i am a firm supporter of it

Parents didn’t always read the orientation material.

There were a few, every year.  They insisted on helping the new students move into the dorms.  They sent boxes from home, full of cookies or brownies or favorite munchies.  They called frequently (it wasn’t safe.  Letters were safer, e-mail was safer, even texts were safer, but calls not so much.)  They begged for pictures, for visits, and sometimes they accidentally-on-purpose “just happened to be in the area”.

The staff tried to deal with parents.  Oh how they tried.  Usually it worked.  The Gentry almost never kept parents.

But some… some parents never left.

She had taken piano lessons when she was younger.  Her parents approved:  that was a womanly decorative thing to do.  She had never played sports, because that wasn’t a womanly decorative thing.  She wore dresses.  She took ballet, she sang, she painted. Her parents told her every day in every way who they thought she should be, and she tried, she really did.

She was tired of not being good enough.  

She applied to Elsewhere, and got a full music scholarship, and carefully out of sight in the shower she sobbed with relief and fear.  Her parents loved her, they really did, they told her so.  The disappointment at her, the silent treatment, the confinement and not being allowed out with her friends… well, they were just trying to protect her, right?  They didn’t know the bubble wrap they tried to put around her was smothering her.  

She read the orientation paperwork, every single scrap.  She wanted to do everything right, because the thought of doing it wrong terrified her.  Even the strange stuff, maybe especially the strange stuff, because everything in life was a test, another opportunity to disappoint.

“As an environmentally-conscious measure, Elsewhere University’s campus is not set up to allow automobile traffic.  For those students who need transportation help, there are staff with golf carts available, as well as a series of campus shuttles that make regular stops.  Bicycles are available for rent by the hour, the week, or the semester.  Skateboards and skates are permitted but proper safety gear must be worn.”

Father was angry when campus security wouldn’t let him drive straight to her dorm.  She trembled.  Always, when Father was angry, somehow either she or Mother paid.  He fumed while waiting for a golf cart, he clenched his jaw when the staff member driving the golf cart refused to simply step aside and hand over the keys, he was elaborately careful when helping load her things after being refused a campus map.

Her dorm was a solid brick building, a pleasant generic institutional place.  Father insisted on carrying her things up to her room, on the second floor.  "So I know where my little girl will be,“ he said. His anger cooled a little with the exertion, down to its usual simmer.

It only took a few trips to get all of her things upstairs.  Father insisted on a hug, just on the edge of being painful as his hugs always were.  She endured it, because trying to get away always earned a lecture.  "I love you so much, you’ll always be my little girl, you are a disappointment because you don’t love me as much as I love you, but I will forgive you because I am better than you.”

“Elsewhere University wishes to be the beginning of a new life for every student.  We ask that students choose a nickname, in order to facilitate this feeling of a new beginning.  Common nickname categories are an interest, a favorite song or work of art, an aspiration, or a personal quality.  It is our firm belief, demonstrated by decades of successful graduates, that this practice allows students the freedom to really expand their horizons and demonstrate both their personalities and their capabilities both actual and potential.  In support of this practice, we ask that legal names not be used on campus except with the Student Services or Records and Enrollment offices.”

The driver helped as Father made one last check to be sure nothing had been left.  He reminded her to call twice a week.  He hugged her again, ignoring the gasp she made as he let go.  "Remember to call your Mother, Susan.  You’ll always be her little girl, and you know how she worries.“

“I will, Father.”

The driver watched, waiting patiently while Father said his good-byes, then cleared his throat.  "Sir, if you want to attend the parent orientation, we need to be going.“  

"Yes, I’d planned on attending.  I need to know everything, to help keep my Susan safe.”  Father climbed aboard, and the driver waved as they left.  For an instant his hand seemed to have too many fingers.

She felt eyes on her as they drove away.

She climbed the stairs back to her room, looking forward to taking her shoes off and unpacking.  The door, locked when she left it, was still locked, but now there was a pile of stuff underneath the open window.  

“Hey!  Sorry I wasn’t here when you were bringing stuff up, he looked a bit intense, oh hey are you ok?”  The girl on the tree branch outside the window climbed in and sat on the windowsill.

She nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then sat on one of the beds.

“I’m Magpie, second year, one of the stage monkeys for the theater.  You wanna see?  No obligation.”

“Yeah, I… I paint, a little.”

“You do?  Cool!  Hey, but if you want to go see, that outfit’s cute and all but it’ll get ruined pretty quick.”

“I’ve got some grubbies, let me unpack.”

Magpie grinned and pushed her hair behind one ear.  "Your dad isn’t one of those types who thinks he’ll be visiting every weekend, is he?  'Cause I can’t hide all the time.“

"I think he was heading to the parent orientation.”

Magpie blinked.  "Oh… kay.“

"What, okay?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.  They go by Melanotis. They’ll tell you about the parent orientation.  Are you sure you’re ok?”  Magpie pushed her hair back again. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you keep asking?”

“There is no parent orientation.  Here, take this.  No obligation.”  Magpie took a ring off of her index finger and handed it to her.  It was a puzzle ring made of iron and pyrite, and it fit her index finger as if it had been made for her.

“Thanks, but why?”

“My dad was like that, too.  What do you want to be called?”

The choice, the possibility of choice, was dizzying.  Something to hang onto… a favorite song.  "Call me Sussudio,“ she said, and smiled.


100 Reasons to Study:

I never expected this “reasons to study” thing to get so many submissions, and as it takes me so long to post them all, I decided to do a bulk post of some so here they are:

(If I haven’t included a url, it was submitted by an anon).

  1. To prove people that “bad” students can become excellent students too.
  2. To expand your knowledge of the world.
  3. To look back on your success in ten years time. (Submitted byadxlastudies)
  4. To not let my mental illness define my grades. (Submitted bymusicandmaths)
  5. I study because I am privileged enough to have the opportunity. I study because I have no one getting in my way telling me I can’t. I study because I want to do some real good in this world. I study because I live in a country where being female has no significant disadvantage; and so, I take this opportunity so that I may make future opportunities for those who don’t have them. (Submitted by crimson-voltaire)
  6. My reason for studying is how I’ll get to where I want to be in my life which is successful, comfortable, and happy.
  7. I study to make my mum happy and proud.
  8. I study to prove my anxiety wrong!
  9. I study because I want to save lives.
  10. I study because my grandpa, orphaned during WWII when he was 8, worked 4 days a week in a mine to learn for 2 days. He’s retired after 40 years of working in diplomacy, for the last 5 years as an ambassador. He’s my role model. And I love him so much.
  11. I study because my primary school teacher from when I was 6 replied “Well who would think that?” when my mother informed her I was going to university. I study so I can tell her “Why would you not think that?”
  12. I study because I want to give myself the best future I possibly can as a black woman. (Submitted by n-marlzz)
  13. I study because my dreams are improbable. But not impossible. I will achieve them. (Submitted by redheadbecool)
  14. I study because even though I can’t imagine having a future, I want one. (Submitted by stxdys)
  15. I study so that I can be surrounded by the right people at school, at home, at work, and on Tumblr. You can only walk the path that you choose for yourself, so choose wisely. Pave your path with bricks, not straw.
  16. I study because last year I was in a mental hospital for young people and I discovered that I want my death to mean something.
  17. I study because diseases have haunted my family for long enough, and cancer deserves to be taken down once for all.
  18. I study because my father left school at age 13 to work to provide for his family and he has been working ridiculously hard ever since so I can have an education.
  19. I study to be self reliant and to get more answers. The concept of being independent is attractive to me, and if i study hard enough, i will be able to live freely without relying on my parents. The thought of getting answers is a huge satisfaction.
  20. I study because I told my ex, “Watch me go to Harvard”. So oops.
  21. Because I want to have a well paying job which means I can eventually travel the world one day.
  22. I study because I love to be productive really just in love with the feeling of it being noon and already have gotten everything done that I needed for that day. (Submitted by revision-babe)
  23. I want and I like to study because I believe that we as humans have the responsibility of maintain and grow the knowledge people developed in the past. How could we waist all those efforts to try know this wonderful world a little better?  (Submitted by mochilunar-universe​)
  24. I study because my Dad went through a lot of work to get to this country so that I could have a good life and a good education, and I’m not going to waste all his good efforts and take him and my education for granted.
  25. Because I believe I can do it and I won’t let their words stop me. (Submitted by truly-written-by-me)
  26. I study for my own sense of achievement! I’m also really motivated by my boyfriend who is very clever and works really hard. I want to get a first in my masters this year and I will!  (Submitted by @orchidbeam)
  27. I study for Nicki Minaj, she would be proud of me, and all the other women in the world. I hope that my degree will put me in the position to make a better world for all my sisters out there and the little ones.
  28. I study because my family isn’t as rich as our family friends, and other families always make fun about what my dad does for a living. I want to change that and make sure the only thing others talk about is how amazing we turned out and what a good career I’m going into.
  29. I study to make my parent’s hardships (moving to America, to provide a better life for my siblings and I) worth it.
  30. My reason to study is to show myself and everyone I am stronger than my mental illness and to prove everyone who said it would stop me from getting anywhere wrong.
  31. I study so I can change the world for the better.
  32. I study because I want to help my family, to fulfil my dreams and save lives.
  33. To be a champion.
  34. I want to study in order to prove myself and people that being dyslexic and dysorthographic doesn’t mean being stupid.  (Submitted bybritannicusmyfav)
  35. I love to learn,and I want to know about all the things I missed because of school system. (Submitted by @seshet)
  36. I study because I want to be the first sibling to go straight into uni without transferring from a community college.
  37. I want to study so that I can transfer out from a community college to a really good university so that people won’t think the decision I made to go to community college was bad. Also to make my DAD super proud!
  38. I study because I want to be the best version of myself.
  39. I study to make those who have taken care of me proud, to show them they did a good job. I also study for myself, to prove that I can fulfil my goals and that everyone who has ever made fun of me just pushed me forward instead of putting the boot in. Getting a good job to live with my boyfriend would be a great plus! We all need motivation, and what’s better to motivate oneself than dreams to fulfil! Here are mine. (~Submitted bystudy-littleidlegirl)
  40. I study because I never want to stop learning about myself and the world we live in.
  41. I study so I’m educated enough to take down the haters in an articulate way so I feel accomplished when leaving the situation.
  42. I study to ensure that when I’m actively in politics, only weak minded people will be able to scorn me due to my ethnic background or religion (or something stupid along those lines) instead of the immaculate policies and work I am carrying out.
  43. I study to become successful in my future and because I have a passion for learning. (Submitted by baklavugh)
  44. I study because I don’t have anything else to do. I guess it keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to think how lonely I am.
  45. Because it makes me happy to see my hard work paid off and also ensures a better future than I would have if I didn’t study well. (Submitted by h4rshitaa)
  46. I study to be able to pursue the career I want. For the thrill of knowledge, the security of understanding. For the way it shapes how I interpret the world. I study not because it is something I must do, but because it is something that is a part of who I am.  (Submitted by @audesapare)
  47. I study to improve my mind so I can understand deeply the things people thought I was not capable of understanding. I study so I can live the most fulfilled life possible. I take every second of this life as a chance to learn and improve myself.
  48. Because I’m going to prove girls are useful for more then just looks and a sex object.
  49. I study to open doors of opportunity. I study to improve my and others lives. I study to feel good when I go to sleep. I study to feel confident with my ability. I study to prove to myself what I can do.
  50. Because I want to show to my child that everything needed effort and passion. Also I want to show how important knowledge is, as a mom and as a housewife. (Submitted by studymamapartiallyhousewife)
  51. I study because it makes me happy to know I am in control of my future.
  52. I study because I am curious.
  53. So that I won’t have to struggle like my parents are financially.  (Submitted by study-sugar)
  54. I study because I want my single mother who has worked so hard for my education to live a better life when she’s older. I want her to look at me in the future, sitting in my office in a law firm and telling herself “it was all worth it”.
  56. I study so that I can be proud of the person that I am.
  57. I study because I want independence. After my bachelor’s degree I plan to be able to continue into further study such as an MA and support myself. I am an only child which has always led my family to be over protective and education will always be my way in holding my own in the world.
  58. I study so I can have the freedom to leave where I am now and actually be happy for a change. Without studying I wouldn’t be able to get the job nor satisfaction in life I know I deserve.
  59. I study because it’s the one thing I can decide for myself.
  60. I study because knowledge is power and I never want to feel inferior to anyone or have any regrets. I don’t want anything to hold me back from achieving my dreams. (Submitted by shreestudies)
  61. I study so I’m not so nervous for tests. Also to improve myself and my learning.
  62. I study because I have a huge thirst for knowledge. I love to learn and allow that to change me as a person for the better. I love being able to understand the world around me and contribute my opinions that have been developed from what I’ve learned. (Submitted bymymindssecretpalace)
  63. I want to be a successful person in life. I can use my intelligence to help those in need. Besides, people won’t belittle or pick on my appearance! ✌
  64. I study because I want to help others and make people aware that how important it is to be literate. (Submitted by anashiv)
  65. I study to show that I have potential. I study to show my learning disabilities and adhd is not me. I study because I want to grow. I study to be the person I know I can be, the person I know I am.
  66. I’m so tired of not passing my tests, of feeling like I don’t know the material. I have testing anxiety which prevents me from doing well. I want to study enough that I feel so comfortable with the material and the anxiety goes away. I want to study so I can begin feeling proud of myself and all my accomplishments.
  67. To help those struggling with different mental illnesses and help them see a better light.
  68. Because I want to build that building.
  69. I study because I want to prove all my male teachers and friends, that not only boys are learning the best, and if I want to, I can beat them all!
  70. I want to study to make my parents proud after all the sacrifices they made for me and to succeed so my family and I can live a better life.
  71. I study because I love to learn new things. (Submitted by ki-soonal)
  72. I study to find a solution to stop the passing on of the genes for hereditary diseases. As in to reduce risk of young children being diagnosed with hereditary diseases.
  73. To get that dream job and slay everyone who said it was too difficult for me.
  74. Because education is awesome.
  75. So I can change the world.
  76. To give my mom and dad the life they deserve! (Submitted by samiya-malik)
  77. Because everything is a competition and I must be best. (Submitted by letustudy)
  78. To prove to myself and others that I can do anything I set my mind to. (Submitted by studiousstudying)
  79. So when you are taking a test/exam your anxiety and stress levels are lower. (Submitted by introvertedturtlequeen)
  80. I study because I want to know I’ve earned everything I achieve.
  81. The biggest reason I study is that all of my friends are incredibly smart and when I was younger I wanted to prove to them that I could keep up, but now that I’ve decided that I don’t need to compete, I study just because it makes me feel good. (Submitted by queen-elbow)
  82. I study because the world is an interesting place, and I want to know it as deeply as possible. (Submitted by matchamonstr)
  83. I study because I am so sick and tired of seeing my mom struggle, all because she didn’t have a good education. I don’t want to wake up to a job I absolutely dread, and be paid minimum wage. I want to say “thanks mom, I can take care of you now.”
  84. I study to grow big enough to reach my high hopes. (Submitted by seriousstudygirl)
  85. To see the look on my mum and dad’s face when they see my results. (Submitted by seizethesaturday)
  86. I study because I love to crush my enemies. I like to see the looks on their faces when they see me succeed. (Submitted by dirtylaundry-emptystyrofoam)
  87. I study because I feel the need to prove to the world that I am more than a child prodigy that burnt out one day. I need to prove to myself that I’m just as good, if not better than I used to be. That I’ve got places to go and people to prove wrong.
  88. I study because I love to teach and I want to know everything that I can so that I can more clearly convey things to others, and to be able to make connections across topics to make things personal and interesting to them. (Submitted by the-homework-fandom)
  89. My dream as a little girl was “to be the most smartest person ever” and I still don’t know what else to do. (Submitted by polaroceanographer)
  90. To create room for the real me in the future.
  91. My reason for studying is so I can get into the university I want, and not have to travel away to one. (Submitted by iggythedragonslayer)
  92. To get a well paid job so my children can have the best possible life.
  93. My reason to study is to prove to my parents and myself that I can achieve my goals without the help of others. My reason to study is to gain valuable knowledge, NOT just for a grade.  (Submitted by barbstudies)
  94. To prove to myself that I am strong and can reach my goals. (Submitted by scared-robot
  95. I study so I have a chance of getting into the United States Air Force academy… 
  96. I study so I am offered to meet interesting people that are also studying the same field as I am. (Submitted by ghostsname)
  97. I’ll study so I can live relaxed as a cat in Hokkaido.
  98. *Shia LaBoeuf voice* JUST DO IT
  99. So I can prove myself that I am, indeed, intelligent and not just some bimbo with a hollow head. (Submitted by study-guerassimovna)
  100. Because learning new things and having a more informed view of the world is beautiful. (Submitted by studism)
Mr. Hale and the Terrible, No Good, Awful Autumn - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“My son? He’s in your class, just transferred? Part of the reason why I’m late is that I was on the other side of campus and Harris just yelled at me for twenty minutes about what a terrible father I am.”

“Your son,” Derek says faintly. Stiles is a parent. He’s here for Parent-Teacher night.

“Yeah. Bronisław? He just transferred to your class, like, two weeks ago?”

“Yes.” Derek had a whole speech planned, filled with good, supportive phrasing that was also firm, like smart and creative but needs more outlets,and he’s disruptive in class, what can you tell me about his behavior at home? but he’s completely forgotten all of it, and now he can’t manage to string two words together.

i am ready to support neil and andrew but i am trying very hard to avoid spoilers and this is so difficult.

like five minutes ago neil told andrew he didn’t like or trust him, and like two minutes ago a crowd of people bumped neil into andrew and neil was honestly just like “gurl wow he is solid mmm something firm to lean on - i like the way it feels when he supports me” and then he’s like “yep i’m gonna give andrew my life” – like, boy, for as hard as you try to not trust him, it certainly seems like you are also trying very hard to trust him!!

i love it. that and andrew stepping in to block riko and give neil an escape, and later brushing his hand lightly across neil’s back, like?? am i watching andrew go from rabid distrust/but also curiosity to “okay wow he just chewed riko out on tv PROTECT THIS BOY AT ALL COSTS”

guys idk what is going on but i like it

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks that Lauren lashing out against CS can actually be detrimental for her career? I suppose I understand her reasons but CS are their most loyal fanbase. Like while "laurenizers" (obvs. not all) were jumping ship already with this Ty thing and calling her names, we CS are always firm with our support for her and Camzi (mostly bc our hearts are already dead but still)

But CS are very hard to get rid of 😂 , even if Lauren doesn’t like us and kills our ship over and over again we still love her and support her, at least the real fans - we’re into rough love lol

The Last Light: Chapter 1

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Notes: Kylo isn’t here yet =(

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krvshnaa  asked:

I just realized Gael's boss fight is eerily similar to the Orphan of Kos! The crying The use of a "cape" halfway through the fight Lots of flips and jumps And oddly the use of blue lightning! I'm not sure what "blue lightning" could indicate in the sense of Dark Souls and Bloodborne other than for DS using blue instead of gold lightning shows a kinda unholy rejection of the gods? Not too sure, what're your thoughts? :)

I noticed the similarities too and even raised questions about the color of the lighting on Reddit. Apparently, the lighting bolts are some kind of environmental hazard that can damage Gael as well (or at least that’s what some users said) and that’s the reason why they’re blue. It’s ‘natural’ lighting and not the power of the Sun channeled through miracles.

I absolutely agree with you, phase one in particular is very reminiscent of OoK’s fighting style. I am a firm supporter of the idea that DS and BB are connected not because I believe it to be the absolute truth but simply because both games make way more sense that way. And let’s not forget that FromSoft took inspiration from Berserk where the world went through drastic changes: the events of the Golden Arc take place in the Age of War (magic is reduced to a superstition, few supernatural beings appear in the entire story), then the Eclipse comes bringing the Age of Darkness and now evil spirits, demons and all the fancy stuff appear near those who bear the Brand of Sacrifice. After Griffith kills Ganishka, the world changes again and the layers separating the plane of reality from the Astral plane dissolve completely so that humans and magical creatures can now coexist.

BB’s world feels a whole lot like the last years of Berserk’s Golden Arc or the immediate years after the Eclipse to me, while DS’s Age of Fire corresponds to Griffith’s age of Darkness where magic is common knowledge and beings of all shapes and forms coexist.

A Hard Heart To Win (Part 3)

Maria watches Tony fidget in the leather seat of the Bentley, and wishes she could make his fears go away.

Tony’s always thought too much, which isn’t bad. His mind is beautiful, the way he can take in so much information and cycle through so many thoughts and ideas while keeping up an engaging conversation about a different topic entirely.

With a mind like that, he understands people all too well, which isn’t always good. Howard always told him that he was too sensitive, that he needed to man-up, to be a Stark.

She’s tried to erase those words, but it’s hard, cleaning the past remarks and hurt that’ve made themselves at home in his mind. She knows this herself, from every hateful remark Howard has thrown her way.

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My Seventeen Hi-Touch Experience

YE BOI so ya girl attended the Seventeen Shining Diamonds Tour in Auckland on the 30th of August (so roughly 3 days ago??) and basically I’m still so starstruck by the whole event and felt the need to share my .. interesting (actually more embarrassing) hi-touch experience with you all. (not in exact order but its how I remember it)

okay buckle up folks B)

Hoshi: (My precious lil jellybean AW) He was first in line !! If I had to put into words how I reacted, I would say bOI I WAS DAMN SHOOK BECAUSE BEFORE I KNEW IT I WAS ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE I TRIPPED THE H*CK UP 

okay but nah, I’m usually pretty calm and well coordinated in social situations but the minute I looked at him I was working up a sweat,, it was too much for me, I’m talking about that Seventeen Aju Nice™ type of shook rip me. Poor fella who’d just came to have a good time looked a little confused though and was quick to ask if I was okay (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) so I pulled my shit together and finally gave my greetings and my thanks probably looking like a chubby little tomato lmao great start Turama #winning Oh, and for those of you who’re wondering yes his hamster cheeks are the best thing ever go meet him please

Joshua: All I can say is that he is about 1739058271 times more beautiful in real life but it doesn’t stop there he is so sweet and polite and warm and welcoming like tbh u Jisoo stans are real troopers man I felt like this boy was a siren luring me to my death (he was my original bias along with naega hosh tehe) but otherwise my interaction with him was almost surreal. He has one of those really comforting voices, like even when he was MC'ing I was just so at peace and smiling the whole time really I lov u MC Hong

Woozi: MY LIL WOOJI EEEEEEEE he looked rather exhausted in my opinion (so did Vernon aw) and probably just wanted to go and get some rest by the time I’d reached him (I was at the very back of the Hi-touch queue) but despite all that he was polite and smiled at me and I thanked him and bowed what even was I doing someone hit me (edit: bowing is not a common gesture in New Zealand so I felt a little awkward and you could probably see that in my sorry attempt to be respectful lmfao)

Mingyu: This gigantic nerd was still laughing at my trip to Hoshi’s feet and if it wasn’t for my love for him I might’ve squared up w/dis betch (just kidding I’m 5'4/5" lmfao) but he is honestly just!! a!! big!! huge!! puppy!! he was v bubbly and v happy however I almost broke my damn neck having to look up at him rip. Different story watching him on stage though >_> got me feeling things I aint’ felt before you’re a real switcher upper Kim Mingyu watch urself

Wonwoo: Oh my goodness for some reason I was really nervous meeting him !! He is actually so handsome, like r e a l l y handsome, had to stop and have a break, take five, sip on some water,, like damn boi you are a masterpiece. He was very sweet and quiet, he nodded in response to my thanks and I just smiled so big. So happy to have met him, he really is one of a kind.

Seungkwan: MAN HE JUST STRAIGHT ROASTED ME kind of I GOT UP TO HIM, REACHED OUT TO GRAB HIS HAND AND SAY THANK YOU AND HE KINDA JUST “….your voice ?!” with this sort of “girl wtf were u doing out there” face and I had no idea how to reply and all that came out was “it’s gone” and he just laughed. Honestly Boo, your charisma always has me swooning- even if it’s you laughing at me because I used the last of my voice screaming for you and the boys and greeted you sounding like a 50 yr old chain smoker, I would gladly subject myself to that kind of humiliation for u (just kidding, you’ll catch me at the next fanmeet with classic carat style clapback boi, I’m the sass monster you’d rival in another life)

Vernon: If Vernon was an emoji he’d be a 😎. Literally, the most chill guy I’ve ever met. No nerves, no stuttering, no falling over, just good vibes. He emits the most relaxed and cool-me-down type energy !! (anD HE HAS THE MOST SOFTEST HANDS OH MY GOODNESS) Despite him looking quite exhausted and spacy he was just chill af. Very sweet and really nice, till next time memesol 😎 shaka brahhhhh

Dino: OH MY GOSH MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SUNFLOWER CHILD he was so so sweet and just made me fangirl so hard !! He’s the high school prince of my life like damn he is just too cute for words. He was very bright and energetic and greeting and thanking him added 10 years to my life span no lies had to suck it up and try not to cry goodness me y'all need to quit sleeping on this boy, he’s gonna make it big in this day&age with the rate his visuals and talent is growing at. Got ur back Chan~

Dokyeom: I was centring myself trying to get a grip of reality when I’m suddenly greeted with the most godly smile and a big loud “HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!” ahahahahahaaha awwwww I die every time just thinking about how adorable he was. DK honestly made my life so much more brighter, the atmosphere was just alive with happiness upon meeting him I would seriously cross oceans to be in the presence of that kind of energy again. 10/10 would hold hands with this boy 👌 good shit

S.coups: BOIIIIIIIIII I. AM. STILL. IN. SHOCK. You know the feeling when you’ve had a really rough day and someone wraps their arms around you and it’s just warm and safe and you feel so vulnerable and small pressed up against them ?????????????????????????????? Seungcheol managed to embody that entire feeling in the matter of seconds, I got the full package, the firm but gentle hand holding, the heart-melting smile, the dimples, the giggle because I reached out with both hands to try and support my body before I caved in, he was so so sweet and thanked me and just HOH 😍 he is my bias wrecker FOR. SURE.


Jeonghan: Okay Okay Right, So I’m still recovering from falling head over heals for S.coups so I’ve busted a lip, I’m a little beaten up, a bit shook, ready to cry, then I remember that I’ve still got one more member to greet before it’s over and I look up and he’s already looking at me. The man of my dreams, the light of my life, my moon and my stars, my ultimate bias. I kinda stopped in my tracks and just felt myself welling up because really, I’m a sensitive lil crybaby who gets chest pains just by listening to his voice. It took me right up until he reached out and said hello to even internalise and follow up on the situation. I grabbed his hand and immediately the tears were coming out in steady streams happiness and disbelief. It wasn’t too embarrassing meeting him, he’s everything I’ve ever loved about him. From the shit-eating grin and deep eyes right down to his double jointed fingers and long legs, I quickly interlocked my hand with his because why not and thanked him before looking up again and smiling. Ran out and wept like a child for a good ten minutes afterwards lmfao

Unfortunately, Jun and The8 weren’t there so I was really super sad that we couldn’t see them and say hi. I imagine they’re in good spirits though having participated in such a life changing tour for us international fans, so that’s about it for my Hi-touch experience !! I know, it was a long read, but I thought I’d chuck my two cents in for those who might not have met them or plan to meet them in the near future.

Stay groovy fellow carats~

sweariwouldnt  asked:

I'm not saying this to cause drama, I know your blog is not about that, but I have to say that the 'harrie larrie' anon could've replaced Harry with Louis and it would still stand firm. I think being critical about situations and being vary is one thing (as I am), but I have seen a lot of hate from Louies as well towards Harry, and of course there's no need to put a disclaimer to every post if you've made your stance clear, but a lot of Louie Larries have turned very nasty about Harry.

No don’t worry at all! It’s true though, there’s been aggression on either side. Obviously not talking about people who are questioning or criticizing their teams, or ones who just prefer to support one of the boys. But there are people who have gotten rather nasty and aggressive towards Harry as well as ones who have towards Louis, you can’t put it all on one side.

And I will repeat for my anon–who you follow is not necessarily an indicator of that. 

I really want to send Arthur Weasley back in time to meet Jacob Kowalski

I feel like they would be the best of friends and figure out each others little quirks and just be a little bit obsessed with each other. 

  • Arthur would just absorb everything Jacob has to say about the canning factory, like it would be Christmas to him to hear about Muggle technology and how it all works and the process of it all. 
  • Arthur would try to teach Jacob little magic tricks and they would swap stories. 
  • Just imagine the joy Arthur would get out of Jacob baking and how proud Jacob would be and I am so convinced that Arthur would try baking and it ends up as a disaster and gets a little discouraged but then Jacob helps him and his next batch of goods are actually really good and Arthur is just enthralled. 
  • Arthur would question Jacob endlessly about Muggle things and I’m positive they would have multiple session that just are filled with laughter
  • Imagine them at a bar together, first a Muggle bar where Jacob is pretty proud to be showing his new friend all the different kinds of drinks and let’s be real here, Arthur will want to try everything and be unable to handle it very well. Then when Jacob goes to the wizarding bar as Arthur somehow manages to sneak his new friend in, he shows just as much thrill and fascination as what was just glimpsed at during Fantastic Beasts. 
  • Arthur will probably just soak up Queenie and Jacob’s relationship as well and support them 100%. 
  • I am also a firm believer that they will exchange ties
  • Arthur would try to get some of Jacob’s recipes so he can share them with Molly when he comes home. 
  • Arthur just being awed when he goes to Jacob’s place and questioning every little detail much to the amusement of Jacob. 
  • Jacob giving an awestruck Arthur a tour of New York
  • Arthur saying “good gravy” is something I wish I could experience as well. 

This little fragment s kinda connected to the main Timetale story I am still working on, but this plot is not really necessary there so I’ve decided to turn it into a short separated comic, developed by my “accidental’ wrestle idea. YAY moar headcanons!

So, pretty much, Sansy caused many rough things to poor Paps over the years, but hey that’s what elder bros are for LOL but fortunately, lately, Sans became maturely aware of the situation and helped Papyrus to toughen himself up little by little.

Compared to Classic Sans, in this AU, I can only imagine Sansy being less lazier, urged/motivated to do something, more supportive and independent, sometimes firm while Papyrus being a bit soft/sensible with little lack of confidence, nervous to try experiencing new things and such.


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In every poly, there bound to be a beautiful girl with good grades.

Jasmine is the one with wits and beauty in my course. With her fair silky skin, slender legs and a pair of firm B cup boobs that fits perfectly on her curvy body, she never fail attract the gaze from most of the guys when walking around the campus. Jasmine was so innocent and naive, the typical kind of good girl, where she didn’t want to get into any relationship until she finish her education.

During one of the module, we have to work in pairs, worst part! Our very own working pair will be allocated by the lecturer. I was totally annoyed by this arrangement. Because this simply means I have to work with people that I dislike and people I am not close with.

To my surprise! I was allocated to work with Jasmine! I was really excited about it as she is usually quiet in class. She don’t really minger with the class except for school work. This time round, I have got a chance to get close to her and talk to her moreeeee. After the lesson, i went to her

“Hey jas! Can I have your number? So we can discuss about our project”

“Suree suree, this is my number 91234567”

I was so elated to get her number! Because this simply means that I will get closer to her and who knows what I might still get!

First few meet up are in the school library, was strictly platonic. It was just simply meet up for project and nothing else. Not even any conversation about personal life. Till one weekend~~
Met her at a library right across her place. My jaw dropped once I saw her~ she was in her white spaghetti strap that expose her fair silky skin, not sure if she is really that innocent~ because the shade of her bright yellow bra is so obvious . Not forgetting her black fbt showing off her fair, smooth and flawless legs.

She hurried right to me
“Hey sorry sorry! I overslept~ tried to rush down ASAP~”

“It’s fine it’s fine~ I just arrived anyway”
In my mind I was thinking~ must be because of rushing down~ that’s why forget she is actually in her yellow bra but wearing a white spaghetti.

“Let’s go find the books that we need” I said

So we went into the library~ focused as usual~ jasmine started finding the books we need right away.
She was trying to reach for a book at a lower level~ so she bent downnnn~ when she bend down~ her fbt shifted up~ standing right behind her, I could see a small part of her ass cheek. I was so turn on by it! My dick got hard just by that. But In my mind~  I wanna grind those ass, squeeze it and spank it so muchhhhh. She took the book and turned back to me~ I look away immediately.

“Let’s find some seats to do our research” she said

But the library was too crowded~ in the end we settle down on the floor at a corner. Started reading our book~ she got tired of holding the book, so she shift and put the book down on the ground, bent down and continue read. Forgetting that I was sitting directly opposite her. Her cleavage was exposed right in front of my~ I just kept staring and fantasize about squeezing her boobs.

She suddenly realize
“Omggggg” sitting up straight right away, covering her bosom, she was blushing badly.

“Sorry sorry~ I didn’t meant to”

“Nevermind it’s fine”

Maybe because of that, both of us couldn’t concentrate anymore. We started talking about our personal life~ blah blah blah~ about school~ family~ friends~ cca.

Then, I started praising her about her body and teasing her about the amount of guys that set her as their eye candy. She blushed and changed the topic immediately.

“Are u prepared for next week test?” Jasmine asked~

“Nahhh~ Not at all~ have got no motivation to study~~”

“Must find la!!! Cannot always fail ur test! You like to be last meh?!”

I don’t know what craze got into me “how about we make a bet! Maybe this could motivate me!”

“Hmmm! If can motivate u~ why not? But what’s the bet?”

“If I score lower than u~ I will treat u to anythinggg that u wanna eat! Even shangari-la buffet!”

“Omggg yes yes yes! Set set set!”

“But if I scored better than u! I want to see u in only ur undergarment!” With a smirk

Jasmine blushed and looked awayyy

“How how how? On a not? Why? Afraid that me, the student in the last place will score better than u?” I said

Jasmine looked up “Cheh! Never gonna happen! On!” Sounding as confident as if she will win.

“Make sureee u don’t forget ah! Before u go back on ur words! Let me record it all down!”

We went back to doing our research

1 week later~
The night before we get back the result for the test.

I texted jasmine
“Are u prepared? I am gonna win”

She replied
The day where we get back our result~
I was really nervous and excited. Jasmine got back her result~ as expected she scored well~ 18/20. She turned back and look at me with a evil smile~ my turn to collect my result 19/20.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I immediately took a photo of my result and sent it to jasmine. Little did she know that I took the risk and cheated in the test. Or perhaps she is just too naive and innocent! Her expression changed right away

After the class end, I waited outside. She came out. Dressing in a white top with a black skirt

“Hi jas! So I won’t the bet!” With a smirk while showing off my test paper.

“WHAT THE HELL?! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! Unless u cheated!!!” Looking as furious as she sound!

“Well! It doesn’t matter how I did it! U lost the bet jas!” Smirking away

“Arghhhhhh!!!” Jas was very angry

“Come! Let’s get it over and done with!” Pulling her to a toilet

Jasmine followed reluctantly

I knocked on the female toilet to check if anyone was around~ before entering I left the cleaning sign outside

Jasmine stood still at the toilet door

“Hey! Hurry! What are u waiting for! A bet is a bet!! I still have got the recording!” Grabbing her in and went into a cubical

I put the toilet seat down and sat there!
“Okay! Come! I am waiting! If my patiences run out! I might just do it myself!” Saying it sternly.

Slowly jasmine lifted up her white top~ revealing her flat and fair stomach~ revealing her firm and perfect B cup supported by her white bra. She was blushing madly~ trying to cover her breast with her hands! While my dick was so hard that it is bursting out of my pants

“OI OI OI! Skirt also skirt also! AIYA! It’s just in undergarments! Also not nude!” Sounding impatience.

“Fineeee la fine! Wait la!” Furiously she said

But still~ she moved her hands behind her skirt~ unzipped. Her skirt fall on to the ground instantly! Revealing her pink cloth panty with her perfect legs!

“Omgggggggggg! U are really really really hot!” I exclaimed! While The bulged in my pants getting bigger.

She tried to cover her breast with a hand while another at her pussy.

“Now done! Can I wear back my clothes?!” Jasmine was still Blushing

“No no no! Move ur hands away and turn one round! That’s all I wan!”

She followed my instruction.
Started turning~ while she faced the back. I slipped my phone right out of my pocket and started videoing.

Jasmine was stunt when she saw me with my phone “WTF ARE U DOING?!

My slip my phone right back into the pocket~

"Well well! For future use! Hehehe!” I smirked

I stood up~ she moved back and hit the  cubical door. She was standing really close to me~ trying to move away from me.

My hand from her face slowly move to her neck, shoulder and then down to her hips

“Don’t be scared darling, no one will see this clip, I am not asking for anything much~ just need u to help me release my load”

“W..wha… What loadddd” tears flowing down her cheek.

I smack and squeeze her ass suddenly~
She scream and pushed me away!

I sat back down on the toilet bowl. Unzipped my pants and pull out my erected dick. She look away and still tearing.

I guide her hand over to my dick~ wrapped it around and move her hand up and downnn. Throughout. She didn’t dare to look. I took it as an advantage and video her again, but not for long.

Looking at this perfect girl in her undergarment giving me a handjob while touching her ass and legs and stomach. Her soft and smooth hand didn’t took long before I cummed. Before I cummed. I pull her over and cum all over her legs and body.

She was still cryinggg.


Jasmine was just too innocent to know how sperm looks like

“Come on darling! Stop crying! That’s just sperm!” Smacked her ass again.

She tried to grab hold of herself and stopped crying~

“Delete that video now plsss, I beg u”

“Fine fine fine! But one last thing! I wan ur panty! Well! U don’t have to let me see ur pussy! U can put on ur skirt and take out for me!” Tempting her with the video on my hand.

“Argh! U this bastard!” She cleaned up and dressed up. After which, she took out her panty~

“Delete that vid now! I will give u my panty!” Jasmine exclaimed!

I deleted her in her undergarment video right away~ and snatched her panty.

She shouted “bastard!!” And hurried out of the toilet right away

Little did she know this is just the start~ I still have got the vid of her giving me handjob…..

To be continue….

Should i continue or start something new??
drop me some idea and some pictures what u want the next story to be :D
Email me will do too! Thesgboynextdoor@gmail.com


omg just look at him. ugh.

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Legolas x Elf!Reader

Word Count: 3300


Notes: I had so much fun writing this (maybe because of the fight scene). To whoever requested this, I would love it if you messaged me and told me what you thought? It would mean a lot to me. <3 But I hope you enjoy this, anon that requested it. And of course, whoever happens to stumble upon it. :)

Thank you for reading. <3

Warning: Gore, character death. Fluff, maybe?

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·      BRAS – strapping. supportive. always near my boobs.

·      WINDOWS – tall. transparent. almost never a pane.

·      BOOKS – novel. unpredictable. with a spine.

·      CARPETS – stylish. rugged. let’s me walk all over them. 

·      LIGHTBULBS – efficient. bright. on sale at Walgreens.

·      TV SETS – modern. turned on. with a warranty.

·      PILLOWS – firm. in excess. in my bed.

·      SWEATPANTS – warm. resilient. covered in cookie crumbs.

·      TAXIS – clean. safe. willing to go to Brooklyn.

·      FLIGHTS – smooth. minimal baggage. with an emergency exit plan.

·      MIRRORS – reflective. full-length. sees me for who I am.

·      BABIES – adorable. potty-trained. nice crib.

·      FLOORS – polished. grounded. underneath me.

·      KNIVES – easy to handle. clean-cut. in the kitchen.

·      SUNGLASSES – cute. protective. easily replaceable.

·      DESSERTS – sweet. rich. low fat.

·      THESAURUS – resourceful. good with words. magniloquent.

·      UBERS – friendly. convenient. comes quickly.

·      FILMS – funny. original. contains offensive language & adult situations.

·      SALADS – wholesome. well-dressed. will lettuce be happy together.

·      EMPIRE STATE BUILDING – classic. distinguished. indefinitely erect.

·      CHEESE – sharp. good with wine. easily molded.

·      RELIGIONS – philanthropic. faithful. likes all kinds of sects.

·      TWEETS – witty. found online. full of character.

·      BRAIN SURGERY – complex. open-minded. faces problems head-on.

·      SUN – hot. punctual. always goes down.

·      U.S. GOVERNMENT – progressive. diverse. relatively debt-free.

·      WINE – perfectly aged. on a case-by-case basis. in the cellar.

·      FACEBOOK WALL – candid. likable. without babies.

·      KEYBOARD – silent type. writes letters. gives me space.