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When Characters Question The Narrative

Something that is often criticized in this fandom is reading deeper into the story than some fans believe necessary. While this is a little hypocritical - no one ever seems to mind fans reading deeper when it’s in favor of their own opinions or headcanons  - Vampire Knight is actually a series that encourages questioning the narrative at specific points, and in fact utilizes characters as a plot device in order to do so. I thought I would write up a quick post detailing the times this has happened to kind of help illustrate why it’s not that farfetched to believe Ai is currently being utilized in the same way.

Examples of characters questioning the narrative that this post will explore:

→ Yuuki’s Mysterious Past
→ Kaname’s Mysterious Past
→ What Zero Meant To Yuuki
→ Yuuki’s Feelings for Kaname
→ Kaname’s Secrets
→ Zero’s Journey To Find Out If Their Feelings Were Manipulated
→ Yuuki & Blood Satisfaction
→ Ai’s Journey & The Box

This post will explore what we thought we knew based off what we were told, what character questioned the narrative and their reasoning, and finally what answer they came to in the end (if any). 

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