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the Black Lion ~ Guardian Spirit of the Sky

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i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,

I said “Can you give it back to me?”
She said “Never in your wildest dreams.”

Lucy & Loke from We Are Young: Track 19
…because no i’m not crying you’re crying

Bakugo's Pet

Okay, but I keep fucking imagining a no powers AU where they all go to the same college, right? And Bakugo’s roommate transferred super fast, so he has the room to himself. And I just keep fucking picturing him asking if they can bring pets on campus and when they tell him yes and ask what his pet is he says he has a cat. And then I just fucking want him to just have a lion chilling on his former roommate’s bed because of fucking course his pet cat is a pet lion that he fucking found on the street because some smuggler was dumb and he couldn’t very well ship it off to Africa because that costs a damn fortune and who the fuck would’ve guessed a stray kitten was a fucking lion? Not him, that’s for sure. It looked perfectly fucking harmless when it followed him home, and of course it followed him home because he definitely didn’t coax it to him and coo at it until it liked him. No sirree. And technically cats are a descendant of lions and tigers and panthers and stuff so why can’t he keep it as a pet? And he tried shipping it back to Africa before after having it for a few years and nursing it back to health because he’s not fucking heartless and he knows that his house wasn’t the natural habitat for a lion, but the fucking beast refused to get on the damn plane and no tranquilizer would stop it from getting back to Bakugo, a fact he learned when he ended up with the full weight of a nearly fully grown lion on top of him on the airport walkway, the poor beast completely out. And he had taken proper care of it, so he was allowed to keep it. And I just want Kirishima to go to his room one day to try and invite him out to hang with everyone else and the rest of the gang is waiting just down the hall, no one wanting to be too close if Bakugo gets fired up and angry at being disturbed. And the door fucking opens and Bakugo comes out with what looks to be blood smeared on his face and his hand is red and his shirt is a mess and Kirishima is just staring and he just sort of stumbles over asking if Bakugo wants to join and Bakugo just grunts and there’s a small bang and the sound of something crashing and breaking and everyone is fucking terrified when Bakugo looks back into his room with a pissed expression, blood covered hand curling into a fist and just says that he’s fucking busy and stomps back into the room, slamming the door behind him and everyone just looks at each other wondering if Bakugo actually murdered someone this time. He didn’t. He was just trying to get slabs of meat strapped to little electric remote controlled cars so that his lion can get some exercise and “hunt” outside, but the fucking thing keeps trying to get at the finished ones on top of the high shelf Bakugo specifically put up for this very thing and knocked over the lamp.


So far we have…

Qui-Gon Jinn, the majestically posed Barbary Lion

Anakin Skywalker, the ugly duckling black Swan

Ahsoka Tano, the mischievous Squirrel Monkey

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the sassy Ginger Tabby

and Yoda, the ancient Galapagos Tortoise

With thanks to @iliveonmylaptop and @zannatinuviel for their ideas on Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon and Yoda respectively!

I just discovered it is #klangstweek2017.

I have a lot of ongoing projects on the plate, so I won’t be able to participate, which is just as well, as I don’t angst well anyway. 

However, I had this in my WIPs, both the art and the oneshot and decided to finish them. 

So here is a sorta angsty but mostly fluffy, short, back on earth, after years of battle, proposal fic below the cut. 

Rated G. 

Title: What now?

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We Make the Kingdom - Pt. 9 (M)

Image by silverdagger865

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut this chapter!
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same magic flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
Previous parts1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7 ,  8, 9 (M), 1011, 12, 13

The room stills. Although the words themselves are ambiguous, Yongguk’s tone is not. You must have heard wrong. Yongguk cannot be regretting finally including you in the hunt.

           You set your mug on the floor and unfold your legs. He will get a chance to explain himself. Icily, you say, “I beg your pardon. What did you say?”

           “I was wrong,” Yongguk repeats.

           “Regarding what exactly?”

           “I was wrong to allow you on the hunt tonight.” Yongguk’s face is closed, his voice subdued. He straightens his shoulders, wincing at the pull on his chest. “We cannot afford to leave one of us behind with you anymore given the increase in vampires, but you will not hunt. You will stand watch with the horses.”

           You cannot believe what you are hearing. He cannot be dismissing all you’ve worked for these long months. Not when this has been what kept you alive.


           “You are not ready. You were careless. How could you drop your sword and lose your stakes? That almost got you killed but what if next time one of the others gets hurt because of your mistake? Because their worry for your safety distracts them in a critical moment? It is better we know you are out of harm’s reach.”

           “Yongguk, that is not fair-” Junhong starts to protest, but Youngjae puts a hand on his chest to stop him as if keeping him from stepping between two giants.

           You are minutely grateful. You can fight your own battles.

           Focusing on Yongguk, you instill your voice with a deliberate calm. Giving into the indignation you feel brewing in your chest would be unwise. “Firstly, I have been in harm’s reach since vampires reappeared. There is no way to turn back to time I was not. Secondly, do you forget I too am a lion? My teeth and claws are my sword. I am not some helpless kitten.”

           “And I am not calling you one. But-”

           “Do not dare to patronize me,” you growl.

           “But you are inexperienced.”

           “How am I to gain experience unless I fight? I cannot practice forever.”

           “Not forever, just awhile longer.”

           “How much longer?” You stand before you explode. “Until the vampires are all vanquished and you all ride back through the gate in triumph? You need me. This time it was thirteen vampires. Next time it could be more. I-”


           “No. You do not get to interrupt me. You, Bang Yongguk, are an enormous hypocrite. All you speak of is equality and allowing all voices to speak, but when it comes to mine? I am to be silenced because you know better. Is this all because I am a woman? Or because you think you are my on-high superior?”

           Yongguk stands but stays on the other side of the room. You can feel him retreating behind his walls. Not in defeat, but preparation for a siege. “It is not.”

           “I proved myself tonight, did I not? I killed a newborn, not some half-starved vagrant. I would have killed the second without your help if you had given me a chance.”

           “A chance to get yourself killed?”

           “Of all the- You-” You bite your tongue before you spit out words tainted with the bitter anger that will burn slow healing wounds.

           Throwing up your hands, you stalk out of the room. The other men, who had retreated towards the door at some point, scatter in front of you. It gives you a perverse pleasure. At least they recognize you are dangerous in your own right. The sling for your arm flutters to the floor of the great hall as you strip it off.

           There is no proper place to storm alone here. You must to leave.

           Rose whickers in greeting when you enter the stable. Despite only returning a few hours ago, he stamps his feet eagerly when you lead him out of his stall and put the saddle on. The girth and other trappings of the saddle are infuriatingly complicated for your shaking hands.

           You want to just dump it on the floor, but you make yourself place it back on its rack. Jongup would feel obligated to pick it up and clean it and your quarrel is not with him.

           You slip on Rose’s bridle and leap on. Your body’s complaints are lost to the ringing in your ears. The drum of his hooves drowns even that out as you thunder past confining walls and into open air and field.

           A creature of habit, Rose curves his path to follow the mountains. You let him lead and lose yourself in the springing strength of his muscles beneath you. Imagining it is your four legs devouring the distance, flying over the waving grass. There is only earth and sky and your lungs pulling clean air into your body.

           Time passes unmarked until you feel Rose’s pace falter and his sides contracting harshly. Feeling guilty for pushing him so hard, you pull him back into a canter, then a trot.

           The landscape around you is vaguely familiar. It takes you a few minutes to realize it was the way you went with Yongguk to your village. An unhappy accident. No matter though. You can easily change directions.

           A deep inhale brings the scent of fresh water. Reason overrules wanting to ride on. You and Rose could do with a drink, so you turn him towards it. His head hangs low as he slows to a grateful walk. A few paces around the foot of a hill, a shallow stream flows out from the forest.

           “Such a good boy,” you murmur, patting Rose’s neck as he shoves his nose into the water. “I’m sorry, love. You’ve worked hard.”

           You slide off, almost slipping because of the sweat slicking his side. Squatting down beside him, you cup your hands to lift water to your lips, your cheeks, your neck. Cold carried from the depths of the mountains trickles down your heated skin. Your own anger has cooled a little. Not much, but some.

           As with training, you will not be told no. You do not doubt the others will side with you again. If Yongguk persists in his pigheadedness, you will just follow them on their hunts. He will have to toss you into a tower and brick the entrance to stop you. Even that may just slow you down.

           Irritation at having to stand up for yourself yet again bubbles in your chest. Clearly, you need to ride some more so your argument does not devolve into a shouting match when you face Yongguk again. You only have so much tolerance for stupidity and he spent so much you must build it up again.

           You climb onto Rose’s back and guide him back into the flat plains at an easy walk. “Come on, Rose. We’ll go a little further. I’ll give you a good rub-down when we get back, I promise.”

           You smell him before you hear or see him. Cursing under your breath, you wonder how Yongguk found you. And why he bothered.

           Noir blocks Rose’s way before you can bolt away. You glare at his master. Blood paints tiny blossoms on the bandage around Yongguk’s chest where it shows beneath his shirt. You look away before you give in to your concern.

           “Get out of my way.”

           “Where are you going?”

           “Home,” you reply impulsively.

           “Your home is the keep. Come back with me.” Yongguk reaches for your reins but you jerk them out of reach.

           “Not until you admit you were mistaken to forbid me from hunting.”

           He sighs through his nose. “You may not have noticed, but it is going to rain soon.” A glance upward does show clouds turning stormy purple swiftly rolling in. “Come back before we both become drenched.”

           “The forest will suit me well enough.” Defiantly, you nudge Rose towards the trees. Yongguk blocks you again. The insufferable man.

           “Do you truly have a death wish, Ness? Every child knows standing under a tree is inviting lightening to strike.”

           Rather than verbally admit he is right, you say, “Then what exactly do you propose, almighty alpha? We cannot outrun the storm back to the keep.”

           He jerks his head back the way you had come. “There is a half-way point in case we or the wolves need to rest while delivering messages. It is not much better than a hut, but it will be dry and there is a lean-to for the horses to take shelter as well.”

           “Fine. Lead the way.”

           Yongguk was right. The shelter is dug into the side of a hill with a vine covered lean-to patched on the side. Just as you squeeze Rose and Noir in, their sides touching, the sky opens in a thick downpour and the loud crack of nearby thunder. Yongguk hurriedly drags aside the thorn bushes hiding the shelter’s roughly cut wood door. He lets you in first so he can conceal the entry again, but your head and shoulders are still sopping wet.

           Your eyes quickly adjust in the sudden complete darkness. The single room is circular, scarcely tall enough to stand in, and almost empty. A few boxes, a ratty mattress covered with a thick blanket, and a stacked pile of wood take up most of the space. There is little room to occupy unless you sit on the bed or boxes.

           Yongguk’s heat comes close behind you. You stiffen, but he only pulls your shoulder so he can move around you. He reaches up and tugs down a cloth so pinpoints of gray light give a small amount of illumination.

           You watch him kneel to pile some of the wood in a small stone circle. Opting for the bed, you sit down and start wringing out your hair. “We don’t really need a fire. We can both see without a problem.”

           “We are both wet,” he replies without looking up. “The storm should pass quickly, but there is no reason to be wet and chilled while we wait.”

           “For someone who is so reasonable, you can be quite thick-headed about other subjects.”

           “Himchan said something very similar after you left.” A twinkle of wry humor sparks and dies in Yongguk’s tone.

           “Then they agree with me.”


           “So you did come to apologize. Good. I might be persuaded to accept it.”

           The fire snaps to life, throwing Yongguk’s face into shadows and planes. His eyes are still dark when he rocks back to his heels to look at you. “I spoke rashly, I am sorry for that. You deserve an explanation for the feelings that caused such action.”

           “And what feelings are those?” Your temper rises again. “Arrogance? Paranoia? Mistrust? Yongguk, I can fight. Not as well as any of you, but enough to hold my own. I love this family we have and would die for it. The others trust me to defend myself and them too if the situation calls for it. Why can’t you?”

           “You misunderstand me,” Yongguk mumbles. He rubs his forehead with his thumbs. “I respect you but-”

           “If you respect me, what in the Goddess’ name did you mean back at the keep? I may not have your experience and you may be the alpha, but I am not a child you put back in the nursery when they go for their first walk and scrape their knee!” You’re grateful there is nothing nearby to throw at him as the child within demands. It is tempting to find something though. “I have not trained for months to spend every night alone waiting for the ‘men-folk’ to come home so I can wipe your boots! I have done nothing but demonstrate I am worthy of trust and my own place when the pride hunts!”

           “I know.”

           “Then why-”

           “It is because you could have died and I would not be able to bear it if you did,” he says quietly.

           Your throat closes even as your mouth falls open. Your heart thuds once, then twice, loud as the thunder outside. All your fury evaporates into shock.

Yongguk sighs and comes to sit beside you. He drops his head into his hands as if the confession exhausted him. His thigh radiates an unnatural warmth beside yours. You can only stare for a few minutes before you are able to find any words at all.  

           “You-” you lick your lips, “you mean you would feel guilty and blame yourself.”

           “Do you think I kissed you because I felt guilty?”

           You are unwilling to say another reason. The only other explanation would be too exhilarating and terrifying. “I thought we agreed to forget it ever happened.”

           “Did you?” Yongguk looks up. “Because I could not.”


           “Why did I kiss you or why did I not forget? It is the same reason. The same reason I did not want you to return to the hunt.”

            Yongguk sits up straight even though you see his defenses crumbling at last. You meet his eyes, hardly daring to breathe. Your hands, wet from your hair, feel clammy.

           “You are independent, determined, compassionate, wise,” Yongguk blushes, looking down at his hands again, and finishes softly, “and beautiful. How could I not love you?”

           “Love me,” you repeat.

           “When you first came to us, I did not want you to train because I did not want another innocent to become a killer. But you refused to let me to shield you from the world you were thrust into. I watched you grow into your powers, becoming stronger. Becoming more special to me than I could have ever imagined.”

           He pauses, the hand on his knee twitching as if it wants to take yours. Shyly, you turn over your hand to offer it. His fingers reach across the small distance, tracing the lines of your palm so lightly you shiver.

           “When I saw the vampire dangling you, I froze. I could not think. I was scared I would not reach you in time. That another precious person would be snatched from me. After, I was angry. I was angry at myself for being distracted, for allowing you to be danger, for almost failing you. Who and what I love, I will do anything to protect.”

           You curl your fingers so they brush his. “It is not always in your power to protect me, Yongguk. Nor do I let you ‘allow’ me to do anything.”

           “Yes. I should have learned that a long time ago,” Yongguk chuckles. His fingers still so his hand can engulf yours. Lifting his eyes to yours, he vows, “But I will never stop trying to protect you.”

           “Even from yourself?” The way his head jerks confirms what you had suspected. Your other hand cups his cheek. “No one is a saint, but you are far from the fallen man you seem to think you are. You are a good man, a very good one, forced into circumstances that demand harsh decisions. Everything you do is for the good of our people. You are not killing other humans; we are all killing monsters.”

           “I still have blood on my hands.” Yongguk tries to take his hand from yours but you hold on tight. You raise it to your lips to kiss it.

           “Do not say that. I love these hands. Do not disparage something I love.” You kiss the back of his hand again. The way his eyes focus on yours tells you he is completely captured. “I too am protective of those I love.”

           Your joined hands fall to your lap as you lean forward and kiss Yongguk. His lips are wet and taste of rain. He responds slowly, his fingers tightening around yours. Somehow it still makes your head dizzy like you’ve tumbled down a hill. Yongguk lets you guide the kiss, as if he is afraid you will end it at any moment. You need more.

Shifting to more fully face him, you wrap an arm around his neck. You bite down on his lower lip and tug. “Kiss me, Yongguk.”

Those softly spoken words demolish the remaining dams of his feelings. He drops your hand and wraps you in his arms, surging forward to do kiss you more thoroughly with a moan. A hand pushes you closer to him. Light-headedness turns into total giddiness so intoxicating you must cling to his shoulders. Your heart soars into your throat, beating too quickly to stay in your chest.

In comparison, that first kiss was only dipping a toe in the water. This kiss is jumping headfirst into the rapids.

           You try to shift more fully against him. His embrace is too tight to permit the movement, drawing a whimper from you. Yongguk moans again and adjusts his arms. He falls backwards, bringing you with him so you are half sprawled against him.

           His soft noises rumbling into your mouth make you hungrier. Your mouth slips from his. Your lips are everywhere on his face. The corner of his lips, his eyes, his nose, his cheeks. When your tongue rasps against the bottom of his jaw, Yongguk gasps.

           You lick your way down to his neck, one side to the other. Nuzzling aside the collar of his shirt, you inhale deeply. The scent of his desire makes you tremble almost as much as him. You only make him wait a few moments before your teeth graze his shoulder. Another pass of your tongue precedes your bite.

           With a moan that dies down into a purr, his fingers dig into your back. He arches his neck back into the mattress to grant you more skin. But you take your time to taste every single stretch of skin with more swipes of your tongue and worrying of your teeth.

           When you nip at the base of his neck, he says, “Ness, wait.”

           You immediately lift your head, glancing at his chest for new blood on the bandage there. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

           “No.” Yongguk slides a hand along your jaw into your hair and back.


           “I just- I want to be sure you do not think you have some obligation to do this or that said what I did with the expectation you-”

           “Have you ever known me to do something I do not want to?”

           Yongguk chuckles and twines a lock of hair around his fingers. He shakes his head. “No.”

           “Then trust me. I want you. All of you.”

           Within seconds, your clothes are lying in a messy heap on the floor. The way he slowly drags his tongue along his bottom lip makes you more eager for him to be bare before you. Yongguk’s adoring hands slide from your hips. They slow when they reach for his own shirt. The shyness that creeps into his eyes is so endearing you decide to help him.

Glancing up at his face, you lay a kiss just above the bandage on his chest. He shivers, but you are too busy kissing your way along his tattoos to grin. Your nails delicately rake up and down his sides, stoking the building want you smell coming off him like a perfume.

Each upward stroke pushes his shirt higher and higher until Yongguk lifts himself up to take it off. You ease yourself down onto your side so he can dispose of his pants. When he shifts to his side and lifts his face to yours, you smile.

Though he called you beautiful, you think he is more resplendent. Light from the fire behind you paints his skin in warmth and gold. You graze your finger along his eyebrows, then down to trace his eyes, nose, lingering on his lips. When your hand smooths away some hair that’s fallen over his eye, Yongguk turns his head to kiss your wrist.

His hand covers yours, sliding down your arm to your waist. He tugs you across the small distance between you to slant his mouth over yours. Yongguk’s kiss is more ardent, more confident, his tongue darting into your mouth for taste after taste. Your bodies press together in that exquisite meeting of hard and soft, heat against heat. Your mind is immediately lost in your nerves that tingle head to toe, the simmering of your blood. Only your fingers buried in his silky hair anchors you.

The first rock of his hips against yours shoots a scorching spike of pleasure through you. The second has you crying out, the sound muffled against Yongguk’s lips. You throw your leg around his hips to urge him closer. To take the final step to make you one.

Yongguk pulls away from your lips and you open your eyes. Your heart flutters as he looks at you, his impassioned eyes lazily drifting over your face. A hand slides up your back to clasp the back of your neck. His fingers rub tiny circles into your skin so you melt further into his arms.

You can tell he is giving you one last chance to stop. You could push him away, put all your clothes back on, and ride home to the keep and he would not blame you for it. As if you could ever release him now that you have him. Stretching your neck, you smile and brush your lips over his in a silent invitation.

Yongguk smiles back and angles your head to kiss you again as he enters you.

Bliss steals your breath. From the way Yongguk’s stutters in his chest, the experience is just as euphoric for him. He holds you nearer so the sinuous muscles of his torso tease your stomach and chest with each heavy buck of his hips. You have no choice but to submit to waves of pleasure winding tighter and tighter.

Passion, made more powerful by its long denial, sweeps you both up in its tumultuous spiral. Yongguk’s even rocking within you becomes labored, halting. He buries his face in your shoulder, deep moans reverberating in your ear and down your spine. You too can feel yourself rushing closer to the final moment your world will shatter. Without warning, it explodes.

As you tremble in languorous ecstasy, you feel Yongguk pull out of you. A growl that sounds more lion than man booms from his mouth as he releases into his hand. Caressing his back and neck, as he quivers, you press a light kiss against his forehead.

After regaining his strength, he sits up. He wrinkles his nose at the mess in his palm and reaches over you to wipe it away with the cloth from the roof.

Yongguk tosses it in the fire and glances at the smoke hole. “It looks like the storm has almost passed.”

You grab the blanket from the bottom of the mattress to your waists. Placing a hand on his arm, you reply, “We should stay a little longer. We have much to talk about.”

For once, Yongguk does not argue.

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anonymous asked:

How much if anything did tywin teach cersei? I always got the impression he didn't bother (focusing on jaime instead), especially as every time I can remember that cersei thinks "I'll do this, it's what tywin would have done" it's directly contradicted by things tywin has said, in her presence no less! What things does it seem she has definitely picked up from him?

I think there are two parts to this. First, without PoV access to the inside of his skull, Tywin’s not necessarily a reasonable source of information on Tywin’s motivations or explanation for why he did things one way and not another. He’s more a rationaliser than he is actually rational, and a great deal of his actions during ASoIaF are brutal overreactions based in his own sense of superiority and fear of being laughed at. (The image of super cool, super smooth, hypercompetent diplomat/politician/general Tywin can go die in a privy and rot on its bier. Oh wait that was GRRM’s point.

Second, Tywin doesn’t have to be actively trying to teach Cersei anything for her to learn things from him. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion all looked to Tywin for example and model themselves after him. What Cersei in particular took away from Tywin is a warped idea of what strength is, both emotional and political. And the warping is inherent to Tywin’s example, not peculiar to Cersei.

The command came easy to her. My father had steel in his voice as well.

Within the tower, the smoke from the torches irritated her eyes, but Cersei did not weep, no more than her father would have.

- Cersei I, AFFC

Jaime also says that Tywin taught him that “tears were a mark of weakness in a man.” (Jaime I, AFFC) 

The point is, a steely voice and dry eyes are way down on the list of things that denote emotional strength - in that very Cersei I scene, for instance, Kevan attempts to pray and fails, overcome with grief, and yet he’s back on his feet shortly afterwards. The only person who thinks less of him for needing a moment (in this not immediately dangerous situation) is Cersei. Then there’s this  heart-chilling moment:

[Tywin] never wanted love, though. “You cannot eat love, nor buy a horse with it, nor warm your halls on a cold night,” [Cersei] heard him tell Jaime once, when he had been no older than Tommen.

- Cersei II, AFFC

Did Cersei not learn from this teachable moment? I’d argue that Cersei probably learned more and better from that than Jaime did. There’s another flashback to Cersei learning from Tywin in that chapter as well, as she watched her father at a feast.

Aerys and his lickspittles laughed loudly, whilst Father stared at Rykker over his winecup. Long after the merriment had died that gaze had lingered. Rykker turned away, turned back, met Father’s eyes, then ignored them, drank a tankard of ale, and stalked off red-faced, defeated by a pair of unflinching eyes.

[…] It is my look they must flinch from now, my frown that they must fear. I am a lion too.

- Cersei II, AFFC

See also Cersei X. As she’s arrested, Cersei shouts “I am a Lannister, unhand me!” Not to mention

She was not meek Margaery Tyrell, to don her little shift and submit to such captivity. I will teach them what it means to put a lion in a cage.

- Cersei X

This ends up with Cersei in an even worse shift and without either anything to drink from or relieve herself in. The emphasis on Lannister pride is certainly a Tywin-taught belief. It’s part of the first impression we get of him:

“By my lights, it was you who started this,” Lord Tywin replied. “Your brother Jaime would never have meekly surrendered to capture at the hands of a woman.”


His father ignored the sally. “The honour of our House was at stake. I had no choice but to ride. No man sheds Lannister blood with impunity…”

- Tyrion VII, AGoT

[Qyburn] gave her an apologetic smile and told her of a puppet show that had recently become popular amongst the city’s smallfolk; a puppet show wherein the kingdom of the beasts was ruled by a pride of haughty lions. “The puppet lions grow greedy and arrogant as this treasonous tale proceeds, until they begin to devour their own subjects. When the noble stag makes objection, the lions devour him as well, and roar that it is their right as the mightiest of beasts.”

“And that is the end of it?” Cersei asked, amused. Looked at in the right light, it could be seen as a salutary lesson.

- Cersei V, AFFC

No traceable line to Cersei’s beliefs here at all.

I’m also sure Cersei got her first lessons in misogyny from Tywin (see above, too). Tywin’s most outrageous atrocities throughout ASoIaF are directed towards punishing women who had got the better of him/the Lannisters somehow. Tywin here models extreme, and often sexual, violence as a good way to deal with ambitious, scheming women. The very fact that Tywin didn’t bother to formally educate Cersei in politics taught Cersei something about misogyny too.

Politically, it’s a huge weakness that Cersei buys into the myth of Tywin the hypercompetent. Her obsession with being her father’s true heir is as damaging to her as it is to Jaime and Tyrion, and bad for the kingdom too.

No one had ever balked her lord father. When Lord Tywin spoke, men obeyed. When Cersei spoke, they felt free to counsel her, contradict her, even refuse her.

- Cersei V, AFFC

This is what she’s trying to live up to - total unquestioned obedience, because the lesson she took from her father is that that was what was necessary for political strength. Even if it’s not what he meant to teach her, he did.

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I'm just gonna drop by here to tell everyone how amazing of an artist you are. Holy crud, I love your art!

This was very random and unexpected but very appreciated - thank you so much!! It always makes me so happy to know people like my art, especially artists who are waaaay better, so thank you!! :’)

I am your god!”
“And I am my me.
—  Om and Brutha, Small Gods
Bad Luck Lion Around, MLB minific

Based off of this-
I said I’d fic it so dammit I’m gonna fic it!!!!!
Adrien was very confused. Why did he have to have a photo shoot with lions??? Well, more specifically, lionesses. He shrugged and did the shoot, and figured that was that, and the giant tame cats would go home and he’d go back to his cold, empty house.
Then the lionesses went missing. He had been on his way to the park, bored yet actually allowed free time, when he heard the growling. He tensed up, and slowly turned around to see the six lionesses from before, each staring at him with twitching tails and tense body language.
He yelped in panic when they pounced.
Marinette wasn’t sure if she should panic or laugh at this ridiculous scene in front of her. She’d been walking through the park around sunset for fashion inspiration when she’d heard the short, panicked scream and a lot of loud thumping, and then… purring?
She’d gone to investigate, and had skidded to a stop at the sight that greeted her in the park treeline. “Adrien? What happened to you?!?” Marinette yelped, shocked.
Adrien looked at her helplessly from a giant puddle of huge beige cats that were currently nuzzling and purring and draped all over him. “I honestly have no idea?!?” Adrien whisper yelled, making a pained face as the main lioness that had him pinned licked the back of his head and ruffled his hair. Marinette tried extremely hard not to giggle at the sight of her crush being treated like a tiny kitten.
“Okay okay, don’t move, I’ll see if I can find their handler? They obviously aren’t wild… maybe I can get Ladybug!” Marinette told him, making a ‘stay there’ motion with her hands before dashing off. Adrien huffed from under a large paw on his stomach. “Yeah, not really going anywhere.” He grumbled, wincing as a soft rumble was followed by another head lick.
Adrien blamed Plagg for this. Him and his Chat Noir bad luck. Not only was he being cuddled by a pride of lionesses, apparently every cat in the city had joined in on laying on top of Adrien, anywhere they could reach. Strays and house cats, kittens and adults alike flocked to him and settled in, purring and nudging him and his hands ached from stroking so many ears and backs.
Ladybug, when she arrived with the lion handler, outright burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of him drowning in fluff. “There weren’t this many before!” He wailed, as a tiny black Bombay kitten purred from her perch on top of his head. A crowd had actually formed, not getting too close because of the lions, but close enough to take pictures and videos.
“Chat Noir would get a kick out of this.” Ladybug giggled as she cleared away some of the cats, the lion handler calling the reluctant lionesses away from the teenage boy. Surprisingly, Adrien almost didn’t want the giant cats to go.
For the first time in a long time, he’d felt… loved? And warm, and protected, and safe. But he held his tongue, instead choosing to cradle the stray kitten that had been on top of his head the whole time in his arms. She mewled and purred, big blue eyes blinking up at him.
Funny, that tiny black kitten was the second best thing to happen to him that day. He got to keep her, actually. It made the house a little less lonely.
He named her Bluebell, after the lead lioness and for her blue eyes.
It made living around the house more bearable, too. So much for “Lion around.”
I am done, I am satisfied, life is great and the moon is shining ;) and yes, the pun at the end is intentional. Fight me.


gifset aesthetics: brent nott

I compose myself. My self is a thing I must now compose, as one composes a speech. What I must present is a made thing, not something born. 


      i still don’t ᴄᴀʀᴇ,
                                ‘cause if you ᴅᴏɴ·ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪᴛ ʏᴇᴛ,
                                           you’ll know that i’m not your ᴇɴᴇᴍʏ, your ᴇɴᴇᴍʏ.
      'cause i know i ʟɪᴇ,
                                  and baby, would it ᴋɪʟʟ you to try,
                                            won’t go until you’ve ғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇɴ ᴍᴇғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇɴ ᴍᴇ.


GOT Week | Day 3  ↦ One Quote: A  Feast for Crows

Unbidden, a memory came to her, of the feast King Aerys had thrown when Cersei first came to court, a girl as green as summer grass. Old Merryweather had been nattering about raising the duty on wine when Lord Rykker said, “If we need gold, His Grace should sit Lord Tywin on his chamber pot.“ Aerys and his lickspittles laughed loudly, whilst Father stared at Rykker over his wine cup. Long after the merriment had died that gaze had lingered. Rykker turned away, turned back, met Father’s eyes, then ignored them, drank a tankard of ale, and stalked off red-faced, defeated by a pair of unflinching eyes. Lord Tywin’s eyes are closed forever now, Cersei thought. It is my look they will flinch from now, my frown that they must fear. I am a lion too.