i am a failure

hi its me, your resident magical boy anime costume design hater. because i hate the designs so much i redesigned my son nagisa
nagisa’s costume. the main difference being i changed it to PINK like GOD intended. because his theme, element and personality all suit a pink themed character more than a red one. i think it looks good, except the shoes, which are still ugly so pretend they arent there


30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 9: Hanging Out With Friends

I feel like I can’t apologize enough for the crap quality of most of these prompts, but when I get in a slump my art suffers too… but tomorrow’s prompt is going to be tons of fun so I promise to do much better on it -u-

Although they enjoy being together they don’t have to be so 24/7.  Mike and Sam usually just geek out on the floor while Zoey helps Dakota design mutant-friendly clothes.