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One Step Too Far

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Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death, swearing… 

AN: I have been deserted by my writing muse for a long time, all of sudden though this afternoon she came flying back home so expect a few more post in the next few days… so many ideas to get down onto paper (well computer paper) 

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“You know Bellamy actually looks like his head might explode soon watching you here, acting like you don’t care”

Raven was smiling at the words she was saying, you however were not finding them funny in the slightest “why exactly would he look like that?”

Raven’s eyebrows rose “Oh come on Y/N you know exactly why. Don’t play dumb, it doesn’t work on me”

“Nope, I’m drawing a blank”

Raven just stared at you this time, because, of course, you knew exactly why Bellamy was staring at you like that, you just weren’t willing to in anyway acknowledge him. In fact, you were doing a very good job of completely ignoring the man behind you trying to burn his gaze into your back.

“Y/N you’re a terrible liar you know that?”

“I can’t deal with his anger Raven” you admitted. A small crack appeared in your emotional armour that was threatening to break apart any minute now. “I’m barely dealing with everything that’s happening around us right now. I don’t need to try and figure out his motives at the moment, I just can’t take that on as well”

Raven reached out to lace her fingers with your own. “No one understands what’s happening right now” she admitted eyes flicking over your shoulder to look at Bellamy once more. “Especially with him”

Downing the rest of the moonshine in your glass in a large gulp you slid off your stool giving Raven a small smile. “I can’t be here right now Raven. I’ll see you later”

“Alright” she paused “It will work out, won’t it?” she asked you “everything will work out?”

“I don’t know” the two of you stared at each other a wealth of emotion passing between you before you shrugged one shoulder and turned to leave.

You left Raven in the mess room stopping on your journey back out only for a moment when you reached where Murphy was sat with some other men deep in whispered conversation. A conversation you were fairly certain you didn’t want to know anything about. You bent over his shoulder to kiss his stubbled cheek.

“I’m going to bed John. See you tomorrow”

He turned his head towards you cupping your cheek in his hand, not at all happy about the shadows and darkness he could see in your eyes. “Alright darling” he glanced over to where Bellamy was sat eyes still narrowed and focused on you. “Are you sure I can’t kill him? Maim him? Just hurt him a little?”

That made you smile. “I told you the first time as much as I appreciate the offer I’d rather not have you in a jail cell as well. At the moment you’re one of the only people I love who aren’t behind jail cell bars”

He sighed “If you say so darling, if you change your mind though…”

“I’ll know who to come to”

With a final smile at John you left the mess room heading back to your room. You’d walked these corridors hundreds of times before, ever since the remains of the Ark had crashed to the ground and the delinquents had been taken back in by the so called civilised people.

It had been before though, before Wanheda, farm station and Chancellor Pike. It had been before he had… before you had lost him completely. Lost Bellamy to the poison of Pikes sermons.

Making a split-second decision you reversed directions and headed away from your room and instead towards the holding cells that had suddenly become very full

A guard was posted on the entrance and he stared suspiciously at you as you approached him.

“Let me through”

“Y/N I can’t, you’re not authorised to be in there… with them”

“Oh fuck off Jackson. You’re no more a guard than I am” he cringed at you words shuffling on his feet. “Let me through” when he continued to simply wriggle your eyes narrowed “NOW Jackson”

“Fine, fine. Only 5 minutes”

Jackson opened the door and you went through into the holding cells quickly finding where Lincoln was sat, head resting in his hands. Your father was sat next to him mirroring his pose quite successfully.

“Lincoln, dad” their heads snapped up to look at you.

“Y/N what are you doing in here?” Marcus demanded “It isn’t safe for you to be around us”

“It’s fine. Jackson is on the door and he won’t do anything”


“No dad. I’m fine” you insisted sitting down in front of the bars to their cell. It was Lincoln who tried next, his voice remarkably steady considering he looked like he’d been hit by a truck. Dried blood and bruising covering his skin.

“Y/N you can’t be here. You know the only reason you’re not behind these bars with us is Bellamy. Without that protection you’re only one step away from being locked up yourself”


“Y/N” Marcus moved this time coming over to the bars “Don’t you dare say that. Do you know how powerful we can be with you on the outside?”

“I don’t have any power dad” you let your forehead rest against the bars of the cells. “I’m watched constantly, followed most of the time wherever I go. There’s nothing I can do”

“You can talk to Bellamy get him…”

“NO!” you interrupted him instantly. “I can’t get through to him anymore. I don’t know if I want to after what he did”

“Y/N” it was Lincoln again his head reaching through the cell bars to squeeze your shoulder. “We need Bellamy back on our side”

“He won’t listen to me” you continued to insist “not anymore”

Your conversation was cut off by the door of the holding cells opening. You jumped up from the floor pressing your back against the bars, feeling Lincoln and your father standing close behind you.

“Y/N you shouldn’t be here”

Bellamy came into view and you tensed almost automatically. You did not want to be in this situation right now. With him in front of you.

“Why? Going to lock me up as well Blake?”

“Y/N” Marcus hissed from behind you as Bellamy continued to stand there an expression like a kicked puppy on his face.

“Or will you just shoot me? After all guns do tend to be your solution recently”

He visibly flinched this time, obviously unwilling to hear what he had done come from your mouth. “Y/N”

“I can’t be here anymore. Around you” turning away from him you quickly said goodbye to Lincoln and your father leaving the detention cell. Unfortunately you could still hear footsteps behind you. Meaning someone was definitely following you. See as two of the people had been in a cell that left only a single person it could be.

“You need to leave me alone Bellamy”

“I did this to protect us Y/N why can’t you see that”

“I’m so sorry that I can’t understand the slaughter of 300 people was done to protect me”

“The grounders don’t want to protect us Y/N”

You were biting your lip trying desperately to not snap. You did not want to have this conversation with Bellamy. Not now, not ever.

The emotional armour you’d constructed ever since life started to go to hell was definitely starting to crack. It was going to split and your rage, pain, sadness and despair were going to come flooding out. You could not have that breakdown in the corridor though. Speeding up you almost ran towards your rooms.

Bellamy followed you the whole way shadowing your every step. “Y/N will you please just talk to me?”

“About what Bellamy? What do you want to talk about? How you locked up my father and my friend? How your broke my heart into tiny little pieces? Or how you helped slaughter 300 innocent people here to protect us? Which one should we talk about first?”

You’d reached your rooms and pushed your way in Bellamy predictably following you.

“You know you’re not exactly blameless in all of this Y/N”

“Excuse me?”

He slammed the door shut behind him. “How long did it take exactly before you jumped into bed with Murphy?”

“Really?” how had you known that would eventually come up. “I’m friends with John. I’ve known him since we were children” you rubbed at your temples fighting against the massive headache that was building up. “He’s more like a brother to me. Which even if you did deserve an explanation doesn’t change what you did Bellamy!”

“Why can’t you see that I did this to protect you”

“Safe from what Bell? Can you not see that you killed an army here to protect us all?”

Bellamy took a few steps forwards grabbing onto your upper arms tightly. “This doesn’t have to be this way Y/N. Please don’t…”

You lifted your hand placing your fingers over his lips cutting off his words. “This will be this way Bellamy. I’m sorry but it’s already done”

“I love you Y/N”

The softly whispered words finished off your resistance. The armour cracked completely and grief poured out tempered with furious rage. “You love me!? You don’t get to fucking say that anymore Bellamy. You locked up my father. How did you think that was going to affect us? That I was just going to smile and accept it?”

“I don’t know” he admitted sadly. “I didn’t think…”

“Damn right you didn’t think” you yanked yourself out of his grasp. “Right now Bell I’m struggling every day to remain calm enough not to take that gun from your belt and put a bullet in Chancellor fucking Pike’s brain. It would be better for everyone”

“Y/N for fuck sake you can’t say that”

“I can say that Bell” you insisted “I can say that because I’ve not been brainwashed into suddenly believing our friends are going to try and kill us” you were shouting you realised. Trying to take a deep breath you forced down some of the anger. “You need to leave”


“Please Bell, just… leave”

“I’m not just giving up on us Y/N. No matter what you think everything I’ve done has been to keep you safe. I’m going to keep doing that”

You couldn’t answer that, couldn’t think of words to express even half of what you were feeling. Bellamy grabbed you once more kissing you roughly before leaving in a whirl of motion that left your head spinning, lips tingling and your heart pounding.

Completely confused and unknowing of what to do next your legs simply gave way, falling to the floor you felt tears coming to your eyes. You hadn’t cried yet, hadn’t cried since the world went to hell once more. It was coming now though, as sobs racked your body.

You stayed there huddled on the floor shaking with tears as all those emotions you’d locked away finally had their revenge and left you stuck there, held motionless and broken.


Overview/Summary: After one of her best friends goes through a bad breakup she’s not ready to discuss just yet, Riley is dragged along to an impromptu vacation in a tropical paradise. While her and her two friends are there they meet three guys who seem just as lost as they are. 14 days. 10 Rules.
Writer’sNotes: In this AU Farkle was never childhood friends with riley/maya 
Rating: T/M  (Because cursing & also because I’m not going to restrict myself)
WordCount: 3,820


Chapter One: Thou Shall Stick Together

“Remind me again why this is still happening?” Riley called out as she tried to keep up with the fiery blonde ahead of her. She glanced back to make sure her other friend was still relatively close by but the petite golden haired girl was a good 5 feet ahead of them both. “Izzy? A little help here?”

“Hm?” The bespectacled beauty looked up from her phone that seemed to have had captured her attention since their cab ride to the airport. “Oh, isn’t it obvious? She’s trying to avoid Josh.”

“I am not!” Maya snapped, spinning around in one quick motion. “Now would you two shut your traps and walk a little faster before we miss our flight?”

They still had 30 minutes before they had to board the plane. It was obvious to everyone that she was just anxious to get as far away from the city as humanly possible right now.

The two brunettes shared a look before Riley decided to speak what had been on her mind since she told her about the impromptu trip. “Maya, don’t you think it’s too soon?”

“It’s never too soon for a vacation, Riles.” Maya sighs, reluctantly stopping to engage in the conversation she knew she couldn’t avoid for much longer. Especially not with a 10 hour flight ahead of them.


“But nothing.” Maya cuts her off. “Listen, we just graduated. I never thought I’d make it through 4 years of high school, let alone 4 years of College. I just want to go on a nice vacation with my girls. Is that a crime?”

“No. It’s not a crime.” Isadora pauses, “but you still haven’t talked about –”

“Josh?!” The blonde was already bordering on losing her patience. She was tired of everyone always bringing him up and throwing it in her face. She was going to forget about Joshua Matthews whether they liked it or not. “I don’t want to talk about him and you know what else? This is the first time in however long the three of us have been best friends, that we’re all single. At the same damn time, you guys! That’s never happened! Riley, you and Evan just broke up last summer after being together for FOUR YEARS and before that you were with Charlie for FOUR YEARS.” She knew her voice was traveling but she didn’t care at the moment. “And Smackle, you’ve been dating Dustin on and off for like 3 years and me and Josh? 5 years. 5 fucking years down the toilet. So excuse me if I want to have a little fun, okay?”

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Please tell me the story of getting lost and crying in Paul Revere's lap

This has been in my inbox for months. 

So basically when I was little, like second grade little, my family went to Boston. On said trip to Boston we went to this little village that was either on the edge of Boston or just outside of Boston where there were 1700s style houses and everyone dressed in 1700s clothing, like Colonial Williamsburg but in Boston. So in the mix of it all, I somehow got separated from my family. 

Something you should now is that I’ve always been an anxious piece of shit, so being as anxious as I am but even smaller than today, you can imagine that even being separated from my mom for 2.5 seconds was enough to cause a meltdown. On top of that, there were chickens running around this village unsupervised. Don’t ask me why but young me was terrified of chicken, turkeys, and any bird that was the same size as me. The fear was fucking real for young me. But my parents taught me well and they taught me that if I ever got lost I should find the nearest staff member of the place and ask them for help. And Paul Revere happened to be 5 feet away from me.

Another thing is that you should know about me is I am terrified of people in costume. So as soon as he asked me what was wrong, I pretty much malfunctioned, my little brain couldn’t decide what was more terrifying: Being abandoned by my parents and having my eyes pecked out by chickens or talking to a man in a costume. 

So I just started screaming. 

Luckily this apparently wasn’t the first time I’d responded to a stressful situation by just screaming with all the sound my tiny body could produce and my parents had already noticed I was missing and were looking for me and, upon hearing the screaming, they immediately recognized the sound and began to follow it. They found me sitting on the ground in front of a terrified 20 year old guy dressed as Paul Revere who probably never expect this when he got the job. They were able to calm me down and apologize to the poor man. 

I just hope they gave him a really good tip and I gave him a good story. 

Not without her (Barry Allen x Reader)

Fandom: The Flash TV Series (before flashpoint, because I’m still watching season 2, I am so late)
Pairing: Barry Allen x Metahuman!Reader + The Flash x Superhero!Reader
Summary: You’re Y/S/N, the famous telekinetic hero who works with The Flash. You are really close but you don’t know each other’s secret identities… yet.

Warnings: there’s a fire… is that a warning?
Word Count: 1485

A/N: Holy shit! Longest fic yet (I think it is the secon-third time I say this but it is true) I’ve been promising this fic for so long and finally I’m posting it. I’m thinking about writing a part 2. Any ideas? Yep, I accidently deleted this fic and now I’m posting it again. Huge shoutout to @creativeheartgemini who reblogged the fic, so I could copy/paste this “introduction”. And yes, this version is longer than the other. I altered a few things but the storyline is the same. Let me know what you think and I apologize for any grammatical errors that may occur.
Stay Cute, XP

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“Hey Y/N…”

“Yes?” You sigh as you look over to check the time.

1:34 AM

“Did you know otters sleep with their babies on top of them so they don’t drift away?”

“No I did not and you should go to sleep.”

“So that means you should sleep on top of me cause I don’t want you drifting away.” He completely ignores your suggestion.

“No, go to sleep.”

“But Y/N… I can’t sleep when you’re so far away from me” he whines.

“No we’re not, you’re like 5 feet away from me.” You sigh turning your head to look back at him sitting on the bed with a blanket wrapped around his head.

He smiles once he’s caught your attention. He spans his arms out and opens the blanket burrito offering you to come into it. You admit defeat since he would probably not fall asleep unless you were in bed too. You close your books and turn off the desk light. You trudge over to him and his smile grows even wider. Once you have fallen into his arms (and his burrito) he falls back from the sitting position onto the pillow. He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead.

“You sir, need to stop staying up so late.” You scold him as you tap his nose and push his bangs back from his eyes. As you begin to try to roll off of him his grip tightens. “Can I sleep on my side of my bed now?”

“What do you mean? You’re perfectly fine right here”

“I can’t sleep on top of you for the rest of the night”

“Yes you can.”

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I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DO PRICE CHECKS ON THE REGISTER. it's not my choice, corporate gets on our asses if we do. getting bitchy with me is just going to result in me taking your item and walking to the price checker my damn self (also the price checker is about 5 feet away from the register, lazy assholes)

They take away our ability to do price checks so to keep customers happy we do scan/voids to give them the price. Then we get into trouble for to many voids. We can’t win. But as of now we can do price checks.


If anyone knows that this means, then please read. If you don’t, then please read.

I hate how I go to school and people find out my dads a cop. Yes, my dad’s a cop. My uncles a cop. My cousins a cop. And when you have so many family members that are officers you gain more family. No, not by blood. But by bravery, brotherhood, and hope.
Hope that your family member will walk out that door in uniform and come back in safe and unharmed. But wanna know something? You’re never safe. You’re family is never safe. As a kid I’ve not past prisoners and gang members threatening to rape and kill me just because my dad arrested them for murder… 3 different times. I would panic as a child when my dad didn’t come home at 11 and didn’t kiss me goodnight. I would ask myself, is he okay? Is he hurt? Is he coming home? Did a bad guy get him? Is he dead? I used to think as a kid that my dad being an officer was the best, ya know, because he was out there catching bad guys and being badass. But now people glare at me and they don’t want to date a cops daughter or be friends with her. Nobody understands how much officers risk their lives EVERY DAMN DAY for you. FOR YOU. And people give them shit for it. Because guess what, fucking Santa clause isn’t going to save your ass when you’re in trouble. It’s going to be an officer and they would die for you. Do you understand that? They would never see their wife or husband, kids, parents, family and friends ever again just for you. So when people glare at me because my dad’s a cop and they hate cops because they got in trouble for doing drugs, caught stealing, or whatever the fuck you did that was wrong.

Nobody understands how much of a relief it is when you hear the sound of boots walking through the house late at night it early in the morning, depending on the shift, and hearing the sound of Velcro of taking their vest off.

Nobody understand that they will speak to you on code and I could speak back to them like it’s our own language.

Nobody understands that my dad has to take his duty weapon with him everywhere because he’s so paranoid. That he had to sit somewhere near a window so he can see who’s coming in and out. That no matter how old I am, he can’t stand me being 5 feet away from him at the mall.

Then when my dad would come home with cuts and bruises and bumps id ask if he was okay. He’d tell me it was apart of his job, catching the bad guys.

At the end of the night, when my dad would come kiss me goodnight I would ask “did you catch any bad guys?” And he would tell me “yeah, I did it for you”

Rock of Ages (ReBlog) November 10 & 11th, 2014

Below is an edited version of my trip to see Frankie’s opening night of Rock of Ages. Parts three and four have never been published before.


My mother and I got up and headed to breakfast with Robert (@Ridbidge) and Patricia (@MissTitan), the four of planned to sight see for the day before the show. First up was a trip Grand Central station to see if Robert could buy an iPhone 6+. He did, so we waited for an hour as he completed the process then I stole his phone and installed all the apps he would need to be ZankieAF for the rest of the day (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.)

We took a double-decker bus tour of the city which was fun, then headed back to our hotel for some down time and to re-charge our phones.

Dinner was at 5:30pm with 14 or so other Zankie fans. We talked Zankie and collected up our gifts for Frankie in a big glittery red bag. The restaurant was in walking distance of the theatre so we headed in that direction.

The first people I saw were Paul and Lauren. Lauren left before I could get to them, but I put my #GOGRANDE hat on and took a few fun selfies with Paul. Next up was Joan, she LOVED my hat and took a few photos with me, she even adjusted my hat so it wasn’t poking her in the face (oops). She’s gorgeous! I took a few quick blurry shots of Derrick and Cody who showed up next, not knowing if I would see them again. I couldn’t get to them for photos, they were mobbed and I am short. Derrick was VERY thin and more handsome in person. He was also wearing an amazingly expensive looking watch.

They opened the doors and I headed inside to the bar area, I immediately spotted Vee, Veronica and Annette who I wanted to meet so I headed towards them. I greeted Vee, but then Zach came into the theatre and the World stop turning. He was about 5 feet away from me, with no one in between us, so I went up and grabbed his arm to turn him and ask for a photo. He didn’t react, and was saying hello to Derrick and Cody so I let him go.

He headed into the theatre seating area, following the crowd of women who were drooling after Zach down the aisle towards the stage. I couldn’t see it, but I’m told he walked down with Joan. As I got to row B (row 4) a very large bodyguard stopped me from walking further. He firmly said no one was allowed past him, but I told him that my seats where in the row past him. He turned polite immediately and apologized, letting me, mother, Robert and Veronica through. That’s when we saw who was sitting in front of our seats. Zach and Cody. *gulp*

We filed into our seats, we had the last four on the end, Veronica went in first, then my mother, then me and finally Robert on the aisle. With the seats shifted theatre style, Zach was sitting in front of Robert and I, with Cody beside him. Cody got up immediately and started talking to the other other house guests as they got to their seats. Zach turned when we sat down. He greeted my mother and they clasped forearms. I introduced myself as Enarra, and Robert as Ridbidge. He smiled at me, but immediately seemed to know who Robert was and shook his hand. He was smiling, very nice, and polite.

Derrick’s wife, Jana, was seated already, beside Cody’s seat, in front of my Mother and Veronica. Zach got up and went to meet Nonna. I wasn’t watching for this, instead I was asking Derrick for a selfie… and Cody too. Zach came back and sat down in the seat beside Jana, now he was sitting directly in front of myself and my Mother. This would be his seat for the rest of the night.

A older woman came to speak to him, she was very intent and was whispering in his ear. I’m told she had been directing Cody and Derrick earlier on where to go, but I have no idea who she was. Veronica leaned up to him and the lady and asked for a photo. The woman took their picture. At this the security guard told Zach that he wasn’t to take any more photos with people. The guard was turning away DROVES of women.

I started to hear people calling my name from behind me so I turned and found several people telling me that Drew was trying to get Zach’s attention. Drew was standing 2-3 rows behind us, looking at me and Zach. He wanted me to get Zach’s attention. So I leaned forward and couldn’t help but notice that Zach was texting Drew. I said in his ear, “He’s back there” but Zach ignored me. I tried again, I nudged his arm and told him “Drew is back there trying to get your attention”. Zach looked annoyed at me, but then seemed to register what I said and turned to look at Drew, waving him past security. Drew sat in front of Zach and they talked for the rest of the time before the show started. I couldn’t hear anything, nor see Zach’s face, but Drew seemed happy.

Paola, who had come into the theatre quite late took the empty seat beside Zach. Zach was now sitting with Paola on his left, and Jana on his right. A server came around with jello shots, Robert offered to buy one for both Paola and Zach. Zach demurred with a polite “no thank you”, but Paola said “hell yeah, you’ll do it with me too right?“ they happily knocked one back together.

The word went around that phones were not allowed during the show, so I turned on airplane mode and put mine in my purse. Show time.


The band came on stage and started playing, the lead guitarist set the tone for the show by immediately coming out to the edge of centre stage, kneeling down, and with a wind machine in his hair, ripping on his guitar. Derrick, Cody and Caleb (in that order) were at centre stage right below him.

The way the seats worked first row was only 4 seats on the far left and right of the stage. The second row stretched from one side of the stage to the other, making the centre 5 seats or so the actual first row. Dead centre is where Derrick, Cody and Caleb were sitting. Zach (and my group) were on the left hand rows 2 (him) and 3 (me). You may think this means the hitmen and Caleb had better seats … and they did. But not if they wanted to see Frankie. For that, Zach’s seat was perfect; almost the entirety of Franz’s role in the play takes place on the left side of the stage. Directly in front of Zach’s seat.

The stars of the show are characters named Sherry and Drew, a young couple, Drew works at a bar and is trying to make it as a rocker. Sherry wants to be an actress and has run away to LA to try her luck. She ends up working at the bar as well, and they begin to fall in love. Drew is a dumb-ass and ends up friend zoning her, so she sleeps with a rock star. The rock star has her fired and she ends up stripping. In the end though they follow their dreams and make babies.

The actors playing Drew and Sherry were both very new. You could tell Lauren Zakrin was nervous at first, but got more confident as she went on. The actor playing Drew, Justin Matthew Sargent, on the other hand was phenomenal, and he was the understudy!

The B-story is where Franz comes in. His father is a land developer and is trying to tear down the bar in order to build on the land. He tasks Franz with making sure the bar is closed. Franz ends up falling in love with a protestor, Regina, and together they do a big sparkly gay defiance dance number vs. his father. Franz runs away to follow his dreams, but in the end reunites with his father, the bar is not torn down, and he moves back to Germany to make chocolate.

It took some time for Franz to be introduced to the show. But when Frankie did come out though.. well, the cheers where fantastic. The audience must have been 80% there for Frankie because it was like he was the star of the show every time he stepped on stage.

Zach cheered right along with everyone else. Before Frankie came out I had been watching him watch the show. It was actually impossible not to, with my seats I saw Zach when I looked at the stage, so I caught a lot just watching the show. I also tried to watch the other HGs now and then to help gage just how much everyone was there for Frankie vs. the rest of the show.

When Frankie wasn’t on stage Zach was quiet. He watched, but wasn’t engaged in the show. Rock of Ages is a very funny show throughout, but Zach wasn’t laughing at the other cast member’s jokes with the rest of the audience at all.

Every time Frankie came out Zach’s face lit up, his eyes followed Frankie around the stage, a couple of times looking him up and down head to toe. He laughed at every joke, funny accent, and movement. When Frankie first spoke in his german accent Zach laughed out loud and fist pumped. Paola laughed as well, and leaned into Zach squeezing his arm and smiling at him.

During the first act of the play Franz’s role is fairly minor. His big number comes after the intermission.

During intermission, Paola got up to go to the washroom, but the throng of women trying to get to Zach had returned so she sat back down. We also remained in our seats. Zach spoke for awhile with Jana, Derrick’s wife.

Drew came back down the aisle and I called him over and got a photo with him. He seemed excited to have been asked. He wanted me to ask Zach to get him past security. I refused, saying that Zach had been annoyed with me the last time. So Drew yelled his name a few times, then switched to yelling “Ranceypants” at him which I found funny. Eventually he got Zach’s attention and Zach got up to ask the guard to let Drew past.

While Zach was talking to Jana, Paola turned in her seat and talked to my Mom and I about our home town (she’d recently been here and was planning to come back). She was very nice, and said how disappointed she was that none of the other female house guests were able to make it to the show that night.

The show started up again, so I put away my phone and settled in for the rest of the performance.


The music came up and the lights went down. Like before, Zach seem disengaged with the show when Frankie was not on stage. He had a drink and was paying attention to that. When the strippers were in front of him, wiggling their asses in thongs in for the audience he looked elsewhere while the other Big Brother men laughed and enjoyed the show. Each time Frankie came out Zach’s familiar heart eyes followed him. On the rare occasions that Frankie wasn’t right in front of us, Zach would lean and try to see around the other actors. During a few sections Frankie would freeze and the spot light would move to action elsewhere on the stage. The audience’s attention would shift to the action and comedy but Zach, and I, just watched the frozen-in-place Frankie.

Frankie’s big number involves ripping off his suit to reveal a sparkly pink and blue leotard onesie. Zach was clearly not expecting this. He flew back in his seat in shock, arms waving and mouth agape. He was shocked and clearly loved it, yelling, laughing and fist pumping. This is probably the moment Zach was thinking of when he told ET that his jaw hit the floor; it’s a good description of his reaction. At the end of Frankie’s performance the crowd went completely insane. There was a standing ovation that went on so long that the show stopped and Frankie actually broke character to thank the crowd. He then regained his composure and continued the show, yelling “you can come back any night” as he left the stage.

Throughout the evening I watched closely to see if Frankie looked at Zach. During the actual performance he never did, leading me to believe even more that Zach’s seat was chosen specifically for him and Frankie knew where not to look.

During the 2nd act my neighbour in the seat beside me started nudging me to look at Zach more closely. I didn’t see what I was being told to look at, but I was nudged, over and over. Finally I clued in. Zach was wiping tears from his eyes. Frequently. He was wiping away tears during the love songs, many of which are both sad and reflect many of the issues we suspect Zach and Frankie have been dealing with. To be clear, Zach wasn’t tearing up when Frankie was on stage.

About half way through the 2nd act Jana, Derrick’s wife who appeared unwell, got up and left the theatre. A particularly “Zankie” song was being sung, a duet between two men, and Derrick shifted in his seat and reached over to squeeze Zach’s arm. Jana returned and the show continued with Zach wiping tears, tapping his leg with nervous energy, and only watching or laughing when Frankie was on stage.

As the show came to a close the audience stood to give Frankie and the rest of the cast a standing ovation. Jana, Derrick’s wife, remained seated (again, I think she was ill) Zach, being a gentleman, remained seated beside her. But he was yelling and cheering with the rest of us, and picked up the cheers when Frankie came out. Frankie finally looked right at him and held his arms out towards Zach and wiggled doing a sexy dance for Zach alone. Frankie kept watching him, while also enjoying the cheers from a VERY Frankie-friendly audience.

As the show ended, I stood up and kept an eye on Zach. He turned on his phone and I saw a full screen of text messages from one of his former PR girls. He turned the phone off immediately without reading them.

I headed out of the theatre and headed to the huge crowd forming outside at the stage door. Some how I found myself at the front of the line where Frankie would be exiting. A few of the other cast came out, and then someone who appeared to be a stage manager appeared and remarked that this was the largest crowd they had ever had. Zach left very quickly and was off in a car immediately, the other BB cast mates left quickly as well, though they did take some photos with fans on their way out.

Lauren and a few others headed in the stage door entrance and I didn’t notice immediately, but she was yelling to get my attention. She loved my #GOGRANDE hat.

Frankie came out to screaming, I handed him my hat and he signed it and took a photo with me on his phone (which I have never seen!). Once he moved on, I left the crowd to let those behind me have their chance. I found Dominic talking to someone explaining that Frankie had named the fish after them and they were known because of it. I went up and asked for a selfie and then thanked him by name, he seemed positively giddy to be recognized, it was adorable.


~ (The Next Day) ~

The next morning we got up and headed out again. MissTitan had to leave early to catch her flight, but Ridbidge joined my mother and I on some more sight seeing, we saw the Statue of Liberty (when we weren’t too busy tweeting). Ridbidge left to catch his flight and after finishing our sight seeing tour my Mother and I went back to our hotel to plan the rest of the day.

With trepidation, I told her that something had been bothering me since the night before and I wanted to make a request for the evening; I really wanted a chance to speak to Frankie.

We looked at the schedule, knowing Frankie had met with fans both before and after the show the night before, we would have two windows to see him. She was very kind. She agreed that we could try to see him, but our first priority would be to take the night sight seeing tour. Fine, that tour was at the same time as Rock of Ages, we could go to the theatre both before, and after the show.

We headed back to LIDs first, and I had a duplicate of my #GOGRANDE hat made, this time with "enarra” written on it. We then headed to the theatre and discovered for the first time that RoA plays at different times on different nights. The show had already started seating guests. We’d missed Frankie.

We went back to Times Square and caught the night bus for our tour. We had a GREAT tour guide who was both funny and knowledgable. We gave him a $20 tip at the end. Best tour of the trip. The bus dropped us back off in Times Square and we bee lined back to the Helen Hayes theatre with my Enarra hat on my head.

When we got there there were two women in their early 20s also waiting. No crowd, nothing roping off an area for fans… it was a completely different scene from the night before. We were about 45 minutes early. I stood on one side of the gates, with the two girls on the other side in an awkward silence. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked if they were there to see Frankie. “Yes” they giggled. I asked if they were Big Brother fans, they said yes, but had also been fans of Frankie for years. I asked if they were Zankie fans. They yes they were. I asked if they knew @ZankieMoments. “Yes!“ They said they loved that YouTube account.

I told them who I was.

They freaked, I felt famous. It was good. We chatted for the rest of our wait, eventually moving so that when the gate was opened we’d be right there for Frankie. Slowly the crowd increased as the show was let out. In the end there were about 20 people waiting for Frankie and the cast to leave. Adam, Chester, Lauren and others came out and I took photos with a few. Unfortunately I had no idea how much of an Adam and Chester fan I was to become and didn’t get photos with them!

Frankie came out last. He signed things for the two girls and took photos with them. Then he took photos with me, and I said my magic words.

“I sat behind Zach yesterday”

He froze.

He looked at me and said “Oh my God, what did he think? Did he love it?” I replied that he did and that I would DM Frankie with the details. Frankie asked if he followed me. I told him he did, showing him my hat with my handle on it and he warmed up further. He asked “Did you take the picture with Nonna?” (in hindsight I find it very funny that he trusted me to know both who Nonna was and what photo he was referring too). I saw no, but that I was in the photo (again in hindsight, I wasn’t in the famous Zonna photo, but another one from a different angle). He laughed and continued signing autographs and taking selfies with other people.

I moved away and went to talk to a Twitter friend I had spotted who’d gone to the show that night. But I wasn’t happy. What if Frankie didn’t read my DMs? I hadn’t done my job yet. So I stayed and waited.

He finished up with the other fans and came back to the four of us (my friend, her mother, my mother and myself where the only people left on the side walk). He took more photos with my friend and her mother. He called my Mom “Mom!” and gave her a bear hug and took photos with her.

Then it was my turn again. I touched him on the arm, and said "in case you don’t see my DMs”:

“He only watched you when you were on stage”

“He only laughed for you”

“He cried”

Frankie’s face softened and he replied in a sweet tone “Aww, he’s in love” and then he turned and walked away towards his apartment.

My friend and our mothers told me after that he was riveted on me while I spoke. For months after they would tell me that remembering the way Frankie hung on my every word would bring tears to their eyes.


Months later I can still remember the way Zach watched Frankie and the way Frankie wanted to know about it as clear as it was yesterday. There are many reasons I’ll probably always be a Zankie fan, no matter how their lives unfold, but these two nights are a very big factor. The fun loving spontaneous Zach we know from YouNow was not at Rock of Ages that night. He was quiet and introverted. The BB cast seemed to be compassionate towards him and treated him differently than they did each other. Looking back, I know now that Zach wasn’t himself that night. I don’t know why, but I do know that even when down, his love for Frankie was astoundingly blatant and mesmerizing to watch. It was a privilege to be there.

Well, people, it’s official: I’ve let us all down. Because last night I met Cameron Monaghan. And I didn’t say a damn thing about Ian/Mickey or the fuckery that’s going on with Shameless. I got zero answers, I demanded no explanations. I have failed us all. I just had a brief, friendly conversation with him and left him to his evening. So I apologize. 

But also what is my life?! I’m still kind of in awe that it actually happened. I was in a bar with a few of my friends, and he came in, and I was sure I was making it up for a bit because literally what are the fucking odds. But after further investigation (by way of an unnecessary bathroom trip to get closer because i AM A SPY), his identity was confirmed. And when I was on my way back to our table, he was on the impromptu dance floor, and I straight up walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said hi. I must emphasize that I NEVER do this - I honestly cannot remember a single time I’ve approached a celebrity. As an LA native, I have a deep-rooted drive to just leave them alone. And I so very almost just walked past him. But in the end, I just figured why the fuck not. I so rarely see celebs I care about, and pretty much never see ones that I’m midway through writing an epic novella-length fanfic about (ok, about the character he plays, WHATEVER), so I swallowed my pride for a crazy second and went through with it. 

He was very nice (take that, weird dream I had a few weeks ago where he was rude!). The long and the short of it was this: I apologized for interrupting his evening, but I was like, “you’re Cameron Monaghan, right?” (lol, me - also, I’m 98% sure i butchered his last name, oh well), he confirmed, and I just told him he was great and I was a fan (and he responded “you’re great,” which was pretty cute, tbh). He asked me my name, we shook hands, and I told him I’d let him get back to his night. It got very blurry at the end (I mentioned something about Shameless, which, ugh, but I wanted to contextualize. And we definitely shook hands, but my mind was for sure not registering that I was touching! Cameron! Monaghan!), but he was sweet and polite and it was very simple. I said NOTHING to my friends when I got back to the table. I was like “they won’t understand. Wait for your tumblr friends. They’ll get it.” 

That was the end of my actual interaction with Cam, and yet (this is turning into a novel), we were about to leave and “Runaround Sue” came on, and my friend and I HAD to dance to it, which turned into us going all out on the makeshift dance floor for an hour (seriously, best DJ ever). Which meant I was dancing literally 5 feet away from Cam for a solid half hour, and another 15 minutes after he got a drink (I swear I wasn’t paying THAT much attention - it was a small dance floor! :P). So here are some things I have learned about Cameron Monaghan after spending a little over an hour in his presence:

  • he was wearing a frankly rather dreadful green turtleneck. The color was alright, but the rest of it was pretty sad. And it was blazing hot on the dance floor and he never seemed to falter, so good for him, I guess?
  • He has absolutely no problem dancing on his own. Whenever the very pretty blonde girl he was with got distracted (which, tbh, was kind of frequently), he would just dance in a circle by himself, usually pretty badly. It was both a little sad and very adorable. Power to you, baby Cam. 
  • At the end of the night, we were out on the curb waiting for an uber when he comes out on his own to smoke. I was with my friends, so I a) wanted to stay with them and b) didn’t want to accost Cam (again), but it was very tempting, just watching him stand alone, again 5 feet away from me, and smoke. I am not a smoker AT ALL, but even I have to admit, he looked real hot doing it. Kind of redeemed the turtleneck in the eleventh hour. 

So that is my Saga of Cam. The whole thing was so wildly coincidental I’m still kind of amazed, and i’m already feeling sort of embarrassed I actually talked to him (that LA avoidance drive runs deep). But I had to, right? He was right there, and seriously, there are so many bars in LA and I really don’t go out that much and there I was and there he was, and why the fuck not. I wasn’t nearly as awkward and flustered as I could have been (I think, I hope). So there it is. A thing that happened. Life is strange, no?


On Saturday (Oct. 25, 2014)  I got to see my favorite band Arctic Monkeys. I literally lost my voice and my hearing, but I gained the best experience of my life. Alex Turner is one of the most perfect rock gods ever! The way he plays that guitar is purely magic. I was on the first row literally 5 feet away from the stage and him performing. People were throwing flowers, bras, letters, and god knows what else. A girl threw her bra and he dodged it as he was singing and laughed like a dork. He is the biggest dork ever!

I am still not over this fucking amazing concert. I can’t believe I saw them.

Bloody rock gods!

Title: Last Girl Standing P.1

Genre:Angst, Cross over, reverse harem, Smut (later in the parts)

Characters: BtsXGot7XReader

  Today is the day I start as a student at Park Geun-hye boarding school for boys because of my grades and merit. The principal calls me the “test dummy” since thats basically what I am. See my parents thought it would be a great idea to send me to a boarding school filled with boys as the first girl in the graduating class ever to even attend the school since colleges will love it and so will the media. Even the president agreed to send me to the school since it is her school. If I graduate successfully they’ll make it a coed school.

   So here I am standing in the mirror doing my hair. I honestly wanna go back to sleep but I guess that’s out the question. I sighed and walked out my room dragging my bags on the ground as I walked down the stairs. The smell of pancakes and sausage filled the air as my mom made plates for my little brother, my dad, and I. When she sat the plates in front of us, we instantly started to eat. “I can’t believe you’re going to a all boys boarding school,Y/N!” My mom said looking at me. My little brother, Song Fay, put his fork down “Why? She’ll fit right in” he laughed. I slapped the back of his head making him whine “Twerp” I mumbled and went back to eating. My dad ate and read the paper “Now sweetie remember the rules. No sex, no trouble, and no low grades got it?”. I sighed and continued to eat “Yes father”.

      The car ride to the campus was so annoying!. Mom cried the whole time, my dad yelled at my mom for crying, and Song Fay yelled at my dad for yelling at my mom. I really need to get to my room. We walked around campus looking for the Headmaster’s office. The campus was big and neat. Some boys ran around campus wearing their uniforms and their book bags.

      When we finally found the office, we knocked on the door until a deep voice told us to come in. We walked in and sat in front of his desk. “I’m so glad you could join us. I’m sure you will be a great addition to Park Geun-hye Boarding school.” the man in his 40s said with a voice filled with excitement but I knew it was fake. “I’m Headmaster Kim, I run this fine establishment. After you sign this contract you will officially be a student here”. We signed and listened to the rules of the school and class schedules.  After what felt like hours he finally shook my parents hand and sent them on there way.

    When they left, Headmaster Kim looked at me and folded his hands. He fixed the glasses on his face and took in a breathe “Now Ms. Y/L/N I hope you know until graduation we will be keeping a close eye on you. Any little thing you do will get you kicked out of my institution. If I were you I would be careful”. I did nothing but nod. “Yugyeom outside will be your tour guide”. He handed me my school id then I got up and walked out.

    Outside, a boy with light brown bangs and a mole under his left eye stood leaning on the wall. Even then he was taller than me so when he stood straight it I looked like a kid under him. He smiled brightly at me and fixed his uniform “Hey I’m Yugyeom you must be Y/N”. I smiled and shook his hand “The one and only”. He laughed and ruffled his hair “Your bags we’re already taken to your room by your parents before they left so let’s start the tour”.

       He showed me all the buildings around campus. He showed me all the places he likes to hang out with his friends and hide during class.  After a while, he began to complain about the rumbling in his stomach so he took me to his favorite on-campus restaurant. I agreed because his pouting face was so cute. People stared at us as we walked in laughing. We got our food and paid with our id’s then sat at a table. “So how does it feel being the only girl here?” he asked before taking a bite of his burger. “Actually It’s good so far. Minus everyone staring but that’s normal” I shrugged watching him eat “Plus I have a great tour guide” I used my napkin to wipe the side of his mouth from the sauce.

     Just then a blonde guy walked over in a uniform holding a smoothie. “Hey Yugyeom I didn’t know you had a girlfriend” the boy said smiling. We both looked at each other and started to shake our heads frantically “Were not dating I’m her tour guide! I told you this morning Jackson!”. He laughed “Calm down I was joking. I’m Jackson by the way”. I smiled “I’m-” “Everyone knows who you are” he cut me off sitting down backwards in a chair. “You ready for your initiation tonight?” he asked taking a sip of his drink. I looked up from my plate confused “Initiation? What initiation?” I asked mouth full of food. He chuckled “Every new student goes through an initiation it’s a tradition made by me and my roommate Namjoon”. “Well what do I have to do?” I asked slightly scared. He laughed “You’ll find out. Welp later guys” And with that he was gone.

    Yugyeom rubbed my head smiling “It’s nothing bad I promise”. I’m not sure if I believed him or not but I guess I had to.

      Yugyeom walked me to my new room. In front of my door stood a tall guy with 2 dots above his left eye and dark brown hair. He stood next to another tall guy with brunette hair and plump lips.  They both looked up at us and smiled “Hey I’m Jin and this is JB” said the one with plump lips then pointed to the other one. “Were the RA’s of this floor so we wanted to formally introduce ourselves” JB said smiling. I smiled back and shook there hands. “Nice to meet you I’m Y/N”. Jin smiled wider “Everyone knows you. you’ve been the talk of campus for about a month now”. Jb chuckled “Yeah everyone is really excited to meet you”. They both began to walk away “See you at Initiations!”. I walked in my room and smiled at Yugyeom “Thanks again for showing me around”. He smiled back “No problem. See you tonight”. I closed the door and instantly got in bed falling asleep.

   In the middle of the night, I heard hushed voices talking behind my door. I hid under the covers like that would shield me. Like expected, it didn’t. The sound of my door opening made me jump and footsteps followed it. I felt 2 pairs of hands on me making my kick and swing wildly. They moved the covers and showed their masked faces. They tied up my hands and legs then blindfolded me.

    Someone picked me up and led me out. Not to long later I was untied and unblinded. All around me was 14 boys. I saw Yugyeom and Jackson smiling. Jackson walked out with another tall blonde boy “Welcome all to the initiation of Y/N” Jackson announced making all the boys cheer. “Since Y/N is a girl she must run around in her pajamas screaming ‘GO LAKERS!’” The other blonde boy smiled. I took a deep breathe and started to run around campus screaming. My feet were killing me. I got back out of breathe and ready to go back to sleep. “Am I done?”. Everyone laughed “You’re far from being done” Jackson smirked “Namjoon get the ink and paper”. The other blonde boy ran away and came back with a big piece of paper and a bucket ink. “You have to make a picture in under 5 minutes using your feet and hands” Namjoon explained. I groaned and got to it. I was never the best at drawing but I wanted to impress them so I drew a simple flower. After 5 minutes the paper was filled with my hundreds of flowers. A tall bunny looking boy picked it up and smiled “This is pretty”. Namjoon smiled “I think you have Jungkook’s vote”. Jungkook dropped it blushing. I smiled at him but he ran behind Yugyeom.

        After about 10 more challenges, we all walked to a bonfire near campus. I walking between 2 guys I didn’t know. A boy with purple hair bounced around excitedly wearing a rectangular smile. The guy on the other side of me smiled “Thats V. He’s very excited to vote you in” he chuckled. I smiled “And who are you?”. “I’m Mark” He smiled while V tapped me. I looked at him smiling “Yes?”. He stopped bouncing and smiled “I’m gonna vote for you”. I smiled “Thank you”. He smiled and ran ahead. “He’s special”Jin said smiling.

        At the bonfire it was put to vote of if I should join or not. Each one of the boys walked to Jackson and told them their vote. After Jungkook casted his vote, he sat around the bonfire with everyone else. Jackson came back smiling. “This is actually the first time in history we had a landslide of yes’. Y/N you are now the new member of our group”. Everyone clapped and cheered. I giggled and felt confetti dropped on my head.  I was actually truly happy.

      Yugyeom and Jungkook walked me back to my room. I turned to them and thanked them. “No problem. Class starts tomorrow so make sure your on time” Yugyeom warned “Yeah headmaster is already after you so be careful ok?” Jungkook chimed in. I nodded and hugged them. I walked in my room and instantly showered.  I felt gross from running around all night. As soon as I got in bed my alarm went off to wake me up “FUCK!!!”


Hey guysssss! Thank you for the prompt, took a while to write it Cuz like my laptop is getting repaired…I spilled water on it…so Im writing this on my phone. 

Prompt: Clarke and Lexa flirt a lot and Clarke accidentally calls Lexa ‘baby’ and Lexa is confused

Clarke let out a loud laugh as Lexa told her an old story of when she Indra slipped and fell into some weird creature’s poo. A small smile was on Lexa’s face as she studied the beautiful blonde as her head fell back exposing her long, pale neck. The smile on her face was wide and genuine adding to her beauty. 

“What?” Clarke asked as she caught Lexa staring at her. The look in the brunette’s eyes was pure admiration and surprisingly, love. 

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on” Lexa whispered so only Clarke heard her words. The blonde blushed a deep red as she looked down with a giggle. She bit her lip and looked up slightly into Lexa’s deep green eyes. The intensity they felt was overflowing as they slowly and carefully leaned in. Just as their lips were about to touch they heard someone clear their throat. They jumped away from each other and turned to look at a smirking Raven with flushed cheeks. 


“Clarke, it is not that difficult. No skill is needed; stay calm.” Clarke took a deep breath as she tried to concentrate on the task. It was pretty hard considering Lexa’s warm and muscular body was pressed against her back. Clarke narrowed her eyes and drew her arm back with the arrow at the tip of her fingers. She aimed at the apple and released the arrow. The blonde let out a groan as she dropped the bow. Lexa held in her laughter at the arrow stuck in the ground 5 feet in front of them. 

“I can’t do this, Lexa. Can’t I just stick to my gun?” Lexa held her hand out for Clarke to grab on to. She lifted the blonde who watched, mesmerised by the brunette’s flexed bicep. Lexa was wearing something similar to a baggy tank top completely different to her normal attire. 

“I am not taking your gun away from you; I am simply adding a variety of skills and weapons for you to protect yourself better.” The blonde rolled her eyes playfully as she picked up the bow and another arrow from the sack.

“I can protect myself just fine.” Clarke said as she stretched the bow and placed the arrow once again. She felt Lexa step in behind her with a gentle hand on her waist. 

“Then why does my heart still ache when I’m not around you?” Lexa’s hot breath was lifting hairs on every part of her body as she leaned back into her embrace. The blonde sighed in pleasure as Lexa laid soft and loving kisses on her neck. They were once again pulled apart by Octavia this time who looked at them with a happy smile. 


Clarke groaned as she rolled on the bed to look at Lexa who was currently at the table staring at maps. 

“Go to sleep, Clarke” Lexa ordered with her back to the blonde. The brunette was wearing a ripped shirt leaving her abs on show. Clarke’s heart was beating fast as she studied the brunette’s back; every dip, curve, bone, scar, tattoo. 

“Just come to bed, baby.” Clarke’s eyes widened as she realised what she had said. Lexa turned around slowly and looked at Clarke with confusion. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that, it was just a slip of the tongue.” Lexa walked over to the bed and sat down next to Clarke. 

“Why am I a baby? Have I been acting like a child?” The blonde let out a loud laugh when she realised Lexa had no idea what ‘baby’ meant. The brunette’s went into deeper confusion as Clarke laughed. “Clarke, answer me now. Are you making fun of me?” Clarke starting laughing even harder at the brunette. Octavia and Raven walked in the hut and stopped as they looked at Clarke and Lexa on the bed. 

“Umm, sorry to interrupt whatever is going on here. But we wanted to have a word with Clarke.” Raven said with a smirk on her face similar to the one on Octavia’s. Lexa stood from the bed and walked over to the pair. 

 “Why is Clarke calling me ‘baby’? Is this some type of insult from the sky?” The pair looked at each other before bursting out in laughter leaving Lexa standing there frustrated and confused. 

Hope you enjoyed it!!! Send in more prompts!