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Lead Me On; Part Four (M)

A/N: I am so happy about this chapter!! It took me very long to write but it is here! Enjoy! 

Ps. I have decided to make the P.O.V. instead of ‘she’ to ‘you’. 

Pairing: Fuckboy!Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff, Romance, AU

Warnings in this chapter: explicit sex (make up sex), drug use (weed)

Words: 3,544 (more than I’ve ever written, please be proud of me)

Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | to be continued…

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“Ugh, Junmyeon, can you not win for once?” you asked, groaning as you popped another cherry gummybear into your mouth. You heard the deep sound of Junmyeon’s chuckle, a grin appearing on your face. “You know this game is pure luck, Y/N.” you rolled your eyes but giggled nonetheless, he was right after all. You felt a nudge on your stomach. Looking down you saw the little brown, fluffy animal, seated in your lap curiously looked up when you giggled. Junmyeon’s eyes went to the tiny creature. “Odin has been being more active, I’ve noticed. I think he’s finally coming down from that sickness.” You nodded.

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Complicated Hearts.

Request from @bucky-hackneyed:Can you do a Bucky x reader where Bucky is kind of an asshole to reader when she tries to flirt with him and then he tells her he doesn’t like her and she’s all heart broken?? But then Bucky catches feeling and then it fluffy stuff?

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,563

Warnings: Hurtful remarks, mild language, angst, heartbreak and fluff.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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“Earth to [y/n]!”

You were supposed to be training with Natasha in the gym of Stark Tower but you found yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the hot mess that was currently at the weights station. The redhead waved her hand in front of your face to try and snap you back to reality and after a few moments of doing so she succeeded as you shook our head and turned your gaze back to your friend.

“Gees, you’ve got it bad!”

“What?” You furrowed your brows in confusion having not even realised what it was you had been doing. “I have no idea what you are talking about Nat.”

“Yeah that’s right, feign innocence, but considering I have just been stood here for the past few minutes watching you I know exactly what, or rather who, you were looking at. You are like it every time he is in the gym.”

Could she really blame you though? Bucky Barnes had the stature of a Greek God and that jawline of his….damn it was sharp enough to cut something……

“[y/n] you’re doing it again.”

Now you really couldn’t deny it because you were perfectly aware that both your eyes and your thoughts had once again drifted over to the newest member of the team. How on earth were you supposed to concentrate on your training session with Natasha when such a beautiful sight was proving to be far too much of a distraction?

“I’m sorry but come on! The guy is ridiculously hot…that amount of hotness should be illegal.”

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The Escape Plan - Part 1

And here’s my awaited Zircon x Zircon fanfiction! I’m planning to do two parts of this. This first part has more of a story though and develops the relationship between the two Zircons. Part 2 will just be smut along with some fluff. That’s really it. There might be other stuff but I’ll see where it takes me. Anyway! Enjoy! If there are any canonical mistakes or seems a bit OOC for some characters I apologize and please don’t get mad at me! I did my best!

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 10

A/N: i have just realized that i have no clue how long this series is going to last lol

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You didn’t move from your spot. Lafayette helped you off the street, not wanting another disaster to happen. He didn’t dare question what happen to John’s body. He carried you bridal style, and you held tight to his shirt, burrowing your head into his chest. The blood from your hands stained his clothing, but he didn’t care.

You were in shock.

The others boys didn’t really understand what was going on. Hamilton tried talking to Lafayette, but he just shook his head. They assumed that you were hurt, because of the blood, and you couldn’t muster up the words to tell them that you were okay. At least physically. Instead, you wrapped your arms around Lafayette.

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Be Okay - Karamel One Shot.

Her world stopped 6 months ago. Then it started spinning again, at a much slower pace, so slow it ached her heart. It was so slow, sometimes it didn’t feel like it was moving, and she relived that day again and again. Every night, she hoped she would fall asleep immediately without dreaming of him: on the other hand, she craved his presence so much she would’ve given everything she had to see him in her dreams, to hold him, to touch him, to talk to him again.
It’s not like everyone else’s world stopped.

Like for Alex.
Alex proposed to Maggie on the same night Kara’s world stopped: she was obviously over the moon for her sister’s engagement, but how could she really celebrate Alex finding the love of her life if she had just lost hers?
Selfish- Kara knew that, so she kept quiet.
Kara has been okay for 6 months. Kara was okay. That’s how she replied to her dear ones, whenever they showed their concern over her. She never stepped into the alien bar again, unless Supergirl had to save someone there; she was doing great at CatCo, she still butted heads with Snapper but, everything was great. Most of the days. Some days.
But she was Supergirl, right? She doesn’t bend or break. She had to be okay. Supergirl saved the world, everyone loved Supergirl, everyone praised Supergirl for saving National City from the Daxamite invasion, but Kara couldn’t stand hearing that word.
But she had to be okay, because she was Supergirl, and as a superhero, she must’ve been strong and never break. Then why did everyone around Kara treated her like she was about to crumble?

She hid the tears in her eyes with a laugh, she muffled the horrendous feelings she felt with a smile. She had to be okay, because if she wasn’t, it would’ve affected everyone else. And Alex..she couldn’t ruin Alex’s mood, she was the happiest she’d ever been, Kara could easily see that, she loved her sister too much to make a bad move and ruin everything, so she calculated her actions: the time for smiles, for jokes, silly stories, it was pretty believable. Kara didn’t know how long that farce would’ve lasted but…she would’ve kept it up until she could.
“Do you like this dress, Maid of Honor?”
“I love it!”
“You said it for every dress you’ve tried on, c'mon..what’s your favorite?”
“Alex, I’m serious, I like them all! Which one do you prefer?”
“Kara, you’re nerve wracking. Pick one.”
“The blue one.” She sighed, she just wanted that wedding madness to be over.
“Great! It would’ve been a mess if you didn’t pick up a dress three days before the ceremony.”
Alex’s phone rang twice before she picked it up.
“J'onn, I’m paying for Kara’s dress, can we tal– uhm, what? Emer- are you sure? Okay, I’m on my way.”
“Is everything okay? Do they need us at work?”
“No, no, it’s a minor thing, I can handle it.” Alex handed her credit card to the brunette woman and gave the shopping bag to her sister, before running away.

The big day had arrived, the ceremony was very intimate, less than 20 people were in attendance, mostly colleagues of the two women. Maggie wore a suit, with a dark blue tie, her eyes lit up as soon as Alex entered the room, Kara could sense the love the two soon-to-be wives shared with just one look; Alex deserved all the love in the world and Maggie’s love was pretty close to that amount. During the vows, sobs could be heard all over the place; it wasn’t a easy road for them, Kara remembered how she stood by Alex’s side in what was probably the hardest period of her life, figuring herself out. Yet she got the happiest of the endings.
Kara couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever find hers. She surely felt the happiest in the months she shared with him, she thought it was ridiculous how much a single person could have had such a great impact on her life, he changed everything, he turned her world upside down, he made her see things she had never seen before, he made her feel things she had never felt before, and she thought she wouldn’t ever feel such things..until he literally fell into her life. Kara had dreamed about finding that kind of love that makes you wanna laugh, cry, yell, jump, lie down, and she did find it. But she had lost it too.

Before she realized it, he was gone. But she had to be okay, she tried to suppress every thought of him, she could barely mention his name.
“It will get better.” She heard that sentence so many times, she almost believed it and repeated it to herself to get through the hardest days: that day was one of the hardest, undoubtedly.
Kara threw herself over the food, avoiding long conversations, trying to ignore the sappy songs the band was playing. Alex used to hate that music, yet, look at her, she was smiling so big, with tears of joy filling her eyes, swinging with her lover in her arms. Love could really change people, being in love, giving love, taking love, ripping love.. that was her case.
Kara’s love arrived so suddenly and unexpectedly, and it was ripped away in the same way. What she felt for him was so profound, she laughed at the idea of feeling anything slightly close to that for somebody else; what they shared was an unbreakable bond, and now that they were apart, she felt a thread pulling her to him, but she couldn’t move, she feared that that tie could’ve been broken. What if he never came back?
That question creeped in the back of her mind, like a monster under a child’s bed, she knew it was there, but she couldn’t fight it. Having superpowers is pointless when your own mind is your biggest weakness, she thought.

“Alex, my beautiful sister-” Kara stood up with a glass in her hand “-and Maggie, you amazing woman, I’m so glad that you two found each other. Maggie, you make my sister the happiest person on Earth, and I’m eternally grateful to you for that, and I know how you would do anything to protect her, literally. I don’t– I know love is hard, finding love is hard, being together is hard, balancing that with a job that puts you in danger everyday is hard. But you kept fighting for it, that’s the most important part..you never let each other go..and you made it..to your happy ending. In a world full of sadness and negativity, you give me hope. You showed me that no matter how many–how many obstacles you will go through, you will overcome them, because you’ll stay at each other’s side. R-ride or die, right? I’m thankful for having you in my life. I love you.”
At this point Kara went to hug the two women, her tears falling on their shoulders. She had reached her breaking point.
She wasn’t okay. She wasn’t okay.
“I’m proud of you, Kara. I love you.” The older sister held the younger like in one of those nights, when she first arrived on Earth, she had recurring nightmares and she felt alone and..lost.

Kara felt an electric shock, going through her bones and skin: there was a shift in the air, she thought it could’ve been the sense of peace coming after releasing all the emotions she had bottled up for months, but something in the atmosphere had changed. She closed her eyelids, but she felt her sister turning around, pulling away.
She heard that voice. His voice.
Her eyes opened quickly, making sure that it was a mirage but..she saw him. Standing in front of her.
Everyone was staring in his direction, so it probably wasn’t an hallucination. She stepped closer to his silhouette, slowly and carefully, almost afraid that a wrong move would’ve made him disappear.
He didn’t move, he was just looking at her with expectancy, she hadn’t reacted. She recognized those eyes and she touched his face. “Mon-El?” Kara hadn’t pronounced those two syllables out loud for so long, her lips felt a weird sensation.
His palm touched hers on his cheek, her knees felt weak; “H-how?”
He gave her a weak smile and she didn’t even let him reply. She just sobbed into his strong arms, burying her face in his neck. Her necklace was still there. Kara knew there was a bunch of (confused) people around them, but she couldn’t care at all. Mon-El was back with her. She was okay. She was more than okay.

“Please, tell me I’m not dreaming.” Kara whispered through the tears. “Because I feel your arms around me.” She chuckled bitterly, thinking about the dreams she had about him.
“This isn’t a dream.” He cupped her face smiling, resting his forehead on hers like always.
Somebody started clapping and she hated it: but at least it made it real, Mon-El was with them.
Kara grabbed his hand and led him out of everyone’s sight, still in complete shock, with tears streaming down her face.
“How did this happen? The lead in the atmosphere..are you okay?”
Every question was followed by a touch, just to be sure, again, he was really there.
“I am okay. Well, when I went away..I got into a portal that got me to the 31st century. A group of heroes helped me find a cure to get back to you, and in the meantime..I became the hero you thought I could be. I helped them saving the world multiple times, I’ve been called a hero multiple times, but you were my inspiration behind all of that. You were in my heart the whole time, and you helped me get through my weakest times. I know it’s been 6 months for you.. But it’s been almost 2 years for me. Yet..nothing changed.” He touched her blonde hair, while she processed all the information she got in such a short time.

“So, you aren’t allergic to lead anymore?”
“Nope.” He took a deep breath.
Kara threw herself in his arms and Mon-El picked her up to spin her around. “When did you arrive, though?”
He scratched his chin, “3 days ago, but I didn’t want to go to you immediately..I didn’t know if you moved on, and..”
“Mon-El.. how could I move on? I love you. Even if now I’m mad at you for hiding for three damn days? Where did you go?” She playfully hit his arm, but her eyebrows shot up.
“I went to the DEO first, praying that you wouldn’t have been there, but I found out that you were out shopping for the wedding. I can’t even lie, I almost thought that you were the bride. I felt so relieved when J'onn told me that Alex was getting married, I’m so so happy for them..” He chuckled lightheartedly. “I explained that I didn’t want to see you right away, he called Alex, and we set up a plan.. I stayed at Winn’s place. And here I am.”
“Wow. This is..unbelievable. These months..were hard. It was like I was surrounded by a wall of glass, I could see everyone’s joy but I couldn’t take part in it. I can’t even comprehend how you could do this for almost 2 years.”

“I had hope, you taught me to be hopeful. I knew that everything would’ve been alright.”
“I hated this sentence for all these months, who would’ve thought that they were right, after all?” Kara smiled, truly, her lover mirrored her expression.
“Kara..” Their fingers intertwined on her flowy dress.
“I really need to do something.” His voice lowered, Kara felt shivers.
“I really need to kiss you, or I’ll go crazy. May I?”
Kara cupped his face and simply replied with her lips on his, it tasted like the oxygen she felt missing in her lungs, it tasted like happiness. It tasted like a happy ending, or better, a brand new happy beginning.
“I love you so much.”
“I love you even more.”
“It’s good to say it when neither of us are crying.”
“It feels really good.” Kara laughed and hid her face in the crook of his neck, she missed being this carefree and..happy: like that Dopey grin, butterflies in her stomach happy.


AND HERE IT IS! 😁😁 I hope I can write some more content for the fam during this hiatus, but finding inspiration is pretty hard.😪 I know it’s not the best, but I tried and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think in my inbox or in the reblogs maybe, love you allllll!😘😘😘❤❤

anonymous asked:

can you talk about the liveshow and what you think? im feeling really anxious cause it seems phil isn't staying at their place and like dan seemed really angry and short tempered? like he kinda insinuated he hated the presents phil got him, he barely mentioned phil, he threw his phone down and said 'apparently im phils PR agent', he very clearly wasn't a fan of the tinder video. idk maybe im over-reacting and you can reassure me but the entire thing seemed so strange and it has me on high alert

hi love!!! i’m going to be honest, i definitely didn’t interpret any of these things the way that you did so i will do my best to try and go through each of the issues you brought up and explain why i didn’t see them in this live show–hopefully that will help you, and i think it will give me the space to also talk about some of the things that stood out to me a bit!! so your first concern is that it seems like phil isn’t staying in their place, by which i think you mean that phil isn’t living with dan? i can’t even articulate how wholeheartedly i disagree but i’ll try hahah. what we know is that phil left for two days literally two weeks ago in order to go to what they described as a family thing, and that now he’s gone for “a few days” again, for another “family thing.” i don’t see why there’s any reason at all to disbelieve these explanations or take them for anything more than what they are on face? we know phil has quite a large family with many random cousins and aunties and since dnp have been traveling so much in the last couple of months and are set to travel again in a few weeks for vidcon, and moreover phil is someone who values his family quite highly, it makes sense that he would maybe use of this downtime to catch up with them. and it fits that he’s not taking dan to these things bc dan has almost never gone to extended family events w phil that we know of (family weddings and the like) and he’s been expressing for the past few weeks how badly he just wants to be alone and not see any more ppl in order to decompress and recharge and get his creative juices flowing. 

but let’s jst say for argument’s sake that the “family thing” is an excuse to cover up something else that’s happening–i still do not see why phil not staying with dan is a reasonable conclusion.  like, w most things to do w dnp there is sometimes room for discussion and it could be better to consider both sides. for this though, there’s truly ZERO evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to refute it including but not limited to phil’s tv box sets behind dan when he does his live shows, the numerous pics phil has posted of them moving and then of him in rooms w the same furniture, decor, and hardwood floors that appear in dan’s pics, and the fact that like, it just wouldnt make any fucking sense for them to go through all this effort to lie about them not staying in the same place? what would they achieve out of not telling the truth about moving apart? and also why would dan then even mention phil going to “see his family?” isn’t that just drawing attention to something he is hypothetically trying to keep secret? i honestly can’t even believe this is something i have to take the time to address but it’s getting frustrating to see it keep cropping up (and i’m not blaming you anon bc ik how compelling conspiracy theories can be, but in this case there is truly no reason not to jst go w the evidence of your own eyes and trust in the fact that dnp are just as disgustingly happy in their domestic bliss as they appear to be.) if there IS some reason that the “family thing” is an excuse or a cover i think there are any number of more reasonable things that they could be covering–e.g. it’s v possible phil has something negative happening in his family right now like a sick relative; maybe phil is working on a solo project that requires him to be out of the house a bit to film or work at diff locations; maybe they’re BOTH working on a joint project but phil is taking care of parts of it and giving dan the time and space to rest and recharge. so many alternatives that make more sense than them living apart. 

to your point about dan’s mood, i definitely did not read him as being angry or short-tempered, and let me emphasize that i am remarkably sensitive to him getting into those more negative moods. in my opinion from watching dan so closely for so many months now, when dan is upset about something he tends to turn most of that ire inwards and it leads to a live show ripe with self-deprecating comments, repeated mentions of wanting death or his life being a joke with zero accompanying smiles or laughs, a lot of notices of negative comments in the chat, long rambles about his feelings or the general lack of direction in his life, etc. i think this live show was a good example of him being tired and nothing more, and that seems understandable given the general activity and socializing of the last week. he seemed lower energy with a lot less yelling and flailing about than he is normally prone to, but i didn’t get any of those really strong negative themes that he normally gets lost in when he’s not in a good mood. on the flip side he pretty confidently defended his decision to change his yt banner and icon, even tho he read out negative comments he laughed them off and assured everyone the changes are temporary, he seemed eager to spend a few days thinking about his next main channel vid and excited to have the time to put more creative effort into it, he was passionate and didn’t even qualify his opinions very much when he talked about wonder woman and the importance of representation and uk politics and the vital role of young people in the electorate, he was full of energy when he was discussing nintendo and steven universe and his other random interests. there were plenty of moments where he could have gone down a darker route but i actually thought that on the whole he kept the content of this show quite positive and light.

regarding his presents, i don’t think anything he said made it seem like he “hated” them? i mean he wasn’t super enthusiastic but that,, makes sense? given what he showed us and what he explained to us about them? w the fidget spinner it was a literal gag gift that he was underwhelmed by bc theyre litro not fun to use at all. makes sense. w the glass bulb tht predicts the weather i thought his tone was gently teasing and fond about how phil so would be the guy to find a nerdy gift like that and think it was awesome but dan the cold-hearted cynic obvi has to point out the lack of scientific merit lmao. but he was quick to defend it as well and state that he still thinks it’s a cool-looking object that he can look at, which honestly reminded me of the xmas present phil got dan with the inky dots suspended in water, and how dan said phil rly understood his need for calming, aesthetic looking things in order to soothe his mind. re: the plastic bonsai and the dog shirt from his family, both of those also seem like gag gifts and he was reacting accordingly bc they’re funny so he’s playing the necessary role of spurned gift-receiver in order for the joke to carry. and then w the sunflowers, i mean i found that whole bit v entertaining? it’s just a fun quirky fact about dan. he appreciates the thought and he’s still going to display the flowers, but it’s  funny as fuck to think about this giant ass man being afraid of literal sunflowers. and tbh i dont think this is the full haul of gifts he got. he’s sharing the ones he feels comfy sharing, the ones that are more joke-y and less personal and that make more entertaining stories for him to share, and that makes sense. i don’t think it needs to be interpreted more deeply in order to speculate on his general emotional state or his relationship w phil. 

you next stated he barely mentioned phil, and i think that makes sense given that he had a lot of non-phil-related things to get through in this ls. it’s clear there was a list of topics he wanted to discuss in his mind or maybe even written down that included his new graphic design, his birthday/the gift haul, uk politics, wonder woman, the gaming channel, new dinof vid. he tends to talk more about phil when there are fewer general topics he needs to touch on–this gives him space to just share a few domestic anecdotes. but this time around there were jst a lot of other issues to discuss and i think that’s fine? he’s his own person, he has perspectives he wants to share, he had a busy week and imo it’s not weird at all if sometimes he doesn’t have that much to say about his partner lmao 

he definitely did not throw his phone down after reading out the text from phil. and the “apparently i’m just phil’s PR agent” comment seemed soooo joke-y and fond to me, i actually thought it was incredibly cute. i get how tone is subjective and i suppose it’s open to interpretation and if you were reading that w this larger context of feeling as though dan was in a very negative mood, i understand why the comment may have struck you the wrong way, but to me i really found it to be a playful bants-y lil remark that fits very much w the way that dnp tease each other when they’re happy and flirty and whatnot 

finally, with respect to phil’s tinder video, i actually was struck by how far out of his way he seemed to go to defend phil for his behaviors? he said like multiple times “it’s not that weird” and tried to make everyone feel like we’ve all “been there,” which like,,, no. we haven’t all been there. wtf. if anything it felt like a classic sidelong defensive comment that dan makes where he is responding to criticism without really explicitly mentioning the criticism. since there were a few ppl who found the video a bit uncomfortable both bc of phil admitting to catfishing a random person online and bc of phil recommending tinder to an audience w a significant percentage of underage ppl, it’s v possible to me that dan saw some of that criticism and was sort of heading it off without fully getting into it. he did kind of laugh when he said “what a partnership” referring to tinder and phil, but i thought that was completely valid and in good spirit–i mean it really IS the unlikeliest and most random of partnerships and i think dan being somewhat openly aware of that is kind of funny and cool. moreover, his tone seemed fond (again) when he was talking about how he was cringing while actually watching the video. i mean a bunch of ppl had full on intense secondhand embarrassment while watching so i dont find that odd at all, and i honestly thought dan’s explanation of his own feelings seemed mild in comparison. im also interested in the fact that he’s going to be making his own tinder video though not one like phil’s, which, if it is the same one that he is going to putting creative energy into in the coming few days, opens up a whole realm of possibilities about how dan is possibly going to connect tinder to any of his own experiences. i’m curious and a lil nervous lmao. 

all in all i thought this live show was actually pretty decent. i mean it wasnt the most interesting as far as dan’s live shows go but it also certainly wasn’t off-puttingly negative for me either. i thought dan was quite honest about his emotions w many of the things he discussed and although he seemed exhausted he also seemed a little bit grateful and excited to get the chance to actually be alone in the coming days and think about his new video. im excited for him to get that chance and looking forward to see what it will be!!! and who knows,, maybe the time alone will finally convince him his new graphic design is trash and he’ll be inspired to change his banner/icons to things that aren’t Ugly ;)))

Mute Part 5

Part 4

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,176
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions, mentions of possible cheating (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

Wanda’s shocked look didn’t last long before she pulled you into an empty conference room. Her movements were antsy, and her expression showed full confusion.

She stopped you in the middle of stressfully running your hand through your hair. “How do you know he is? This is Bucky we’re talking about.”

You didn’t want to say the reasoning out loud and admit it to the world, but you were pretty sure that if you held one more thing back, your body was going to collapse in on itself until the secrets blew away with the rest of you.

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Why did he have to leave?

Dean X Reader

Warnings: Smut, Language, extreme angst, Major character death, reader isn’t eating or sleeping, unprotected sex, fingering.

Word Court: 2.5K

Originally posted by supernatural-jackles

Request from: @just-another-winchester Hii! I was just reading some of your spn one shots and I thought they were really good! I was wondering if you might write one where like, the reader and Dean had just begun to date right before he went to Hell, and she had nightmares and struggled with it, but when he came back reader is super emotional and then starts screaming at Dean and gets mad at him for dying in the first place and then they have angry sex?? I understand if its way weird but anyways thanks for your time!

A/N: This was very emotional to write.  I hope you like it. Feedback really helps me know what you guys like and to make me a better writer.  Please leave me a comment. 

Making your way to the Roadhouse, in your little ole’ reliable Honda, you wondered what the case would be this time.  Pulling up in the parking lot, you spotted Dean’s black beauty, that amazing ‘67 Chevy Impala, you were looking forward you riding in the back of her.  You walked into the bar, and spotted Jo by the serving station with her back turned towards you.  You cautiously wrapped your arms around her waist trying not to spook her, placing your chin on her shoulder, “Did you miss me?”

She put the tray of drinks down on the bar, “of course I missed you,” she turned around hugging you back and placed a kiss on your cheek.  It had been too long since you saw your best girl friend.

“Oh wow,” Dean smacked Sam’s arm just enough to get his attention, “Sam look at that.  Damn now that’s a beautiful sight, I could die a happy man if I could be in between those two for an evening.”

“Really Dean!” Sam said with the best bitch face.

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I Am Not Your Father AU (Dean x Reader)

Requested by @jungshaekiseok, this took forever to make cause it is super long and I did not have much time to make it, it’s an AU cause I did not know how else to put your reqquest in a storyline, it’s probably the longest scenario I have ever written. Enjoy!

Originally posted by gthir

You didn’t want to be in this place anymore, you knew you were better than that, you were made to be something bigger than this. 

Look at you, just a mere hitman, no you wanted to be the boss just like your fatherYour father was your role model, since your mother did not want to be around mafias and gang members and your father refused to let you out of his life, he took full custody and the head maid of the house was your mother. You were his only child, so he taught you everything he knew, from shooting guns, to negotiating, to being confident in yourself. You were his pride and joy, he wanted to make sure that once he was not around you would be in charge and made him proud.

What he did not see was that his partner would turn against him and burst into your house shooting everyone, your dad calmly packed some stuff for you and helped you escape, the last thing you remember was

 "make me proud princess, I will always be watching you" 

 and passed the necklace he always wore to you, it was a simple long golden chain with a small coin, it was your grandmothers, since he knew his time was over, it was time for you to have it. You were 16 and homeless at the time, your dads name was mud on the streets now, you had to prove everyone wrong and show what your name was really worth.
Zico was a smart man, he got informed of what happened and that the young child escaped safely from the house, he knew your father they were good acquaintances and he was aware of how well trained you were, he send his men after you and brought you to his “family”, as a simple assassin, but you were more than that. 

As time passed Zico made you the head of the assassins, you would train the new ones and keep the old ones in line, that was still not enough.People were scared of you, to their eyes you looked like the devil, a young girl was not supposed to act like this, she is supposed to hate killing and do this if she has to and have a story behind it that would make everyone cry.

 You did not buy into that, girl or boy you should be dedicated to this, that’s the reason you have kicked out a lot of newbies, they were too weak to do this.

“ If you’re not an asset, you are a liability”

That’s what your father taught you, that’s what you would follow.

-One thing you did not expect to find was him, Hyuk or as the streets know him, Dean. He was transferred or for better explanation, bribed from another gang to yours. You had to admit that he was good ,you doubted him at first thinking this might all be a plan to get to us and take everyone down, a source from the inside is everything a gang wishes to have. 

But, he proved you wrong, when he pushed you aside to have the deadly hit to the leader of his previous gang, you scolded him of course but you were epically impressed, he was out for blood.He was also out for you. He did everything he could to get you, a woman like you was everything he ever dreamed of, stoic, confident, strong, boss, cold blooded and also… sexy. 


“(y/n) where are you?”

 He yelled. You had successfully taken down another gang, but he had not seen you for about an hour, it was not like you to go ghost mode, he started panicking.

“What have I told you about yelling? someone might still be alive”

You struggled but managed to say to him as you slowly dragged one foot in front of the other. Your white blouse filled with blood on your left side brought goosebumps all over his body, he ran towards you and slowly lifted your arm over his shoulder to help you walk.

“he was a fighter”

You whispered bitterly with a small victorious smirk. The wound burned like a thousand suns but you would prefer to die than show pain.

“Pistol or knife?”

“knife, I’ll need stitches”

You replied before you hissed as he pulled your shirt up to take a quick look at your trauma.

“Let’s go, kyung will take care of you”

He stayed outside the room the whole time, he wanted to make sure you were fine and as healthy as a horse. When Kyung opened the door he practically ran to him, begging for good news.

“She is fine, had to give her a shot in case the knife was old, she just needs to rest for a few days and no training or fighting”

“Have you told her that?”

“Yes, she is not happy but she is healthy. Go talk to your crush”

Dean almost blushed at the comment, everybody knew about his huge crush on you, except you since you refused to see it, blaming it to just a friendly teasing.He walked in and saw you laying there, new clothes and kind of sweaty.

“Came to make fun of me?”

“Of course not, I wanted to see how you feel”

“I’ll be fine Dean”

“But you are not fine now, you are hurting”

“no i don’t”

“then lift up both of your arms or get up”

you stayed silent, looking at him with that stubborn piercing look that he grew to love. He giggled at you and reached to brush off the bangs from your face

.“Don’t worry I’ll be your sexy nurse”


After that he went from the nurse to your boyfriend, he was there for you whenever you needed it, he even became the second in command, your right hand, he loved you more than his life and he had proven that when he took a bullet on his back to save you.But of course they were setbacks. 

Dean did not want this life for himself, he hid it well but he hated this job with a passion, he could leave but that would cost him, he knew that you would not walk with him, every time he saw you injured, he wanted to drag you out of there and make you live a normal life, but how can you make someone change when this is all they know, this was your normal.


“Dean I have to go, I am the captain”

“This is AOMG (y/n) not some mere gang, you’ll get yourself killed”

"So you think I cannot take care of myself now? I was the one that taught you everything you know Dean”

He hated when you called him Dean, you would only use it when you were mad, it was your way of pushing him away.

“And I should thank you? you taught me how to take someone’s life”

“So you prefer getting killed? fine, then leave your weapons here”

“let’s just go (y/n), let’s leave this, we can walk away, I want to marry you, have a life with you”

“Not this shit again! I am who I am Dean, deal with it or leave, marry me here, have a life with him here, no one is stopping us”

“I am not your father, I do not want my kid surrounded with guns”

Him mentioning your father as an insult brought you to the edge. You took the knife that was laying on your desk and threw it an inch away from his face, he felt the pressure of the air pass right next to his right eye.

“You bastard, don’t you mention my father ever again! I am leaving, when I come back me and zico will have a talk about you”

You said and closed the door with such force that the pictures on the wall fell. He knew you could get him kicked out or killed, zico trusted you with all his heart, it only took one word from you and zico would behead anyone, he considered you family and the most trustworthy person in this gang. He wanted to leave but not without you, so death was the only thing he could request from the boss when the time comes.

He patiently waited for you to come back but he heard the door open and closed so softly that it meant bad news, he ran downstairs and saw a bloody Taeil and Zico’s face as white a sheet of paper.

“What happened?”

“They knew we were coming, they cut our breaks, we crashed and I was the only one that could escape, some did not survive, some are waiting for rescue.”

Hyuk felt his blood freeze in his veins, just in the thought that you had not survived felt the world disappeared beneath his feet.

“Then why are we sitting here let’s go”

“Wait, we need back up. I’ll call Namjoon to bring the others, Hyuk go call Kyung, we will need him”

Hyuk ran to the halls towards Kyung’s office, he didn’t even knock he just threw the door open catching Kyung by surprise.

“What’s wrong Dean?”

“They crashed, we have to get them”

He could barely put sentences together, all he could think was you bleeding and crying unable to move or worse… dead.


He could not sit down, he was just pacing up and down the hall, his mind scattered in a million pieces.

 "Hyuk! calm down, she will be fine"

Zico attempted to bring some sanity to his dear friend, as he placed his hands on his friends shoulders. That unfortunately did not work, Hyuk was like a bull in a glass house, he himself could not pin point his emotion.

“How can you say this? You saw how we found her! she was unconscious, she was the one driving which means she is the one that took the bigger hit. So no, I cannot calm down”

Zico understood, he was worried about you too, all those years you had spent with him he thought of you as a sister, the closest thing to family of course he wanted you look to be alright more than anything but he has been through this before, he lost a father and a brother like this so you could say he was trained to hold back his pain, he also knew that if you saw him cry you would tell him to get a grip and get revenge for her.Before Hyuk could get any more mental Kyung walked out and he did not look happy.

“How is she?”

“She is severely hurt… wrist and ribs fractured, hit on the back of her head, cuts on her hands from breaking glass, she has lost a lot of blood, we need to take her to the hospital, there is nothing more I can do than what have I already done… she is in a coma”

Coma…. she is hurt, hospital. All these words made Hyuk’s heart and mind ache, all he heard from what Kyung said was that you could die.

“Then what are we doing it here? let’s go to the hospital”


It’s been 5 months…. 5 months of you just laying in the bed with tubes on your nose and needles pierced in your skin, passing medicine in your system that could keep you alive.

If you saw yourself you wouldn’t know yourself, all sickly white, skinny and pretty much dead… doctors had suggested to maybe “pull the plug”, as soon as Hyuk heard that he went ballistic, you were a fighter and you would come back when you felt like it.Hyuk never left your side, neither did Zico, well Zico did leave only to make things right with AOMG, no one hurts his “noona” and lives to brag. 

“hello little girl, I know you don’t like me calling you like this, I wish I could hear you cuss me out right now, I never thought I would miss your potty mouth that much. I really do hope you wake up, I bought the ring and everything, just please wake up, if you don’t like it we can change it with whatever you want, i can buy you a machine gun if that’s what you like”

That’s when he saw it, your eyes flattering, all he did was run as fast as  he can outside, screaming for a doctor.

“She is waking up, it will take a while until she is fully awake, maybe tonight or tomorrow morning”

All you saw was white, white wall, white sheets and all you could feel was your sore throat.

“(y/n) are you alright?”

You heard someone call you, you slowly turned your head towards the direction of the voice and saw your two favorite guys looking at you with wide eyes.


You managed to say, your voice almost gone from dehydration. Zico was quick enough to grab the water bottle and a straw, Hyuk helped you to raise your head to grab the straw and take a few sips that felt like gods miracle for your throat.

“How do you feel?”

“Like shit, what happened?”

“You crashed and you have been dead for 5 months”

“She was not dead, she was in a coma”

Hyuk interrupted Zico, even now that she was fully functioning the word “dead” still made his blood run cold.

“i’m going to go outside. (y/n) you might wanna take a look at your left hand on the ring finger”

Hyuk could not wait, he had already slipped the ring he had bought for you in your weak hand.You stayed speechless, you understood what this ring was and it was exactly what you wished to be.


“We will do it however you want, we can give our kid a katana for its first birthday, we can grow a real life perfect assasin, I want to be with you and I can stay this for you, zico will be the best man, please say yes”

“Yes, but a katana at the age of one is a bit excessive”

“We can buy a gun instead”

Two Sides of the Same Coin Chapter 6: “Red suits you.”

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

  Summary: An angel boy and a demon girl. What happens when these two are sent to Earth and raised as humans?

A tall goddess stood by a large window, staring out at the golden City of Angels. She wore a long yellow gown adorned with sparkling jewels. She was beautiful, though not more so than the Goddess of Beauty, Dusuu. She placed an elegant hand on the glass, lost in her own thoughts.

“My lady, there is a message for you.” An angel servant approached the blonde goddess, clutching a purple scroll in his hands.

“From whom?” She turned towards him, eyeing the roll of paper.


She felt her body stiffen. Why would one of the banished be contacting the heavenly gods now? It had been over two thousand years since the division of the gods. Taking the scroll from the angel boy, she dismissed him with a wave. Only after he had left the room did she open the scroll, dark blue eyes darting from word to word. Immediately, she mentally summoned her champion. Another angel flew into the grand room almost instantaneously.

“What is it you require of me, my liege?” The girl knelt low, head bowed in respect.

“Aurelia, it appears Tikki has chosen a demon to bestow her powers upon.” The goddess’ voice was icy.

The young angel, Aurelia, didn’t hide her surprise; giving a demon heavenly powers was strictly forbidden. “Why would she do that?”

“I am not sure.” She crossed the room to where the angel was still kneeling. “Whatever the case, we cannot allow a demon to misuse the gift, especially one as powerful as Tikki’s. I require you to negotiate with the demon. Convince them to give up their powers.”

“And if they refuse?”

“Take it by force.” 

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 8b

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: It’s time for the reception. Speeches are made. The first dance is beautiful. Tony has a surprise for you and Steve.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU, Vision x Wanda, Clint x Natasha, Will x JJ

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Bruce Banner, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson. Wanda Maximoff, Emily Prentiss, William LaMontagne, Danny Smith (OMC), Eric Smith (OMC), Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Jack Hotchner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Nicholas Joseph Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Warning/s: So. Much. Fluff. A little bit of swearing.

A/N: A huge thank you to @molethemollie and @mo320 for being my betas!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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tw for violence, murder, weapons, all that good stuff

“I hate scary movies.”
“It’s good to be scared. It’s primal.”
“Listen, I read my Entertainment Weekly, okay? I know my shit.”
“I got my money, I asked for your money.”
“You know, I don’t even know you and I dislike you already.”
“I don’t like being scared. I don’t like that.”
“Scary movies are great foreplay.”
“Hey, move your ass! You’re late.”
“You know me and organized religions.”
“Lower the walls for the next few days, okay?”
“This self-induced isolation you got going is not healthy.”
“You can’t blame real-life violence on entertainment.”
“It’s a classic case of life, imitating art, imitating life.”
“I lived through this. Life is life. Doesn’t imitate anything.”
“Are you suggesting that someone is trying to make a real-life sequel?”
“Many sequels have surpassed their originals.”
“Well, there’s no accounting for taste.”
“I’d let the geek get the girl.”
“It’s starting again.”
“Multiplexes are just a dangerous place to be these days.”
“You’re in extreme denial.”
“This has nothing to do with us.”
“Can’t we just go back to our psuedo-quasi-happy existence?”
“I skipped. I couldn’t take all the ‘That’s Her!’ looks.”
“You’re playing with the big boys now, got it?”
“Your flattering remarks are both desperate and obvious.”
“Be kind. She saved our lives.”
“She had calf implants!”
“I’m gonna get closer.”
“This must be flat-out hell for you.”
“How are you holding up?”
“It’s really weird, isn’t it? To think this fuss is all because of you!”
“What are you doing here?”
“I was worried about you.”
“Things were okay, until now.”
“I’m seeing someone. Nice guy, pre-med, no apparent psychotic tendencies.”
“I just want you to be careful.”
“What am I supposed to do? Cut everybody off? Crawl under a rock?”
“I want to make sure you’re safe, if that’s alright with you.”
“Nothing like a funeral to bring the family together.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I forgive and forget. Just like you, I’d like to get back on with my own life.”
“You bitch!”
“Did you get that on film?”
“You need to check your conscience at the door, sweetie. I’m not here to be loved.”
“I don’t condone violence, but maybe you deserved it.”
“Don’t you think your overreacting, just a little bit?”
“How do you know that my dim-witted inexperience isn’t merely a subtle form of manipulation used to lower peoples’ expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to effectively maneuver within any given situation?”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some oozing to do.”
“I think you’re taking your psych major a little too seriously.”
“ ‘I’m fine,’ yeah—fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional.”
“HI! No, I really mean that—hi!”
“That shit only calls you when he’s drunk. Don’t go over there.”
“You sound loaded. What’s up?”
“Drink with your brain, that’s our motto.”
“Do you want to die tonight?”
“I’m outta here!”
“Did anyone call for me?”
“It’s your ill-conceived boyfriend.”
“Everyone thinks that sororities are just about blow-jobs, but it’s not true!”
“It’s happening again, isn’t it?”
“Better hurry. Might get scooped.”
“Get your jacket. Let’s get you home.”
“Why don’t you show your face, you fucking coward?”
“You know, I knew this was coming. I knew this wasn’t over.”
“You are not alone, okay? We are all here for you.”
“He needs to realize the nineties is no time to play hero.”
“Why would anyone go back in that house anyway?”
“You’re lucky he didn’t kill you.”
“I think we have a copycat on our hands.”
“Do these guys have to follow you around everywhere?”
“How am I ever going to get you alone?”
“To be honest, I think it would probably be in your best interest to stay as far away from me as possible.”
“I hope that was an off-the-cuff remark that holds no subtext whatsoever.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
“I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
“Come on, smile. Just once. Please?”
“I’ll smile when I catch the killer.”
“I’m not here to do your job.”
“He is a gemini, single, but I think he’s gay.”
“Penny for your thoughts?”
“I think I love you!”
“Why won’t you let me touch you?”
“I think you just need to deal with that and move on.”
“How do we find the killer? That’s what I want to know.”
“Let’s not move on. Maybe you are a suspect.”
“Well, if I’m a suspect, you’re a suspect.”
“That’s what reporters do! They stage the news!”
“If she’s not a killer, she’s a target.”
“I’m gonna do what any rational human being would do, and get the fuck out of here.”
“I wanna report the news, I don’t wanna be the news!”
“I need you. I cannot do this without you.”
“Let’s go get killed!”
“I’m a fighter.”
“None of us can avoid our fate, but as an artist, you can honestly face it, and fight it.”
“How long have you been here?”
“I need to be alone right now, okay?”
“Do I get a say in this?”
“The killer’s trying to finish what was started.”
“I’ll be back when you start talking about something a little more Saved By the Bell-ish.”
“What do you wanna do, bonehead?”
“Want to wait here and see who drops next?”
“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”
“Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?”
“No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be the hero and you’ll never, ever get the girl.”
“Where’s your innovation? Why copycat two high school loser-ass dickheads?”
“This isn’t a good time.”
“Come on, you sent me to prison. You can give me two minutes.”
“There’s been enough exposure. Why would you want anymore?”
“Yeah, I bet you’re real sorry.”
“There was no attack. We were talking, very heatedly.”
“I don’t know about homicide but you’ve definitely got me for raising my voice in a public library.”
“It should’ve been me.”
“Stop treating me like glass. I’m not going to break.”
“Until you find me standing over a body with a knife in my hand, I think you’d better treat me with the rights and privileges afforded to every innocent citizen in this country.”
“Enjoying the show?”
“I just wanna find this fucker!”
“Now we’re getting somewhere.”
“I never meant to hurt you.”
“Stay here!”
“There’s no one there.”
“When this is all over, I’ll still be here.”
“I wanna know who it is.”
“I’m going back.”
“Stupid people go back. Smart people run.”
“We’re smart people, so we should just get the fuck out of here.”
“I’m sick of running!”
“If we know who it is, it’ll be over.”
“Get away from me!”
“This isn’t what it looks like!”
“Shit, who tied these? We gotta get out of here!”
“The killer, he’s here!”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
“You really wanna trust your boyfriend?”
“Don’t you know history repeats itself?”
“Surprise, [name].”
“Thanks a lot, partner.”
“He’s crazy! You know me better than that!”
“What do you think? Experiencing some déjà vu?”
“I never would’ve hurt you.”
“You should really deal with your trust issues.”
“Oh! So vulgar!”
“Did he let you talk to him this way?”
“He was a sick fuck, just like you.”
“No. He was a sick fuck who tried to get away with it. I’m a sick fuck who wants to get caught.”
“I’ve got my whole defense planned out.”
“I’m gonna blame the movies.”
“I’m an innocent victim.”
“You’re a psychotic.”
“That’ll be our little secret.”
“See? It’s all about execution.”
“You’re forgetting one thing: I fucking killed him.”
“You piece of shit!”
“You got a Linda Hamilton thing going on. It’s nice. I like it.”
“Nice twist, huh? Didn’t see it coming, did ya?”
“It’s called a makeover; you should try it.”
“I’m very sane.”
“You’re never gonna get away with this.”
“Not wise to patronize me with a gun.”
“Don’t you FUCKING MOVE.”
“I have had a very, VERY bad day, and I would like to know exactly what the FUCK is going on here.”
“I can still help you.”
“Let me kill her!”
“Personally, I think it’s rather poetic.”
“No, don’t you listen to her!”
“Quite a predicament you’re in.”
“Give me the gun.”
“I want you to know I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.”
“We should probably talk about what exactly happened here, you know? Get our stories straight.”
“I’ve been shot!”
“Jesus, you scared the crap out of me!”
“You’ve got more lives than a cat.”
“They always come back.”
“How’s it feel to be a hero?”
“I’m back.”
“I’m coming with you!”
“I can’t believe you’re alive!”
“It’ll make a helluva movie.”

Do You Really Want Me - Chapter 26

“Come with me,” Jared insists, pulling Izzy into the darkness of the beach. What starts off as a sneaky get away quickly turns into an all out sprint until they turn to see the lights from the reception are nearly non existent. Izzy laughs, holding her stomach, trying to catch her breath. “You okay? We get more exercise than that on a daily basis.”

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Maybe If I Tell Myself Enough | Yoon Jeonghan

Genre: Angst

Pairings: SEVENTEEN Yoon Jeonghan x Reader

Inspired by the song “Over You” by Ingrid Michaelson.

               “Why is the air conditioning being an ass!?”

               Jeonghan, sprawled on the bed wearing only his boxers, fanned himself with an empty envelope. He rest there, sweaty and whiny about your broken appliance.

               You sat on the desk, scribbling notes on your planner couple with few papers and not sweating at all. It’s your gift from the heavens. You don’t sweat a lot during the heat, but you cannot really handle the cold. Jeonghan envied that about you since he can never tolerate neither heat nor cold. He’s needy that way.

               “How can you survive this heat? I’m dying,” he whimpered.

               You just laugh lightly, amused by your childish boyfriend. “It’s not that hot.”

               He got up lazily, and peeked over your shoulder to read whatever you’re scribbling.

               “You have a lunch date with the boss?”

               “Yes,” you piped up. “I got a really hot boss at work, so I can’t forget about meeting him.”

               He feigned hurt. “Hotter than your boyfriend?”

               You chuckled, standing and turning to wrap your arms loosely around his sweaty neck. “Hotter, indeed.”

               “What makes your boss hotter than me?”

               You pretended to think, and said, “For starters, he’s looks so damn good in his three-piece suit.”

               “And?” He urged with a playful smile.

               “And you only wear boxers.”

               He gasped. “Less clothing means more abs!”

               You laughed, a sound that he loves the most. “Yeah, but more clothing means mysterious and sexy.”

               He pinched your butt, and you squealed in surprise. As he laughed at your reaction, you hit his chest playfully. “Pervert.”

               Laughing further, he buried his face in the crook of your neck.

               “Stop it,” you whined. “Why do you always laugh at everything?”

               He kissed the skin before facing you, pulling you closer against him. “I don’t just laugh at anything. I only laugh at you.”

               “This is not love,” you deadpan. “Love is cuddling and feeding your significant other until she blows up with so much love.”

               “You have weird tastes.” He stuck his tongue out at you.

               “Do I, now?” You pressed a kiss on his lips, making sure to run your tongue over them. “You taste the best to me. Does that mean you taste weird?”

               “Okay, okay,” he sighed, realizing he will never win anything against you. “I feel bad about tasting weird, so you have to comfort me with a kiss.”

               “You don’t need to make up weird excuses, though.” You grinned. “Geez, just kiss me.”

               He brushed his lips against yours, making sure he hovers but never touch. You tried to lean in, but he’d keep the agonizing distance that is barely a millimetre.

               “Liar,” you breathe out. “You said you wanted a kiss.”

               “I’m always true to you,” he smiled.

               “No, you’re not,” you rubbed your nose against his. “I’m not getting a kiss, aren’t I?”

               “I thought I was the one who needed comforting?”

               You sighed, “Yoon Jeonghan, if you do not kiss me right now I will—“

               Whatever you planned to do if he hadn’t kissed you will remain unknown, for Jeonghan leaned in to claim your lips in a heated contact that lead to a night of lovely cuddling… with everything in between.

Life is not about dwelling in self-pity.

That’s how you’ve been holding up even after a devastating break up. To you, it doesn’t matter anymore. You got by alone. Alone is best. Besides, everything ends because it’s wrong. You’re okay, and you will always believe you’re okay.

               Work is not at all hard. To be honest it was all right. Never too much, never boring. But today is different. Your boss is coming back from a year-long stay overseas.

               He never really did anything for you to hate working for him. But he did cheat on you once. It was a one-time thing. You made sure he will never do it again. You broke up with him, ending your five years of togetherness. Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies—not in your case, it is not.

               Perfect things really don’t exist, huh?

               You went to your booth and continued to work on Project 8. Everyone seemed too concerned about how neat their booths are, how perfect their attires look. They’re running around, fussing about the return of the company’s owner.

               If you never really knew him, you would have prepared yourself to impress him, too. But that doesn’t apply now. You know him too well. He wouldn’t care about the wrinkle on your shirt as long as you work efficient.

               A few folders later, you stopped typing as someone’s presence made the room go quiet.

               “Good day,” a familiar voice greeted. Everyone stood up and greeted back, including you. You ignored the painful clenching of your heart, brushing it off as a mere heart burn that may be from too much coffee.

               Through the glass, you can see how a year changed him. He looks healthy. His used-to-be long silver blond hair is now brown and cut short that the front only falls to his cheekbones, framing his sharp features. He smiles a familiar smile.

               He looks fine. You’re happy that he looks fine.

               His eyes wandered around the room and came to a stop when they met yours. You did not avert your gaze. You did not flinch. You looked straight at his chocolate orbs and offered a polite smile. Because that’s what you do to show respect to the boss. He, on the other hand, turned away, oblivious to the flash of hurt that momentarily appeared in your eyes.

Jeonghan reclined on his swivel chair. For hours since he got back, he only thought of you. He was baffled by your smile. It was professional. The same smile you flashed him when you first worked for him… just without the glint of happiness.

He stared at the office phone. He stared at it for quite some time and decided he wants to clear things up.

“Secretary Kwon,” Jeonghan said. “Bring Miss Y/N of Project 8 to my office.”

“Yes, sir.”

               You sat across him, a neat desk between the two of you. You took in the place as you link your hands together on the desk. It’s still the same. Browns and whites covered the room, making it warm and cozy for someone like you who enjoys old settings. You sighed internally. What does it matter?

               “Sir,” you started. “I’m wondering why I was called.” You sat straight, and your voice showed no hint of emotion.

               Jeonghan’s features softened. His eyes searching for any reassurance on your beautiful face.

“I missed you.”

               Walls almost breaking, you coughed, gaining your composure as quick as you lost it. “I’m sorry, sir, if I ever failed to update you about Project 8. It’s still under the process of editing, and I can’t just submit an unfinished work.” You said, ignoring the screaming feelings at the back of your head.

               “Y/N, talk to me.”

               You tilted your head. “Sir?”

               Jeonghan can’t hide the pleading in his voice. “Y/N, I need you to talk to me.”

               “About what…” you trailed off as you gaze at his desperate expression. “… Jeonghan?” Still, you refused to show any hint of sentiment.

               He sighed at the sound of his name rolling off your tongue. He missed that so much.

               Silence reigned until he spoke up.

               “How have you been?”

               “Well,” you answered courteously.

               “I love you.”

               You smiled, intending it to be polite but it came out sad. “That’s all in the past.”

               “No.” Jeonghan’s heart broke as he witness your pained smile. “Until now I do. I never stopped, Y/N.”

               You just shook your head, still smiling empty. “You stopped long ago.”

               “What makes you think that? You don’t know how I feel.” Jeonghan ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

               “What makes me think that?”

               That sums it up. You didn’t have to confront him after you saw another woman sharing a bed with him, naked under the covers, because that’s it. He cheated. What is the explanation for that? You had unrelenting tears racing down your cheeks. Tears that never stopped for days, weeks even. And then you just decided to end it right there. Every emotion you had, drained. You broke up with him then and there. Because that’s how it will end up anyway.

               You never liked prolonging the agony.

               “You never let me explain,” he said with an accusing tone.

               Chuckling, you looked at him straight in the eye. “What is there to explain? You fucked someone else while I was gone for a business trip that you asked me to go to. It was as simple as that.”

               “That meant nothing, Y/N.” Jeonghan reached for your hand, taking it in his. “I was drunk, and I missed you that time. I never—“

               He was cut off when you laughed. A hollow laugh that sent shivers down his spine. A broken laugh. You didn’t take your hands away from him. You let him hold on it, remembering how you used to long for his touches. Right now, you can only feel nothing.

               “You said you missed me earlier,” you said through your impassive chuckles. “Do you plan to get drunk later? Any need to bed anyone after?”

               That was a low blow. It hurt Jeonghan that you think of him that way. But what can he do. He’s an asshole.

               He brought your cold hands to his lips, buried his face in it, and whispered his pleas. “Give me one more chance.”

               “You said you’re always true to me.”

               Wet. Your hands felt wet.

“I am. Still. Just give me one more chance.”

You gently took your hands away from his face. He tried to reach for them, but you kept your wet hands away, wiping them on your skirt. His tear-streaked face pathetically pleaded for you to come back to him.

“Please, Y/N,” he sobbed. “Just one more, please. Let me prove myself.”

Heart aching, you almost fell for it, but your brain did wonders. Your brain reminded you of the time you saw him with a woman in bed, the time he just accepted your break up, the time he left for another country without explaining or even apologizing, the times you had your hands stained with your own tears, the times you fell miserable, the times you pretended you were fine, and this time as you’re trying to be strong in front of your only weakness.

You stood up, walking to the huge doors of his office.

”Are you over me?”

You stopped. “Maybe if I tell myself enough…” you trailed off without facing him, letting yourself out as the doors closed behind you. “Maybe if I do.”

soo I was going to word-vomit all over this post but it’s really not aimed at OP, and I didn’t want to be rude because it got so friggin long…

I actually kinda liked this whole scene. I like the new take-no shit, eye rolling Dean. -even though it pisses me off when it’s framed as him being a dick; as if he has no real reason for feeling or acting that way.

I like when the writers try and peel off the projecting the brothers do onto each other and give both a chance to not only express how they feel, but also show the audience what they really think about how the other is feeling. The different ways the brothers process things is a big cause for most of their misunderstandings, so clearing up where they are both coming from should clear up a lot of the conflict caused by these misunderstandings, and also in scenarios such as this, clear up the insistence (and fans also insisting) that one or the other is dealing with it “wrong”. But its so infuriating because despite that, there is always a portion of fandom who seems to take the projecting at face value as well, and instead of coming to an understanding, Dean ends up in the “wrong” and apologising by the end of the episode.

Sam may very well feel this way, and he has enough experience from his own perspective to do so. Why can’t this be allowed to be a moment for Sam without the accusatory tone inevitably feeding some fans who are always happy to cheer at Dean being “put in his place”. Sam sees more between Dean and Mary than what was there, the same way he seems to see Dean and John’s relationship through rose coloured glasses… This is 100% not something that Dean deserves to be yelled at for! Are we really supposed to believe its only Dean who’s letting his emotions affect his judgement and the people around him?

*note I am actually not mad at Sam, because at least in this single episode, this was about Sam’s feelings and of course he is also dealing with a tonne of grief and can be forgiven for cracking at Dean when put on the spot. I am mad at the framing that Dean totally had it coming, and at fans who have run a little too far with this, and who have been horrible about Dean all season.

It baffles me, but I think some people genuinely don’t see how many times Dean takes the hit and lets an argument end where it is just to end it; how often Dean apologises for things which are not his fault, the little peace offerings he silently passes over after a conflict to smooth things over (the car keys, a beer, getting the food, requested detours, caving on one or more points of dissent about their plan-of-the-day etc.). [edit: and right after this confrontation, all Sam has to do is clear his throat and Dean finally agrees to do something with Jack on the case] The most recent and obvious example is Dean’s little “what?” at the end of 13.03, where he notably didnt list off Sam’s greatest hits -because can you imagine the argument that would have caused? Sam didn’t give him the opportunity to in this scene in 13.04 because he left, but I seriously doubt that the next words out of Dean’s mouth would have been arguing the point about his own relationship with Mary. This is not something Dean does unless the emotional tension or overall stakes are exceedingly high. Too many people see an argument ending on Sam’s points and count that as a “win” for Sam, somehow not taking into account Deans view of the issue. As soon as Dean is back on the same page, the narrative also forgets his misgivings unless it needs to shame him for them later.

Now its impossible to think about this without also thinking about 2.02. I really liked Dean losing his shit at Sam back then too (because by that point Sam’s projecting was also annoying me). Yes, Dean was very harsh, I forgive him because Sam had indeed been bugging him about it for days, and was acting hypocritical. In both cases Deans standpoint is completely backed up by past events. Then and now both brothers were pretty harsh, and given the context of their own emotions I’m not about to call either one of them a dick. My issue is the narrative and the fans. 

Dean never tried to minimise Sam’s emotions. Dean thinks that using Jack’s powers to get Mary back is not only unlikely to work (even if he entertains the idea she is alive), but entirely irresponsible re: the safety of the world. One of the biggest driving factors in Sam’s plan, is that he wont face the loss of Mary, and also given the last scene in 2.02 Dean may think Sam needs a little push to worry about himself and not just Dean. We know Sam is right this time because we have seen Mary, they do not. But this time when Sam cracks at Dean, it is not about Dean’s actions, or real events, it is about his own perception of Dean and Mary’s relationship, and it is wrong. Instead of making it about a relationship Sam never had, and wants with Mary, the writing turns it into an accusation. Does Dean have no right to miss Mary as much as Sam because we are supposed to believe he got more of her when she was alive? Is losing Mary somehow easier for Dean because at least he got some time with her? Of course not.

Sam’s relationship with Mary is not Deans fault or responsibility. Even when Dean managed to reverse Mary’s brainwashing, which Sam could be forgiven for thinking is a sign of some stronger bond between them, we know their conversation was basically all about Sam and his struggles since Mary died.

Even I, as a 100% Dean fan, can see that Sam does seem to have less meaningful relationships with minor characters. When he is allowed to bond with the Victim of the week, it is usually brief and serves as some kind of parallel or reflection of himself, an outside purpose. This is not Dean’s fault or Deans problem. Dean isn’t secretly deleting Sam’s number from their phones or not allowing Sam out of the bunker unsupervised.

More often than not Sam gets lines like “did you call *character*?” as a way to exposition some case or another. When Dean was playing words with friends, Sam asks Dean “So hows she been lately?” as if that was something he couldn’t possibly ask Mary himself, and also suggesting he hasn’t kept in contact. Do people just assume it was Sam who taught her how to use a cell phone in the first place? If that was the case its weird that he never used it. When Mary ditched them, she ditched both of them. After Sam joined the BMOL whether you consider it the cause, closeness to Mary, or protecting Mary that were his motives, he was all about the jobs, and we somehow missed that easy opportunity to give them some time together. This isn’t Dean’s problem. This is a writing problem, a dialogue and directing problem. Possibly even a ‘Jensen accidentally stealing all the chemistry in the room’ problem.

Dean has the relationships with the side characters that he does because he puts effort into them (and is allowed to by the writing) -taking aside the fact that they always seemed to use Deans phone more in general since it would be easier to have a central point of contact. Sam doesn’t do any of the emotional labour and then wonders why character a calls Dean first in a time of crisis. This little outburst is extremely important regarding Sam’s own grief, but it has nothing to do with the brother’s conflict about Mary’s death and Jack, and has no place being weaponised against Dean; but of course we still end up with Dean apologising at the end of the episode.

anonymous asked:

Looking back, I think that Breezie was handled pretty well in the Archie Comics in spite of the redesign.

If you asked me a month ago I would have agreed, but I’ve since boomeranged on Breezie in the Archie book, and I realise why I didn’t really care for her to begin with. Now, this is all my own opinion so take this all with a good grain of salt. In fact, don’t take a grain of salt; this article is salty enough and you’ll need it to reply when you’re done reading.

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CLIFFHANGER ENDING! This request comes to you from fuckyeahheedus and basically, I want you guys to choose the ending. I might write both anyway, depending on how much time I have and how I feel, but until then you decide. Good luck and enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Will it be cool if I request a kinda part two to there “Conceal, Don’t Feel” where she joins the avengers with Thor who’s obviously going to be her best friend and try’s to hide her relationship with Loki but they catch her talking to him when he’s in the cell made for the hulk? :D

“Conceal, Don’t Feel” (Part 2)

Part 1

Loki stood in his glass prison with his hands behind his back, facing away from the door. He remained that way even when two sets of footsteps could be heard entering the room. Silence. Loki sneered: they were waiting for him to speak first. He turned around slowly with a sarcastic grin on his face.
“So, which of you has come to-”

His face fell.

“You’re… You’re alive.” You said, on the brink of tears. Thor stood next to you with an arm on your shoulder and his brow was low as he eyed Loki’s reaction. Meanwhile, you felt yourself beginning to shake – though whether it was due to anger or shock, you weren’t yet sure.
“…(Y/n)?” Loki said, his voice breaking only slightly as he approached the glass. He pressed a hand against the window as you brushed away a tear. Your mouth was a little way open and a waterfall began to spill from your eyes. You turned and left before he could see you cry.

“Do you see now?” Thor growled. “Do you see what you’ve done?” He made to follow you, leaving Loki to wallow in his own self-pity. What were you even doing here? When he’d fallen from the bifrost, he’d thought he’d be leaving you safe in Asgard. Safe from him – until he could return a better man. A King. Pressing his back against the wall, he slid to the floor and pulled his knees against his chest.

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They always talk about how near impossible it is to fool a therapist. In books, movies, or any sort of media with an edgy, depressed main character, they always try as hard as they can to seem happy, especially around a therapist. Then their therapist turns out to be this super smart, inspiring, while also blunt, sort of hope who can read right through the protagonist, telling them exactly what they need to hear, whether or not it’s what they want to hear. They just show up and fix all their problems, whether or not the protagonist originally wants them to, and queue happy music and endscreen credits.

In reality, it’s way too easy to fool a therapist. Even an amazing one. You laugh a few times, say, “No I’ve never even had anything close to a suicidal thought,” a couple times, maybe throw in some cheery greetings and farewells, and you’re good to go. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. My therapist still thinks I’m just a light case of anxiety, and I’ve been going there for over a year now.

Is it odd that I almost actually wanted the movie therapist? Even though I do always try to sabotage it all, make sure they think I’m okay at all costs, I kind of want to know that I’m not. Maybe I want to be saved. Maybe I can see what I’m heading towards, and I really, desperately want someone to jump out and stop me, whether or not I realize it. Maybe I want an explanation for everything strange going on, stuff that just isn’t normal for me.

But then again, that’s just it. I probably just want an excuse for my piece of shit ass being apathetic, lazy, and introverted. I just want an excuse for why I struggle so much to get up and go to work, why I can’t seem to talk to my friends sometimes. I sigh, disgusted by my own ability to somehow use an actual mental illness as an excuse for myself and my own horrible qualities, and start walking out the door.

My long walk home is suddenly interrupted by a sweet sound erupting over my ears. I’ve always been an avid music listener, but this is something so soft and sweet, but also just so, so sad. It tells a tale in itself, a monster always told it was nothing but just that, but who wants to be so much more. Someone offered anything and everything they could want in life, but with the inability to take any of it due to their own self doubt. Someone who is the cheer and fun of a neighborhood, a school, a city; but the only person they can’t seem to keep happy is themselves. It’s something I want to call my anthem, but I despise the thought that I would compare myself to people who are actually suffering in situations like these, rather than probably just faking it like I must be.

But to think that I’m hearing this song, this anthem that brings life to so many emotions, in the middle of a small, dark street in the downtown of a boring, small town. Despite it being dark enough for the streetlights to be on, I notice that the fourth one on the street is out, pitch black. I feel my feet start to move in the direction of the melody, and I find myself unable to stop them, though maybe I just don’t want to.

I look up and see the dulled colors of a worn-out bookshop named, ”The Bookworm” popping out at me. Even if this entire situation feels so surreal, lonely but also not at all, I know this place as well. I’ve come here for as long as I remember at least a couple times a week, and the store owner has always let me just sit and read, as if it were a library. Despite it being the wrong day as well as much too late, when I peer through the window, I can see a small light glowing just behind some bookshelves in the back. Without any tangible, solid proof, I know that’s where the music is coming from. I tug on the handle of the door.

It opens with a quiet chime of a bell, and as I step through the boundary of the doorway, I am immediately enveloped in the smell of books, old and new. Usually when I step into this shop, it’s breathtaking. A nice, warm, comfortable break from the dull peering through the glass from outside, but it’s breathtaking for a new reason now. It’s odd, not immediately seeing smiling people with every step. It’s also cold, but in a good way, like being happily alone after a long day of extroversion. But neither of these things are what knocks my breath away.

No, it’s that as soon as I open the door the dulled, soft, beautiful tune that I can hear is now accompanied by a voice sweeter and smoother than I’ve ever heard before. The melody goes from beautiful, to awe-inspiring, to dark, to bright, to terrifying, to perfect. I have to remind myself to breathe. As if I’m watching a movie, my body starts moving back to the sound’s origin, the faint light, without me even thinking about it.  

Once there is nothing but one last bookshelf dividing me and the song, I stop, brace my back against the binds of the books, and listen. I here the last, soft, note of the artist’s voice, and I want to look so bad. I want to see the genius, the mastermind, the god who sits on the other side of this shelf. I want to see who could create and perform something this breathtakingly beautiful, so I peer my head around the edge of the bookshelf.

Immediately, I recognize that the creator matches the song perfectly, they’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Tanned, smooth skin, dark brown hair sloppily laying on one side of their head, ripped jeans, a black leather jacket with a logo and patch I can’t read, a jawline to cut Allah, soft green eyes that are–Oh no. I manage to focus on the entire scene a bit better as the beautiful boy at a piano in front of me is staring directly at me.

I also take a second to recognize him. I’ve seen him around my school– the other kids call him a monster. He’s in a gang, I hear muttered from someone around me as he walks down the hall in front of me. He’s killed at least seven people, from someone else, as he walks into a class. They probably found a stash of drugs in his locker, again, as he’s walking into the principal’s office. I never thought anything of it, always figured it was true. Now I can’t stop thinking about it, and I know for certain it’s not.

“What. The fuck. Do you want.” he looks astonished to see me, and absolutely livid. But he won’t look me in the eyes; terrified, embarrassed.

“Play it again.” he doesn’t move. “Please,” I would be mortified at the desperation in my voice, but my mind can’t seem to be bothered.

He turns back towards the piano, and I feel my feet hesitantly approach the piano and sit as far as I can from him on the piano bench. “I’m–I’m Issa.” I manage to get out.

“Noah.” He starts playing again. Without noticing, it feels like we’re both scooting closer.     

I’m Not Okay

Warnings: suicide thoughts, drug abuse, ANGST.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader.

Summary/ Request: Can you do one where you’re the brothers depressed, drug addict sister (16 years old) and you overdose and you end up in the hospital or something:)

Readers Age: Any?

Word Count: 1,401

Y/N: Your name

Y/N/N: Your nickname

You were a Winchester, you run from Death not towards it. But right now, at this very moment you wanted to. You have been depressed for almost 2 years now and it just gets harder everyday. You are your brothers rock, they have always looked to you for support. They knew you were depressed but they never really liked talking about it, so you had to resort to something else to relieve your pain.

For almost 6 months now you’ve been using drugs, heroin to be exact. The thing is that the sadness isn’t really gone when you use them it is kind of just numbed over. You only inject when your brothers are on a hunt or sleeping, which gives you enough time to get high and come back down.

Lately, you’ve come to realize that you are starting to become addicted. You’ve started getting more depressed and anxious when you’re not on the junk, and you try to inject as frequently as possible. You’re turning down more and more hunts, which your brothers probably assume is because of your depression. You’ve tried to stop but you can’t, it’s the only way you feel almost normal again.  Now, you just want it all to stop. Your pain, your drug addiction, your life.

You were laying on your bed, staring at the ceiling tears streaming down your face. Your brothers were in the library researching about a case. Slowly you moved yourself up and walked towards where your secret stash was. You moved the shelf in which it was behind and grabbed the pointed syringe, the now rusted spoon, the lighter and the strange dark powder- the heroin.

Slowly you put the powder on the spoon and flicked the lighter on right underneath. Although you knew Sam and Dean were there, you couldn’t help yourself. You needed to feel happy for at least a few hours. Once the powder had dissolved into a liquid you pored it into the syringe. Then you inserted it into your vein in your wrist and pushed on the plunger, releasing the liquid into your blood stream.

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25 Words - TIVA

Hello there! Me and @dazzlingstarlight decided to try this writing challenge from @promptlywritingideas. We sent each other 25 words so the other could write 25 sentences. Well, in my case these aren’t sentences. I just couldn’t stop myself and developed it further, so most of it is pieces of unrelated conversations.

Enjoy my TIVA take on the wonderful writing challenge and don’t forget to read magnificent Harm/Mac version of dazzlingstarlight!

(1)  House

Ziva sighed in content, letting the sunrays to caress her skin as she watched her little daughter and her little son playing in their playground from her place at the porch. It was truly a brilliant idea to buy a house for their growing DiNozzo family.

(2)  Movie

“What movie are we going to watch?” Tony asked Ziva nervously, fidgeting in his armchair. As a huge movie fan and self-proclaimed movie expert, he didn’t feel excessively comfortable with someone else choosing a movie.

“Stop being so mistrustful.” Ziva shoved him the bowl of popcorn into his lap, feeling slightly annoyed as she had heard the exact same question for umpteenth time this day.

She sat down next to him and pushed the play button. Tony just opened his mouth wide as the opening credits for The Little Prince movie began to play. Then his lips formed into a grateful smile as Ziva squeezed his hand.

(3) Heart

“With this ring I thee wed and I give you my heart under your guardianship. I cannot imagine any other person suitable for this job than you, my love. You may have not always treated it well, but it has belonged to you since the first moment we have met. And there is so little I can do it about it, that is why I am giving it to you to take care of it as I know that I can trust you with my life. I love you with all my heart, body and soul and I will spend the rest of my life by proving you that.”

There have been silent tears at Ziva’s eyes at first, then sob escaped from her lips. She has never heard such a beautiful wedding vow. And being the bride, it had been twice emotional. Her soon-to-be husband slightly caressed her face, wiping away the tear in a way only Tony DiNozzo could.

(4)  Bug

“Bitten by a love bug, DiNozzo?” Gibbs looked at his agent inquiringly. He was unfocused, seemingly having his head in the clouds, daydreaming all the time instead of properly working. All proofed that he was head over heels in love. And judging by the ‘secret’ look between him and Ziva, he had no doubt who the lucky woman was.

(5) McGee

“Do you keep any record on how many nicknames you have already invented for McGee?” Ziva asked Tony out of sudden curiosity.

“I have no idea.” Was the answer as Tony tried to count on his fingers.

(6) Undercover

“Do you realize that we are undercover and also under the covers?” Tony said while throwing the sheets across his body and Ziva rolled her eyes. He would seriously never stop with assessing their situation of being on an undercover mission and sleeping in the same hotel room AND in the same bed as they had posed as a married couple.

“Shut up and watch the movie, DiNozzo.” She growled, trying to force the fantasy of them using this cover and these covers for entirely different kind of activity.

(7) Autopsy

“Stop laughing! I couldn’t sleep because of this nightmare!” Tony exclaimed, regretting that he had ever decided to tell his co-worker about the dream he had had last night.

“Ok, so let me summarize it.” Ziva said between her occasional laughs as she tried to subdue her amusement. “Me and Jimmy had an affair and we decided to kill you by performing autopsy while you were still alive?”

“Yes, and whenever he cut me, you kissed him.” Tony flatly added while Ziva was overpowered by another wave of laughter.

(8) Gremlin

“It’s a 1984 comedy horror classic, Jimmy. I even found a plushie for you.” Tony waved the plush toy in front of the face of pale Jimmy Palmer, setting in it on the DVD cover of Gremlins movie.

“Thanks, Tony.” Jimmy said hesitantly, hoping that Tony would never come up with ‘personalized’ gifts as he called it. Ziva, who had gotten a box of paperclips, silently agreed with him.

(9) Dress

“Can I talk for a second with Ziva in private?” Tony asked Abby, the bridesmaid, anxiously. He needed to see Ziva before she would walk down the aisle and marry CIRay right in front of his eyes. She nodded in agreement and slipped out of the room, letting him to go inside.

The moment he saw the Israeli bride, all words left him. Her wedding dress was the definition of beauty. The rich fluffy skirt, the lacy bodice hugging her curves perfectly, the perfect cleavage showing just enough of her natural treasures, the sequins, pearls and other decent decorations, the long veil waiting for her to place it into her hair – she looked like a Disney princess.

And in that moment he forgot all of his prepared speech about his true feelings for her. He realized that all he wanted for her was to be happy. Even if he wasn’t the man with whom she would spend the rest of her life with.

(10) Smash

Sound of breaking glass as she smashed everything made out of transparent material against the wall. Hebrew curses. More sounds of things being thrown in many directions. Thuds. Anger of losing a loved one, the person she loved the most on this world, prevailing over any other rational thought. All that was left was remorse. Wrath. Sadness. The second stage of grief over the loss of her husband Tony has just begun.

(11) Abby

Abby persistently pushed the elevator button down in her floor, wondering why the hell the elevator just wouldn’t move. She had important results to show to Gibbs and considering his injuries from the previous case, she didn’t want him to trudge to her lab. When the elevator finally arrived to her floor and the door opened, she found herself face to face with Tony and Ziva whose reddened cheeks were telling enough. Abby slowly smiled, no longer annoyed. Her suspicions were confirmed. Those two were making out in the elevator!

(12) Language

“How many languages do you even speak?” Tony wiped his eyebrow that got wet under the drops of sweat on his forehead. He was getting too old for such quick running. He was no Usain Bolt. Yet, he was forced to start dashing when Ziva had uttered apparently pretty vulgar remark towards the man they had been speaking to. It was better to run than to involve in a fight with a bunch of the man’s friends who appeared out of nowhere.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as I speak with the language of love.” Ziva replied, pressing her lips on his, stealing his breath away.

(13) Boss

“Are you saying that I’m supposed to be boss now, boss?” Tony asked incredulously, watching the older man in front of him. Gibbs’ retirement was something he expected to happen one day, but still dreaded it in the same time.

“You’re competent enough for that job, DiNozzo.” Gibbs squeezed his shoulder, expressing confidence in his successor.

(14) Phone

“Tell me, what are you wearing?” Tony whispered sensually into the receiver, his legs propped up against his desk. He was alone in the darkened office, ruining his back over the pile of paperwork.

“I’m not having phone sex with you, Tony.” Ziva refused and ended the call, throwing her phone on the couch in her apartment. She stared at it for a moment, biting her thumb in contemplation.

Half a minute later, the phone in the NCIS bullpen on the desk of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo rang.

(15) Investigation 

Tony stared at the file in front of him. He refused to believe that the investigation was over. Well, over… It was seized. Suspended. Listed as unsolved. When you have no witnesses, no cameras, no traces of tires, simply nothing to hold on to, you can hardly investigate a crime. And yet, Tony felt that he hadn’t done enough. His father was killed. Ran over by a car in the middle of an unlit street. Nobody head heard or seen anything. No clues. No hints. No traces. No suspects. Only a victim.

A warm hand squeezed his shoulder and he was immediately grateful to have her here with him. “How could you deal with it?” He asked her as she knew the feeling of losing a father like no one else.

“The official investigation might over, Tony. But the one in your heart and your mind will never stop until you know who did it and bring him to justice.” She said in a knowing tone. “And I promise you we will find the bastard who killed him. I will personally take care of it.”

(16) Magic

Her eyes lowered and her cheeks flushed with dark crimson. The magic of Anthony DiNozzo’s smile was sometimes embarrassingly efficient and she found herself in a state when she couldn’t deny him a single thing. Maybe it had also something to do with the face she was a little bit in love with him.

(17) Explosion

The steady beeping sound of the life monitor seemed like a music to her as opposed to the terrifying sounds of the explosion she’d heard and witnessed a couple of hours ago. Tony lay in the hospital bed in barbiturate-induced coma with scratches all over his body as the shrapnel had cut into his flesh while the building he had been in had blown into pieces. She’d never felt to scared in her life. And it had awakened something in her, as well. It was different than with the members of her family who had been taken away from her too soon. They were hers, they were part of her. Tony had never belonged to her as she had been to coward to tell him how she felt about him. But she vowed, at this very moment, that if he would pull through this, she would change it as soon as she had the chance. Tony DiNozzo was about to find out the extension of her love for him.

(18) Agent

“I’m Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, nice to meet you.” Tony introduced himself to a witness they were supposed to question in their latest case. “And this is my wife, Special Agent Ziva DiNozzo.”

(19) Paris

Ziva stood in front the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and watched its glow as the darkness settled in. She was getting nervous, feverishly wondering whether Orli hadn’t been joking and Tony had really found her secret message in Israel where she’d informed him about couple of things that needed to be said, including where he might find her. She had suggested a place and time for their ‘date’. She couldn’t imagine any better location for their reunion. Paris was the symbol of their friendship, their love. She could never forget what had happened here a couple of years ago. Suddenly, she had a feeling that someone was watching her. When she turned around, her eyes welled up with tears as she saw her daughter she’d missed so much over the last few weeks in the arms of the man she loved more than herself.

(20) Wedding

She walked down the aisle on her wedding day and observed the faces of the people she loved dearly and who came here to celebrate her and Tony’s happiness with them. For a moment, she had doubts about being able to go through this but in the end, it seemed as a piece of cake. When you marry a man who had crossed the world twice for you to find you, defying all orders and rules, you just know that he is the right one. And there’s nothing easier than seal the mutual love in front of those who had witness their hardships and supported them in their hard times.

(21) Father

“There’s something I want to talk to you about, Gibbs.” Ziva started, feeling more nervous than ever in her life. “You are probably the closest thing I’ve had to a father. Especially after my coming to the United States. You somehow filled the void in my heart that was left there after my parents divorced. And considering my own father is now dead and the wedding is just around the corner, I wanted to ask you… Will you give me away?”

Gibbs approached her and kissed her on her cheek. “It’ll be my honour, Ziver.”

(22) Family

“With this ring I thee wed and I fully accept you as part of me. You once told me that family is more than blood. That it’s something I build around myself. My friends. People I trust. And people I unconditionally love. I couldn’t ever imagine how right you were. You are the one I unconditionally love. You are the one I trust with my life, my heart and my soul. You are my dearest friend. You are my family. And I will do everything to preserve it until the end of time and beyond that.”

Ziva’s quivering voice as she recited her vow had almost caused a heart attack to Tony. This was really a wedding of their dreams. And he was marrying the woman he loved the most. He was the luckiest guy on this planet.

(23) Friend

“Well, that’s the problem, Ziva.” Tony countered to her words, “I can’t be friends with you anymore. My heart just can’t accept it. Not when it knows it has a chance.”

Ziva stood in front of him, running out of words. That was not how she’d imagined their conversation, how she would tell him that he needed to be patient as she was in a hard place and she had to be careful while making her decisions. She couldn’t mindlessly enter a relationship with him, but he couldn’t and didn’t want to understand it.

He turned away from her and started to walk away. That was end of their friendship and practically everything between them. He couldn’t continue in being friendly to her when all he was thinking about constantly was to show her how much he loved her.

He was more than surprised, then, when her hand reached for his arm, turned him back to her and her lips crashed on his in a passionate way that made him lose his mind. That certainly wasn’t a kiss between friends.

(24) Daughter

“How are you going to name her?” Abby asked as she held the newborn daughter of her friends in her hands, while McGee stood behind her back, gushing over the baby’s cuteness just as her.

Tony looked at exhausted, yet smiling and incredibly happy Ziva. “Tali.” They both answered in unison.

(25) Gibbs

“Hell, it’s about time.” Gibbs uttered, seeing his two agents breaking the Rule 12 right in front of his eyes. (This is sort of a honour of a character named Tychus from Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty video game. I just can’t get the sentence out of my head, always imagining Gibbs saying it.)