i am a great pretender

  • Zen: Wait, where are Yoosung and Jumin? I thought this was a group thing.
  • Seven: I lied. They’re not coming and I’m about to leave.
  • Zen: Why?
  • Seven: Because... they’re not in love with MC, and neither am I. I mean, she’s great and sweet. I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t noticed her body, but this is off-topic. Good luck!
I am the girl after your greatest heartbreak, your great love. I am the girl you try to pretend to be good enough; the girl that will never really be enough. I am the girl who picks up the pieces I have no power to break. I am the girl that pretends to be naïve. I am the placeholder, the clean-up crew, the girl after the storm. I know I’m the one after the catastrophe, because I am not capable of being a beautiful disaster. I know my place in your life, you don’t have to deny it just because you don’t want to hurt me, it’s a little too late for that.
I am not her. I don’t want to be the one waiting for the storm to end. I don’t want to be the placeholder anymore, I want to be the one. I’m tired of being a hand to hold when yours searches for hers. I am done being someone to fill the void she left every time you miss her, especially when it happens constantly. I deserve more than this. I deserve to be loved the way you love her. So this is my goodbye. And even though it’s a letter addressed to you, it’s also a letter for me, because even though I’m the one leaving, I know I’ll be the one hurting. So when you read this letter, if you ever do, I hope you feel a little heartbreak. I hope you’d give me some sign that at least I still meant something to you, even if it isn’t much. I know I’m not the perfect storm, but I’m just hoping that somehow, I was still a calm drizzle.
—  a. gale, An unsent letter from the girl after the storm to her hurricane

Because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

A great pretender, that’s what God hates the most. Pretending to be spiritual but dead inside is lukewarmness. Pretending to know the Lord but living like He doesn’t exist is lukewarmness. Putting a mask of piety on the outside will not make you clean on the inside, living a life built on lies will someday be destroyed by the fire. 

God warned the Laodiceans out of His love. He warned them so that they will see who they really are and for them to repent of it. It’s not late to change, God is merciful and He will forgive those who repent. All you need is to come to Him in humility and trust.

Let’s examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith.

the leafs are an incredible team and i have always and will always believe in them just as much as any other fan would believe in their team. first or last, i expect their best and nothing less, and theyve given me that so far tonight. i love them for it and it only makes me believe in them more and makes my expectations that much higher.

grey-starlight  asked:

All I know about D&D is stuff I've seen from your blog and I don't even know what it really is but I keep reblogging it because its really funny 😂

so I play a dragon-humanoid Paladin character, and paladins are holy knights blessed by the gods and sworn to uphold truth and justice and help people

except my Paladin only swore an oath to nature gods and therefore isn’t bound by any of that do-gooder shit

she isn’t trained in magic or arcana

her healing powers really seriously SUCK

she loots dead bodies and lies and drinks heavily and flirts even more

and each time the small town NPC knight character asks “why can’t you do this” or “HOW CAN YOU DO THAT BAD THING” she just shrugs and says “I’m not that kind of Paladin”

but then tonight


the party walks in on a group of bandits and before anyone else moves, my dragon-Paladin character breathes a huge blast of cold power and freezes four of them completely solid, injuring the bandit captain. takes minimal damage when the captain strikes back, and then on the next turn, uses Divine Smite to just grind this poor bandit into the ground with a wild amount of damage

and after the fight, the knight NPC is just so #shookt. she absolutely wrecked these assholes in TWO MOVES

my character hooks her thumbs on her belt, smirks real big, and says “THAT’S what kind of Paladin I am”

anyway, d&d is great if you want to pretend to be a panty-dropping dragon badass and I highly recommend it

Gasoline Blood - A Leo Valdez Playlist

I Am Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds / The Great Pretender - Freddie Mercury / Boys Will Be Boys - Benny / Just Like Fire - P!nk / Empty Gold - Halsey / Bonfire Heart - James Blunt / Gasoline - Halsey / Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde / Try - P!nk / Happy - Marina and the Diamonds / One More Time With Feeling - Regina Spektor / Misery - Creeper / Buzzcut Season - Lorde / Fire Meets Gasoline  Sia / Hard Times - Paramore / Somebody To Love - Queen / Rootless - Marina and the Diamonds / Take On Me - Ninja Sex Party / BITE - Troye Sivan / Gasoline - Troye Sivan

Ronan Lynch: Wait, where are Blue and Noah? I thought this was a group thing.
Gansey: Yeah, I lied. They’re not coming and I’m about to leave.
Ronan Lynch: Why?
Gansey: Because they’re not in love with Adam, and neither am I. I mean, he’s great. And sweet. I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t noticed his body, but–this is off-topic! Good luck!

  • Aelin: Wait, where are Aedion and Chaol? I thought this was a group thing.
  • Lysandra: Yeah, I lied. They’re not coming and I’m about to leave.
  • Aelin: Why?
  • Lysandra: Because they’re not in love with Rowan, and neither am I. I mean, he’s great. And sweet. I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t noticed his body, but–this is off-topic! Good luck!

So my cousin’s friend had this idea.
E.N.D = Evil Natsu Dragneel.

And the thing is, the more you think about it, the more the situation becomes real.
Gray battles Natsu with the Ice Demon Slaying magic that his own father gave to him as he died. Ice DEMON slaying magic. DEMON.
So pretend that this is true for just a moment.
That would mean that Gray would be forced to fight his comrade, who he’s known for ages now. But what if he failed? Technically speaking, no one else would be able to defeat a demon, except for demon slayers.

And angels.

Think about it. Celestial magic COULD, in a way, be considered angel magic. The only person could could stand a chance against Demon Natsu,
Is Lucy Heartfillia, who, you could say has “angel magic”. It could end up being that Gray fails, and Lucy is left to lock up one of her best friends for eternity, in order to stop Natsu from destroying the entire earth.

Need more evidence?

Recall back to when Laxus came back to Fairy Tail, and Freed “locked” Gajeel and Natsu up with his ruins, and they worked, which means that he’s older than 80 years old.
“Rule: no statues or people over the age of 80 are allowed out.”

Zeref. Remember; during the S-class wizard picking test?
Zeref KNEW Natsu in some way, yet Natsu didn’t.
Was it because he had simply heard about Natsu? Or because he, Zeref, had created Natsu? And remember how he had wanted Natsu to kill him, and ONLY Natsu?
That’s because he created Natsu, and because Natsu was indeed his strongest creation.
Moving on, Zeref also tells Igneel that Natsu is E.N.D.
It says in the manga, “Let him live, or kill him. You’ll be the one to choose.”
Igneel couldn’t bring himself to kill this child, and instead, taught him Dragon Slayer magic, in hopes to let him live a happy life, and also in hopes that he will never find out that he is E.N.D.
“Igneel couldn’t kill him.”

Zeref’s magic didn’t kill Natsu.
It may just be the obvious; the scarf that Igneel gave to him protected him. But I have learned that in animations, you have to be aware of everything, even the littlest details.
It could have been because Zeref made Natsu, and because Natsu was a demon.

Now that we’re on the topic of parents, I get that most, if not all, dragon slayers have no remembrance of their real parents.
But considering all the evidence I have above, consider this as well.
What if he had no parents? Because he was created by Zeref, he had no parents.

Remember Jackal?
He couldn’t believe Natsu was even human.
“Natsu’s magic… A magic that’s on par with that of a demon!”

And something that happened more recently in the manga.
Silver KNOWING Natsu.
“Natsu… Of all people.”
How, you ask?
Because since he was awoken by a follower of Zeref, he must have been informed about his most powerful creation. Natsu.
And the look he had on his face when he said it. It was extremely dark looking.
Remember, everything’s important!

In Edolas, remember when Natsu pretended to be a demon?
“I am called Great Demon Lord Dragneel!”
Why would Hiro Mashima use that particular nickname?
Pay close attention the the name
Great Demon LORD Dragneel.
The “Lord” part was added in because Natsu is the strongest demon alive! He could easily be called “Lord” to the other demons.

My final piece of evidence is that Hiro Mashima himself said this.
“Fairy Tail will change in ways we isn’t expect.”
That could be hinting this, or something else. But look at all the evidence above!

But it’s reasonable, no?

frostysarah  asked:

Ooo guess my sign. I'm not super quick to get heated but when I do I get HEATED. I get really into what I'm doing. I'm not really great at showing that I care but I am great at pretending that I hate someone I like. I try not to make it seem like it but I'm actually pretty sensitive. I'm a water sign. I can't handle people who are fake and I hate when people don't tell me the truth. What sign am I?

Sounds like a Scorpio.