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I have to .. there’s something you need to know.

i can’t fucking fall asleep because i Cannot stop fucking thinking about klance

Michael Mell x Reader + Stargazing

- you and Michael wanted to hang out but not OUT where there are PEOPLE
- so he suggests stargazing because he knows you’re a Space Nerd™
- he sets up a blanket and some drinks in his backyard
- you bring McDonald’s and a blanket
- “I, uh, already got a blanket set up.”
“We can just lay under this one. I mean, it IS kinda cold.”
- he’s flustered because he really likes you but he doesn’t know if the feeling is requited or not
- “Hey, Mikes, I got some music to put on.” Never Gonna Give You Up begins to play. You’re laughing at your own joke and Michael’s looking at you, thinking about how cute your laugh is.
- “I brought a couple of my books on constellations. That one’s Orion. That one over there is Scorpio.”
“Isn’t Scorpio that bitchy, emo zodiac?”
“Yeah, but it’s also a really nice constellation.”
- you lay your head on his shoulder
- and he’s dying trying to articulate how he feels but you end up making the first move
- “I gotta tell you something.”
“I think I love you.”
“I think I love you too.”
- and his eyes flicker to your lips and he kisses you

For @smittenwithsugden because I want her to smile

and @godamnarmsrace coz I love you  both with all my heart

this was a quick write coz I need to leave now so no editing, fucking bad grammar and it probably makes no sense haha but there you go.

Robert looks at the kitchen clock. 4am. It’s the second night in a row he just woke up all itchy and weird and he couldn’t go back to sleep leaving a warm and softly snoring Aaron alone in bed. 

4:01am it’s like the time is standing still. 

He poors himself a glass of water and sits back on the couch. He has a look around and still can’t believe this is home, with his husband, his beautiful Aaron. Sometimes he can’t believe he has this all now. 

“Robert, why are you this early?”, Robert turns around to see a sleepy, with still closed eyes, fluffy Aaron walking down the stairs.

 “It’s alright Aaron go back to sleep, just got myself some water. Aaron blinks at him: “I know you aren’t sleeping well lately, I can hear you going downstairs. Are you alright?”. 

Robert takes a sip from his glass. “Yeah yeah I am alright,  I guess.” Aaron comes over and sits next to him on the couch. Looks him in his eyes. “You can talk to me you know.”

Robert almost breaks out crying, but he doesn’t want to show Aaron that he’s sad. “I know I can Aaron. It just this, everything, you  and me and being a family. It’s so overwhelming and I never felt like this again since, well since my mom died.” 

Aaron smiles at him. “This is why you can’t sleep?”. Aaron takes his hand and brushes his thumb over Roberts palm. “Yeah I guess.” 

Aaron lets go of his hand and gets up to walk over to kitchen to get a box out. “I wanted to wait and give you this another day but I think I will give it to you know”. 

Robert gets up “What?” “Sit down I got something for you.” Aaron pushes Robert back on the couch. He gives him the box and smiles at him “Open it, it’s for you.” 

Robert takes the box and nervously opens it. He can find a pocket watch in it with the letters “R & A” on it. His eyes already tear up “Aaron whats this?”. 

Aaron touches his cheek “You know I am not that good in showing my feelings, I guess you know that by now. But Robert I love you so very much and I want you to be happy.” Robert grabs Aarons hand where it’s touching his face. “I know you do, you don’t have to tell me that”. 

He slowly opens the watch and a melody starts to play. It makes Roberts heart stop for a second. He can also see a picture of him and his mom in the watch. “How do you , Aaron, this is, omg!”. 

He cant hold his tears now and starts sobbing. “This might help you sleep better, maybe. I could try and sing it for you, but I think the watch sounds better”, Aaron laughs. 

Robert holds the watch tight to his heart. “Aaron I don’t know what to say, this measn so much to me.” Aaron puts his arms around him holding him tight “I love you Robert Jacob Sugden and I will do anything to keep you safe and happy, always remember that”. 

Robert burries his face in Aarons shoulder. And they sit like this for a while till both of them fall asleep in each others arm. Robert never letting go of Aarons hand,