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You know out of all the bracelet girls I feel sorry for due to Arc-V it would have to be Ruri Kurosaki/Lulu Obsidian. She was the first of Yuzu’s dimensional counterparts to be referenced and has a big impact on Shun and Yuto. Yes she was able to duel at least twice in the Fusion Arc but she was brainwashed those episodes. The main reason I feel sorry for her the most was that she played such a big impacting role yet when she was finally revealed and shown in flashback she never really seemed to get a say on her own voice. You can argue the same with Rin being kidnapped and only Yugo trying to find her when she disappeared but at least there is more of a reason for Rin to only be missed by Yugo (with the whole Commons/Tops stuff) and them being poor compared to Ruri being part of the Resistance Base and a factor for the start of the war in XYZ.

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Stan’s too much of a cuddlebug for Rick. Just a big old cuddlebug.

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