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The gray of injury

I’m in that phase of injury recovery that is probably the most frustrating - the time where you have more questions than answers and every step forward is soon joined by a painful step backwards. 

Today, for example, was the first day that I really felt no knee pain walking around during the day. Then at practice I decided to go ahead and do my rehab exercises. But the weight room didn’t have exactly the type of resistance band I needed. So I switched to the nautilus machines, thinking I could handle it as long as I kept the weight really low, as in the lowest possible setting, 10 pounds.

Bad idea.

About an hour later the knee stiffened up again, though not as badly as last week. Clearly I am in for a long haul. But how long is what I still don’t know. My chiropractor has been great at helping me deal with the inflammation but still the root issue persists. My massage therapist/acupuncturist has also worked on me and like the chiropractor thinks I do not have ligament damage and that it’s neuromuscular in nature. He’s also located an issue in my piriformis on the same side. That’s disconcerting because I once fought piriformis syndrome for a coupe of years and after a lot of hard work, beat it back. So that’s coming back, too? Ugh. In any case, he thinks I should get an MRI on the knee. 

Meanwhile my next stop is with my regular physician, on Friday, for ostensibly my annual checkup. It’s a physical exam, but the topic of my knee and what to do about it will surely come up. Perhaps, after that I will be on my way to some answers. What do I have? How do I recover from it? Time? Surgery? How long will it take? Will I be able to run Boston? I just want to know, already, so I can move on with a plan to deal with it and become a healthy runner once again.