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MBTI Statistics: Part II

Not too long ago (but an extremely long time ago in Internet time), I made a master post of a shit ton of unrelated MBTI charts, polls, and statistics that I’d accrued throughout my time on the Internet. It got unexpectedly popular, and ended up sort of blowing up. (Click here to see part I of this post.)

Well, I am here today to inform you that I have since found many more MBTI-related charts for your viewing pleasure, and to present them here for you today! So, here it is again: a bunch more random MBTI statistics. Enjoy!

1. MBTI gender distribution

2. MBTI type by job satisfaction vs. income

3. MBTI type by natural confidence

4. MBTI type by general population vs. Internet population

5. MBTI type by general population vs. subreddit popularity

6. MBTI type of high school teachers vs. MBTI type of college professors

7. MBTI type visual grid

8. Enneagram x Pokemon type

9. MBTI type by best majors

10. MBTI type by gender (comparison)

11. MBTI x political compass

12. MBTI by number of Google results

13. MBTI by physical, emotional, and mental proclivity (source: me)

14. MBTI x DYT x temperament x spiritual gifts x color analysis

15. MBTI type by managerial responsibility

16. MBTI type by Love Language

17. MBTI type by global distribution vs. Reddit users

18. Percent of enneagram types that favor iNtuition

19. MBTI by representation in the programming profession

20. MBTI by percent male vs. percent female

21. MBTI clusters (NT, NF, ST, SF) by impactful influencing

22. MBTI by likeliness of early retirement

23. MBTI and attitudes towards having children (over 25)

24. MBTI and attitudes about the efficacy of meeting new people on social media

25. MBTI by most and least likely to be stay-at-home moms

26. MBTI by most and least likely to be stay-at-home dads

27. MBTI by various parenthood satisfaction rate statistics

28. MBTI by self-employment status

29. MBTI by average education level achieved

30. MBTI by Facebook usage

(Please take all of these charts with a grain of salt. I don’t know what parameters were used to make them, so they may or may not be inaccurate - I have no idea, I’m not the author. I also purposely did not bother including any of the sources (as much as I would’ve loved to, just for the sake of accuracy), just because I didn’t feel like spending the next ten hours trying to track down the original sources for all of these infographics. I seriously just don’t have the energy. Sorry!)

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D.O – Nothing Changed

Characters: D.O x You

Type: Angst, fluff

Word count: 1321

A/N: [7/9] Just two more to go. I think I will start another series, but I’m not quite sure yet. Any ideas or suggestions?

“Nothing has changed, and nothing will.”

One of the most embarrassing things fully grown adults could face was not being able to look after themselves probably. 

I couldn’t cook for my life. 

My backing skills were far more decent and while I would love to live of cake and cookies, it was just too unhealthy. I needed to either marry someone who can cook or learn it myself. And because I am not the most social person out there who has a great interest in dating, the only open option would be learning it somehow.

The internet was not helping much and the receipt books were also problematic. I mean, I nearly burned my whole kitchen because I couldn’t understand the next instruction and forget that I had something on the stow. Sad, I know.

So I desperately hoped that the new cooking class would help me with my incapability. Or help me with getting to know some dishes at least. I didn’t want to be a master chef now, but at least learn some simple things that would be delicious and sating.

However, the class didn’t just help me with that it made me meet someone who wouldn’t even think of letting me go again. In a different situation that could actually sound cute, adorable or romantic. But in my situation, it wasn’t.

Do Kyungsoo was the name of my partner in class. He was not very tall, but well built with an exceptional fashion taste and handsome face. He wasn’t one who talked a lot though, for a fact, he never really answered any of my advances of getting to know him. It was hard to adapt to him altogether because he was more of a lone wolf. He did everything on his own, while I could just watch his work on the side line.

But it sure was weird. I thought that only people who didn’t know how to cook would take part in such a class. Do Kyungsoo was far more skilled than the actual teacher. I often gazed at how he did certain things and tried to follow everything he was doing, it sure helped way better than trying to do it alone.

I don’t even know when he started to notice me watching him but one day – right before he was about to cut the vegetables – he held the knife out for me to take. Since then he would rather make me do simply things, while he watched my progress. If I was too slow in doing something he would take over for me. And throughout our interactions we grew closer, both emotionally and physically. It was weird. At first he never said anything and only uttered a word for me to understand what he actually wants, but that changed into short sentences and then full conversations.

Whenever we finished a dish, we would share it and get to know each other more while eating. It went on with the normal talks, until he offered to walk me home. It evolved in small meet ups during the time of no classes, to small cooking dates in either his or my apartment. Sometimes we even took the food we cooked in class home to eat it there more privately.

We started to date some time after. It was nice, he was nice. His adorable smile, gentle hugs, soft kisses. I never knew that I needed someone as much as I needed him. I felt like I was living in a dream, or movie where everything was all sunshine and rainbows without any fear of anything.

It was bliss to be with him, around him. That I didn’t really know what his profession was didn’t even really bother me. I was too head over heels in love with him to regard something like this with importance. Yet I should have asked at least.

Kyungsoo revealed it to me himself. Not on accident and not because I came behind it. But because he thought that it was the right time for me to know, a time where I would have already such strong feelings I would need a lot more time, a harder time to think about leaving him and then really doing it.

It was the early evening when we arrived from on of our dates to spend the rest of the day together watching movies. But the moment I saw those items on the coffee table in front of the couch in the living room, I froze in horror.

It was a shirt lying there, stained with red – blood – together with two guns and a batch.

I wasn’t dumb, I knew the sign of one of the most dangerous mafia gangs around. Everyone knew who EXO was,what their sign looks like, where their territory was and how dangerous they really were. The police always advised to firstly run away and be safe whenever they sighted a member and then call them for help. EXO was known for being too skilled, unforgiving and ruthless.

The moment I turned towards Kyungsoo, he had an expressionless face on while mine was pale. I couldn’t really believe that someone like Kyungsoo would be involved in the underground scene, especially in EXO. At first, maybe. But not after getting to know him, seeing his warm and gentle side.

“Sit down, Iseul.” He spoke, his tone light yet with such a strange force and such a dominance that I found myself following his command without even a second delay. “I know that this is a serious situation, but it’s time for you to know what I am doing for a living.”

“You are in EXO.” I breathed out, not having really progressing how.

He broke out into a smile. “Smart.” He chuckled. “I am not just any member, I am the head of the mafia, I am the boss.”

I wanted to leave, I needed to leave that moment.  I felt suffocated like I couldn’t breath.

I needed time for myself, before I would do anything too rashly. Before I would regret any decision in the future.

I didn’t know what would hurt more; staying together with a mafia boss that kills and threatens people on a daily basis, or leaving the love of my life.

It was just time I wanted to have at the moment to be able to sort out the thoughts floating in my head, just some alone time.

He didn’t allow it. For him, being in the mafia boss changed nothing. I was still his, still loved him. His job was just another fact that wasn’t relevant in the equation. And while that wasn’t a part of the character but ones lifestyle, it didn’t had any importance, not to him.

He was party right, of course it wasn’t a part of his character, not the part he showed to me at least. Yet there was somewhere his dark side that was fully the mafia boss of EXO. His strong dominance, the darkness in his eyes when someone angered him, the calm death oozing of him.  This revelation was surely a part of his life and his life style. If I wanted to be a part of his life, that fact would also be a part of my life. I needed to live with that, to accept that he would always stay a mafia boss. And then? What about the future? What about all his enemies and all the dangers? Especially after we create a family? What then?

Before I could even stand up to retreat and walk out of the door, Kyungsoo stood in-front of me. His look was calm and composed, his eyes were unwavering though.

“I’m not letting you leave, Iseul.” His face was stoic, his voice holding an authority that was warning me. “You belonged to me before knowing and you belong to me now. Nothing has changed, and nothing will.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

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How do you feel about your community around this blog? Do you have any complains or want to change something about your community?

I LOVE our community here! I am so grateful for all 6,300 (and growing… what did I do to deserve this? Thank you all so much!) of you. 

If there’s one thing that I’ll ask of you is to please look at my FAQ and my fic rec master list page to see if I’ve already answered your question or if I’ve already created a fic rec list that you’ve requested. ALSO, please keep in mind that requests are closed! I know they’ve been closed forever, and you all have been great about it, but I still am getting requests. Please hold onto your requests for now! I really appreciate your patience, I truly do.

Other than that, there’s nothing I would change. You are all so lovely and I wish I could hug you all in person! For now, here’s an internet hug:

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Thank you for following! I love you all!

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Dresses from the 1800s are very hot. I wanted you to know I'm speaking with experience kill me

Possible way to decipher this ask:

1) This anon finds it hot and finds it hot because of experience of arousal(?)

2) This anon for some reason had dressed in some 1800s dresses and found it really hot

3) This anon is a time traveller from the 1800s and had master the internet to send me this message, but what’s the purpose? Who am I, what makes me special?

Hi all! My name is Becca, I’m a 25 years old I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. 

I have so many interests and hobbies that it would be impossible for me to list them all on this post. However, I will say that I am in my final semester of my bachelor of teaching/bachelor of arts degree and hope to do a masters in special education. I enjoy all genres of music (anything from metal to hip hop) and also enjoy reading, playing PlayStation, shopping, going to poetry readings and bars.

Since I am hoping to study abroad for my masters, I would love to become pen pals with some lovely people from the U.S. I have always had a fascination with the East Coast (so anyone from the east coast please don’t be shy).

Age and gender doesn’t bother me as long as you are a genuine person. You don’t even have to have similar interests as I am always keen to try and learn new things. 

For further information, please contact me on my tumblr @b-e-c-c-a-b or on my instagram @thebeccab 

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Kind regards,


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Firstly, your art is amazing. Secondly, can you give some tips on drawing that'll help an aspiring cartoon artist like me out?

Thank you so much TvT!

Then for tips, I do pretty silly way on drawing. I usually draw on one layer (if there are more than one I merge them). But some way I really like to use when I’m drawing:

1 Halftone pattern in photoshop’s filter gallery. You can use this one to make your whole palette coordinated (I use my old drawing (which has a bright color) to make this process).

2 Enrich your composition. Do research of what you want to draw, and then put things you know into into the whole composition (Small details are like telling the whole world while the main composition is just telling what’s happening).

Sorry the picture is kinda messy…but I want to show that I use what I read from the book and the internet to make the background and details reliable (kinda).

But the most important thing (in my personal opinion), is to know what you are good at. I started to draw illustrations quite late (from 2013), and I know a lot of people are way better than me. Maybe I am not a master of drawing, but I can put what I like and good at in the painting (like, fashion design, hip-hop music, game elements) and create my own “style” which might improve myself in another way.

I am not good at writing this kind of stuff, but hope this helps. And let’s work hard together^^!

My Rant: Don’t Believe Every Rumor You Hear! (Hey Violet)

Alright, so I’m going to rant now. I’ve been seeing some really crazy and immature stuff going around, and this rant is calling all of it out. This is a very unpopular thought, and people are probably going to hate on my for this, but this has to be said. People hate Hey Violet because they don’t like their music. That’s fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. You dislike Rena’s dreads? That’s fine too, because it’s what she likes and she doesn’t wear them to impress. What isn’t okay is people hating on them because of rumors that they are hearing over the internet. Everything I am writing isn’t in any defense, as I am saying this as someone looking at this from a different perspective.

I’ll start off with the most important subject: Hey Violet bullying Julia out of Cherri Bomb (past band name). For starters, one person wanted the band off of the tour so badly, that they put together these master posts which claimed to have “reliable sources,” that don’t actually exist. The people who put these posts together twisted everything around to make Hey Violet sound like the bad guys. According to the posts, Hey Violet bullied Julia. Let’s be real here, nothing in the posts really show that they had done so. No one really knows what happened, besides Julia and the current members of Hey Violet. Next, how do we even know they were ALL okay with parting ways? What if Julia wanted to go solo? What if she was okay with the decision? After all, JULIA IS PROUD OF HEY VIOLET. Would someone be proud of their bullies? I think not. I’ve searched for this on Twitter, but below is a photo of a fan asking Julia if she was proud of her ex-band members. To which she responded, “Extremely!” You wouldn’t say that to your bullies. I know I wouldn’t.

Now, can we all keep in mind that this happened YEARS ago. They were all what? 14? 15? When I was that age, I wasn’t a perfect little angel. Who was actually all nice and sweet 100% of the time as you pushed on through to adulthood? Exactly. To make my point, Julia is going solo and is happy with what she does. She is working on a debut album. Hey Violet is touring with 5SOS, and [even thought most don’t like it] they are happy about that too! Going separate ways was good for all of them when it all comes down to it. All of this drama is behind all of them, but was resurfaced when someone became desperate to get them off of the tour. Unfortunately for these people, they are going on the ROWYSO tour no matter what they do. And you know, I think 5SOS would have talked over all of this stuff with Hey Violet already. 

Finally, here’s another thing that I am against. There is a new rumor surfacing that Hey Violet bullied Ashton Irwin (5SOS drummer). This one is just silly, and this is what I’m talking about. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET. DON’T BELIEVE RUMORS UNTIL THEY ARE PROVEN. Why would Hey Violet bully someone who has given them the chance of a lifetime? Why would they bully people at all? If this had happened, we would have heard from Ashton, 5SOS, or Hi or Hey Records? I’m 99.9% sure that they’d kick them off of the tour if this happened. Were they kicked off? Nope.

So really, it’s silly to hate someone because of things you hear or see on the internet. Because for all you know, what happened behind the scenes could be entirely different. What matters now, is that everyone is older, maturer, and has moved on. I really hope that this post has enlightened some people, because it’s just so sad to see people calling them bullies when people have no actual proof that they had done so. Do they really seem like bullies to you?

I know the photos don’t prove anything much in my argument, but they do show how kind they are to their fans. Like most bands, they save lives every day, and they will continue to do so. But the way many are hating on Hey Violet is very rude. Most people are actually bullying THEM. That’s never okay. Even if they had bullied, bullying the bully is never okay. Fighting fire with fire just makes a bigger fire. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


Hello! My name is Willow and I’m 19. A little about me: I’ve done 2 semesters of college and I am going to get my masters in psychology, I love animals SO much, I like to color, read, and write short stories. My favorite color is Purple, and I also like photography! My 2 pit babies (Angel and Conrad) are my world. 💜 Volunteering at the Animal shelter makes me happy and I want to travel the world and help people. I’m from the United States, Alabama actually. I want a snail mail pen pal that I can write to and we can send little packages with little cute stuff in it/OR a penapl that I can Snapchat, Skype, talk on the phone, and just socalize with eachother via social media! Enough about me for now though! :) If your interested in being my pen pal please let me know! :) I hope to hear from you soon! -Willow

email: beccaisme 97@ yahoo.com  (No spaces)

Instagram: beccamercer97

kik: beccamercer97

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the reason that we get stuck on songs.  It’s the reason we can only seem to find things when we’re not looking for them.  It’s the reason our days look very similar to the one before.  Basically, LoA gives you what you think about.  Or more accurately, LoA gives you what you vibrate. What is vibration?  Everything is vibration.  Your chair is vibration.  Your body is vibration.  Sound is vibration.  Thoughts are vibration.  Your thoughts cause you to feel emotions.  These emotions indicate your vibration to you.  Think of it like communication.  It is the Universe telling you what you’re attracting.  You see, reality is like a mirror.  What you send out, or broadcast, or vibrate, is what you’ll get back in your reality.  So if you’re thinking and feeling “I have no friends,” what will you get back?  No friends.  To bring anything into your life, whether that be a material object, an experience, or whatever it is that life has caused you to want, you must vibrate that you already have it.  You have been trained by others to only focus on “real life” and “what is.”  But that is, no offense, the stupidest thing you could ever do!  No wonder every day looks like the last one. You choose to offer your vibration (remember, vibration = feeling = point of attraction) based on what you currently see.  But guess what?  That “what is” image you’re seeing is all because of what you were vibrating in the past.  Each new moment is a new opportunity to vibrate something different.  And soon enough, the Universe will show you those images in your reality.  So how do you ignore “what is” when it’s right there demanding your attention?  First of all, you have to realize that what you currently are experiencing is because of your past thoughts.  It is simply the Universe showing you what you’ve created and asking, “Do you like what you see, or do you want to generate a different image?”  Hopefully, there are indeed things you like about your current reality. For example, I love my family, friends, and the house I live in.  I love that I have the money to live comfortably and at ease.  I love my body, my pets, my iPod.  I love the movie I just saw, the peanut butter crackers I just ate, and the wonderful painting session I had last night.  If you understand what I have been saying, you’ll understand that appreciating what you already have will tell the Universe to find and bring you more to appreciate.  So the same works for what you don’t like about your reality.  The more you find to dislike, the more to dislike there will be!

Thinking about what you want is easy and you’ve done it all your life.  So why don’t you already have everything that you want?  Chances are, you thought about what you wanted, but didn’t really believe that those things were possible for you to have.  Therefore, you thought about what you wanted from a place of resistance.  For example, let’s say that you thought about how fun it would be to have a new shiny blue bike.  Already, it was created in your vibrational reality, or vortex.  Your vortex contains everything life has caused you to want, and gives you those things when you become a vibrational match to them.  So, this nice new blue bike is there and ready to enter your experience in full manifested form.  But, you thought things like, “It’s too expensive” or “I have never even seen anyone with a bike like this.”  So, your bike remained in your vortex instead of being fully tangible to you.

Again, reality is a mirror.  It shows you who you are.  Do not base who you are off of what you see in that mirror, or you’ll never become who you really are! “Who you really are” is the you that has everything that the contrast of life has caused you to want.  This who-you-really-are you is communicating to your physical self 24/7, letting you know where you are in relation to who-you-really-are, or your Higher Self.  Negative emotion means that you’re not in alignment with your Higher Self.  Positive emotion means that you are in alignment with your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self has everything you want all put together in your vortex and wants to give it to you.  But you have got to stop looking in the mirror that is your reality and expect your reflection to smile when you’re not. You know better than to stare at a mirror and expect it to change on its own. This simple explanation from Bashar is what finally got me to really understand how reality works.  You will not be able to see your reflection smile if you’re not! So smile first!  Be happy!  Be grateful!  Feel like you have what you want first, so reality can show it to you!  Vibrate like you have it.  And you will have it. Perhaps not right away.  We are perfect, we are God, but we are also human. Life is so eager to show us, unbiased of what’s good or bad, what we can have.  So, sometimes things enter our mind that we do not want to manifest.  This morning, I thought about how awful it would be if the bug in my room decided to crawl on me.  If there were no time gap, the bug would’ve immediately done just that.  What a crazy world it would be if everything was manifested instantly. Instead of getting things on the spot, we are given time to reassess and confirm our vibration.  It’s for our own safety.  The Universe wants us to be absolutely sure about what we want.  I sure knew I didn’t want the bug on me, so I let the thought slip away before I could focus on it for too long, and therefore produce a matching vibration to that experience.  

The bottom line is, everything you want you must become a vibrational match to.  You have to be a vibrational match to its presence just slightly more than being a vibrational match to its absence.   Tip the scale!  Then it will manifest.

Step 1: Ask.  (Already done).

Step 2: The Universe assembles your desire together.  (Not your job).

Step 3: Find vibrational alignment with your creation.  (Your part).  You have to tune yourself to your preferred reality.  Here are a few ways to do this:

  1. What do kids instinctively know to do?  Play!  Imagine!  It’s easy and fun for them, and can be for you too.  Imagine your preferred reality.  Tune yourself to it.  Manifestation must follow, just as long as it feels real to you.  You can do this while going about your day.  If it is a new car you want, you can drive your current car while pretending it is your dream car.
  2. You can also just sit and visualize your desires.  Dream up scenarios of you experiencing your desire.  In those scenes, try to not imagine yourself like a movie but instead imagine seeing everything through your own eyes.  Use all of your senses.  Visualize it in the present or even the past, but not the future.  Why?  You’ll probably feel like it is not here yet, so the Universe will reflect back to you that it is not here yet.  Jump the system.  See it, feel it, be it, now.  
  3. Appreciate what you already do have.  Like I said before, the more you appreciate,the more the Universe will bring you to appreciate.  Make gratitude lists, say thank you often.  At the end of the day, reflect upon the blessings the day brought you.  

Sometimes, it can be really hard to think about what you want without noticing its absence, or feeling resistant.  But that’s okay, because thinking about what you want is not the only way to bring it to you.  Your Higher Self already knows what you want, after all.  So you can go general.  You want what you want because of the feeling you think having it will give you.  And all you want is to feel good.  So feel good!  Contemplate things that make you happy.  Butterflies, sunsets, the really good sandwich you ate for lunch.  Listen to good feeling music.  Make gratitude lists.  Do things that make you happy.   I dance and paint to get myself happy.

There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have.  You didn’t come into this world for the whole “life sucks and then you die” theme society may have going on.  You came into this world knowing that yes, there would be contrast.  You knew that as you’d sift through life, you’d come to have personal preferences and desires. And you knew that coming into alignment with those desires would feel so delicious and be rewarding.  And after manifesting those desires, you’d experience more contrast to hatch new desires from.  You’ll never be done. That’s what the purpose of life is.  Expansion.  

I am still learning.  For months, I have spent quite the percentage of my free time listening to or reading LoA materials, and have picked up so much information that I finally realized I needed to put this together for myself.  (But I am sharing it with the internet as well just in case it helps anyone besides me out).  Am I a master at manifesting?  Yes!  Am I a master at deliberately manifesting?  I’m getting there.  You know, I’m really a fan of my astrology placements, because having a Capricorn sun with a Pisces moon means that I’m a dreamer who never gives up.  :)  *throws confetti into the air and rides off on a broom into the sunset*

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Sorry this was so long!! I am so so impressed with your work and I saw you were really nice when answering to people so I just had to! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!!

Hi Love! Sorry for making you wait ten days for this reply. I have no straight answer for your question, but I will do my best to explain my situation. Unlike you, I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a concept artist. When I was a kid I didn’t even know this sort of job existed, you know? I went to a school that didn’t even have a proper art class, pretty much all I was good for was decorating bulletin boards and heading the props team and placing in the odd art competition. 

I feel like I wasted most of my teen years trying to perfect my “personal” manga style. Not anime style, manga style. That’s where it all started. I started working for a local publisher when I was 16 and I actually worked on pages while in class with the teacher droning on in the background, I was so bored. Needless to say the pay was shit but I didn’t care, I was one step closer to becoming a world-famous manga-ka, ha! In case you’re curious:

At one point I even teamed up with a friend to create a serial webcomic, with OCs that I loved dearly. Ah, this stuff is so old I feel like I’m not even really within range to feel the embarrassment anymore…

Soul Dice, co-written with Tako (pre-slash, totally safe, got discontinued before it had the chance to become anything else)

Tokimeki Encore, discontinued original written by E

Okay… So after high school I went to another country to study animation. For some reason anime / manga-style was sort of looked down upon at my school. Whatever, while I was there I was exposed to a plethora of other styles. Most of them I rejected at first, but now I can now honestly say that I’m able to appreciate almost any art style whether it’s traditional or commercial, from manga to Picasso to Gobelins animation and so on and so forth. 

Here are some of the stuff I did during my college years:

So, college really opened my eyes, like there are so many different angles to every single piece of thing ever and I did a lot of growing up with regards to that and it all happened cos I chose to go to school instead of straight to work as a full-time manga artist like I wanted, I was so impatient.

Technical skills on the other hand, I think I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I’d skipped college and gone straight to a concept art training center instead. The specialized training course I applied to lasted for three months, and the lessons were condensed and to the point, covering almost every aspect of 2D game design. Our weekly assignments also formed a nice portfolio and with each piece more or less having been quality-controlled by the teacher who is an industry professional I was easily able to find a job at a small outsource studio.

Here are some of the more decent pieces I did while there. My coloring was even weaker back then so most of these are linework. They are a few years old but it might give you an idea about some of the stuff I do for work. (It’s not the same as the stuff I post on Tumblr…)

  • Anatomy 01 
  • Creature 01
  • Lineart to Values (World of Warcraft; angel) 01 
  • Chara design entry-level 01 | 02 | 03 
  • Chara design high-level 01
  • Character action pose (Tera; dark elf) 01 
  • Map 01

There are also some stuff I made for games that have already been released at my current dA account

At this point I don’t want to become a world-famous anything anymore. I mean let’s be real, that’s pretty much impossible. (I’d rather be a rich ghost drawer working for game development companies in exchange for silver and gold.) Anyway, ha, I sort of forgot where I was going with this… Just. Listen, listen to grandma, and try to imagine… I got my first tablet when I was 13. It was an Intuos 2 and 12" x 12" cos the salesperson said the bigger, the better. 

So back then, even crudely-made photomanipulations garnered oohs and aahs. Nobody knew how they were made, much less actual digital paintings. But eventually more and more people started doing digital art, and at some point I started wanting to do stuff beyond just manga lineart and cell-shading. I wanted to be able to do semi-realistic and atmospheric color illustrations, but I realized I’d reached a road block and couldn’t improve further – not without the honest-to-god basics that I skipped over cos I was going to draw manga, I don’t need to know that stuff! – so then I had to circle back and relearn all that shit. 

Anatomy (I mean real anatomy, muscles, bones and all). Perspective. Hue / saturation / lightness. Composition, mood lighting, the list is never-ending and even now I’m still learning by increments. But honestly all the backtracking and unlearning wrong drawing habits cost me years, also back then the style was completely new to me, it was a bit discouraging cos after all the hard work I dedicated to developing my manga-style it felt like I was starting from scratch. Those were rough times, but ultimately it put me on the right track to get to where I am now. You see it wasn’t a straight line, but here I am anyway.

So yeah. Don’t be afraid, don’t… don’t think about all of it too closely, just take it one step at a time. You’re still so young and there’s so much quality learning material available on the internet now and just as many masterful artists to look up to. And I don’t just mean on Tumblr or dA – I mean ArtStation. In my country the people they hire get younger and more talented each year it’s kind of scary to think about for us older guys with only slightly above average skill, but it makes sense since you guys have been surrounded by rockstar-quality work for most of your lives. You see, this is a good thing. If you persevere I have every reason to believe that you will be much better than I am now when you reach my age. 

Also please remember that internet fame isn’t proportional to talent and skill. I mean… ofc, ofc it means so very much to me that people like and reblog the fanart I post here, but it’s different, it’s for the fandom. But by industry standards, I’m nothing special. Like, at all. I realize I sound pretty cynical but really I’m not, these are all just facts. This is also why I draw a clear line between professional work (where my fate is in the hands of clients) and fandom (where I feel safe), and why I do not take fandom commissions.

So, in conclusion. Tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials for you. Internalize that shit. You have to be open and observe and analyze and just… sift through existing concept art and slowly learn how to tell what designs work depending on the look and feel of the project and why. Try to decipher and understand the inspirations behind each successful design, keep doing this until you have built a reservoir inside your brain that you can draw from, until good design becomes second nature. 

Don’t rely too heavily on brushes in the beginning. Once in a while you might be able create something amazing completely owing to the effect of a certain brush, but what about the rest of the time? You don’t want to be a one-trick pony, also why would you want to limit yourself? A textured brush is still just a tool, it’s like a magic wand, you can’t wield it properly without mastering the incantation first. Once you have most of the basics down and your style stabilizes, the use of special brushes will come naturally. They’ll offer you the final push that gets you there. But first you have to know your stuff, this is the most important thing. 

Anyway I hope my babbling has helped you in some way or other, like I really hope so seeing as it took me all morning to type this, oh my god. (Not your fault, I’m just so bad with words likeugh.) And thank you so much for liking my art here! Just be patient and train and your time will come, bb, it will. *huggles* <333

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I'm confused by Luke hate. Is this related to the EU somehow?

Nope. Luke has always gotten the short end of the stick in regards to receiving respect in this fandom. People think he’s whiny, or a “pussy,” or they push him to the side entirely in order to prop Han up on a pedestal as the “real hero” of the series. (And, more recently, you also have Leia fangirls who shit on Luke in order to make the female Skywalker twin seem more “badass.”) I’ve even seen some of this hate translate over to the actors, with people saying Mark Hamill did a terrible job in the OT while Harrison Ford was a true master of the craft. So unnecessary. 

A lot of the time, when someone says they don’t want Rey to be a Skywalker because they’re sick of the Skywalkers, what they really mean is, “I don’t like Luke and I don’t want him to play a significant role in this trilogy.” They seem to want Luke to just kind of sit on the sidelines, train Rey a bit, and then die. That’s it. They hold no regard for Luke’s important role as the protagonist of the old trilogy, and they just don’t care to see him do anything else even though they cried for ages about Han dying and want to see Leia do more things than she did in TFA. It’s so tiring.

And then, when you don’t have people who hate Luke, you have the ones who misunderstand his character entirely by theorizing he’ll somehow be evil in this trilogy. Not even for any particular reason, either; they just want to reduce Luke to a “plot twist” by revealing that he’s Snoke or he killed Rey’s parents or he murdered his own Jedi students while Ben tried to stop him. This is also tiring, and it’s actually lowkey disappointing in times when I want to read legit Luke metas and theories and instead am met with a bunch of “But WHAT IF LUKE ACTUALLY (Insert Shitty Deed Luke Skywalker Would Never Do)???” posts.

Luckily, the more I’ve stepped back and observed from a distance, the more I realize Luke isn’t treated this way by everybody. I mean, the majority of people outside of the Internet think Rey is a Skywalker with no issue. Luke did win the March Madness Fan Favorite vote. Hell, Kathleen Kennedy herself has expressed herself as a Luke fangirl, and JJ Abrams said that Luke’s absence in TFA was due to a fear that the Jedi Master would overshadow all the new characters in his awesomeness. While I do get annoyed by the ones who actively shit on Luke and the idea of him doing anything great in this trilogy, I’m not worried for how this affects his actual role, as there will always be more people who are genuinely interested in what Luke is going to show us from here on out. In the end, those are the fans Lucasfilm is setting out to please. 

What they didn't tell me

There is a story I want to tell you about my day today, but I have to take the scenic route to get there. Bear with me.

For a long time, I believed that I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, ever since a life-threatening bout of mononucleosis in high school. Increasingly over the years I would feel my motivation and energy collapse, completely bottoming out on me, and these periods would last for longer and longer periods of time. In college I chalked it up to stress. After college, owning a business, I figured that it was the strain of so much responsibility, and the long hours and worry that came along with trying to make things work as the market collapsed. Later, feeling increasingly isolated in my 18th floor apartment in Boston, I would start to explore the possibility of S.A.D., but the citalopram that my doctor prescribed to combat it did nothing for me. I thought maybe it was the result of my life stagnating, feeling trapped in a tiny box in a city I had outgrown. Nothing else in my life was worthy of complaint, but my unhappiness with my circumstances spilled over into my housekeeping. (By now this is sounding familiar, and I’m sure you know what’s coming, but at the time I had no idea what I was dealing with.)

I moved to the Pacific Northwest after months of searching the internet, researching places to live that met my criteria, looking at houses…and I moved into my dream home. That is not hyperbole or exaggeration – I am literally living in the house of my dreams.

You would think that depression would respect that kind of thing. It doesn’t. I remember thinking, ‘finally, I’m living in a house with storage, with almost TOO many closets, with built-in shelves, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, private washer and dryer (finally!), with a big garage and a yard and more cabinets than I know what to do with. It has everything I ever wanted. I am in love with my home, and it will be spotless. There will never again be any reason for cleanliness to be difficult.’

I spent six months this year sliding into that same pit, and it was worse than it has ever been. There were days that getting myself into the shower felt like a monumental task, and there were days when the impossibility of doing that won. Days in a row, even. And you’d think that I would’ve realized that that’s a symptom of depression, but I just…didn’t. My life is good. There was never any significant emotional component to my slumps. I don’t have social anxiety. I don’t have self-loathing thoughts, except the shame or disappointment that anyone would feel upon finding themselves unable to stay on top of basic things – the feelings that come along with wondering why you can’t push through. I have this wonderful life, I’m doing what I love to do professionally, what I’m privileged to do, and all of these doors are open to me – but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter at all. I wasn’t sad or lonely or angry or unable to feel positive things, so it couldn’t be depression. I had already tried citalopram for sleep-related reasons and it had done nothing for me, so it couldn’t be depression. That’s what I told myself. Nobody had ever told me that depression could look like that. That’s the first thing that took me by surprise.

I have a new doctor here who knew enough to coax me into trying again, for which I am deeply grateful. He suggested I try wellbutrin, and the difference was almost instantaneous. For a month and a half I have felt more like myself than I can remember feeling in years…like somebody flipped on a light switch.

When you’re in it, it’s very hard to see how bad things have gotten. You know in a vague way that things are bad and that awareness crushes your chest, but you’re trying to cope, and so you do the only thing you can do – you try to defend yourself, your heart and your dignity, by not seeing all of the mess. Or, well…I did, anyway. I didn’t have invisible corners, I had an invisible house. I had an invisible life.

For the last month, I have been excavating my existence. Contacting people about lapsed things that needed my attention. Mundane cleaning, too. UFYH has made that something manageable, and I’m not just talking about the official posts. The people who post before-and-afters, people I don’t know and have never met, always give me so much drive. They enforce my self-discipline. If they can do it, I say to myself, then so can I. The bigger someone’s mess, the more inspiring it is to me. I understand better now than I ever have in my life what it means to start from that place. It’s heartbreaking, and I don’t have the words to describe the courage that I see in that act.

That became so very meaningful to me today, and this is the story I really wanted to tell.

When I moved here, to my dream  home, my furniture had not arrived yet. My mother and I drove my cats all the way from Boston to my new home in Washington state because they have heart problems and can’t fly, and we arrived ahead of the moving truck. We drove into the cute little downtown here, and we bought a sofa. It was the first piece of furniture in my new home, and it was gorgeous. It was upholstered in this fabric, with a much softer, more subtle blue: 

I built my entire living room around that sofa. I ordered side tables and a coffee table that would make the print really stand out. It was a showpiece, and also the first investment of my new life here.

My cats ruined it. Maybe they were angry because I was so unresponsive for so long..I don’t know. I know that one of them decided that it was a toilet, and for a long time I tried very hard to avoid finding out how bad it really was. I did not lift the cushions to see. I did not want to know, but I knew that it was ruined without looking.

I dragged it out to the garage today, to dispose of. It is, indeed, ruined. And when I came back inside and looked at my empty living room, I broke down sobbing, much to my own surprise. I had known that the sofa would have to go, so the sudden emotion made no sense to me. In that moment, though, I was awake. Coming out of that place where my life had turned into a featureless grey wash, I was awake and alive to the fact of my own mess for the first time in a very long time, and that’s another thing that they don’t tell you about depression: as you get back onto your feet and begin to mend your home and your life, you can’t escape seeing the way you treated yourself and your…your everything, even the things that you love. You have to see it. You have to confront it and deal with it, and it was so unexpectedly painful. I dragged that sofa out to the garage and came back to my empty living room and felt devastated, as though that one piece of furniture represented all of the good things I had ruined when I was depressed. It had turned into this symbol of hope after my move, and I had destroyed it, and now it’s gone.

My mother is an amazing, wonderful woman, and listened to me cry over the phone. She reminded me that the sofa is just a sofa, and the important thing is that I’m feeling good again (which I am, this uncomfortable day aside). That I even have the energy and drive to drag the sofa out of my house in the first place. I half-believed her, but I still felt so ashamed of myself. How could I? How could I be so blessed, with such a life, and treat it with such disrespect?

I told my mother that I was making progress. UFYH’s methods, of doing something each day and embracing the knowledge that everything I do matters, even if I do it slowly…it makes a difference. I told her about it, and it wasn’t until I was telling her that something clicked for me. 

I never look at those before and after pictures and think, 'how shameful.’ I never look at them and think that the people who sent them in are bad people, or lazy, or disrespectful. I don’t look at those and think that there must be something wrong with them. I look at them and I see bravery. I see fighting spirit.

I was thinking all of those unkind things about myself, and – this is going to sound so trite and mushy, I’m sorry – it was only through recognizing the grace of determination in other people that I realized I wasn’t giving myself the same kind of compassion and support. I wasn’t cheerleading myself the way I cheer for the people who submit to ufyh.

Because of that realization, because I had experienced feeling pride on behalf of other people fighting a fight that I admired but couldn’t fully understand until this year…I think I can forgive myself. I’m going to try. It’s hard, because I feel so responsible; even now, knowing that depression is a powerful thing, it’s hard for me to push accountability off onto it.

I feel better, though. In every way. If you’re out there and you’re going through this, I hope you can forgive yourself, too, and love your progress, your effort, the way you love everyone else’s.

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Hello there! I am also studying CS and I was wondering how do you study? I understand what programs are trying to do most of the time but actually having to write them is really hard for me and I need to look on the Internet for other examples in order to know how to write something. I just feel so inadequate. I haven't even mastered a language yet.. But I was thinking of doing Python over break.

Hey, don’t get down about it! Writing programs is hard. Learning programming for the first time is kinda like learning a foreign language for the first time; people aren’t going to be fluent in their second language immediately, and the same goes for coding. The fact you understand programs most the time is great (and if you’ve ever learnt a language, don’t you notice how it’s much easier to get what other people are saying before you know enough to talk back to them?)

Python was my first language! I learnt to code (and still am learning to code) with good ol’ practice, practice, practice.


  • Using Python - an easy to follow guide + challenges!
  • Learn Python The Hard Way - free online book
  • Codecademy - highly recommended!! Just follow the Python track.
  • PythonBooks - (there’s a lot here. It’s not mandatory to read all of them, or even any of them, but they might be useful for later.) 


  • CheckIO - a game where you solve problems in Python!
  • Pyschools - a website with practices sorted by topic, plus weekly challenges.
  • Python Exercises - some Python exercises to practice coding.

I didn’t make study notes while learning to code and found that repetition worked for me. You might want to make a “cheat sheet” if you forget syntax easily (which is fair enough…there’s still a lot of syntax I forget). Other helpful people have already made cheat sheets, e.g. here and here.

As well as practicing with exercises/games in the links above, feel free to just make your own stuff! Make anything. Even if it’s a bit silly. 

  • A program that asks your name, and tells you “You’re awesome!” if and only if the name entered is your name.
  • A currency converter. Change pounds to euros or whatever.
  • A program that asks you your birthday and works out your age in days.
  • A “Head or Tail?” simulator that asks for you to put in a number of times to flip a coin, and then tells you how many heads and tails you got each.

And now I bid you: go forth and make plentiful code! (And ask any more questions if you need to!)

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How old are you? Just for calculating how much time i have till i need to become this amazing

I’m 24 and as soon as you master the art of convincing a bunch of people on the internet that you’re 1000% cooler than you actually are you’ve nailed it

So, it’s late, but this is what I wore to classes today…

Partially because of vermontparnasse who said recently that I need to post more of my outfits and partially for my own reasons I decided I need to get back into dressing up for school and posting outfit shots every now and again.

Don’t worry, it’s not gunna over take the fandom nonsense by any means, but I used to do this all the time (check my outfit tag) and it’s kind of a way for me to leap some self-confidence issues… 

All through middle school and some into high school I was bullied pretty bad. It was brutal in middle school. 6th and 7th I wore the same comfortable clothes over and over then 8th grade when my “to hell with it” gear started kicking in I started dressing up like business casual every day with crazy earrings. 

It took me a long time to become really comfortable with putting together outfits that I felt expressed me, really me. But eventually, clothing became kind of an armor… and after a while I developed the attitude to go with it.

 Through high school doing my hair up really intricately was kind of a signature of my style. College I had “dress up” Tuesdays and “rock n’ roll” Fridays. My style changes to whatever I feel like any particular day. I’ve been struggling with some self-image issues lately, which has been tough because I know in a lot of ways I’ve got it easier than a lot of people, but that doesn’t erase my own issues… so anyway, I’ve decided to roll out my style armor again. 

I’ve only got 3 more months of school to finish my masters. I’m gunna use them to remind myself that I am who I am and am damn proud of it… not just on the internet.

Btw… if you’re totally uninterested in future posts like this, block the tag “outfit."