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Not Okay

In which Simon is feeling insecure because he has been sent hate, so you, being the bigger YouTuber, decided to do something about it. 

Requested? Yes

I woke up to the birds chirping outside and the sun shining through the windows of Simon’s bedroom. We had been together for so long, and moving in with him and some of the other boys was one of the best decisions in my life. I rolled over, hoping to curl up to Simon’s sleepily warm body, only to curl up on cold bed sheets. I opened my eyes to see I was alone in bed, which was a first.

I struggled to sit up, and pushed all the messy strands of hair out of my face. The door to Simon’s bathroom as open, and I could just about see him standing in front of the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. I shielded my eyes from the sun with my hand.

‘Si?’ I asked, my voice groggy with sleep. But Simon didn’t budge. He just continued staring at himself with an empty expression. He was topless; he usually sleeps in just his boxers. 'Simon,’ I repeated which made him snap out of his trance.

'Hm?’ He asked, brushing through his hair with his fingers awkwardly, then pulling a loose SDMN t-shirt over his head.

'What are you doing?’ I asked, my voice laced with a giggle.

'Nothing,’ He said but he didn’t sound too happy. I ripped the bedsheets off my bare legs and got out of bed, walking up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist. I looked up at him with a smile  that burned my cheeks. 'Good morning, handsome.’ I leaned up to kiss his cheek.

'Good morning,’ He smiled weakly. He wasn’t being his usual self.

'What’s wrong?’ You asked, reaching up to his face with one hand, caressing one cheek softly. He looked genuinely upset.

'Nothing, I just want some time alone.’ He said, taking my hand and bringing it back down. He carefully pushed me out of the way and left the room, leaving me standing there, confused.

For the rest of the day, Simon locked himself up in his room as he filmed and edited his videos. It felt wrong to leave him alone, but that’s what the other boys suggested I should do.

Little did I know that this would go on for the rest of the week. Josh claimed that he was just having a moment, and that he’d be fine within the next couple of days, but I was still worrying my ass off. I couldn’t remember a time where Simon had been acting this weird.

Being a YouTuber myself, I decided to sit down in front of my cameras one quiet afternoon. If I couldn’t reach Simon, I figured I’d reach out to the viewers. That, and I knew he watched all my videos. I hated talking about it, but I had more subscribers that Simon did, so I hoped this would reach as many people as possible.

'Right guys, here I am, sitting in an oversized SDMN sweater and literally nothing else.’ I said to the camera, and then laughed at how awkward I was. 'This video is going to be a little more serious than my other videos are, so get comfortable because we’re going to have a talk, like mature adults do.’ As I spoke, I got myself comfortable too.

'I think you guys might have noticed that I’ve been a little inactive lately, and so has Simon. If you don’t know who Simon is, then either you’re a new subscriber or you’ve been living under a rock.’ I laughed. 'No but seriously, Simon and I have been dating for a long time and lately he’s been acting… he hasn’t been acting like himself.’

I shuffled around in my seat. 'Now, I have Twitter. I get nice messages from you guys all the time on Twitter, but I also see the hate. Not only towards me, but towards other people as well. And recently, I’ve seen a lot of that hate going to my boyfriend. A lot more than usual, a lot more than what is healthy. And I know that recording this video probably won’t make a difference because the people that hate is will still hate us, if not more.’

'I just really don’t understand what the point is behind sending hate. Like, why would you do that? Why would you waste your time on making someone feel bad? It’s just something that I would personally never do and that I would never support.’

'I guess what I’m saying is, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. And I’m pretty sure that phrase is copyrighted by primary teachers, but I’ll say it anyway.’ I laughed again.

'Just please stop spreading the negativity, and spread positivity instead. You know, try it out! It’s a good feeling, I promise. And it makes people happy, so where could you possibly go wrong? Anyways, that’s what’s been on my mind lately. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one, ciao!’ I smiled and waved at the camera, then stopped recording.

Within an hour I had finished editing and making a thumbnail, and it was now processing on my channel. After that, it was up, and as usual, I immediately got many different notifications on all different social medias. I left my phone and computer and went into the kitchen to grab an apple. I was hungry, but not too hungry, and not in the mood for a light unhealthy snack either. I figured an apple will do.

'Ooh, you uploaded a new video!’ Vik exclaimed. He was sitting at the kitchen island behind a laptop, clicking about. And then I heard my own voice from the video and cringed. I heard someone’s door being opened from upstairs, and then footsteps coming down the stairs.

I looked up and to my surprise it was Simon. His blonde hair was a mess so that the front of it was plastered to his forehead. His eyes were a darker shade of blue and looked tired, matched with the bags underneath his eyes. He probably hadn’t slept well in days. There was stubble growing from his cheeks and he was wearing his oldest clothes. Not even socks. Not even a necklace.

'Hey,’ I smiled at him.

'Can I talk to you?’ He asked. I bit my lip and nodded, no matter how much I was scared of what he was going to say. I followed him back up the stairs and to his room, where he sat down on our bed and I plopped down next to him, sitting crosslegged.

'Come here,’ He said and enveloped me into a hug, so I was squished between his long lanky arms and pressed against his chest. I wrapped my arms back around him and smiled happily.

'Simon, I can’t breathe,’ I struggled to say. He let me go a little.

'I want to cuddle,’ He pleaded with big, lighter blue eyes. I giggled at him as we wormed underneath the duvet and cuddled up to each other. Simon’s arms were quick to find my waist and wrap themselves around me. 'I’m sorry I haven’t been acting normal,’ He apologies and started planting kisses all over my face.

'Si, don’t apologise.’ I laughed as he continued kissing me. He stopped for a second and smiled, dimples appearing in both his cheeks. I leaned in and fluttered my eyes closed, pecking his soft pink lips momentarily.

When I pulled away, he pouted. 'That was such a short kiss.’ He complained, making me burst out laughing even harder.

'By the way, stubble doesn’t look too bad on you.’ I complimented with a wink, placing one hand on his cheek and going in for another little kiss. 'Also, don’t listen to the hate. I get how difficult it can be.’

'Especially when everyone ships your girlfriend with one of your best friends.’ He rolled his eyes dramatically.

'I’m pretty sure Chris ships himself with me more than the fans ship him with me.’ I giggled and booped his nose.

What I said made him smile, and he strengthened his hold around me and pressed me closer to him, rocking me back and forth.

'You’re the best. The best girlfriend. I love you,’ He whispered in my ear.

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I'm Elriel TRASH but I know your Elucien, can we still b friends? Everything else is A+


I don’t care who anyone ships with who, as long as everyone has fun with the series and is being civil! This page is for funny stuff, occasional spatterings of serious, and sometimes discussion- but mostly the funny and lighthearted.

Unless someone is cursing others out or saying something not opinionated but wholly anti (attacking a ship or character), I don’t care ☺ these books are to be enjoyed, that’s all that matters ^_^ I know some pages are “Ship what I ship or die in a fire”, but I am a mature adult, lol, just have fun!!

Arranged Marriage (Jimin)

And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an actual angel with suc h nice hands like his fingers are just w o w and they’re so pretty tbh, Park Jimin aka chim

  • For the original prince!Jimin post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!Jimin will still be the same 
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is the precious prince
  • Literally every single person in his town ad or es him
  • The adults adore him, the kids love him, everyone is happy bc he’s mature enough to talk with the adults and be serious but he can also turn into a lil kid and roll around in the dirt with the bbys
  • Like when he walks down the street, there are countless people coming up just to say hello and ask if he’s doing okay like are you hungry do you need some water do you want some book recommendations what’s up
  • He gets a lil bit shy when people are sitting there telling him he’s super cute (bc he is really fucking cute) like he does that shy smile and he can’t look anyone in the eyes bc he’s squealing on the inside
  • He’s v v close with everyone, he loves to make trips out of the castle whenever he possibly can, if he manage to do it daily, he does, if he can only do it weekly sometimes, he’s good with that too
  • He just loves actually knowing the people around him and knowing their backstories
  • Especially bc some of the people have been there since before Jimin was even born and he’s been around them forever
  • To him, it’s like having one big family and he loves it so much
  • He’s known about the arranged marriage since he was a lil kid but he never actually knew what it meant
  • They first told him when he was four
  • They tell him that one day he’s gonna be married to you, that he’ll fall in love with you when he’s ready to and that both of you will be happy
  • He’s kinda just ?? ight then I’m just gonna keep coloring come talk to me when you make sense again
  • He forgets about it quickly bc he’s a lil goober and it isn’t until he’s ten that it’s brought back up
  • He has a better idea of what they’re talking about now but it’s still vague bc he’s never been in love, he’s still trying to figure out what that even means tbh
  • Like so many people have answered his question in so many different ways, he doesn’t know what to think
  • You two did meet as lil bbys and you’d gotten along well bc it’s Jimin, he’s a sweetheart, even as a kid
  • But you two had forgotten all about each other so it was basically like meeting each other all over again
  • He was taller this time, his cheeks were still chubby but he’s grown into them a bit more, he’s gotten more into dancing and can run even faster than he could last time (something he loved to point out)
  • You two had no real idea of what your future relationship would be but you had both heard your parents saying there would be plenty more meet ups in the upcoming years so you figure you should get to know each other
  • You two race all over the castle, the winner gets to ask the other person a question, any question they want
  • You two are sad to leave each other but your parents offer up visits so you two will be able to see each other often
  • For the first year, there are weekly visits but as time goes on, it turns into monthly and then twice a year and then eventually once a year
  • The next time your parents bring up the marriage, he’s eighteen and understands the concept of love and marriage much more than his four year old self did
  • You hadn’t seen him in an entire year and it was amazing to see the difference
  • His legs were longer, his arms more muscular, he had grown into his face and body, his hair was longer, still just as messy as it was when you first met him
  • He held himself taller, walked around with a bit more grace (except for those moments when he tripped over his own two feet but those were laughed off)
  • He had grown into a prince he’d be a king soon actually
  • He shows you all around his lil town, he introduces you to everyone he sees and it’s honestly really endearing to hear him talk about them bc he gets this really soft look in his eyes
  • He takes you down to the bakery, one of his favorite places bc the owner had been friends with his father and he’d known him his entire life and the owner had such a soft spot for chim it was adorable
  • The baker has plenty of embarrassing childhood stories to tell you, she ignores all of Jimin’s whining for her to not embarrass him in front of you
  • “At least let me make myself seem cool first”
  • By the end of the night, you’ve laughed and smiled so much your cheeks are hurting bc Jimin is just one of those people that makes other people happy bc he’s just such a cutie
  • The crush you’d had on him since you were fifteen is just in full swing and you’re s o ready to be able to call him your husband and spend more time with him bc once a year just isn’t enough
  • Thankfully he agrees and the two of you move into the new castle together shortly after that night
  • The moment you see a sleepy!chim cuddling up to you one night is the night you know the whole crush thing has been replaced with love
  • You give him a lil kiss bc you can’t help it, he’s too cute not to kiss but it’s all good
  • “Does this mean you love me too??”
  • “Too??”
  • “Too”
  • You both just giggle at each other and cuddle up and count down the days until you’re married

I SWEAR i was just trying to have a nice easter BUT NO this lil NINE YEAR OLD WHITE BOY HONESTLY ONE OF THE MOST BRATTIEST LIL ENTITLED TWITS I HAVE EVER MET he comes up to me and sees my crop top and says “YOUR SHIRT IS TOO SMALL FOR U” and i want to scream MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS  but i dont i just tell him THATS JUST HOW THE STYLE IS bc i dont really know this kid yet right so maybe crop tops are actually an entire new concept to him but anyway later on i go and i am about to handshake an adult whom i havent met before you know real polite and proper of me AND THIS BLOND MIDDLE CLASS PRIVILEGED DEMON GOES “oh aren’t you soooooo mature” and LITERALLY I SMILE AT HIM LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS BECAUSE YES! I AM LITERALLY! MORE MATURE! THAN YOUR FOURTH GRADE! BRAIN! I HOPE THAT TWIG ACCIDENTALLY TRIPS ONTO HIS SHINY NEW LEGO SET on easter which isn’t even a gift giving holiday really AND THAT HE DIDN’T SAY THANK YOU FOR HONESTLY THE DISRESPECT 

🌸 Title: The girl of the team 

🌸 Summary: what will happen to the team 7 boys when they discover that Sakura has a date? 

🌸 Notes: this is a post war fic and it happens in between the end of the war and beginning of the year Sasuke stood in the village… So Kakashi isn’t the Hokage yet. This fic was made by @katlikesweets and me. We had this idea and then puff! Here it is. I hope you like it! 



 It had been a week since their headache had started. An exact week on that exact Friday of that exact month. Never the days had been so slow before. Never a voice had been so annoying. Never a girl- a pink haired one- had been so missed by her two teammates. None of them would let her accept those kind of missions anymore. In fact, none of them would let her accept any kind of missions for a while. Sakura had been really missed by her squad during that week she had been busy in that mission. For them, it felt like she had been kidnapped for years, when, in reality, the girl hadn’t even left the village. The drama created over that was something huge. And it was all because of that boy.

The whole thing started one Friday before with his arrival. A tall blonde boy with honey colored eyes and extremely fancy clothes, who claimed to be a noble from a faraway small country. For he had heard about the efficiency of Konoha in rebuilding itself after the war, the boy came to pay the hidden Leaf a visit in order to learn a little and improve his own home based on his new discoveries. No problem so far. Naruto and even Sasuke liked to have this kind of people around the village. It meant those ideals would be spread around the world and the so desired peace would also reach more people in that post-war world. Having those kind of idealists around was, indeed, a good thing in everyone’s eyes. But, as soon as the owner of such sweet honey eyes chose the only pink haired girl of the Fire country to be his official companion while he was around, things started to get a little complicated. 

Out of so many competent ninjas in Konoha, the boy from the other country asked the Hokage specifically for the Haruno girl. Not the whole team 7 or her own medic squad. Just Sakura. That alone was already enough to ruin the mood of a certain Uchiha. Even if he knew it was just a mission and that there was no need for him to worry, Sasuke couldn’t help but getting mad whenever he spotted them together. And it happened a lot since the raven haired boy had decided to secretly accompany the girl during her mission. He was hating to get a no whenever he asked her out for lunch and he felt like killing that boy whenever he dragged Sakura away. It was starting to become a nuisance. How dared a stranger to come by and stay between them? It was not like they were dating or anything but everyone already knew about their relation. They knew they belonged together and only some crazy men who didn’t fear death dared to approach the girl. It was pissing him off, indeed. Still, he managed to keep control over his temper and hide his dissatisfaction inside. However, the same did not happen to the other original member of the team 7. 

Unlikely his best friend, Naruto didn’t mind showing how unhappy he was. His lips were constantly pouting whenever he heard the boy calling her “Sakura-chan”. Only he could do that. His hand was always carrying a fist every time they laughed and whenever he and Sasuke were following those two- yes, unlikely the Uchiha, Naruto didn’t mind admitting so-, the blonde would always make annoyed comments related to whatever the foreigner boy had just said. It seemed childish, indeed, but that was the way the great hero managed to control his overprotective impulses. Even if the pinkette wasn’t the love of his life anymore, she was his sister. His little sister that was older than him and knew how to protect herself. His little sister and precious teammate. It was not like anyone could come by and snatch her away from him. He wouldn’t allow such thing. None of them would. And that’s why, on that Friday afternoon, when her programmed kidnapping would finally reach its end, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke were feeling a lot more relieved. But that relief wouldn’t last for that long. 

The two war heroes, hiding from the hot sun under the shadow of a tree, waited for their teammate to come out from the Hokage tower. The girl had been there for a considerable amount of time already and those two were surely getting tired of waiting. More than once they considered the idea of literally going after her and taking her away from that boy as fast as possible. It was surely gonna be a great solution for their problems with that stranger, yet, dragging that girl out by force would certainly cost them the arms they had left. There was no way Sakura would be happy in a situation like that. So, for fearing their teammate’s reaction, those two simply decided to wait. And they waited for a long time until, thankfully, her skin was being bathed by the sunlight once again. She was out of the building, but, unfortunately, the foreigner was still with her. 

“ what the hell!? Shouldn’t it be over already?" 

” Hn, he’s saying something to her… But I can’t hear it.“ 

” I can’t either but… Judging by her face, it’s not something she was expecting to hear-ttebayo.“ 

” Uhm… Do you think he’s being rude to her or anything?“ 

” what!? That bastard! I won’t forgive him if he makes Sakura-chan cry!“ 

”…. Let’s go to them.“ 

” Yosh!“ 

With murdering thoughts wandering around their heads, the two boys approached the girl and the boy who was beside her. As Naruto and Sasuke were slowly reaching a distance from where the foreigner’s voice was audible, those honey eyes of his coldly acknowledged the girl’s teammates presence, shutting his mouth and walking away before his voice could reach their ears. A smirk was playing on his lips, Sasuke noticed. A dirty and evil smirk that the Uchiha knew too well. And, for knowing it too well, he didn’t like it at all. There was something wrong with that boy, he knew. 

As those two finally stopped by the girl’s side, Naruto’s blue orbs followed the foreigner’s moves and made sure he was walking away. Sasuke, in the other hand, had his dark pearls set on the pink haired girl. He observed as her eyes were widened and her lips were parted and a faint blush was coloring her cheeks. Something in that talk had surely affected her. Sakura wasn’t the kind of girl to blush for anything or anyone. Even if it wasn’t a blush as strong as the ones he causes on her, just that tiny little pink coloration was already bothering Sasuke. He wasn’t definitely gonna let that boy get away with that. 

 ” what happened here?“ 

” He… He…“ 

” don’t tell me he was rude to you, Sakura-chan!“ 

” no… That’s not it…“ 

” did he not pay you?“ 

” not that… He…“ 

” is he coming back-ttebayo!?“ 

” no… He… He just…“ 

” say it already, Sakura!“ 

” he asked me out on a date.“ 

There was a weird silence after those words. A silence so indecent and unbelievable that the boys even wondered if something had been said before. It felt as if the time had stopped in the middle of a direct attack or a cliffhanger. It just didn’t seem real. It didn’t seem serious at all. And, for being who they are, Naruto and Sasuke reacted as two mature adults would.

 A wave of laughter suddenly broke the silence and the shock on Sakura’s face became an angry expression. In her understanding, there was nothing funny happening. 

” what are you two laughing about!?“ 

” haha… Come on, Sakura-chan… That boy, asking you out!? Try another one!“ 

” I’m not kidding! What would be wrong with that? Am I not good enough to be asked out on a date!?“ 

” Hn… The Dobe is right… There is no way this would happen… I mean, you two don’t even know each other.“ 

” so what? He still asked me out!“ 

” good one, Sakura-chan… You surely brought our mood up.“ 

” Naruto, I’m not joking!“ 

” Tch… It’s not funny anymore, Naruto. Hn, if that boy was really an idiot to do so, then I guess he went home pretty sad.“ Sasuke smirked. 

” uh? Why?“ ” because you refused, of course. There is no way you would say-“ 

” yes. I said yes.“ 

Another silence enveloped them but, differently from the one before, this one was shorter and, after it, only the blonde started to laugh. The joking time was over. The Uchiha didn’t find it funny at all. 

” hahaha you’re the best, Sakura-chan!“ 

” Naruto!“ 

” hey, Dobe… I think this is serious.“ 

” what?? No way! This would never happen!“

 ” I’m telling you it did! We are going out tonight for dinner!“

Naruto kept laughing and Sasuke started to glare at her. Her words were, definitely, driving him mad. 

” for dinner!? Hahaha and where is that idiot taking you?!“ 

” Naruto… Shut up…“ 

” Tch, leave me alone, Teme! Can’t you see she’s joking!?“ 

” I don’t think so…“ 

” just look at her! She’s definitely lying! Haha" 

“ shut up…" 

” besides, it’s Sakura-chan! The only one she loves is-“ 

Before the blonde could continue his sentence, his irritated best friend punched his stomach, making the blonde hug his own belly and contort his own body. That punch had definitely been stronger than it was necessary. Still, at that moment, Sasuke couldn’t care less about the intern health of Naruto’s organs. All he cared about was Sakura and the fact that she had a date. A date from which he was not a part of. 

” Teme… You bastard…“ 

” Hn.“ 

He turned his eyes to face her. Sadness and hurt filled his eyes and he didn’t even notice it. But she did. 

 ” why are you going out with him?“ 

At that time, barely the Uchiha knew how his voice or his eyes or his whole self affected her. It was quite unfair, to be honest. How come one boy could have so much effect on her? How come he made her doubt every single decision she had just made? It wasn’t fair. All Sakura wanted was to see if she could move on. She knew he would be gone again and that she was getting old for a ninja and that soon it would be time to get married and have kids and she was just tired of waiting without s single demonstration of affection. She hated him for making everything so hard. Did she even have that effect on him too? Did she even make him doubt his decisions? Yes. And in a level no one could never imagine. She just didn’t know about that. 

"Because… Because…" 

Those eyes staring deep into hers. 

” I… I…“ "You…" 

” I gotta go… I need Ino to help me changing… I-“

He held her arm before she could take any step away. 

” Sakura…“ 

The girl bit her lower lip and looked away from his eyes. There was no way she could make it while looking at them. So, after shaking her head, the pinkette apologized and, after setting herself free, she ran away from the boys. That was definitely the wrong thing to be done, yet, it was the decision she decided to make. Haruno Sakura was going on a date with that foreigner boy. But her own boys wouldn’t simply watch it from afar. 

Even if the Uchiha’s chest felt heavier, he wasn’t simply gonna let her go and have her date. Sasuke knew there was still something he didn’t know and that guy seemed suspicious and he couldn’t simply give up on her. No, this last part was already decided in his mind. He was not gonna let her escape that easily. He wouldn’t be able to live if that happened. Even if she did became happier by someone else’s side, Sasuke’s selfish heart wouldn’t accept that. He would get her back. He would go to that date. And, the blonde boy whose stomach was hurt, would also be going. 

When the Uzumaki finally recovered himself and after the two of them had their little discussion, their newest mission had started. A mission to save Sakura from a stranger. A mission to keep their girl safe and by their side. No man would lay a finger on her. No man would steal her away. Her place was in Konoha with the Kyuubi and the Sharingan. And they would be used if necessary in order to complete the mission. 

While the pinkette got ready, the two best friends did the same. Naruto and Sasuke went to search for their friends in order to get some help and some opinions about the situation. All of them heard what they had to say and all of them understood that, if Sakura’s date did work well, the pink haired girl of Konoha would no longer live in Konoha. They all understood the circumstances but, unlikely those two had imagined, none of them really helped. In their minds, as long as Sakura was happy, they didn’t mind saying goodbye to her. Even if it would be sad, everyone of their ninja friends knew that, more than anyone, Sakura deserved to be happy with someone who loved her. With someone who wouldn’t make her cry or wait. With someone who wouldn’t try to kill her. Yes, the people around Konoha were also a lot overprotective over the pinkette and, of course, they still didn’t like the Uchiha nor trusted him. So why would he be better than the other man? How would he make her happier? They didn’t know and, because of that, they also wouldn’t help. Great comrades, Naruto thought. Still, just because people wouldn’t help, it didn’t mean they would give up. They were still the team 7 boys and, as the team 7 boys, they wouldn’t need help. At least they wouldn’t admit they needed it. 

Apart from Naruto and Sasuke, Sai was also called for the S ranked mission. After he finally stopped laughing, the social inept ninja decided that joining those two would increase his friendship levels and he would become a little more normal, according to Sasuke. But that wasn’t his only reason to be going, of course. Sai also wanted to see the man who had asked Sakura out and, if possible, make him some questions or ask for some tips since these kind of ideas had been crossing his mind a lot lately. He wanted to make sure everything went well when his time came and asking his two single teammates about such thing wasn’t really gonna be of much help. So why not asking a pro, right? 

By the time the sun was already gone and the street lights were already illuminating the whole village, the special and improvised squad was already prepared for their mission. There were too many people walking around on that warm night, which just made things a little harder for them. That whole crowd walking around them had people enough to disturb they vision and, if they weren’t careful, even make them lose the track of those two young adults. That sea of smiling people surely left those boys a little angry. But what could they do? It was Friday night, after all. It was normal for everyone to be happy and having fun. But they were not everyone and they weren’t definitely having fun. Those three were working and, after some long 15 minutes of waiting, their target had finally arrived. 

Her pink hair was easily found by his dark eyes in the middle of that horde of people. He saw her and those emerald eyes of hers and, finally, his heart skipped a beat when he saw how much effort she had put in that date. Complete make up, a white summer dress that danced below her knees and that warm smile of hers. Yes, Sakura was really the only girl who could make his heart do backflips. She was simply stunning. What on earth did that guy have that he didn’t? The lack of one arm didn’t seem to bother the pinkette and he was sure he was quite a catch among the girls of the village. So why wasn’t he the one by her side? The one by the side of the most beautiful girl his dark pearls ever captured. He wondered if she would be looking as pretty if he had been the one by her side. He hoped she would. He really hoped she would. But, in order for that to happen, he would need to get rid of that boy. He would need her to be safe. And he would make sure he saved her on that important Friday night. 

Without being noticed, the pinkette and the foreigner walked around the village towards the restaurant he had chosen for their date. After long hours of research, the one with honey eyes decided to take the girl to the most popular restaurant of the village. The restaurant where the so famous hero of the world would constantly be eating. The home of the best ramen of the world. In other words, the boy would be taking Sakura to Ichiraku. And, of course, such thing was greatly mocked by the three spies. Who on earth would take a girl to Ichiraku, right? Probably the three of them since it’s a really good place to eat and Sakura did like that ramen. But that was not the point. The couple of the night entered the place and, right behind them, Naruto, Sasuke and Sai also made their way in, hiding behind a table that was near Sakura’s. The plan was about to be put in action. 

After some time, the three boys finally managed to share the space under one of the tables. Due to the space left unoccupied by the arms that were supposed to be there, Sai was able to find a place in between those two friends. Six eyes and four arms, at last, started to observe the behavior of the said foreigner. Perhaps they could, indeed, learn something from him. 

” let me help you, Sakura-chan.“ 

 He pulled the chair so she could sit. 

” ah… Thank you. I’m not really used to this kind of courtesy.“ 

” a girl like you should always be treated like that…“ 

She chuckled and, somehow, the other three who were spying felt a certain guilt building up inside. As far as they could remember, never had they pulled the chair for her. In fact, never before had they even ordered a table. The balcony was, always, their choice and, in the end, she would even pay for them sometimes. Sakura wasn’t definitely treated as a girl around her boys and, at that moment, they started to consider changing a little the things between them. Barely did they know that the pinkette didn’t really care about it. To be honest, she even preferred it. She preferred to be around their real selves and, if being treated as a boy was the price to be paid, then she really wouldn’t mind. 

” that idiot…. Who does he think he is-ttebayo!?“ 

” Uhm… Ugly seems to be enjoying that kind of courtesy. What do you think, Traitor-kun?“ 

” Hn. I don’t care. I just… I just don’t like that he’s trying to impress her like that. Why is he even doing so?“ 

” I also don’t understand but…“ A foxy grin appeared on Naruto’s lips. ” maybe it’s time for the first part of the plan.“ 

” yep. I think we could do it as fast as possible so we can get rid of this guy and Traitor-kun can get Ugly ba-“ 

” do it already, Dobe.“ 

Activating the nine tails cloth, Naruto put in practice the first part of the plan. With a thin and imperceptible chakra arm he managed to create, the Uzumaki reached for the leg of the chair where the foreigner boy was about to sit. When his outsider butt was about to touch the wooden material of the chair, Naruto did what any grown up adult would. The Kyuubi’s vessel pulled the leg of the chair, breaking it and, consequently, making the boy with honey eyes fall dry on the floor. His face showed a slight pain, Sakura was shocked, the other clients were staring a little worried and the three authors of the crime were doing their best to suppress a laughter. For war heroes and the best ninjas in the entire world, none of them really knew the meaning of adulthood or maturity. They just knew it had been too funny and, of course, a success. Unfortunately, for those kids, the gentleman side of that honey eyed boy was, indeed, impeccable. 

” oh my god… Are you okay? Are you hurt? The chair, it simply-“ 

” I’m fine, Sakura-chan.“ He smiled, making a cute silly face while standing up and pulling another chair. ” I guess that chair suffered some injuries before me. It could have happened to anyone. Luckily it was with someone who’s accompanied by such an amazing and beautiful medic ninja.“ 

After seeing that boy winking and Sakura getting a little embarrassed, the revenge trio stopped laughing and couldn’t help but getting extremely mad. Apparently, it would take them more than that to defeat that teammate kidnapper enemy. 

 "Tch… Nice work, Dobe." 

” Ugly has definitely liked his acting.“ 

” shut up you two! It’s not like you can make it better-ttebayo!“ 

” Hn. I can.“ 

The Uchiha smirked. And, just by that smirk, it was possible to tell what was crossing his mind. Pointy kunais, blood and, perhaps, a dead body under his foot while he held the girl in his arm. Typical. Too bad the Uzumaki was against killing. 

” …. For the last time, Teme, we are not killing him.“ 

” … Who said anything about killing?“ 

” we are not gonna threaten him either.“ 

” Tch.“ 

” traitor-kun, you really want to get arrested, don’t you? I didn’t know you had a fetich for prisons. Maybe Ugly’s intimate visits are gonna be more exciting than your own house, right?“ 

” shut up, you weirdo!“ 

He glared at Sai. The sharingan clearly visible on his eyes. 

” stop it, you two! You can fight later. For now, we need to take care of that bastard.“ 

” Hn. Any ideas?“ 

” I have one… Ladies are usually scared by rats… But Sakura wouldn’t really be scared because she isn’t really a lady. But, maybe, for being the sensitive one of the relation, this guy will be frightened and run away from here.“ 

” it sounds interesting…“ 

” uh? And how are we gonna get the rats?“ 

” easy. I’ll draw them.“ 

” Uhm… Yosh! I’m counting on you, Sai!“ 

That fake smile of the artist was the last beautiful thing that was seen before many ink pests started to run around the place. People were running and screaming, women were standing over the tables and, as expected, the pinkette was still unaffected. Of course she was disgusted by that view but, for being who she is, no scream came from her mouth. While her date was doing his best not to fall, her green eyes were coldly observing those animals in order not to touch them. And that was the one thing those boys should have foreseen. 

For Sakura was carefully analyzing the situation, she saw that the rodents were not made of flash and blood. They were made of black and white ink and she knew there was only one person in the whole village capable of doing such thing. She was definitely going to murder Sai for doing so. She was going to make him pay for destroying her dinner. He would better get prepared to face her fury alone, or that was what she thought before her emeralds finally spotted her two other laughing friends. Apparently, more than one idiot was about to get spanked that night. And what a pleasant feeling it was going to be. 

” Naruto… Sasuke… Sai….“ 

Her murderous tone quickly killed their laughter, sending shivers down their spines. Maybe that joke would be their last. And the pinkette was the one who would laugh last. 

” S-Sakura-chan….“ 

” …. Sa-Sakura… What a coincidence.“ 

” hello, Ugly! I hope your failed dinner makes you want to go home. In this case, can I ask your partner some questions?“ 

”…. I’m going to kill you all! How dare you do this to me!?“ 

” it’s for your own good, Sakura. He’s not the one for you.“ 

” then who is it?!“ 


” Tch… I won’t forgive any of you.“ She said, lifting her fist. 

” ahh! I still need to become Hokage, dattebayo! I’m too young to die! Kill them, Sakura-chan! Kill them!“ 

” Naruto, you bastard! Hn… Just to remind you, I’m the last Uchiha… So, if you are really gonna kill someone, kill my replacement.“ 

” me? But I didn’t do anything… Besides, it wouldn’t be something polite for a lady to do during her date. Unless you are a Gorilla… Then it’s understandable.“ 

” shut up, Sai! You’re gonna get us all killed!“ 

The boys’ discussion about who deserved to die or not was of no use. In the end, all of them won a purple eye and were quickly- and literally- kicked out of the restaurant along with all of the ink creatures that were created by Sai. The Haruno girl, erupting like a volcano, refused to let those three destroy her night and her chances of a normal relationship. She wouldn’t let them take such thing away from her. But, what she didn’t know, was that none of her boys would be taking anything away from anywhere or anyone. He would. 

With shame decorating her features, the pink haired girl returned inside to meet with the one who has suffered the consequences of her friend’s acts. Sakura knew he wouldn’t want anything with her anymore and that he was certainly gonna presume she was as insane as her friends. So, as a way of being polite, she decided to, at least, apologize in the name of the whole team 7. At least that she could give him. Barely she knew that, at that time, the boy with honey eyes couldn’t care less about an apology. He wanted something more. And he would make sure to get it. 

” I-I’m really sorry for what happened. I don’t know what’s got into them…“ 

” don’t worry, Sakura-chan… You don’t have to apologize. I understand that they were jealous of you… Who wouldn’t, to be honest?“ 

”… Aren’t you mad?“ 

” mad? Why would I?“ He chuckled. ” I even enjoyed seeing you in action… I bet you got really tired, didn’t you?“ 

” oh… Ahh… Not really.“ She smiled weakly. 

” well… Before the whole rats thing, the drinks were served…. Mind joining me for a toast to celebrate this funny night?“ 

He said, lifting a glass of champagne towards her. That boy, she thought, he really knew how to treat a girl. He was so polite and so kind and so caring. Perhaps destiny really had sent her something good, after all. That boy did seem to be perfect. Then why her heart was hurting so much? Why was her head still thinking about those dark eyes? She didn’t know. Actually, she did. She knew really well about those reasons but, since she had chosen to move on and forget, Sakura decided to leave that pain aside. Even knowing it could kill her. 

Once her hands accepted the offer, the two of them made a toast and, consequently, took the glasses to their lips. The drink tasted weird, indeed, and her face couldn’t help but reacting to such taste. Maybe it was because she was not used to any kind of alcoholic things. Maybe that or that boy had just put something on her drink. But that was not possible for a guy like that, right? Wrong. Definitely wrong. 

” something wrong with your drink?“ 

” … No… I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m still stressed.“ 

” nah…“ He smiled. ” the reason for that is because I’ve added a little thing in it.“ 

” what? What kind of joke is that?“ She chuckled. 

” nope. It’s something that will paralyze your moves in… 10 seconds after the ingestion.“ 

Her breathing started to get slow. 

”…. I said it’s not funny anymore.“ 

” and who said I wanted you to laugh, dear?“ 

With a smirk on his face, he watched as the effect started to spread around her body. The glass fell from her hand, breaking into many pieces and her hands started to shake. Her moves were, indeed, blocked. Her mind, even if it was working perfectly and cursing everything and everyone around her, couldn’t do anything if her body wouldn’t move. Damn that bastard. She had fallen for the oldest trick in the book and all because of those three and that whole thing of trying to prepare for the future and those honey eyes that wouldn’t let her doubt that boy. Sakura was definitely in a huge trouble. And the worst part was knowing that it was all because she didn’t hear her friends. 

Knees on the ground and her lower part had stopped moving as well. Punches and kicks were definitely out of choice at that moment and if her own chakra didn’t get rid of that substance in the next moments, then no one knew what would happen to her. Actually, he knew. 

” y-you bastard… I-I’m gonna kill you!“ 

” oh, Sakura-chan…“ He held her chin up. ” you don’t have a saying in here… But, because I’m still waiting for my men to come and pick us up, I think you should know what’s going to happen.“ 


” you see… I do belong to a small country that would love Konoha’s help for developing. We don’t have money, or leadership or even health care. After I was sent in this mission, one idea came to my mind in order to solve all these three problems. If I brought the world’s best medic nin with me, then my people would have health care. If I married her, they would surely make me their leader. And having you around would surely bring money to everyone. You’re quite a catch, Haruno Sakura-chan.“ 

” you’re not going away with that… My friends will come for me! You won’t leave the village so easily!“ 

” you’re right… I certainly won’t if I go alone. But, since you’re coming with me and I told the Hokage I would be convincing you to follow me, there won’t be any problem.“ 

” you son of a-“ 

” nah nah nah… Language, future wife. It’s almost time for them to be here.“ 

” when this effect is gone, be sure I’m gonna make you pay!“ 

” by the time it happens, I think we will already be in a carriage towards my village. There are a lot more of this paralyzing thing there waiting for you.“ 

” fuck you! You can’t drug me, you bas-“ 

Fast, sharp and dry was how that slap hit her face, throwing her body to the ground. Finally, after a whole week of pretending, the real facade of that boy was showing up. He was evil and ambitious and surely a professional tricker. Sakura was hating herself at that moment and that slap surely didn’t hurt as much as knowing how pathetically she had failed. Perhaps she did deserve to be kidnapped and leave Konoha and the team 7. They didn’t deserve a ninja like her. They didn’t deserve a ninja who trusted a foreigner after just a week. They didn’t deserve such s shame. At least that was what she though while laying with her cheek on the floor. Poorly she knew that deserving her and needing her were two different things. And you bet they needed her. They all did. 

” it’s time for us to go, Sakura-chan!“ 

The boy cheerfully said, lifting her up and throwing her body over his shoulder. Such position, indeed, seemed suspect. But, since the boy was planning on having his guards waiting for him just outside the restaurant, he figured there wouldn’t be a problem. So, exiting the place, his honey eyes started to look around for his minions. Unfortunately, instead of his 10 strong and tall men, the boy found the three familiar faces that had been plotting against him the whole night. In between them, a pair of red eyes staring directly at him. Eyes so cold and burning. Eyes that were bloodthirsty and eyes that could easily kill a person. And those eyes weren’t his only problem. 

” well well well… I think someone doesn’t fear death.“ 

The Uchiha said, coldly observing his teammate’s condition. His face was far from pleased. 

” Sasuke… I do think it’s time for us to use your idea.“ 

An orange glowing suit was covering the blonde boy and, judging by how his teeth were clenched, something big was about to happen. 

” put her down, now.“ 

Even the calm and perfectionist artist seemed more than simply angry with those beasts standing behind him. Perhaps the boy with honey eyes shouldn’t have messed with one of Konoha’s most precious flowers. 

” I-I… Sakura-chan passed out suddenly. I guess those rats scared her a little too much, right?“ 

” shut up and do as he said. Put her down.“ He activated the mangekyo. ” now.“ 

” I-I… Calm down, gentlemen. No need to be that scary around me.“ 

” scary? You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until the Hokage gets here. She’s gonna make you wet your pants if she sees you trying to kidnap her apprentice.“ 

He gulped. 

” oi… Dobe, I’m getting impatient here. Can I just kill him?“ 

” no. Just killing him won’t make him understand how stupid he was.“ 

” Hn.“ 

With his heart beating as fast as possible, the one with honey eyes started to sweat cold. At that moment, he didn’t know which of them was worse. Even if he wasn’t a sensorial ninja, the amount of power emanating from them was huge. The power from the one on his back was also really strong even if the substance he had given her made it lower. Perhaps he would need a life supply of that substance if he was really going to follow his plan. That boy had, indeed, been really stupid. And, for what it seemed, he was about to pay for that stupidity. 

” t-there is no need to worry… Here.“ 

He placed her carefully on the ground behind him and lifted his hands. 

” now that everything is fine, I guess we can all go home, right?“ 

A shadow quickly came behind him. 

” Sakura…“ 

” Sasuke… I… Hn.“ 

It was the raven haired boy and he was making sure Sakura was fine. For she had been too quiet, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t another trick. And, indeed, it wasn’t. The one behind that boy was the real Sakura. She was fine at first sight even if her pride seemed to be hurt. But, after observing a little more, the Uchiha realized that there was more than just her pride hurt. On her face- her angelical face- a red hand mark was fully visible. And that hand mark would surely be his death sentence. 

” how dared you….?“ 

He said, slowly standing up. 

” what happened, Teme?“ 

” you…“ He held the boy by the collar of his shirt. ” you hit her. You did the one unforgivable thing to the one I care the most. The last one who did so had his arms broken. But you…“ He tightened the grip. ” I’m gonna make you suffer until you beg me to kill you!“ 

” I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I made a huge mistake! Don’t kill me, sr! Please! Have mercy!“ 

” mercy? I’m an avenger. I know no mercy!“ 

” you shouldn’t have touched Sakura-chan, you bastard! You’re gonna pay for it!“ 

” you are really no man to do such thing to a girl!“ 

” you’re dead! Amater-“ 

” stop it now, Sasuke.“ 

"Uh?” Saving the outsider at the last moment, a gray haired man and another with a creepy face also joined the party. Since their expressions seemed to be calm and controlled, the foreigner allowed himself to release a relieved sigh. Apparently his life had been saved by that man. A man who would earn his complete devotion. A man who would receive a prize in that small country of his. A man who, without the honey eyed boy knowing, was the future Hokage and the sensei of the girl he had tried to kidnap. Well, saved wasn’t the best choice of words. 

“ Kakashi. Don’t stop me." 

” Kakashi-sensei! This bastard is trying to kidnap Sakura-chan!“ 

” oh… So that’s why those men were waiting outside the village… Uhm. You would need more than just that to hold my student.“ The gray haired man smiled under his mask. ” luckily, for you, we already made sure to take care of them so they wouldn’t die by her hands.“ 

” eh!? M-My men…“ 

” Kakashi-senpai, should we take this one to Tsunade-sama too?“ 

” I don’t know… Apparently, the boys are having fun with him. Let’s just leave him here.“ 

” what!? No! No! I beg you! Take me with you! Take me to the Hokage! Anything but this boys!“ 

” oh, so the boys are out?“ 

A voice coming from behind the Uchiha suddenly appeared. A murderous voice that rose along with the body of a pink haired girl. At last, the effect had dissipated and she could move her body as she pleased. Her fists were up, her eyes were burning and the Uchiha had released the foreigner. Haruno Sakura was extremely pissed. Perhaps, being burned alive wouldn’t have been that bad. 


A fully charged punch and the boy was sent almost a kilometer away. His body broke walls and fences and, definitely, many bones. Yet, Sakura did not punch him trying to kill him, no. She knew the Hokage would still want to torture him a little more and killing was not something she would easily do anymore. Those were peaceful times, after all. Having all the possible kinds of fractures would be already enough to teach him never to try to kidnap or marry her again. He surely learned the lesson. And her teammates also made a note never to try anything against her if they wanted to live. 

 Once the dust settled and the pinkette cleaned her hands, she smiled at her friends. Those who had been quiet ever since the second broken wall, after seeing such beautiful thing in her face, couldn’t help but feeling lighter inside and happy to know they were all on the same side. They were a family, after all. And breaking constructions with family isn’t something her nindo allows. 

” well…“ Kakashi was the first to speak up. ” I guess he won’t come back that soon… Sakura, you did give him a good punch.“ 

He smiled at her, giving her a thumb up. 

” thank you, Kakashi-sensei!“ 

” senpai… Maybe we should go after him…“ 

” you’re right, Yamato… And you will probably have to fix some houses…“ 

” I know…“ 

” sorry about that, Yamato-taichou…“ 

” it’s okay…“ He sighed. ” the most important thing is that you’re okay, Sakura. Now I better start.“ 

” I’ll go report this to the Hokage. Have fun you four. Try not destroying anything anymore. See ya.“ 

As fast as those two arrived they were gone. Showing support was not really their forte but, even if none of them hugged her or cried out of concern, they all knew how worried those two former ANBU were. Losing Sakura would have killed them inside. They wouldn’t be able to forgive themselves for not being able to stop the bandit who tried to steal their little girl. Even if that little girl had the strength of a monster, she was still their pupil and the only girl of the team 7. She was surely a special student and they were proud of her. They were proud of the woman she had become. And, somehow, she knew about that. She really knew how dear she was to those two butter-hearted jounin. If only the others thought the same… 

” I’m so happy they came… It was so cool, right guys?“ 

Turning her eyes to see her three boys was, by far, her biggest mistake of the night. Instead of happy and relieved faces, all the pinkette found were cocky smirks and challenging eyes. Those boys really knew nothing about how to treat a girl. They knew nothing about feeling relieved or just happy. But you bet they knew about revenge and pay backs. And, at that time, the said girl would surely need help for those three were about to demand their prize for having saved her life. 

” really cool, uh… Well, I’m glad none of us did go away after you kicked us out, Sa-ku-ra…“ 

” Uhm… I guess you own us something, Ugly.“ 

” yes… And you better do it right for the heroes of your life-ttebayo.“ 

It would be useless to go against them. At that time, running away or avoiding the subject would only make things worse for her. The one thing they wanted was clearly written in their faces. They wanted something Sakura knew would be hard to give them and they knew it would take all of her courage and strength to do so. She would have to break down barriers and swallow her pride in order to guarantee her heroes the one thing they wanted the most: an apology. But not any apology, no. THE apology that would take all of her creativity to make. And just that wouldn’t mean they would accept either. Those three would surely be harsh on that judgement. Haruno Sakura would, definitely, need all of her skills to achieve the perfect apology. 

” okay okay…“ She sighed. ” I’m really really sorry for what I said and did… I should have…“ Sasuke smirked at her. ” I should have listed to you. You were right and I was wrong… I’ll never do this again. I’ll never doubt my heroes again.“ 

” and….“ Naruto grinned. ” keep going, we are not satisfied yet.“ 

” Tch…“ 

” no tch-ing, Sakura-chan. Your apology isn’t good yet. You still need to improve a lot.“ 

She sighed again. Damn those three. 

” Hn, fine… You guys are the… The… Tch, whatever, I’m treating you all to dinner at Ichiraku, deal?“ 

” couldn’t be better-ttebayo! We forgive you.“ The blonde said, walking in the empty restaurant and screaming his order to the owner. 

” indeed. You really know nothing about being a girl, Ugly.“ The artist followed, finding a good spot at the balcony, as they usually preferred. 

Barely Sai knew what he had just done. 

Still waiting outside with her, the raven haired boy had decided to leave the best for the end. His dark eyes looking straight at her as if condemning her actions. Sasuke wanted his answers and he wanted something more than just the apology she had just given to the whole group. He wanted her confession. Her real confession about what had crossed her heart during the time she had spent with the other guy. The Uchiha figured he deserved so. After all, her love for him was the one thing at risk during that night. And Sakura knew that. She knew all of that. 

” I think I owe you more than just an apology, right?“ 

” Hn.“ 

Sakura sighed. 

” earlier, when you asked me why… I didn’t have the courage to tell you… I couldn’t tell you that I was trying to move on from you. My love for you was never a secret between us and still you never said a thing… You never gave me an answer for that night.“ 

” I don’t think I could ever answer you in the way you expect me too.“ 

” I know… And I understand that. And that’s why I thought giving up would free me or something….“ 


Sasuke had no words to offer her. Nothing he said would ever make her feel better. He couldn’t promise to make her happy or to be able to answer to all of her expectations. He couldn’t even promise to stay by her side. So, what on earth could he even say to comfort her? There was nothing he could do. But that wouldn’t be necessary for her love for him was stronger than all of that. Stronger than all the doubts and expectations and the distances. Stronger than both of them. And that was the only thing she would ever need to keep moving. Thankfully she realized that before it was too late. 

” but I was wrong, you know… Damn, I was really wrong. If I were to stop loving you, my life wouldn’t be happier at all… This love I have for you… It helped me growing as a ninja and as a person. I thank this love a lot now… So, Sasuke-kun… I’m sorry for what I almost did. From now on, I will keep loving you more and more even if you don’t feel the same or if you can’t do anything about it, I’ll be fine just by loving you… Can I?“ 

The smile on her face was just too stunning for anyone to say no. It was just too pure and too warm and too perfect for him to resist. How could he not let her love him? How could he not love her back? Those things were certainly impossible for the great Uchiha Sasuke. He loved to know that, among the terrible things he has ever done in his life, making her fall for him was simply the best thing he has ever done. And he didn’t want to lose it. He didn’t want to lose her. 

 ” do as you wish…“ 

” ah, thank you, Sasuke-kun!“ She clapped her hands in a happy gesture. ” so, will you forgive me?“ 

” Hn. You’re paying, aren’t you?“ 

He smirked. 

” yeah… Consider this a date then! I’ll be taking you on a date with me.“ She chuckled. ” I know this one will be better than the other. After all, instead of being kissed, I ended up being slapped, right?“ She chuckled again. "I guess people like me shouldn’t really go on dates…" 

His eyes widened at her declaration. Sakura was clearly telling him what to do, he thought. Even if that wasn’t, indeed, the objective of the pinkette, Sasuke couldn’t let that chance escape as she started to walk in the restaurant. Even if he only had one arm, he would hold her forever. 

” let’s go, Sasuke-kun! They are wai- ah!“

One strong pull with his right hand and her world melted around her. Warmness and softness were the two things she felt the most while his lips were pressed against hers. A slow and chaste kiss that was, at the same time, calm and possessive. Caring and arrogant. Fast and eternal. That kiss could only be given by Uchiha Sasuke to Haruno Sakura. It was something really unique between them and no one would ever be able to share such thing. The love between those two is, doubtlessly, stronger than anything. 

” I think this answers your questions, right?“ 

” Sa-Sasuke-kun…“ 

She blushed madly. 

"Hn. Don’t you ever go on a date with any other man, you hear me?" 


” good.“ He held her hand, squeezing it tight. A blush definitely spread around his cheeks. Uchiha Sasuke was, undeniably, in love. 

” now let’s go. They are waiting for us.“

fic: Seven Minute Spin., 1/1. (human AU; Ten/Rose)

“More like…if you can’t beat ‘em, cheat.”

2,225 words; light adult, probably.

a/n: It is lauraxxtennant’s birthday and this fic is for her birthday! Because she is wonderful and prolific and deserves all the things! And where last year’s birthday fic was a fluffy jeans-clad TenToo Pete’s World romp ending in sexy stuff, this year’s is a fluffy jeans-clad AU romp ending in sexy stuff. Our friendship is maturing.

“Today at work I sent 34 e-mails, submitted my quarterly projections, and attended a meeting about retirement planning – do you know what that means?”

“That your job is really boring?”

No, Jack, it means that I am way too old to play Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

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I opened up my “ask” box recently. Deer Gawd, it’s flooded with questions. More than I expected from tumblr actually. 

I’m going to answer at least one or two random ones per week. It takes a while for me to answer questions and there are a few I’d love to save for videos (and most are questions that lead to spoilers). I had  a ask.fm account open that I eventually had to stop going to. I spent forever answering questions there which ate into a lot of my personal/recording time - which was fun however I had to nix it because it was a distraction - I don’t want that to happen with tumblr too. I’d rather look at tumblr as a place I can just chill whenever and hang out - I apologize if you’re looking for more serious conversation with me, but who knows maybe it will pop up.

For now I’ll just sit on tumblr and enjoy all the sinning I’m encouraging (LOL, noticed a dramatic increase recently). I hope this doesn’t make you look at me differently (probably will but understand I am an adult and this is a mature blog) but there are sins too I commit of the MCD characters. However for obvious reasons I could never speak or even talk of them. There are much more mature versions of some episodes MC Diaries that will never, ever see the light of day. Like, EVER. Well… maybe once my audience grows up 30 years from now. But for me it’s not appropriate to reveal those things in depth. 

If you didn’t know this then now you do, I personally write MC Diaries myself. So in my free time I write for fun and it normally involves the characters from MCD, so it was bound to happen eventually, LOL.

Hopefully this little blog answers some questions in my inbox that I haven’t seen yet. Writing is relaxing for me so maybe I’ll post a blog every week (with this week being the exception). No promises though because I’m so seriously swamped in things. I’m still getting comfortable with this idea of revealing these things so… if it gets weird for me to continue to do this (aka someone comes and begins to ream into me for doing this) I may have to stop but for now I can enjoy it and enjoy you guys. 💜 

So… thanks for being there to listen to these rants and stuff. 💜 I hope it brings you closer to me as a person. 

[Trans] B.A.P Yongguk (& Himchan)'s Thank You Speech to their Members on LOE 2014 Seoul Attack

This is a very touching speech by Yongguk & Himchan during LOE 2014 Seoul Attack (9 Mar).

[Source Cr: y1004j (Twitter)]
[Trans: hellosaya (Tumblr)]

Please DO NOT REPOST this on Tumblr and if you repost this to somewhere else e.g. Twitter, weibo etc. (even extracting parts of it), please give full credit.


We always feel thankful to our fans, but I would like to thank my members more than anything.

I have spent 3 years together with Himchan and I have noticed about one thing. Although Himchan and I are in same age, sometimes he is just like a younger brother of mine. Because of Himchan, our younger brothers follow me better now, his existence is really important. Actually our younger brothers are also following after him, that’s why he is the member that I always want to thank.

Daehyun…Actually our members seems to think that I am very serious (laughs). Among the members, Daehyun is the one who thinks that I am very serious the most. As you all know, Daehyun uses his voice the most in our songs and he has been working very hard for it. He always works hard to give us a very good performance, he always works hard on something we may not be aware of, being understanding (looking at the crying Daehyun), he has a lot of sensitivity.

As you all know, Zelo is our maknae. Although he is our maknae, not long ago he was just like a baby, but now he has become a very mature adult. Recently he is having a lot of worries and he is under a lot of stress, being his hyung we want to give him some good advices, but I think this is the process of growing up to be an adult, so I decided that “no touch” (not to interfere) would be better for him. Zelo is a child who can decide what is right, what is wrong, even he is following his hyung, I believe he can become an even better adult in the future.

Why are you crying? Why? (laughs)

Himchan: I wanna cry too.
Yongguk: (laughs)

Yongguk: Yes, Jongup is a kid who will dance very hard without complaining or showing you any signs of tireness, but actually he is feeling tired from time to time. Although there are times that he wants to do something so bad but he couldn’t do it well which makes him feels painful, he is the toughest brother to his hyungs. Jongup will listen to his hyungs’ words very well, that’s why the hyungs like Jongup very much as well. Jongup has the talent to become a much better artist, if you guys support him more he will work even harder. (Imitating Jongup’s solo dance at the beginning of 1004) This is decided by this kid himself, he is a kid who has this level of creativeness.

And then we have cry baby Youngjae, as you all know he is a kid with a lot of sensitivity. He is even more delicate than Daehyun, his heart is fragile and could be easily hurt by a lot of things. However, opposite to this fragile heart, he is a kid who works really hard to set up a role model to his younger brothers as a hyung. To avoid his brothers learning anything bad from him, he is a kid who will work extra hard to become a good hyung.

To be honest, I am thankful to a lot of different people but I would really like to thank these 5 guys.

Himchan: So…last we have Yonggukkie…

Yongguk: You can skip me. (laughs)

Himchan: Being a leader there are a lot of difficulties. Actually when Yonggukie is not around, I have a hard time to gather these kids. Yonggukie knows very well about the strength and weakness of his every member, this is something I can’t do. That’s why I don’t have the potential to become a leader. He has never shown his difficulty as a leader in front of people, this basic mindset is something really hard to keep up. Always have to think the right thing, no matter privately or at work, he always has to behave righteously, this is really difficult, that’s why I want to thank him in the same way he did. Lastly, this is something really interesting isn’t it? It is possible that 6 of us would have never met each other, isn’t this fate? If it wasn’t this fate, could we meet each other as members? Although I am not sure about our fate in the future, let’s walk our lives together, together with everyone.

Daehyun: Thank you very much to everyone. I love you.

Yongguk: Thank you very much.


140204 Naver Starcast Update: “[Dara’s journal of 2NE1 world tour preparation 4] The meeting note of 2NE1, who is preparing for the concert! (Part ½)

Hello!! 2NE1’s captain San has returned. Have you guys doing well last week? It was I, whom the will towards the concert is getting much stronger~ after spending the New Year holiday. I was worrying about if I will be able to do well when I heard the story that I have to prepare for 4 sets of episodes of STARCAST with only the stories that captain San have prepared but the last episode has already come, cry cry ㅜ.ㅜ since it is the last one, with the authority of the captain San!! I will engage myself with a determination to show everything today.^.^

The story that will be revealed this time is, ta da! It is revealing of 2NE1, who is working hard with a career woman mode. 2NE1 have gathered at the recording studio of YG private company building in the late night for a concert conference. We tell the fact that we gather and discuss the stories about “ALL OR NOTHING” whenever we have time as one day is not enough~. +_+ Now then, meet the conference scene through the pictures!! (This episode specially has lots of pictures ready due to the excitement coming from meeting the fans in a long time so do not miss it~!!~.^)

#1. The meeting note of 2NE1, who is preparing “ALL OR NOTHING

The  first page of today’s conference agenda!! Ta da!!
This is the first page of the conference about how we will appear on the stage and what kind of songs we will sing.

Are you guys curious about it? That is a secret for now! Check it out at the concert hall^.^

Taking a picture before the conference starts! We begin today’s STARCAST with a refreshing opening picture!

This is Minzy, who is listening to the stories about this concert’s stage set with serious looks in the eyes.+_+ Maybe it is because the conference, she fully shows an adult-like and mature vibe.

This is CL’s conference fashion of today that is comfortable but cool! Wow~ Doesn’t her look of holding the chin with a hand that has the pen look professional? I am also saying something while looking at the conference agenda but it is sad as the voice is not conveyed through the pictureㅜ.ㅜ

What is our Bom looking at so intensely?+_+ What Bom is holding right now is the planning document about this ‘ALL OR NOTHING concert’ MD goods~ Please look forward to what kind of pretty and cool one and only 2NE1 goods will be released this time.

Provocative Minzy with provocative attitude and looks in the eye! The direction of the pupils are.. Don’t tell me… were you looking at me? Do not forget that you are the youngest, Minzy! ^.~

I get to show it like this once again~This is Dara concentrating everyone~ I would have been thinking hard about promotion ideas even right at that moment…… right?^^;; Haha

I have immediately caught in sight the charisma leader CL, who is concentrating on the conference~ Even her single hand movement that is putting her hair back has charisma???? 

Last bonus picture!! This is one picture of the unrevealed meeting with an authority of the captain San.
I am going to wrap up the last episode with this serious look^.^

Wow~ It feels new as I get to show the members in this way myself in a long time. Whether it is the stage that 2NE1 stands on or the place that we are together with you guys, they are all important moments every time but we are thinking either A or B! just for this world tour. Just like the title, it is “ALL OR NOTHING”!! It will be a choice that you guys are not going to regret>.< I will see you guys at the concert site! Bye~

Source: Naver Starcast 

don’t even try to pull the “you’re being ageist” bullshit on me

I’m a legal fucking adult and could get in trouble from being involved with mature content and legal minors 

I am serious, this is the one thing I will put my foot down about

I am almost 22, if you have a problem with me being uncomfortable with people under 17 playing dmmd, unfollow me now and go to bed, because you have school in the morning

UNDERTALE... about aged-up Frisk

I have read this post and I couldn not help but writing this. Hugeass text under cut but I really needed to get this out of me. If you care for my opinions, click the cut.

There are things that are CLEARLY WRONG….and it is CLEARLY The RIGHT choice to REPORT them.
Without attacking, without sending death-threats.

All this UT Frisk thing is very very tricky - I am reacting to this post because
all this matter - it’s tricky to me too
and I have to admit that whatever Frisk(as the player and a character) and Sans have in-game there, I do like it.
(and I do not see it as sexual). I couldn’t help my self seeing it as bit of romantic, though - because
I am an adult woman with tons of mental scars and insecurities and playing a game like this,
meeting characters like Sans really did work as a little band-aid for me in many ways.
I ended up wishing to have met the cast in real life, have people like that by my side
when I was calling for help but nobody came (no pun intended).
I did fall in love with the whole cast of characters. I did fall in love with Sans the most
because he did give me inside the game what no male gave me in real life - the feeling of security.

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anonymous asked:

Your blog is amazing and it makes me feel good about myself, so thank you! What are the qualities your ideal/ dream partner has? And what are some of your dreams in life :) ? By the way I agree with all the anons that your super sexy... but thats not why me and everyone else follows you. We follow you because you make us feel good to be ourselves, you show that it really gets better, your a really good person, and your geniunley funny. Your just as sexy on the inside as the outside! :)

First of all thank you very much <3

My ideal/dream girl would be genuine, honest, isn’t one to play games (I’m just very big on the whole “we’re adults” thing, so if a girl is playing games with me I will almost always lose interest right away). She would be someone who can hold a serious intellectual conversation, but can also goof off with me. She would be someone genuine with a good head on her shoulders, mature, etc. 

She would be someone who could keep up with all of my nerdy fandoms, someone who wouldn’t use me for my online following (HUGE red flag for me). 

I don’t have a set criteria for looks at all. I am just so beyond picky with women that when someone sparks my interest, whether I pursue them or not, I always acknowledge that there must be something special about them. 

I can’t guarantee who I will be with or who I will be attracted to. The only thing for certain is that if I think you’re worth it I will work my ass off to make sure you know you’re worth it too.

…I promise I did not mean for this to come out sounding nearly as corny as it did