i am a girl dammit

i take a strange comfort in the fact that at least rory’s stepdad will probably have some helpful advice and perspective re: why it is not necessarily a good idea not to tell your ex-partner about your baby’s existence


Everywhere she goes, people turn their heads, she’s a knockout!


can’t get no love without sacrifice

(x) (x)

The problem...

Heres my issue:

I’m unsure anymore of what kind of “girl” I am…. Shirtless Liam is all over my dash… Fuckin dammit I’m a Liam girl! Harry is talking about how no one supports the raiders and is sweating all over… Suck a dick I guess I’m a Harry girl! Niall is continuously nailing his solos and genuinely being amazing… Son of a bitch I’m a Niall girl! Louis got a haircut and is wearing a slightly see through black shirt… Shitbag I’m a Louis girl.

Do you see my dilemma here?