i am a fan of weird people

It’s weird. Now when I walk around Oslo, and I see people from behind, I find myself thinking, ‘Am I crazy?’ Everyone started copying Noora’s style. They first cut my hair when I was cast, and I was saying, ‘I hate this! It is so ugly!’ … And now when I get my hair cut I always try to say, ‘Oh, they’re making Noora grow it out,’ so they leave it long. But there’s no lying when I come to set…I hate to crush the fans but it’s the truth.

carry on countdown day 4: punk/pastel au

ahh ok yall were so nice about my fic yesterday that im doing it again. so here’s a pastel!simon / punk(ish)!baz for you :)) i promise it’s mostly not as angsty as it seems in the beginning……….

thanks again @carryon-countdown !

Baz loved to watch Simon Snow. Ok, not in like, some weird-creepy-stalker way. Just in the way that people like to watch the ocean, or the sunset, or the night sky. Looking at Simon was like looking into the heart of a far away galaxy, the kind that’s all swirling colors and sparkling motion and infinity.

Simon lived in his own world. You could tell by the way he stared out windows during class, his chin resting in his hand like he knew Baz was watching and posed just for him. You could tell by the way he would bob along to the music playing in his headphones as he walked down the hectic school hallway with a pleasant smile. You could tell by the way he reacted when people called him names (names that need not be repeated here, as you can surely imagine) for his pastel clothes, his baby pink hair, his painted nails. They would spit their cruel words at him, and Simon would simply cock his head, a mildly pitying, mildly confused expression on his face, and give them a look that asked—without making a sound—why they were so insecure that they felt the need to strike out at him. And then, without a word, he would carry on.

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Have you tried not being sensitive about swimwear?

hmm, well, have you tried being sensitive to how other people may perceive things especially when they’re under a lot of stress and weird minor stuff like that might send them over the edge?

there’s porn in your likes which is visible to everyone, honey

it costs $0.00 to stay in your own lane and mind your own business. don’t guilt trip me because i’m not a fan of content that gets often sexualized.

i am so fucking stressed right now okay? my reaction to small insignificant things that seem relatively minor to get angry at is catalyzed. my dad is dying, my country is going to shit, my anxiety is over the hills, according to my pill case i’m due for my period tomorrow with a raging migraine right now and i don’t need some insensitive dickweed like you coming in and telling me how i should feel towards something that clearly makes me uncomfortable on top of this. maybe i, a 14 year old ace girl, don’t want to see untagged old man bulge in my comfort character’s main tags? is that too hard to comprehend?? i’m disgusted mind your own business
Thoughts on the Witcher fandom.... and wishes for 2017

So 2016 is coming to an end. It has also been almost a year since I first entered the Witcher fandom. And today I must say I am a bit confused and tired of it. I thought I had seen everything from this fandom in the past year. It began with waifu wars probably worse than any I had seen before (and I have been in quite a few fandoms). I remember subscribing to the official forum, hoping to find people to talk to and to share my love for the franchise with. And I don’t remember having felt so weird on a forum ever before. I remember trying to discuss Triss’s character with some fans, and receiving no reply AT ALL. Instead people were looking at me like I was some kind of bomb going to blow the forum up at some point. I soon learned that having identified as a Yen fan, I was “not allowed” to discuss Triss because it would apparently trigger her fans? This was so confusing for me, most of all because I actually LIKE Triss as a character (yes, yes it is possible to like both Yen and Triss). But well I learned the rules and would have been more than happy to keep on discussing Yen with Yen fans when I found out about another aspect of these fandom wars. And this was the never ending opposition between book fans and game fans. I love both books and games. I fully understand that there will always be a gap between those two medias. I get that the game is different from the books. I also get that some people are not interested in the books at all. What I don’t get at all is people HATING on Sapkowski, calling him a bad writer and praising CDPR for “fixing” the characters or the story. I have never, in any fandom seen such hate for the author of the original material, for the person you first created the universe. And some fans go even further than this and rewrite the story to fit their own personal headcanon (reading the Wiki as a book fan is a very funny experience in a sad kind of way). I’m not even talking about the never ending debates, people calling each other names, or triggering the other “team” on purpose. That actually happens in every fandom. Yes I thought I had seen everything. But today the fandom actually surprised me and disappointed me AGAIN. Apparently now some people are actually reporting artworks on reddit for absolutely no reason at all except the fact that it doesn’t feature their own personal OTP as canon. Yes I mean reporting as actually wanting it removed because apparently they feel personally attacked by it? We have amazing people in this fandom making awesome artworks for everyone to enjoy, to allow all of us to enjoy the Witcher more, to give us more material to talk about it, to make us smile and laugh and to keep our love for the Witcher alive. And instead of appreciating their talent, some people out there prefer to bash on these artworks? I’ve actually even seen people editing artworks without the author’s permission. Why? We have more amazing people in the fandom finding those artworks and putting them out there for everyone to enjoy and they get hate because they just wanted to share something they thought was nice with the community. Once again, why? We should be happy, and thankful that the fandom is strong, and alive and talented. We should be proud that the fandom is bringing together so many different people, with different opinions and backgrounds. We should enjoy the ride and the opportunity it gives all of us to get a deeper understanding of it all. But apparently some of us are too busy trying to destroy that diversity in the name of their own personal headcanon to even take an interest in it. And yes it makes me sad and confused.

I don’t regret joining the Witcher fandom and I don’t intend on leaving it anytime soon. The Witcher books and games have had an impact on me very few books or games could have had and they will stay with me for a long time. I’ve also met amazing people and opened myself to a lot of new things I would never have been interested in otherwise. The Witcher fandom made 2016 a lot more interesting and funny and enjoyable for me in so many ways. But I wish we would be less Triss fans, or Yen fans, or book fans or game fans and more Witcher fans. I wish I could discuss both Triss and Yen and games and books with people who don’t share my opinion on them and have a nice interesting debate instead of insults and hate. I wish we would all remember than despite being on the internet we are actually talking to real people who deserve just a bit of respect. I wish we could all appreciate the amazing artists we have here and their work. I’m probably being stupidly naive but hey, a new year will begin soon and everything can happen, right?

Speaking of which, and to end this post on a more positive note, I want to wish all my amazing followers a Happy New Year. I wish you to be healthy, happy and successful. Most of all though, I wish you to have dreams and the strength needed to pursue them and to keep on fighting, and believing that they can come true, and maybe even to actually make a few of them come true along the way. Thank you for your attention :)  

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What did that hwayoung guy do??

Apparently, there’s an audio recording of him talking about fans with his friends :

This is what he said. For sure, this is not right what he said about fans especially those that stan him. But this is thought provoking on how many idols think like this? I am sure there are some but not all. Anyways, I think this is extremely rude. 

Plus people should not bash the rest of Boys24 and hate them, they did not do anything. This will be a messy situation because they are already underrated and there are weird rumors about their disbandment (why?) Plus, they are rookies and scandals like this is not good starting out …. 

Kina Diaries: Introverted

It’s been a weird last week or so for me. It’s been filled with opportunities to make and share music, opportunities to connect with people, all good things… but despite it all centering around things and people I love, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

First let me hammer this in: I am so grateful for these opportunities, so grateful to experience them, to grow from them, to have been offered them in the first place. This week has just been a good reminder of one important little fact: I am an introvert.

Knowing my fans, I imagine this is a statement that resonates with a good many of you. Introversion is an interesting thing. It’s commonly mistaken with simply being quiet or shy–often traits of introverts–but the most important thing is this: where do you get your energy? Do you recharge from your time alone, or do you get energy from being around people?

I’m coming up to the finish line this week. By the end of tonight I will have played at a gala, a holiday party, and a YouTube event, shot two videos, conducted an interview, presented an award at a gala, and been “social” more times than my little introvert brain can remember. All amazing things! But then why have I felt constantly on the edge of a minor breakdown? :/

More and more I’m realizing the importance of protecting and creating alone time for myself, especially when things get busy. For my happiness, for my stress level, and simply for my ability to continue giving my all to the things (and people) I love.

I am also finding the importance in being kinder to myself. Socializing can be extremely hard for me. It can also be incredibly exhausting. I have a lot of stress leading up to it and a lot of stress following it. I struggle to find my step, to remember who I am amidst all the people and stimuli around me. I often leave with a pit in my stomach, a sense of failure–that I wasn’t fully able to be myself, that I was too in my head, that I said or did something wrong.

The problem is I love people. I love connecting with them. I love sharing experiences with them. So if it was as easy as just not connecting and being okay with that, or simply building a life where I didn’t have to be “on” or around people ever, that’d be one thing, but I crave these connections. This is something I’ve been working on since as long as I can remember, and while I’ve made huge strides over the years, it’s something that I am constantly struggling with.

Introversion is often perceived in our society as the lesser of the two traits. The weak one. The quiet one. But history has shown that introverts have their important place as well–the Einsteins, Gandhis, artists, healers, philosophers. I have spent a lot of my life feeling less than, feeling that something was wrong with me because some things don’t come easy to me, but I am trying to change this. I’m trying to embrace all of myself. I know that without my introverted nature I would not have spent so much time alone, thinking, feeling, observing the world around me–all things that are 100% the reason I am pulled to create music. My introversion is in many ways my strength. And so I begin the process of forgiving myself for not always knowing how to be, for sometimes feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed, for hiding in bathrooms for a break at social gatherings, for choosing a night in over a night out when I feel my heart asking for some quiet. If those are the repercussions of being myself, maybe they’re not bad or wrong. Maybe they just are. Maybe I can be okay with that. Maybe not feeling that I’m broken will actually allow me to be more comfortable being myself.

Interestingly, there is one thing that involves other people that is purely energizing and life-giving for me, and that is playing music for you guys. Whether it’s playing shows on tour or sitting in front of a computer streaming it out from my home to yours, that fuels me. 

Thank you for being a safe space. Thank you for supporting and encouraging and inspiring me.



I am a huge fan of Scooby Doo obviously but I thought of something yesterday I thought was weird.

So the whole bases of Scooby Doo is that monsters aren’t real and that they are just people dressed up in costumes and masks. A common quote by Velma/Daphne/Fred is “There is no such thing as monsters” to Shaggy and Scooby. But I was watching a Scooby movie last night and realized there are quite a few where a supernatural being is in fact real:

- 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo

- Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

- Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf 

- Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers

- Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders 

- Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost

-Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

- Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase

- Both live action Scooby Doo movies

- Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated 

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hello, I have a question and I understand it might be a bit weird and you don't have to answer if you don't want to! but do you ever feel bad about shipping idols? I myself am a yoonmin, vkook, namjin shipper, but sometimes i feel bad, like I am weird. I can understand that it might put a strain on your friendship if people keep saying your romantically involved. I mostly feel bad about reading ff etc. but at the same time I love shipping. what do you think? sorry for the weird question!

anon don’t feel bad for engaging in fan culture! it’s all a part of it… i can understand why some people do not like the aspect of shipping and fanfics etc but this isn’t unique to kpop or bts or music even. there has and always will be headcannons and “what ifs” and people putting their thoughts onto paper or canvas to share with others who will “get them.” i think what’s important is how far you take it / how you go about it. DO NOT tag bts in things that would make them uncomfortable DO NOT post in places where they are likely to find them etc (like don’t reply to their comments on vapp, twitter etc with ships…thats just not right) AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD IN THIS WORLD DO NOT START PETTY SHIP WARS AND THINK MEMBERS SHOULD BE KICKED OUT FOR THIRDWHEELING OR WHATEVER CRAP but do talk to other fans abt that cute moment ur otp had or how much fun they must have had filming backstage or whatever. bts isn’t stupid of course they would know people are shipping them (other companies cough sm ent cough apparently “force” ships and interactions to promote their idols, other idols have commented abt fanfiction etc. even bts has said what makes them popular is how well they get along bc fans seem to enjoy that) so if you go about it the right way i truly think there is nothing wrong with it. obviously if you don’t want to engage in all of that you don’t have to either, it’s all up to you as a fan/what you feel comfortable with.

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Havey, you may get many asks right now. After reading GQ article, I am trying, really trying not to feel angry about nasty people and trash media, as it would be useless now. But I haven't quite succeeded yet. If you have a tip or a positive perspective, please share with me or other fans who are enraged or saddened.

Hi, little gray face!

Well, I haven’t said much about the article itself yet, so thank you for this message and a great reason to do so.

I found her whole tone to be a weird mix of borderline mocking, backhanded compliments, and reluctant admiration.  I don’t care for it.  I can’t believe she literally asked him “Was it real?”  That’s just stunning to me.  She worked things into the article that vary from eye roll inducing to catty, and some of them can easily be misconstrued as his own words, I mean to the point where I don’t know if she’s actually relating what he said or inserting herself into the narrative.  For example, and there are plenty from which to choose, regarding the tank top (which, again, I can’t believe she deemed as a worthwhile use of her time with him), specifically the sentence in bold:

“The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back. And I wanted to protect the graze from the sun and said, ’Does anyone have a T-shirt?’ And one of her friends said, ’I’ve got this.’ ” The friend pulled out the “I ♥ T.S.” tank top that Taylor’s friends are contractually obligated to own. “And we all laughed about it. It was a joke.”

Seriously?  You have two days with one of the most verstale actors and kindest, most intelligent and educated men working in show business today and this is the type of thing you spend time on?  

And the borderline mocking aspect is carried through until the very last sentence.  Ugh.

All that aside, he was his usual self.  He didn’t say a single thing that had even a hint of criticism and ill feeling about Miss Swift.  Nothing.  He spoke highly of her.  He spoke respectfully of her.  I admire that so much.  So much.  It doesn’t surprise me.  He is real.  His character and dignity aren’t in question for me and time only strengthens that.  So if you’re mad or upset, just think of that.  The nasty people and trash media are exactly that, nasty and trashy.  He isn’t letting it control him or make him live in hiding.  Let’s follow his lead.  ♥

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why do you love vernon so much? not trying to be rude, i'm just new to the fandom and haven't seen much of him, and i'd love to get to know him better!

I feel you, at first I didn’t pay him much attention. I guess, I like him because he’s got a weird sense of humor. He can be very open and honest and share a lot of himself including his flaws. He waffles between low self-esteem and then sharing pics of himself where he is looking real good. 

He’s very interesting. He’s smart and creative, he writes, he engages with his fan-base a lot but he’s quick to draw lines if something makes him uncomfortable. He’s cool with the shipping and when he joined game grumps he told people “let’s get weird.” 

Maybe in part I am fond of him too because I have in the past interacted with him a lot on twitter or on snapchat so he feels more accessible? Also meeting him in person and seeing the hard work he puts into the live shows really bumped up my appreciation for Vernon. 

He’s a really great guy and I enjoy how candid he is with his life and his struggles and that he chooses to share those. He is just a sweet and quality pepper angel! 

I’m watching these videos from Facebook and there’s one where teens had to guess songs from the 2000s and the artists and they’re all “I was still a child back then!!” and b o i what the fucc

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Do ya have any John ships?

not… really? i’m one of those weird people that need like. straight up canon material to work with before i can really get into a ship, and john never had much of that?

ive read a shit ton of johndave in attempts to understand its appeal outside of it just being the red and blue ship but it really just wasn’t my thing, still don’t super understand johndave to this day. roxygen was cute when it was a thing, and i did like the interactions that john had with terezi but i don’t know if i’d ship it

there’s one davesprite/john fic tho that always makes me feel a feeling

I’m both tired of and angry with fandom. Not just the Star Wars fandom, but all of fandom. The institution of fandom, I daresay.

It’s not about ship wars or weird kinks or jealousy on any level.

It’s about how when we talk about how we (fans of color) feel about racism we experience actively and passively) in fandom spaces, someone always needs to “debunk” and dismiss our actual experiences.

Someone always has to rush and tell us that no, fandom really isn’t racist. Someone always has to show up with “well I’m a person of color and I don’t think the racist thing is racist” and soothe wounded racist feelings.

We’re never just believed. We’re never accepted.We’re always viewed as harshing fandom’s collective squee as if we fans of color don’t deserve a little squee of our own. 

When we create our own, y’all ignore it or tell us about how much you wish we’d just written more about white characters.

When we try to build networks and do fandom events, y’all invade them or complain about being excluded. When we try to bridge the gap and educate because even we have trouble writing ourselves, y’all write us off as lecturing and boring y’all.

And then, after all of this, you turn around now and say that it’s too difficult and scary for you to write characters of color in a way that isn’t racist or demeaning. Because you’re worried about backlash.

It’s frustrating and upsetting how fans of color are trying to make fandom safe and fun for everyone and we’re not allowed to even have a piece of the squee for ourselves. It’s upsetting that a BNF’s reaction to fans of color being upset about exclusionary practices in fandom was to write 16 thousand words of meta that whitewashed fandom history, centered white women’s (implied hetero)sexuality all in order to give fandom an excuse for not writing about characters of color.

I’m mad because fandom is framing it as an argument about ships, when it’s not. Calling it a ship war dismisses the issue. It minimizes it.

This isn’t about ships. This isn’t about Kylux, or Reylo, or FinnRey, or FinnPoe. It’s not about WestAllen or BondEve or ooq.

This is about how fandom always finds a reason to reject characters of color as viable and accessible characters in fanworks and how now, they’re blaming their racism (and yes, it is racism) on passionate fans of color and our anti-racist allies who want proper representation for our fictional skinfolk in and out of fandom spaces.

That’s what I’m angry about.

Celebrity au

I don’t own OUAT. I kind of skipped the first day of SQ week- I had test week, oops- so I decided to write this now.

Features: Regina who is a closet dork and Emma Swan fan, Henry who still steals credit cards and runs away (to the celebrity he has decided can help) and Ruby, who feels blessed when she learns Mayor-scary-Mills is a Star Wars loving dork.

Dear miss Swan ( my mom told me to call you that. Can I say Emma? Miss Swan is weird)
My name is Henry. I am almost eleven. I really like pizza and hot chocolate and watching star wars marathons with my mom( even if I sometimes suspect her favourite is Darth vader , and he is the villain).
Anyways, I don’t think my mom is good at liking people. She is the mayor, so she is sort of good at charming them? I think. Maybe it is just because she is scary. She is really good at glaring at townspeople that infuriate her. But I am writing this, because I hoped you could stop by. You sometimes do that, right- I read an article a while back about you secretly visiting that orphanage after they wrote to you. After I had wrestled it from mom’s hand. And I know you probably did it because the people at the orphanage do not have a family; they needed you. But I need you too, because my mom isn’t happy. She pretends to, but she really isn’t. And it all sucks. I think it would suck less if you just visit. Reading about you always makes mom smile and I know it would mean the world to both of us if you showed up.

Henry Mills

He has not actually told his mom what he has put in the letter. He has discussed writing it with her and they had sat at the couch, laughing as they came up with things to put in there. He had wanted to tell Emma a lot about how mom likes star wars so much that she dressed as Leia once and how she is weirdly great at going voices and how she has read even more comics than he has -but mom reached for his hand and sounded kind of panicked when she said “no!”. Her “ this is your letter, sweetheart. You do not have to make it all about me” had sounded like a partial lie.

Because yes, he was slowly starting to relearn that his mom would, in fact, do anything from threatening to destroy his teacher to frightening a bully’s parents to the point where he was forced to tearfully apologize, but there was also more going on than her just being overprotective.

Anyways, he had agreed to leave out the anecdotes about mom after a passionate discussion that ended with mom winning- he still maintains it is kind of cheating, considering it is her job to convince people she is right- and pretended to not have an ulterior motive at all. He would feel guilty – yeah, okay he still does a little – for omitting Important information but really, he figures he is allowed to after she did so for his entire life. So that is how he started writing the letter- his bin is now filled with proof letters because his mom is a perfectionist and he might have inherited that- and after his mom and he had spent a fun evening working on it, he had gone to Ruby for the bits that his mom couldn’t know about until stage six.

He reads it again, glances at Ruby. “What do you think? “  he asks, then frowns. He hesitantly grabs her arm and shakes her. “Ruby? Are you- are you okay? “.

“The mayor is a star wars fan?”.

“ Well duh. She sometimes throws star wars quotes in the conversation” he rolls his eyes. “ She uses ‘the idiocy is strong with this one” a lot”

When Ruby continues to stare at him like she has just wound up in an alternate universe, he adds “ it is a variation on ‘the force is strong in this one’. Get it? She always uses it after someone has been particularly inept”.

“Wait” Ruby slowly seems to recover, which is good because he actually needs her to function properly for operation Cobra “ was she actually quoting darth vader when she told me that she ‘found my lack of professionalism disturbing’  ?”.

“ Probably” he smiles happily. “ So you have seen it too?”

“ I used to have a girlfriend who really liked it” Ruby shakes her head. Henry kind of wants to ask her whether she is ill : she has a really weird expression right now. “ Oh my god. Your mother is a dork , isn’t she?”

“ We do not use that word” he tells her, frowning.

“ Oh my god, what else is she a nerd about it?”.

“ Does it matt-“.

“Yes” Ruby leans forward. “ Your mother’s uptightness and general haughtiness as well as the way she looks in her I-have-authority outfits means no one would know she is secretly a giant dork.  Do you have any idea how great it is to discover all that coolness is just a façade?”.

“ Do not call my mom uptight! Or haughty. And what does the last thing even mean?”.

“I am not going to explain or your mother would send like daleks after me”.

“ The daleks are not assassins. And they would immediately attempt to kill mom if they saw her. They- “.

“So you have watched Doctor Who together. What else?”.

He sighs. “ Ruby, I do not have a lot of time for this. Can we focus on what is import-“.

“But I need to know more! Like, does she have a wand or a lightsabre? Do you guys duel”

“Sometimes. Mom is weirdly good at it and super competitive. Now , can we go back to the operation?”.

Ruby sighs. “ Fine. But I want the scoop later”.

“ I am not going to rat on my mom”.

She smiles and wiggles her fingers. “Not even for a hot chocolate with cinnamon?”.

“ Really? That is all you got? “.

“ The new captain America”.

“ Nope”.

“ The- “.

“ Ruby, I am not a traitor, okay? So really, you could offer me the Arkenstone and it wouldn’t be enough”.

“ Well, yeah because you would probably want something like .. like.. something with books. Words”.
“ The library of Alexandria?” Henry offers, because that would definitely be something he is willing to do a lot for. Not ratting out his mom though.

“ You truly are your mother’s child, dork. “.

“ I just really appreciate the fact that some people invented the basics of our entire civilization and I think it is awful that important knowledge – including stuff like Greek fire which would have been so epic- is lost. But is the letter okay?”.

Ruby takes the letter from him and reads it one last time. She smiles at him. “ Yeah. I think it is pretty great”.

His mother’s fears almost come true as he barrelled down the stairs and only just caught himself as he tripped over the shoe he had left there earlier. Ignoring his pounding heart and the slight ache from where he had slammed his hand in the baluster, he jumped the last few chairs and ripped open the door.

He nearly tore the letter as well as he opened the envelope, glancing at the kitchen. His mom still did not know exactly what he been telling Emma in those letters. He hesitated for a moment, please don’t disappoint this time, and finally started reading the letter.

It held another gift, a new one. But the signature was the same and the words were pretty general as well. Thank you so much for your kind letter, I wish you the best. He crumpled it and threw it at the floor, crushing it beneath his foot. His socks did not do much to the paper. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve, then glanced at the kitchen again. He could hear a pan clatter, presumably falling to the floor.

She has been weird today. He can see she tries very hard to listen to his chatter and that she wants to hear about it, but she keeps losing attention. He used to get so mad whenever he had to repeat things on days like this, used to think his mother was just thinking about work – like that was more important than him. Used to hurt himself thinking that she didn’t care as much, because he wasn’t her real son. Now, he thinks it is something else entirely. He just doesn’t know what is going on, just feels like there is something wrong and she needs help that she will stubbornly refuse forever.

I know it is not really obvious, but I know something is going on. That she isn’t ha- I am not giving up on you, mom. I will help you.

It is that stubborn, consuming thought of need to help her need her to be okay something is wrong I can’t hurt her again that finally makes him silence what he thinks of as the Jiminy cricket in his mind, and just execute the rather ingenious – if illegal and kind of horrible- plan. It really is his mother’s wellbeing and not just his slight worship of the famous Emma Swan that brings him to stea borrow- he is totally going to find a way to repay her- credit card and get to Boston where he knows she is staying for the moment. The fan site gives the address of a hotel as her stay, but Henry knows better

It is just a decoy. She might have been there for the evening, but she is definitely not staying the night. He is lucky that knows someone who knows Emma’s bodyguard or he would have probably never found her. Now, he is standing in front of that bodyguard with his most charming, dimpled smile- the one that even destroys his mom’s iron resistance.

“ Where are your parents?”.

“ Mom. She couldn’t come. She is very busy” he says, pretending to be sad for a moment before giving the guard a small grin and waving the items in his face. “ She gave me some things to have signed for her though “ it is one of his mom’s favourite pictures of Emma. She is kind of sweaty and gross, but there is a shy, radiant smile as she holds up the trophy. It is the shawl he nearly always wears. It is the crudely sculpted cup he made for her ages ago.

The guard hesitates, then nods. As soon as he is turned, Henry allows himself to exhale shakily and show the fear and doubt on his face for a moment. He is grinning again by the time the guard knocks on the door and it opens.

Emma Swan leans against the door, in her usual red jacket and with a tank top and dark jeans. She looks at him, then at the guard. “ Thanks Alec. Have a good nightshift”.

The guard nods. “ Thank you miss Swan”

Emma grimaces. “ I told you, don’t call me that. It is weird”.

“That is exactly what I told my mom” Henry pipes in, grinning.

Emma chuckles.  “Well, that’s smart “ she steps aside. “ Come in – Henry, was it?”

“ Yeah” he turns towards the guard.  “Thank you Alec!” the dude grins and offers him a fist.  “Take care, little man” and Henry pumps it before darting inside. He immediately asks the question that has been on his mind ever since he heard that the operation was a go.
“ Not that I don’t think it’s super cool, but do you always listen when your guards ask you to accept fans to visit?”.

Emma chuckles. “ Actually, that was Ruby”.

“ Ruby? But she said- “ he frowns. “ She said that Alec was an old friend that could get you to agree to a meeting”.

Emma leans against the fridge, smirks a little.  “ Well, it is completely possible that Alec has fallen for Ruby’s unique charm , but it was me she actually asked”.

He clenches his fist a little. Liars, everywhere. “ But why did she lie?”.

Emma shrugs. She looks slightly awkward.  “To protect me, possibly. She was my girlfriend and I am a private person. She might have thought you would accidentally out me”.

“ Wow. She was your girlfriend?” Emma rubs her neck.  “Well, yeah sort of? But I am not going to fully explain, because your mom will possibly kill me if I accidentally give you like The Talk”.

Henry is too stuck on ‘girlfriend’ to really listen to the rest of what Emma is saying. “ That is so cool!” . He giggles.  “if mom knew, she would probably never smile at Ruby again”.

“ Uh why is that, kid?”.

He grins. “ She would be super jealous”.

Emma relaxes and laughs. “ Would she?”.

He nods.  “Totally” he lowers his voice. “ I am not supposed to tell you, but she is weird about you. This one time, mom was on the phone and I was watching you on ninja warrior and she walked into the couch’.

“ Well, I am glad I made an impression”.

He nods sagely. “ You did” he skips towards the fridge. “ Do you have juice?”.
“ Sure. Just- “

He takes the package from the fridge, tries to reach the cupboard. He hears her chuckle. “ You can drink from the carton”.

He stares at it. “ Are you sure? It seems kind of unhygienic”.

“ Yeah. It is nearly empty anyways”.

He shrugs and greedily finishes the carton before wiping his mouth and grinning. He offers her the items, she looks around with narrowed eyes before she looks at him.  

“ Do you maybe have a –“.

He hands her the fountain pen. It is the special one, the one mom gave him when everything still sucked and she finally broke and tried to get him to smile at her again by giving him an amazingly beautiful leather notebook and a matching pen. Emma doesn’t all of that though, which is probably why she teases him a little.

He merely shrugs and semi-casually says “ My mom gave it to me. She is supportive of one of my dreams”.

“ One of them?”.
“ I have several. One of them is to become a writer”.

Emma nods as she scribbles on the items. “ What kind of books are you going to write?”.

“I am not sure yet. I have several ideas though, am already working on characters”.

She smiles and he knows that she is not just pretending to be nice, that is not the rare person that has the guts to try to get close to his mom and thinks he is the way to do it, nor any of the townspeople who patronize him and privately think his ambitions will change. “ Well, give me a call or something when you get published, okay?” his jaw hurts from grinning and he nods.

He accepts the items, clutching them in his hands. He is slightly terrified, but he steels himself and his voice barely trembles. “ Yeah. Ehm Emma?”.

“ Yes?”.

“ Thank you so much for this” he shows her the items. Do not forget to be polite, Corazon he hears his mom’s voice say. I am going to make sure you’re okay, I am going to apologize that way he thinks back. “ There is just- I really need your help”.

Emma looks confused. “ with what?”.

He swallows. “ D-do you remember my letters?”.

She crosses her arms, drags her foot over the floor. “ No, so- I don’t always read every single one. I try- but I am – “ she falters, throwing him a sad look. He immediately forgives her, partly because he understands.

“ that’s okay. Anyways, my letters- my mom is not okay. And I- “ he swallows.  “I really need your help”.

“ I don’t- kid, I am a total stranger”.

“ I know”.

“ Your mother might occasionally watch me on TV , but she doesn’t really know me- “

“ I know”

“ and doesn’t she have like friends or I don’t know, like a – “.

“ she doesn’t want to admit something is wrong” Emma pales and freezes for a moment, then hesitantly approaches and kneels, at the sight of the tears that embarrass him slightly. “ Hey, kid- “.

“She is hiding it. But- I know. I can feel it. And – she sometimes has these weird mood swings. Not around me- she always orders Kathryn to pick me up and says it is just because she has a meeting- but with the people from the court sometimes, or Rubes. And she sometimes locks herself into her office- for work, she says. But there is not even paperwork around her then! And- “ her chokes a little. “ Please. “.

Emma hesitates for a moment, then nods. “ Okay. I will check it out”.

Henry regains some of his usual cheeriness during the ride home. It is easier to believe everything will be fine when he has the bravest- apart from his mom- and strongest woman in the car next to him. He presses the signed picture, shawl and mug against him and grins. It is going to be okay.

It is not.

His mom’s voice breaks as she runs towards him, tugging him into his arms and holding him there for several moments. He can feel her tremble slightly. “ Henry- where were you? “.

He smiles at her. It hurts, you have hurt her. Again, but he is going to make her smile in the next second so he can weather it. He points at Emma. He thinks of people in films dying in slow motion. Her eyes widen, slowly. Her breath catches, suddenly. She swallows.

“ Miss Swan?” her voice is higher than usual.

Emma smiles and exhales a shy “Hi “.

His mom gapes at her. “ Why- how” she glances at Henry. “ Henry?” .

“ I found her, for you “ he smiles at her.  “She is going to make it all better”.

He thinks back to these awful pre-discovery months, and the hurt she must have hidden behind anger. “ There is no need. Everything is fi- “.

“ No it isn’t! And you should stop pretending it is” his voice cracks, he blinks furiously.

He grabs her hand. “ Mom” he wants to say “I am sorry” and scream at her for not trusting him at the same time. He wants to ask what is going on, while at the same time he is terrified of discovering what exactly is hurting her. He wants things to seem simple again, but he knows he can’t.

She kneels next to him, starts to reach for him. She gives him plenty of time to shrug away, to push her away like had been a carefully practised motion for months. Instead, he sinks into the hug and sobs once. “ I just want you to be happy” he says.

“ Oh Henry- I am. How could I not, with a son like you? “she whispers. She may be crying. She pulls back after a minute, touches his chin briefly before straightening. Her hand rests on his shoulder and he leans against her as she talks to Emma.
“ Miss-“.

“ Emma” he can hear her clear her throat. Is he imagining the slight tremble? “ Please call me Emma”.

“ Very well. Emma- can I offer you a glass of the best apple cider you have ever tasted?”.

He opens his eyes just in time to see his mom nervously brush her hair behind her ear and Emma blush as she smiles. “That would be- “ she glances at him. “ I would ask for something stronger, but the kid is there”.  
His mom arches her brow. She almost doesn’t seem nervous anymore ( she totally is though). “ That is- probably wise”.

“ Yeah “ his mom stares at the flush on Emma’s cheek. Emma stares back at mom’s mouth – she is probably waiting for her to stop staring and start speaking again like he is. Finally, he decides they’re both hopeless and he really wants to stop freezing outside.

“ So….” He grins at the both of them. “ Hot chocolate?”.

He does not get hot chocolate. He gets an admonishment, several weeks without comments and a ‘go to bed, immediately young man”. He pouts and gives his best puppy dog eyes but his mom is unrelenting this night. She mellows a little (though she mostly tries to pretend like she doesn’t want to keep them) as he gives her the signed items. But not enough to even consider letting him stay up.

Then he trudges up the stairs, his attempt at listening to their conversation also thwarted and falls asleep before his mom leaves the room.

There are two things that Emma Swan thinks upon meeting Regina Mills. One: holy actual shit, wow. And two: Bad Idea. Yup, capitalized and everything. She is trying to focus more on two than one (but failing a little as she thinks such pretty eyes. That dress looks amazing on her. How would it look off her? – yeah okay, maybe failing a lot) as she sits on the couch.  

She forces herself to focus on two by reciting all the reasons this woman is a Bad Idea. One; she has a kid. He seems pretty awesome- she is aware she should not be mostly impressed and slightly amused by the whole stealing-my teacher’s-credit card-and-dragging-the-famous-lady-home thing but she kind of is. Perhaps it is the memory of the horrible teachers that Emma has had that make it more amusing and impressive than anything else. But despite that- Emma is still not exactly the kind of person that would raise a kid.

Not to mention, is she the kind of person that would be allowed to raise a kid by his overprotective mom? (henry talked a lot about his mom in the car).

And there other reasons. Reasons like how this woman probably has big issues and Emma is a mess that she cannot fix, so how is she supposed to help anyone else ? Reasons such as how she wants to run at the sign of feelings, or how Regina seems to be the kind of person that is very sophisticated and very intelligent and Emma is still absurdly proud of participating in the world series of beer pong. Classy ladies like Regina Mills would never like the kind of girl that tries to force an entire pizza in her mouth when someone dares her to. Right?

Also, does she even like girls? Henry sort of implied, but-

Oh fuck. Emma’s stomach actually jolts as their fingers brush, and she almost yanks her hand away. Regina seems cool as a cucumber- except Emma quickly realizes she is not. She presses a hand to her stomach, like she has the same annoying sensation Emma does.

“ Your son is very- “.

“ Disobedient?” Regina says, sighing as she settles down on the couch.

“ I was going to say inventive, probably”.

She chuckles. “ Well, he is that too”.

“ So uh- “ she searches for something to say that will not be hugely embarrassing for her. “what do you do? For a living”.

“I am mayor”.

“ That… explains the house and clothing”.

“Yes” they sip their drinks in slightly awkward silence. Emma studies the woman, noticing she is still tense – although that could also be her modus operandi. Emma definitely wouldn’t be surprised.

“Thank you for bringing my son home”.

“ Uh no problem. Anyone would’ve done it” she grins.  “Besides, he is pretty convincing”.

“ That he is” the gentle look that she gives Emma makes her nearly shatter the glass in her hand. “ Thank you”.
“ You just said that”.

She chuckles awkwardly. “ I am aware. I was just- “ she seems to not really notice Emma for a moment, staring at the wall. “ I thought he would not return this time”.

“ Ah. Kid – uh has he done a lot of running?” it is none of her business. And usual, she would do pretty much do anything to avoid emotional landmines like this, but there is something about the woman next to her that makes it almost easy to stay.

“ He discovered he was adopted and – “ Emma puts down the glass and nearly reaches for the woman’s hand. She seems –

“ Suffice to say, he did not take it well. He ran away several times and – you never get accustomed to that. You keep being terrified”.  She shakes herself , puts on a smile. Emma is both thrown off and kind of impressed how that smile almost seems genuine.

“ Well, but that is in the past. Miss Swan, do you- “.

“ Emma. And the kid- he is worried about you” she says it very carefully. Regina stiffens nonetheless. She is closing more and more with the second, her jaw tightening and her eyes losing all warmth- Emma only notices she has grasped the woman’s bicep when Regina gasps and stares down at the fingers curled loosely around her bicep.

Emma slowly lets go. “ I am not- it is none of my business. It really isn’t. And you can always tell me to fuck off. But I also think the kid might be right that something is going on”.

“ And why, pray tell, would you assume something like that?”

“ You have bags beneath your eyes. The kid only ran away today, so that cannot be causing it. You seem to have lost weight- from worry, perhaps. But I am not sold. And you startled pretty terribly when I walked towards you”.

“ You were suddenly behind me”.

“ Yeah. You know- “ Emma hesitates only a second, not comfortable sharing things about herself and not liking having to think back to the moment it happened. But Regina is quickly starting to look angry and for some reason, she really wants to avoid that. “ I am an orphan. The longest time I had a family was three years. They sent me back when they got their own child”

She automatically grits her teeth, feeling that anger , that sense of ‘it is not fair’ which means she represses all of this shit until- her muscles lose their tension slowly, she stares at the hand on her knee before swallowing and continuing.

“ I saw a lot of shitty homes. I saw kids being beaten and neglected and all that mess. When I got out- I kept contact with some of them. I wanted to forget all of that, but some- I had actually made some friends”

she looks at Regina again.  “There was this one girl, Lily. She didn’t tell me everything. But I have heard and seen enough to know there was a lot of trauma. And – she used to flinch whenever there was a loud sound, or someone was suddenly behind her or someone came too close. And she had these insane mood swings. You could be laughing with her one moment and the next she would suddenly threaten to punch someone for bumping into her, you know?”

‘ What is your point?”.

“ I don’t know your life. I don’t know you. But I can recognize trauma anywhere”.

Regina stiffens. “ I am not going to make choices for you, or try to get you to talk to someone about it. Don’t worry, I am not much a talker myself. But- ‘ she very carefully lays her hand atop Regina’s .  “if you ever need me to distract you again by finishing an insane obstacle course- “ seriously Swan? She winks. “ Just call me. I would love to”.

Regina chuckles, then sighs. “ Henry told you, did he not?”.

“ Uh-huh. So what had you so distracted then?” she asks, semi-innocently.
Regina presses her lips together, then throws her glass back. She grabs the bottle that she had placed on the table and fills the glass again.

“ No, seriously” Emma says, offering Regina her own glass when she arches her brow and glances at the bottle. It is probably a horrible idea to keep drinking and sit with this gorgeous, likely traumatized (straight?) woman but Emma is still the queen of bad ideas. Sometimes.

“You have no proof” Regina says, smirking a little.

“ I have a witness!”.

“ But is he reliable?”.

“ Are you calling your own son unreliable?”.

“ No, I am merely stating that he may have exaggerated. What exactly did he tell you?”.

“ That you were so distracted by my abs that you forgot how to walk” it is paraphrasing.

“ That is not what happened, at all”.

“ Well, what happened madam mayor”. She could swear Regina looks a little excited at her challenging tone.

“ I have a right to remain silent”.

“ That just makes it all very suspicious though “.

“ Hardly”.

Emma glances at her glass with confusion; when had she emptied it? She shrugs and lets Regina fill it again. The jolt is stronger this time, and she hears Regina’s breath stutter. “ So tell me”.

“ Are you going to continue needling me?”.

‘ Yes. Until you give in and tell me”.

Emma nearly spills cider on herself as Regina smirks at her. She nearly drains the glass in her, which is like the worst decision ever for Regina chooses that moment to lean in, squeeze her knee and say “ I have great stamina”.

Emma only barely keeps from choking or spitting cider all over the expensive couch.

“ That’s – is this that competitive shit Henry talked about or are you just- “ .

Emma feels vaguely insulted at the eye roll and muttered “idiot” before she is unable to feel anything but a feeling like ‘hell fucking hell yes” as Regina leans in again and it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. Except she gets impatient so she blindly puts the drink down and pulls Regina’s lips to her own. She feels her affronted gasp, but ignores it to kiss her. And kiss her. And kiss her some more.

Unfortunately, Emma still has to breathe so she is forced to pull back when she is actually starting to see black spots. She licks her lips, that taste of cider and lipstick and something that is just Regina. She starts to lean in again, grinning as she hears Regina’s very irregular breathing. Inches from her lips, she stops. “ Tell me?”.

“ I will destroy you- “ the woman beneath her starts to growl and Emma cannot even be sure whether the shivers are fear or pleasure because wow that is kind of terrifying, but also hot when there are hands grabbing her tank top and roughly pulling her head down. She quickly forgets all about things like words as lips start to move against hers.

She kind of gets her answer anyways, because Regina keeps touching her arms and mutters ‘beautiful’ as she glances at them during the spare moments they remember breathing. Emma just smiles smugly and dives in again, ignoring the fact that she has her own weakness- which is mostly the sounds Regina makes and how wonderful she feels, but also that lip scar that she keeps tracing.

She wordlessly rolls off Regina as she feels the gentle pressure against her chest, studies the woman as they lay side-to side and with their legs entwined because of the little space the couch has. Regina had been bold and controlled, but now she almost seems shy. And flustered because of more than what has Emma’s throat really dry.

“ Are you okay?”.

“ Ye-“ Regina clears her throat. “ Yes. I am fine. I just-“ she smiles, kisses Emma one last time. “ I just cannot believe this is happening”.

“ Uh same here. You are – “ Emma just shakes her head. “ Wow”.

Regina looks both pleased and like she doesn’t fully believe it. “ You are beloved by millions, Emma, so I am sure I am the one that is supposed to say that”.
“ You know, that is not as impressive as it seems. Have you ever seen people react to cat videos? I am nothing compared to the cat videos, Regina”.

She grins when Regina chuckles.  “I still maintain that you are quite ‘wow’, Emma Swan”.

“ And I maintain my earlier thought of ‘holy fucking shit, wow “.

Regina groans a little. “ That is just-“.

“ well-put?”.

“ No, it has too many swear words”.

“ Two! It has two swear words”.

“Out of four. That is 50% “.

“ Picky”.

“ Shut up” Regina mutters, her eyes drifting close.

“ Regina  “

“ Hm?”.

“ Should I not bring you to bed?”

“How presumptuous of you. I am not a groupie,  miss Swan”.

“ Yeah, I totally did not mean it like that. But should you not have a bed so you can actually have a good night rest?”

She feels Regina’s smile as she is kissed again. “ Goodnight, Emma”.

“ Oh okay. Good night”.

Usually, Emma would sprint towards her car after emotions like this. But with Regina’s arms around her and her slowly evening breath and her soft murmers, running is the last thing on her mind.

description of you based off your favorite RPDR queen
  • fan of Alaska: people constantly ask me if im high. but im just really fucking weird (i may be high tho)
  • fan of Jinkx: hello friends i am here [drama] goodbye friends i am gone
  • fan of willam: hello friends i am here [drama] HELLO FRIENDS I AM EVEN MORE HERE
  • fan of Sharon: pls dont pull out those receipts on sharon.
  • fan of any of the Aryan Airlines girls: i am constantly overwhelmed with pain and joy :)
  • fan of adore: PARTY! i haven’t cleaned my room in three months
  • fan of bianca: i am not nice :)
  • fan of detox: *inappropriate joke*
  • fan of bendelacreme: i am way too nice :)
  • fan of latrice: i quote latrice in my daily life now as habit more than enjoyment.
  • fan of Roxxxy: i constantly live in fear that someone will start a fight with me for my decision.
  • fan of Courtney act: whenever i show someone a picture of courtney and i tell them shes a drag queen they freak tf out
  • fan of raja: [constantly walking like they're on a cat walk]
  • fan of manila: HEY LOOK!! A PICTURE OF MANILA!! !
  • fan of shangela: i dont have a sugar da-
  • fan of Raven: wanna hear me say something indirectly shady :)
  • fan of pandora boxx: unicorn wasn't that bad.
  • fan of any other queen: i am always staying in my lane :)

On the bnha chat I became Kacchan because of coffee and of course people had to make Kacchan’s life shit but for some reason we started an rp and kacchan cried and then became gay for a deku and now he’s gay for pastel deku!?!?!?!? everything is so weird but I love to be Kacchan

Where did the notion that all Taylor swift’s fans are rich , white, teen, girls, come from ?
That stereotype not only invalidates Taylor’s success as an artist , who’s retched across generations, worldwide. But it also hurts many people’s feelings too. Like what am I , a potato ?

Music doesn’t have specifications on race, age ,or gender. People can like whatever music they want. Good music is good music.

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with ‘cancerous’ fandoms. If you like Undertale, FNAF, MLP, SU, ANYTHING? I’m perfectly fine with that. Hell, I am fan of some of those things.

Yes, there are a lot of weird peeps in those fandoms, but there are plenty of good people too, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being in those fandoms or liking those things.


YOU SEE THIS GORGEOUS GIRL RIGHT HERE? Here’s a very happy Valentine’s day to my favorite person in the whole world. My best friend. My biggest fan. My partner in crime. My knight in shining armor and my princess at the same time. My happy ending.
I have learned so much from her. She’s helped me open up and express myself, constantly pushes me to achieve my goals, accepts me for who I am, the good and the bad included. One of the few people I can be silly and weird with. Spoils me rotten and makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, even when I look like a potato. She pushes me to be a better person, not only for her, but for myself. She loves me hard not only at my highs, but even at my lowest of lows. Every single day is an adventure with her. No couple is perfect and we have our ups and downs but no matter what we will continue to grow and flourish. I can honestly say no one has ever made me feel this way. I never thought I would fall for someone this hard but here we are. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I can’t wait to see what the future brings us. ❤️