I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie or book and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?

Most Unfortunate Encounter
  • Guy: Hi, you are so lovely, you are beautiful (talks about my hair and eyes).
  • Me: (Get my attention by tapping the seat next to him. I had headphones on and was on Tumblr). ? Thanks ?
  • Guy: You do not like guys though, right?
  • Me: (Knows he is judging me by my clothes) No, I like everyone. I identify as a guy.
  • Guy: Really? But you do not have the thing that makes you a guy, right?
  • Me: (Remembers I do not have a penis. Feels immediately dysphoric). Unfortunately, no (not wanting to start yelling at him about how a penis does not make you a man).
  • Guy: So you like both boys and girls?
  • Me: And everyone in between. I am pansexual... I suppose (starts to get pressured). I am dating a non-binary person.
  • Guy: What?
  • Me: (Sticks out hands, beside me, indicated non-binary is neither side of the spectrum).
  • Guy: What is your name?
  • Me: Noah.
  • Guy: No, no, what is your real name?
  • Me: (Remembers I legally changed my name) Noah.
  • Guy: No, what was it before?
  • Me: Christina (hates life).
  • Guy: What a lovely name.
  • Yup. This fucking happened.

I know you left me and I know it hurts like hell.

But after everything, I’m still on your side. And I hope you’re still on mine.

But I also hope you realize what you walked away from, because who else is going to love you like I do?

—  The answer is probably no one

Me some weeks ago: what’s skam? 🤔

Me today:
- watched the episodes of all 3 seasons
- knows every character by name
- watched isak x even moments 4534663 times
- searched every song in the soundtrack on youtube
- is studying norwegian on duolingo ( isak elsker even og even elsker isak)
- constantly refreshes the skam tag
- impatiently waits for new clips, texts or pics
- doesn’t know what’s adulting anymore
- desperately hopes for an evak happy ending


me: hey dont go…. i mean haha its ok if you leave but like please dont? like haha its cool go to bed i love you but please dont leave me i love you so much and i hate being left alone but its fine just get some sleep have sweet dreams and please dont go and dont leave me haha…. ha…. 

sometimes i sit and cry and wonder if aaron just looks over at robert, thinks about everything they’ve been through and just wants to say “it was always going to be you wasn’t it?” because despite every obstacle, everything in this world trying to break them apart - aaron’s always loved robert, literally couldn’t stop himself and i think that even when things were at their darkest he always knew that he wouldn’t be able to let robert go in his heart - it was always going to be robert he spent the rest of his life loving lbr.