i am a force to be reckoned with today

Thoughts Upon Leaving The Women’s March:

My feet are killing me as I take my leave from the DC Women’s March but WOW am I moved.  Just…god, I don’t know… I’m not normally an emotional person but I almost cried as I heard Gloria Steinem (who is 82 btw!) and Ashley Judd and Alicia Keys and many, many more speak amazingly powerful words on how women are a force to be reckoned with.  How we won’t go quietly and won’t allow Trump to bring us down.

And everyone I encountered today was SO NICE.  Walking down 7th St around 10am, a cop car road past us and used it’s speaker wish us a wonderful and safe protest.  Waiting in line for the restroom, women were helping each other acquire toilet paper and tampons.  Food and water were being exchanged without the usual, “well, what about mine?” mentality.  Anyone stepping down from a barrier or trying to climb up to see better was supported by other women from all sides.  It was a community of giving, of ‘what can I do for others?’.  

Really, I was in the middle of a mass of 500,000 people and I felt overwhelmingly safe and a part of something wonderful and real and I think I feel hope for my country for the first time since November.

And now I’m actually crying!  I’m so touched.

The only downside I saw today was that the organizers did not plan at all for the massive size of the crowd, so there were some people standing on top of public sculptures and museum buildings, but they weren’t purposefully harming anything or causing destruction.  It actually helped lend an air of “we can’t be contained; we can move mountains” without any violence, which was awesome.

I didn’t bring my SLR (originally they said no large cameras and no large bags, but there were no check points anywhere to be seen) but I took photos on my iPhone so I’ll be posting some soon!  Right after I pass out or maybe drink some tea.

xoxo to all my fellow women and their supporters who believe in equality.