i am a cheeseburger

Am I the only one who gets distracted throughout the show because of Sunny? She is too adorable!

Hey y'all! Sorry to be so quiet online these past few weeks–as some of you know, I just had some eye surgery done, and today was the last surgery! My vision was -11 and -11.5 with severe astigmatism (and a retina condition in my right eye, ugh), but I’ve always hoped I could get corrective eye surgery one day. Enter: Visian ICL with a lil'bit of lasik for the astigmatism. There were multiple steps and all of them weird (Eye ultrasounds! Zapping holes in my eyes with lasers so they can drain! Eyeball suction!) but I’m so grateful to finally be able to wake up and just SEE for the first time in my life! I’ve worn glasses for 25 years and contacts for 18, so this is going to be an awesome adjustment. Thanks for all of your well-wishes, and sorry for the dorky post-surgery photo. (Am I giving a thumbs-up for my vision or the cheeseburger I was about to eat? The world may never know…) 👁👓🍔 (at Scottsdale, Arizona)

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anonymous asked:

Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods when drunk?

I never crave anything sweet when I am drunk. Pizza, Cheeseburgers, and foods like that!

So today in spanish class..

we made valentines day cards…and I’m not entirely sure why because that isn’t much of a high school class activity but hey alright whatever…anyways my teacher told us to make a card for someone and since my life is literally overrun with Supernatural and Destiel (And I didn’t want to make a card for anyone who was real) I made a valentines day card to Cas from Dean. Not a bad idea, right? No it didn’t seem that bad of an idea at all so I went with it, I put my pitiful art skills to use and I drew one of Cas’s wings and a little bit of Cas himself (not much though) and then I wrote a message from Dean in spanish (It had to be in spanish that was the one requirement) and everything is good, its all perfect! 

…..and then my teacher tells us that if we want a grade we have to show her the card we made….cue me, nervously sweating at my desk as I await having to explain to her that my card is a card between my gay otp and that one of them is an angel of the lord and they are perfect for each other and its all from this show I watch and-okay yeah I’ll just take my card and go now bye. 

Anyways here is the card:

Now my “spanish skills” are “rusty” but the translation is roughly this:

Front Cover: You are my angel 

Inside Message: Sorry it took me forever to realize how much I love you. You are not expendable and I need you more than I’ve let on. Will you be my valentine, Cas ?

P.S: I’ll buy cheeseburgers if you say yes


Because i am allowed to enjoy a cheeseburger (or two) and still go out in public. I am allowed to dress however i’d like no matter what size i have to buy it in. I deserve to go the places ive gone. I deserve to be loved (and i am). Societal boundries can be stepped out of. Accourding to this world i am ugly, i’ll always be alone, and i’ll die misserable. This world is not fact. Love yourself no matter what size 😘

For some reason, I can suddenly write again. I’ll try to q a few Aiko in canon updates along with duck poetry for tozettewrites (I am taking your earlier comment as enthusiasm at the prospect, yes you are welcome.)


Is there an au scenario or short idea that someone would like to see set up for what might otherwise be a long dry spell? I’m not promising I’ll pull through, but I’d like to try. I tried an au prompt scenario, something like ‘i work at chuck e cheese and your sibling is having  a huge bday party’ and that somehow (d)evolved into team 7 ruling chuck e cheese and basically being gigantic unambitious losers while overachiever Lee balances a much more demanding school with the huge mouse costume and also Sakura is trying to romance Hinata who is herding many small people who vie for Hanabi’s favor? Anyway. It got weirder than anticipated.

the signs as cheese

aries: cheeseburger
taurus: swiss
gemini: gouda
cancer: mac n cheese
leo: parmesan
virgo: provolone
libra: colby
scorpio: cream cheese
sagittarius: cheddar
capricorn: pepper jack
aquarius: smoked
pisces: cheesecake

You would think after a few years, I’d get the hang of it, but here it goes. Hello everyone, I’m Jason Hudson. But it’s cool as just Jason. Oh, and if anyone is curious, I am currently about to make a pretty delicious bacon cheeseburger.