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I feel incredibly passionate about protecting my students from the same bullshit I had to endure like

One of my students who looks up to me is getting “picked on” by a boy (why the heck don’t we just call it like it is? it’s freaking harassment, geez) and she sat down in front of me this morning bordering on tears to tell me that this boy didn’t get in trouble again for what he does, that the other teachers said, “Oh, well, he *likes* you, so that’s just how he shows it.”

And as she sat there gulping back tears, it reminded me of an entire fucking year of middle school where a boy harrassed me literally daily because he “liked” me, even getting his friends in on it. (I learned how to be merciless in my verbal takedowns that year; better to be cold than broken, better to be labelled a bitch than let them see you cry, I told myself, ignoring all the relationship/trust issues this would later bring me).

So, I told her straight up that yes, he does like her, but no, that doesn’t excuse him being a fucking prick, and if he’s going to be like that to you, then know that he has never, ever been worthy of her and he has no right to touch her or anything. 

Naturally, I marched right to the vice director and told her my opinion politely (ugh, as much as I could manage, anyway) but of course I was told to mind my own business, and “boys will be boys.”

I don’t fucking understand this.

Teachers, please. Protect your students. Protect them from this awful, ridiculous cycle because we are ruining our children. Need I remind you that they are people too?

From here on out, to avoid confusion, I am going to end any joking statement I write on tumblr dot com with a large, high-res photograph of a clown, to indicate that it’s written in jest.

[Pearl] Oh! Peridot!

[Peri] huh?

[Pearl] That purple friend of yours-


[Peri] Wh- uh… I don’t actually know them. but what?

[Pearl] Ah… I wasn’t sure.. Anyway, I saw them at the edge of the woods. I tried to say hello but they just ran off!

[Peri] That seems to be their only response to greetings huh. Thats the only sign of them in a while… could you tell where they went?

[Pearl] The encounter gave no evidence to anything in particular, they just kinda ran off in some random direction, I’m sorry.

[Peri] Well uh, thanks for letting me know, I guess.

I really hope they come back

the thought of them never returning just because they think I might go after them if they come near is a bit daunting. I’ve… underestimated how much I rely on them. and now I need all the help I can get.


[Ame] Check it out! squak squak! she likes it!


and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one

Storyteller (Philip x Reader)

Just a little idea I thought of while I was supposed to be reading a book for english. Also, I love Jordan Fisher, so he’s who I’m am picturing while writing this, but please feel free to read it as whichever person you want it to be! :) I’m sorry for all the changes between past and present tense, it’s harder for me to write in second person. :/

Prompt list//Request Something

requested: no

Warnings: angsty poems that I wrote, but ends with cute fluff

Summary: Philip has a way with words, which attracted the reader to him. His blinding brilliance leaves the reader amazed and in love. The reader thinks he doesn’t feel the same, but Philip changes that the only way he knows how-through his poetry. 

words: 3072

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You had always been an avid reader, to say the least. You were constantly searching for a new book or story to immerse yourself in. You were also a writer, but you only wrote stories so that there would be more things for people to read.

That’s why you were drawn to Philip. He was like you, a reader and writer with so much love for the written word. He was in your creative writing class, and his works were so genuine and raw. The way he wrote drew you in, and you found yourself befriending the boy.

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If axiom is a place for omnic fashion upgrades, does that mean most omnic fashion is like XJ-9’s outfit designs when she transforms? If omnic voice modules can be purchased, do some omnics change their voices to better suit their tastes any particular day? Do genderfluid omnics have their favorite masculine and feminine voice boxes? Or do they treat it like wearing a different shirt every other day? What about actual clothing and fashion designs, built to suit an omnic’s robotic frame over a human’s organic one? Does the shambali religion have a pious dress code like how many real life religions use the veil to denote faith and piety? Are there wigs for omnics? What if an omni


Obviously, there is a lot of speculation going on about what is going to happen in episode 2x10. There is especially a lot of Malec speculation going on.

These are things we have learned about the episode so far concerning Magnus and Alec (please correct me if any information appears wrong, or if I missed something important):

- So far they have released stills of Malec facing each other, both seemingly very upset.
- The other sets of stills – the ones at Magnus’ apartment and the ones with Raphael – shows absolutely no Alec, and somebody who appears to be Dot on Magnus’ couch (although I am not sure).
- Magnus is shown looking very, very upset (near tears upset) and worried, along with Clary, in the promo pics of them looking at her phone on the balcony.
- The synopsis said that there is going to be an attack on the Institute and that Shadowhunters are going to have to rush to save their loved ones.
- It was said that Matt performed a very heartbreaking scene for this episode.
- It is rumored that there is supposed to be a very emotional Malec scene.
- There is supposed to be some sort of Malec hug around this time

With all of this I have come up with one theory that may fit the bill, but I am nowhere near 100% sure of.
I believe Alec and Magnus will fight, as much as it pains me. I am not sure what their fight is over, it could be something personal (I.e, about their relationship) or it could be over something outside of their relationship that they have differences over. I believe that this fight will not be very pretty and at some point Magnus will either suggest that Alec leave, or Alec storms off on his own, leaving the status of their relationship very clearly unknown.
Considering the synopsis of the episode, it would make sense that Alec storms back to the Institute ultimately getting caught in the middle of the attack on the Institute, and (as much as it breaks my heart) I believe that Alec (possibly Izzy as well) will in fact be kidnapped/held hostage.

Alec will more than likely be tortured by the attackers (how intensely I am not sure) and whatever is done with him will somehow be “broadcasted” to Clary’s phone. The pictures of Magnus looking so horrified and upset being because of whatever has happened/is happening to Alec.
Magnus will also more than likely be even more upset because he’ll blame himself for causing Alec to leave in the first place.

The emotional Malec scene will either be the scene of their fight, or (I hope) will be a cute/heartbreaking renunion scene, and the heartbreaking scene Matt supposedly deliver will probably happen during the Institute attack (or the fight)

Again, I am not 100% sure on any of this at all but this is most logical explanation I could come up with. Please, feel free to correct me on things I’m wrong about, or share your own theories. I am dying here!!!

busto 2.0 is the lgbt representation we need

-not confined by the gender binary
-also not confined by linear time, space, or reality
-is canonically a blb (busto-loving busto)
-proudly expresses blb attraction which can only be stopped by physically crashing into terrain barriers
-explodes into massive, unreadable sculptural polygons, defying heteronormative expectations surrounding physical existence
-has created a pocket dimension with fellow bustos, the known end goal of the Gay Agenda