i am a level 8



sorry I’m kinda late this time. I would usually not post after 10 but I decided posting a part is more important than that. also I’m so mad the 2nd to last panel is crooked but I’m so tired to change that. anyway, i was out playing pokemon go like the trash I am but I’m only level 8 cause i live nowHERE my nearest stop is like 2 miles away hahaha. I went to a small town and now I’m v tired and my ears hurt. I wish the library was open longer

also like my mom asked if i was happier now that i can drive and I said not really cause I’ve been feeling really sad and awful recently but then she was like that was a rhetorical question of course you’re happy cause i happened to me smiling at the moment and I was just like… .-. ok. I guess the point is, don’t as me rhetorical questions

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Historia Reiss - 1.15 - Emotions
"Krista probably would've been worried for everyone. But Historia Reiss... wasn't loved by her parents or anyone for that matter... She didn't wish to be born into this kind of life... Everyone's lost hope haven't they? The real me is empty like this. There's no such thing as good girls like Krista Lenz."