i am a cosplay elitist

Cosplayer's Code Of Honor

I had a revelation today after seeing selfish cosplayers shut down honest debate in the Doctor Who cosplay community. I am tired of working so hard to help others obtain SA and alt pieces only to see profiteers and trolls exploit people. I am tired of those reselling items for 1,000,000 percent profit. I am tired of those who hoard items so no one else can complete their cosplays. I am sick of seeing newbies being led to believe this is the way cosplay is supposed to be. I am fed up with elitists and those with means shut out of cosplay those who don’t have the means to compete financially.

I hope everyone who cosplays can agree to this Code. Repost this as your signature/pledge! 

The Cosplayer’s Code Of Honor

1) I will not bid with an intent to sell. Hoarding with intent to sell is still intent to sell.
2) I will not bid on items I know I can’t wear or afford or already own in my size(s) just because the listing exists. It drives prices up for fellow cosplayers.
3) I will help other cosplayers if I come across items they are searching for.
4) If I brought an item that does not fit, I will pursue trades or selling at cost to another cosplayer before posting on eBay. 
5) My sale of ill fitting/no longer in use items to other cosplayers will reflect how much I paid and reserve prices will be set accordingly.
6) I will try to the best of my knowledge to avoid buying from hoarders/resellers and other examples of trolls.
7) I will assist friends and fellow cosplayers if I come across listings for items they were looking for.

Speak up and support my efforts to return cosplay to what it is supposed to be about: crafting, meeting new friends, and looking your best!