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Lol "taking up screen time and doesn't mean anything" I wonder if the same people said the same thing about Spiderman showing up in CACW, or if it's only NOW a problem that it's Tony...

Lol, spider-man being in CACW had its own problems without even getting to the fact that he took screen-time away from characters who need it. But I don’t think Tony’s gonna be super important to this movie besides providing Peter with a goal of sorts, so any complaining just reads so short-sighted to me.

(Like antis latched on to Peter so hard as a way of proving how irresponsible and manipulative Tony was, so nah, they were all about Spider-Man. Now here they are, and Tony’s seemingly still looking out for Peter, so. Awkward for them I guess!)

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"You know, your talents would TRULY be appreciated if you worked for me--"

– You’d want me to work for you? I… I don’t know what
I’d have to offer that you would want, sir. But I’m very good at
cooking and cleaning - or so my sisters tell me.