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QN Evolution Concert Twitter Round Up/Report


This is a really long post so I put it under the cut! I haven’t put everything I could onto this post but if there’s things you want to read up on you can read more about the live with #カルライレポ2017 on twitter!

Also no DVD/BD announcement yet

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voltron band au

band au bc???? i fucken wanna ok 


  • shiro is the lead singer n he has one of the most velvety voices ever?? and everyone is like holy shit ma n,,, like holy fuck. he used to just sing in choirs and stuff but he eventually put that aside once befriending the rest of the band. his folks back at his small hometown weren’t exactly happy with his choice of music, but they’re proud enough. but not only can he sing, he can play the guitar too. shiro stans are constantly talking about his sharp handsome features along with his muscles. out of the band, hes the most collected of them all but has a bit of a goofy side that the fans freak out over. 
  • keith plays lead guitar and is a fucking beast at it. everyones a fan of keith’s guitar solos. his electric guitar is colored red and is named the Red Paladin. keith has been playing the guitar since age 8 when he was first put into guitar lessons. additionally, keith adds his own vocals at times and sometimes sings solos in songs. keith stans are attracted to him for his emo-like persona and a few jokingly refer to him as gerard way (which keith doesnt mind until the rest of the band begins calling him that too) and a lot of the fans are attracted to his ~mysterious~ personality. despite looking the scariest, hes actually a puppy at heart and is probably the dorkiest of the group 
  • lance plays the bass and plays it like a god. his rhythm is smooth and constant and everyone’s got a thing for his bass solos. he owns a blue bass that he calls the Blue Paladin (a mirror to keith’s guitar). he first self taught himself the guitar at age 12 and then further on taught himself how to play the bass. he too provides vocals and the group all agrees that he harmonizes best with keith. to the fanbase, he is revered as memelord and king of shitpost. hes the one whos constantly dabbing and making awful jokes at concerts. lance stans love him for his charisma and oozing confidence. he is one of the funniest and light hearted of the band. 
  • pidge plays the keyboard and can play at such a fast rate it rivals sonic’s speed (lance’s words). when shes playing the keyboard she is completely in the zone, eyes trained as her fingers glide across her instrument. in between songs at concerts though, shes always ready to provide a joke at the expense of her teammates (all in love ofc). shes also the one in charge of the effects that go on during concerts (aka how lights will go, whats on the monitors, etc). the smartest of the bunch, pidge is also considered the most savage and wont hold anything back. pidge stans love her for her fiery personality and just maybe bc pidge is adorably tiny 
  • hunk plays the drums and is phenomenal. hes always so enthusiastic to play and has the most energy to play during a concert. his beats are the backbone of their songs and as a member is the heart of the band. he began playing the drums at a young age and was always fascinated by music. he lovingly refers to his drum set as the yellow paladin and he insists pidge call her keyboard the green paladin but she finds it ridiculous. he is also the one they depend on to fix their instruments and equipment, seeing as hes rather handy with those things. hunk’s fanbase loves him for his kind personality and humor. along with keith, he too is a bit of a puppy and the fans l ov e it. hes also the most hard working of the band, always the last one to leave the studio bc he just HAS to get this right. 
  • allura is actually a solo artist herself and was the one who discovered them. she saw them playing at one of their small gigs one time and decided that they needed to tour with her. she is the daughter of alfor altea, owner and creator of Altea Records. allura offers the band a recording label there, to which they agree to gladly. as a solo artist, she has a large following. her voice is known in the business for being so powerful with her barely trying. she serves as a mentor to the band and helps as much as she can. 
  • coran is allura’s manager and works for alfor at altea records. as allura’s manager, he also doubles as the band’s manager too. very quirky and a bit of an oddball, coran always has ideas and is the best when it comes to PR. he too is known by the fans as manager and often stars in the band + allura’s social media. this gains coran a few fans that hes awfully proud of and thinks its the best thing in the universe. (he also lowkey totally has a crush on alfor but as if hed ever act on that but in reality alfor is trying his best to make it known to the redhead that his feelings are reciprocated) 
  • um ofc the band’s name is Voltron what did u expect 
  • shiro and keith were the first ones of the band basically. keith convinced shiro that his voice was fucking good as hell man and that he should quit choir and maybe start up something new 
    • they end up meeting pidge, lance, and hunk after performing at some open mic night bc lance decided hed insult the song they performed (which keith wrote) it was eventually settled when lance admitted that shiro’s voice was amazing though and that keith’s guitar playing was pretty good
      • “not too good of course”
    • after a week or so when shiro first learns that the others play instruments, it hits him that theyve been whats missing all along and eventually they all come together and form voltron 
  • despite originally clashing, keith and lance actually make a pretty good team and write some of the best lyrics together 
  • shiro is constantly acting as a buffer for each of them, often at times having to cross out inappropriate lyrics or song choices
    • “for the last time, pidge, we’re not gonna write a song about birds fucking”
    • “its a perfectly good song and you know it" 
  • hunk coming up with the best beats and rhythms and all out of nowhere just because he was randomly tapping his hands against some object 
  • pidge playing pranks on them during concerts and one time steals shiro’s mic when he’s occupied on a different part of the stage 
  • um yeah ofc the fans ship #klance and the two blush and get flustered over it every time its mentioned but they get together eventually bc honestly everyone saw it coming 
  • the top two things people look forward to in meet and greets: touching shiro’s bicep and getting to experience one of hunk’s bear hugs 
  • fans know about hunk’s passion for cooking so they like to tweet him about it. some even go as far as gifting him food and its honestly the sweetest thing ever
    • hunk sends out a personalized thank you tweet to everyone who gives him food
  • keith is constantly being asked by the fans to wear eyeliner
    • emo style bc they already have shiro wearing winged eyeliner
  • the band going through the the internet to see what fans are saying and being simultaneously overwhelmed with happiness and also confused as to what the hell theyre going on about
    • “why are they calling me daddy? am i a fatherly figure?" 
    • ”…im a sinnamon roll”
    • “wait who the fuck just called me a rip off pete wentz”
    • “why are people making so many memes of keith but not me?? the actual memelord??”
    • “someone just called me a cinnamon roll?? thats the most adorable compliment ever"
  • allura constantly having to Stop them from posting awful things on their social media 
    • “shiro i dont think #dicksoutforharambe is the social movement you want your name tagged onto”
    • “but lance said it was for a good cause”
  • everyone in the band realizes that coran is head over heels for alfor and finds it both hilarious and endearing but also sad bc?? hes so oblivious?? its so obvious alfor likes him back smh 
    • except for lance though. he isnt even aware until hunk makes a joke about coran and alfors’ wedding 
  • their fanbase being called paladins bc why not
    • (sorry im not letting it be called quiznaks. i cant let us be called fucks i just cant)
  • band selfies more like “pidge i understand its difficult for you to be seen but you dont have to stand on the table–no dont argue its not safe”
  • pidge can secretly rap hella good and decides to showcase it one time in lance’s snapchat story
  • lance wont stop making lance bass jokes and no one knows why exactly
  • o god hunk driving all the fans wild when he throws his drum sticks out to the crowd at the end of a concert and is smiling widely in all his sweat filled glory
  • also shiro totally always purposely wears sleeveless shirts at concerts bc Oh Yeah
    • o and also shiro still has a prosthetic arm in this au just saying 
  • hunk and pidge fucking around with the stage equipment and stuff for shits n giggles
    • until allura and shiro find them n tell them to stop
  • one time lance is told to do the opening to one of their songs at a concert and he just strums his bass idly before saying “anyway, here’s wonderwall”
  • oh my god keith answering interviewer’s questions impulsively without thinking
    • “what part are you from?”
    • “my mother’s womb part”
  • they all adopt a black cat as their band mascot (irl they just wanted a cat) named voltron who constantly wears a multi colored sweater (red,blue,yellow,green) which was knitted personally by lance.

,,,,,,,,, b an d a u

“Thank god, I‘m not the only crazy one“

Request: “Yeah, and they both have these weird memories about wearing mid 20’s clothes and having conversations that they actually never had before… 🌌 I think that would be nice :3“ 

(A/N): I apologise for deleting the first part of the request, it‘s basically about their paths crossing once again after meeting each other in their past life. Thank you for submitting, I tried my best x 

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Tyler and Josh are constantly trying to add new things to their live act, so that the whole audience leaves with the best experience they could offer. On this tour, besides the tuxes, special effects and etc., they‘ve come up with the idea, to bring a fan, at each show, on stage and he or she will have the honour to do the famous handshake, from the ‘Stressed Out‘ video, with Josh. 

Of course literally everyone who‘s attending the concert knows that, therefore, just a second after they‘ve finished performing ‘Ride‘ everybody around you in the pit starts to do anything they could to get Tyler‘s attention, even if that meant climbing onto someone else‘s shoulder or scream their lungs out, like they haven‘t been doing that enough during the concert. You on the other hand, take a step back and hide behind the group in front of you, trying to make yourself invisible. Those kind of situations are one of the things that unleashes your anxiety the fastest. Obviously, you‘d love the opportunity to talk to them and touch those manly pair of hand‘s that belong to Joshua Dun, but also risking the possibly to humiliate and embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people and most importantly two of your idols at the same time? Not about that life. 

“You! The (Y/H/C) haired girl with the Twenty One Pilots shirt“ a voice rings through the microphone. 

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-Honda Center was really bad at letting everyone in on time we got in literally at 8
-But it’s chill we made it to our seats in time
-Okay so they started w Not Today and I literally died on the spot
-Jimin was so extra he was like a walking sin
-Jungkook was adorable and his English was so good
-Hobi’s smile literally shined its way to my heart
-Yoongi. Yoongi. Yoongi. Every time I looked at him I wanted to cry because I was like ???? He is literally the most beautiful and amazing man on the planet and I was feet away from him W O W
-Their solo stages were all perfect. Like literally I can’t even describe them in words
-Namjoon’s hit me so hard I started crying Reflection is so good
-The special effects were on POINT
-So they played Baepsae second and let me tell you I was NOT ready for those hip thrusts especially Yoongi’s I literally stopped breathing
-Anyways back to the solo stages
-Jungkook’s was so good his dance was AMAZING LIKE BOY CAN MOVE HIS BODY WOW he seriously did so so so good I cant
-Jimin’s was straight gorgeous like he has 0 flaws 10/10 would die for Park Jimin
-Yoongi’s made me cry also because the emotion was basically tangible. Boy is so passionate.
-Literally Yoongi is perfect someone help
-Jin basically made me cry too good job with those high notes I fell over inside
-21st Century Girl was also so fun you could tell they were just having a blast and like they all killed me at the same time it was magical
-ALSO THEY RANDOMLY performed Dope like I was not expecting that and it was SO GOOD THE BEAT WAS INCREDIBLE
-Lost was hecka emotional my vocal line is so good
-So at one point they did this giant mashup of a ton of their older songs like N.O. started playing and I was like hOLD UP
-Like War of Hormone too I think and tons of their other songs and Kookie started rapping and I was like THROWBACK TO THE FIRST TIME I DIED
-Like Mama was L I T and then at the end he just kind of said really quickly “THANKS MOM” and it was HILARIOUS
-Boy Meets Evil was so intense I pooped
-Literally as soon as it started I was just like “oh no”
-If u didn’t know Cypher was the song I was most pumped about bc Yoongi’s rap k i l l s me
-All 3 of them were wearing these like crazy sugar daddy robes RIP
-So Namjoon comes out just blasting right
-And I fell over inside again but this time I actually died
-Like they were so freakin lit I’m dead
-Hobi slayed everyone within the first 2 seconds of his part
-Okay yes anyways
-Cypher ended my life the end
-jk moving on before I have another heart attack
-So after Cypher I’m WINDED
-oh no
-I’ve seen the fancams
-Like the dance break toward the end just
-J I M I N
-Also side note like most of the time when the whole group was performing I couldn’t take my eyes off of Namjoon he just has such a strong stage presence and he’s SO TALL I LOVE HIM
-okay where were we
-oh yes fire
-after fire they talked for a little bit and it was cute and my voice disappeared bc I screamed too hard during Cypher
-So I know I’m skipping around everywhere sorry it’s all I giant mushy jumble in my brain
-But they did Run at one point and it was so exciting bc they had giant gold streamers just shoot everywhere and I felt like I was in a movie it was so perfect
-Did I already talk about 21st century girl? I think so BUT
-It was so lit okay so lit
-So after that they talked to us again for a while and their English was so good you could tell they were trying and I LOVED IT
-They looked AMAZING during it like wow the most attractive men in the world I swear
-So then Namjoon was like “bYE” and they all ran off stage and we were like ??????
-And so we did the rainbow ocean thing and I wanted to cry again
-So united and wow
-so after like 5 minutes of all of us just yelling
-They came out and did Outro:Wings and it was so good bc they were on the close stage and I swear Namjoon is so attractive help I’m swerving
-Oops ok here we go
-So after Wings they talked and again they were so good??? AND AND
-Namjoon was like “I’d like to take this time to thank my mom for emphasizing learning English because now I can talk to you guys”
-And I cried again bc Joonie luvs his mom how sweet I’m dead
-Yoongi was like “never forget me” and I was like BOI I COULDNT IF I TRIED
-Jungkook seriously sounded so fluent I was so proud
-Jimin was adorable
-Hopie was wild
-Tae was also wild
-Jin is so so so funny and cute
-Rapmon looks amazing in baseball hats
-So then after they talked rapmon was like “Kay last song”
-And again we were all like ??????
-But then 2!3! Started and I was like
-Here come the tears
-Like they were all just standing in a line on the close stage and they were so emotional I was so emotional everyone was emotional
-Jin hit those high notes like a god
-Jimin hit those high notes like a god
-Tae and Jungkook ended my life too
-Rap line was so passionate I could see Yoongi’s neck veins
-So after 2!3! Namjoon’s like “Kay last song” AGAIN
-and I was just like STOP LYING
-And then Spring Day started playing and I just lost it
-It was so emotional
-They were so beautiful
-Oh yeah and at one point You Never Walk Alone was playing while this video played about how all the recent concepts are intertwined and IT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE
-It was talking about how it was seven boys with one heart and one boy with seven hearts and they all reflected each other and were only happy and able to smile when they’re together IM SOBBING
-That probably made no sense to u guys I’m sorry
-After Spring Day ended they all came out on the stage and ran around and smiled and danced and were super cute and
-I just couldn’t believe I was actually there
-With them
-I’m so grateful
-so so grateful
-They stayed and ran around the stage for a good ten minutes and then it was all over
-My friend and I were just in shock we sat there dying for like fifteen minutes after it ended
-Just like freaking out right
-and we were waiting at a corner
-I can’t even describe how beautiful he was even through a car window like he was FLAWLESS his eyes were so big and beautiful WO W
-I doubt anyone actually read this far so I doubt anyone will know that that happened to me BUT JDNDKDJDFMDFJEKDMSLNDKSAMKXNSLDFJEKXKDNKDJC
-Overall it was probably the greatest night of my life and totally worth driving across the country for. 11/10 would do again in a heartbeat.
-If you guys have any questions or want to freak out w me please message me!!!!!


SO, I’ll just get to it and tell you about my experience seeing BTS Wings in Newark. Luna and I went together so when I say “we” that’s who i’m referring to.
We got to the line at 9 am and it was already wrapped around to the other side of the building. The day started out cold but it got even colder to the point that the rain that started to fall became snow momentarily. There was also a St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening for some of the waiting. We all had to wait in line until about 1 pm for the Prudential Employees to hand out numbered wrist bands, that way we could leave the line and come back later and have the same spot. I was #819 in line. There was a really nice Japanese fansite girl who spoke Korean and a little English behind us. She said she flew from Japan. JAPAN! dedication man… anyways she gave our little line group a pack of really awesome Jungkook photocards she had taken. Her fansite is 하트트리‏ @HEARTTREE_JK on Twitter. Here the cute Photocards (Just the JK ones, Luna got me the Yoongi ones and I don’t know who made those)

After we got our wristbands we finally went to the bathroom and ate lunch and stood in line for that photo booth that has the video of your bias. After standing in line, you go up to a table with two girls and they check to see if you filled out the survey before they let you pick a ball blindly from a box. If you pick an orange ball you get a photocard and a personal photo with your bias. If you get a white ball, you just get the photocard. I happened to get an orange ball :D !
When you get the orange ball you wait in line again and they direct you to one of the photo booths where you enter and they close the curtain. You choose which member you want on a touch screen and then a countdown begins. So obviously I chose yoongi. He entered from the right speaking korean so I couldn’t fucking understand but I mean he was cute I think he was just telling me to do the poses he was doing or something, I hope someone took video of it and translated it anyways. He was too cute. I chose the V pose picture, you had the option of choosing which of the two photos you liked the most. I’ll show you his part of the photo because I look atrocious. 

Yeah, he cute.

One of the girls who went in after me absolutely freaked out and was screaming and laughing like crazy, I wonder who her bias was… I bet it was Jimin….
 All the staff for the photo booth were laughing with the rest of us. It was cute.
After that, we wanted to get some merch but the line was freaking HUGE and they were running out quick so instead we asked a couple girls at the front to buy what we wanted in exchange for some extra cash.

Then we went back to the hotel to warm up and change and headed back to the line a little later. They started letting us in through security check around 5:30 I think. It took an hour for us to get to the security check. 

Here is where I want to point out the extraordinary amount of trash and debris that was strewn all over the ground, increasing as we got closer to the doors. No doubt left behind by the people that camped out overnight or early in the morning. There was blankets, trash, makeup, and food spilled everywhere and i was highly disappointed and embarrassed by our fandom. There were trashcans and trash bags everywhere that they could have used so there was ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR THAT MESS. And even though some of us tried to clean up there was just TOO MUCH. And the line kept moving toward security check. I hope BTS didn’t see it :( . 

Once we passed security we flat out ran to the pit to try and get as close as possible. We got pretty darn close, maybe 15 rows of bodies?
There were two screens on either side of the stage playing BTS’S mvs in chronological order of their release. We all sang along and watched while we waited until 8 pm. The energy increased as we got closer to showtime.
I can’t exactly remember but I think the show started directly after BS&T MV ended. Immediately as the lights dimmed we were forcefully shoved and pushed closer as a video reel began playing. I will break that up in two or more videos and post on tumblr soon so you can watch.
The pushing and shoving was absolutely REDICULOUS. Not to sound like the old person in the room but OMG. There were people falling and fainting and I literally was holding the people in front of me so we both didn’t fall. Do not get pit tickets if you needs space or are clostrophobic. 

Your body is pressed against strangers harder than it’s ever been, I mean I got to third base with everybody around me.

Every time a member moved across the stage, the crowd would shove that way, I ASSUME so they could follow with their phones. Wtf, just turn your phone, NOT YOUR FUCKING BODY YOU ANIMALS. Anyways. It got bad enough that the security was repeatedly telling us to back up and a move so they could help people who had fainted and fallen and almost NO ONE was listening. EVEN BTS AND NAMJOON HAD TO STOP AFTER THEIR SONG AND TELL US TO STOP AND BACK UP AND CALM DOWN I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE. I’m embarrassed for American ARMY.

So I’m not gonna go through the song order because I could never even begin to try and remember that. Especially since I couldn’t see half of it. 😡
But I will describe as much as I can.
Omg where do I start.
The most memorable thing for me was HOBI surprisingly because he’s not even on my bias list, he’s like that best friend that I would never be attracted to but OMG he was so flirty and sweet and cute and I could tell he was enjoying himself the most. All those smile and cheeky grins.
“I’m your hope…… you’re MY hope….. I’m Jhope!!!”
Omg I love him so much. He did something to me that night. I wanna squeeze him and hug him till he pops.

FUCKING JIMIN WAS RUDE AS ALWAYS. he bent down and interacted with the front rows the most, with that stupid sexy grin and face and aaaaaaahhhh!!!! He killed.
Kookie was the one who bent down and interacted the most after Jimin with that cute smile and bright doe eyes I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him.
Tae was being cheeky and cute the whole time as expected. He did that tongue bite and smile and I can’t believe I fucking saw that 15 feet away from my face I’M DEAD. he also had that rude, intense glare a lot too, but let’s not talk about that AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha.
I didn’t see much of Nams or Yoongi unfortunately but every time I saw Nams he was amazing. His dimples. Ugh. During cypher he did that dorky but adorable jumping he does, you know what I’m talking about. At some point I was in the middle and so was he and he was turned to the side and I’m just gonna say that I had a clear and up close view of that crotch AHHHH FUCKKKKKKK. he also smiled and laughed a couple times like a cutie.
I barely saw Jin. I’m sorry for you Jin stans reading this but he killed his solo song. He did beautifully and we all sang with him. UGH, MY HEART.

 SO. Kookie’s solo. That fancy footwork, I mean damn. He killed it. And not to mention he was wearing a white satin shirt that was immediately soaked in sweat and sticking to his chest YAS! Literally during the second or third song, he did a turn in the choreography, I don’t remember what song it was sorry but as he turned I could literally see the sweat fly off the ends of his hair. Sadly, it did not hit me in the face. I saw his beautiful hands and his mouth moving as he sang, ugh. I will never not appreciate every moment.

 Namjoons solo was chill and deep as fuck. He told us to
“feel the flow and rhythem”
and let his hand just dance in the air as he rapped/sang with closed eyes and it was so beautiful and I did. I felt the music. When it came to his “I wish I could love myself” we all shouted “WE LOVE YOU” after each time. I hope he really knows how much we meant it. 😢

 Yoongi’s solo was also chill and heavy. His song always makes me too emotional to the point that I barely listen to it. I cant, it’s just too much. As expected he rapped so passionately and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. There were live instrumental and I was so excited for that. It was beautiful BUT they didn’t play the end of his song the same, so that drawn out violin/cello wasn’t there, I was kind of disappointed because that’s my favorite part. But it was still amazing.

 Jimin’s solo. I mean. Yes. So. Fucking. Good. I. Cant. Even. Begin. To. Explain. The lighting was on point. He was on point. The dancing was flawless, the blindfold part was so fucking good, he is amazing. It was sexy and powerful and just right. Jimin stans, how are you still

 Taehyung’s solo was so great, he hit that high note from what I could hear, which some people said he didn’t do in the previous concert. I’m not sure if that’s true though. At some point he was wearing a silver choker and… omg. Like, hah, like, I’m so speechless. I’m sorry but Taehyung is so gorgeous, he really is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and I can’t understand it yet. His voice was smooth and soulful and So Fucking Good.

 Jhopes solo was amazing, the dancing was on point as always and during the middle there was a breakdown way different from just the original song, I wish I had taken more videos. I’m sure you can find it. Watch it. We all sang with him especially the end chorus of “hey mama!”, you know. He just did do amazing, he was so memorable, omg and gorgeous. I’ll say that Hoseok looks the best in person compared to photos or videos. Some people just look better in person and he’s one of those people. His hair for this concert was perfect for him, the color, the parted and flippy style. Mm, so good.

As I said, Jin did so amazing on his solo, he hit all the notes and he wasn’t shaky or messed up from what I could hear and remember. He was just chilled up on stage and singing out his heart with us. I managed to get a little bit of video with him at center stage and he was dancing with an ARMY bomb as always lmao I love him ahhh.

I only noticed one mistake the whole concert. At one point, kookie went to move from his position and he needed to cross to the other side of the stage as Namjoon was coming up the middle, they bumped into each other slightly but it was so small and they carried on so smoothly it was barely anything but it made me smile for some reason. Also, Jimin was just slightly off key at like ONE point but I mean, they’re singing and dancing live. I expect that. The others might have had a moment or two but I just can’t recall if they did.

I want to talk about their backup dancers for a second. Not only did they do amazing, they were so fucking adorable! Some of them were really interacting with the fans and it made me laugh so much. They would look at us, laugh, smile, and I could tell they were just really loving it. I assume they all want to either be dancers or performers/musicians like BTS and I could see the joy in their face at being on the stage and seeing the crowds reactions and energy. They really enjoyed themselves and I hope they can one day get a stage for themselves if that’s what they desire. Ah, they were so cute. 😁

 Towards the end, Namjoon kept saying “this is the last song” and we were all like lol nah, we know you’re coming back out lol. And they did haha. We had the rainbow ocean and Namjoon said “it doesnt matter what color you are, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, we love you” or something very similar. He was so amazing THEY WERE ALL AMAZING. I wish I had taken videos and pics but tbh, I wanted to just try and really enjoy the concert in person and focus on them with my eyes. Also there were so many people recording, there was no real point for me to do so as well. And the crowd was so pushy I was afraid of dropping my phone and it being destroyed. Knowing me, I would’ve dropped it.

 At the end, they were walking around and waving and sending hearts and such. People were throwing gifts on the stage, I noticed Kookie took a tiny iron man plushie and I thought it was so cute.
I can’t remember what they said at each brake but I really tried to get Yoongi’s attention. He was really focused on the whole crowd though. There was ONE point where he might have seen my, what do u call it, like his face on a stick thing, and he has this smirk like he was trying to not smile or laugh. I’ll show it below. 

The experience was amazing and next time I got to their concert I will be sure to camp out the night before because if I’m gonna buy pit tickets, I WILL be at the damn front next time! I won’t be satisfied until I am. I only buy BTS concert tickets for this reason, so I can save and get the expensive front rows. Also, P2 area standing is better than P1 because they interact more with us and we face them, so don’t bother with P1, I know a lot of people wanted those for like sound check or something. I forgot to say that at one pint I could see the back of Hobis, tan, sweaty, thick neck and all I could think was “Das a nice neck…" because it is, it really is a beautiful neck, I must say. 

And then we left the venue and my body was failing because I stood literally from 9 am to like 11 pm. It was worth every moment, even when it got bone cuttingly cold and started to snow and rain. WORTH IT. BTS is worth everything I have to give and I can’t wait to attend another amazing concert. Next time I’m taking a selfie stick or something and filming it all on my phone. 

SOOO, I want to also include that the next day, Luna and I went to Korea Town in New York and it was awesome. UGh, they had a Tony Moly and The Face Shop and so many restaurants. We at at Mukeunji and it was delicious. 
We popped into Nature Republic to buy some things, and the lady asked Luna if she liked EXO. She answered that she liked BTS and the lady SAID THEY WERE JUST THERE ON FRIDAY EATING LUNCH!!!!
BOI!!!! I swear to god, we both felt like dying, but i mean, we were waiting in line for their freaking concert so what are ya gonna do??! (JUST DIE, thats what im gonna do) those sneaky, clever boys….

(lmao i make myself laugh way to much)

So yeah, that was the concert and I probably didn’t properly describe it. I’m sorry for not having any videos or pics of the concert but I know you can find so many from other people. 

Here’s some other things I bought. Spoiler, its all basically Yoongi.

OMG hes so cute, they’re all so cute. My bedroom looks like a shrine….

Heyo I’ve been debating whether to submit, but why the heck not lmaoo so a bit about me is im extremely hype all the time 😂 I do the 100% most random things ever and at really weird times. Just recently learned how to juggle, I know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, I AM STARTING TO GET REALLY INTO FX MAKEUP, I love every kind of music && just recently went to a Falling in Reverse concert then Thomas Rhett the next week 😂(except classical cause that bitch makes me wanna die), if u wanna play me in pool on iPhone then for the love of god just message me and get my number cause I will play for hours omg please I’d love this lmaoo. Oh also my name’s Makayla I’m 16 from Maryland & bi ✌🏽😋 I also like taking pics lol if u wanna be more than friends that’s cool lol but I’d prefer if ur from Maryland
IG & Tumblr: idontneedaplan
SC: bvb_armyx (I don’t like BVB anymore soo)

pocket universes

for the lovely @wishuponabluebox who requested it “i’m coming, just sit tight!”. It’s not angsty at all. Well, a tiny bit, but mostly it’s just pure crack. Seriously, the crackiest thing I’ve ever written. I got inspired by the abundant and utterly wondrous social media AUs that are circulating around the Jily side of Tumblr and decided DW needs some as well. <3
Summary: Group chats and suspicions. Sort of high school, sort of social media AU. John and Rose and up to something and there’s no hiding that.
Pairing: Ten x Rose (a bit of side Mickey/Martha)
Rating: T


Jack Harkness to Defenders of the Earth: heyyyyy everyone

Mickey Smith: are you drunk

Rose Tyler: yeah mickey what else is new

Jack Harkness: is that Rose!

Martha Jones: What, capitalization of a name? Punctuation marks? Is that a Christmas miracle?

Martha Jones: … Although that exclamation mark does make me uneasy.

Jack Harkness: !!

Jack Harkness: Rose i’ve been thanking

Jack Harkness: thinking

Rose Tyler: that actually happens?? i’m impressed

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anonymous asked:

Hi! :)) Could you please do HCs for how RFA (and V+Saeran if it's not too much trouble) would react to a stranger hitting on them/flirting with them when MC isn't around?

//sorry it’s so late! i’ve been a little overwhelmed with school and band, because my winter concert is coming up soon and i need to get my jazz music down ^^ i have one other request that i’m trying to get done, so i also apologize for that//


  • a random girl just came up n was like “what’s up sweet cakes?”
  • his cheeks automatically flush because pet names just really fluster him
  • but then he remembers that it isn’t you and is like “STOP rED FLAG MUST STOP THIS PERSON IS GOING OVER MY BOUNDARIES PLEASE LEAVE”
  • “i-im sorry i just have s-someone that I really like”
  • “c’mon cutie, I don’t see anyone”
  • just leaves really awkwardly and also feels kinda guilty like he betrayed you in some way
  • he probably tells you about it later because the incident is really just itching at him
  • “MC, i’m really sorry, but, but earlier today, someone kinda hit on me? and I swear that I didn’t do anything but I just want you to know that I only love you and I couldn’t even imagine going near another person”
  • “aw bb it’s okay, i mean i understand, you’re just too cute to resist, but thank you for telling me”
  • hugs hugs hugs so many hugs and you just have to reassure him that it’s okay


  • he’s pretty used to the constant advancements by other girls but this one time one just goes a little too far
  • You feel a little jealous because of he just brushes it off like nothin but then when you get hit on he makes a big deal out of it??
  • But you tell him and he hugs you and he shows you how much he loves you ;))
  • so he’s casually just walking home from a meeting with the director because it was close to his apartment
  • and this girl just, out of nowhere, like throws herself onto him?
  • “hey, bad boy, why don’t you take a visit to my place?”
  • ???
  • “at least buy me dinner first”
  • “excUSe me?? Please remove your hands from my shirt. I can sign something for you, if you want?”
  • “angel, don’t be like that”
  • “hah bYe bitch”
  • just shakes it off and walks home but still feels kinda off balance
  • he gets home and he’s just like “ye ran into another nuts fan, but i was a little more rude this time because they were just a little too handsy for me”


  • she’s really alarmed because she’s working at the shop’s counter and a dude just hands her his number n calls her honey bunch
  • what what what
  • “please leave me alone”
  • she just deals with it and tries to get them to leave
  • “Cmon…”
  • “IM GAY”
  • then they’re like ??
  • “Ew?? Go to hell”
  • actually starts verbally attacking her
  • she’s had enough of this shit
  • kicks him out of her store
  • apologizes to other customers, but they’re all like “na girl, it’s okay. We’re sorry we didn’t do anything”
  • she’s very upset by it so she goes to you and you just hug her and kiss her soft hair and comfort her because homophobes will never be nice and it sucks but you’ll be there for her


  • he’s very surprised
  • he’s rude straight off the bat
  • “It is inconsiderate of you to simply hit on someone in a higher class than you”
  • tries to push them away
  • sighs and gets his body guards to pull them away
  • “don’t you dare call me sweetheart”
  • he decides that he hates being hit on because it feels unfair to you
  • probably gets a restraining order just to enforce his point and has it in some magazines to show people not to come near him because he won’t take anyone’s shit, except maybe yours ^^


  • he just seems disgusted
  • “leave me alone, I have someone that’s just perfect for me”
  • cringes at the pet names, because they aren’t coming from you and they don’t sound endearing
  • they try to play with his hair and he just smacks their hand away
  • “don’t you get the memo? Get away from me”
  • goes home and hacks into their info because he swiped their wallet
  • probably messes with their bank accounts or something
  • he doesn’t tell you, but he holds you tight and cuddles you because he realized how much he wouldn’t want to be with anyone else and how lucky he is to have you because there are so many bad people out there that he could’ve ended up with and he’s real glad that you aren’t like that


  • it’s early morning you’re still sleeping, and he wanted to run out and get some milk, but didn’t want to wake you up because he could still see how beautiful you were when you snuggling into blankets
  • he trips over a step and falls, but another woman comes and helps him up
  • he kindly thanks her and goes to continue on his way, but she stops him and asks if he’d maybe want to go out to coffee
  • he goes blanks for a second
  • “Uh-Um, Sorry, I’ll have to decline that offer. I’m more than happy, currently”
  • she gets what he’s saying and backs off and just wishes him a nice day
  • he apologizes to you at home because even though he didn’t do anything, he feels like he did something against you
  • “I told her i was sorry but i wasn’t sorry at all, and i said it like you were restraining me from going with her, even though i didn’t want to go”
  • “It was the polite thing to do, V. I don’t mind, it’s okay. I mean, I do a little bit, because you’re mine, but i don’t mind that you said that”
  • He puts the milk in the fridge and you guys go back to sleep


  • you’re both in the store, but he’s looking at the clothes and you’re in the shoe section
  • a girl approaches him and is awkwardly like “hey, i saw your shirt, and I really like that band, too. I actually went to the concert in…”
  • he looks at her expectantly? Like doesn’t she know that i have someone? He looks around for you but doesn’t see you and just motions for her to continue
  • she gets really nervous and basically blurts out “doyouwannacomeseeamoviewithme?”
  • and he’s kinda offended? Like why would i want to go with you?
  • but you’ve been trying to help him be nicer to people and show him to be more polite, so he just says “no thanks, i’m good…” and she stutters and gets really embarrassed
  • he hates this new uncomfortable atmosphere so he just walks off to find you
  • “a girl said she wanted to go to a movie with me? I don’t even know why she would even suggest that”
  • “Saeran… you can’t always tell that people are in relationships from the outside…”
  • “You can’t? I can tell that you’re in a relationship”
  • “You fucking moron, it’s because i’m in a relationship with you”
  • “What did you just call me?”
  • “A moron”
  • “Mc, that wasn’t very nice… what am i gonna do with you now…”
  • you guys quickly buy your items and scurry home so he can deal with you ;)
FLY in Atlanta

I would actually like to start this post off with a MASSIVE thank you to SubKulture Entertainment and all of their staff for fighting for my inclusion in ways that I have never and would never EVER have expected. It’s given me a hope for a brighter future. When @the-nev sent them a message to discuss accommodations for a hi-touch (that as a stand alone thing sounded like death and the end of the world to me because I can’t touch strangers without freaking out) I expected a ‘no’ or ‘sorry there is nothing we can do’ in return but instead I got meetings and feedback about what could and couldn’t be done to make my concert experiences a positive one.

Concert experiences are always a mixed bag for me. I often question why I go in the first places because I am Autistic and concerts are everything that my Autism and I tend to disagree about. Loud noises, bright lights, the smell of BO, and people running into me or touching me. It’s the potential for meltdown city on so many levels. I was fully prepared to opt out of hi-touch but SubK wanted to make sure I had the chance to be just like any other fan so they not only let me go at the back of the line but made sure that I was safe and as comfortable as possible the whole time. 

I am grateful for the chance I had to enjoy such an energetic and funny concert. Seriously it felt a little bit like a stand up show at times. I love how much courage the boys had speaking English for almost the entirety of the concert. Even JB who hates his accent.

I had the worst panic attack I’ve had in probably five years. I wont go into the gory details of how or why that happened, I’ll just say that I don’t remember most of the encore stages or hardly any of the sitting around waiting for hi-touch to begin. I have a vague recollection of Bounce playing in the background while the room spun but that’s about it.

On the flip side of that though, here are the things I won’t ever forget: I wont forget the looks of concern on all of the boy’s faces when Eddy the hi-touch line guard of awesomeness explained to them that I couldn’t touch them and they couldn’t touch me. I’ll never forget the look on Junior’s face when I gave him tiny hearts because I couldn’t remember how my mouth worked or the utter shock on Mark’s face when I managed “You’re my favorite,” or his subsequent and genuine thank you). I’ll never forget how JB reached for me but stopped, smiled brightly and shot hearts at me instead. I’ll never forget that BamBam tried to strike up a conversation with me about my dog when I told Youngjae that I have a dog like Coco (I have a four year old maltese named Sir Lancelot the Brave) or the look on the face of noona trying to shuffle me along when he started ACTUALLY ASKING ME QUESTIONS. WHAT?! He seriously tried to have an actual conversation with me about my dog and I tripped on my own mouth so bad I kind of wanted to die; I kid you not. I’ll never forget that freaking Youngjae did a 90 degree bow at me and thanked me for being an agahse (or that his hair smells like mint and rosemary because it almost hit me in the face). I’ll never forget that Yugyeom was so distracted by the hangul tattoo my friend Aly has on her forearm that I made him jump when I the corner of his vision and I will certainly never forget the way Jackson held his heart when he said “Staying healthy is the most important thing, please please stay healthy it’s so important.”

I will really never forget Mark screaming “Hey, I LOVE YOU!” at the top of his lungs as I was leaving or the fact that they all waved and shot hearts and told me that they loved me more like it was some kind of competition.

I will also never forget having to go back around through the hi-touch area to go to a back exit because of the terrifying death wall of fans on the other side of the curtain that looked so much like the zombie apocalypse that I backed into a wall. Oh there was no way that was happening lol. But mostly because we walked back through as BamBam and JB were the last ones to turn the corner on the other side and BamBam waved and yelled “Bye! Take good care of Lance!”

I have never felt so much like a human being at a concert. For the first time in my fandom career (which has been very long and very diverse) I felt like I was being included in the fan culture in a way that wasn’t toxic or harmful to my desire to keep trying…if that makes any sense?

Last night I was an autistic fan, but I was also a person, and that has never happened to me before. I’m so overwhelmed and so happy and so many things I don’t have words for. SO thank you SubKulture, and thank you GOT7 (seriously thank you for being so understanding and so caring of a quiet stranger) and thank you JYP Entertainment, for helping me feel like a person, not a burden on the system or just a disability.

Anonymous said: A senario where you’re forced to date one of the member of Monsta X to gain popularity for each group (you’re in a european band and you must date IM) But you don’t feel good with this idea (but ends good tho) sorry for the very long request btw, i love your writings!

Thank you for the request. I’m really glad that you like my scenarios. I hope you will enjoy this one as well. I feel like I could have opened so much more with this but I was afraid it will get too long if I did! Anyway..here’s some I.M for you all. Enjoy. 

You disagreed. You strongly disagreed on this. (Along with the rest of the group of course.) You knew something was up as soon as your manager said that they wanted you to promote in Korea. Which European group ever promoted in Korea. Usually, if they have big enough fan base, they make a concert or two (three if possible even) but not promote there.

Now here are you, with the rest of your group (seven members in all) in front of seven Korean guys when your managers decided to drop the bomb.
“Date?” one of the girls from your team asked.
“Fake date, technically,” your manager replied.
“What is the difference?” you said angrily. You knew that there were many fake relationships for fame in the music industry but you never believed you would be the one who will end up in such a thing.  Besides, these guys where Korean. You had no idea how to speak that language.
“Listen (Y/N), this will help a lot the group in general. Korea is a huge country and to gain fame over here would make you more successful. These guys over here a quite the big thing, even in Europe and America. So it will just be a bonus for you.”
To you it seemed as if the members of the male group where currently arguing with their managers as well. However, regardless of your arguments you got nowhere (quickly using the contracts against you) and you ended up standing next to your fake boyfriend I.M. ‘I.M? What the hell is that name?’ you thought to yourself as you sat next to him, glaring at everything and anything around you. You main problem was communication, because regardless of how good of actors you both where, no one would believe such a lie if you could not even speak to each other.
However, that thought was erased from your head as soon as the youngest from the male group turned to talk to you, “Hello, my name is Im Changkyun,” he said, offering you his hand. At first, you where determined that you would not talk to him, however, you understood that he was in the same situation as you are and he hated this just as much as you did.
“You speak English?” you asked him slightly surprised about that fact. Korea was like the moon to you. You had no idea about what to expect.
“Ah yes,” he said. He seemed a bit flustered about the whole situation, “I lived abroad for a few years.”
You nodded at him until you realized that you had not yet introduced yourself, “oh. I am (Y/N). I would say nice to meet you but this is not such a nice situation.”
“This is all new to us. We’re usually banned from dating and not put into relationships.”
“Banned?” you asked frowning. This was a completely new level or controlling.

Before he could answer you, the managers came in front of you again. “Now, we know that it will be weird if we just say that you got in a relationship. So we’re just going to make you have group dates first, take a lot of videos together and allow you to be seen in public, sometimes as a whole group, sometimes as the couples which you where put into. Then, one by one we’re going to be introducing you as couples.”
“Whoever believes that, is the biggest dump of the world,” a member from your group said.
“Never underestimate the power of coincidence,” your manager quickly told her.
“Only idiots believe in coincidence,” you replied.

It ended there. Both groups exited the studios together and once outside you were told to take a group selfie together, which was later, posted to your respective social networks. The selfie was quite an uproar from both fandoms. People asking who the others where and some who liked both groups seemed to be very excited about your friendship.
“Wait till you learn that I’m dating your Changkyunie and we will both see who the cute one is sitting next to him!” you groaned reading one specific comment.
In two days you where supposed to meet him along with another girl from your group and Hoseok for your first date together. Twitter and tumblr had a heart attack with all the photos posted by people who spotted you around.
“I don’t think I can do this,” you said once you where in the building, looking though the comments and photos posted.
“I don’t know how I’m doing this,” Changkyun said from beside you, hiding his face in the palm of his hands. You huffed and turned off your phone. “Maybe it will be over soon.”

However, it was not. You two had been told to go on more dates, more frequently making it obvious that you would be the first couple, which they would ‘prove’. During this time, you had actually gotten closer to the Korean artist, making this somehow easier to the both of you. It was fun chatting with him during your dates. He was a person who could easily carry a conversation when he is comfortable with the other person, making the situations between you less awkward.

It had not been a month since the speculations about you and Changkyun started when both your company and his told on social networks that it was actually true. They even posted a picture of the two of you sitting close to each other on a couch while you were showing him your latest Music Video. You had no idea that someone was taking pictures of you during that time. You found yourself staring at the picture noticing how happy the two of you seem. You did not realize it then, but seeing the photo now it seemed as if you where truly dating. You turned off your phone as soon as you noticed that you where staring at him for quite a while.

Chaos began. Hate comments, people saying it’s fake, others arguing with each other. You suddenly felt guilty about the whole thing. You felt as if you where playing with the fans’ hearts and minds and restraining Changkyun from having an actual relationship. You mind suddenly ran to the fact that Changkyun could have someone he likes…maybe even someone from your same group!
“(Y/N)…” Changkyun had come up to you without you even realizing, “anything wrong?”
You looked up to him, “do you like someone Changkyun? Maybe there is someone you would like to date?”
He looked at you confused, “why are you asking me this?”
You sighed and opened up your twitter, showing him all the comments you have been getting. “I really feel guilty right now. We are fake dating for fame while you could have a crush on someone or something. Or maybe even a relationship which you hid!”
Changkyun sat down next to you. “First of all you’re in the same situation as me, so you probably need to worry about yourself too. I am not hiding a relationship right now. However,” he paused for a moment, looking away from you and sighing softly, “there is someone I like.”
You looked at him surprised, and somehow sad (?). “There is? Oh, I am so sorry.”
“You don’t have to be. First of all, this is not your fault. We where both forced into this.”
You cut him off, “but I still feel bad! Who is she? I promise I will help you get her as soon as this is over!”

Changkyun laughed softly, “trust me, once this is over you cannot help me get her.”
“Why not?” you asked him, “I will do it no matter what it takes.”

He turned around to face you completely. He stared at your face, making you feel embarrassed about the way he was looking at you. “Because I like you (Y/N).”

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  • i cant do this today i feel like im woozi biased right now
  • baby would be super happy that he is married to you <33333
  • like he freaks out throughout the wedding
  • the dad that would make his kids listen to music with him watch him compose and go to concerts yEs
  • and the kids will grew up with that tradition theyll just be like “dad have u heard justin’s new album!!!!!” and jihoon will get excited “YES OMG” and theyll go fanatic together cute sight!!!!
  • im sorry i just wanted jihoon to cover love yourself or the feeling or basically anything in general i cANT DO THIS
  • “ok where are u guys going”
  • “to brand new day vol.17!!!!! we’re watching uncle cheol wonwoo mingyu and vernon!!!!” i cant get over hip hop unit on bnd vol.8 someone send help
  • “and youre not taking me with you guys??????”
  • “eheheheh sorrY BABE WE BETTER GO NOW BYE LOVE U”
  • the reason he didnt take u waS BECAUSE THEYRE NOT GOING TO ANY CONCERT theyre just preparing a birthday party for u with the other 12 hOW FUCKIN CUTE
  • jihoon will always team up with their kids to tease u and surprise u and everything literally
  • ok when u tell him ur pregnant tho… . …. “omg….. …i need a moment.. ….ok”
  • and after a few minutes he’s just gonna hug u really tight and say that he is so happy!!!!!!!!!!! “omg im so bad at expressing my feelings bUT IM REALLY HAPPY RN BABY OK”
  • “mini me and you is soon gonna be running around the house”
  • and when you have ur first child he’s gonna cry so muCH OMG JIHOON DONT CRY WHAT ARE U DOING
  • the baby will eventually grow up and he’ll be taking them to the studio and made them sit on his lap that u cANT RESIST TO TAKE ONE PICTURE AND POST IT ON INSTAGRAM OR SOMEWHERE
  • and everyones gonna explode bc they look exactly like a mini version of jihoon
  • “ok dont tell mom im dying ur hair blonde”
  • “but she can see it”
  • “WEAR A HAT”
  • youll find out and tell him its actually ok but kinda mad on why didnt he tell you like you couldve help now all you could think of is how much this kid look like a mini jihoon
  • im sorry for so many cursing in this im in so much pain writing this
  • jihoon will sing them to sleep and sometimes they’d all circle in bed and started making random beats and BOOM it turned into a song
  • he would actually turned it into a real song
  • when he is away he likes to call u for hours just put u on speaker and talk nonsense things like the old days
  • “u know i still want to go to mars”
  • “jihoon thats the 7th time youve said it”
  • “are the kids asleep?”
  • “yes”
  • “hm i wish i was there with u so we can…. .. .. “
  • “we can what”
  • “we can… .. ….you know” IF YOURE PICKING UP WHAT IM PUTTING DOWN ;;
  • youll think for a while and then it suddenly clicked and jihoon is just like “i miss you so much… …..”
  • loves to take photos of u and the kids and set it as his bg
  • likes to spoil his kids by buying so many toys when he’s away
  • and little dolls
  • you guys have a white and black cat in the house
  • hOT TIMES WITH JIHOON IS ALWAYS THERE ANYTIME not infront of the kids though
  • loves to kiss your knuckles and loves to recieve nose kisses from u and also neck kisses I CAN SEE IT
  • “youre so cut - “
  • likes to shower together with u bc its relaxing no sexual content happened
  • shy jihoon is gone ok maybe its still there a bit but like
  • “you know ive never been good at math but there is like a one in seven billion chance that i would get to meet someone asa perfect as you so that means i had a greater chance of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning than being so lucky to be in love with you and i guess for once in my life the odds were in my favor omg crazy right?”
  • jihoon pls father my kids
  • ok are you crying yet????? bc i am
  • feel free to contact me anytime to fix anything above and to add things

i got carried away now i am really sad fuck for more husband!au click here

Kiss on the Cheek {requested shawn imagine}

A/N: so I have been slacking hard core with my imagines and they are getting short and sloppy and getting barely any notes, so here’s a long one that is awesome and I hope you guys like it! Im sorry if it was your imagine that was next, im GONNA skip ahead and do an imagine where it is you are a youtuber and his sister recognizes you at a concert and invites you to meet shawn.

It was crowded to say the least. The room was packed with teenage girls who were just crazy for this guy. There where girls in crop tops and high waisted shorts and vans. Just about every girl in the room was wearing the same thing, in different variations. About ten girls at the concert had come up to you and your best youtuber friend, who was more like an older sister, Zoë Sugg, for photos. You and Zoë where pretty popular youtubers from the UK, and Zoë just so happened to be a huge Shawn Mendes fan. You both sat in your seats while you scrolled through social media and Zoë got ready to jam out at the concert.
“I can’t believe you actually like this kid.” You grumble as you watch another group of screaming teenagers walk down to the pit.
“He’s talented, y/n, and I’ve wanted to see him live for so long!” She smiles at you as she puts her Shawn Mendes concert t-shirt on over her tank top. “Cute right?” She smiles. You roll your eyes and stand up.
“Im going to go get a snack.” You walk down the isle from your seats as a girl runs up to you that looks somewhat familiar. She looks at you and smiles.
“Are you y/n?” She says with a huge grin on her face. You smile back, loving to meet your fans, and nod your head.
“Why yes I am!” You said a little bit to cheerfully, but this girl was just do adorable. She couldn’t be a day over twelve.
“Im a huge fan, and my brother even likes some of your videos!” She laughs.
“That’s so sweet! Tell your brother I said thank you!” You say just as overly cheerfully as the last comment.
“You wanna come tell him yourself…?” She says her grin growing bigger, if that was even possible.
“I have to get back to my friend…. But do you wanna take a photo with me?” You ask, feeling kind of bad that I can’t go say hello to her brother. Your audience of boys was very limited and they are always the cutest human beings ever. The girl cocks her head confused. That made you confused. After a moment, she seemed to have a realization and she pulled a laminate out of her shirt. It had a photo of Shawn Mendes and VIP written in large blue letters.
“Well I would love a photo, but are you sure you don’t wanna meet my brother?” She says with a light laugh as she pointed to the photo, implying that Shawn was her brother.
“Oh my god are you serious?” You say getting a little over excited, even though you weren’t not a huge fan. The girl, who you now realize is named Aaliyah since she has her name written in large bold letters at the bottom of her laminate.
“Let me go get my friend, is that okay?” You ask still giddy. She nodded as you scurried off to get Zoë.
“I thought you were getting snacks.” Zoë whined but you yanked her up by the arm. “OW!”
“Do you want snacks or do you wanna meet shawn Mendes?” you squeal and Zoë squeals as well.
••an hour later••
It was only an hour and a half until the show, and you had been hanging out with Aaliyah for an hour now, since you had to wait a while for shawn to get back from meet and greets. But you and Zoë didn’t mind waiting backstage with Aaliyah. She was extremely nice and wasnt go crazy and was quite calm. She went on about how much she looked up to Zoë and you.
“Shawn will be back soon.” She says, and if it’s on cue, Shawn walks back stage, and down the hallway. You, Zoë and Aaliyah were sitting in the hallway playing UNO until Shawn came back. When he spotted Aaliyah, he smiled and started to walk over. When he saw you and Zoë, his smile grew larger.
“Gosh I didn’t think it was true you girls were coming to my show.” He smiles as we stand up. He looks me in the eye and then looks away, blushing a little.
“I have been dying to come to a show!” Zoë says and she hugs shawn. Shawn smiles at you and gives YOU a hug. Your heart was racing and you didn’t know why. He made you nervous. And not just because he was famous, because you were also quite famous.
“I love your videos, and I was hoping you would come!” Shawn said, still looking overjoyed. He kept looking at you, indicating he was more excited to meet you.
“We like your music. Thanks for being so kind and letting us back stage.” You smile at him. His cheeks go bright red and yours do as well. You looked over at Zoë and she smirked.
“Hey Aaliyah, mind giving me a small tour?” Zoë asked and Aaliyah agreed, quickly catching on.
“You are prettier in person wow.” Shawn smiles at you, almost stuttering the words out. You look down at your feet.
“Thank you.” You laugh a little.
“I know this is weird, but can I take a photo with you?” Shawn asks you, showing a slight smile and the blushing cheeks he has had since he saw you.
“Yea of course! Where’s someone to take the photo…?” You look around. You finally spot a crew member and wave him over.
“Can you take are photo?” Shawn asks the crew guy and he nods as if he was bored as ever to take a photo of two celebrities. You and Shawn stood together, and much to your surprise, Shawn leaned down and kissed your cheek. You didn’t pull away, but you did show a Cheshire Cat grin. As soon as the camera snapped, he pulled away.
“We should hang out backstage more often.” You laugh a little.
“I do hope we see each other very often.” He says and places another kiss on your cheek. At that moment you were thanking the crap out of Zoë in your head.

So I thought that was cute, im sorry if the literature isn’t the best, I was trying to make it move faster so it didn’t get crazy cluttered and long.
But keep requesting, im doing better at getting to them and making them longer!

Taeyong Fanboard Event Replies (July 15th, 2016)

Trans by: yourtrace_ | screenshots by: tytrvck | Compiled by : jaehyun_970214_      

Translating to a 3rd language is OK! Go ahead and do so! No need to ask for permission but remember to credit appropriately. Please respect my work and do not re-upload this post anywhere else.  It took me hours to gather all the data together and translating them.  

There is a total of 41 replies from Taeyong to fans for this event. Although i searched high and low i was unable to get the remaining 2 comments that he left. If you see them do mention me so i can include them in this post!! Thanks to mentioned parties for compiling most of his replies ^^

Screenshots of the replies can be downloaded from this link.

The photos are numbered on par to the translations posted below. Fan questions will be bolded and his answers are underneath it. However, from #29 onward i apologized as i couldn’t find screenshots of the replies and only a post compiled from a fan ;;

Thank you and have fun reading them ^^

Taeyong’s post-fanboard message

Hello I am NCT Taeyong.

Being together with all of you at Osaka today was really fun haha
Being able to hold this fanboard event although we are far made me really happy~~
Tomorrow we, NCT, will work hard for the show~~
Please anticipate us always!!!
We will continue to be a hardworking NCT, thank you!

Replies starts here 


Taeyong ah please answer me once so that I have the will to do my work  It’s good to take it easy with your work haha Health is the most important!!!!


Taeyong ah I have been waiting for a week to see you on fanboard
I too waited every day, nice to meet you!!

Taeyong oppa!!!
Im here haha Hello~~

Taeyong ah weren’t you nervous appearing on Dream Concert for the first time right after your debut?
Getting to be on the same stage as many seniors that we respect!! It made us, NCT feel very happy being on the same stage as them.


Taeyong ah do you know what ‘wo ai ni’ means?
It means “I like you” right!!

Taeyong ah you are here now right?..am I right?…
I am here hahaha don’t always be worried

Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! I’m a male fan. It feels good to have a male fan right?
Nice to meet you friend ^^ I like it ~

I caught an eye sty. please tell me to get well soon once…
Wash your eyes and hands cleanly always!! Be careful of catching a flu too~~


Taeyong oppa please say be strong to me
Fighting on your exam!!

Taeyong Taeyong Taeyong recommend one song!
Roos Jonker – Soon

Taeyongah do you like turtles? I like it
Wartortle (t/n: it’s a pokemon character that looks like a … turtle)

Taeyong ah are you happy?
Its good if everyone is happy, I am happy  haha

Minhyeong ah can’t you switch places with my younger brother? I don’t need him…let’s change
I think I’m becoming a bit sad

Taeyong please congratulate me, I topped my grades!

Taeyong leader I really like you…
I feel secured with the fans and members together haha

Taeyong ah don’t be sick and let’s always meet on the stage
For lifetime

Taeyong ah what is your favourite Japanese food?
Miso ramen, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and chocolate all kinds I like everything! The best!!

Taeyong ah what does ‘Aishiteru’ means
I love you (t/n: I’m not exactly sure why he use 흥항해… I will check again - ok it is a term only TY, alone, use to say 사랑해 haha)


Taeyongnim please give me strength
I shall give you strength super po—————————————wer

Taeyong ah do you like chocolate or jelly more?
Chocolate ha

Taeyong oppa please say something in English!!
Mark says thank you (t/n: in english)

Taeyong-ah thank you for  becoming an idol. Being able to meet Idol Taeyong made me really really happy
I will work even harder to be fans’ idol always, thank you!

Taeyong oppa!! Please recommend a song that is good to listen before going to sleep!
Busta rhymes – decision
Everyone the time is already up haha Have a good night while listening to the song!

Taeyong oppa knock knock are you there?
Knock knock

Taeyong ah don’t leave……. I want to be with you always always…
Haha I will always be by everyone’s side like a CCTV~~ I’m watching you haha

Taeyong ah recently what movie did you watched please tell us
I recently watched Zootopia twice

Taeyong-ah I want to be Ruby for a day T_T
Haha if I want to brag about Ruby, he is like an angel

Taeyong how is it, going to Japan?
I really like Japan. The sky today is really pretty haha

Taeyong ah I have a wish while I’m still alive…
Soyeon ah hello haha

Taeyong ah, Vietnam fans are pretty right?
Yes haha I really liked it when I went to Vietnam!! If there is another chance  I would like to go again haha

Taeyong oppa as a leader is really assuring
I feel very assured because all of you are here too

Taeyong ah fighting for tomorrow!! Health is important!
Tomorrow too, the day after too, anytime I will do my best!!

Taeyong ah the reactions for Mad City are really good!!
Please look forward to more in the future ^^

Mark did you like the berets you wore during The 7th sense?
I really like it haha (t/n: idk why he answer this lol)

Taeyong leader fighting! I will love you forever NCT LIFE IN BALI PLEASE~~ COME TO INDONESIA!
Thank you I will work hard!!!!!

Do you type fast?
I want to give my all but I am reading all of them haha

Taeyong ah during the mention party I didn’t get a reply at all, even a dot would be good
Hello!!! This is Taeyong from Osaka

Taeyong oppa entering a fansign is my lifelong wish
We will definitely meet haha

Taeyong ah say my name!
Jiyeon ah hi~~~


Sorry for the extremely long post! Please inform me of any errors and i will fix asap!

Jack request! you’re at an ATL concert and you crowd surf. When you are at the stage and the security helps you down, Jack pulls you on Stage. Alex is like ‘who is that’ and Jack answers ‘I don’t know, but she is gorgeous’ you can take it from there!

AN I saw that Jack noticed you guys were singing Rick Astley at the concert a bit ago. I think in Sweden? Pretty sure that that was where it was. But anyways, I threw that in there :] Yo you guys should follow my Twitter acc ->Happinessfoleva because I have no friends on there and mostly I just comment on bands posts, but sometimes I can be a little bit funny and it would be nice to have friends. Also guys, I have never been to a real ATL concert before, I mean I saw them at warped (alaska) last year, but that was it. So if I get the order of things wrong it has everything to do with ignorance, okay? Enjoy lovelies xx

Your POV

Standing in lines at concerts has got to be a paid job. You spend so much time here that I could basically claim it as a second home on my taxes. All day in line just to see your favorite band up closer than you usually would. Now that’s dedication.

We usually sang some songs to pass the time. This time it was Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. All I could think of is that we were Rick-Rolling them.

When the gates opened up, it was basically Hell. Hell for anyone who didn’t love All Time Low as much as some of us did. We were crazy, and we were ready to lose our heads. Sometimes I feel sorry for the parents that get dragged along, but at least they get to listen to some kick ass music.

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Travelling with Jaebum



My heart was racing. I hated those moments when things seemed like they were far too horrific to be happening. Especially when I double checked everything before leaving the house. Me and Jaebum were travelling around Korea by bus. He had this idea in his mind for a while and GOT7 finally got long enough vacation for us to try it.

“I swear I put it in the backpack just before leaving.” I was digging through Jaebum’s black bag. “Oh please please be here. If I forgot it then…”

“What are you looking for?” Jaebum came back with two ice-cream cones. We were at a rest stop and the bus stopped there for half an hour.

“Have you, by any chance, seen my allergy pills?”

“No. Why would your medicine be in my bag?” Jaebum frowned.

“Because I put it here. If it is not, then I’m done for. There’s only one kind of medicine that helps me.” My skin already felt itchy. A few more hours and a crushing headache would present itself.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” He pointed at a small box lying next to his bag on the bench. I slapped my forehead.

“Sorry. I’m a mess.” Jaebum chuckled giving me my ice-cream.

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Tour Fights - Niall Horan Imagine

This was not requested, I thought of it on my own! But please feel free to request anything that has to do with One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, or The Walking Dead

Imagine: Your on tour with Niall and you guys are fighting quite a bit.

“Im leaving, Niall! I cant take this anymore!” I yelled.

“Y/N, please wait, just.. I have to go on stage! Just wait, and we can talk!” Niall yelled after me, as I walked away.

I wasnt going to wait though. I was going to be gone before he got off stage. We, of course, hadn't planned any of this to happen. It just started about a month ago. The littlest things were pissing each of us off. The fact that Niall never seemed to have time for me, is one of the biggest things. He didn't even have time to finish a stupid fight, because he had to be on stage. The whole thing was just becoming a mess. We obviously werent ready to be together, on a small bus for this long. We had only lasted 3 months on tour, and 5 months in our relationship. We were still a pretty new couple, and I really think we just need some time apart. 

Niall’s P.O.V.

Saying I was distracted was an understatment. I was way more than distracted. I was worried. Y/N wanted to leave! I dont know why there has been all this fighting, but I dont want her to leave. I kept looking at the spot in the crowd that was specially for her. It stayed empty throughout the whole show. I could feel my heart shattering with every word that I sang. I tried pushing her out of my mind. Just focus on the crowd, Niall. Give the fans a good time. Worry about your relationship later. Those were the fine words of Harry. I had told him the situation when we were doing an outfit switch, and I seen Y/N nowhere in sight. Though his words didnt help. Finally at the end of the concert, I went back to my dressing room. Only to find it empty. Her stuff gone. I noticed a note on the table and I sighed, taking a big drink of my water bottle, before I picked it up. 

          Im sorry I had to do this.. I just cant take the fighting, or the tour. That life just isnt working for me. I dont know what I want. Honestly I dont even know if I want to break up with you.. But I am going home, I will call you later and we can talk. I love you, Ni.

“NO!” I yelled, and threw my water bottle at the wall. “No, no, no!” I yelled, as tears started to form in my eyes. 

Part two??

a collection of my favorite non-au/canon compliant/future fics 

all of our important nothings by deadspy (27k+)

Louis stares down at his phone for an eternity before typing out the message.

does she know that paper plane necklace was a gift from my mum to you our first christmas together???

He immediately regrets sending it. He knows it doesn’t matter. Knows Taylor’s necklace is a cheap knockoff of the one Harry had always worn so proudly— knows the way he’d smiled at it, lifting it slowly from the small box he’d been given it to in, the way Jay had met Louis’ eyes from across the room and winked, how it had dangled from Harry’s neck that night as he rode Louis on his childhood bed, the little silver airplane catching on the lights from cars passing by on the road outside shining into his room and casting soft reds and yellows over Harry’s pale skin.

[Harry and Louis are in love, Haylor happens, and Louis battles quite a few demons along the way.]

and darling i will be loving you ‘til we’re 70 by tomorrows (11k+)

“Well, you deal with the football team, and we’ll handle everything else,” Teddy answers. He sits up confidently and crosses his arms – Harry always tells them that believing in yourself is 90% of the job – with his head held high. Louis sees a flicker of determination in his eyes, mixed with a bit of mischief and youthful exuberance. It reminds him of himself, when he was younger and even now, 32 years old and married with four children. He’s really fucking grateful for the life that he lives and the kids that he has. (And his husband is pretty alright, or whatever.)

A canon spin on Posh/Becks where Louis coaches their daughter’s football team for the very first time and Harry comes back from a summer working for Saint Laurent. 

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Loft ‘89 Experience (Glasgow 23/6/15)

This is the story of how I died, but don’t worry, this is actually a fun story!!!!!
(gold star for anyone who gets that reference)

This is a post I feel like I’ve never even considered making, because idea  of meeting Taylor was always a bit far fetched and my hopes were pretty low, and yet here I am!
Last night, every hope and dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember came true - I got to meet Taylor Swift with my best friends, Niamh (oohmymymyy) and Julia (screaminggcolourr). Not only that, but we got to meet Andrea again, which is something I have been dreaming and thinking about every day since our Red Tour date. The whole day was unreal.
We arrived at the Hydro around 4pm with out dinner in hand, and when we were finished we met up with a few of the other girls from thescotlandsquadand managed to get pretty close to the doors - which helped us reach the taylornation booth very quickly. There we had a chat and we had some photos taken and they asked us where our seats were, which I’m sure is the standard procedure for people at the booth.
After we got our merch, we ran upstairs and through our doors to our seats - we hadn’t realised before, but the seats were perfect. We were directly behind a glass panel, and because of a set of stairs there was no one in front of us. One of the Hydro security men helped and supported us throughout the night, like our own little cheerleader - he said ‘is it christmas???’ when he first saw us with all our fairy lights on, and although originally warning us that if very few other people were standing then we’d have to sit down, he revoked that rule fairly quickly. He allowed us to drape our signs over the glass panel and even the girl beside us helped out by hooking the lights of the sign over the corner of the glass to help it stay up.
A lot of people have been asking exactly what it was that got us in - our tumblr post, the taylorconcerts snapchat, or just our outfits in general, and I couldn’t tell you. However, I think it had to do with how bright our lights were and that we were going HARD for the entire concert to the point where we were disgustingly sweaty and had a dry mouth and no voice. I’m surprised one of us didn’t fall over the glass! Every little bit of energy I had stored up since I got the tickets was used up in that couple of hours. I can’t believe how amazing the show was, it was beautifully put together and you can tell how much effort Taylor put into not only incorporating her own style into the design, but also making sure fans had their input.
Just before All You Had To Do Was Stay, when we were just generally lost in the lyrics and our own out of time dance moves, we all at once spotted Andrea and some of Taylor’s team walking up the stairs and directly towards us with big beaming smiles on their faces. Just the sight of Andrea was enough to cause me to burst into FLOODS of tears. She came us to us and started talking, and actually asked the question ‘have you guys met Taylor before?’
This is a question that I had sat and thought about for so long. This one moment, a staple part of anyone’s loft 89 experience, gave me the most euphoric, amazing, crying-on-the-floor type emotion that, in all honesty, will be hard to replicate again. Of course, we all very frantically screamed NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. while looking dead into her eyes so she knew we were being honest, Julia even said ‘NO BUT WE’VE MET YOU BEFORE’. She then jokingly said ‘well you wouldn’t lie to a mum now would you?’ and we were even more frantically like NONONONONONONONONOONO, and she then began to talk about us getting into Loft 89, while a girl very quickly strapped on our orange wristbands and handed us a yellow loft 89 slip that told us to meet in section 58 immediately after the show. Just like that, they were gone in the blink of an eye, adding to our sheer disbelief.
We were all in the biggest streams of tears, near hyperventilating and screaming at each other - it was beyond belief, and something that I hadn’t truly imagined before the show. I was and still am at a complete loss for words. The entire experience seems like a dream, or like there is a big cloud in my memory, despite all efforts to keep my feet on the ground (metaphorically speaking - my feet were about a mile high while jumping and dancing about). It all very quickly became EXTREMELY surreal - to the point where we were just laughing at each other in disbelief. As if we were back in our bedrooms and laughing about all the funny questions we would ask Taylor if we ever met her.
Soon the show came to an end, and unlike the past feelings of sadness that the show was done and we would have to wait another 2-3 years for a show - we were just extremely happy and excited, the best was still to come!
We very quickly drunk the remainder of our water, carefully forced our signs into our bags, put our capes back on (a staple part of our Taylor Swift Defense Squad outfits) and once again talked to the security man, who was kind enough to help and direct us to section 58 - where we were then asked for our wristbands and our little slip of paper. Then, we were led backstage by a group of the Hydro’s team, to the back of the queue for loft 89!

The rules were explained to us quickly;
1. No videos were to be taken, but you can take all the photos you want!
2. When Taylor comes in, all phones and cameras etc were to be put away and not brought out again until instructed. If you were caught with your phone out while Taylor was in the room (unauthorised) then you would be removed from the Loft.
3. Only one photo was to be taken per group. You couldn’t ask Taylor to call a friend, or take a selfie, or make a vine etc. Each person in the group (including parents) could have 1 thing signed.
4. Do not crowd Taylor. You have to wait for her to come to you.

There were only 20 or so people in the Loft, which I was seriously surprised at. The idea of being one of the 20 people picked out of a crowd of 12000 is entirely beyond me.
We walked in and went straight to the cute little white couches, where we met gotfoundinwonderland and her sister Jennifer! We talked for ages about how we all got picked and where we were sitting and stuff, then about how crazy meeting in this situation was. Starving after the concert, we went over to get something to eat and drink. I got a coke and a cookie (WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!) and I think the others also got some pizza. Then we got to meet incrediblethings1989 and I told her how I LOVED her outfit and that I’d saw her post on tumblr and that she was actually the little icon on the 1989 Tour Glasgow hashtag, we also talked about Scotland and how amazing it was that she came over from Dublin before going back to the couch to get settled before Taylor came in.
It wasn’t long before her dancers came over, and we were just completely speechless - they asked us if we enjoyed the show and we were like YES IT WAS AMAZING AND SO WERE YOU AND WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE ACTUALLY BACK HERE. The conversation was shorter than I would have liked and they must have thought we were really shy but we were at a general loss for words - everything that I’ve ever imagined I’d say to any part of Taylor’s team totally vanished from my mind.
Just then, we were told to put our phones away, and despite promising myself I wouldn’t shriek - I did a little bit. Taylor walked into the room and was like HEEEY GUUUYS!!!!! literally just in the way you would imagine. We began to talk to Jennifer and Lisa again, about how weird it was that she was right there - we were all in a state of shock.
I turned to Julia and Niamh and we all checked whether we had stuff in our teeth or something and we all quickly ate a tic tac just in case our breath smelled funny, and after only a couple of groups, Taylor walked over to us.
She was like HEY GIRLS and we were like HEEEY SMANDKJLSCNDSUIBWE, she asked us our names and repeated them after us, we explained our Taylor Swift Defence Squad outfits and she was like ‘YEAH WELL I NEED THAT BECAUSE YOU KNOW PEOPLE ARE LIKE *rolls eyes*’. Then she asked if we had anything we wanted her to sign, and we said YEEESSSS and Julia asked her to sign the loft 89 pass for her, Niamh asked her to sign her guestbook (which is a long story but Taylor appeared to LOVE it), and then I asked her if she could sign the last page of the tour book for me. I almost automatically knew something was up when she hesitated slightly, and asked me my name was just spelled in the normal way - I said yes, but I wish I’d added in ‘like L-U-C-Y’ or something just to save her any possible embarrassment. She went on to write ‘I *heart* Kate’ and I bit my lip and she asked me if that was right/ok and I just went ‘sorry, no my name is Lucy’ and she was like SHIIIIT and I frantically tried to make things easier and I was like NONONONONONONONONOONOO THATS OK DONT WORRY I’LL JUST LEGALLY CHANGE MY NAME TO KATE and she went ‘wait, so your name is Kate?’ and all 3 of us were like NOOOOOOOOO IM SORRY
She then did the CUTEST thing and turned where she wrote Kate into a cloud, and drew a little sun and little raindrops and labelled them all - and I don’t think she heard, but in that moment my head cleared up and my heart swelled 10 sizes, and I was able to say ‘walking through rainstorms makes you clean’. A quote that has never meant so much to me until that moment. Taylor apologised again, and mentioned about the time that she called colldasyouAmanda, and that her real name is Lucy too.
After we took our picture, I also had the chance to give her my letter, and a little book of Glaswegian phrases (called ‘Ra Wee Book a Glesca Banter’) and a little pin with both the American and Scottish flag on it. She laughed at the book and read out the title in a Scottish accent and it was so funny, I never in a million years thought that she’d actually receive any of it and I’m so glad she did. My biggest regret is not telling her about my tumblr, or thanking her in person for following me - but in that moment, I didn’t want to tell her about it. I really don’t know why, but I just didn’t. Just as Taylor was about to walk away, Julia thanked her for using her voice for good, and she said that it was so sweet of her to say. She thanked us for coming, and then danced off to the next group. It’s so hard to think of Taylor as the world’s 6th greatest leader when she is standing right in front of you, not as the person on the front of a magazine, not as someone who sells out stadiums world wide in seconds, not as a girl who has her face blown up onto HUGE billboards - but as a real life person who lives and breathes on the love she receives from others.
If I could give anyone a tip about meeting Taylor and/or getting into Loft 89 - don’t try to think up all the questions you want to ask her beforehand, because trust me, you will forget. I still don’t know whether she has tried irn bru or not, or what her favourite episode of friends is - but that still didn’t stop me from having the best night of my whole life.

taylorswift Thank you so much for everything you do for your fans. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, thank you for everything you do for your fans and for always being so genuine and lovely to everyone you meet. You are so wonderfully down to earth and easy to talk to, you appeared so grateful for everyone and everything that has happened to you and I think you are amazing. You are my sunshine, my light in the dark, and you are my role model. I want to channel you in everything I do, whether that is in the way I treat people, in how I think in terms of solving problems, and in terms of using what I have for good. Thank you so much for everything that you are, and everything that you do. Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful and beautiful people. Thank you for changing the lives of so many people. Thank you on behalf of that person who went to your show alone and used those two hours as an escape from their everyday lives. Thank you for giving me a space where I could quite comfortably SCREAM and dance as wildly as I want to my favourite songs. Thank you for making me feel so warm and happy when I finally met you, and I’m sorry I never got to thank you for all of what I just listed.

Thank you to everyone in Taylor’s team who make these experiences happen, and for treating us so well. Everyone that we met - the people at Taylor Nation, the people that set up and assisted with the Loft, and even the people who work the the Hydro - was so kind and supportive of us. We were even told that we should be given a ‘gold star for effort’ by someone we met while running up to our seats.

I’d also like to thank Andrea, for once again granting me one of the best nights of my entire life. It’s hard to explain how much it means to meet Andrea again, I never thought I would, but I had been thinking and reaming of it everyday since the red tour - in the same way I had been dreaming of meeting Taylor. Andrea means the absolute world to me, which sounds ridiculous, but she upgraded our seats at the red tour, and that boosted my confidence SO. MUCH. I have everything to thank her for, and in ways, meeting her seemed so much more real. It’s a really hard thing to explain, but she makes my heart smile, and I look up to her in the same way as Taylor, and she reminds me so much of my own mum. I aspire to grow up with the same strength and success as my mum, Taylor Swift, and Andrea Swift. That’s why she means so much to me. She is a role model in herself - and the fact that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her twice makes me the luckiest girl in the world.
God bless Andrea Swift.

The 23rd of June 2015 was the best day of my life. Thank you to every single person involved. :)

Stressed Out

Hours went by and you still hadn’t heard from him. You checked your phone again, and went through the texts you’d sent with no reply from him. You knew he had practice and he had already told you that he was going to be late, but 3am was beyond late. After battling with yourself you decided to go to bed and try to get some sleep, emphasis on the word ‘try’. You spent the rest of the night checking your phone with an overwhelming want to call him but you tried to hold back. By 6am you couldn’t handle it anymore, so you called.

After three rings he picked up.

“Hey” you heard him murmur in a sleepy voice.

“Gosh… Sorry did I wake you?” your need to call him had prevented you from realizing it was 6am.

“No, no its okay. We have practice in an hour so I had to wake up.” You felt the drag in his voice. He was trying to sound cheerful but his lack of sleep was evident.

“You didn’t come over last night… I was waiting for you” You didn’t want to sound too worried. It wasn’t like he had to go over to you house every night.. but you had grown used to him sleeping beside you every night. He would show up at your apartment after practice or shows with his loving smile to see you. Even though he had to drag his feet from his exhaustion, he took his time to show you how much he loved you before you fell asleep. Every single night he would whisper things in your ear or hold you so tight that it felt as if he was afraid he wouldn’t get to hold you again. You had grown accustomed to that, but it wasn’t his duty to show up at your place, and you didn’t want him to feel like you had moved him in already without his knowledge. “I.. I mean you said you were coming over, so that’s why I was waiting.”

“I slept in the dorms.” He sighed audibly. “We had rehearsals for the concerts all day and there was a change in the choreography so we had to change positions and I got really stressed out so I didn’t feel like having sex or anything.”

You felt like a rock just landed on top of your chest making your heart and your lungs stop working correctly. It was like a cloud had just showered you and your surroundings in a deep blue color.

“Is.. Are you..” You began heaving as you struggled to form an actual sentence. You wanted to say so many things at the same time, you were overwhelmed with so much disgust, annoyance, sadness but especially disappointment. “Is that really all I am to you? Just sex?”

You didn’t want him to hear you crying, but your breathing was already failing you as you gasped for air. That’s when the tears just fell down your face uncontrollably.

“Baby…” You hung up the phone.

He had heard you cry already but what good would it make to hear his excuse.

You were shattered, certain that each one of your particles had left your body and were now scattered around the room. Nothing felt real anymore, just his words playing over and over in your head.

You cried throughout the rest of the day. You knew you’d heard your phone ring once or twice but you weren’t going to pick up. You couldn’t bring yourself to listen to his voice yet. You needed some time to process what had happened and calm yourself down.

You brought yourself to look through your phone. He had called three times with about three or four hours in between each call. You imagined he called during rehearsal breaks. He had texted too.

Please pick up your phone -7:15am



Pick up-2:45pm

don’t do this please-5:09pm

You didn’t eat one thing the entire day. Your were dehydrated and hungry by the time you got yourself out of bed. It was 8pm and even though you spent all day in bed you felt absolutely exhausted for crying for so long. You were lucky you didn’t have uni that week, because going to class in the state you were in would have been nearly impossible.

You were about to get to the fridge when the doorbell rang. You dropped your head to the floor and dragged yourself to the door. You knew who was standing behind it and you were not ready to see him. You hesitated on whether you should open the door or not, but you.

Hoseok stood there with his hair sticking to his forehead as his skin glistened with sweat. He had come straight after practice, not even bothering to shower. His eyes lit up once you opened the door and he saw you. Then his expression changed once he really -saw- you and remembered the reason why he rushed here after practice or why he kept checking his phone every time he was near it or why he couldn’t focus one bit the whole day. It was because he had failed you. He saw the bags under your irritated eyes, your messy hair and the sadness you carried was evident and he knew it was all because of him.

You both stared at each other until he dropped his head and fell on top of his knees.

“Wha-” You couldn’t finish the word once you saw him looking up at you with tears in his eyes.

“You are not and never was just sex to me. You are so much more than that. You are what has kept me going every day. You give me strength and with you I have never felt alone. You mean so much to me that seeing you like this because of me just kills me.” He wiped the tears off his face. “Im sorry. Im sorry I made you believe you were so little to me. I never meant to say it that way. I just.. I was so stressed out yesterday I didn’t want you to see me like that, I didn’t want you having to deal with me in that state…”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” You wiped your own tears off your cheeks and knelt down in front of him. “If you are stressed out, I want to be there to help you and keep you company and make you feel better.” You softly caressed his cheek and he closed his eyes with bliss. “I want to be here for you.”

“Im sorry.” He pulled you into him as he nestled his head at the crook of your neck. You took off his beanie and began massaging his scalp with one hand as the other ran up and down his back.

“Its okay.. just let me in. I know you can get stressed out and sad and angry, but you never show me that. You never let me comfort you.” You kissed the top of his head.

“I will. I promise I’ll try my best to do so.”

He pulled his face off of your neck to look into your eyes before pressing his lips to yours in a sweet loving kiss. It was soft and light as if he didn’t want to press too hard or you’d break.

He pulled away and kissed his way up to your ear before whispering.

“I love you.”

cringeworthy, I know. Okay Im sorry this is my first time writing anything.

Chase’s 12 Days of Christmas 2016!

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming and I’ve got prompts open for this year’s 12 Days of Christmas! Submit your prompts so I can start working on them now in time to have them up for the holidays. If you’re looking for prompts to choose from, check below the cut because there are a LOT this year. If you have your own, don’t hesitate to send it to me!

Happy holidays everyone!


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