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Boruto Episode 2: My Review

What I Liked About It:

1. Boruto and Shikadai’s Brotp

- Yup, this takes the number one spot again because the anime has deigned to bless us all with more of moments of this awesome brotp. Boruto claiming that he’s gonna ‘make his mark’ ala Hiccup Haddock style? Nope, Shikadai is ready to shut down any behavior that’ll get him into further trouble. Kids loudly whispering behind Boruto’s back? Shikadai makes sure to remind Boruto not to pay attention to that nonsense and do his own thing. Inojin blurts out that Boruto is probably riding in on his dad’s fame? “Inojin, take that back.”

Seriously though, so far Shikadai is THE big bro of the Boruto anime. Lemme just list all the other brotp moments I loved from this episode:

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anonymous asked:

Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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