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Sun signs according to people I’ve met


Usually very motivated and energetic, they have a really strong aura around them. I admire them a lot, they seem like cool people and may seem intimidating but are super nice in person! Protective of their loved ones. Goals in terms of swag and athleticism they got. Teach me how to carry myself like you please.


The cutest, most amazing (even if a bit stubborn) friends. Best partners for getting food or watching a movie together. Taurus boys are my cryptonite, Taurus girls are the loves of my life. They are very much real in a sense of being human. Sensual, chill and true, really “earthy”. Fake isn’t in their vocabulary. Seriously I know quite a few Tauruses and I love them all to death. Only problem is when we disagree on something major, neither will back down from the argument.


I always lowkey hate on them, but they aren’t all that bad; Conversations with them are the most fun, and when I am with them I never get bored; I know a lot of male Gemini’s and no female ones sadly; in general they are nice people but usually fuckboys. Probably wouldn’t date one (but flirting with them is a lot of fun). Good sense of humour.


Being a Cancer myself I tend to be drawn to a specific type of Cancer females on social media. Those are the The Moms, their entire vibe is really soft and warm and motherly but also protective and strong. We will cook you dinner because we love you. We are good cooks in general. Foul mouths and will fight you any time. Pretend to be edgy, but we usually aren’t. Crying over our partner (or lack of) all the damn time but usually in private.


Ughh. Leo females are okay but Leo males? They annoy me to no end and I always bicker with them, but at the same time they are usually really charming so :/. Lowkey hate them and their inflated ego but they are good friends which I appreciate. Loud and sooo in your face but loyal and can take you to the most bizarre and amazing places. Overall infuriating 0/10 do not recommend. (Jk)


Okay, so I am biased, but Virgos are literally perfect human beings. They are smart, logical, neat and polished and just ugh. Especially females are really classic beauties with killer fashion sense. Overall all genders seem to have a feminine vibe? It’s sooo hard to get them even remotely interested in you but it’s worth it in the end. Can push you to be the best version of yourself. They can literally step on me. Heart eyes motherfucker.


Oookay, so. Libras are weird, man. It’s hard to dislike them, because they can be so nice but you never know if they are real nice or fake nice. Seems like usually fake tho. They are super gorgeous, in a very luxurious way and their lives are the true aesthetics. First impression is that they are pretty shallow, but I wouldn’t assume that about people without knowing them.


Damn I love Scorpios! Deep af, people I can talk to about my deepest thoughts, discussing occult stuff, cry on their shoulders or just hug it all out m8. I feel super comfortable with them. Best partners for planning an assassination on your ex (or Trump) tbh. Aesthetics on point as well. I am living for that mysterious grunge shit vibe. You go my bros.


Don’t hate me for this, but the only sign I usually cannot stand to keep close are Sags. They are amazing conversationalists with the sharpest minds out there and interesting points of view. Talking to them about basically any topic can take hours and not get boring, and you could take them for an adventure for a week and it would be the best choice. But longterm relationship or friendship? Nah. I do not trust.


I have a lot of Capricorn women in my life and I admire them so much. They are so hardworking, punctual and they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones everyday, in every way. Also their love is so good and true, damn. The Cap stereotype is that they are bad with feelings but I strongly disagree. One of the most amazing signs out there. Protect them and treasure them.


Aw my favourite aliens. Just kidding. They are often misunderstood I think, but they are actually super cool. They are not afraid of being different and that’s a really admirable trait imo. Also the best partners for sharing your conspiracy theories with. If you feel like they just walked all over you, they probably didn’t mean it, they just don’t realize it sometimes? The most interesting people to keep around, if you can tolerate their cold exterior.


Damn you Pisces. Why you all gotta be so unpredictable. I know a great deal of Pisces people and each of them is so different, it is simply impossible to categorize them in any way lol. My brother is a confident social butterfly. One of my friends is an aesthetics grunge queen with a lot of sadness inside. My other friend is pretty shy and introverted with a lot of super weird quirks (probably the only one fitting the usual Pisces category). Another one is a typical nerd who is however pretty choleric and fake on the inside. And another one was the spawn of satan and literally the ugliest and most selfish person I know. What even are Pisces lmao.

Humans are space orcs: adopting a human

Ok ok ok, last humans are the weird ones, I promise! (I am also a god damn liar.)

So this ailien crew is finally retiring their beloved human/orc friend who has thrown them through the ringer so many times they’ve learned all the weirdness that comes compacted in that apex predator from earth.

It’s really sad when they have to let their human go because ofcourse besides being a space-orc their human was also space-glue and made them all love it and want to be friends forever. But their human has a family it wants to get back to and tell all these wonderful adventures they all had together. So its good bye.

But soon after the human leaves the ship and goes to their family on this fringe-y colony planet that all the races in the galaxy agree can’t be settled but humans are sending their fifth colonizing attempt anyways because fuck it, it’s what we do, the colony succumbs to a terrible natural disaster.
The ailien crew rushes ba ck to save their friend (and reallynanybody) but alas, all they find is their former crew mates body clutching a small screaming bundle.

A human baby.

Well its only right to take it with them right?
To honor their friend!
To have a new friend!
Besides they are EXPERTS in dealing with a full grown human.
A baby human has to be a breeze in comparison right?

So they adopt it.

First they name it Clamchowder in honor of the human tradition of naming children in hopes of they having qualities linked to the name.
It was very, very carefully selected name.

Then they discover in very rapid and horrible sucsession:
Human babies don’t speak
Human babies don’t walk or move much on their own
Human babies do not regulate their excrement at apropriate intervals
Human babies need to be interacted with and physically touched or they waste away (that was a close call untill Clamchowder latched onto Moongah the extremely fuzzy first mate)
Human babies need special diet, which does not include bottles filled with engine grease. Another close call.
And it never ever ever stops screaming, ever!

Ultimately the crew decides that this is a whole new set of problems, and even gthougb they really wanted Clamchowder to be like their dead parent they eventually realize that this is a complete different adventure.

So they become baby experts too.
my thoughts on logan *spoilers*

-never in a million years did i think i would cry so many times during an xmen ~related~ film but bitch!!!
-this movie came after me so many times i am shook
-this was such an emotional experience
-it was so packed too i usually go on discount days but i had to see this and wow literally not a seat left open!!!
-first movie from the franchise to be rated r and damn!!! It really needed it, i can’t imagine the film being pg 13
-i really loved the r rating… the gore the cussing the darker and more mature tone was something i didn’t think i needed til i saw this film
-the darker tone made it so much more intense and made logan feel more human
-fight/action scenes were all pure gratuitous fun i enjoyed all of it
-laura is adorable and shes a bad bitch my daughter will be like that!!! like wow this girl got paid to deadass be silent for half the movie but when she talked i was shook af
-and the nurse gabriella being aleida from oitnb like hey girll!!
-the banter between professor x and logan ugh and when logan called charles his dad
-this side of wolverine/ logan was so raw and sad.
-he def was not the mutant hero ive grown up watching but that was also the refreshing part bc it made it seem more realistic to me
-heartbreaking to watch someone spiral downward especially with the drinking and self hatred and the suicidal thoughts ugh
-laura is a mini wolverine but gonna grow to be so much stronger i love her every time she fucked someone up i was screaming YAAS
-finding out shes his daughter ugh i knew it bur dang!!
-honestly pierce the bad guy was sexy af i was having dirty thoughts while hating him at the same time
-i’m not a box of avocados logan
-logan is really so broken and traumatized inside
-charles telling logan that this is what its like to be normal before he left with that mans to fix the water or whatever
-and its sad to see charles so weak and sick and trapped in his mind and broken as well after what he did in westchester
-losing control is so awful and seeing someone who was once so great be at this point hurts
-when charles woke up in that familys house and was talking about how he remembered things and that it was the best night of his life but he didnt deserve it I WAS CRYING
-then i was like OMFG LOGAN IS ABOUT TO KILL HIM??? Turns out it was his fuckass clone mutant but i was still shook
-hugh jackman is a daddy he can still get it
-logan coping with charles was so sad this father son relationship rly fucked me up it was so cute when they were joking abt the past at academy during dinner
-laura gives me life!!! W her docs and cute ass outfit in sunglasses but she still vicious yas queen
-her relationship w charles was so beautiful too
-her driving!!! Aha and finally speaking that was a funny cute lil scene i was expecting her to be a little sassier but that wouldnt fit the tone of the movie so its all good
-all the cute lil mutant kids!!!! omfg so adorable its really fcked up what they were doing at transigen i was heated ugh
-they were so sweet helping him and ugh the scenes just between logan and laura rlly fucked me up like when she held his hand after he buried charles…
-my god the development of these relationships really messed me up!!!
-honestly his self loathing and pity party was getting a little annoying and the whole im no good for you act etc etc but i understand i guess
-telling laura she and her friends reminded him of the xmen RIP
-“people hurt me” “were different i hurt people”
-ugh i literally love them so much when he told her he was gonna shoot himself w that bullet then she took it from him wow cryin
-him being like u dont need me everyone i care about gets hurt or killed then she roasted him with the “THEN I GUESS ILL BE FINE” like damn girl
-ugh him coming to the rescue and taking the green stuff ugh i just knew this wouldnt end well but the fight scenes and seeing some of the kids use their powers was nice
-also enjoyed all the bad guys gettjng absolutely destroyed
-literally FUCK clone logan so hard she was really goin at him but i knew logans fate was inevitable since it was hughs last hoorah but wow
-i was in fucking puddles then she held his hand and called him fucking daddy!!!! THAT RUINED ME WHEN SHE ACKNOWLEDGE HE WAS HER FATHER HOLY FRICK
-“so this is what it feels like” logans last words realizing what its like to care for someone again/what it feels like to die omg laura crying made me cry
-the end. thank u for sticking w me if u read this whole thing talk to me about it im emotionally unstable
-idk i prob left some stuff out but this is a lot already im lowkey so sad rn
-i cant wait for the next xmen movie with the other cast i need more this was all my childhood upto now i need it all please

langst lancelot and Protective Mother Allura™

Lotor: Why, hello, gorgeous!
Lance, flushed: H-Hey there.
Lotor: So, you’re the flirtatious Blue Paladin?
Lance: Haha, yep! That’s me!
Lotor: The one who’s never seen without a smile?
Lance: You got it!
Lotor: The one who is under appreciated?
Lance: Well… I - I guess -
Lotor: The one who is invaluable?
Lance: Wait, why -
Lotor: The Paladin who is replaceable?
Lance: Please -
Lotor: The one who is the weak link in Voltron? The useless one? The annoying one? The one everyone doubts and ignores?
Lance: yeah
Lance: that’s me.
Lotor: Well then!
Lotor: Good thing you’re pretty because that’s apparently all you are, Blue Paladin Lance!


Hunk: Dude, that Lotor guy was weird.
Pidge: Yeah, well, like father like son.
Lance: He… was a little -
Pidge: Shut up, you were flirting with him the whole time! You don’t get a say in this.
Hunk: Honestly, man, control your crazed bisexual urges.
Shiro: It was… inappropriate, I have to say. Makes me question if you take being a Paladin seriously.
Lance: yeah whatever
Keith: It doesn’t matter anyway
Keith: It’ll be a thousand years before a prince is interested in you
Pidge: Geez, you swing in both directions and still miss.
Lance: yeah, that’s me.


Lotor: You’re very pretty.
Lance: You’re not too bad yourself.
Lotor: Your fellow Paladin’s don’t think so?
Lance: I’m a joke.
Lotor: They are blind to that beauty.
Lance: you’re full of crap, princey.
Lotor: I am full of honesty and a need for you as my consort, actually.
Lance: What’s a consort?
Lotor: Like, a romantic partner. You get the perks of royalty. I’ll have your companionship.
Lance: Well, I’m busy being a Paladin.
Lotor: No wonder they don’t take you seriously when you’re stupid enough to think they’ll keep you around.
Lance: Screw you.
Lotor: I see.
Lotor: I’ll give you three quintents to think it all over, love.
Lance: Well, we’ll see how good you take rejection in three quintents.
Lotor: Indeed.


Lance: Hey… Am I… Like, attractive?
Keith: Um, I don’t know.
Keith: Maybe if I squint?
Lance: Thanks, man, really boosts my confidence.
Keith: Well, it doesn’t need a boost, so you’re welcome.


Lance: Hunk, buddy, give it to me straight. Or bi. Am I ugly?
Hunk: Uh, no.
Lance: Are you lying?
Hunk: Well, personally, you aren’t my taste. A bit too skinny. Your elbows could poke someone’s eye out.
Lance: I’m offended. Revolted. I’m suing.
Hunk: You’re not ugly, I guess.
Lance: okay.


Lance: Pidgeon, despite your lack of taste in human beings, what do you think? Would you date me, ever?
Pidge: Hell no.
Lance: Alrighty then.
Pidge: Maybe if you got a face transplant. And arm transplants. And leg transplants. And a brain transplant. And -
Lance: I get it.
Lance: I’ll just go drop dead.
Pidge: Damn okay


Lance: Coran, we’re close, right?
Coran: Well, I’d like to think so! Why? Something on your mind?
Lance: I… I’m considering leaving team Voltron.
Allura, appearing out of nowhere: WHAT
Lance: not gonna ask where u came from
Allura: Why would you consider such a thing?
Lance: Y-You… know, Prince Lotor. He said… I could come with him. He says I’m not appreciated here, that I’m useless here and well… he’s right? I think he is, at least.
Allura, wiping her sad, neglected son’s tears, holding him tightly, Protecting Him From The World™, furiously searching for the rest of Voltron, assuring him that he is loved and cherished and that they will always be there for him: VOLTRON GET THE Q U I Z N A K IN HERE, HOW DARE YOU MAKE OUR LOVABLE, HILARIOUS, ADORABLE BLUE PALADIN FEEL SO MISERABLE, I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE HIM BE APART OF THIS TEAM AND THAT VOLTRON WOULD CRUMBLE WITHOUT HIM AND ANOTHER THING



Allura, arm around Lotor’s throat, holding his arm behind his back: SAY IT
Allura, grinning maliciously: Louder for the people in the back.

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Okay, but like, clearly when Prince Adam turned back into his human form, some parts of the Beast still remained (hence the growl). So can we also conclude that other certain *ahem* animalistic instincts stuck around as well? Like... hot damn. 🔥🔥🔥

I am 100% here for this headcanon. and like, aside from the instincts I know you’re implying, imagine like the super cute and fluffy ones? HEADCANONS IN GENERAL LEGGO.

  • Probably doesn’t want to admit it but he absolutely loves his hair being played with. Fingers diving in and out, twisting his hair, brushing it out. Prince Adam loves it and silently dubs it his, ‘Secret guilty pleasure’.
    • Not really a secret because you’ve figured it out.
    • No doubt has a sweet spot right behind his ear(s) where if you rub/kiss gently, he feels like he’s on cloud nine.
      • I’m not saying he’s hairy all over but the dude is probably more hairy than average guys during that time. Interestingly enough, he likes to keep facial hair, but not absurdly long facial hair. Needless to say, the style grew on him.
  • Still has the keen sense of danger/the need to be protective. Sort of like a sixth sense, Prince Adam can still probably tell when/if a situation is dangerous but will still act on the instinct and need to be protective or territorial over things that mean a great deal to himself.
    • Would probably threaten someone if he felt like they were being menacing in any sort of way.
    • Threats would be sent in the form of growls. Prince Adam will attempt words, but anger takes over and words do tend to come out as animalistic sounds
  • Does eat with silverware on special occasions, but if given the choice and when there’s no one of importance around, he does eat with his hands, and or shoves his face onto the plate and eats that way.
  • Spends a lot more time in the sun than he did before. Reads outside, mindlessly sits outside with no intention of doing anything in particular, keeps the curtains open.
    • Probably likes to garden now that he’s not stuck in an eternal winter. Roses are his favorite. Different colors of roses. Red, White, Yellow, etc. He also likes sunflowers, the name more than the flower. They’re just happy.
    • You can find him just standing in the middle of the hallway in the afternoon, taking in the sun leaking in through the tall windows.
      •  The feeling of sunshine on his skin is a sensation he never thought he’d feel again. How he had taken such a naturally beautiful feeling and never appreciated it was a foolish move indeed. Prince Adam would cherish everyday in the sun from now on.
  • After the transformation, he probably didn’t spend that much time in the west wing as it brought back terrible memories. But, there is nothing bringing them back to life, he would convince himself. He knows that this is his choice and he can’t just forget that it never happened.
    • Eventually makes his way back to the west wing, tense and a bit cold as a sudden shiver or remembrance runs down his spine. He looks around, his sharp blue eyes setting on objects he’d never thought he’d see in perfect condition ever again. Everything is as it was before the curse was set. Everything looked just as pristine and as new as before. Prince Adam shuts his eyes and breathes in. Everything is as it should be. 

**These are just some tester headcanons! Lemme know what you think, and depending on that, I might write more! Thanks!** -Em.

A classmate wore a shirt that said “girls just want to have fun–damental human rights”.

I bit my tongue the entire day to stop myself from asking what rights she doesn’t have.

“I’m a coward. Such a freaking coward!”

Dean heaves a deep sigh and rubs his temples in a weak attempt to order his thoughts. It feels like a goddamned roller coaster in there and he really doesn’t know what to do.

“It’s just … it should be easy, right?” he continues, shaking his head. “They’re just words. Granted, huge words. Words I never said before to another person outside of my family. But …”

He pauses, looking at the big golden eyes in front of him that study him expectantly.

“What do you think, man?” Dean asks. “Am I a coward?”

No reply, just an intense stare.

“Or am I crazy?” Dean suggests. “For talking to a frigging cat of all things!”

Mojo finally decides to blink … and stays quiet.

Stupid cat!

“I am crazy!” Dean groans, throwing his hands into the air. “Instead of facing my boyfriend and telling him that I love him, I’m talking to his cat who likes to chase flies and lick his butt all day. That doesn’t make any sense!”

Mojo tilts his head – and damn, he does look a bit like Castiel that way – and eyes Dean in that typical humans-are-quite-weird way. He did it the very first time Dean came over – the night after his first date with Castiel, him being all jittery and jumpy, wondering whether the ‘tea’ Castiel offered him at the front porch with a warm smile before inviting him in actually meant a hot beverage or something completely different, his nerves all over the place – and Mojo obviously thought him the weirdest person on the planet.

(By the way, the 'tea’ actually turned out to be tea. That … and the best first kiss ever!)

Since then Dean’s relationship with the cat is kinda reserved. Mojo mostly stays out of sight or at least far away, just staring at Dean as though he hopes that this odd human would finally disappear and never return. There is wariness and suspicion and Mojo only condescends to ignore all this when he’s in the mood for some proper petting.

“You don’t care about my problems, right?” Dean sighs. “I mean, you’re a cat, why should you? You probably think I’m dense for not having the nerve to tell my boyfriend – my beautiful, gorgeous amazing boyfriend – that I’m hopelessly in love with him. That the last few months had been the best of my life. That I’m, without any doubt, the luckiest guy alive.”

He shuts his eyes for a second. “He’s so awesome, you know? Everything I ever hoped for and at the same time so much more! I’m so crazy about him, you’ve got no idea.” He fidgets awkwardly. “But how do I tell him all that? I’m so awful at the feelings-crap and as soon as I look into his pretty eyes I’ll forget anything I wanted to say.”

Mojo dignifies Dean’s little meltdown with a big yawn and an I-couldn’t-care-less expression.

Dean, however, just lets it pass. “How do normal people do it? Just say it right into the person’s face?” He bites his bottom lip in frustration. “How?”

“There are some who talk about it with their boyfriend’s pet,” suddenly a very deep and very familiar voice interjects.

Dean leaps to his feet immediately and stares at Castiel with wide eyes. “Cas!”

Of course he shouldn’t be surprised by his boyfriend’s presence since this is Castiel’s place after all and he only left to run a small errand, even reassuring Dean that it “won’t take long”, but for some reason Dean totally missed how much time already passed.

Castiel, however, seems highly amused. “So that’s what you’re doing when I leave the house? Having deep and meaningful conversations with Mojo?”

The cat merely spares them a brief glance before starting to lick his paws and ignore them in a way only cats manage to do.

Dean smiles crookedly. “He’s actually not the best to talk to.”

Castiel takes a step closer and chuckles. “Don’t worry, I’m doing the same thing all the time.”

Dean lifts an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yes.” Castiel cups Dean’s cheek, his fingers so warm that Dean instantly leans into the touch. “Just yesterday I told him how much I love my boyfriend.”

Dean’s heartbeat picks up its pace rather spectacularly and he can’t contain a beaming grin. “You do?”

Castiel hums in affirmation, his nose brushing Dean’s. “Very, very much.”

The kiss that follows is sweet and soft and it makes Dean’s skin tingle in the most pleasant way possible.

“I love you too,” Dean whispers before surging right back in.

And on the couch Mojo continues to groom his fur and probably wonders why humans are so annoyingly complicated.


This blog has grown into something I never imagined. It seems like yesterday that I was posting the first chapters of The City and of Weights & Measures. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed when I think about everything that has happened, especially in the last few months.

There are no words to describe how much it all means to me. You all have helped me keep going, not just as a writer but as a person. So many of you were there for me during one of the hardest periods of my life. Sending me messages that made my cry because I could feel every ounce of your love in your words. Making me suffer through all the jidevil posts you continue to tag me in. 

I just hope that I can give back what you have given me. You all have helped me find my voice again. And I cannot thank you enough for that. 

From the bottom of my heart, regardless if you are mentioned here or not, thank you. Everyone i interact with is a beautiful human being and I want to thank BTS for bringing us all together. 

so here we go!

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What’s The Difference Between Bisexuality and Pansexuality?

SO there’s this political facebook page I’ve been following for a long time that posts great memes and articles, but yesterday they posted a meme of a skeleton like “Me waiting for pansexuals to explain how they’re different from bisexuals”.
((For anybody who wants to know the page for avoidance purposes it’s called “The Ministry of Bisexual Propaganda”. Don’t send hate mail, because that makes you honestly worse than them))
And as a pansexual, I realize it’s hard to explain the difference, especially off the top of your head, especially to people who don’t accept the reality that there’s more than two genders found in human beings. So here I am, let me explain the difference to you.

First you need to look at gender. Gender is a spectrum, as is recognised by most doctors, and scientists.
A persons gender is not quite the same thing as a persons sex (their genitalia). Though, certain genders are associated with certain sex.
Gender is a spectrum as gender is a social construct.
Sex is generally what’s in your pants.
“There’s only two genders you damn special snowflakes!” You may say, in which case, you’re thinking of a persons sex, their genitalia, in which case, you’re still wrong.
In the case of genitalia there’s actually three ways it can be down there (that I am currently aware of). You can have a penis, which is medically classified as male genitalia. You can have a vagina which is classified as female genitalia. You can have both or parts of both which is classified as intersex.
Intersex is not the same as being trans.
Trans people were born in a body that doesn’t match their gender. Intersex people were born with genitalia and gendered features of both the better known sexes.
There’s as many intersex people in the general population as there are people with red hair, so don’t dismiss them because they’re a lesser known and less visible minority.

Now, back to the main explanation at hand.
Bisexuality means you are attracted to two genders or sexes (this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re limited to being attracted to men and women, which aren’t always synonymous with male and female).
It’s literally the point of the name (Bi = Two).

Now, pansexuality is different in the sense that it isn’t limited to the number two. A pansexual person can experience attraction to a person without being limited by gender identity or sex, which we’ve already established that there’s more than two of both.(Not to say that pansexuals can’t have preference, they absolutely can)

Hate me or love me, this is the explanation to the difference between the two sexualities. Both of which being completely valid sexualities.
But when it comes down to it, they’re just labels. Just love who you want to love and can we stop poo-pooing on other people for their sexualities already?

Rant. Stop treating Jimin like this.(Jikook shippers edition).

Okay, before I start complaining about the dumb shit I have had to witness today I will say that I haven’t seen posts like the ones I’m going to mention on Tumblr, in this site (thankfully) I have only seen like two posts like this but Facebook and Twitter are full of this crap and Tumblr is the place where I feel like I can rant freely so here it goes.

BTS was invited to the MusicBank in Singapore, there they met a few of their friends and everything was alright until Jimin and Taemin started talking. 

I’m so sad to say this, but usually the Jikook shippers are very kind and cool, yet today, a lot of the shippers were pretty disappointing.

I’ve seen countless of people calling Jimin a slut, a whore for talking with Taemin, saying that he basically doesn’t care about Jungkook’s feelings and that how bad Jungkook must feel because Jimin wasn’t talking to him. he was speaking to Taemin, that is basically the problem and there is people on fb and twt that are actually angry at Jimin for SPEAKING WITH HIS FRIEND.

And let me ask you something, why don’t you all get angry when Jungkook hangs out with Yugyeom, because I don’t see any of you bitches saying shit when that happens, or when he goes to meet the guys from Seventeen, nothing, but the time Jimin does something completely normal everything goes to shit and suddenly he’s satan.

Why do some people like to act as if Jungkook was the only reason for Jimin’s existence? Why do they get bothered if Jimin decides to talk to another human being or not? Jimin is a human, he has other friends besides BTS, he has a family, he has feelings and most of all he’s an individual and I know the majority  of Jikook shippers agree with me and are happy Jimin got to meet his friend at MusicBank or simply don’t give a damn if he did or not but fuck, there’s a HUGE amount of people who were genuinely bothered by it.

To the point that there’s a huge Facebook group in South America dedicated to Jikook in which I am in, that had to kick people out because they were calling Jimin a whore, a slut, etc…

So, this is not about if Jimin and Jungkook are actually dating or if they could be dating or if they were dating but broke up or if you think they have a brotherly relationship, this has to do with 1)respect and 2)imagination.

Respect because why on earth will you call Jimin such names, he’s talking to a friend of his, not getting paid to be a sex worker, he isn’t kissing this man or rubbing his ass against his crotch, nothing, they were talking and as far as I’m concerned, friends talk.

and Imagination because seriously guys, how much time do people like you have in your hands that you truly believe Jungkook is this stressed about this entire situation. Let’s be real, if Jimin and Jungkook are dating (Jimin and Jungkook, the same people who have lived together for a long long time and spend ridiculous amounts of time together) do you seriously think Jungkook doesn’t know what type of relationship Jimin has with Taemin? and even if JK and Jimin were just friends, do you seriously think he’s clueless and hurt? fuck no, he’s naturally a possessive and jealous man when it comes to Jimin (because, yeah, I don’t fucking know why he’s so possessive but he is). So please let’s stop acting as if Jikook is perpetually dead because of this event, let’s stop acting as if they basically broke up because one of them died of a heart ache, please guys, Jimin wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was talking to a friend.

Like seriously…

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nick robinson posted an apology on twitter. i know you discussed him a lot so i thought youd like to know

(heres what he posted)

ok so, nick is a complete fucking moron for not realizing the position of power he was in and that he was using it, even if totally inadvertently, to get attention and nudes from his fans. thats so incredibly fucked up and he really should have realized what the fuck he was doing and why it was bad. i looked at the screenshots though, and they dont scream “i know exactly what im doing and i am manipulating you with my position” as much as “i am an idiot manchild that is unaware of my reach and flirts with people like im a god damn 17 year old that doesnt know how human beings work or what they want but this works for me even though its actually fucked up i just dont realize it yet.”
im not in any way being an apologist for his actions, ESPECIALLY if its proven that he did in fact try to pull this shit on anyone thats underage (i havent seen proof of that specifically, which would obviously be totally inexcusable and would render anything im saying moot because holy shit fuck him if he did that so much). my personal opinion is that theres a difference between someone like him, who is an adult that clearly hasnt grown the fuck up and needs to, fucking ASAP, and someone fully aware that what they’re doing is harmful and that they’re hurting people but they just dont give a shit because they’re full on evil predators.
at the same time im trying really hard not to give him any leeway he doesnt deserve because hes in his mid-20s, hes a god damn adult. he should know better and its good that he got punished. literally if he was just god damn mature enough to realize what he was doing, which he fucking should have been, none of this would have happened. but i dont think hes evil just really really stupid and he probably shouldnt ever have the complete trust of any of his fans the same way he did before nor should he have the amount of fans he had before. even if this wasnt as bad as it could have been i dont want for a second for anyone to feel like what they’re doing is in any way ok if its similar to what nick was doing because it is just, not, ok.


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: Castiel is very angry with Dean.

This fulfills #45 from my Kink List, requested by anon.

warnings: Destiel, anal sex, angry sex, rough sex, somewhat Dom!Cas and Sub!Dean, punishment, spanking, slightly forced sex

word count: ~2100

Castiel slammed the bunker door, already down the stairs by the time Dean had re-opened it to follow. “Cas, wait!” he yelled, eyes glimpsing the back of the angel’s trenchcoat disappearing through the doorway of the hall.

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Pairing: Theo x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: angst, moderate language aka swearing, self deprecating thoughts, the reader being practically naked, lots of kissing and a steamy makeout (veering towards smut)

Summary: Y/N is having some self image issues and starts picking out her flaws. Thankfully her boyfriend, Theo, shows her how wrong she is, proving to her that she’s everything and more than perfect in his eyes and every ‘imperfection’ she speaks of is just another thing that made him fall in love with her.

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: Friendly reminder that you’re beautiful. You hear me? You’re so damn gorgeous, you fucking go girl (or guy)! For every second you’re worried about how you look, I’m thinking about how amazing you look with that hairstyle or those cute shoes. You slay! Okay? You’re not allowed to fight me on this, because in my eyes you’re perfect. For every flaw you pick out, there are people in your life that could pick out 10 characteristics they love about you. Darling it’s all about perspective :)))) and from my angle you’re looking hot goddamn!!!



I sigh, my palms laying against the tile to hold me up steadily as hot water rushes down my back. I roll back my shoulders, trying to force the tension in my body away.

I push one last hand through my hair, turning the metal knob to stop the stream of water and pushing back the curtain.

I step out of the shower, reaching out to the nearby hanger and grabbing the plush robe and set of underwear. I wrap myself in the soft fabric and pull on the panties and bra. I gather my hair to one side, wringing out the excess water, then grabbing the towel on the other hanger to dry my hair as much as possible.

I hang the wet towel back up and tug open the wooden door, leaving the bathroom to walk the short distance to my bedroom, hoping to snuggle into my covers for a cozy night in.

I’m about to plop into bed and turn on some Netflix when I turn a bit, catching sight of myself in the full length mirror. My expression falls, seeing my worn-out features and disheveled hair.

I step closer, examining my face and every imperfection; the way my nose is slightly crooked, my lips are too thin, and how my eyebrows are uneven.

I shrug the robe off my shoulders, critiquing my figure as well. How could someone as hot as Theo be with someone as ugly as me? My breasts were way too small and so was my ass. The stretch marks and veins that normally didn’t bother me, were sticking out like a sore thumb against my pale, lifeless skin.

I bend over, the rolls of my stomach becoming prominent. I grab at the fat between my thumb and forefinger, groaning at the extra weight. I wish I looked like one of those skinny girls in the magazines, but no, I had to be given a terrible metabolism.

I spin on my heel, looking at how repulsive I was from new angles. Small tears start to trickle down my cheek on their own accord.

I hear the front door of the house unlock, footsteps sounding up the stairs quickly and before I know it, Theo’s at the doorframe, shock displayed across his face.

My eyes widen in surprise as well, looking down at my almost naked body. “I guess this is the first of many times I come over without invitation,” he says, a smirk taking over his previously shocked expression.

He starts to saunter over to me, but stops short, a frown filling his pink lips. I realize why, brushing away any leftover tears and avoiding his eyes by looking down at my feet.

Theo raises his hands, cupping my cheeks and guiding my eyes to look into his own, ignoring my obvious hesitation.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He gently asks, his dark brows pulled together in concern.

My tongue skims over my lip, before I bite on it. Weighing if I should spill the truth or not.

“Babe, don’t even think about lying. Remember, I can hear your heartbeat.” He basically reads my mind, stopping me from considering lying about what was bothering me.

“Why are you with me?” I query, genuine interest coming from my question.

“What?” Theo asks, incredulously. “You cannot be serious right now.”

“You’re way out of my league, Theo. You’re so hot and I’m just…” I motion back to the mirror. “How can you say you love someone as ugly as me,” I reiterate, but disbelief stays plastered across his face.

He rolls his eyes at my words, but I stand my ground, wanting to hear his answer. “Love, you can’t seriously be asking me this. You’re fucking perfect.” Theo’s fingers start roaming along my shoulders then my arms then on my waist.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you think you’re any less than perfect. Every single damn ounce of you is made of perfection.” He backs up towards my bed, pulling me with him, but once we reach the edge of the bed frame he picks me up bridal-style and lays me down carefully on top of the covers.

“Theo, but I’m fat and look at my gross stretch marks,” I mutter, a grimace on my face.

“Baby, you’re not fat, whatsoever. You’re body is so beautiful. Whatever size you are, is the size for me.” Theo starts kissing the expanse of my stomach, then to my upper thighs. “And these, baby, these stretch marks are sexy as hell. Each one is like a tiger stripe, marking your journey as a human being, and that thought, fuck. I just love you so much and seeing you hating yourself, makes me so angry, because all I see in you is how damn lucky I am to be able to witness a fucking glimpse of your beauty.”

“But, don’t you think I have so many flaws? Like my boobs are way too small and my hips stick out too mu-”

“Y/N, how many times do I have to say you’re perfect?” He laughs, his lips moving to kiss the laced fabric of my bra. “These aren’t too small and I’d hate to see them any other way if I’m being honest, because I’m so used to them.” He gives them a playful squeeze, causing a light chuckle on my half.

He peppers kisses along my hip bones too, a stifled moan coming from him. “And your hips, damn, they just, fuck, they’re one of my favorite parts of you.”

“Love, I’ll spend all night kissing every inch of you if that’s what it takes for you to believe that you’re perfect. I couldn’t care less about a number on a scale or the size of your bra. All I care about is your happiness and self love, because baby, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t love yourself.”

Theo looks up at me with those hazel, but prominently blue eyes, his brown hair looking soft as ever. My hands delve into the strands, tugging them towards me playfully. He smirks at me, crawling up the bed until he hovers over me, my lips planting on his as my fingers tug and pull in his hair.

His hands clasp onto my waist, massaging the tender flesh, while deepening the kiss. Theo runs his tongue over my bottom lip in askance and I oblige, our tongues dancing together beautifully, fueling the kiss with more passion and love than we’ve ever had.

Our noses bump into one another’s as he pulls back a millimeter, both of us trying to even out our breaths. “Youre perfect in my eyes, baby, and that’s all that matters,” he murmurs against my lips between deep breaths.

“Thank god I have you to remind me,” I whisper, so damn grateful to the universe for bringing us together, resting my forehead on his.

“Thank god I even have you,” he replies and I just respond by pecking him on the lips again, savoring the taste of his mouth on my own.

His lips start trailing down my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses down my skin, whispering “perfection” after every single one.

normanikordei: I can’t believe this beautiful journey has come to an end. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this opportunity. The transformation I made – not only as a dancer, but most importantly as a human being. My heart is full. With that being said this is my most valuable reward. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every supporter I had along the way. @IamValC You’ll always have a special place in my heart. My dear friend I thank you so much for helping me become the truest version of myself. This experience wouldn’t have been the same without you. You gave me the ability to view myself in ways I didn’t before. I know now that I am capable of not only being a damn good ballroom dancer but also that it is okay to be myself and not be afraid of showing my emotions. I love you to pieces. To my family, thank you for being there with your unwavering support, just as you always do. You are my strength. You’re the reason that I am able to climb any mountain. To my fans, you’ve always held me down. I can’t think of a time that you failed me. Your continuous love and support mean the world to me. Your long nights of voting and encouraging words, I am forever grateful. You inspire me so much. I dedicate it all to you. Thank you so much @dancingabc for one of the most incredible learning experiences of my life. I am stronger, I am prouder, I am more myself than I have ever been. I feel that a whole new world has been revealed. I’m blessed for this chapter and excited for the next. Thank you a million times 🖤

Why Magnus Bane is gift to mankind

My dearest pumpkins, you all know my love for our dear Shadowhunter, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, but did I ever tell you how much I love Magnus Bane? Here is a list why TVMagnus Bane, not that Book!Magnus is not a gift but I haven’t read them so I can’t vouch for the books, is a gift from the Gods to us, pathetic mortals :

- Magnus actually fights gender roles. Not just because he wears makeup, but because he shows to his friends and the people around him that you can be a powerful male warlock AND wear things considered as “girly” without it being seen as a joke or something to be ashamed of. Because wearing “feminine” clothes isn’t shameful, being a woman isn’t shameful and Magnus’ clothes are not women clothes, they are his clothes, he buys them for himself, they’re not a dirty little secret, they belong to him and to him only. Making them man clothes, man makeup, Magnus’ clothes, Magnus’ makeup.

- Magnus is very proud of his sexuality, that we know, but he is also very open about sex in general. Because sex isn’t dirty or filthy, it’s an act between people ( no matter the gender, or number of people) who have consented into a sexual act and who enjoyed themselves. It’s not a dirty thing we should lock away and never talk about, it’s natural and it’s beautiful.

- But Magnus will also respect your privacy, he won’t ever judge you if you are uncomfortable about sex or just don’t want it (aka Magnus being there for Raphael all his life without ever making Raphael feel like something is wrong with him), he knows that, while he is very comfortable with his sexuality and sex life, he won’t push you to do things you don’t want to.

- You can be fucking sure that, since all the Camille business, Magnus makes great effort into showing his partners that he loves them and cares about them and will never, ever be unfaithful.

- Magnus, who suffered through centuries of oppression from the Clave, will help Shadowhunters in need, even the goddamn Lightwoods, because he knows more than anyone else that you can’t be blamed for your parents’ mistakes.

- Magnus is a damn icon for bisexual people, he breaks the stereotypes of “They’re just greedy people who don’t want to choose”. Magnus chooses his partners for their soul and not for their gender and he loves the human body, wherever it’s female or male. He’s not greedy, he’s bisexual and he tells all the bisexuals out there that there is no shame in being who you are and loving who you love.

- “I am afraid I am a one soul at a time type of guy.” Damn iconic.

- He’s also such a good POC representation. Because Magnus is not defined by the colour of his skin or where he comes from, he’s defined by his actions and choices. He’s Magnus Bane, he’s not some Indonesian warlock, he’s a person, not a race and he’s not defined by it, but he’s proud of where he comes from, maybe not of who he comes from, but he’s not ashamed of his heritage and he’s saying loud and clear that no one should be ashamed of their heritage, ever.

- Magnus Bane, a POC bisexual man is the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn, a man of power who fought for his place and deserved it. He’s telling everyone who’s so sure that their race and sexuality will keep them from coming on top that they should try and fight because in the end it’s worth it.

- Magnus Bane loves Alec Lightwood, he loves a man who has been taught all his life that warlocks are slaves to their impulses and he’s ready to forgive Alec for his mistakes and teach him when he’s wrong but he’s also ready to stand for himself and tell Alec when he’s being a prejudiced asshole. No matter the love between them, Magnus won’t let Alec be wrong and not tell him.

- Magnus respects women and does not think for one second that men are superior. He knows that both sex should be equals and you can be fucking sure that Magnus will shut down any misogynist asshole from speaking to him.

- Magnus Bane is a gift and he deserves happiness and protection. You can fight me on this ✊

- And if you needed another reason, he smiles like this :

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A damn treasure

i am so darn emotional about akechi thinking himself undeserving of love and attention unless he is an extraordinarily special person and thinking that now that Akira knows he isn’t some sort of perfect charming prince but a super flawed human being, it’s just impossible for him to care for him

that he’ll abandon him just like his mother and his father and every person he met as a child going from foster home to foster home

i want him to have a chance at a life that’s not miserable and lonely i’m just so damn sad

Finally I am finished with my Therapy for my Backpain and the Pain in my Arms/ Hand. My Therapist did something to my neck and ever since I don’t really have pain anymore. At least not as much as I used to. She told me if I start to workout for my back again it would vanish completely and I am just very glad it’s finally over. I feel like a healthy human being again (mostly) and that feels so good :) 

That took some time, but damn. I am happy.