i am a horrible person. xd


Now i spend my evening listening to music !! lol!!This one for fun….

I dance, I sing and I cry because every music awakens, a memory for me…I am probably crazy.The proof that I speak alone… XD.No, i am only:Too romantic, too dreamy, too sensitive….It’s horrible to be like that.

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"Please, Rojo. I would never in my whole life try to purposely lie to anyone just so I could attack them. I know you don't want help, but you really need it sometimes and you aren't appearing to be "weak" if you actually ask for help. Instead, you appear stronger because youre able to express yourself and your problems even if it isn't a lot."

*he unrolls both sleeves and sticks his arms out*

Rojo: They’re in a few places… some not even on my bones…

//am I a horrible person yet? XD//

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wow… could just say all the questions XD thanks anon <3

1. Any scars? Yeap after my appendix removal surgery

2. Self harmed? never. ever. in. a. million. years.

3. Crush? Whitlock from TCaTF, fuck real guys XD

4. Kissed anyone? my phone screen when seeing Whitlock, jk nope no kisses

5. Coke or Pepsi? - Pepsi

6. Someone you hate? - Ugh, I have this b-word in my parallel class who spread a rumor with my friends that I am a horrible person but of course my friends didn’t abandon me, thank God

7. Best Friends? My best friends IRL are really amazing their names are Mariam and Annie and they are amazing <3 my bffs here are @hollyashton @ilovechoices @mrs-mckenzie @choicesimaginesandmore @lauraotaku2234 @niasusanto and more amazing friends

8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? - I have drank some alcohol but I am anti-drug use in every way

9. What’s your dream job? - musician just like my mom

10. Ever been in love? - besides whitlock? nope not LOVE I have just had crushes

11. Last time you cried? today lol , I freaking hate onions XD . well for real probably 2 weeks ago

12. Favorite color? pinkkkk

13. Height? 5′4′‘ (answered)

14. Birthday? August 20th (answered)

15. Eye color? Brown (answered)

16. Hair color? Brown (answered)

17. What do you love? answered this isn’t one word so not repeating

18. Obsession? answered

19. If you had one wish, what would it be? probably lots of choices diamonds XD

20. Do you love someone? my damily, my friends, God and my imaginary friend RIP

21. Kiss or hug? HUGS

22. Nicknames people call you? Los Angeles (cuz my initials are LA lol) , Laur, Lala, and Asatryan (my last name)

23. Favorite song? TOO MANY TOO COUNT I CAN’T

24. Favorite band? Little mix, fifth harmony, Maroon 5

25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? answered

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? answered

27. Something you would change about yourself? answered

28. Ever dated someone? answered

29. Worst mistake? answered

30. Watch the movie or read the book? answered

31. Ever had a heartbreak? no not really, does it hurt?

32. Favorite show? Greys Anatomy

33. Best day of your life? probably… idk my days are pretty average

34. Any talents? I am a preeetty good pianist and singer, also I can say 5 alphabets really fast lol

35. Do you wish you could ever start over? nah… maybe only days, not my entire life

36. Any bad habits? - lazinessssss

37. Ever had a near death experience? - no thank God

38. Someone I can tell anything to? My mom and brother , My dad too busy XD

39. Ever lost a loved one? - yeah my grandma passed away 3 years ago I was devastated

40. Do you believe in love? - should I? XD

41. Someone you hate/Dislike? - Wasn’t this question already asked above??

42. Are you okay? - I am fine thank you :)

43. Relationship status? Singleee

44. Selfie? I already have a selfie posted

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💌 (I am a horrible person, I know XD)

(Yes, yes you are. :P)

“You are … probably … my closest friend in Intel.  I appreciate your existence.  Also that you didn’t tell anyone about that one time with the … mainframe “glitch.”  You are very nice.  More than anyone deserves, but please don’t stop.  Except for Goa, you can skip him.  … In case you can’t tell, I’m not being sarcastic.  This is me, being honest.  Also, I like sleeping with you.”

(Blakk hit the send button before he realized what he’d said.)

I’m going to be sincere with you guys. The truth is that thanks to some bad experiences, I had lost my love for drawing years ago and for a long time I hated everything I was doing. I never finished anything.

But in March this year I known an anime called Soul Eater. I loved it and I wanted to take my pen again to draw one of my favorite characters, then I did the sketch of Maka that’s in the summary.

In April my dad gifted to me a graphic tablet for my birthday. I never had use one before! and my first drawings were horrible (it’s funny because seems like I had no pulse haha xD) but I didn’t give up and kept drawing, I even created an account in Deviantart and started uploading my drawings there (I also met a very special person whom I love very much, hehe) and I started to using my old Tumblr account to share them there too.

I am very grateful to SE for giving me back my love for drawing, to my followers for always be encouraging me and obviously to my dad for giving me my tablet, haha.

Thanks for joining me this 2016 and hope you’ll stay with me another year (aww)

I wish you all an amazing 2017, bye! ♥

Sweet Beans That I Don’t Know If You Have A Squad OMG I’m Panicking

Grace: My Dear Grace, I feel like I have talked to you more in the last few days than in our entire acquaintance. You are fantastic and not going to lie, your Tom Riddle really gives me the shivers XD Thank you for all your help, and I really have enjoyed our short conversations, hopefully they can blossom into something that I can call a friendship<3

Your aesthetic: Trying to keep quiet while laughing in a library, secrets, big sweaters, hot tea. 


Zara: I really haven’t gotten to know you that well, but I love your Hermione! Your RP is actually my favorite version of her! I would love to do some Golden Trio with you sometime! Please keep doing what you are doing, because you rock at it.

Your aesthetic: Floral button-ups, long walks filled with comfortable silences, warm smiles, spinning until you are dizzy.


Zuna: I can’t even begin to describe you! I just…. I am still in awe of the wonderful person that you are. Thank you so much for always being an ear to complain to, and thank you so much for your help. Your hair is bitchin and I hope that we can cosplay more together in the future. Maybe some Next Gen stuff?

Your aesthetic: Purple sparkles on combat boots, dancing til 3am, secret smiles that get you in trouble, bottles of hair dye forgotten on a bathroom counter.


Sage: GIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything that you have sent me. I love you input on threads that I should do, and I love your upfront personality. It is so nice to talk to someone who is just as blunt as I am, for a change<3 Stay beautiful and stay you, because you are amazing!

Your aesthetic: Ombre hair, dick-lipstick, aqua coloured sunglasses, rainbow switchblades, laughter that fills your whole body.


Franky: Oh. My. God. You crack me up! Everything from learning new and (slightly odd) foods from our countries, to instant connections you feel with someone who gets it. I love your Draco cosplay more than I love myself, and that is a whole lot, my friend! Tell me all your new and exciting news when you go on your next adventure! 

Your aestetic: Leather, cigarettes, comic books, neon lights, long car rides to nowhere specific, warm hugs.


James: Keep on keeping on, my friend. You have a bright and wonderful personality and I know that if I am having a bad day, I can post something and wait for your lovely ask to find it’s way into my ask box. Thank you for always making me smile, and you rock the pin-up look. 

Your aesthetic: Glam makeup, long nights skyping, smiley face buttons, puppies in a basket, the feeling of adrenaline on you can only get from being on stage.


The Black Family

Meg: Oh my god. I have never met anyone as hilarious as you. You constantly make me laugh with your sass and with your qseudo-Italian speaking XD You are my Gryffindor in crime! Thank you for staying up as late as you could with me last night! And I feel like I should give you a shout-out for being one of my very first threads! Love you, kid!

Your aesthetic: lakes in the summer, long sunny days, loud chatter at the dinner table, running until you feel like you can fly.


Riley: Bae, love, honey-child, you are fantastically wonderful. I have never met someone who keeps me guessing as often as you do. Every conversation is wonderful and I look forward to hearing the next great story from you interesting book of life. We have had a heart to heart, and I will always cherish our conversation. Chin up, love. You are wonderful

Your aesthetic: Late nights at the beach, musicals, mohawks because “why not”, the sound of ocean waves, signing, long and striped t-shirts


Kassy: I feel like our last conversation was the first moment of real friendship. Thank you for putting up with my over-tired antics. I loved hearing about your tattoos and about your passion for childcare. I think you are going to do very well in your field and I love that you have this spirit about you that screams “I DO WHAT I WANT”

Your aesthetic: Tattoos on freckles, badass makeup, soft teaching voices, holding hands for comfort, cats that demand attention, dancing slowly to soft music.


Katie: I don’t know you very well, but I do remember that you were one of the first RP blogs that I followed. There was a cute little gif of you standing on your head. I’m not sure what it was for, but it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen! You make a wonderful Dorcas, and I will always see your face whenever she is mentioned in fics. 

Your aesthetic: Beaded bracelets, lying on the beach in the warm sun, the smell of fresh honeydew, coloured shorts, cotton candy. 


MaddieP.: I have actually never talked to you, but whenever you are mentioned in the RP community, there is nothing but praise! Your gifs are wonderful and I love your Baz Pitch! I would love to get to know you!

Your aesthetic: late nights in front of the Tv with friends, deep conversations, the feeling of security that being in your own bed offers, knee socks.


MOliver: Okay, so whenever I feel sad, I listen to the video you sent me that was telling me to go to sleep XD You are such a wonderful person with a beautiful voice! I hope we can do a thread in the future!

Your aesthetic: Flower crowns with dark lipstick, midnight phone calls, kicking assholes in the shin, lullabies.


Mo: Okay, here we go. We have only done one thread together, and its upsetting because you are fantastic. Your Draco makes me laugh and I love you Harry. I remember being on skype with you for hours and just discussing Au’s for a Drarry universe XD It was so much fun, and we definitely need to do it again. Thank you for all your help with my annoying questions and I hope that you are doing okay!

Your aesthetic: Pride flags, shy smiles, big hugs, warm blankets, messy floors, the feeling of fresh air during an Indian Summer.


Sparrow: Oh lawdy. You put up with so much of my crap when I am sleep deprived. I love listening to you talk about your passions and your Disney cosplays. It’s fantastic how your eyes light up every time you get excited over a new (or old) movie/character. I will always envy your big, amazing eyes and the way that you talk to people. 

Your aesthetic: Pink glitter, messy counter tops, mickey mouse shoelaces, purple suckers, headbands,  lost boys.


Gee: I don’t believe that we have ever spoken, but your facial expressions in your gifs give me life. I loved your RP video, and I love that you own your slytherin and wear it loud and proud! 

Your aesthetic: Untucked shirts, converse that have been drawn on, loud music that makes you dance, disco lights, fairy lights.


Dear Lovelies That I Do Not Know

I apologize for my lack of introduction to you, I have seen your gifs, and tbh, they are all fantastic! I would love to get to know you all better! Please don’t hesitate to message me! And anyone reading this should go follow these RP blogs!!

Cally: @punsandunfinishedart


Peyton: @getahippogrip

Z: @hogwartsstudentrp

Emma: @jamesfuxkingpotter

Trash Squad

Zoe: My dear, Zoe. My first introduction to you was a lovely video of you defending the scary “Andy Fucking Gray”. I greatly admire your courage and I love your Rp’s. I knew from the moment that I “met” you, that I wanted to be your friend. You are wonderful and a completely talented RPer! To be honest, you are the reason that I am writing these little notes to everyone. You inspired ME to conquer the hate going around with love. I hope today is a better day, and that you feel that you can come to me if you ever need me to kick anyone’s ass. I love you, chica!

Your aesthetic: Eyeliner that can cut a bitch, midnight picnics, laughing until your sides hurt, tinted lip gloss, roundhouse kicks to the jugular.


Emma: OH MY GOD. You are so fucking hilarious. I love your Harry RP and your wonderful sense of humor. Tbh tho, you kinda frighten me when you are angry. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But you’re a little scary XD I admire your fight!

Your aesthetic: Cherry chapstick, snorting while laughing, random bursts of impressions, longboarding in the sunset, traveling to exotic places.


Mattie: YOU ARE THE SWEETEST BEAN THAT I HAVE EVER MET! I love that every time I see you, you are wearing a different wig. How many do you have? Do you hide your secrets in them? I also love that you called me out on my viking beanie XD I can’t wait to do another RP with you!

Your aesthetic: Long conversations while drifting off to sleep, giggle attacks, jamming to good music, sleepy days by a bonfire, the smell of smores.


Jess: I am afraid we have only met through the medium of reblogs, my dear! We must fix this! 

Your aesthetic: A mystery! (because I can’t judge if we haven’t talked (I FEEL LIKE A HORRIBLE PERSON)))


Relic: Not going to lie, you kinda piss me off with how pretty you are? Like wtf? Rude. How dare. Anywho, your hair and makeup are #goals so keep on, my friend.

Your aesthetic: Drive in movies, lightening bugs, secrets between friends, The Walk, Killing with Kindness.


Dylan: Bruh, I don’t know why, but I kinda freaking love you? Wait. I do know why. It’s because you are so fantastically chill. Like I feel like you are one of those people that I could sit with and not have to talk… but we would feel totally comfortable, ya know?

Your aesthetic: Lost hairbands, beanies for every occasion, beat up chucks/vans, pastel flowers, fighting the good fight, brass knuckles.


Ryu: You are honestly one of the most good-natured people I have ever met. I loved just talking to you that one day on skype (even though I rambled the whole time). You bring this sort of… prescence that is just… calming. Like I feel that if we hung out in person, then you could give me The Look and I would instantly be like “You right, bruh. I’m chill.” Idk, man. I feel like we need to talk more.

Your aesthetic: Long hugs, loud laughter, sassy comments, flannel shirts, the feeling of the first snow of the year, the freedom of driving with the windows down.


We Aren’t Cool Because We Don’t Have A Squad Name Squad (First people I met)

TT: Dear lord, child. Sometimes it is honestly frightening how similar we are in some ways. But we are going to real talk for a moment because I need to share #feelings (gross). Where do I even begin? 

TT, you are one of the most familiar strangers that I have ever met. It’s like one moment I feel as though there is this person in front of me that I have known for decades, and then you hint at something new and I am totally thrown. You, my dear, are the best kind of mystery. Now I could go on and on about your merits as an artist and as an RPer, and honestly that would fill up a page, but I think I am going to take this time to say that I appreciate you as a human. 

Your sweet smiles and loud bursts of laughter, your mischievous glint that you get when you know you are going to RIP THE HEART OUT OF EVERYONE, your crazy hair, your calming tone when there needs to be peace instead of fight… all of it, love. All of it is golden and I value the friendship that you have offered and I hope that I can return it to you. 

Oh and sometimes you are so James Potter that it hurts XD

Your aesthetic: Dancing with friends, (not so) accidental troublemaking, Long conversations about everything in the universe, comfort found in snuggles, fuzzy socks, ink-stained fingers.


Laina: Oh my dear, where to begin? You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. Sometimes I feel like you are the sun. You’re warm and inviting (and a hot hot starXD ) and the best thing about it all, is that it is totally genuine. 

You are also a total goofball! Your cosplays give me life and I especially love the random scoldings/encouragements that you give the group chat. If I ever need to smile, I know that I can talk to you and feel better instantly. 

There are certain people that the world needs more of, and Laina, you are one of them. I am so excited to meet you IRL! Thank you for your kindness and your friendship. It’s something that I will treasure.

Your aesthetic: Ribbons of all different colours, secret handshakes, crying because it’s just THAT funny, warm air rolling off the ocean, the feeling of spinning with your arms outspread.


Jes: OH DEAR LAWDY, here we go. Jes, you absolutely amazing creature. I can’t believe we have only known each other such a short period of time! 

Do you know that feeling that you get when you meet someone and realize that a piece of your soul is attached to theres? Like a weird mixture of play dough. Smooshed together to create a beautiful swirl of colour. Well, my dear that’s how I see you. 

You are a beautiful swirl of vibrant colour that surrounds my heart. 

You help bring colour into my Gray world and I will always love you for it. 

Your aesthetic: Home-cooked meals, nights spent cuddling and chatting, staring popcorn ceilings willing them to reveal their secrets, dancing in the rain, the feeling of sunshine on your shoulders, beautiful music.


Meli: I have had the wonderful privileged of your many confused conversations. Your genuine easy-going nature is something that is so refreshing, I wish I could emulate it. I have never met such a kind soul that also has enough snark to keep me on my toes. 

I envy your easy way of speaking to people and I feel like I have much to learn from what you could teach me. 

Your aesthetic: The smell of cloves, the buzz of a tattoo gun, the smile that lights up the face of a kid on Christmas, comfortable shoes, freckles on noses, Eskimo kisses.


KP: It is so hard to write down what I feel. The ability to put it into words is escaping me, but I know that you understand. 

There are so many conversations that we have had that I would just love to put into a box and hide them away so that I may keep them forever. You put up with my moods, you see me for me and I don’t think that “thank you” would ever suit the amount of gratitude that I feel to whatever higher being put you in my path.

Thank you for the laughter, the smiles, the tears, the promises, the endings, the beginnings, the future trouble that i know we will get into, the conversations…. everything. 

Your aesthetic: Leather jackets, cuddly sweaters, tear stained cheeks, deep purple, <4′s, collarbones, political statements, bruised knuckles, constellations, coffee and cigarettes, glow-paint fights, pinky promises.



Lundayy: OH GOD! Here we go

I remember first meeting you at a chorus concert. You were all done up in a suit and tie and I thought “this kid looks dapper af”

flash forward to our freshman year of college. You’re sitting there in you goofy ass hat, and you message me from behind on tumblr. I knew from that moment on, that I wanted to make you a part of my life. 

I value your wit, your ability to care, your snark,  but most of all; I value your friendship. 

Lundayy, you will always have a special place in my heart… right next to my left ventricle.

Your aesthetic: Ramen, Hipster glasses, undercuts, ART!!!, late night video games, callouses on fingers.


Katie: Katie, my love. There is so much that can be said about how I feel about you. 

From the first moment I met you I thought “Fuck, now I’m stuck” and it’s the damn truth. I am stuck with you as I hope you are stuck with me. 

I know I don’t say it often enough, but I really do appreciate you. So much. There is something to be said about the fact that I am totally comfortable crying in front of you. I love your smile, your crazy-ass, psycho,  “I’m going to kill you” laughter, the late night car rides, The mid day car rides where we listen to Going to California just to feel for one moment…. as though we are infinite. 

I love you so much and I am privileged to have you in my life. 

Your aesthetic: Heart glasses, female punk bands, slapping bigots with bibles, flower crowns, crying with laughter, fox pants, preppy-punk.


Don’t ask me why I decided to do this because the only explanation I can give is that everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated every once in a while. I love all you guys, so fucking much.

Peace out girl scouts

~Andy Gray

So this is at least the second time this guy has created an account just to send me hate since I have anon turned off.. It’s so cute <3 I’m so flattered ! First it was “creepy fangirl” now it’s “creepy stalker”.. Am…. Am I progressing? Senpai it’s so soon!!!

What I love about this is that this person is effectively sending me hate for SUPPORTING my friends. Like oh nooo I’m such a horrible personnnn how will I ever live with myself?? I never claimed they needed me to defend them - in fact I’ve clearly stated they don’t. Plus why are you implying they aren’t real ??? XD

Also, it’s a screenshot of an email rather than the message because this adorable coward deleted their account before I could even read it in my inbox

But it doesn’t matter what I say in my own defence, only what Cim and Eva say, right guys?

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What is an idea for an Elsanna fanfic you haven't seen or haven't seen well written?

Well, it’s not so much about whether it’s well-written (tho that is a perk) as much as whether it’s actually finished or if the author just wrote a few chapters and then gave up on it xD Either way, I’d personally like to see more or any (finished) Elsanna fics about:

- The prohibition in the United States

- Red Riding Hood

- Dragon Age

- “my mother brought her new partner home and i am slightly pissed off for no reason and then it turns out her partner has a daughter my age and i’ll probably hate her but then we team up to rant about our horribly lovey-dovey parents and it’s delightful bc you are so full of rage AU”

- “I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital” AU

- Pokemon omg

- Punzelsanna

- Nurse!Anna/Patient!Elsa

- Weed (written by people who’ve smoked weed)

- Bioshock

- First time at a strip club

- Harry Potter (I’ve seen lots of one-shots, not the same)

- Consorts AU

- Vampire!Anna

- Fae!Elsa or Demon!Elsa

- One of them works for the other in any occupation of the writer’s choosing.

- Artist/commissioner au

- Hand worship for Elsa