i am a married woman now lol


Seunghwa (Husband 💍) announces he will be dad (feat Jay Park 😈) :

Jay - Today Gray and I have something to tell you… It’s something that… I mean it’s really important , you know Seunghwa is my friend, my brother and my family !

Seunghwa - Tell them !

Jay - We are getting married, lmao !

Seunghwa - WHAT 😲😲, obviously not !

Jay - I was joking idiot ! (Start laughing 😂)

Seunghwa - It’s been now 2 years and 3 month that (y/n) and i , are married. And really i apologise for all the fear, the sadness that I make her undergo. I would say thank you for being my muse. And you know guys … My wife isn’t just a great woman , she will be a great mom , i guess, lol !

Jay - Stop saying stuff like that… she will beat your ass !

Seunghwa - Okay… Bae ❤ i was kidding, y'all , i am going to be dad 👪 . She is not with us today because she has to rest, of course ! (Smile like a proud man ☺) Everybody start applaud , some were crying lmao.

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I’ve been watching a lot of survival/camping/bushcraft stuff on youtube lately, and out of morbid curiosity I decided to check the comments on a woman’s video. 

“Wow after all this time i have finally found her, The girl of my dreams, Only problem is i am to old for her now at me being 56, Thats just my luck,,lol   Well at least now i can stop dreaming, or can i?  All jokes a side, nice very nice to see a young woman that can fend for her self, Bravo, Yes two thumbs up for Lilly“

“I think I found the woman I want to marry! lol.“

“If only there were more women like you in the world….“

Then I went to look at more of her videos, some just have comments disabled in general. The first thing on her youtube page is a big disclaimer about how her email is for business only and personal messages will be deleted, I can only imagine what kind of stuff she gets there. More choice comments:

A bottle of BEER?!?!?! Theres no girls like you out there, Lilly!“

“I think I got the hots for Lily. D:“

“Wait wait… there is something not right here. I’m sitting here watching a woman camp in the wild solo, eaten soup an drinking beer AND she’s hot.. When did these genes develop in the female species and why isn’t there more of them?“

All of these comments have a ton of upvotes too. Tomorrow I’m going solo camping for the first time in like 9 years (when I was hit on by a group of guys while I just walking to the bathroom) and I’m more nervous about men than bears. I want to do more hiking and camping, eventually backpacking on the APT, but this is something I really feel. 

(I did check a bunch of comments on videos by men and they’re overwhelmingly just about gear, food, liking the dog, places to travel, etc. Or if there’s a woman in the video… then suddenly it’s about her and not the camping.)

My incredible friend and teacher @anahumairah is getting married today. Now it breaks my heart that I can’t be there with you today even though you made me your bridesmaid :’) we met two years ago I believe and you’ve done nothing but good for me. We have our differences, you wear niqab while I don’t obviously, you are a student of the deen while I study art and fashion, you’re petite while I’m like triple your size, but the best one is that you have the biggest heart and the most pure smile. You’ve never made me feel less or not good enough. You’ve never hurt me or made me doubt myself. From the start you were always there for me. We’ve opened up to each other, cried together, laughed together, and I loved every moment of it. I love you for the sake of Allah swt and I find it crazy although I’ve never met you in person I trust you so much. I love waking up at 6 am every Friday and Saturday so you could give me a Quran class haha 6 hour time difference sucks. I’ve learned a lot from you and I adore your cute British accent lol. Thank you for always believing in me when I never asked you to. ❤️ Congrats, and Mabrook Habibti. You’re now a married woman 🎉

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Ardeth waited outside a clothing shop for Kettu, idly watching the market crowd. Before he realized what was happening, a pretty young Egyptian dancer in a rather revealing costume approached him.

“Well, well… A big strong warrior,” she purred, coming right up to him and laying her hand on his chest.

“Thank you, but… I am married,” he said, gently removing her hand from his chest.

“Come now… A man like you should never have to limit himself to only one woman…” she said, practically trying to wrap her leg around him as she got very close to his side.

“Please stop,” Ardeth said firmly, placing his hand on her shoulder and giving it enough of a push for her to hopefully get the message. She… did not.

Grinning in delight, the woman came around in front of him. “If you truly are married, then where is your wife? She is cruel to leave you all alone and wanting…”


Asked by a fan Anonyme:

“I’ve always been a fan of Punk, it has always been my first superstars prefer after there other superstars that I love. 

There are days I learned the news that “Punk took at the age of 35 years retired” I was disappointed but happy times for him because now he can get some rest and take care of his health but happy for him because will marry a beautiful woman who is my idol AJ Lee, but also because I know that it is his decision and see even one day he will return to WWE or even be the next Hall Of Famer in a few years. 

 But here I am happy because it is also and especially with his future wife, I wish him all good and a bright future with maybe tiny Punk or AJ that run in their big house in Chicago lol, but also very disappointed that there are nothing told his fans he left WWE, but that there will always be for me the “Best in The World”.

Ps: I’m sorry mistakes English spellings and quality photos assembly.

I miss him.