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Happy anniversary to these seven dorks!! You guys have been my hope since i was in 9th grade!! Our boys who have gone from nothing to their first award to daesang and succesfully being a global kpop group after winning their first even billboard awards happy 4th anniversary! Let us wish our boys will always be healthy and happy!

Kim namjoon!

Kim seokjin!

Min yoongi!

Jung hoseok!

Park jimin!

Kim taehyung!

Jeon jungkook!



I am sorry for being a sucky fan! ㅠㅠ i missed so many fest events! But i had to open my phone for this! I miss them so much!

Hiiiiii long time no see. !!!

well it happend a lot while i was out.

so… well, i’m in my last year of high school, have a lot of exams, a lot of homework.
i dont even have time to sleep.
it is a relief that my grades are pretty good so i dont have to be worried for the second semester.
btw! i’m in my winter (i’m from chile) vacations, sooo i am relieved too because, at last, i can have a little time for relax, and for drawing too.
what i go with this is that, im going to do commissions !!!! yay!!!!
maybe another day i’ll publish more info about this.

but now, you can ask anything to draw.

ps : i love this childish, impulsive dork.

Pill Bottles

Oh boy, my first fic and of course it’s angst.  I hope you guys enjoy!

TW: suicide, recreational drug use

ao3 link 

Chapter 1- Texts, Notes, and Tears

Michael stared up at his ceiling.  He had made up his mind.  He was going to do it, and wouldn’t back out this time.  It had been a few months since the “squipcident”, and everyone was starting to settle back into their normal routine.  Everyone except Michael.  He didn’t understand why he hurt so much, and why he felt like this.  His life had started changing for the better.  He had an awesome new group of friends, and best of all, he had an amazing boyfriend now.  So why did he feel so awful?

He eyed the pill bottles sitting on his bed side table.  They seemed to scream at him to open them and chug the whole bottle.  Sertraline, antidepressants, sedatives, and ibuprofen all stared at him, piercing a hole through his skull.  Another migraine started to settle in, they always did when he was nervous.  He sat up from his bed, clutching his head in his hands.  He muttered swears under his breath as he began to open the first bottle.  He opened each bottle, one after another, as thoughts danced through his mind. “What was the last thing he had said to Jeremy? ‘I love you so much, Jer.’”  Jeremy had replied with a simple “Love you too, see you on Monday!”  Michael chuckled as the first tear rolled down his cheek.  Why was he crying?   Isn’t this what he wanted?  His mind played through every last thing he had said to everyone he knew.  “Goodnight” to his parents.  His father had only replied with a small grunt to acknowledge he heard as Michael had trudged up the stairs.  “See ya guys!” to his friends.  They had replied in a chorus of “See ya!”s and “Bye Michael!”s.  After each bottle had been opened, Michael looked over to his alarm clock. “2:07 AM”  His parents would be asleep by now, so he had time to light a blunt to calm his nerves.  He reached for the blunt and pulled out his small red lighter.  He lifted the blunt to his lips and dragged in a long breath.  He held his breath for a moment then let go, watching the smoke clouds swirl around his head.  He continued until he could feel himself getting slightly high.  He didn’t want to get so stoned he couldn’t think, but just enough to calm down his racing heart.  He picked up the note he had written earlier and placed on his bed side table.

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for being a shitty person.  Please know i’m in a better place now.  I’ll miss you all.


It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it got his point across.  He grabbed his phone from the pocket of his favorite red hoodie and winced as the bright light blinded him for a second.  “2:15 AM”  His friends would be asleep by now.  He shot a quick text to their group chat “I love all of you so much.  Please don’t think this is your fault.  Thank you for being there for me <3”  That should suffice.  It pained him to write, but he had already made up his mind.  “Now for the most painful part.” he thought. Not killing himself.  Texting Jeremy.  “2:20 AM” Jeremy always went to bed before Michael, usually around 11:00 and he always put his phone on do not disturb, so there’d be no chance in waking him up.  He read over his previous texts with his player 1 and smiled to himself.  Jer was such a dork, but he loved him.  Michael sighed, as his thumbs hovered over the keys.  

“Jeremy, I love you so so much.  More than I could put into words.  More than a thousand vintage cassettes.  I’ve been in love with you since seventh grade, and my love for you has never faltered or faded since.  You’re the one thing I look forward to seeing everyday, and you’ve kept me going for years.  I’m sorry I did this.  It was for the best.  I’ll miss you more than anything.  Please don’t blame yourself.

I love you Jer,

Michael <3”

Michael read over his message a couple of time before pressing send.  He stared as the blue bar on the top of his screen flew across, indicating his message had been sent.  He stared at his screen for a couple more seconds before shutting off his phone.  He grabbed the first bottle and shook a few pills into his hand.  Quickly, before he could change his mind, he threw the pills to the back of his throat and gulped them down with water.  He sighed and grabbed more.  He continued to do this until he lost count of the pills he’d ingested. “Now all there’s to do is wait.”  He took of his glasses and placed them onto his bed side table, just like any other night.  He wrapped himself in his hoodie and sunk into his mattress.  He wrapped his arms around himself.  He smiled as he stuffed his face into his hoodie’s soft red embrace.  He closed his tired, bloodshot eyes, and let himself drift off to sleep.

New studyblr

Hi! I’m Celeste (Cele) and i’ve been admiring from afar the studyblr community for a while now, and i finally forced myself to make one for myself.

•I’m currently halfway through 9th grade.

•Aspiring oncologist. And maybe someday writer…

•I’m a total freak for biology, maths debates, and english (spanish is my mother tongue therefore there’s probably way too many mistakes in this. I’m sorry). Reading, writing, and listening people talk about something they love are probably my favorite activities.

•I’m starting japanese and i’m actually loving it.

•I am a giant dork. And clumsy. And there’s always ink in my hands because i’m a five year old and i like to doodle in them.

•My notes are not really pretty but i’ll try to post decent ones.

Studyblrs i like:
@bionctes @bluebellstudies @colormecosmic @emmastudies @peepstudies @studyquill @nerdybun @studyblr @coffee-and-tea-studying @hufflepuffwannabe @studyign @eintsein

I know this is a bit log but i got carried away. ✨

miraculouspaladins  asked:

fun fact: one time in second grade there was this annoying boy, and he was bothering my friend and i... so i pinched him so hard that he started bleeding... but my teacher didn't believe him when he told her what i did because she thought i was too shy/nice to do something like that

wow noni

you’re such a cruel person

how am i related to you


remember jason dean?? (made up name, but i might tell you later)(if you’re nice to me)(maybe)

anyways, we were in the same grade in 2nd grade (before i left those losers for 4th grade)

and we were kinda friends, but that quickly changed at the beginning of the year when I asked him what class he was in

and apparently that was the wrong thing to ask as he then stepped on my fingers reallly hard (we were on a playground and he was higher than me)

fun times

kids are cruel


anonymous asked:

How long have you two known each other? (Sorry for such a lame question lmao)

Patryk: “I’ve known paul ceince school, I was that dorky kid that loved to take pictures with this little camera I had, I still have the pictures that go with it.”

Patryk: “one day back in the 6th grade I believe it was, I was testing out the camera that I had gotten the day before and I was excited about using it. I took a few shots with the camera and being the little dork that I was, I kinda went over board with the picture.”

Patryk: “Paul was in the hall way and i didn’t really know him on a personal level. more like, that one kid that fell asleep in class and am pretty sure smoked in the womb- any way”

Patryk: “he was in the hall way and noticed me taking pictures and thought I was taking pictures of him”

Patryk: “he came over and asked me to stop taking pictures of him. heheh, I was such a flustered mess talking to him. ”

Patryk:“But none the less I told him I wasn’t necessarily taking pictures of him, I was just trying put my new camera. After that me and him started talking and I actually managed through the conversation to not embarrass myself. And after that we soon became best friends up until collage where we were officially a couple. ”

Riley Matthews: “I am Jexica” [gmjexica]
“Riley’s gone, I’m Morotia M. Black now” [gmyearbook]
“I’ve become to the dork side” [gmpopular]

Maya Hart: *starts getting good grades and changing her style*


Me: Really nigga?!


LIGHTSPEEDING. happy munday y'all i look like the worst trash ever omg ( i am the short one for those who don’t know lmao ) but this is a really happy memory i want to share with y'all – i found the school where in grade 5 i met my best friend !!! i am so happy i could cry tbh – gosh it’s been awhile

anyways have some pics of us in front of the school taken by another of our close friends !!


If I had enough dedication to make a list about my favourite sports anime’s protagonist: Echizen Ryoma & Kageyama Tobio

For some strange, inexplicable reasons, Kageyama reminds me a lot about my idiotic prince, despite their differences. Their journeys are similar in many ways - a lonesome boy trying to figure out how to be in a team and improving himself. That being said, it’s also very strange to see that for once, Ryoma has more social skills than someone, a rather difficult feat to accomplished. I love whereas my darling prince is cheeky and disrespectful, my king is terrifying and a touch insecure. Whereas my prince loves to mouth off to everyone, my king can never articulate himself. But in the end, they are my little dorks who only have in them that single-minded determination and passion, the stubbornness and the unwillingness to give up until the very last.

They are my darlings.

that frickin. that college au. oh my god. oh MY god.

  • obi-wan confronting anakin about his “Sith Happens” shirt. anakin groaning and getting annoyed because he’s wearing it for ironic purposes, obviously

  • padme is this impossibly accomplished student who manages to get good grades while also getting herself deeply involved w community service. anakin has no fucking chance. “I am going to marry her,” he thinks to himself while she’s putting up posters about the importance of recycling.

    (obi-wan’s eyeballing him later bc anakin’s changed into an earth day shirt and casually walking past the quad several times, trying to get padme’s attention)

  • padme thinks anakin’s a dork but he’s smart and hilarious and she finds that really appealing. and so is his body. (come on it certainly wasn’t his smooth lines or anything. “you’ve grown more beautiful i mean much shorter for a senator i mean,” anakin’s body helped a lot let’s be real here)

  • she wants to focus on studying and whatnot and thinks it may be a Bad Idea to get mixed up w anakin (what with their differences in temperament, political views, and his tendency to hang out w Palpatine who just creeps her out). but they just keep meeting again and again and most of these occasions end in sloppy makeouts (every time she ends with “i shouldn’t have done that” and every time anakin’s like “i’m sorry, whenever i’m with you my mind is no longer my own. also am i the problem here, did you not like it, what could i have done to make that better for you”)

  • cue the frequent fanfiction tropes thrown in. (“oh no we’ve been locked in this broom closet and cannot come out!” anakin says. padme’s jiggling the doorknob bc half of her is like “this is an ideal situation” and the other half is like “no this is my least favorite fanfiction trope”). don’t try to tell me she doesn’t read fanfiction ok

  • obi-wan and anakin are always bickering, but anakin’s always with obi-wan during his office hours and he’s memorized how many bags of tea obi-wan goes through in a day (the answer is a lot)

  • other students come in to see obi-wan about a paper or something and they see him and anakin both yelling at the top of their lungs about something completely inane that happened two weeks ago. they’re like “uh professor?” and obi-wan turns red and clamps his mouth shut and tells anakin to come back later. and this happens on a daily basis. (anakin has his own chair installed in obi-wan’s office. students ask each other, “is he even in any of obi-wan’s classes?” “i think he was last semester… or was it last year?”)

  • i really need to stop

hedalexatrikru  asked:

5, hold my hand. (I don't know, but I kept seeing a super young Golly for this prompt, but feel free to do whatever you want)

Winners & Losers

“You know the rules, Gail.” After watching his girlfriend walk out the front door of The Penny, Dov sat back down and chugged the rest of his drink before sliding the empty glass into the middle of the table, eyeballing Gail as he waited for her bruising retort.

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  1. I am the self-proclaimed Wendy Darling from my group of friends, which are guys mostly. They’re my Lost Boys. :)
  2. I’ve dyed my hair almost all the colors of the rainbow at one point.
  3. When I was seven, my dad recorded me singing “Let Me Be Your Wings” from the Thumbelina soundtrack. Sadly, I don’t know where that recording is. I would love to hear my voice from back then. I use to sing that song everywhere. I was (kinda still am?) a very romantic baby just like my muse. I’m more dork than romantic nowadays anyway.
  4. I attended a private Catholic school up to 8th grade. I was then thrown in the public school system. ( I am very open-minded about religion but prefer to consider myself a spiritual anarchist.)
  5. Back when I was more active on Twitter, I involved myself with many Tarot readers and authors. It was a dream come true. I even won a signed copy of a book by a Tarot author once from my writing of 8 of Swords. (I’m sorry I was really happy about this. ;3;)

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