

☐ Scream into a pillow until my throat feels like it’s going to split

I will be back to work once:

☐ I can get out of this empty bathtub

☐ It is spring

☐ Someone gorgeous has brought me warm milk

☐ The consequences of being terribly drunk start to seem more grim than the consequences of not being terribly drunk

☐ I have watched every episode of Key & Peele

Sincerely, ——

—  Jess Zimmerman, Why I Am Not Coming In To Work Today

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Jw why do you hc lance as dyslexic? I don't want to seem rude and I'm not dissing your hc, I just wanted to know why (I'm really hope this doesn't come off offensive, I'm just genuinely curious)

not offensive at all! i’m happy to explain why i headcanon him as dyslexic :D

for one thing, i myself am dyslexic so i can spot the traits in Lance that give off a dyslexia vibe

exibit A) flying a spaceship simulator is hell because there are buttons all over the place and it’s easy to forget what each one does/easy to misread the labels and mix them up, no wonder Lance always crashes it

(one can argue it’s because Lance gets easily distracted, i think it’s a mix of both)

exibit B) math is confusing af and its really easy to get numbers that look/sound the same mixed up. it’s also easy to get your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication shit mixed up too

lmao shut up keith he knows that, he just gets it mixed up

exibit C) weird af motor skills when there’s a lot goin’ on at once

exhibit D) celebrates the tiny wins bc he doesn’t win a lot

exhibit E) disliked school enough as a child to pretend he was sick to get out of having to go, and if you’re a dyslexic who hasn’t been diagnosed and put in a special learning class to aid your learning disability yet, you are going to hate school with a burning passion and will try to avoid going in any way you can

exhibit F) clever come backs on the spot????? who???? bitch i need time to think of a clever response you don’t just come up with something witty to say right off the bat

exhibit G) insecure af??? he thinks he’s pathetic??? feels like a 7th wheel??? doesn’t think he has a “thing”????? doubts his capabilities?????? has a shit self esteem???????? all these are common things to feel for people with dyslexia because they struggle so much

literally fuck you Iverson. how dare you attack his self worth like that

also, i want to refer back to a quote i once read from an official website on the learning disorder, which is “the most consistent thing about dyslexics is their inconsistency”, and i think that ties in really well with Lance representing water, which is also inconsistent af. i think that’s one of the key roots to Lance’s “i feel like i don’t have a thing” insecurity. 

so yeah, this is why i headcanon Lance as dyslexic. as someone who has dyslexia myself, i see a lot of myself in Lance’s behavior, and can relate to a lot of the things he does/says/feels. 

thank you for asking! 

uuh hey

HEY YALL this is the “reigen’s depressive spiral” notes ive written out. kind of a shitty fic sorta thing but in note format

warnings are in the tags (although you can probably guess what they are). plus ive enabled comments so yall can give me your opinions. be nice pls

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can we PLEASE have more positivity and cute stuff for stimming that isn’t just ~aesthetic~ slime or paint mixing??? those are super great but yknow it would be lovely to feel less terrible about flapping my hands, rocking and pacing around…. like the things ive actually been made fun of for? idk i am autistic and very tired of ableism both my internalized ableism and the stereotypes and horrible things perpetuated by ableist neurotypicals…


I colored in this post which is Hamilton Ladies + my headcanons for the other women. Modern AU for an excuse to draw them all in modern clothing. Headcanons under the cut:

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I think the greatest thing about learning ancient greek is you expect people will just think you are a pretentious jerk but no student of greek I have ever met that has gotten beyond the first semester has ever been anything like that. I mean either we’re all dead inside or we’re passionately in love with learning neat things about dead people and often it’s a mix of both. Nobody gets to their third year of ancient greek thinking “Wow people are going to find me to be such an intellectual, I’m going to be so intimidating” they go in thinking “If someone says ‘It’s all Greek to me’ one more time I’m just going to laugh really loudly until they are as uncomfortable as I am when I think about how MANY and NONSENSICAL greek participles there are” or simply “χαλεπος ἐστιν ὁ βιος”


summary: yet another little sequel to this rockstar au mixed with best friends get pregnant fic (also read: the second part)

word count: ~2500

a/n: I accidentally wrote more and it’s all fluff again.

Emma met Killian when they were kids.

They both were sitting in the waiting room at the music store for their music lessons. Killian had his guitar, Emma had her sheet music, and both of them were dropped off and came in all by themselves.

She can remember it as if it were yesterday. He’s the one that wanted to talk to her. He came over, smiling, and asked what she was practicing that week.

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2016 in review - I’m no photographer, (and the third pic was taken by somebody at agility), but these are some of my favourite images from this year.

So many new adventures, so many new places, with my best friend at my side. This year we have both been overcoming our anxieties and fears, taking new risks, and accepting new challenges. I am so proud of how far we have come together, and grateful for how much this girl continues to teach me every day.

I can’t wait to see what future lies ahead of us in 2017 - especially when the Maligator comes to take our life by storm. Here’s to a new year of exploring, training, achieving and dreaming! <3

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” 

a rebelcaptain fan mix. listen here

STARDUST i’ll be your afterglow / your sweetness and your light / i’ll be the chemical that helps you sleep at night / we’re stardust, you and i  DROPS OF JUPITER now that she’s back in the back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair / she acts like summer and walks like rain / reminds that there’s a time to change COUGH SYRUP and i run to things they said could restore me / restore life the way it should be / i’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down VEGAS SKIES say goodnight / our first goodbye / i’ve only got forever and forever is fine / just take your time / we’ll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right  ➤ JYN ERSO & HOPE SUITE from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture score  ➤ SATELLITE CALL  this one’s for the lonely child / broken hearted / running wild / this one was written for the one to blame / for the one that believes they are the cause of chaos in everything AVALANCHE carry me down / rolling in your arms / cause i can’t remember ever falling this hard / tell me tonight / all that we have been / wasn’t nothing more than noise inside my head / crashing down / crashing down / in your avalanche SILHOUETTES there’s nothing that i’d take back / but it’s hard to say there’s nothing i regret CASSIOPEIA then the spark from a star shooting too close / they both smiled / what a day to explode / she said / tonight / come on, come on / collide  ➤YOU WON’T FEEL A THING when trouble thinks it’s found us / the world falls down around us / i promise baby you won’t ever feel a thing ALL OF THE STARS so open your eyes and see / the way our horizons meet / all of the lights will lead / into the night with me / and i know these scars will bleed / but both of our hearts believe / all of these stars will guide us home ➤ I DARE YOU TO MOVE welcome to the planet / welcome to existence / everyone’s here / everybody’s watching you now / everybody waits for you now / what happens next / i dare you to move ➤LEVITATE  there’s so much on my mind / i don’t know where to start / there’s a light filling up the dark / though i lost myself / i know it’s not the end / you are my shooting star / you make my heart ascend  ➤ YOUR FATHER WOULD BE PROUD from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture scoreANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN they say before you start a war / you better know what you’re fighting for / but baby you are all that i adore / if love is what you need / a soldier i will be KISS ME SLOWLY well i’m not sure what this is gonna be / but with my eyes closed all i see / is the skyline through the window / the moon above you and the streets below. ➤ RENEGADES long live the pioneers / rebels and mutineers / go forht and have no fear / come close the end is near GOODNIGHT MOON when our hearts are heavy burdens / we shouldn’t have to bear alone / so goodnight moon / and good night you / when you’re all that i think about. EVER THE SAME we should stand in the wind / we were free like water / flowing sown under the warmth of the sun / now it’s cold and we’re scared / we’ve both been shaken / look at us / this doesn’t need to be the end STARS all those times we looked up a the sky / looking out so far, we felt like we could fly / now i’m all alone in the dark of night / the moon is shining / but i can’t see the light 


Baba!Lay/Yixing - Final check-up

ChanyeolSuho / Baekhyun / Kai / Xiumin  / Chen / Tao  / Kris 1 / Kris 2  /  Sehun / D.O

Genre: fluff

Summary: having your last checkup and sonogram before delivery. 


I laid out on the exam table. Yixing held my hand as we watched the sonogram monitor. 

thump-thump… thump-thump…

“Hear that?” Doctor Claire said.

“yes.” we both said at the same time. listening to the small thumping sound.

“That’s her heartbeat.”

I smiled excitedly as Yixing squeezed my hand gently. His dimples appearing on his cheeks.

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Half Indonesian Mike Lawson Headcanons

Now bear with me. I myself am not Indonesian, I have been mistaken for it though because I’m Filipino (they’re both in Southeast Asia, in case you weren’t aware), but after Mike angst, I feel the need to cheer everyone up with our male lead being canonically mixed. For this scenario, his dad is Indonesian.

- Mike had to restrain himself from eating so much rice when he became a pro because of all the carbs.
- Confused his teammates the first time he took them to an Asian restaurant and he ate with his first three fingers and thumb while Blip was pulling apart his chopsticks.
- The first time Blip invited him to his house, Mike took his shoes off at the door and it left an impression on Evelyn and she’s been trying to get the men of her house to follow his example.
- Mike has a basket of slippers at his house for when his relatives visit (with more rich SE Asians, they provide house slippers so you don’t get your socks/bare feet dirty).
- Amelia was confused when she saw the basket.
- He is the first one called when one of his teammates or their wives is trying to make Asian cuisine. Mike’s pretty annoyed about it but he knows his shit and it bothers him if it’s not made right. (“No, Evelyn, you were supposed to get coconut milk. The juice is an entirely-well who told you that? Hold on, I have a couple of cans, I’m coming over.”)
- Actually Mike is excellent at Asian cuisine and he knows how to make sinigang and Japanese curry as well as he makes ketoprak.
- Makes tea from scratch. There is no Keurig or tea bags in his house. Mike Lawson takes pride in his tea.
- Will hit you if you don’t know where Indonesia is on the map. (“Guess your nuts aren’t so tough, eh, Miller?”)
- Really only learned Indonesian culture to be close to his dad.
- From @thatidomagirl, Mike understands Indonesian but doesn’t speak it. So his relatives don’t take him seriously and he’s always snickering to himself when people don’t think he knows what they’re saying.

Please feel free to add on, I don’t know how similar Filipino culture is to Indonesian so I didn’t really know what to put.


Little Newt with her mums! Ik I should probably be getting on with requests, but I love Newt’s character soo much and you all probably know what a sucker I am for anything alphyne (UGH OTP) <333

The adorable little fishstick belongs to @omgaflyingpig - hope I got her character right!