i am a good watcher

Me: I’m going back on weight watchers. Something is clearly not right in my diet and this is the best way to figure it out. It will mean I likely lose the recently gained weight, find the problem food(s), and even, weirdly, have a better eating schedule then I have recently

Five minutes later: I wonder if there’s a Thai restaurant near here I really want Pad Thai.

Candy Bar Story

I literally just pulled out $3 from my wallet and got in the elevator to head to the cafe before they closed to buy a candy bar.

A candy bar I don’t need.

The elevator doors opened and I didn’t get out.

I hit the button to go back to the office.

Candy bar buying crisis was squashed!


You guys!!! How have I forgotten to share my super awesome news!!!

So, Monday I went to Catherine’s to look for workout pants (which I found), but I also decided to try on some new work pants because my current ones are literally falling off of me.

Apparently, I must have been putting off buying new pants longer than I thought.

The ones on the left are a size 30, which if you recall not only is this year the first time in many years I have been able to wear zip up pants, but I started wearing them in July/August.

My new pants on the right are now a size 24! A freaking 24! How the hell was I walking around the office without my old pants falling off of of me? Anyways, it was definite body positive moment!

I obviously know that every store is different, and the number my change, but since I mainly shop at Catherine’s right now for pants, I am super excited!