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Battle of Hogwarts House Breakdown Part 1:“Will You Join in our Crusade?”

So I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do a break down analysis of the text regarding how many students from each house actually stayed to fight in the battle of Hogwarts. Here is the text:

“the Slytherin table was completely deserted, but a number of older Ravenclaws remained seated while their fellows filed out; even more Hufflepuffs stayed behind and half of Gryffindor remained in their seats.”

Before we begin I want to stress point number 1 for all of them. These are teenagers all of whom are 17 and younger. If you were completely honest with yourself, could you picture yourself as a Junior in High School choosing to stay and fight the most powerful dark wizard of the time and his huge army of followers knowing you probably won’t survive? There is absolutely no shame directed at those who could have stayed but left. That’s not how this works. Now let’s break this down:

Slytherin: Now, thanks to Miss Parkinson’s outburst, McGonagall ordered Slytherin House to be escorted out of the Great Hall first. Please note that they are being escorted to the evacuation point (room of requirement) and not the dungeons! Too many people who are claiming to go off the book are saying all the students where sent to the dorms, which for Slytherin is the dungeons. This is in the film only. A Ravenclaw girl asks about getting their belongings, but McGonagall shuts her down and says everyone is leaving from the Great Hall to the evacuation point. 

I am willing to bet that there were a few, if not several, Slytherins willing to stay and fight. In fact, I believe there were some Slytherins fighting for Hogwarts even though no one stayed at the table. Here is why I think the table was empty.

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one thing about #the gr8 pole deb8 which probably only a thousand of you were around to see was that t was actually started, you know, by @kellyfromthecity. she posted a picture of her doing a trick (gracelessly) with the caption “not a stripper” and some other ungracious commentary about strippers.
It made the rounds, of course, and she got very defensive and insulting–she’s not a stripper because she doesn’t have daddy issues that render her incapable of more than shuffling around a pole and picking up dollars with her twat and also she TOOOOOOTALLY loves and respects strippers why can’t we see that (you can understand why a lot of us were having trouble seeing her love and respect, right?)

Kelly (and sooooo many others) brought up the new spiritual orientalist facelift pole work got about how it’s actually related to
mallakhamb and burlesque dancers picked it up in tents burlesque tents from all the interracial socialising that used to happen back in the day and used tent poles and blah blah and strippers have been degrading the art form since the 80s.
The origin story isn’t kelly’s, some white lady came up with that relatively recently and it’s just bad history across the board, the easiest to disprove being that white women strippers (or ballet dancers or gymnasts) were doing anything remotely like that with their bodies. familiarity with the history of any one (or all)
of these sports quickly disabused one of that notion–even ballet dancers were kind of ridiculously limited compared to today until Balanchine came along and stopped caring specifically about LINES and more about pushing the body (women’s bodies lbr) to their limits with extensions &c.

a lay viewer watching anna pavlova’s dying swan could, imo, be forgiven for not being moved. I don’t know that the power of her dancing translates on film. I am a thoroughly post balanchine dancer and student of dance though. and for the record I think Alina Somova’s Odile is delightfully out of control and undisciplined, a wild and spoiled child taking what she wants rather than actual evil and I like that and appreciate it but anyway.

I think there’s more to the concept of culture than ethnicity, and also more power dynamics at play than simply racial ones.
you have to identify as a sex worker and be invested in sex worker community for this to matter a lot to you and be an identity to you (and you have to have been doing it a while to really build the dislike and distrust of nonsex workers that I have), and another anon is right that it’s not going anywhere any faster than white dreads, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth critiquing, especially as the foundational athleticism of pole work and stripping as we know it is strictly from women of colour and women in working class clubs–this has never been a middle class person let alone a white middle class person’s way of dancing.

ID #31946

Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Country: France

Hello! I’m Sarah, an 18-year-old film student. I live in France. I speak french and english, and I plan to learn German then Spanish. It would be great to talk with people who speak these two languages I want to learn. But everyone is welcome, I just want to practice a language which isn’t my native language (french).

I love cinema! Photography is also one of my hobbies, as writing, drawing and reading. I’m used to go the cinema alone, it’s like a break from the day. So I also cherish those moments.

I’m the kind of person to be funny by being clumsy. I’m not very social though, because I don’t know how to be (It’s not shyness). I don’t even know how I met my friends. I’m also open-minded, creative, passionate, idealist… Yep, I’m an INFP.

Preferences: Just someone around my age (17-25)

anonymous asked:

you said there was a similarity between clarke and bellamy in 4x01, but i couldnt see it. what do you mean by that?

i don’t think you’ll ever know how glad i am that you didn’t say ‘parallel’. i am a film student and i am so sick of that word lol (thx fandom). this might just be me but i personally think it’s not a particularly productive way to call everything a parallel. there is quite a difference between having a similar scene and an actual parallel that you will immediately catch. i feel that most people in this fandom don’t seem to understand the difference since they keep using that term in cases in which it should not be used. so yea, kudos to you for not going with that one. either way though. yes, i did say that there are obvious similarities (or at least that’s how i look at them) in how the writers decided to deal with bellamy’s and clarke’s respective individual arcs and how they managed to fuse them together by the end of the episode, and i’m gonna stand by that interpretation for now, because it makes the most sense to me.

(i dont have much time so i’mma have to keep this short)

i found 4x01 to be fascinating on many levels, from the intense focus on interpersonal relationships to the political/universal conflicts/issues. we get a lot of information in this ep alone and it’s all bewildering as much as it is exciting, because shit is gonna hit the fan real fucking fast. what caught my attention regarding bellamy and clarke though is this: you have an interplay between the visual, emotional camerawork and the written, intellectual narrative (text) that creates an expression of continuation within their personal relationship.

let’s start with the obvious: both characters deal with their dead loved ones in this episode (lexa and gina).

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Of Rooks and Pawns

Hey there! Beautiful individuals, I bring you a short fanfiction I wrote based off an adorable headcanon discussed between @thefangirlingcartoongal and I! I hope you enjoy it!


The children of Jerome Howitz Elementary school bristled with cheer when the recess bell released them from their seats and sent them fleeing outside, gleeful expressions shining in their bright eyes. It was during this forty-five minutes of freedom that Mr. Krupp would patrol the classrooms silently, his careful scrutiny sweeping over the gaily colored molded plastic chairs, posters, and lesson agendas, sipping his coffee and enjoying the serenity of a room without the clamor of schoolchildren nor the turmoil of his office. Once or twice, a baffled teacher had lead their children inside only to find him reading an article on his phone with his feet propped up on one of the back desks, and he’d try to shrug it off jokingly, act like he was there to see the lesson plan as a surprise visit. After all, no one had expected him to be there, not even Mr. Krupp himself. The classrooms were always serene, always dark save for the few streams of light dancing through the windows, always completely alone.

So, of course, it came as a surprise when he stepped into Ms. Ribble’s classroom with his non-fat mocha cappuccino only to find somebody else had already beaten him to it. At his usual perch, a familiar freckled ginger sat cross-legged on the back desk, eating his packed lunch out of a paper bag monotonously as he used a small penlight to read a copy of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, hazel eyes flickering back and forth over the pages. 

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ID #49326

Name: Ellie
Age: 26
Country: France

Hey everyone ! I’ve always loved sharing with people from all over the world. And I love writing long letters, it’s such a beautiful, caring form of communication where you can really take the time to learn to know another’s mind and your own (I’m broke though and email is also very fine :) So that’s why I applied.
I am a masters student in conflict resolution, with a focus on democratization and public outreach/involvement. (I tend to ramble about politics)
I am half-dutch, half-french . I also study Chinese (at a very low level) and I love learning new languages in general, especially flowery swearwords. I love traveling, nature, stories in all forms, books, movies, short films, series, from the trashy to the pretentious. I would also love to do little craft exchanges. Or writing prompts. I have been working on my own urban fantasy novel since I was fourteen and uh, I have a bit of an issue with finishing things. I also have ADHD so long rambles are kind of my thing.
Stuff I love : Harry Potter, ATLA/LOK, American Gods, SKAM, TRC, Black Sails, queer history, Wicked and the Divine, les Mis, B99, Buffy, etc

Preferences: 20+, LGBTQ friendly (I’m bi myself)

I feel the need to vent about my first world film student problems. (You've been warned)
I am so drained and exhausted.

I have been in school for the past 24 months with no more than a two week break (no, we don’t get summer vacation, we get a bachelors degree in 3 years, though)

People think film school is a joke. Especially my school, because it’s more technical than, say, USC or UCLA, but let me explain.

A camera was put in our hands the second week of school. We don’t have 20 page essays to write, we have short films to write, produce, direct, edit, etc.

We don’t have weekends. Weekends are reserved for shooting. 

We don’t have time to go to parties. We’re stuck in the digital labs editing or working on a script that needs to be shot in 48 hours - and on the rare occasion we DO have a party, we usually spend the night discussing upcoming projects, what shoot we have to be on the next morning at 8 am, or how much work we have for our general education classes that we’re INSANELY behind on because our focus always has to be on our film classes.

We spend INSANE amounts of money to produce decent looking projects. We’re always broke. 

There have been many occasions where we’ve had to make a decision between getting good grades in a general education class or being on the set of a project that might further our career when we graduate. 

We can’t focus on one or two projects at a time, because we usually have at least five classes. This semester I had four classes that required some form of a production. I produced two music videos for actual clients, produced, directed, filmed, and edited a short documentary on cystic fibrosis, wrote a feature screenplay in 15 weeks and did four photo shoots for a production design class that had to be funded completely by me (thank god for goodwill). On top of these major projects, I’ve been creating a business plan for my business class, which I’ll admit, has been put to the wayside. 

I don’t expect anyone to sit there and read this entire long-ass text post. But if you did, congratulations, you’ve made it to the end.

I absolutely love the opportunities this school has given me, and I LOVE the world of film and television - I understand that being tired is a part of it, but I feel so creatively and emotionally drained at the moment that I just want to cry.

This probably makes no sense. Anyway, enjoy scrolling your dashboard. 

Two more semesters. April 2015, get here sooner. 

helloooo, I’ve submitted before but I had to delete my old Tumblr but I made a new one lol soooo follow me and become my friend and help my Tumblr look awesome again!!

I’m not looking, I am taken. Some cool new friends would be awesome though!
I’m 21, from Canada, film student.
Any more questions, just drop by my…. box…. and ask hehe but seriously. Come say hi, ask questions, chat, whatever but alsoooo follow me :)


ex gratia

(or late nights, cell phones, and tomorrows)

“Fighting can get so lonely,” he said, staring at her like she was a door he couldn’t quite open. “But you’ll have me and I’ll have you.”

“So you’re giving me your phone number?”

Chat pressed the paper into her palm without a word and looked at her with eyes gone myrtle, and when she stared down at the digits she wondered if they were a connection across a wireless line or the calculated and immeasurable distance between them.

She decided it was both.

A quick story about loneliness, friendship, and duel citizenship in one’s own skin.

For @miraculousturtle, @gigiree, and @goldwerewolf. Thanks for being awesome!

She wakens to a full moon and a sky snuffed out by light pollution and watches. Nothing really. Not the clogged traffic or the spring shower that had been tip-tapping away at her window or the seven layers of son premier amour that had always been the backbone of a city built from fire. So instead she presses her brow to the window pane and breathes until she fogs up the glass and looks at nothing at all.

This is her city. The anomaly of hers and his and someone else’s that is sometimes too much to handle.

It’s a lot.

Too much.

Far, far, too much.

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ID #85668

Name: Kyle
Age: 21
Country: USA

My name’s Kyle, and I have a lot of trouble making friends. I figured I’d give this a shot. I’m a huge nerd, I go to college for film making. I’d like to meet some people who I could bounce ideas off of and send scripts to. Also we could talk about comics or shows or whatever.

Preferences: Age: 17+
I prefer the US, only because I don’t know any other language, but if you speak English and are from Hyrule or something, that’s cool. Honestly though, just be cool.

ID #45844

Name: Claudette
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

Hey! My name’s Clauds and I feed on memes, dreams and books. If it helps, I’m Ravenclaw (ENTP)
I love to read and I do debate at school. I’m interested in International Law and Relations which leads me to my third point: I’m studying a third language: French (hopefully I’ll get to learn more)
My hobbies include organizing stuff at my school (I’m at the Student’s Council), learning new things, watching nerdy films and starting tv shows (most of the times I don’t finish them) and dreaming, mainly.

Preferences: 17-20 years old.
Also, I’m probably looking a decent human being who:
*Likes to ask and answer tons of questions (I’m an annoying piece of trash who loves to learn from people and their culture) 💆🏻
*Is interested in a long term friendship (cheesy, I know) 👫
*Loved Shrek before it was cool 👀
*Is comfortable with the idea that I’m a Pro Life Catholic 🔆✝️ (Chill, I won’t talk about it unless you want to. Nevertheless, I mention this in case having a pen pal like this makes you feel uncomfortable.
If you have two (or more)out of this four weird points, feel free to contact me!
Gender is not an issue for me, though it would be interesting to have a boy pen pal.

new (kinda) studyblr ☺️

soooo i told mags i would do it if she did; and though overdue, here it is: my tiny intro. i started this studyblr about three weeks ago and am still kind of shuffling around. 

i’m 16, half japanese, and currently living in singapore to pursue my studies (i’m also taking o levels this year ;-;;) errr i’m an aspiring film/photography/writing/psychiatry student, simply because i’m torn between the arts and medical scene 😹 um i love love love photography, filming, writing and birds (idk if this is relevant but whatever) and i’m pretty friendly (?), so please come talk if you have similar passions! ^-^ *in fact, my main @seigakun is my photography blog :_))

my favourite studyblrs are:

@studywithmaggie || @katsdesk || @academla || @elkstudies || @hayley-studies || @asukastudies || @hermionegoals || @etudestial || @studyrose || alot alot more that i really really want to name but would become a huge mess of a post