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Im calling this jinyoung fed up with jackbum.
@night-dreamer11 @jbwroteproveitforjackson
This matches what u guys were talking about jackbum trying to be discreet after maybe jinyoung scolding them after the baking vlive. You have got to look at jinyoungs reaction here .
@ 26secs u see both jy and js spot jb approaching with v different responses lol. Js & jb commence eyelock and jy realises where jb is heading to. His jaw drops with alarm/betrayal like :wth jackbum ,wyd ,I cant believe this, can’t you stay apart for one freaking event , he looks to staff? member? fansite master nim? Fans? to see if they have noticed , shaking his head walking off in disgust like im outta here, u break ur agreement with me,your on your own. ( Remember what happens when you don’t follow through with jinyoung ( meat saga)). I am sure they got another serve of salt later!
Jackbum are trying to be more lowkey but u can see and feel their connection anyway. Jacksons bashful smile that only jb seems to bring out 32-35s appears.There is eye contact and smiles and touches and how happy they r interacting if only in this small moment. Probably been killing them not even standing or sitting together all fansign. Jb seems to look cautiously at the same spot jy did while interacting with js too. Who is there? Jackbum police?
Meanwhile jinyoung has taken control of the mike to keep the crowd focused on him away from whatever jackbum drama he is envisioning behind him. ( its all ok jy )If u listen he went straight there after walking off in his huff.you see him at 50 secs with the microphone still . He still has their backs even if he is annoyed with them and a MVP on the jackbum team.

I havent seen other fan cams to see other reasons for jy reactions which may surface but in this one it definitely looks like jinyoung is reacting to jb coming near js which supports your thoughts . Reaching or real?

Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. Tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first.

I was tagged by @fearlesskiki @kimmearth @kimmichoursaviour, thank you guys so much! 😘

  1. I am a huge fan of Hailey Baldwin and am the owner of her biggest and most successful fansites :)
  2. I lo-lo-LOVE rock and punk! My favorite band is Billy Talent 😍
  3. I’m ambidextrous meaning I use different hands for different tasks. For example: I write with my left hand, but while cutting I hold the scissors in my right hand. Even my brain gets confused sometimes and it’s really annoying, especially during sport lessons 😤
  4. I was born four days early
  5. My lungs are shit and I have exercise-induced asthma which means that my stamina is awful and sometimes my lungs literally collapse when I try to get up from the sofa
  6. I’m interested in anything WW1/WW2 because to me it’s fascinating af (not in a good way, but you probably get what I mean)
  7. Bones (the TV series) has inspired me to become a forensic anthropologist or a pathologist 👀
  8. My favorite color is green 💚
  9. I started playing my guitar the way righties do it, but then I found out that I’m better if I actually play like a lefty (look at this pic: The guitar on the left is for lefties and the right one for righties). I told you my brain is weird 😂 But scientists always say that ambidextrous people use both brain halfs compared to others which usually makes them more clever, so I’m good 😎
  10. I love math 😅

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I am sure most of us/you are well aware of Winner’s situation under yg. They had a year long hiatus right after debuting, their recent comeback - although did very much okay - was called a flop by their own company. Their promotions were halted to film a baby variety show, which, again, was called a flop by their company, even though it was watched by a horrendous amount of people in China.

A thing you might not be aware of though, is that recently it was revealed that a group of ikon fansite admins (including admins of the biggest korean ikon fansite) have pretended to be winner fans and have influenced the public opinion of winner for the worse by commenting malicious things and pretending to be fans who are “dissapointed” and making each other’s stories trend. YG hasn’t taken ANY action against this group of people, the situation was handled by incles.

As of now, it’s been 6 month since EXIT:E and even though EXIT is supposed to be a year long project, X is nowhere in sight. Mino was announced to have a solo along with Bobby and the two of them having a duet as well. Seunghoon is running their own variety show on V app called WINWIN TV, which btw has mysteriously been halted last week and is now 2 episodes behind without explanation. Mino and Seungyoon are the only ones doing activities rn and those are in China as well.

But the most important thing is that

It has been announced that Mino would be a guest on ALL FOURTEEN CONCERTS OF IKON’S JAPANESE TOUR. These concerts would be between october and november, probably right after his solo promotions. This would mean that Winner is NOT having a comeback for a long time. IKON’s concerts have also been promoted in the japanese Winner fancafe.

This is so YG understands that what we want is the whole of Winner to promote together a new mini album and not only one of them, with 4 people ignored.

Since the tumblr fandom is not that big, even if you just enjoy randomly hearing their music or have enough of YG’s fuckery, please reblog, share and tweet.

What Is The Truth?

Introduction: After the news of “Wu Yifan’s contract nullification” came out, almost everything seemed to be his and his fans’ fault. However, the truth is only known to those who are involved in this affair. What I want to do is not over-interpret the truth, but simply solve the misunderstandings.

What I am going to say here concerns the “Truth Article” posted by a fan of Tao. I will point out the vulnerabilities in the logic and evidences of that article, and unearth the real truth.

This fan of Tao has more than 20,000 followers on Weibo. We can imagine how big her influence on the fans is. Her “Truth Article” has five versions (simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese) and has been reblogged for more than 13,000 times. She also asked Tao’s fansites and even fans of other EXO members to help her spread the article and post it on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to let more and more international fans know about it. If this article contained only the truth, there would be nothing wrong with letting more people know about it. It is only natural to stand up for one’s idol against negative rumors. However, after reading the article, I found out that there are a lot of parts that distort the truth, even going as far as bashing Wu Yifan’s fans between the lines. The article brought a great amount of blame to Wu Yifan’s fans, and also hurt Wu Yifan’s reputation to some extent at the same time. What’s more, if Tao’s fans only want to clear the rumors, they can simply speak out the truth. However, those fans translated Korean fans’ comments about this article into Chinese and posted them on Weibo to incite irrational emotions among Chinese fans. Even though I am a fan that only want to support Wu Yifan’s new movie, follow him into doing some charity and avoid the arguments, I still cannot remain calm after reading the comments. I pick out some of the Korean fans’ comments, and I will also tell you about the parts of the truth that the article has twisted.

Do not bully Tao, you bitches!

I am so angry. To Wu Yifan’s fans: why are you bullying Tao, it is your idol who left EXO by himself. Starting from the time you denied having done the harassment call, I have figured you out. It won’t be enough even if you bitches apologize. From now on, no matter whether he’s traveling or coming back to Korea, if I do see him, I might lose my mind and do something crazy.

In the comments, there is a lot of bashing directed towards Wu Yifan and his fans. Vulgar comments aside, the “Truth Article” incited irrational emotions among fans and deepened the misunderstanding fans and the general public have towards Wu Yifan. Who exactly started making up fake rumors and creating troubles here? As a fan of Wu Yifan, I cannot turn a blind eye to this.

Firstly: The incident where “a fan of Wu Yifan called Tao and insulted him”   

Jumping out of the fandom, I have learned audio editing due to the nature of my job.

Firstly, I would like to make a point: the same audio source material can form different stories with different editing sequences. Besides, the possibility of recreating an audio is far greater than the same possibility for a video. The most typical example is voice actors. A professional voice actor who has an excellent voice and professional skills can imitate voices of multiple ages and genders. It is not difficult to distort the truth if the audio has been edited and re-synthesized.

With the background knowledge above in mind, we shall go back to the incident itself. Firstly, about the audio source. Obviously, this so-called “harassing phone call” is recorded by the caller themselves. I find it difficult to understand the purpose of the caller to record this and then give it to Tao’s fans. It is even harder for us to understand through which method Tao’s fans identified the caller as a fan of Wu Yifan. Any solid evidence of that?

What’s more, according to the quality of audio, I can confirm that the caller’s recording equipment is quite good. However, it is strange that the quality of audio on the other side is not quite as good. Was the audio recorder in the mood of adjusting the recording frequency while recording? (Personal confusion)

Based on the points stated above, the authenticity of the audio recording itself needs further verification.

In fact, the nature of this incident is: a sasaeng fan called Tao and harassed him. Whether it is for the idols’ own good or for the fandom’s stability, sasaeng fans are never welcomed or encouraged, no matter whose sasaeng fan it is. However, if you insist on saying that fan is one of Wu Yifan’s, we hope you can provide us with solid evidence.

This picture shows us that the weather in Beijing during the incident was different from what was shown in the video. One netizen checked the weather online and found out that the highest temperature at that time was 30 degrees Celsius. Wasn’t it too hot for the girl to wear that much clothes (leggings/black stockings) in the video?

In this picture, a fan of Luhan said that she thought this audio had been recorded long time ago, and Wu Yifan was the first person to answer the phone, followed by Tao and at last Luhan. When Tao was answering the phone, Lay seemed to have requested him to hang up.

This audio was posted by -李朝卯卯- on her Weibo. But who exactly is -李朝卯卯-?

Upon searching for “Tao” in -李朝卯卯-’s Weibo posts, we found a result of 143 posts.


However, upon searching for “Wu Yi Fan” in -李朝卯卯-’s Weibo posts, we found a result of only 26 posts. Moreover, the majority of these posts have a relation with Tao, and include the #Taoris weibo hashtag.


Isn’t it very obvious whose fan she is, and who is self-directing and putting up a show in reality???

We can obviously know that whose fan she is .and who is self-directing and performing in fact!!!

@-李朝卯卯- Hello, fan of Tao. Could you answer the following questions:

1. Where and how did you get the video, which is obviously recorded by the calling girl herself?

2. How can you identify the fan harassing EXO members as a fan of Wu Yifan by merely listening to this audio? Lots of rumors have been spread since Wu Yifan filed the lawsuit. Please show some basic respect to Wu Yifan as a person, he has nothing to do with this incident. Please do not self-direct and put up a show to frame Wu Yifan and his fans.

Secondly: About the shoes sent by Wu Yifan’s fansite—YoursTruly1106

Probably most of you have heard of how this controversy began: Tao posted a photo on INS on July 6th, in which he wore YSL sneakers—the same model as what Wu Yifan wore at Incheon Airport on May 1st. It was known since earlier in May that what Wu Yifan wore were gifted to him by the fansite YoursTruly1106, so rumors about how Tao furtively wore Wu Yifan’s shoes floated around.

(Weibo content

On May 1st, Wu Yifan wore the shoes at Incheon Airport on their trip to LA. The shoes are from Saint Laurent and gifted to him by the fansite YoursTruly1106.)

Here I have something to state:
1. The Weibo widely spread as evidence on July 6th was in fact posted in May by YoursTruly1106, but many fans misunderstood that it was posted on purpose after seeing Tao’s post on INS;

(Weibo content is Yours Truly1106 posting on May 1st that Wu Yifan wore the shoes they sent.)

2. Yours Truly1106 did not mean to blame Tao, they even made clarifications when the rumor started spreading. The fansite posted on Weibo saying: "I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to create a conflict. When I saw this pair of sneakers for the first time, I loved them so much and wanted to send them to him (Wu Yifan) as a gift. Unfortunately in South Korea and even Asia I didn’t find his size. I finally bought the right size in Italy. I think their (Tao & Wu Yifan) sizes might be different, and perhaps they are not the same pair, so everyone calm down.“

However, this clarification Weibo post was misinterpreted intentionally and used as evidence of Wu Yifan’s fans defaming Tao to mislead other fans. Yet Yours Truly1106 was still rational and made another post to explain further: "I just wanted to express that Wu Yifan’s shoe size is large and not very common so the sneakers were difficult to buy. I just used "maybe” because I cannot say anything for sure when I’m not sure about it. Just now, I double checked with my friends and confirmed that their sizes are not the same. I’m not speaking on behalf of others and cannot criticize others. It is just a pair of shoes. We don’t need to criticize others. Calm down, and save the time and energy for doing something useful…“

3. I won't deny that some fans have said extreme words, but between those, there were people who pretended to be Every You (Wu Yifan’s fans) and accused Tao of stealing the shoes in order to intensify the disputes; on the contrary, many Every You deleted their previous improper commentsafter the situation was made clear. Wu Yifan’s fansites and some influential fans showed a clear attitude: they all suggested fans not act irrationally and to calm down.

4. Tao’s fansite then clarified that Tao’s pair of shoes was a gift sent to Tao by them on May 26th and that Tao wore them for the first time on June 30th. Since Wu Yifan wore his pair earlier, on May 1st at Incheon Airport, it is clear that YoursTruly1106 sent the gift earlier. Visibly, YoursTruly1106 didn’t copy the other fansite by giving the same gift, and they were even the first to stand up and make clarifications when the rumor started spreading.

Yet Tao’s fans did not let go of this and posted hateful comments under YoursTruly1106’s Weibo post, even going as far as cursing Wu Yifan himself. At last, Wu Yifan’s fansite had to delete the Weibo post to make the incident quiet down. Below are some screenshots of the hateful comments. For not making fans too upset, I’ve only translated a few of them, but there are actually a lot of those.

The pictures below are some comments posted by Tao's fans under YoursTruly1106's Weibo post.


You dare to do it so you have to take responsibility for it! Don't hide in your shell like a turtle. As a fansite, please keep a clear mind and don't be a fool. Don't you think that by misleading the fans, you are defaming your idol and shaming yourself too? Take responsibility and pay attention your idol only! You only dare to delete your Weibo post but not apologize. Is that all you stand for?

Those fucking Ni (an insulting abbreviation of Meigeni, which means Every You aka Wu Yifan's fans) are so damn annoying. They defame people everywhere.

I hate you, Every You, how dare you start a conflict when you're so dumb? You are just like your idol.

Fucking Ni, can you have some fucking shame? What do you mean by "even though he didn’t this time, he has worn Wu Yifan’s clothes so many times before”? Do you know how many of the things Wu Yifan has worn before were Tao’s gifts? Don’t fucking be selectively blind for this!

Laughing to death because of you Ni bastards. Such an effort you made by pretending to be a Korean fansite for such a long time and learning Chinese just to defame my son (Tao). Your idol is now busy acting and flirting with girls, he doesn't have time to defame the other members huh. Stop thinking that your idol is a rich lady and only he can afford the shoes, ok? Don't you know that people who have stinky feet cannot share shoes they've worn with others? Have fun with your gege (older brother, written in an more insulting way in Chinese)‘s stinky feet by yourselves okay?

During the whole ordeal, Wu Yifan’s fansite—Yours Truly1106 has been criticized and misunderstood, but still stayed rational and made many clarifications for Tao, even suggesting fans to stay calm as well. As a fansite, the first sentence in their clarification was “I’m sorry”, but what exactly did they do wrong? For all the dirty words this Wu Yifan fansite has received, who will give them an apology?

Thirdly: Tao’s totally different attitude towards Wu Yifan before and after the lawsuit.

Tao used to say he considered Wu Yifan as his goal for when he turns 22. But he was the first one to unfollow Wu Yifan on both Weibo and Instagram after the lawsuit was filed, and he also made several Weibo and Instagram posts insinuating Wu Yifan’s “betrayal”, which brought up negative emotions among the fans and drove them to personally attack Wu Yifan and even his family. At first, everyone believed that Tao’s Instagram and Weibo were under the control of a manager, but then some of his fans found his status update on KakaoTalk which proved that those comments were truly from him. Tao also liked two Weibo posts by fans. The last sentence of one went like this: “Hope that the drama you’re filming in mainland China won’t be gross enough to get us sick.” Here I only stated what happened as a fact. I do not want to criticize anyone’s perspective. What I want to make clear is that the content of the article written by the Tao fan is based on her subjective reasoning and has mislead readers to a place that is far away from the truth.

(A post by a Tao fan on Weibo: “When you can’t find Wu Yifan in the shows, the MVs or the fan-taken photos anymore — well, I have no other words for you aside from “he he” (sarcastic laugh)! “We are one” does not mean thinking merely of oneself, but rather always staying together with us fans! Lastly, we hope that the drama you’re filming in mainland China won’t be gross enough to get us sick.) Tao liked this!

Also, it is said in that post that “several months before Wolf, Wu Yifan had disappeared once, and that was his first attempt to leave”. That is a complete slander. Wu Yifan’s lawyer himself said that “Wu Yifan has never left the group to participate in castings or other activities on his own. Everything on his schedule, whether made public or not, was known by his company.” A lawyer’s words carry legal responsibility so they are worth believing. No one can change truth itself, no matter how hard they try. Tao never said words such as “I wish Wu Yifan all the best”, unlike what this fan mentioned in her article. On the other hand, people were shocked by him and his fans’ harsh accusations towards Wu Yifan. Everyone has their own dream, and dreams shouldn’t be restricted. Wu Yifan’s dream is to become an actor. But his company used all kinds of excuses to refuse all the invitations sent to him by talented directors and scenarists, while the other group members were allowed to shoot films or dramas. I feel so upset about the attitude of those who were once his good brothers, who gave him no support but instead accusations when he decided to bravely pursue his dream.

The so-called “Truth Article”, released by Tao’s Bar (a fan community) and Tao’s Chinese fansites, which contained all kinds of subjective reasoning and rumors but a lack of evidence and logic, was spread within mainland China and abroad, creating bad influence. The lawsuit inevitably created the situation where “Wu Yifan’s opponent is the S.M. company (but not his ex-teammates), and his ex-teammates who are still in S.M. must take their company’s side against him”. But still, it is immoral that some fans chose to bash him and obliterate his unquestionable contribution to the group just because they stand on different sides. Wu Yifan exists in EXO’s history from 2012 to 2014, this is a truth that no one and no action can erase.

Wu Yifan did his best as a team leader in EXO-M, as anyone could see. His members thought highly of him and he was a good team leader in their hearts. Tao even showed his gratitude and respect towards Wu Yifan in person. Tao said that he has never lied to his fans nor would he in the future on July 9th, 2014, on his Instagram. If that is true, then at least until his lawsuit, Wu Yifan had only contributed to the team, and harmed none.

  The “Truth Article” used negative rumors to smear Wu Yifan’s name. It said that he planned to leave the team several months before Wolf. But the truth is simply that starting from February 2013, the sasaeng fans didn’t manage to take pictures of Wu Yifan going to the company for practices, which triggered all kinds of conjectures and rumors in the fandom. The guesses included “grounded by the company”, “leaving the team”, “going solo”, “renewing his passport or visas”, “personal or family affairs” and so on. But his lawsuit right now can’t prove that he already began planning his leave last year. From the pictures taken of him in Canada and Guangzhou, the guesses of “renewing his passport or visas” and “personal or family affairs” are the most plausible. The fact that influential Tao fansites chose to believe and publicly spread those nonsense rumors made us speechless. The rumor of Wu Yifan quitting EXO at the beginning of last year was made up by his anti-fans, but Tao’s fans used the twisted reality as evidence. This behavior is not only ridiculous, but also shows that they have deep hostility against Kris. As for EXO delaying their comeback because of Wu Yifan, that is also a mere guess without any evidence to back it up. Is it possible for such a big group like EXO to delay their comeback just for one member with few parts in their first album comeback stage?

Did Tao really do as what was said in the “Truth Article”, which is not blaming Wu Yifan and even wishing him all the best? As soon as the lawsuit incident happened, Tao made several Weibo and INS posts mentioning the following: “everyone took the betrayer’s side"; “the public may sympathize with the minority, but they ignored the truth”; “evil and good were reversed”; “right and wrong are obvious”; “ambition”. He also complained that “it was so tiring to prepare for the concert again from the beginning”. As we can see, he mentioned everything except his good wishes. On July 8th, he wrote on his Weibo that “EXO has 11 people and 3 of them are Chinese”. Still no good wishes. On July 9th, he wrote several hundred words in English and Chinese on his Instagram, saying the following: “rumors have stayed with me since I joined the EXO”; “I never want to explain or dispute with any of them, because I believe time is the best healer”; “I will never and ever lie to you guys”; “please trust me”. Yet still nothing about good wishes. At first, when some fans couldn’t believe that Tao would say such words and thought he was forced by S.M. to do so, he changed his KKT status to "Why can’t those words come from me?”

Tao’s Instagram post in which he mentioned betrayal, ambition and escape and complained that it was tiring to prepare for the concert again from the beginning.

 (TAO changed his KKT status and said “Why can’t those words on INS come from me?” when some fans couldn’t believe he would said such things and thought he was forced by his company.)

Surely, he didn’t use any dirty words against Wu Yifan, but what he said intended to blame Wu Yifan for his “betrayal” and even questioned the public’s judgment, blaming them for not seeing the truth and standing on the wrong side with evil Wu Yifan. It is natural and understandable to feel upset about the leaving of a teammate who struggled and lived together. Nevertheless, there have been so many other bands, Western, Japanese, Chinese, or even Korean, that have seen one or more of its members choosing to leave due to conflicts about music concepts or future plans. These bands’ members understood each other’s decision, or at least only a few attacked former teammates publicly, namely those from S.M. Entertainment. Isn’t this one powerful evidence of S.M.’s abnormal culture, which appears to be family-like and loving on the surface yet in fact ruthless underneath?

As an Every You (Wu Yifan’s fan), I am so glad to see his current progress and development. He deserves what he owns now, and everything he has was obtained through his courage and efforts, unlike those who attack others to gain sympathy for some kind of purpose. As we all know, Wu Yifan only responded to this situation once, on his Weibo, on May 18th. He posted his handwritten letter that wished everyone all the best and thanked all the voices. He said nothing about his unfair treatment, yet others still couldn’t stop attacking him, not to mention giving good wishes. His fans all know about the personal attacks he has received during this recent period and there is no need to say much more about that. He has gotten a lot of support from outsiders even under the rumors and attacks coming from his ex-teammates’ fans.

【Like a mantis raising its arm to stop a car, I’m still alright. Best wishes to everyone, wishing that it’ll be better and better for everybody. Thank you to everyone who supports me, thank you to all the voices. Wu Yifan will always be here! 2014.5.16

(Like a mantis raising its arm to stop a car = going against a much stronger opponent)

Fourthly:The incident about “the actions of Wu Yifan’s fans do to Tao”

About the matter of the fansite KRISCHINA spreading rumors against Tao: it was only a member of the picture making sub-unit of the fansite who posted Tao’s early QZone (QQ blog) status updates (these updates were all previously posted by Tao himself), which were initially made public by Tao’s own fans, who even teased Tao because of them (the following screenshot is an example). What this one member said can never represent the whole fansite, let alone Wu Yifan’s fans. If a single person’s doings can represent a whole group, how do you explain the incidents where many fans of Tao defamed Wu Yifan directly, negatively influencing other members’ fans and even the general public netizens? There is a saying that “It is known to all Chinese fans that Tao has refrained from surfing weibo because of the rumors”. That obviously is the actual rumor here. I have never heard about it. On the other hand, what everyone does know is that Taos fans love to give a speech on behalf of the whole, just like their idol Tao. Furthermore, Tao has already complained before about his own sasaeng fans on Weibo many times, using actions such as changing his profile picture after getting annoyed by the sasaeng fans. It is true that some fans have discussed Tao’s behavior, but not all the critiques on Tao come from Wu Yifan’s fans. Ironically enough, there are some members’ fans who pretend to be Wu Yifan’s fans on Weibo in order to damage Wu Yifan’s reputation by attacking other celebrities and netizens.

[I want to say that Tao used to be kind of full of himself. He spent a few months studying music at Honkong University of Music, but he put it in his profile as the school where he graduted as a music major. He didn’t write the year in which he was born to avoid mismatching information. I’m afraid that he has forgotten his ID and password and can no longer change these. But he has made comments regarding this, I think.]

[I also like Taiwanese girls. Can you find them? Really SEX. ; I ……want……sexy….girls……;]

Note: All the screenshots were made public by Taos own fans, not Wu Yifans.

As for saying that Wu Yifans fans have been attacking Tao for three years, it is nonsense. Taos fans have not only bashed Wu Yifan, his friends and his family and @ed his Weibo with curses, but also indicated that they have sent private messages full of degrading language to Wu Yifan through Weibo many times. Ever since the contract termination case started, Tao’s fans have bashed Wu Yifan and his family, fabricated rumors, photoshopped insulting pictures and cursed Wu Yifan’s health. There are large quantities of screenshots as evidence.

A screenshot of a Tao fan commenting on Tao’s instagram post, saying that this is an imitation of “someone”’s myocarditis attack.

Tao’s fans re-blogged this imitation of myocarditis many times, all commenting “HAHAHA” “LOL”.

Since your idol has myocarditis and won't live for much longer, if you have extra time, you should accompany him during his last days

I wish that your idol dies suddenly because of myocarditis in the nightclub

Waiting to see him dying suddenly when playing basketball

Spread the rumors that he was shopping in Tokyo

There are other posts cursing Wu Yifan’s family that are not revealed here for the purpose of protecting his family members. However those do exist for real.

Fifthly: About how “Tao has never used Wu Yifan’s money, because Tao himself is quite rich”

Quote: “We know that Tao paid the bill when they went to eat roasted large intestine through the analysis and verification of fans.”

No matter who actually paid the bill, it requires some courage for Tao’s fans to use “analysis of fans” as a piece of evidence. According to their logic, can’t other fans also claim that “based on the analysis of fans, the bill was paid by someone else”?

Quote: “Wu Yifan’s fans have been brainwashing fans, saying that Tao used Wu Yifan’s money without any actual evidence. They want to defame Tao intentionally.”

As the team leader, Wu Yifan often took care of the members, and it seemed that paying the bill was also one of his responsibilities. At least, it can be observed through many details in released official videos (please see pictures below). It might not be appropriate to say that “Tao uses Wu Yifan’s money”, but “Wu Yifan paying the bill for the members” is not a rumor but a fact that cannot be denied.

Finally, Tao’s fans who claim that Wu Yifan’s fans brainwash other fans, please back it up with some evidence.

Tao: Can you buy this for me?

You are rich, aren’t you?

Kris in Tao’s eyes = rich brother

Tao (second attempt) Buy me this…

Tao: Buy it for me

@nkw_likey: Buying smoothie at Surf City. When he was drinking his smoothie, he saw the other members and the managers come over, so he bought some for them as well, with his own money. @LunaWu I remember hearing him say that it is delicious to the others in Korean~

The following picture shows how Wu Yifan paid for all the other members present when EXO was in Hong Kong.

@remiiverity: #Oh Sehun# #Wu Yifan# This is what Sehun wrote to Mr. Fan: “Kris hyung often buys food for me. If I want something, he would buy it for me as well. I can feel that you love me from the bottom of your heart, thank you so much. I will also become better. Wo ai ni (I love you in Chinese)” kkk It’s so adorable… Gege (older brother), please keep taking care of your little brother, always~

Each time us fans fight against the rumors or join the argumentation, we always hope it’s the last time we need to do so. However, even if the tree wants to stay still, the wind keeps blowing; when the other has already gone ahead of you, if you are still racking your brain trying to find a way to trip him, how can you catch up with him? I believe that at the moment, everyone should look ahead; he did so, and so should all of us.

Also, as either a group or an individual part of the fandom, please seek the truth with your words and actions. If you cannot empathize with others, at least do not force your own opinions on them. Fan groups should guide the fans and support the idols using correct methods. Anything obtained through bashing others cannot be respect.

At last, I would like to say some words to Every You: you are Wu Yifan’s fans, and he is so dazzling, so please just focus on the person you love.

All of us wish to follow our love’s footsteps, so why do we always take the fork for irrelevant things and people? Wu Yifan is so tolerant, so please also keep a shred of rationality and calm when expressing your opinion. “Tough” and “calm” seem like simple words, but how to truly obtain these traits is worth thinking over and over. As for the rest, since Wu Yifan wished everyone all the best when he left, let’s also sincerely wish all the members all the best as well.

He. Wanted. To. Leave.

I barely had any doubt him crying in that trailer had to be about the dating scandal, but if I wasn’t shaking my head enough at the behavior from fans and fansites before, I can say now that I am surely disappointed and disillusioned. I usually don’t say things like this, and I know how vindictive it is, but I hope they feel guilty and awful. I didn’t think it hit him this hard, and this is coming from someone who knows he’s a rather emotional kid. I hope it doesn’t deter him from dating in the future.

External image

To all the staff at ArenaNet,

I wanted to write this letter to say… well, I suppose I want to thank you all, and tell you a quick story about how Guild Wars 2 genuinely changed my life. And I wasn’t sure where to send it, so here seemed as good a place as any!

I started playing Guild Wars shortly before Nightfall was released, and I’ve been a solid fan ever since, with 12 characters in the original game and 13 (at the moment!) in Guild Wars 2. I’m something of an altoholic!

In all honesty, I could write a letter simply thanking you for Guild Wars 1&2 themselves, because I know I’ve had thousands of hours of enjoyment out of them. Still, the main reason I am actually writing this is a little closer to my heart.

In 2011, I joined a fansite called guildwars2roleplayers.com, hoping to connect with other players who wanted to roleplay in Guild Wars 2 when it released. I made several friends there in the build-up to the game’s release, and in the first beta weekend a whole gaggle of us from the EU logged in and were chatting in a group Skype call while we played – and there in the group with us was my now boyfriend.

I played Elementalist; he played Warrior. I rolled a human; he rolled a charr. I live in England… he lives in Australia. We became fast friends in the beta weekends, thrashing out a backstory for how our characters could possibly have met and not killed one another (seeing as I am a writer myself it became quite the tale!), and our friendship grew from there.

This Christmas we finally met in person for the first time - over three years after we got together online. We couldn’t help but muse on how far we’d come from that first beta weekend, and also how much has stayed the same. Both of us have taken time away from Guild Wars 2 since its release, but we got back into playing recently, and one of the results of that was finally getting to sit and play together in the same room. It was great to experience Heart of Thorns that way!

We’re back to being long-distance again now, but our time together this Christmas has convinced both of us that we want to make this work. From usernames on a forum, through avatars in-game, and past the logistics of my being a single-parent in England while he lives 10,500 miles away! We’ve overcome so many obstacles to get to this point, and we’re both determined to make it the rest of the way too.

I’ve always been a strong believer in the fact that online games and communities are positive things that bring people together. Some of my earliest interactions on the internet were with people who I formed good friendships with. Still. I will admit that I never expected to meet the love of my life on a roleplaying forum – or that he would be almost literally on the other side of the world!

And of course, without your game, none of this would have happened. I would never have found myself roaming Tyria (and getting flattened by everything while I learnt to dodge!), and he would never have taken pity on a poor squishy elementalist and kept me alive in those early days.

So, thank you all, for giving us such a beautiful world to explore. Playing Heart of Thorns together on New Year’s Day felt like coming home. And now that we’re apart again, we can still wander Maguuma together. As different in real life as our avatars are, but perfect companions all the same.

All the best (and I can’t end without a faint plea that some day our feet might re-tread Cantha’s shores!),

Jemma Hill (aka: TottWriter, aka: Tiersu Kellith, human Elementalist)

[Submitted by tottwriter]

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It means a lot to us that Guild Wars 2 had such a positive impact in your lives and connected you with each other. Thank you for your playing and for all your support! ~RB

twitter timeline really quiet. because honestly, fansites and fans who went with Bangtan in all their recordings probably haven’t slept in like.. three days. What even is a 5:30 AM recording ;_;

I love ARMYs so much, the dedication is amazing and we’re not just fangirling, we genuinely want to support Bangtan because we believe in what they do. And we support them a lot and thank them for their hard work. I mean they spoil us so much… it’s the least we can do. huuuu~

My Experience at EXO’luXion in Seoul

Wanted to do a recap of my first experience watching EXO Live at EXO’LuXion Day 4 in Seoul so here it is!
The thing I want to tell all International fans is that- IT IS WORTH IT.
And it’s wayyy better on homeland Seoul because the kfanexperience is out of this world.
Watching EXO live is on my bucket list and I am happy to say I have done it and yes I would do it all over again.

So here’s a picture of my Ticket, Lightstick and Ending Banner:

The SM tour bus dropped us off at the venue around 330pm and there was already a lot going on.

There were many queues for fansite goodies and Damn was it difficult to get something!

I wanted the fans from Kai Union but everything was gone! But now I know I will have to arrive much earlier at the venue for fansite goodies ^^

Entered the stadium around 515pm.

 I am part of the silver ocean! :’)

I didn’t take many pictures during the concert, firstly because security was being quite strict about it and secondly I really wanted to experience the concert with my own eyes and not through a phone screen. There’s a reason why we have fansite noonas and their pro cameras :D you don’t need to take your own!

Concert began roughly a minute or two late and the Opening VCR was EPIC.

It began with a story about “10 unidentified objects” blah blah blah…

And then boys appeared on the VCR doing their superpower thing and Everyone was screaming their heads off Im not even exaggerating.

My heart was pounding so hard because OMG I knew they would appear onstage anytime then and it was going to be my first time seeing them in flesh.

And so they did appear, in gold jackets AND I LITERALLY SHRIEKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

They began with a remix of Overdose and the fanchants brought the concert to LIFE.

This is why I say the kfan experience rocks because the fanchants are ON POINT.

Watching enough overdose performances helped me join in the fanchants IT WAS THE BEST.

My fave part was “HEY DOCTORRRRRRRRRRRR”. Seriously indescribable adrenaline rush.

Then History. El Dorado.

Oh Godddd El Doradooooo.

It’s a baby-making song I am sure of it.

The lightsaber choreo was amazing and the boys were great. Enough said.

Thereafter it was the First ment and I was screaming because omg here I am listening to EXO SPEAKKKKK <3

Kyungsoo is also tiny in real life. And needless to say, Chanyeol is lean and tall-  I must say he has amazing body proportions.

Kyungsoo is also squishy hahaha I cannot explain it, he just looks CUTE.


Hearing ksoo’s smooth honey vocals irl really made my life whole.

Junmyeon is skinny- his thighs are the size of my arms and I have also confirmed all past suspicions that he has a face of an angel.

Jongdae had quite a lot of makeup on but those dinosaur-life features are unmistakable and he is skinny too.

Baekhyun looks cool with his eye makeup and his eye smile is endearing. He also chats a lot and is happy to interact with fans at the extension stages.

Sehun is TALLLLLLLL and “milky white skin” is an understatement for this guy. He knows how to tease the audience and then consciously laughs about it. What a little shit.

Lay looks good with blonde hair he is a good dancer no doubt about that and fans love him because everything he does and says is so sincere and honest.

Minseok is basically a fairy who descended onto Earth in human form – he is so beautiful <3

His hair has a life of its own like if you could watch him in slow motion-  when he flings his head, his hair goes neatly in one direction and then falls back into place again. IT FUCKING BLEW MY MIND.

At some point Minseok tore open his shirt in front of my section and it was fucking mental because my knees went soft unexpectedly and I nearly lost balance and fell forward to hit the girl in front of me.

It’s a mental picture I can never forget til the day I enter my grave. THANKS A LOT KIM MINSEOK.

There is also another member whom I suspect, is a celestial. That would be Tao.

His hair was blonde and sexedddd  and he has good body proportions as well as an elf-like face. I CANNOT.

Oh yes Chanyeol looks like an elf too- those ears are astounding.

Pretty unfortunate Tao had to sit out many performances because of his injury though. He looked bored and upset most of the time anyway.

Last but not least, my bias, Jongin. Oh Jongin, jongin, Jongin. What did you do to me.


Yes Jongin is tall, has long legs, a great ass and godlike jawline. He also has soft brown puppy eyes which will make you spill several litres of tears.

He is shy when interacting with the audience on the extension stages, he doesn’t fix his gaze on any one fan in particular, he focuses on the items he has to throw to the fans. Unlike other exo members who look at fans, make gestures to fans. When he smiles, he looks away bashfully quickly.

That’s Jongin.

BUT when he is performing. All I see is Kai. A confident, bold and flashy dancer.


Okay enough about the members.

It was Don’t Go after the first ment. It has been my dream to listen to this song LIVE as well as sing along.

The choreo was cute, they made butterfly hands at some point in the dance and it’s basically a lovely song- one of my exo faves <3

Then they performed Playboy, one of the new songs, and it was dead sexy. Enough said. It reminds me of Thunder, another on the EXO list of baby-making hits. BOOM PREGNANT.

Then Baby Don’t Cry and the fucking Sekai water performance really KILLED ME. Sehun’s spot was right infront of my section and I actually was fascinated by how the water pond appeared LOL.

One moment Sehun was lying on dry flat ground, another moment that “ground” was sinking into a shallow metal pool and water was filling up fast through tiny holes.

Jongin was at the opposite side and he was really getting into his choreo he was thoroughly SOAKED while Sehun was less enthusiastic to get his upper body wet so of course he finished with his glorious hair still in place whereas Jongin was a drenched puppy haha.

And My Answer, which is also a new song. I am so happy Junmyeon is finally recognised in the vocal line. Baekhyun is one talented motherfucker that’s all.


And then the 2nd VCR, and The Star- which I’ve never actually seen them perform live (correct me if I’m wrong!)


Poof ovaries goneeeee.

Another new song Exodus came next and that….destroyed me.


Hurt is all kinds of GREAT I don’t even know how to describe it T.T


The Coffee elf VCR is next and my world exploded with all the cuteness you can imagine I AM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING.

It was well creative, kudos to SM and of course the boys’ amazing acting and aegyo.


And then EXO returned to stage in those cute as fuck elf costumes with an equally cute song Peter Pan.

They peeked out as the stage slowly drew open, in all sorts of cute poses and KAISOO WAS SAILING DAYUMMM THEY WERE SAILINGGGG. #kaisoo til i die

The crowd-pleasing upbeat songs like XOXO, Lucky and 365 followed.

At Lucky, they stripped behind that fucking translucent screen thing - FUCKERS.

The crowd really went wild and they really knew how to tease us.

They also tore their way out of the paper screens and began their Christmas songs I thought that was cute as fuck, but then again, WHAT do I NOT find cute anymore fuck my life.

And the boys ran everywhere on the extensions stages to interact with fans and throw candy.

Needless to say, we went wild screaming and waving. Most memorable, Minseok was at my section during 365 and his fist pumping in the air during “3-6-5!” was the most adorable thing and would stay etched in my memory for as long as I live <3

Idk, Minseok is so beautiful I don’t even know how to describe my feels.

Then came the 2nd ment.

And then at some point in MID (when only 3 members were necessary) ChanTao disappeared to get changed for the EXO Nightclub segment.

They reappeared with renewed swag and Full Moon.

Thereafter this was the fun bit - it was literally EXO Nightclub. Machine remix came next and Chanyeol got into his DJ set immediately at the end and a new song Drop That came on and IT WAS CRRRRRRAZYYYYYY FROM THEN ONWARDS.

“Jump jump jump E-X-O


We were jumping and going wild and Park Chanyeol was the King of the Show <3

Let out the Beast remix and Run remix came on IT WAS CRAZYYYYY PART 2.

Tbh I never thought much of Run but OH BOY THIS REMIX WAS A FUCKING RAVE BEAT

Minseok also tore his shirt open here and my soul left my body basically.

My thighs are still sore from this. RUN IS MY NEW JAMMMM <3

I think EXO Nightclub segment would be my fave part of the concert if I had to choose- because everyone was high and on their feet <3


The camera was the “girl” which EXO members held hands with and led around to different places, doing diff things. They were all cute and endearing but most memorably would be Minseok in a chef costume pretending to have cut his finger, only to suddenly make a heart with his hands I WAS LITERALLY SCREECHING FUCKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU  >: (

Next was the much-awaited CALL ME BABY TEASER. Oh glorious fuck.

Which they also performed for a bit and the audience actually knew the lyrics HAHAHA again…KFANS FTW!

Then the Growl dupstep came on – one of my faves actually.

I NEED A ONE GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL and Jongin doing his thing UNFFFFFF <3

Then the crowdpleasing hits like Growl and Wolf came one. SO GOOD and the fanchants were SO MUCH FUN <3

Then we had the third ment and it was crazy because Byun Baekhyun started by lifting Minseok’s shirt to show his chocolate abs and it WAS SO UNF AND you could hear ovaries exploding all over the stadium.

And then the “SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!” chanting began when someone mentioned lay had a good body and the ball got thrown to baekhyun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, tao etc etc but no one flashed their abs but it was so much fun seeing them get embarrassed.

Esp Ksoo’s comment that We should stop talking abt Baekhyun’s abs now because he has a tummy like a pear LOL

And they made promises with EXO-Ls that they would work out harder and show us their abs next time, and Baekhyun was closing his eyes in anguish and beating his chest like it was a hard promise to make SO ADORABLE <3

Then MAMA came on with their hooded cloaks and all so gooooood.

Oh I forgot to mention Sehun disappeared at one point, apparently he was injured so they were down to 8 :( he came back out and cried, such a baby and then junmyeon cried too and it was just all very EMOSHUNALLLLL.

And then the final VCR which was really touching, showed their concert practices etc.

Instead of “Encore” we had to chant Gombawa and I grew tired at some point and stopped but the kfans carried on strong, for a good 10 minutes at least. IT WAS MENTAL.

They came back out with Promise- literally my new fave ballad. IT WAS WONDERFUL <3

Finally thunder and Angel- another one of listen-to-live dreams. I love ANGEL SO MUCH <3

Into your world, Eternally in Love <3

And the concert drew to a close and man I was exhaustedddddd.

So yea I managed to recap all the highlights of my experience IT WAS SO AMAZING I hope all international fans can try to attend an EXO concert in Seoul at least once in their life you won’t regret it I promise! <3

Will also blog about the Post-Concert feels another time- this one a not-so positive note actually :/

a quick note on the smtown concerts! there’s a few tweets circulating around by i-fans than attended the show earlier today that mentioned that security was more strict than usual because sm was either have a camera crew: i) film the concert for the upcoming sequel to “i am” or ii) it was being recorded for a future live television airing. this is the reason why there’s a lack of fantaken previews / fancams at the moment. (there’s always a chance that fansites may wait until after the second show tomorrow to unleash a ton of them because this was what happened after both shinee’s tokyo dome and swiv in seoul in may, but we’ll have to wait until then to see!)

i’ve followed exo since their debut and have been a suho stan from the start. i’ve come across posts about him being a useless member, a worthless leader, a fake idol. im not here to prove you otherwise; im his fan so ofc id be biased towards him, let the fancams and fan accounts do that. it just upsets me when people assume that he has zero fans. there’s a lot of fansites and tumblogs dedicated to him and if you still don’t wanna recognize that, well, here i am. i am a suho stan. count me one.

Not all Fansites are Trash, not all International Fans are Nice

So… I have read a lot of negative comments on Korean fansites and their behaviour at IE in London, so I just wanted to express my opinion on the general situation, though I’m not sure if people are willing to listen.

Before I start with my story, I want to emphasise on the fact that it was already known that there are some fansites out there that are trash. Korean fans have told us numerous times. So don’t act all surprised all of a sudden.

I went to INFINITE EFFECT in Paris and it was amazing. During the concert I was actually standing behind two fansites during the concert. I am not exactly sure who, but it was a Myungsoo fansite (I saw some of the photos she took, which looked amazing btw, and I’m guessing it was L’aile, but I’m not 100% sure), and I think the other was a Hoya fansite. And I had absolutely no trouble with them! They don’t have the fucking time to punch you, push you or pull your hair, because they’re only focussed on getting nice photos. Yes, they are a bit arrogant, but I didn’t experience them being aggressive.

I think it’s also funny how people trash talk about fansites without pointing out a specific person. If I were to be physically attacked like that, I would want to find out who this bitch is. Or not??? Some stories are ridiculous to begin with, being strangled at clear daylight, someone breaking a leg, seriously? And one person even put a whole story and added a link to a video with proof, but the link doesn’t even work. People don’t even bother to check.

I did hear a lot of bad things about Honeytree specifically. I have seen Honeytree and she is literally 3 heads shorter than me. In overall, she looked quite shy and timid, so I’m not sure why people are defining her as an aggressive monster, while she probably would hardly reach my face if she tried to hit me. But okayyyyyy.

So let me tell you some more about international fans. First of all, I was standing in line for CAT2 in Paris (since around 7 in the morning) and there were about 50 people in front of me. I am not sure how, but as more time passed by, more people gathered in front of us. I think there were at least 150 people in front of me by the time the doors opened. And I am okay with people holding a spot for a friend or two, but sometimes a whole group of 10 just arrived and skipped in line. But yeah, what are you gonna do about it? I didn’t want to walk up to them, because the chance of winning the situation is slim and I don’t want to be violent in a foreign country (a) hahaha. The French fansites didn’t do much about it, but I can hardly blame them and in overall they did a good job in keeping peace. Did I already mention that these were all international fans that jumped queue and not Koreans?

During the concert I also had disputes with some fans. (achem, international fans). One in particular was quite memorable and it makes me laugh pretty hard looking back at the situation. There was one chick that kept pushing me, so eventually I pushed back, hard. And she gave me a dirty look, so I told her to fuck off (x10) and she yelled things like; “I can’t help it, I’m being pushed, too.” But if that’s really the case, how come she completely disappeared after I made clear that I wasn’t having her shit? 

According to my friend there was a girl behind me who constantly pushed me during the concert and literally tried to climb on me. Funny enough, I never noticed hahahaha. I did feel being pushed hard one time, but I just pushed back with my butt and the pushing immediately stopped hahahaha don’t underestimate the power of zhe booty hehe.

But you know, I really enjoyed the concert. A lot! And I’m so happy that I went and got to see the boys again!

I can’t emphasize enough on how much I enjoyed IE in Paris, because I also went to OGS in London. And it was absolutely horrible! But from what I remember, I didn’t experience trouble with Koreans, only foreign fans.

Also, in Paris the majority of the fans were French, which you might think to be logical, but in London there were a lot more international fans that came from outside of Britain. So, maybe, just maaaayyyybeee, the fault lies with international fans???

So to summarize the story:

·       Some fansites are trash;

·       Some fansites are nice;

·       Some international fans are very nice;

·       Some international fans are worser than trash and spread false news.

Tip: Trouble in London has occurred twice so far. A specific type of fans go to London for the English language. Don’t be afraid and try to go to France or Berlin despite the possible language barrier. And I heard that the people in Warsaw were really chill!!! So the less popular the destination, the more enjoyable the concert might be. (This goes the same for New York, just look up OGS stories for NY).

My boyfriend’s gotten me into reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and I’m almost done with the first book. I’m gettin into it. BUT LIKE

I wanna look for fan art and stuff so bad but there’s THIRTEEN BOOKS’ WORTH of spoilers to accidentally run into if I try :/// life is hard

He says there’s no good fan art anyway like the fandom is almost nonexistent except on Dragonmount (to which I say holy shit, “fansites” still exist? For books?) and that’s a bummer too

He doesn’t like Perrin so who am I gonna talk to about my dear son


If you’re a Starlight who has been on twitter the past few days, you are probably aware of what’s going on in our fandom, if not, allow me to enlighten you.

Now I should add that even I am not 100% informed on this situation (I’m not fluent in Korean and don’t have access to all of the fan cafe at this point in time) and have only received information secondhand from Korean Starlights based off of what they’ve been saying on Twitter, along with others who attended the HEX SIGN showcase in Seoul.

It seems in this situation, many international Starlights are really confused and upset about what’s going on. Some feel that the fansites were selfish and others are incredibly grateful. Some are really upset at Jelpi (Jellyfish, VIXX’s company) for being so strict and others believe that rules are rules that should always be abided by (either for the sake of the fandom or simply just doing the right thing). Others are trying to avoid the topic entirely to avoid conflict.

Here are a few things to note:

1. Jellyfish made it quite clear in the fan cafe that photography or recording of any kind was strictly prohibited and any fansites caught posting content from the HEX SIGN showcase would be banned from any fan activities, recordings, music show appearances, fansigns, and so on for 3 months.

2. Several fansites knowingly took pictures anyway, KNOWING they were at risk for being banned if they were caught. Many fans live tweeted and took pictures of the members leaving the concert venue however, which (to my knowledge) Jellyfish had no objections to.

Coming from the company’s perspective, they purposefully asked fans to NOT take pictures for a reason. There is speculation that they filmed the concert for the purpose of releasing a DVD. Under such circumstances, recording or filming during the concert would be considered a breach of copyright law, which is not only bad but illegal. Because a lot of fans were not certain as to whether or not Jellyfish really did intend to release a DVD, they wanted to capture the concert anyway. I honestly feel that if there had been more transparency on Jellyfish’s part with the fans, but on the other hand, if they had intended it as a surprise, they shouldn’t have to ruin it just to keep people from breaking rules.

NOW Coming from the fansite’s perspective. I’ve seen a lot of hurtful comments on Twitter attacking the fansites who took pictures or filmed during the concert without understanding their motive. Let me begin with saying that verbally attacking or slandering other people within our fandom who have done so much for our fandom and for VIXX members and staff is not okay. Everyone has their own take on why they did this. Some say they were pissed off at Jellyfish and did it to avenge other banned fansites. Others say they simply wanted to share the pictures with fans who couldn’t make it to the concert. Then we have those who say they only did it for attention or money (site revenue from ads and so on). Several of these fansites, such as Meltingvoice, To Ravi, and Black Pearl (and many more) fed the members/staff by bringing in food trucks and setting up coffee stands. Several other fansites and their followers donated generous amounts of money to set up elaborate rice wreaths for the concert as well, to congratulate VIXX on their first showcase (and all of that rice? It goes to local charities to feed the hungry).

With all of that said, I don’t think it’s fair to call either party “bad guys.” The fansites really care about VIXX and the fan community, but they still broke the rules. Breaking the rules doesn’t make them a bad person, but a bad fan? Considering all that they’ve done for VIXX and the community thus far, I don’t feel right saying that, but you’re free to disagree. It’s important to remember that VIXX owes us nothing, and even in doing these favors for them, it’s unfair to hold them ransom with sheer materialism.

On a side note, Jellyfish is a practical company with rules that greatly affect fan culture for the sake of protecting their idols. For instance, the “no gift” policy makes complete sense to me. The possibility of anti-fans for instance sending malicious gifts is one concern, but in all practicality, if fans just gave them stuff all the time, imagine how much crap they’d have to lug around. Their dorm would be filled. TBH if I were an idol, I’d ask my fans to donate to charity in my name and be satisfied. Don’t send me elaborate gifts, but I would love to read fan letters (which is actually completely okay, according to Jelpi)!

Where I stand on the issue: I obviously am not an advocate of breaking rules, however, I understand that the fansites had good intentions and will not bash them for wanting to share their concert experience with the fans, even if I don’t agree with their methods. I think that if Jelpi didn’t want them to take pictures or record the concert, they should have respected their reasons for doing so. I have in fact accidentally retweeted fancams and have since deleted them from my account out of courtesy for my followers who are completely against the fact that the fancams exist in the first place. Several people I follow on twitter have been either scolded or passively attacked by mutuals for retweeting fancams, and I’ve been there to console the guilt-ridden ones. I take on a semi-Robin Hood mentality with this one - fans aren’t doing any harm by taking pictures so long as Jellyfish isn’t negatively impacted by their actions. What’s important is that if and when a DVD is released, that people buy it. Copyright laws exist to protect intellectual property so that content-creators don’t lose money by having their creations pirated or forged and then redistributed by someone else for free or for profit - either way, the content creator get screwed because consumers can access content for free or cheaper than they otherwise would have had to pay (possibly more) for by the original content-creator. If you are a true fan of VIXX - support them by buying their content and keep them in business. Bottom line, this is a business. Fan culture is a product of that business because it sucks people in and keeps Jellyfish in the green. In all practicality, a lot of fans won’t see this nitty gritty and argue over trivial things. I understand both sides and remain neutral on the subject, meanwhile trying to remain considerate of those who disagree.

All in all, I think it’s important that we as a fandom stop attacking one another, and here’s what I propose as solution to this problem.

1. Don’t say mean things about other fans. In fact, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say it. They’re not any less of a fan for disagreeing with you. Ignore it, and move on. If you’re having a bad day, get offline and go outside. Look up workout videos on youtube and sweat the stress away. The hype will wear off in a few days, so just avoid it until then.

2. If you’re not okay with seeing fancams, simply block the fansites on twitter posting them. Unfollowing people you were okay with 3 days ago sends a bad message, and will only invoke more conflict. Don’t attack your mutuals retweeting pictures or other content from the concert, simply block the source. If they continue talking about it, just ignore them. If you’re really just sick of seeing fancams and can’t avoid it, refer to #1.

3. If you ARE okay with seeing fancams, be courteous of your followers who don’t want to see them and don’t retweet them. The damage has already been done - the rules have already been broken, however, retweeting these pictures only encourages fansites to continue to break the rules and piss other people off. Feel free to privately message people who you want to share pictures with that are okay with it (I mean, you really want to see them and I can’t stop you), but don’t do it out in the open, especially if your account is set to public. It just sends a bad message. If you are having a hard time doing that, refer to #1.

A lot of us are still in the dark about certain details of this conflict, so in reality, it’s best to just avoid throwing shade at one another.

If you could do your Starlight friends a favor, please reblog this. I really hate to see everyone fighting and hope we can all overcome this conflict, as a fandom, soon.

Daniel Craig says that Austin Powers “fucked” the James Bond series. In a 2012 interview with the Bond fansite MI6 that resurfaced this week, Craig said:

“We had to destroy the myth because [the Austin Powers movies] fucked us,” Craig said. ”I am a huge Mike Myers fan, so don’t get me wrong, but he kind of fucked us, made it impossible to do the gags.”

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