i am 5 feet away from them

You don’t stare at someone you hate. Plain and simple. You turn away and make remarks out loud or to your friends. You make eye contact with them to intimidate them or shy away completely and leave. You aren’t vulnerable. You aren’t 5 feet away staring at them in a crowded room hoping their eyes make contact with yours. You don’t leave yourself that vulnerable. You don’t look at someone you hate with eyes that flicker from him to another stranger. You don’t hope for them to see you in a crowd, you wish they wouldn’t. You don’t cower in anxiety you stand strong and pretend not to care. You don’t stand infront of someone you hate and lie to yourself. You do that to someone you love…
—  It’s Been 4 Years, Please Get Out Of My Head

I was in a hurry to get to rec. running (weird i know) and some young high schoolers were standing in the doorway so I pushed them aside ( now please keep in mind that I’m 5 feet tall and these people have had their growth spurts ) and I just say “ AAAA MOVE ASIDE KIDS ” and proceed to scream dramatically until I’m a good distance away from them and I think I just reached the peak of my high school life.