i am a bit brain damaged

Avengers Chatroom: Puny God

Requested by Anon.

Scenario: Loki’d

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Y/N, Tony, Nat, Bruce, Steve.

Thor: Greetings.

Y/N: Hey, Thor.

Tony: Hey point break

Thor: I need to ask a question.

Steve: Shoot.

Thor: What is good for my hair? What will make it soft and silky?

Bruce: Maybe Nat can answer this. She has great hair.

Nat: Coconut oil? I’m not sure.

Thor: I need my mane to be glorious.

Y/N: It already is though.


Tony: Mkay …

Thor: I would also like to share that I have finally realized how great my brother is. I’m declaring him as the future King Of Asgard. I was wrong about him. Also he should get access to the base and all our chats.

Y/N: EH?

Steve: Why?!?

Thor: He was just misunderstood.

Nat: Remember what I told you when we all first teamed up?

Thor: Nay?


Thor: He was just… acting out.


Thor: Enough. I forgive my brother and you all should.

Steve: We accept that you forgive him but it doesn’t mean we should.



Bruce: I’ll kick his ass if I ever see him again.

Thor: I will make sure he evades you at all costs …

Nat has added Clint.

Clint: What’s going on?

Clint: Really, Thor?!



Y/N has added Wanda.

Y/N: I need you to check if he has brain damage pls

Wanda: Thor, can you let me poke around your mind for a bit?


Nat: Oh you have got to be kidding me.

Thor: I mean… I am an oaf who thinks about stupid things. It would be embarrassing if you entered my mind.

Tony: I knew something was off about Thor!

Bruce: Before I hulk out, which I’m about to, here is a message from the hulk: HULK SMASH PUNY GOD!

Bruce has left the chat.

Y/N: I just saw Thor and let him know what you did, Loki.



Thor: Yes, actually.

Y/N has left the chat.

Wanda: Do we assemble…?

Steve: I think the hulk can handle this.



Steve has left the chat.

Tony: Try not to bleed too much. I just got white carpets and blood would be hard to remove.

Tony has left the chat.

Nat: You know, we would be okay with you hanging around, but instead you pull stunts like this.

Nat has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.





Thor has been disconnected.

Never Again.

***Hearing all the stories from last night, when you drank a little too much of Gally’s moonshine.***

Inspired by this.

When you wake up, you’re a little dazed. You feel like someone has been hacking at your brain with an axe. When your head clears up, you notice that you’re in the Homestead. But what’s even more confusing, is that you’re tied up. What? 

Just then, Thomas walks into the room. When he sees you’re awake, his shoulders sag in relief and he sits down right next to you.

“Tommy, what is going on?” You ask, grimacing at the pain in your head.

“You really don’t remember, do you?” His disbelief clear in his tone. You scrunch up your face.

“I remember it about as clearly as I remember things before I came to the Glade.” You chuckle a little bit, but it’s too painful. “Shuck, I need a drink.” This gets a reaction from Thomas. He stands up so quickly that his chair falls under him. 

“YOU ARE NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!” He yells, now your brain feels like you have grievers in there. You’d clutch your head in pain but your arms are still tied down.

“Thomas. Why am I tied to the bed?” You inquire. 

“Because of all the damage you did last night. You escaped from this once and the second time only worked because you passed out.”

“What happened last night?” And then Thomas gave you the summary as to why you’ve been forbidden to drink Gally’s special mix.

According to Thomas it went a little like this. You started the night off early and had knocked back a few drinks before the other’s had finished theirs. You jumped over the fire- probably why you thought you smelt a little smoky today. Next you challenged Gally to a fight and promptly broke his nose before he could reply.

Newt tried to put you in your hammock but you kept swinging it until it finally broke. Once free of the restriction that was your hammock, you ran away and made it all the way back to the bonfire before Minho stopped you and brought you back here. He thought tying you up would stop you from burning down the Glade. But apparently drunk you knew how to do what sober you didn’t, escaping from ties. Luckily, you didn’t set fire to the Glade; only Frypan’s hair. No one knew how- or why- you did it because Frypan refused to talk about it.

When they managed to find you again, you were in the Deadheads. They dragged you back to Homestead and tied you up again, all the while you told them profusely what great friends they are and how the Glade had really done some great things for their muscles. After that you passed out. 

“Never again, (y/n). We decided last night that if you even look at the moonshine, you’re staying in the maze.”

I Had A Crush

I ram myself into your

I am good at it

Frozen river
Body possessable
Body dead under river
Desire is the frozen river
Desire is the fox trap
Desire is the blackened utopia

Gnashing my teeth for you all night long

Fat leaking gush of light
Bright pink or pixelated
Pouring into my head like
onto my head like

through the cracks in a roof

on the countryside

Down I go in that,
dark country,
leaning thru those swampy
fields of love

Metal basin of brain picks it up 
tink tink tink    –Belief of

something better for a bit

A flood and I
Fucking thought to leave you alone
but I couldn’t 

I couldn’t get two steps out of the way

You watched little cupid
ride on lightning
and get hurt.


Sometimes, it’s really hard to explain what being disabled is like.
The last five years of my life have been odd, sometimes scary and definitely not what I ever expected my teenage life to be like.  
I have a lot to be happy about and I am very lucky to have my family. Mum and Izzy help me through everything. I am lucky to have some truly brilliant friends, who have stuck with me and not given up on me like a lot of people do.
Sometimes it is tough. Sometimes I just want to just cry, sometimes I get frustrated, with myself, with how people react to me, with life I suppose.  
I walk like a duck, have a lopsided face and am sometimes hurting a lot of the time. I am a Roo of slightly damaged brain! 
But I’m okay, I’m doing so much better than anyone ever thought I would, I’m feeling brilliant. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you are all feeling brilliant. Love from Roo

shadowleafhummel  asked:

Andreil and 15. “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?”

Here you go! Thanks for waiting so long!

Andrew pulled into the hospital with a loud squeal of his tires. Neil’s game hadn’t been too far, but he still hadn’t enjoyed being one of the last to know about Neil being injured. Some backliner had thrown him to the ground and he apparently hadn’t gotten up fast enough for anyone’s comfort. The only reason Andrew hadn’t been there was because his flight between games for his team had gotten in too late for him to make it. He had wanted to sleep the jet lag off, but he was wide awake now.

Thankfully he didn’t have to deal with the registration table because he was fairly easy to recognize, as he was pretty sure he would have more serious problems if he had bowled over a few nurses on his way to Neil’s room. They seemed to have anticipated him coming and was just pointed in the direction of his room.

Once he reached the doorway, he saw Neil laying in the bed, hooked up to an IV, but otherwise alright. He moved slowly, trying to sit up when he saw Andrew until Andrew glared at him.

“Hey,” he murmured sleepily. “When did you get here?”

Andrew ignored the question, instead saying, “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?”

Neil paused. “I think my lips are okay.”

“I can fix that. I can punch you in the lips if you want.”

“With your lips?”

Andrew scowled. “Glad to know your brain is bruised as well.”

They sat in silence for a moment before Neil said softly “I feel better now that you’re here.”

“Don’t say stupid things.”

“How was your flight?”

Andrew made a noncommittal noise, to which Neil just chuckled softly. After a beat, Andrew said, “So am I transferring teams or are you?”

Neil choked a bit before getting out a startled “What?”

Andrew sighed. “Your continued damage is amusing to no one. I’m not driving halfway across the country next time you get hurt. It’ll be easier if I’m there to identify the body.”

Neil’s mouth curled into a slow, soft smile. “I’ll file the paperwork when I get out of here.”

Andrew nodded once, apparently satisfied. Neil was still staring at him like a stray puppy, so Andrew moved closer and said, “You’re pathetic. Yes or no?”

“Yes,” Neil breathed and moved up gingerly to meet Andrew’s lips. It couldn’t deepen more than a peck because of the way they were sitting, but Neil relished in the way Andrew’s hand went to his and held on tightly, tethering Neil to the current moment. Andrew stroked his thumb over Neil’s knuckles and Neil sighed happily.

“You should get some sleep,” Neil said.

Andrew grunted and moved the chair he was sitting in closer to Neil’s bed.

“You should come up here.”

Andrew raised an eyebrow at him. “Someone’s feeling better.”

“You make me feel better.”

Andrew sighed and said, “Move over.”

Neil shifted, a little painfully, but he didn’t have to move much because of how small Andrew was. Andrew hovered his hand above Neil’s hip until Neil nodded and then he settled it there, his other hand now resting at his side.

As Andrew settled in, Neil smiled to himself. To anyone else, Andrew looked pissed, and on some level he was, but Neil knew how much they both were drawing strength from each other. Andrew being here and the prospect of them playing together again made his heart swell and he knew how much those two gestures alone meant. His body would ache once the pain meds were gone, but it was worth it to have Andrew here and the both of them at peace.

clockways replied to your post:There is a person who has been commenting on every…

You are enjoying this greatly, aren’t you? XD Fiend.

The comments have been very kind and very sweet!  But this was the comment I got a few days ago:

I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words I am not addicted to your words

I replied with: 

You may have reached the point at which you have actually read so much, so fast, that you have caused brain damage. I am concerned.  

Are you okay?

This has not slowed the consumption of fic one bit.

daisy-is-not-a-flower  asked:

that last hospital scene. omfg. i want a goofy kiss Ty/Zane after Zane is ok (maybe when he leaves the hospital). because my feels are everywhere. and and i need closure. yes. please. :) he... omg. he ... he needs to be ok. *sobs*

Follow-up to this, because I am not actually a terrible human being.

The two of them sat in utter still quiet, because despite everything, Nick still knew Ty, and still knew what Ty needed. A nurse had been by a few times to check on Zane, and the prognosis was looking better. He’d landed on his head and clipped the glass coffee table on the way down, but the scans showed no significant swelling on his brain, and they’d managed to remove all the bits of glass without damaging any serious internal tissue. Of course, this was still all noise to Ty, roaring in one ear and out the other.

She’d tried to get Nick to leave, since visiting hours were long over. Nick had lied boldly to her face, telling her they were brothers, but the ice in his voice and the expression on Ty’s face pushed her to drop it.

Suddenly, there was a sharp spike in the even beeping tones of the heart monitor, and Zane struggled to sit up. He was clearly disoriented, and Ty jumped up, placing one hand on Zane’s shoulder to try to keep him still.

“Hey, baby. Everything’s okay. You tripped. Do you remember anything?”

Nick snorted at Ty’s understatement, but kept quiet otherwise.

Zane blinked slowly, taking in his surroundings. He went to raise his arm and grunted when he found it tangled up in an IV line. “I… I remember being on the ladder. The rest is… fuzzy.”

Carefully, so as not to hurt him, Ty hovered over the bed and kissed Zane soundly, square on the mouth, careful to avoid the cannula blowing air into his nose. Zane startled for a moment before kissing back, and then burst out giggling, interrupting the tender moment.

“What’s so funny, jackass?”

“S’ not just my head that’s fuzzy. You too.” He squeezed Ty’s hand and brought their twined fingers up to stroke Ty’s cheek. He hadn’t had time to shave since the fall, and he was getting pretty scruffy.

Zane laughed again, and winced as some pain shot through him.

“I think that’s enough morphine for you, mister. It’s really not that funny.”

Zane opened his mouth to argue, but as he did, his eyes fluttered shut and his breathing steadied out. Ty hit the button to page the nurse, to let them know Zane had woken up and find out if it was alright for him to nod off again.

As things settled, relief and fatigue flooded through Ty’s body and he settled carefully on the edge of the bed, never once letting go of Zane’s hand. Nick reached over and patted his knee in a fond, familiar gesture, and then stood, slowly unfolding himself from the chair. As he got up, he wrapped his arms tightly around Ty’s shoulders, and Ty could feel him trembling slightly.

“O?” Ty didn’t elaborate, he didn’t have to. Nick knew everything he was asking.

“I’m gonna go call Kels, let him know everything’s okay.”

“Is it?” Ty’s voice waverd slightly.

Nick stared down at him, smiling gently. His eyes gleamed green in the half-light coming in through the hallway. “It’s getting there.”

Ty’s heart thudded erratically as he watched Nick’s retreating form. He’d got two second chances tonight, and damned if he was going to fuck either of them up.

Damage control or crisis management?

So this next post of mine ties in with my previous one (http://gnanon.tumblr.com/post/129638714873/theory-of-the-day  )

I just wanted to comment on the events of the weekend: TiP rumours picking up, big Stunsie reveal, immaculate appearance at the Burberry show (the mysterious handler guy) and ‘happy in love – mean tweet’ footage.

I haven’t really commented properly on the fashion show yesterday, just giggled, I loved all the snark, but it made me think – we mentioned that this is diversion from the split rumours, yes, I agree, but still I’ve found all the events, appearances a bit OTT compared to a little blurb in trashy rag. People have been asking about the mystery handler guy on the fashion show. Now he might have been an event handler or some say he might be a new rep of the 'couple’, I don’t know, but this got me thinking. Looking at the OTT replies to divorce rumours…could it be that they have someone new on board and we’ve entered into full blown crisis management? Not just simple damage control, but proper firm handed crisis management? Tell you why I say this.

On Sunday we got a big Stunsie reveal, you all know my personal opinion about it, but I agree, at least it is burnt in the general public’s brain that there is a child. All right. Still find it a bit OTT, for me pram walk, making faces would have been enough, but I see things differently. I admit that. For the general public, and the circling tabs it was a exclamation : 'Here, there’s is a child, you see? I am a doting dad, now, shoo, nothing to see here, don’t sniff around!’

On Monday Burberry show: SH got a proper blow-dry, clean, fresh make-up, stylish white coat and brogues looked quite a bit of a chic Londoner (I know some of you would argue), BC equally looked a proper English gent, squeaky clean, brand new clothes top to toe, shoes, bag, all that. They managed to look like a relaxed couple, smiling (at the same time too, whoohoo), maybe even at each other, socializing, flying the flag of a traditional British brand. (I know we could pick all the videos and gifs apart, but think general public for a moment). Didn’t they look every inch of an ideal, sylish, enviable posh couple? Later that day SH makes a solo appearance at the Erdem party, dressed in a pretty pink floral number. She looked youthful, fresh and smiling - desirable brand ambassador, ‘What’s she doing again? Directing, acting? Oh, you never now with these posh people, never mind.’ It seemed to me that a lot depended on these outings, they have given perhaps their best performance yet. Were they kept an eye on? Did they have a good talking to by someone? Are we seeing an image clean-up here?

Tuesday we get a for me very embarrassing, but for the public a funny, in your face mean tweet footage – ’yes, someone found him attractive and put a ring on it’ and they are very-very happy (never mind it being 7 months old).

Meanwhile BC is still pleasing fans every day at SD and apparently apologized for complaining about the flash photography.

It looks like when the royals go and do well publicized charity do after they did a naughty. Did someone with a strong hand took over and this is how they want to prevent a looming scandal/nasty break-up strory? Was something not so great imminent? Is the general public’s perception so bad about our couple? That TiP article, in spite of it being a tiny blurb, have triggered such OTT reaction that makes me wonder. Maybe it would have broken something they were not ready for (duh, surprise.)?  So they quickly and abruptly needed to shut down all talk about a dubious pregnancy: cue in showing Stunsie. They had to shut down all the 'they always look miserable’ talk: cue in fashion show appearance with lots of smiles and funny talk show footage. They had to divert all negative talk about SH and had to pacify herself to not pull any more stunts: give her a pretty dress, light pink no less, send her to a party, cue in the sparkling appearance at the Erdem party. Big moves in a short period of time.

What does this all tell the public?  ‘Here is a slightly boring, lovely posh, pretentious celebrity couple in love, socializing, 3 month old at home with nanny, shoo, there’s nothing to see here, don’t sniff around!’ So that will create a memory for the general public and when it comes to the split they will say: 'Oh, but what a lovely couple they looked’…two minutes later 'meh’. No-one will mention how cold they behaved with each other for long-long months, no-one will say anything about the up and down pregnancy, escort rumours, drug rumours, etc…So for now will they play nice and behave in return of a smooth and clean out?

Now let me quote myself from the above mentioned post

'if they behave from now on and don’t give the media and public any more reason for suspicion about the nature of their union, they will be fine. ’

'I think they should be on their best behaviour from now on, keep their rep as spotless as possible, tie the ends off as leak proof as possible, same with the tabloids (especially if them having dirt on SH is true). They can give them nice, heart breaking split articles in the end or whatever.(And this will tie in with my next post.’

So, are we seeing plain damage control for one article, or rather, are we seeing proper crisis management coming into play to salvage both their reps and BC’s career and give them a smooth out? Maybe this is not a ground-breakig, original thought, but still would love to hear your thoughts.