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Science teacher

Chapter 3: Gym buddies

I feel like i rushed this story a bit, but tell me what you guys think! Also sorry for the long wait :)

I woke up in my masters belly button. Everything was still sticky from the cum from the other night.

Suddenly he started moving. Quickly i jumped off. The first thing i saw was his two huge mounds jiggling with freedom. He never said a word and left the room.

He came back with Luke in his hands. His face shows hes been through a lot during the night. “Ah who would’ve guessed id have two slaves to service me?” he said.

I saw him reaching for his thong. “Time to go where you belong slave. He grabbed me and placed me in the little pouch.
"Wh-where am i going?” Luke asked.

My master smirked. “Well i guess the only free space is under my big sweaty balls” he said chuckling.

Luke face showed fear. I saw Luke being placed under his balls. “Ah i actually enjoy this feeling slave. Well nows its your turn slave.” and with that i was wedged once again into my masters huge ass.

“Oh and slaves, guess what were doing today? We’re going to the gym, and there we’ll meet some of my good friends. And trust me if they find out about you two, they might want some of the fun.” he said chuckling.

He started moving and opening and closing things. Then i heard the blender turning on.
“If youre wondering what this is its a protien shake. Everything possible to make the worst farts. I hope your ready”


In the car i heard him drinking the car but so far no farts have been released. The car stopped and i felt him get out. “Oh slave get ready for this”

He let out a fart. I inhaled it. It was the best smell in the world. I was quickly loving smelling his farts, but i could never let him know.


Its been an hour and his farts got worse and worse and i loved it.
“Joseph? Is that you?” i heard a voice say.
“Oh hey Roderick. Hows it been?”
“Well not much me and Stan were just about to go in the shower room”

He let out a fart. The smell wasn’t bad this time but it was still enjoyable.

“Well i guess ill join you.”

I felt him get up and walk to the shower room.

“Oh slaves… Better hope you guys dont get caught, Roderick and Stan are way worse than me.”

Once in there i felt his shorts come off. Then his boxer briefs.

“Woah Joseph! You wear thongs?” Roderick asked.
He smirked. “Well i do enjoy the feeling of the string up my bubble ass” he said spanking his huge mounds.
“Well take it off i wanna try it on!” and with that i felt the thong come off.

All i saw where three giants looking down at me and Luke was in the front part of the thong, gasping for air. Stan was taller than my master, probably 6'7, black hair, he had toned abs. And what from where i was i could see two huge mounds, larger than my masters!! Roderick wasnt that far off either.
6'0, brown hair, a huge cock and bubble butt.
Now i can see why they’re all friends.

“Well what do we have here?” Stan said.
Stan reached down and picked me up. “Well Joseph, i didn’t know you were done with the formula!”
“Well. I never got the chance to really tell you guys. But hey i got a deal for you two.” my master said, “They both had been trained and are obedient slaves you can have them but for a cost.”

“How much?” Roderick asked.
“100$ with a customized thong, that ive got ready in my gym bag.”

“Oh Joseph, always so considerate. Deal, I’ll take this one.” Roderick said pointing at Luke.
“Well that leaves me with you” Stan said still holding me".


After the showers were done i was handed over to Stan.
’ Cant believe i just got sold…’

“Well this is going to be fun slave” Stan said.

Before he put me in my little pouch i got a perfect view of his ass. It looked like two huge watermelons! They wiggled with even the slightest movement. If i was put in there without this string, i would be lost for days.

He started putting on his thong. Immediately i got a sniff of his sweaty ass. It was somehow twice as bad than my old masters. Nothing ive smelled comes into compersion with this.

He spread his cheeks open and made sure i was placed on his hole. He let go of his mounds and closed me in my new home.
Almost instantly ge let out a huge wet fart.
I couldnt even smell it. My eyes started watering it was so unbearable i couldnt even smell it.

“Oh slave, Joseph told me you were trained…guess ill have to teach you some more discipline huh?”.

I felt him move and get into his car, driving us home.


When we got to his house he quickly went into his room and took me off. He picked me out of the little pouch and held me face to face with him.

“I got a little present for you slave. I havent use the bathroom all day and guess who’ll get to witness it?” he said smiling.

He held me tightly and started walking outside his room. He opened a door and it led into a very strange room. It was empty and it had no furinture but a shoe box. He set me down and i looked up

Even his balls and dick were bigger than my old masters!! What kind of luck did i get. He picked me up and set me in the box.
“Oh slave i have to take a huge shit and its all for you” he said with a smile.

My master turned around and squat down. I got a perfect view of his pink hole. Then i saw a turd falling down. The smell wasnt as bad as i thought, but it made my eyes water.
“Oh that feels good slave”

Then another one fell on me! By comparison it was way bigger than me. I was crushed by my master feces. I was.. Strangly aroused.


I lost track of the time but it must have been hours.

“Well i hope you enjoyed yourself slave, because now i need toilet paper but sadly im out of it. Luckily your here” he said chuckling.

He moved the shit off of me and placed me inbetween his ass.
“Start licking slave”

Never in my life have i done something so quick. I started licking the shit off his ass. As much as i was grossed out, i didnt mind at all. I couldve done this for hours. I felt movement and then he stopped.

I think he layed down in bed, leaving me with his shit covered hole. I stopped licking his shit, wanting to enjoy the smell a little longer.

‘If this is whats its going to be like with my new master… I cant wait for all the nasty things he has planned for me’ i thought

I wonder what Luke is going through…

Life changes fast.

Today I am on the subway coming back from my third interview with an architecture firm in a shirt and tie with my septum pierced and my hair shaved on the sides, my third semester of school finished. Last year I was in Boston taking lonely walks feeling sorry for myself contemplating dropping out of school. Depressed lost and pathetic. Two years ago I was happy as can be innocent and rid of confusion. Sitting in my little house with my big cat, waiting for the world to throw a curve ball at me.
Life is wonderful and if you’re ever lost, please know, there is no telling where you might be a year or two years or two hours from now. And I can’t tell you how exciting that is.

Kidney Donation Recovery Days 2 and 3

Although I was interrupted by nurses every few hours, I slept well and felt good when I woke up the day after surgery (Toradol will do that for you).  I showered, shaved, ate a good breakfast and put on street clothes and then went on a little stroll with Beth in Mayo’s underground ‘street’ system.

My surgeon, Dr. Prietto, stopped by and was pleased with my recovery and supported my desire to go home.  The process of checking out of the hospital takes a while though so I dove into work email and conference calls.  I got a lot done, but the work was counterproductive as it raised my blood pressure and further delayed my departure.  By 7 pm Beth and I were on the road and after a quick stop by Culver’s for a salad we were home by 9.

I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom so the dog wouldn’t bother me and I slept well.  The only discomfort comes from rolling from one side to the other, but once I’m situated I’m pain free.  Now that I’m home I’ve switched to Tylenol and Oxycodone.  I have other medications to bring down my blood pressure and a stool softener.  

I spent about the half day on work phone calls and in email and took a long nap in the afternoon.  Post surgery pain is lot like DOMS.  All the local anesthesia wore off today and my pain has moved from 0 or 1 to 4 - 6, depending on where I am in my painkiller timing.  It’s mostly just uncomfortable, very much like the general soreness after an Ironman.

Surgery and general anesthesia shuts down your colon - demonstrating that my colon is functioning again is my next big milestone.  (Do you like how I eloquently avoided saying that I"m waiting to poop?)  Until then my abdomen feels tight and sore.  So even though the instinct is to roll up in a ball in bed, Beth and I went to the Plymouth Fieldhouse and walked a little over a mile (forgot to wear my Garmin!).  The walking helped, but I’m still waiting for the prize.