i am a firm supporter of it

Currently volunteering a 3hr shift to the Pet Loss Support Hotline at MSU CVM. I am a firm believer that our ‘pets’ are a part of our family and if you are grieving, struggling to cope with their loss, then there should be someone there to help you. Tonight, that might be me!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with the loss of a pet and feels like they need someone to talk to, there are options!

  • The Listening Ear 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (517) 337-1717
  • The Iams Pet Loss Support Resource Center: (888) 332 7738 [M-F 8-5]
  • WSU Hotline: (886) 266-8635 
  • Until April 20th, 2017 MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline: (517) 432-2696
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST [T,W,Th]

Parents didn’t always read the orientation material.

There were a few, every year.  They insisted on helping the new students move into the dorms.  They sent boxes from home, full of cookies or brownies or favorite munchies.  They called frequently (it wasn’t safe.  Letters were safer, e-mail was safer, even texts were safer, but calls not so much.)  They begged for pictures, for visits, and sometimes they accidentally-on-purpose “just happened to be in the area”.

The staff tried to deal with parents.  Oh how they tried.  Usually it worked.  The Gentry almost never kept parents.

But some… some parents never left.

She had taken piano lessons when she was younger.  Her parents approved:  that was a womanly decorative thing to do.  She had never played sports, because that wasn’t a womanly decorative thing.  She wore dresses.  She took ballet, she sang, she painted. Her parents told her every day in every way who they thought she should be, and she tried, she really did.

She was tired of not being good enough.  

She applied to Elsewhere, and got a full music scholarship, and carefully out of sight in the shower she sobbed with relief and fear.  Her parents loved her, they really did, they told her so.  The disappointment at her, the silent treatment, the confinement and not being allowed out with her friends… well, they were just trying to protect her, right?  They didn’t know the bubble wrap they tried to put around her was smothering her.  

She read the orientation paperwork, every single scrap.  She wanted to do everything right, because the thought of doing it wrong terrified her.  Even the strange stuff, maybe especially the strange stuff, because everything in life was a test, another opportunity to disappoint.

“As an environmentally-conscious measure, Elsewhere University’s campus is not set up to allow automobile traffic.  For those students who need transportation help, there are staff with golf carts available, as well as a series of campus shuttles that make regular stops.  Bicycles are available for rent by the hour, the week, or the semester.  Skateboards and skates are permitted but proper safety gear must be worn.”

Father was angry when campus security wouldn’t let him drive straight to her dorm.  She trembled.  Always, when Father was angry, somehow either she or Mother paid.  He fumed while waiting for a golf cart, he clenched his jaw when the staff member driving the golf cart refused to simply step aside and hand over the keys, he was elaborately careful when helping load her things after being refused a campus map.

Her dorm was a solid brick building, a pleasant generic institutional place.  Father insisted on carrying her things up to her room, on the second floor.  "So I know where my little girl will be,“ he said. His anger cooled a little with the exertion, down to its usual simmer.

It only took a few trips to get all of her things upstairs.  Father insisted on a hug, just on the edge of being painful as his hugs always were.  She endured it, because trying to get away always earned a lecture.  "I love you so much, you’ll always be my little girl, you are a disappointment because you don’t love me as much as I love you, but I will forgive you because I am better than you.”

“Elsewhere University wishes to be the beginning of a new life for every student.  We ask that students choose a nickname, in order to facilitate this feeling of a new beginning.  Common nickname categories are an interest, a favorite song or work of art, an aspiration, or a personal quality.  It is our firm belief, demonstrated by decades of successful graduates, that this practice allows students the freedom to really expand their horizons and demonstrate both their personalities and their capabilities both actual and potential.  In support of this practice, we ask that legal names not be used on campus except with the Student Services or Records and Enrollment offices.”

The driver helped as Father made one last check to be sure nothing had been left.  He reminded her to call twice a week.  He hugged her again, ignoring the gasp she made as he let go.  "Remember to call your Mother, Susan.  You’ll always be her little girl, and you know how she worries.“

“I will, Father.”

The driver watched, waiting patiently while Father said his good-byes, then cleared his throat.  "Sir, if you want to attend the parent orientation, we need to be going.“  

"Yes, I’d planned on attending.  I need to know everything, to help keep my Susan safe.”  Father climbed aboard, and the driver waved as they left.  For an instant his hand seemed to have too many fingers.

She felt eyes on her as they drove away.

She climbed the stairs back to her room, looking forward to taking her shoes off and unpacking.  The door, locked when she left it, was still locked, but now there was a pile of stuff underneath the open window.  

“Hey!  Sorry I wasn’t here when you were bringing stuff up, he looked a bit intense, oh hey are you ok?”  The girl on the tree branch outside the window climbed in and sat on the windowsill.

She nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then sat on one of the beds.

“I’m Magpie, second year, one of the stage monkeys for the theater.  You wanna see?  No obligation.”

“Yeah, I… I paint, a little.”

“You do?  Cool!  Hey, but if you want to go see, that outfit’s cute and all but it’ll get ruined pretty quick.”

“I’ve got some grubbies, let me unpack.”

Magpie grinned and pushed her hair behind one ear.  "Your dad isn’t one of those types who thinks he’ll be visiting every weekend, is he?  'Cause I can’t hide all the time.“

"I think he was heading to the parent orientation.”

Magpie blinked.  "Oh… kay.“

"What, okay?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.  They go by Melanotis. They’ll tell you about the parent orientation.  Are you sure you’re ok?”  Magpie pushed her hair back again. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you keep asking?”

“There is no parent orientation.  Here, take this.  No obligation.”  Magpie took a ring off of her index finger and handed it to her.  It was a puzzle ring made of iron and pyrite, and it fit her index finger as if it had been made for her.

“Thanks, but why?”

“My dad was like that, too.  What do you want to be called?”

The choice, the possibility of choice, was dizzying.  Something to hang onto… a favorite song.  "Call me Sussudio,“ she said, and smiled.


anonymous asked:

Sometimes I wonder if poeple don't take Phil too seriously (and partly it is because Phil himself doesn't want to show himself too serious) but I mean this is the man who was with Dan when he made the decision to drop out, and somehow had to help him through it (and those were the years where I do believe Dan's crisis were quite strong ones), he also somehow sticked by Dan's side when he was in his 2012!period which I'm sure affected (hurt) Phil as well. What do you think?

Anyone who doesn’t take Phil seriously isn’t paying very much attention to Phil. 

He’s someone who made an entire career out of something that wasn’t a career, just on the grounds that he wanted to be doing something he liked for a living. That takes a little bit of luck, sure, and he did start out in the fortunate situation of having parents who helped support him. I don’t want to seem like I’m being blind to his advantages, because I’m sure as hell not. 

But luck and rich parents alone can’t make an empire out of nothing. It also takes determination and faith in himself and work. A whole lot of fucking work. I don’t mean at making videos; I mean at building connections, setting goals and seeing them happen, reaching out and finessing the luck he was granted into something sustainable long term. He took an offer to do a segment on BBC radio and turned it into a years long weekly stint on a popular radio show. Dan was part of it, but back when they first started with BBC Phil was by far the more influential name with a bigger subscriber base. 

You can see elements of the same attitude in everything Dan and Phil do, and I don’t want to diminish Dan’s role in it but the pattern of behavior is so strongly Phil: they’re offered a book, they spend a year writing it and make it the best book they could make. They have to do signings, they turn it into a year long stage show. Crunchy Roll and Dragon City want them to do a sponsored video, they end up sponsoring the entire show. That’s what people underestimate in Phil, I think - the guy who see what he wants, ignores that it shouldn’t really be possible, does it anyway. 

I think you’re right that it isn’t a side of Phil that we’re really supposed to see, because Phil has such a firm sense of boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Just like we don’t see business-guy-Phil except in the sense that we see the final product that emerges, we also don’t see supportive-partner-Phil except in the final product that emerges: Dan himself, and Dan’s dedication to Phil, his constant almost-awe of everything Phil does despite the more immediate fond mocking we see in actual videos. 

Am I even answering your question? Sorry, I just have strong feelings on the minimization of Phil’s complexity that happens in phandom. Actually, reading it back, it seems like you were asking more about if I thought that Phil was as hurt in 2012 as Dan was; the answer is yes, of course, I totally agree with you, anon. That definitely goes back to Phil having a stronger boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Dan handled his upset by slamming figurative doors and shouting at us across the room, Phil handled it by just quietly locking that door and effectively shutting us out of his mental process for years. But it feels like it should go without saying that just because someone doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of people he doesn’t know to know when he’s hurt or upset, it doesn’t mean those feelings don’t exist. 

100 Reasons to Study:

I never expected this “reasons to study” thing to get so many submissions, and as it takes me so long to post them all, I decided to do a bulk post of some so here they are:

(If I haven’t included a url, it was submitted by an anon).

  1. To prove people that “bad” students can become excellent students too.
  2. To expand your knowledge of the world.
  3. To look back on your success in ten years time. (Submitted byadxlastudies)
  4. To not let my mental illness define my grades. (Submitted bymusicandmaths)
  5. I study because I am privileged enough to have the opportunity. I study because I have no one getting in my way telling me I can’t. I study because I want to do some real good in this world. I study because I live in a country where being female has no significant disadvantage; and so, I take this opportunity so that I may make future opportunities for those who don’t have them. (Submitted by crimson-voltaire)
  6. My reason for studying is how I’ll get to where I want to be in my life which is successful, comfortable, and happy.
  7. I study to make my mum happy and proud.
  8. I study to prove my anxiety wrong!
  9. I study because I want to save lives.
  10. I study because my grandpa, orphaned during WWII when he was 8, worked 4 days a week in a mine to learn for 2 days. He’s retired after 40 years of working in diplomacy, for the last 5 years as an ambassador. He’s my role model. And I love him so much.
  11. I study because my primary school teacher from when I was 6 replied “Well who would think that?” when my mother informed her I was going to university. I study so I can tell her “Why would you not think that?”
  12. I study because I want to give myself the best future I possibly can as a black woman. (Submitted by n-marlzz)
  13. I study because my dreams are improbable. But not impossible. I will achieve them. (Submitted by redheadbecool)
  14. I study because even though I can’t imagine having a future, I want one. (Submitted by stxdys)
  15. I study so that I can be surrounded by the right people at school, at home, at work, and on Tumblr. You can only walk the path that you choose for yourself, so choose wisely. Pave your path with bricks, not straw.
  16. I study because last year I was in a mental hospital for young people and I discovered that I want my death to mean something.
  17. I study because diseases have haunted my family for long enough, and cancer deserves to be taken down once for all.
  18. I study because my father left school at age 13 to work to provide for his family and he has been working ridiculously hard ever since so I can have an education.
  19. I study to be self reliant and to get more answers. The concept of being independent is attractive to me, and if i study hard enough, i will be able to live freely without relying on my parents. The thought of getting answers is a huge satisfaction.
  20. I study because I told my ex, “Watch me go to Harvard”. So oops.
  21. Because I want to have a well paying job which means I can eventually travel the world one day.
  22. I study because I love to be productive really just in love with the feeling of it being noon and already have gotten everything done that I needed for that day. (Submitted by revision-babe)
  23. I want and I like to study because I believe that we as humans have the responsibility of maintain and grow the knowledge people developed in the past. How could we waist all those efforts to try know this wonderful world a little better?  (Submitted by mochilunar-universe​)
  24. I study because my Dad went through a lot of work to get to this country so that I could have a good life and a good education, and I’m not going to waste all his good efforts and take him and my education for granted.
  25. Because I believe I can do it and I won’t let their words stop me. (Submitted by truly-written-by-me)
  26. I study for my own sense of achievement! I’m also really motivated by my boyfriend who is very clever and works really hard. I want to get a first in my masters this year and I will!  (Submitted by @orchidbeam)
  27. I study for Nicki Minaj, she would be proud of me, and all the other women in the world. I hope that my degree will put me in the position to make a better world for all my sisters out there and the little ones.
  28. I study because my family isn’t as rich as our family friends, and other families always make fun about what my dad does for a living. I want to change that and make sure the only thing others talk about is how amazing we turned out and what a good career I’m going into.
  29. I study to make my parent’s hardships (moving to America, to provide a better life for my siblings and I) worth it.
  30. My reason to study is to show myself and everyone I am stronger than my mental illness and to prove everyone who said it would stop me from getting anywhere wrong.
  31. I study so I can change the world for the better.
  32. I study because I want to help my family, to fulfil my dreams and save lives.
  33. To be a champion.
  34. I want to study in order to prove myself and people that being dyslexic and dysorthographic doesn’t mean being stupid.  (Submitted bybritannicusmyfav)
  35. I love to learn,and I want to know about all the things I missed because of school system. (Submitted by @seshet)
  36. I study because I want to be the first sibling to go straight into uni without transferring from a community college.
  37. I want to study so that I can transfer out from a community college to a really good university so that people won’t think the decision I made to go to community college was bad. Also to make my DAD super proud!
  38. I study because I want to be the best version of myself.
  39. I study to make those who have taken care of me proud, to show them they did a good job. I also study for myself, to prove that I can fulfil my goals and that everyone who has ever made fun of me just pushed me forward instead of putting the boot in. Getting a good job to live with my boyfriend would be a great plus! We all need motivation, and what’s better to motivate oneself than dreams to fulfil! Here are mine. (~Submitted bystudy-littleidlegirl)
  40. I study because I never want to stop learning about myself and the world we live in.
  41. I study so I’m educated enough to take down the haters in an articulate way so I feel accomplished when leaving the situation.
  42. I study to ensure that when I’m actively in politics, only weak minded people will be able to scorn me due to my ethnic background or religion (or something stupid along those lines) instead of the immaculate policies and work I am carrying out.
  43. I study to become successful in my future and because I have a passion for learning. (Submitted by baklavugh)
  44. I study because I don’t have anything else to do. I guess it keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to think how lonely I am.
  45. Because it makes me happy to see my hard work paid off and also ensures a better future than I would have if I didn’t study well. (Submitted by h4rshitaa)
  46. I study to be able to pursue the career I want. For the thrill of knowledge, the security of understanding. For the way it shapes how I interpret the world. I study not because it is something I must do, but because it is something that is a part of who I am.  (Submitted by @audesapare)
  47. I study to improve my mind so I can understand deeply the things people thought I was not capable of understanding. I study so I can live the most fulfilled life possible. I take every second of this life as a chance to learn and improve myself.
  48. Because I’m going to prove girls are useful for more then just looks and a sex object.
  49. I study to open doors of opportunity. I study to improve my and others lives. I study to feel good when I go to sleep. I study to feel confident with my ability. I study to prove to myself what I can do.
  50. Because I want to show to my child that everything needed effort and passion. Also I want to show how important knowledge is, as a mom and as a housewife. (Submitted by studymamapartiallyhousewife)
  51. I study because it makes me happy to know I am in control of my future.
  52. I study because I am curious.
  53. So that I won’t have to struggle like my parents are financially.  (Submitted by study-sugar)
  54. I study because I want my single mother who has worked so hard for my education to live a better life when she’s older. I want her to look at me in the future, sitting in my office in a law firm and telling herself “it was all worth it”.
  56. I study so that I can be proud of the person that I am.
  57. I study because I want independence. After my bachelor’s degree I plan to be able to continue into further study such as an MA and support myself. I am an only child which has always led my family to be over protective and education will always be my way in holding my own in the world.
  58. I study so I can have the freedom to leave where I am now and actually be happy for a change. Without studying I wouldn’t be able to get the job nor satisfaction in life I know I deserve.
  59. I study because it’s the one thing I can decide for myself.
  60. I study because knowledge is power and I never want to feel inferior to anyone or have any regrets. I don’t want anything to hold me back from achieving my dreams. (Submitted by shreestudies)
  61. I study so I’m not so nervous for tests. Also to improve myself and my learning.
  62. I study because I have a huge thirst for knowledge. I love to learn and allow that to change me as a person for the better. I love being able to understand the world around me and contribute my opinions that have been developed from what I’ve learned. (Submitted bymymindssecretpalace)
  63. I want to be a successful person in life. I can use my intelligence to help those in need. Besides, people won’t belittle or pick on my appearance! ✌
  64. I study because I want to help others and make people aware that how important it is to be literate. (Submitted by anashiv)
  65. I study to show that I have potential. I study to show my learning disabilities and adhd is not me. I study because I want to grow. I study to be the person I know I can be, the person I know I am.
  66. I’m so tired of not passing my tests, of feeling like I don’t know the material. I have testing anxiety which prevents me from doing well. I want to study enough that I feel so comfortable with the material and the anxiety goes away. I want to study so I can begin feeling proud of myself and all my accomplishments.
  67. To help those struggling with different mental illnesses and help them see a better light.
  68. Because I want to build that building.
  69. I study because I want to prove all my male teachers and friends, that not only boys are learning the best, and if I want to, I can beat them all!
  70. I want to study to make my parents proud after all the sacrifices they made for me and to succeed so my family and I can live a better life.
  71. I study because I love to learn new things. (Submitted by ki-soonal)
  72. I study to find a solution to stop the passing on of the genes for hereditary diseases. As in to reduce risk of young children being diagnosed with hereditary diseases.
  73. To get that dream job and slay everyone who said it was too difficult for me.
  74. Because education is awesome.
  75. So I can change the world.
  76. To give my mom and dad the life they deserve! (Submitted by samiya-malik)
  77. Because everything is a competition and I must be best. (Submitted by letustudy)
  78. To prove to myself and others that I can do anything I set my mind to. (Submitted by studiousstudying)
  79. So when you are taking a test/exam your anxiety and stress levels are lower. (Submitted by introvertedturtlequeen)
  80. I study because I want to know I’ve earned everything I achieve.
  81. The biggest reason I study is that all of my friends are incredibly smart and when I was younger I wanted to prove to them that I could keep up, but now that I’ve decided that I don’t need to compete, I study just because it makes me feel good. (Submitted by queen-elbow)
  82. I study because the world is an interesting place, and I want to know it as deeply as possible. (Submitted by matchamonstr)
  83. I study because I am so sick and tired of seeing my mom struggle, all because she didn’t have a good education. I don’t want to wake up to a job I absolutely dread, and be paid minimum wage. I want to say “thanks mom, I can take care of you now.”
  84. I study to grow big enough to reach my high hopes. (Submitted by seriousstudygirl)
  85. To see the look on my mum and dad’s face when they see my results. (Submitted by seizethesaturday)
  86. I study because I love to crush my enemies. I like to see the looks on their faces when they see me succeed. (Submitted by dirtylaundry-emptystyrofoam)
  87. I study because I feel the need to prove to the world that I am more than a child prodigy that burnt out one day. I need to prove to myself that I’m just as good, if not better than I used to be. That I’ve got places to go and people to prove wrong.
  88. I study because I love to teach and I want to know everything that I can so that I can more clearly convey things to others, and to be able to make connections across topics to make things personal and interesting to them. (Submitted by the-homework-fandom)
  89. My dream as a little girl was “to be the most smartest person ever” and I still don’t know what else to do. (Submitted by polaroceanographer)
  90. To create room for the real me in the future.
  91. My reason for studying is so I can get into the university I want, and not have to travel away to one. (Submitted by iggythedragonslayer)
  92. To get a well paid job so my children can have the best possible life.
  93. My reason to study is to prove to my parents and myself that I can achieve my goals without the help of others. My reason to study is to gain valuable knowledge, NOT just for a grade.  (Submitted by barbstudies)
  94. To prove to myself that I am strong and can reach my goals. (Submitted by scared-robot
  95. I study so I have a chance of getting into the United States Air Force academy… 
  96. I study so I am offered to meet interesting people that are also studying the same field as I am. (Submitted by ghostsname)
  97. I’ll study so I can live relaxed as a cat in Hokkaido.
  98. *Shia LaBoeuf voice* JUST DO IT
  99. So I can prove myself that I am, indeed, intelligent and not just some bimbo with a hollow head. (Submitted by study-guerassimovna)
  100. Because learning new things and having a more informed view of the world is beautiful. (Submitted by studism)

Player: Auston Matthews - Maple Leafs

Prompt: You and Auston fight after the leafs are eliminated from the playoffs.

Mentions: Mitch Marner & Matt Martin

Warnings: Arguments, Fighting, Slight Cursing. 

Preview:  “How could you?” Auston suddenly asked out of the blue. It was the first time he spoke since getting home. 

Characters: 5500 words. 

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

You found yourself sitting on your bed cross-legged, your work sprawled around you blocking you in, ironically how you felt. The echoes of the game announcers found its way to you coming back from a commercial break. It was game six of the playoffs and sadly you were stuck at home drowning in your work. 

 Man did you wish you were standing on your feet with the rest of the girls as the third period played out. Instead, you were forced to stay home to finish your work for Monday. You had put it off all weekend, making sure Auston was staying focused and positive. Most importantly eating right. Man, was that boy a lot of work and now with the playoffs that was the case even more. But you did love the boy, with everything in your small being. You had followed him here from Arizona, putting you behind in school but you didn’t care. You would follow Auston anywhere. 

The period soon ended in a tie and OT was about to start. At this point, you were wondering why you stayed home at all. You were completely focused on the game, jumping a bit every time the caps even got close to the goal. And then it happened. You felt your heart drop into your stomach as the red goal light flashed. You watched as Freddie fell to the ice and the caps celebrated their win. And just like that, the Leafs were eliminated. Your eyes darted to the screen searching for number 34. You watched as the team slowly shook hands with the caps and then saluted the crowd. It was one hell of a season. 

You cleared the bed, hoping to finish the work before class. You wanted everything ready for Auston when he got home. You weren’t sure how he was going to be after a loss like this. You had been through season losses but this was different, the Leafs were eliminated, the hockey season was officially over and you were not sure how Auston was taking it. 

You took out some food and had everything ready by the time you heard the front door open.

 Instead of one familiar voice, you heard three. They were discussing something hockey related but Matts was quiet, which couldn’t be good. You walked out in your sweats and found Auston, Mitch, and Matt had thrown themselves on the couch still talking over the game. 

 “Enough game talk, let’s talk about something else” you tried, changing the subject. 

 They all turned to you, but Auston did not look happy. It was uncharacteristic of him but you put it off from the loss. Mitch and Matt greeted you and took your cue to change the subject talking about the movie you watched on the last movie night. 

 You giggled as Mitch tried to impersonate the main character, Matts throwing a throw pillow at his head. 

 “How could you?” Auston suddenly asked out of the blue. It was the first time he spoke since getting home. 

 You looked at him confused. “Laugh at Mitch?  I do it all the time Hun, He is a funny guy.”

 “That's not what I meant Y/N.” Auston hardly ever used your full name.

 You were now genuinely confused and a little concerned. “Then what?” you asked sitting up in the arm chair. 

 “You know Y/N, this was important to me and you chose to stay home. I just don’t understand how you could think that was okay. One of the biggest games of my career and you chose to just sit out. I’m glad you can pick and choose when are supportive in this relationship. “ 

 You looked at him dumbfounded and honestly could not believe you were hearing this. “Excuse me? You really cannot be serious right now Matts. You said it was okay yourself!“ 

 Auston scoffed and shook his head. "You should not have asked in the first place. You should have wanted to come and you didn’t. I needed you there! And now it’s over! You can’t take that back now, can you! This is my dream Y/N. How could you be so selfish? I’m just so upset with you right now I can’t even…” he trailed off.

 Auston’s voice had gotten louder as he continued. Auston never had raised his voice at you before, frightening you but also making the anger in you boil over. He stood over the arm chair now and you rose to your feet while a concerned Mitch and Matt watched on, unable to move. 

 “Can’t what Auston? You must be fucking joking me right now. I choose when to be supportive? I went to every single home game this season for god’s sake! Even that one where I could hardly see straight I was so sick! I moved out here, even with being behind a semester in school. I didn’t care, I could have cared less, to be honest, because I was with you following YOUR dream. I have never had any problem giving you my full support and even putting MY dreams on the back burner. You know why?” You poked his chest. “It made you happy! And I love seeing you happy. I worked my ass off all weekend to support you and I was so behind on my school work I had to catch up or I would have failed and been put behind for another goddamn semester. So sorry for being so goddamn selfish and thinking of me for once because it’s obvious I am the only one in this relationship who does.” you stared him down for a second before turning to leave. 

 Auston went to open his mouth to respond but Matt’s firm hand found his shoulder, prompting him to stop. 

 You turned to Auston, holding back the tears brimming your eyes. “You are not putting this on me, Auston.” You grabbed your keys and walked out the doors, ignoring Mitch’s desperate calls. He had seen you two have petty arguments but those never lasted long.  

 You got in your car unsure where you were going, the tears now overflowing onto your cheeks. You just started to drive. 

Roots (Part Fifteen)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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Kyungsoo was watching you, even though you weren’t looking at him. He was watching you; watching the way the light was filtering through the tree you were stood under and hitting your skin in flickering patterns, like golden fish swimming across your skin. He was watching the way the branches of the tree were ever so slightly curving towards where you were standing, like seaweed caught in a current.

He couldn’t believe you were real. That you were really there.

You were standing quite still, arms crossed over your chest. You were watching where Baekhyun was standing, still visible in the doorway to your home. You were watching him laughing and talking softly with Jongdae and Drops, who were standing together, Jongdae’s arm looped over Drops shoulders. Kyungsoo followed your gaze and saw where you were looking, his stomach stirring uncomfortably as he watched how your eyes stay latched to Baekhyun. He tore his gaze away from you to assess the Light Fairy. Baekhyun was smiling, radiating light. He seemed relaxed but Kyungsoo could tell there was tension in his body.

He loves her, Kyungsoo thought softly, Baekhyun loves Y/N.

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Hey @forthepalette ! It’s been quite a while. I purposely tried to avoid reading your posts just to avoid any more conflict with you, but to no avail, I still see some of your posts because you still kept using the Sprousehart tag and you seem to continually spur some anger from various Sprousehart accounts. Despite that, I still tried to look past whatever you post since I personally see no point in confronting you. You have your mind pretty much set on things. Whatever I say won’t go through you so I thought, what’s the point? 

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon some of your posts again this morning and I couldn’t find it in my own morals to just let it slide. 

I saw people calling you out and letting you know how offended they are by your statement but you tried to escape their judgment by claiming that it was done out of innocence not of spite. I’m sorry but I really don’t buy this.

When people replied with much anger (which is understandable- I’ll get to this later), your initial defense was that you were merely just asking a question and that you genuinely didn’t know.

Now, here are my comments regarding the whole thing. 

First, the statement you made was not a question at all. It was an imperative or permissive sentence demanding us to prove what you think of us wrong. The mere fact that it has a question mark in the end doesn’t make it a question. I’m very particular with syntax and grammar. I was sort of a nerd for diagraming sentences back in High School so I can say with full conviction that what you said wasn’t a question.

Second, the post itself bore an accusation or an assumption that Sprouseharts are homophobic and racist. You can argue with me on this and claim that is not true but technically, that’s how you formulated your post. You made a claim that we, Sprouseharts, are homophobic and racist. Then you made a further assumption that it’s the reason why we ship Sprousehart. To be clear here’s the premise you made:



You can argue again that it’s not what you meant, but I’m just merely rewriting your statement in bulleted form. I just removed that “please tell me you aren’t” part because that’s the part asking for a counter argument. Again, the premise is those two points written above, then you asked us to counter those two points. I’m sure any person with some proficiency in the English language would agree with how I deconstructed your sentence. If you claim that it is not what you meant, I suggest that you brush up with your writing skills and be very careful with what you post because you aren’t getting your message across properly.

Lastly, I got the impression based on your replies that either you’re feigning innocence or you really have no idea as to why this post has spurred some anger from various Sprousehart fans. I’m, personally, leaning towards the former but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt by explaining to you why your post gained some anger. 

Sexuality and race have been volatile topics for quite some time now. Volatile in the sense that a lot of debates and judgments have been exchanged as to various stands and views on certain issues involving the said topics. The current trend (trend as in the line of thought) we’re on now is more inclusive in the sense that we recognize the issues and push for more acceptance of all types of sexual orientation and race. This is reflective on political landmark events such as the USA having the first black president and your Supreme Court deciding the Obergefell v. Hodges favoring same-sex marriage. I personally love this shift in the ideals of the people and hope that this continues, but alongside this trend of thinking, another train of thought which I perceive as equally damaging as the evils we hope to curtail is emerging. This is the hyper-judgement or categorizing of other people.

Because of the sudden shift in ideals, which can be rather overbearing, some people tried to oversimplify the issues by creating a false dichotomy. This, essentially, tramples upon the goal of having an inclusive society. This line of thought categorizes people into something bad just because they don’t agree with everything.That’s what I’m getting from your argument.

You’ve made this false dichotomy that because we Sprouseharts don’t ship a homosexual ship, we are therefore against all homosexuals, which is terribly wrong to assume.

The argument is overgeneralizing and a slippery slope. It is also very hateful.

You’ve automatically excluded us from being part of a community that supports LGBTQ rights and anti-racism just because we love a straight white couple. You’re making it seem that loving a straight white couple is tantamount to going against the ideals of supporting LGBTQ rights and anti-racism. As far as I know, fighting for LGBTQ rights and anti-racism is fighting for equality and against discrimination. It’s recognizing that all races and all sexual orientations are equal and should be respected. It doesn’t mean that straight white couples cannot co-exist with LGBTQ couples with different races.

Now, your statement basically asks us to disprove your unfair assumption of us by declaring that we aren’t homophobes and racist. To be frank, who are you to ask that of us?

I’m actually troubled whether I should give you the benefit of giving you my answer but just to settle your “confused” mind, I am a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights and I hope for a world where race will no longer be an issue. I’m a person who particularly dislikes labels. I believe you are not defined by a single act or a single decision, but your collective actions and decisions throughout your life, so for me no one can judge you, label you, or characterize you as something until you are dead.

Mr. Hale and the Terrible, No Good, Awful Autumn - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“My son? He’s in your class, just transferred? Part of the reason why I’m late is that I was on the other side of campus and Harris just yelled at me for twenty minutes about what a terrible father I am.”

“Your son,” Derek says faintly. Stiles is a parent. He’s here for Parent-Teacher night.

“Yeah. Bronisław? He just transferred to your class, like, two weeks ago?”

“Yes.” Derek had a whole speech planned, filled with good, supportive phrasing that was also firm, like smart and creative but needs more outlets,and he’s disruptive in class, what can you tell me about his behavior at home? but he’s completely forgotten all of it, and now he can’t manage to string two words together.

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Woman In The Bank

The Many Aspects of Newt Scamander’s Hair: Volume One

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Newt Scamander’s Official Reference Guide to Sleeping & Cuddling: Written By YOU.                (Mobile Version)

Newt Scamander’s Love Letters to You.

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i am ready to support neil and andrew but i am trying very hard to avoid spoilers and this is so difficult.

like five minutes ago neil told andrew he didn’t like or trust him, and like two minutes ago a crowd of people bumped neil into andrew and neil was honestly just like “gurl wow he is solid mmm something firm to lean on - i like the way it feels when he supports me” and then he’s like “yep i’m gonna give andrew my life” – like, boy, for as hard as you try to not trust him, it certainly seems like you are also trying very hard to trust him!!

i love it. that and andrew stepping in to block riko and give neil an escape, and later brushing his hand lightly across neil’s back, like?? am i watching andrew go from rabid distrust/but also curiosity to “okay wow he just chewed riko out on tv PROTECT THIS BOY AT ALL COSTS”

guys idk what is going on but i like it

Left To Fate - MISSYriver - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
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Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen/Original Female Character(s), Felicity Smoak/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Tommy Merlyn, Thea Queen, Moira Queen, John Diggle
Additional Tags: Alternative Universe - No Arrow, Strangers to Lovers, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Sex, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Alternative Universe - No Island, Falling In Love, Unrequited Love, Lost Love, Explicit Sexual Content, olicity - Freeform, Olicityhiatusficathon, Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon
Series: Part 1 of The Fate of Olicity,
Summary:  Chapter 3: Rules of Engagement 

Five years ago, after he returned from a trip to Tahoe, Oliver went back to school with a newfound drive. He surprised everyone with long hours and days either in class or studying. He got his business degree with a minor in internet security. He spent long hours working in and with human resources, searching for the right technical assistant. He even contacted a firm to start searching other companies which was how he met Yvonne. She was the best in the field, she gave him thousands of resumes to go through, but nothing had been right. He told her to keep looking. After a year of looking she told him if he was looking for a date, she was available.

I am spoiled with support, and I love it. They keep me sane in my crazy world. @magda1102 made this art for the story and I love it. 

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At this critical moment Roederer showed both fidelity and presence of mind. He implored the deputies to suspend the law which forbade the entrance of the troops, and, while the Jacobins were reviling him and his proposal, he pretended to suppose that it had been agreed to, and led forward a detachment of soldiers who cleared the way. One grenadier look up the dauphin in his arms and carried him in; and, although the pressure of the crowd was extreme, at last the whole family were placed within the hall in such safety as the Assembly was able or disposed to afford them.

Louis bore himself not without dignity. His words were few but calm. “I am come here to prevent a great crime. I think I can not be better placed, nor more safely, gentlemen, than among you.” The president, who happened to be Vergniaud, while appearing to desire to give him confidence, yet avoided uttering a single word, except the simple address of “sire,” which should be a recognition of the royal dignity, if indeed his speech was not a studied disavowal of it. Louis might reckon, he said, on the firmness of the National Assembly: its members had sworn to die in support of the rights of the people and of the constituted authorities: and then, on the plea that the Assembly must continue its deliberations, and that the law forbade them to be conducted in the presence of the sovereign, he assigned him and his family a little box behind the president’s chair, which was usually set apart for the reporters of the debates.

The Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France - Charles Duke Yonge

The Last Light: Chapter 1

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Notes: Kylo isn’t here yet =(

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Just Something I Have to Say

I’m going to be 21 in September and I haven’t had my first kiss yet. I’ve never been in a real relationship before and last year I made the first step in coming out as gay to some of my family members as well as some of my friends.

As you can imagine I’ve dreamed about my first kiss. Who would it be with? How would it go? Where it would be? I’m a person who likes spontaneity, for the most part, but I also want it to be a lasting memory that I will cherish for my entire life.

Now as most of you know I’m 110% a Lauren girl or a @ssweet-dispositionn girl.

See she’s the type of person who could make me happy in practically any situation. She’d be my rock and I’d be her’s. Not a day would go by where I wouldn’t tell her how beautiful she is or how much I love it when she smiles and laughs hysterically. I would treat her as my queen, for her happiness would also be my happiness. If she isn’t happy then I’m not happy. Lauren has such a brilliant way with words and a mind so beautiful I sometimes stop and wonder where the hell she sometimes gets some of stuff she talks about.

Lauren Jauregui, if I could choose anyone to be my first kiss it would be you.

You’re more than just hot to me. Hell, there are no words to express how much I simply adore you, how proud you make me, and how thankful I am for the things you’ve made me realize about myself and others. You can make me smile like an idiot in a matter of 0.3 seconds and you have to power to make my heart pound uncontrollably. You’re too good for this world. In a land where men, women, and children perish, and where tyrannical leaders spew their idealistic views, here you are rising among from the rest to use your voice of power to enact change. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again. We are SO blessed to have you on this Earth with us.

Never in my almost 21 years of being alive have I come across someone so pure and so right for me. I mean you’re probably reading this thinking it’s either just a bunch of crap or I’m just crazy. I promise you though that I’m different. That I’m not like the rest and that I’m willing to prove it in any way possible. I dream about meeting you one day and hearing that voice I’ve grown to love so much. I can’t help but want to hug you. To cradle you in my arms even though you’re taller than I am. I want to feel the warmth emulating from your skin, and smell that sweet smell of vanilla I’ve been hearing about for so long now. Lol I’m ranting I know but I honestly don’t care because this is all about you. I realize you must get thousands of messages and that I’m just “one more” but I couldn’t help but stand aside and not say anything.

Here’s another thing. I love quotes and motivational sayings. I use this one a lot and am about to use it again. “Good Things Take Time.” I’m a firm believer that if you work hard for something you only better your chances of reaching that ultimate goal. I’ve had my fair share of rough moments and sometimes I felt like I couldn’t go on but I did anyway. I pushed myself to do little things each day and now look where I am. I’m about to enter college this August with a scholarship and am healthy and happy. I have my family and my friends supporting me.

Life is beautiful and with you, it would be simply exquisite. ❤️

**If you feel like Lauren would like reading this @ her in the reblog!

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A Hard Heart To Win (Part 3)

Maria watches Tony fidget in the leather seat of the Bentley, and wishes she could make his fears go away.

Tony’s always thought too much, which isn’t bad. His mind is beautiful, the way he can take in so much information and cycle through so many thoughts and ideas while keeping up an engaging conversation about a different topic entirely.

With a mind like that, he understands people all too well, which isn’t always good. Howard always told him that he was too sensitive, that he needed to man-up, to be a Stark.

She’s tried to erase those words, but it’s hard, cleaning the past remarks and hurt that’ve made themselves at home in his mind. She knows this herself, from every hateful remark Howard has thrown her way.

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Florentino Perez interview:

I’ve heard about the Cristiano issue from what a newspaper said. Cristiano has a contract and is a Real Madrid player. I haven’t spoken to Cristiano. I’ve heard about everything from a newspaper. Life gives you unexpected situations but you must deal with them and find them solution. Cristiano’s buyout clause is 1,000 million. All this is very strange, Cristiano is a good guy, I have to talk to him and see what happens. 

I believe everyone must comply with their tax obligations and I know that Cristiano always does things the right way. Cristiano has the same corporate structure he had in England, where he spent many years without problems.

It has affected me how the media treated Cristiano, the presumption of innocence was not respected. I will always defend Cristiano as footballer and as a person, he is a good person, very supportive. Cristiano is not only a great footballer, he does a very important social work.

I am sure that Cristiano complies with his tax duties, it must be a confusion that will be cleared. Of course, Cristiano wouldn’t want us to pay his fine, if there is one, he’s not like this. Cristiano is not angry about who will pay the fine.

I heard about this because they sent me the cover of A Bola. The last time I spoke to Cristiano was in Cardiff, after the match, the tax situation happened after the match.

Cristiano’s law firm, who I know, came out and gave all the explanation, Real Madrid and I have had disagreements with the Treasury, and we came up on top on some of them. What can’t be done is to call him delinquent, that really bother me, it hurt me. 

At the moment, I don’t know anything about Cristiano. When he’ll finish the Confederation Cup, we’ll talk about this subject. Cristiano assumes the fact that he has to comply with his tax obligations.

I don’t think that the Treasury felt obliged to investigate Cristiano because of what has happened with Messi. 

All I know is that Cristiano is angry about the treatmeant he has been given by the media. We must always find the best solution for everything.

Cristiano’s had no desire to cheat because he didn’t hide anything, he’s presented everything to the Treasury.

I’ve never said to Cristiano to bring me an offer. We’re delighted with him as a person and a player. 

Cristiano feels hurt and he might be right.

I’ve never had any issues with Cristiano. If he was sad, it was not because of me.

Cristiano doesn’t go behind the money, he just wants to be the best player in the world. I’ve not spoken to him but what I know is that in this country he isn’t being treated well. If Cristiano wants to leave Madrid, it won’t be because of money. I think that the press hasn’t treated Cristiano with respect on this issue, they stigmatized him as a fraudster.

PSG’s president is a friend of mine, and he hasn’t called me. I’ve not spoken to him or with anyone else. We haven’t received any offers for Cristiano, Morate or James or anyone.

I have a good relationship and a good friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo and I want to talk to him. At the Bernabeu, there is a group of people, I think they are wrong, that whistle players. If there are whistles in the Bernabeu, there will be players who won’t want to come to Real Madrid,

I will talk to Cristiano when he finishes Confederation Cup. I don’t know if Zidane talked to Cristiano. Neither I, nor anyone in Madrid contemplates that Cristiano might leave. Real Madrid member adora Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is part of the history of Real Madrid, is at the level of Di Stefano. Cristiano is not business, he is part of Real Madrid’s history.

Pepe is a good guy, I don’t think that he’d recommend to Cristiano to leave. Something very rare must happen, which I do not see happening for Cristiano to leave Real Madrid,