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[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Maknae Line Interview


Q. “Phone Lock Screen”
JM: My lock screen is a photo of BTS. I like photos where I am with everyone. My lock screen right now is from the video filming for our fan meeting in Korea. It used to be one from a concert, but I changed it recently.
V: (showing his screen) BABAM! It’s Chet Baker! (a Jazz Trumpet Player)
JK: Mine is solid black.
JM & V: Solid Black?
JK: Yeah, wait a minute (takes phone out to show his lock screen). See!
JM & V
: It’s true!!

Q. “If you were to sing to your crush”
V: I wouldn’t be the one singing, but I would play her “I Fall In Love Too Easily” by the trumpet player Chet Baker. There was a movie based on this song (BORN TO BE BLUE), so I would talk to her about the movie and recommend it to her.
JM: That’s cool~. I would write a song for her.
: Me too! I’ve never written a song for a girl before, but if it’s for someone I like I bet I would be able to.
JM: The type of song would depend on the person, and you’d never know how to write it until the time comes. My ideal type is the person who I would fall in love with. I would want to be with them all the time (shy).

Q. “Things you’re aiming for in 2017”
V: “Actor-dol (an idol who is also good at acting)” is what I’m aiming for! I’m in an on-going Korean drama, “Hwarang,” which will also be aired in Japan soon, so please watch it. Only look at me!
JM: “Only look at me” (lol). I want to go on a trip with my friends and family~
JK: That’s good too. I want to become a professional bowler!1
JM & V: ?
JK: From last November, I’ve been learning from a teacher and my score went as high as 240!
JM: 3 months ago I used to be better than you~
JK: Eh!? Really?

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Mmm. John you are quite the perfectionist. But that is TOTALLY okay. So am I. I love that you are putting the finishing touches and tweaks to the album. I look forward to the time when Born and Raised has arrived and I play it for the very first time. I hope that everyone ( I know all your fans will) appreciates and accepts your artistry, grace, love, blood, sweat and tears that you have put into this album. Every lyric, spoken word and every tune to come from your lips will be pioneered by that unusual, powerful, sultry voice that you carry. The effortless shredding and magic of those fingers across the guitar. When I close my eyes and listen from the first track to the end I will feel every thought and every feeling that went into the process of creating this album. Because I felt that way for Continuum and Battle Studies. (I do love Room for Squares and Heavier Things). I just know that this is the one John, you are talented, exquisite, a master of the ages and you make me smile every time I hear your voice. Trust me. When I hear your voice for the first time since the surgery, I know it will kick ass because you do. We love you John. You are a wonderful person with a gentle heart and a warm spirit. Keep making beautiful music. <3

Skye xx

I am aware that this has been posted a lot today. I did get this from one of my favourite sites, an external site and in particular I like the way the light shines on John and the way this angle has been shot. Welcome back John! We have missed you!

Oh and I think this picture represents his illustrious return to the public eye with his new album due out later this year. Enjoy John. You deserve it.

Bitch. Please. I have had it with Perez Hilton hanging shit on me. I have banned all twitter and tumblr blogs. I hardly use facebook. And by the way, I can talk, I just choose not to. My silence is strong and only fuels your frustration at me to take the bait. Dream on asshole. Continue with your witty banter. At least I know how to properly use sarcasm. Yeah. That’s right. Run along and post that on your pissy little blog.

(I imagine what John would say at Perez Hilton’s remarks at his silence. Considering that he is too classy to say anything. Cop that Perez).

Question: I have dreams about John and when I talk to him it’s very deep and meaningful - like I had a dream where I was running away from him and he was slowly walking behind me calling my name softly but loud enough for me to hear. When I realised it was him I walked back over to him and he gave me some pearls of wisdom about “not being afraid”. Any thoughts? Have you ever had a crazy dream about John and does he talk to you? What does he say?

Yes. I must be strange. :-)

PS - I didn’t realise this picture was a gif. Enjoy!

Hey all you lovely followers of mine and the JM Family/ Community. I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful responses and support about my tattoo blog piece. You guys rock!! I know I don’t have to justify myself but I felt that it was right to share my experience with all of you. I received some touching responses so with love, thank you! It feels awesome to have a family as strong as ours who all love, respect and support John. He will be thinking of us as he records ‘Born and Raised’ and that we always have each others backs. It really made my day to see why tumblr is so AWESOME!! Take care and feel free to ask me anything!! Keep in touch!!

Skye xx

PS - I love this picture. He looks gorgeous!!