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Shrugging is not forming words

Everybody and their brother has, by now, seen all those posts with other words to use instead of “said.” I’m not going to go on my usual tirade about how “said” disappears and puts the focus on the dialogue rather than the tag, but I am going to throw down about using non-speaking actions for dialogue tags. This is, perhaps, my most hated trend in fan fiction, and it seems to only be getting worse.

What is this issue, exactly? Well, it’s pretty simple. Dialogue tags are descriptors for denoting who is speaking and how they are speaking. For example:

  • “I wanted to touch his beautiful pecs,” she said.
  • He exclaimed, “Yes, please touch my pecs!”

The critical issue is, though, that these are vocal expressions and should be described as such. You can say, exclaim, sing, murmur, mutter, bark, snarl, etc. These are all words that describe someone making sounds or speaking.

What are NOT speaking sounds, however, are things like “shrug,” “smile,” and “smirk.” Do you write:

  • “That’s what she told me,” he smirked.
  • He shrugged, “I don’t think so.”

If you do, don’t. These are non-speaking actions; they are not forming words. They are not dialogue tags; they are verbs describing physical actions. Moving your body (unless it’s sign language) is not speaking. Body language is important for characters, absolutely, but it is not dialogue.

How do you solve this problem, you ask? It’s two steps: give a dialogue tag and then add the action.

  • “That’s what she told me,” he muttered with a smirk.
  • He said, shrugging, “I don’t think so.”
  • “Well, in that case,” she grumbled as she scratched her chin, “let’s leave it at that.”

Moving and speaking are two different actions that can be done at the same time, but make sure to describe them as such, rather than conflating them in a way that doesn’t make sense. I don’t form words with my shoulders, but I do convey my point with a gesture. Give your characters the opportunity to do both: write a speaking dialogue tag and a non-speaking action to accompany that tag.

Fan fiction Rant

In recent events;

I stumbled across hate on both the Instagram and Tumblr platforms regarding my Pennywise x Reader fan fictions. Note, ‘fictions’ is in bold because that is, in fact, what they are. They are fictitious, the character, Pennywise, is fictitious, a character created in the mind of Stephen King himself. I find it remarkably sad that I am having to explain this as if people were not already aware. Unfortunately, due to this, I am finding myself compelled to stop writing; instead, I shall be taking a break from creating fictions but shall still be posted pictures until further notice. I am currently writing a Pennywise x Reader fan fiction which has been requested, this was scheduled to have been posted today, however, the date will have to be postponed and I shall be getting in touch with the individual whom requested this fiction.

On a lighter note;

I would like to thank everyone else for their kind words towards my fictions and their ever going support. Reblogging and liking them alone is amazing; three days ago I had 1 follower, today I have near 300 and this has been from writing alone.


all stories here are fictitious, Pennywise is fictitious, the fictitious stories I write are requested and I follow the request to the exact letter of what the individual wants.

Thank you.



Marinette loves her friends and Adrien can’t deal. Post-reveal, pre-relationship.

Also on AO3 and FF.net

Marinette Dupain-Cheng loved with a fierce sort of affection that gently destroyed him.

She wasn’t grand gestures or loud declarations or flashy devotion.

She was thoughtful moments and quiet attention and unwavering loyalty.

It took Adrien an embarrassingly long time to recognize it for what it was.  When everything he knew was detachment and afterthought his compass for affection was nearly non-existent.  He knew Nathalie’s cold comfort and his father’s broken promises and Chloe’s noisy fawning. He knew conditions and strings and if-thens.

He didn’t understand second chances.

Striving. Everyone in his life was striving.

They put their careers, their hopes, their reputation on his shoulders and poked and prodded and pulled until he smiled just right and spoke just so and moved just there.

And he didn’t know any different.

Until he did.

She loved in the little ways.

She loved in passing moments and quiet gestures and thoughtfully in a way that was almost careless.  In a way that was so very Marinette.

Adrien had always been careful, but in the five weeks since he found out the Truth he felt like his shoes were made of glass and every next step could be the one to shatter him.

A problem when every shy smile, confused blush, and rapid fluttering of blue, blue eyes made him feel like dancing, glass be damned.

Marinette was Ladybug.

In removing the mask he had been gifted with the knowledge that his best friend was never really as far away as she seemed.  Ladybug was untouchable.  Marinette was so very, very there.

It somehow made everything more vivid, more terrifying,

just more.

It had been painfully awkward of course. Because of course it was when she was so adamant about keeping their identities a secret.

Fortunately for him, Marinette never was good at telling the restrooms apart.

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Best Friends Don't Do This || Park Jimin

Bestfriends Don’t Do This || Park Jimin 

 Words: 2,159 (fuuuuuuck)

 Genre: SMUT 

 A/N: oh my god I’m back at it someone stop me someone send me Jesus bc I need it. I am trashhhh. Anyway, lol, requests are open! Send us some of your deepest desires and we will get to it! ^.^

 -admin courtneycat


 Spending time at Jimin’s always meant something would go down that night. Whether that would be a movie night, a sleepover with lots of icecream and snacks, or random bruises from mini fights you two would have. Jimin is your bestfriend, has been since you guys were just ten years old. You’ve seen everything about him- from the bad to the good. Bad hair cuts and breakups, to movie nights and prom dates. Now, sitting at the early ages of twenty, you guys both are realizing the differences between then and now.

 A piece of popcorn was thrown at your face, hitting you dead smack in the middle of your forehead. Jimin giggled at your cross eyed glare you had given him.

 “Excuse you, sir, could you fucking not?” He only laughed harder. The Captain America movie was no longer being paid attention to, as it only seemed to turn into background noises.

 “It’s movie night ma'am, get off your damn phone! This is our tiiiiiiiiiimeeee,” he wailed at you, throwing another piece of popcorn at you. His missed this time. Glaring at him, you threw a Twizzler at him. Though not at his beautiful face- wait, what? Shaking your head from that bizarre thought, you messaged your friend to stop bothering you- that you were with Jimin. She messaged you a few dirty emojis back. Rolling your eyes, you locked your phone and placed it on the cushion next to you.

 “Sorry, Y/F/N is messaging me weird shit,” you told him. His eyes scrunched up and a smirk took over his lips.

 “What kind of weird shit? Tell meeee!” He demanded. You shook your head, “Nuh-uh! Not telling. Just weird stuff you don’t need to know, trust me,” you laughed it off. You curled yourself into the couch more, resting your feet onto Jimin’s lap. He made a face at you again, but ignored it, paying attention to the movie finally. Poor Chris Evans. 

 The room felt quiet. Which was extremely odd because Jimin is almost always making some sort of noise- humming, singing, muttering, snoring, and lets not forget… yelling. Yes. The amount of times Taehyung has come over during our friendship nights is astounding. And whenever he does come over it’s constant noise times five because Taehyung. Yes, you probably understand.

 Taking a peek over at Jimin, you see that his eyes are focused on the movie. You mentally shrug and continue to watch the movie. Suddenly, he grabs your feet and tugs you down the couch. You let out a squeak of surprise and grab onto the side cushion for dear life. 

 “What are you doing, asswipe?!” You screech out at him. He only smirks and climbs on top of you. Sitting on your legs and pinning your arms to the couch. He then grabs at your phone, making your eyes widen in fear. Shit.

 “No no no no no! Hey, put that down!” You yell at him. You knew he was going to find those text messages. Your friend is extremely dirty and you guys would talk about interesting topics. By interesting topics, you mean sex. And by sex, your topic of the day was thigh riding. And somehow your friend had mentioned Jimin’s thighs and you had somehow agreed that he had nice thighs. And now here you are. Being encased by said thighs and you couldn’t help but quickly glance at them… because he was coincidentally wearing shorts. 

 Jimin only smirked as he clicked the home screen button. The lock screen showed the selfie of you and Jimin at the carnival from the last time you guys were hanging out. Thank god you had a passcode on it. “Hah! That’s right, so get off me ya lard butt-” you started but,

 “Hahaha!” Jimin had figured out the passcode, “now let’s take a look at those messages.. mhmm…ah! Y/F/N..” he muttered.

 “Please no, please I’ll do anything! Just give me my phone back! Please!” You begged out. He stopped what he was doing and glanced down at you underneath him. Your hair was sprawled out around your head and in your face a little. Your eyes looked at him as you chest heaved up and down because this whole time you have been fighting and struggling to get loose from his grasp. What you didn’t know is that Jimin liked this. You beneath him, sweating, begging. Yes, he liked you. And he definitely knew what those texts were about.

 Still smirking at you, he locked your phone and tossed it to the ground. You looked at him and noticed something much different about him, yet you couldn’t tell. He let go of your arms and slowly trailed his hands down them, and to your back. His trail left what seemed to be fire as your back arched by itself. Jimin then lifted the top half of you up and soon enough you were face to face.

 “Uhm, uh thanks. For-for ya know. Uh not looking at the messages,” you stuttered out. He nodded in acknowledgement, but his hands never budged, but to be honest, you didn’t want them to move. You almost whined when you felt his right hand move up to the back of your neck. Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes looked into his. What was he doing? And why weren’t you stopping this?

 “You’ll do anything? Anything for me?” He asked you. Too caught up in the moment and paralyzed from his touch, you just nodded back at him. He softly chuckled and went with his gut for the first time in a while. He lowered his face close to yours and instead of backing out, you closed your eyes and just went for it.

 Soon enough, his luscious lips were attached to yours. Your mind went blank and nothing around you seemed important to you anymore. Not the movie, not the time and definitely not your phone. You cupped your hand to his cheek and shimmied closer to him. He dipped you back down to the couch and lowered himself down with you, lips never detaching. Holy hell you were kissing your best friend and you liked it. You liked it a lot. 

 You two separated for the briefest of moments and looked at each other. You were both breathing heavily and as you looked back down at his lips and back to his eyes, he reattached his lips to yours again. You were in heaven. And he thought the same. He slipped his tongue out and ran it against your bottom lip. Moaning, you parted your lips and let his tongue in. Never in your life have you ever thought about French kissing Jimin in his apartment. 

 Too caught up in the moment again, you gasped as Jimin flipped you around. This time he was underneath you and you groaned at all the dirty thoughts that ran through your mind. Jimin’s hands trailed down to your waist and quickly pulled your sweater over your head and threw it somewhere in the room. A low moan rippled though the back of his throat and you could feel the heat pool in your stomach. His hands attached themselves to your breasts and massaged them, casually tweaking at the perky buds. You were a mess at this point.

 “Ah, Jimin, I think, oh god, I think you’re wearing too much,” you moaned out. You tugged at his shirt, and he got the hint. He pulled the t-shirt off. You didn’t holy your moan in at all when you saw his upper half. Dear god, you ran your hands down his tanned skin and lowered yourself down to kiss his torso. 

 “Fuck, baby,” Jimin moaned out. His hands moved down to your waist and rubbed his hands around. As you began to suck small little marks onto his collarbones and neck, he lifted you up off him.

 “Okay, baby. You said you’d do anything, right? You can’t go back,” he told you. You didn’t care at this point. You nodded. He could get you to do anything and you would care. He propped himself up on the side cushion and smirked.

 “Ride my thigh, baby.” He patted his thigh. You just blinked. So he did read the messages. Fuck. But looking at his thigh, you threw all caution to the wind and straddled him. His smirk got wider and his hands gripped you hard against him.

 “You ready, pretty girl?” He asked you. All these pet names got you off and you were more than ready for this. Nodding, you bent down and kissed him again. His hands moved your lower half back and forth, the rocking motion sending your mind into overdrive. The amount of pleasure you were received was insane.

 If Jimin were to be honest right now, the vision of you, getting yourself off only by the sheer friction of his thigh, could have him cumming himself in no time. Your body glistened with sweat and mixed with his, and he thought that must have come second to things that make you incredibly hot. Just everything about you could get him off.

 “Oh, fuck, Jimin. Oh god, you’re so good,” you moaned out. His shorts would bundle up and run at your clit and send you into overdrive. Sure enough when you looked down, you notice the wetness that was slowly running along his thigh. Fuck was that a sight. You looked back at Jimin and notice his eyes were screwed shut. You decided to help him out a bit. Running your hands down his chest again, you let your hand trail into his shorts and grab his dick. His eyes shot open and stared into yours.

 “Oh baby girl,” he groaned out. You swiped the precum that gathered onto his tip and brought your fingers to your mouth and sucked. “Fuck,” he dragged out, flinging his head back as he moved you faster along his thigh. You squeaked out at the friction and nearly cummed right there. 

 You grabbed his length again and ran your hand up and down. The moans coming from him pushed you further to your orgasm and you tried moving even faster to help him reach his. One of his hands reached up and brought your face down and kissed you hard again. And just in seconds you were sent into oblivion as your orgasm ripped through you. Your sight blurred and gasps left your mouth. The sight of you jerking and gasping, pushed Jimin to the edge and right after you, he let go and white spurts spotted his chest and your hand.

 You collapsed onto his chest, not caring about his mess sticking all over the place, cause really- you left a mess on his leg anyway. Who cares right now. Breathing hard you managed to speak out, 

“Oh shit, Jimin. What the fuck… just happened?” His hand ran up and down your back as you leaned a bit back to look at him.

 “Something that should have happened a while ago, ahh,” he was now blushing and you couldn’t hold back the grin on your face, “this is so backwards but uh, do you wanna go on a date sometime?” You leaned your face back into the crook of his neck and gave him a peck. “I would love to,” you whispered into his skin. You could feel the shit eating grin on his face and he snuggled you closer to him. Resting there longer, you could almost fall asleep. 

That was until- 

 “Hey guys! Guess what Jungko- WHAT THE HECK GUYS. Did I come at a bad time- oh my god!” Shouted Taehyung. Jimin threw the nearest pillow at him.

 “Get the fuck out, Tae!” 

You heard the door slam back shut, loud yells of disgust still being shouted down the corridors. You couldn’t help chuckling a little as you knew that Taehyung will always be Taehyung in the end. Jimin shifted a bit underneath you and you looked down at him curiously. His face looked a worried.

 “Umm, I’m not so worried that my dick was hanging out for Tae to see, but uh, I got a second confession for you,” his voice was small and scratchy, but you just shrugged and let him continue, “okay, so this was kind of planned?” 

 “What does that mean? What do you mean plan, Park Jimin I will end you!” You started grabbing at his bare chest with your hands. 

 “No no no! It’s not what you think really! What I mean is is that Y/F/N was basically trying to get you to think about me like that because I told her that I liked you…” he trailed off, a bit embarrassed.

 “Park Jimin… I have liked you for a very long time,” you giggled a little, “uh, thanks for finally doing something. But, oh is Y/F/N is a dead man.”

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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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One year ago I wrote Nightmares

Nightmares was the first fan fiction I ever wrote for Voltron, and it is BY FAR the biggest response I’ve ever gotten for something I’ve created. It’s a year later, and I am still very active in this fandom, and a lot of that has to do with the continuous comments and messages I get from you guys about this fanfic.

Thank you. So much. 

This year has been very difficult for me, but Voltron and talking to you guys has been an important path of escape. Without you guys, I can’t imagine how difficult the past few months may have been for me. 

Here’s to another year of Klance hell and creating content that I find fulfilling and I hope you guys enjoy. 

You’re Unbelievable, You Know That? (Smut)

A/N: Finding out that Shawn is working with Armani KILLS me, okay? I won’t survive this, even if he’s just modeling clothes. So yes, this is inspired by that. 

This is mostly unedited. Fair warning. I’ll do it later. Also, you could almost consider this a “Keep It On” 2.0 if you squint hard enough. 


The car ride home is almost unbearable. Hell, the whole day is close to the same and Shawn doesn’t help one bit.

It doesn’t really matter what he wears, he always looks. But today he just has to go and ruin it for you. He’s always had a fondness for button up shirts, but ever since the shoot with Armani he’s upped the ante and gotten progressively worse.

The shirt he wore today is a solid black button up that clung to his torso in all the right places. As usual, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the top of his shirt is unbuttoned. You let your gaze wander down the exposed skin of his chest and you can feel yourself get hotter.

“Babe, are you listening?”

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I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for. Do I like Marcel? Yes. Do you want me to tell you some good Marcel fics? Because that’s what I’ve decided to interpret this ask as. You’ll find I often interpret asks to my own liking. ;) 

(Thank you @londonfoginacup for helping me with this even though you tried to leave off your own Marcel fic from the list. psssshhhh…it’s one of the best ones! Also, I am not the greatest at fic recs, sorry!)

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Marcel Fic Rec

Let me start with my favorite. I read this the day it was published, and I couldn’t put it it down. I ended up burning a batch of cookies I was baking for the PTA. For which I will forever blame Lexy for. 

But Why Wonder, Why Wonder? by @100percentsassy

I hear you calling in the dead of night by Thelonelycoast

The Things You Say Don’t Drive Me Away by @londonfoginacup

Do I Wanna Know (If This Feeling Flows Both Ways) by @suddenclarityharry

It’s a Rare Condition by @gloriaandrews

Kings by @haydolce

We Kissed Like We Invented It by truthtattoos

blinded me with sweater vests by veterization

You’ll Be the Death of Me by YinAndYangOnIce

This drabble by @gloriaandrews

Also, I haven’t read this one because it’s pretty new, but it’s on my to read list…

You can’t blame gravity (for falling in love) by @perfectdagger

Not Marcel, but Nerd Harry…

Let Me Make It Better by @lululawrence

*I have a completed Nerd Harry fic that’s about to get posted anonymously. Sigh. So I can’t rec my own fic here. And I’m writing another one, too. Blah. It’s the worst when you can’t self-promote.

Why do you cry over books?

A dear friend

Well, isn’t it obvious?

•a journey begins
•a journey ends
•often (LIKE ALWAYS) my favorite character dies
•they aren’t real
•I am not a part of their universe

**feel free to add to the list**

But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 12: the scandal

Chapter 1 [x]
Previous Chapter [x]
Next Chapter [x]

Your sweet morning had quickly turned sour; something had happened and it was something definitely serious. And there you are; left in an empty apartment, in nothing but his shirt. What could possibly have happened?

You watch confused as Minho heads for the door; jacket and phone in hand. How could he leave without an explanation? An undeniable sensation of dread slowly fills your stomach as you sit there on the cool leather sofa; the warm spot where he’d been was slowly fading away. You stay in the apartment for another hour with no word from anyone. As you slowly slip back into last nights dress, you hear the distant buzz of your phone.

[Seoyeon] um did something happen with you and Minho last night?

Your cheeks begin to burn as your eyes scan the text; how would she know? She wasn’t even there. You tap a tentative reply as you sit on the edge of Minho’s bed.

[Y/N] …maybe. Why?

[Seoyeon] Minho was caught on camera leaving the launch event with a girl.

You feel your stomach churn as you read Seoyeon’s reply. 

[Y/N] no… no no…

You mumble anxiously as you open up a search engine. Sure enough, on the front page was a blurry picture of Minho with a girl. A girl that… if you squinted hard enough… looked a lot like you. However, it was unmistakably Song Minho. You feel nauseous as you read the comments. This was going to cause a scandal. You try ringing his phone but he doesn’t answer.

You spend the next couple of days tracking the news, reading the statements released by YG and waiting for a phone call. You can barely concentrate at work; it feels like everyone knows. Why’re they looking over here? Do they recognise you?

[Y/N] come on… answer…

You mumble to yourself; foot tapping away nervously underneath your desk. For the fifth time that morning… no answer. You sigh and lean back in your chair; desperately trying to forget the nauseating feeling in your stomach. How could he not get into contact at all? Not even a text. You felt responsible. If only you’d been more careful. Memories start to flood back from two years ago. Why weren’t you more careful… brrrp. The sound of your phone snaps you back to reality. You practically leap at your phone; his name flashing up on the LED screen.

[Y/N] Minho…

You breathe down the phone anxiously; his name escaping your lips. You hold the phone against your cheek. The cool screen burning against your warm skin. You wait nervously; you hear him sigh. He sounds tired.

[MH] Y/N

His voice cracks as he speaks. Tears burn in your eyes.

[Y/N] I’m sorry…

You whisper, lowering your voice as eyes drift across the office towards you. You leave your desk and head for the quiet corridor. You hear his chuckle as you apologise.

[MH] No, I should be the one apologising… I should have called.

[Y/N] No! No, there’s no need to be sorry… I’m sure you were busy…

You blurt out; you should be angry with him, but instead you find yourself under his spell again. You blush as you try to regain composure.

[Y/N] I mean… a text would have be nice…

You murmur quietly. You’re just happy to hear his voice.

[MH] I know, I know…

He sounds strange… distant. 

[Y/N] Is everything okay?

[MH] …I’ll make this up to you Y/N.

And then he’s gone. You stare down at your phone confused. What’s going on?

You sip at your glass of wine carefully as you pile yourself under several blankets on your sofa; time to relax. You switch on the TV; ready to tune in to the latest MBC Drama and lose yourself for a few sweet moments. But, as always, life doesn’t work like that. The familiar sound of the doorbell fills the apartment. You almost spill your wine as you leap out of your seat; the dark but unmistakable figure of Minho showing up on the small monitor. 

Originally posted by cheonjaes

You open the outer door for him and wait anxiously to hear his familiar knock at the door. Toc Toc. Your heart beats faster as you open your front door; your eyes scan over his tall figure. Minho’s hair was slightly damp and his cheeks flushed pink from the cold evening air.

[MH] Y/N…

He breathes your name in such a way that your heart skips a beat. You motion for him to enter and follow behind him; you watch as his broad shoulders emerge from his damp coat. You take it from him, his scent already intoxicating. You turn to him, awkward and shy. The launch event seemed like weeks ago now.

[MH] Please don’t blame yourself…

He whispers as one of his long arms wraps around your shoulders; his hand, cool from the night air, slowly cupping the nape of your neck. You allow him to pull you into an embrace.

[MH] I should have been more careful… I’ll be more careful

You close your eyes as Minho places a gentle kiss on your forehead. You breathe in his scent. That scent. If only it could always be like this. You pull him towards the sofa; blushing under his curious gaze. 

[MH] Y/N?

Minho murmurs as he sits next to you; you bite your lip as you scoot closer to him. You watch pleased as his eyes begin to search you hungrily.

[Y/N] I missed you, Minho… I was really worried.

You murmur, his hand enclosed in yours. 

[MH] It’s only been like… what? 4 days? I had to wait for two years…

Minho chuckles as your face grows hot; you push him playfully.

[Y/N] That’s not funny Minho…

[MH] I know… I’m sorry

He murmurs as his long fingers hook under your chin; his dark eyes playing havoc with your heart once again. It might as well be two years ago; you’re like a teenager all over again. The same lovestruck teens that had dreamt of a future together.

[Y/N] Will everything be okay again now?

You whisper, eyes meeting his. Minho smiles and runs his hands along your jaw. You search his face for an answer.

[MH] I love you… Y/N… and that’s all that matters.

~to be continued~

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

I know this is short and probably terrible… but starting off on a filler chapter is super hard for someone who hasn’t written in months. Pls be kind <3

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Can you make a list of your bug head fic recs please?

Yes! There are so many amazing Bughead fics out there, you are in for a treat! 

Wicked Games by aliquitecontrary (ItsAryanna)- Betty is a famous supermodel with a creepy stalker, so she gets Jughead Jones a hot bodyguard assigned to her. I am obsessed! Anything written by @camelotskingz is amazing! I am obsessed with her stories.

To B.C. I Still Love You by aliquitecontrary (ItsAryanna)- Get out the tissues, this story is beautiful and heartbreaking. Jughead is a best selling author, his novel is about his relationship and break up with Betty Cooper. The angst is so real!

The Girl With The Journal by juggieiheadcoopers- The best Soulmate AU that I have ever read! Jughead writes journal entires everyday since he was sixteen years old about a blonde haired girl that he never met before. Betty finds his journal when he leaves it behind in a coffee shop and reads it. It is sooooo good!

The Serpent and Swan by jugandbettsdetectiveagency- The fandom was blessed with the beautiful pictures of Lili in a pink dress which inspired many new Royal AU’s. I am a sucker for Royal Bughead. This is one of the many awesome Royal fics.

Tacos and Tequila by jugandbettsdetevtiveagency- I love this story so much! It just finished :(, but it is an absolute masterpiece! Betty and Archie have plans for her to visit him at college for the weekend, but when she gets to his place in a snow storm she is greeted by Archie’s roommate Jughead. She finds out that Archie forgot about their plans and is away for the weekend. Bughead trapped together in a snow storm, it’s as amazing as it sounds!

Coop de Grace by justcorbeau- If you love a slow burn this is the perfect story for you! AU set in New York. I am only halfway through, but I am hooked.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunsight- This story is Ski trip Bughead. It is adorable, but hasn’t been updated in a bit. I recommend still reading the first two chapters.

Do You Believe in Fate? by jennimisk- Study Abroad in Italy AU. Such a beautiful story. I look forward to updates every week!

The Winged Beast by onceuponamirror- For those who love Serpent Jughead, this is the story for you. My girl Sabrina is featured as well. One of the first Bughead fics that I fell in love with.

Make It Work by Raptorlily- You can never go wrong with a classic fake dating slow burn to lovers. I am loving this story where Betty and Jughead pretend to be dating for Veronica and Archie’s wedding. Ongoing and I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

And Other Collisions by Raptorlily-  This story is an AU about what if Jughead had been at Cheryl’s party in 1x01. I adore this story. It has not been updated in a while, but fingers crossed that it is updated soon!

I Need My Girl by LILAYYYY-  This story is so unique! Jughead and Betty are roommates who both are in love with each other, but will not admit it to each other. This story features lots of angst and a bisexual Betty. Definitely one of my favorites!

I’ll Wait For You by AGirlNamedWhiskey- This is an AU where Betty is an army kid who moves around. She moves to Riverdale where she gets involved with Riverdale’s car racing scene. Jughead Jones is one of the best drivers in town. Ugh there are no words for how much I love this story!

Crowns by annoe- Another Royal Bughead AU. The story just began and I am along for the ride. 

The Reunion by dreamersshouldknowbetter- Bughead High School Reunion. Very sweet story, I adored it!

The Stacks by Malmo722- An amazing Bughead AU. I can’t explain how much I adore this story!

Blogs to follow for amazing stories-

Anything by @bughead4days​, Anything on her master list is incredible. She has a multi chapter story right now called Snake Skin it is absolutely amazing!

Anything by @betsforsythetrash! Her master list is amazing as well. Self Conclusion is one of my favorite Bughead fan fics of all time. King Crown’s Bar is a smutty story that is in progress right now that I can’t get enough of.

 @bughead-fic-request- I read everything they write as well! Girls on Film is marvelous!

More awesome blogs that post amazing stories-

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency @lusterrdust @wheninriverdale @wordsonpages1 @peacelovebughead @gellbellshead @juggieheadcoopers @bugheadandjughead @itstenafterfour

I all ready know that I am missing a few stories and blogs, so I am so sorry if I forgot you! There are soooo many well written Bughead stories the Bughead fandom is definitely blessed with talented writers. This makes the summer hiatus a lot less painful for sure!

I hope this answers your question xx