i am a hypocrite tbh

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Your whole everyone who wanted Even has a fetish and hates girls and is racist and hates Sana. I love Sana wish she got the respect she deserved of her own season. But your hate girls bullshit. Yeah your right. I don't get along with girls well. I enjoyed the boy squads friendship way more and I think it felt more natural every interaction Sana had with Balloon and boy squad than she did with the girls. Why is it okay to hate on the boy squad? Why are you such a hypocrite?

hi! ummm tbh i am not quite sure what this ask is referring to, but i’ll try to answer it to the best of my abilities regardless.

i don’t believe i’ve been posting hate on the boy squad. the even post you are referring to was not meant to hate on even and isak as characters, but to point out and criticize the fact that evak has taken up the focus of most of the fandom, to the extent that the only clip that was wholly evak-focused in season 4 ended up being the most-liked clip of the season despite the season’s main literally not even being mentioned in it. 

this was actually a common theme throughout all of season 4, as the skam tag was majority evak pretty much all the time, and if even and isak were in a clip, your dash ended up being 90% evak (until you unfollowed a good amount of people). an example of this was in the first clip of episode 6, when sana was shown to be incredibly unhappy and in a lot of emotional turmoil, yet the majority of gifsets and posts were about isak and even holding hands and isak having a flower in his hair. now i understand people will have their favorite characters and evak is the reason the majority of fans started watching the show, but it still feels very disrespectful to sana to overlook her like this. especially when the reason the even clip is the most-liked clip of the season is largely due to a twitter campaign in which fans decided they wanted to show how much they wanted an even season (read: instead of a sana season).

onto the second part of your ask. i’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with girls in the past and struggle to get along with them well. i’ve certainly dealt with my share of mean girls as well. and as i said before, you’re allowed to have your favorite characters and i’m afraid i don’t understand what you mean by me “hating on the boy squad”. 

the fact is that for me, it’s the opposite. i don’t generally like guys, i have maybe two guy friends. maybe it’s the gay in me but what’s most important for me to see in media is good female characters. supportive female friendships. wlw relationships (except we didn’t actually get that). so the most important relationship for me in skam was, from the moment i finished season 1, the girl squad. they’re my favorite characters in the show, and so therefore my blog is primarily focused on them and the relationships within the group. i do like the boy squad as characters, and i enjoy seeing them interacting with each other, but they are not my favorites. and perhaps because the majority of the fandom focuses on the boy squad and even and isak’s relationship i may be a little more clear about the fact that i prefer the girl squad and prefer to mainly post about them, but that’s because it’s hard to find skam blogs that are mainly female character-centered. but like i said, i can’t think of any instance of me hating on the boy squad, unless you count not holding them as the focus of my blog as hate.