i am a god kanye west

Ultralight Beam
  • Ultralight Beam
  • Kanye West ft. Chance The Rapper
  • The Life of Pablo

Hey, cause I know that you’ll make everything alright
And I know that you’ll take good care of your child
Oh, no longer am afraid of the night
Cause I, I look to the light

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Absolutely Smitten - Dodie
Reflections - MisterWives
Car Radio - twentyone pilots (TUNE)
This Is The Last Time - Keane
I Always Knew - The Vaccines
Chronicles Of A Fallen Love - The Bloody Beetroots (BANGER)
You & Me Song - The Wannadies (I love this song, always makes me smile)
One Day Like This - Elbow
Red - Daniel Merryweather
Say It Again - Frances
Happy - Marina and The Diamonds
I Am A God - Kanye West
Radio - Lana Del Rey
Emily - MIKA

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A fan mix for Zeus, god of thunder, lightning and rampant, ceaseless misogyny.

1. I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book 2. PIMP - 50 Cent 3. Big Balls - AC/DC 4. Clique - Kanye West 5. I Am a God - Kanye West 6. Dick in a Box - The Lonely Island 7. Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes 8. Move Bitch - Ludacris 9. Do My Thang - Miley Cyrus 10. All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled 11. Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds 12. You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love) - Avenue Q 13. Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler 14. Alcohol is Free - Koza Mostra 15. Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood 16. Lucky - Britney Spears


Characters from Luke Cage and Lyrics from rap song that I thought fit

Luke Cage: “What a god to a non-believer” (No Church in the Wild)-Jay Z and Kanye West

Misty Knight:”Everything these haters do just to degrade ya,Only made me stronger so thanks for the favor.“ (All Good)-LIL’ Kim

Mariah Dillard: “You can be the King,but watch the Queen Conquer” (Monster Nicki Minaj Verse)

Herman “Shades” Alvarez:“Cause we’ve been through the worst times and the best times,But it was our time, even if it was part-time” (I’m Real)-JaRule ft J.Lo I couldn’t resist

Claire Temple:”I am woman, hear me roar,Comin’ out fresher and flyer than I did before”-(I am Woman)-MC Lyte

Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes: "Watch the blimp read, ‘The World Is Mine.'” (If I Ruled the World)-Nas ft Lauryn Hill

Willis “Diamondback” Stryker: ”Catch me if you can like the GingerBread man- (Struggle) Biggie Smalls

Henry “Pops” Hunter: “God is smilin’ on you but he’s frownin’ too,Because only God knows what you’ll go through” (The Message)-Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Occasionally Rafael Scarfe especially when he killed Chico,and That one guy who didn’t want to save Luke even though Misty ask him to: “Fuck the Police” (Fuck the Police)-NWA

If anyone disagrees ,or got suggestion the floor is yours.