The Awful Flower Analogy on Jane the Virgin

I am so glad that they addressed the flower analogy in this episode and just how damaging it can be.

You know I really applauded this show for exploring virginity with Jane. For so many years the sexual revolution has been defined by a woman’s right to have sex and not be judged for it. And I found it so interesting that for once a show explored a woman’s right to NOT have sex and not be judged for that. The fact that Jane was allowed to make the decision to wait for marriage and stick with it, is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen on contemporary TV. They explored how hard it was for her to stick with that decision but also how accepting every around her was of that decision. Over the series I don’t think anyone told her she was wrong for it or that it was ridiculous to stick with it. Even the men she dated were remarkably okay with her decision. Even if they floundered at first, they all respected that choice. That was great to see on television.

That being said I’m so happy they addressed the damaging flower analogy.

When Jane was 12 years old her grandma tells her to crumple up a flower and then try to make it perfect and new again. When she can’t Alba tells her that’s what it’s like when you lose your virginity and you can’t go back.

That’s horrible. It’s an awful message and certainly not one that you should drill into the head of a preteen.

And even though Jane consciously knows better, and even though she waited until marriage like her grandma told her to, after she has sex with her husband she feels like that crumpled up flower. She feel like she’s lost something, or that she’s less special because she’s no longer a virgin. And that’s not only sad, but untrue. And having those thoughts in her head affected her ability to enjoy sex with her husband.

I am so happy that Xo came to her and explained that no longer being a virgin doesn’t mean that she’s lost something. It means that she’s gained something. By having sex with Michael she’s opening herself to explore and discover a new side of herself and also a new side of her relationship with Michael. I think what Xo said was pretty much Mother goals in terms of the sex talk.

i just love Ginny Baker.

Vulnerable!Ginny Baker and Emotional!Ginny Baker are so damn important… Like wow. A 23 year old Black woman playing major league baseball with the weight of the world on her shoulders gets to have emotions too??? Wow. 

She gets to hold things in. She gets to be strong as hell. She gets to be angry. She gets to break down and cry. She gets to feel weak. She gets an episode ALL ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH. I REPEAT. THEY ADDRESSED HER MENTAL HEALTH!


Ginny Baker makes me so damn happy. And when she’s hurt, my heart breaks for her. I just really love Ginny Baker and I’m glad that the writers are exploring all of her emotions. Take care of my child, writers. <3

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Rwby volume 4: episode 9 thoughts

Better then last week, if only cuz we got to see all 4 girls!

Let’s start with the good!

+ Yanngggg! I’ve missed my little sun dragon! She can still kick ass, too!

+ Tai talking about Yang rushing into things.. I think this is the closest were gonna get to them addressing the fact Yang lost an arm rushing in to save her bae/partner

+ Weiss = badass. That is all.

+ Cool new Faunus girl

+ Renora. Always Renora.

But, as always, there are some negatives.

- Okay so as glad as I am to see Yang happy I think it completely undermines what she is going through and in all honesty just feels very cheap and idk I just think her healing process should have been long, slow and intertwined with the other members of team RWBY.

- Sun getting hurt. Was this necessary? You just trying to mirror the bumbleby scene? Why you gotta steal everything we love and make it irrelevant?! Rude.

- Whitley. Just cuz he a little shit.

Okay so I’m glad they’re going to address Magnus and Alec having had sex in the next episode. Like I’m hoping they’ll in the beginning of the episode show a morning after scene but I’m trying not to be too hopeful.

But what is with everything happening at that party??? Maryse trying to kill Jace?! Clary yelling at Alec that he’s nothing but a murderer?! Alec standing on the rooftop looking like he wants to jump?! WHAT IS HAPPENING

leigh57 replied to your post “Me every time I think about the Caryl spoilers:”

I’m just dying everywhere all over the place. I alternate between being flushed, wanting to hurl, pacing, internally screaming, and a painful combo of all of the above.

LOL. You aren’t alone. Mostly, I’m excited. But fully prepared with an entire box full of kleenex. I mean, Carol is going to honestly address her feelings about killing people and her fears about what doing it is doing to her. And she will be addressing her needs. And being all vulnerable. I will be destroyed. I mean, Carol cries and I cry, so… And Daryl will just be loving her more than anything and *flings self all over the place* *is dead*

This is everything I’ve needed since s4 and I am both beyond ready and not remotely emotionally prepared.

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And I thank you for another perfect-length chapter with an extremely interesting twist that would surely make me anticipate for more!! :-) Happy weekend!

Lol. I’m glad you think so. I’ve already gotten one of the ‘I just wish it was longer so there was more to read’ reviews. I may be bitchy enough to create a cut and paste response: “Sorry you feel the chapter length is inadequate. I am considering following your constructive feedback and instead of posting 3 1600ish word chapters per week posting 1 4,000ish word chapter instead. This would ensure people would have longer chapters to enjoy, though, of course, would result in a greatly reduced posting schedule and less overall content per week. However, it would address the concerns you, and a number of other readers, have raised about short chapter length. As I’m sure you understand, you can’t have long chapters and frequent posting. The time constraints involved in writing thousands of words as part of a hobby means it’s one or the other. Not both.”

okay that said, i am glad that theyre having someone be vehemently not okay with elena being gay. there’s this weird trend on tv recently where everyone blames the LGBT character for being nervous and everyone just….accepts their gayness, and writers act like it’s crazy that anyone would be not okay so they don’t have to address straight people’s pervasive homophobia and the microaggressions they themselves are perpetuating. it’s not pretty, it’s pretty fucking ugly actually, but it’s good to see representations of otherwise “likeable” characters being homophobic because that’s - that’s real, and straight people have to deal with the fact that they’re the problem, not us, not just gays in the closet and not just uneducated people. straights suck!!

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Here I am barging in to give my opinion: I really REALLY love how you address the whole 'Ciel being a powerbottom' thing in your writing tbh. That's not sth you usually see in ffs. And I love it cause Ciel has a strong personality so I find it a bit odd when he gives in immediately to Sebastian's charms. I like getting to see that he can tease and missbehave a little to get exactly what he wants (and how he wants it too) out of Sebastian. That's why I love Sovereign so much, it's so refreshing!

Thank you so much for this. I am glad you enjoyed it so much and that you kind of get my drift, with how I see Ciel as a powerbottom. He is a mischievous, sly little fox and - excuse me my french - isn’t afraid to take some demon dick. It isn’t topping from the bottom for me, this isn’t what I am going for. Sebastian knows very well how to make his precious little master (or just the boy, if it’s an AU like Sovereign) squirm and writhe.

Ciel is more like the one, who will ride Sebastian into oblivion, all while Sebastian has his feet firmly planted into the matress, knees lifted and thrusting back up into boy - simply because he lives to see Ciel’s face contorted with pleasure, while moaning (chanting, if you will) his name.

So I thank you so much for being with me on this. I promise there will be more of Ciel with a riding crop, Sebastian on his knees - which will lead to the scenario mentioned above - in the future. I have been struggling to write a 2nd chapter (have half finished) but one day, it will be done.

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Unless Amelia explained everything to him in 13x7 and he acted like a moron and now is feeling all bad and ashamed about it, as he should.

That’s always a possibility but this time I don’t think that’s the case. Grey’s isn’t really the kind of show to be going back and forth. There are so many characters and different stories to tell that they have to squeeze a scene into seconds and a lot of stuff is left out to imagination, so I understand the logic behind your assumption.

I think that when 13x11 was written, they made it so that the episode didn’t necessarily “need” the Amelia scenes. But since the actress was later available, they shot them. I am glad they added them for enrichment but I think this is the moment they are addressing Owen’s worry and fear, I don’t see it as guilt.

Soon enough he is going to be even more freaked out about her refusal to talk to him and that’s when the real drama will unfold. That’s my guess anyways.

I was going through my old stuff and I came across an old suicide letter addressed to my mother from 2013, I was reading the reasons I gave for wanting to end my life and God am I glad I’m still here, I don’t even think twice about those reasons anymore and that boy who broke my heart, my first love, it may have taken some time but I got there and all I can say is at the time those problems seemed like the end of the world, I sincerely thought I’d never be okay again but they’re so damn right when they say time heals.
—  B.L letters I never sent
Loki the Fox

I am so glad they are addressing Loki’s affiliation with foxes by pointing out that the symbol on his headdress is a fox (though I hate staring at the broken horn!).  So few people are familiar with the legend of Reynard the Fox which heavily influenced the Disney version of Robin Hood.   The trickster who always won in the end.

Let’s Talk

Before I watch the next episode of Madam Secretary, I’ve got some feelings about the episode I just finished (2.13). I am so glad we got to see more of the McCord family, it was amazing. Family dynamics were explored in an interesting manner in this episode.

The way in which class was addressed was also fairly unique which I appreciated. I loved seeing how Elizabeth was treated by Henry’s family and how she handled it / let it just happen. Also, the discussion about Henry and his father at college visiting day was heartbreaking, and beautiful, and it felt very significant. 

Honesty, I can’t really express my feelings about the conversation Henry and Elizabeth had about his dad and visiting day; I re-watched it several times

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I'm happy the clxa arc is finally closed, their whole relationship was so much like the one my grandmother had with this douche when she died. And just like cl it was never addressed with her how unealthy it was, because she died, hating my mother because this person poisoned her mind with lies and i just really wanted it yo be addressed but i know they never will. It was so draining for me to see, but hey it's over now

It was draining for me too, and I got closure on my toxic relationship. 

I too am glad we can move on.

I’m hoping now we can have conversations about things without being automatically declared evil for having different perspectives….

well at least not as often hopefully?

I am so glad they addressed Mary not wanting her boys to grow up in the life. But that it didn’t hurt Dean. He’s not a disappointment to Mary because he’s living a life she didn’t want for him. (Parallel this with times where Dean felt like he might be disappointing John in some way–we’ve seen that throughout the series.)  But this is different.  He can justify and defend himself and his actions.  And he doesn’t blame himself for something he can’t control.  And honestly, if that’s not character growth, I don’t know what is.

sou and mako in a scene together + sou and mako talking + mako smiling at sou + sou doing rin’s little neck gesture ( are you embarrassed right now, sou? because the love of your life has appeared before you?) + sou and mako already addressing each other by their first names = I AM DEAD


About 5 months ago I sent Dolly Daichi off to his new home with kalina-a but he never arrived so we assumed that he was missing in the post forever.  I got home today

“You have post…  Kinda.”

“I do?”

“Yeah, from yourself.  Something you sent about five months ago has been returned.”

I DROPPED TO MY KNEES AND THANKED VOLTAGE!  I am so glad he’s safe!  Once we re-arrange a place to send him, hopefully it’ll all work out lol

Lesson learnt:  return addresses are hella important!

Dan and Phil

I just finished watching TATINOF and the Documentary on Youtube Red and it was absolutely amazing. Dan and Phil have worked so hard on all of this for so long and I am extremely proud of them. They deserve all of the success that they currently have and even more. The show was so emotional when I actually, physically went, and watching it now was equally as emotional. I’m glad that they pointed out their insecurities about being a youtuber and addressed it. Phil deserves to know that he is beautiful and amazing just the way he is, he doesn’t need to change.And dan needs to know that he can create his  own destiny no matter what it is, but also being a youtuber has helped so many people and so many people look up to him and Phil. They need to know that what they have done, what they have created has impacted so many people in such a positive way. Their book, show movies, and videos in general are so genuine and amazing. Im so proud of Dan and Phil, and im proud to call them my inspiration.