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question , do you like river dale or not? and if you dont what are your main problems with it ? im a little confused by your page .

do i hate it? no. do i like it? no. am i trapped in this hell hole bc i’m cursed to try to see it through to the end, just in case it gets better? yes.

so let’s see what problems do i have with it there’s a lot here and i might be forgetting some so strap into ur seats kiddos

  • erasure of jughead’s asexuality
    • he’s aroace in the comics, and very clearly romance/touch repulsed
    • even if you favor gay jughead over aroace jughead, that’s still erasing his sexuality by having him be with betty!!!
  • depicting a sexual relationship between a minor and an adult
    • even if you yell “well, kj isn’t a minor!!” it doesn’t matter!! the character he plays, archie, is in fact a minor!!!
  • depicting sexual relationships between minors
    • “but every 16 year old has sex!” you shout, physically manifesting spiders into my home.  you need to remember though that this is media consumed by adults, adults watching literal children in sexual situations?? if that doesn’t make u take a step back a bit, i think u need to rethink ur life, bud.  also, no, not every 16 year old doesn’t have sex where the fuck r u.  how many times am i goinng to have to hear that excuse from the Straighties regarding this.  also why are u so invested in watching 16 year olds have sex in the first place why are u so defensive about it
  • queerbaiting
    • ya u can make veronica and betty kiss!!!!!!! but they aren’t gay and never will be!!!! nope!!!!!
    • we can have fuck ass incest on this show but a gay romance between 2 leads? unheard of
  • Generally Problematique Things
    • jughead making suicide jokes
    • kevin’s biphobia towards moose, telling him he should stick with girls
    • using trauma as a plot point with no lasting effects
    • honestly if you can’t see how problematic this show is on ur own then………….. idk what to tell u
It’s A Miracle

“Deeeeean, wake up! You promised!” I groaned, sulking back into my chair waiting for my older brother to wake his butt up.

“I don’t feel good, Y/n/n.” Dean groaned, as he turned over in the lumpy, old motel bed.

“But Dean, you promisedddd. I even canceled plans with other friends last week so I could see it with you.” I pouted

“I never asked you to do that.” He said, still not opening his eyes.

“No, you didn’t. You didn’t ask. I saw the disappointment in your eyes once you found out though, so I told them I’d go with you.”

“When are you ever that nice?” Dean questioned me

“Hey, just because I’m an asshole doesn’t mean that I can’t be nice sometimes. Now come on, it starts in 30 mins and it takes time to get there. Deeeean!” I whined to him

“Y/n, I really don’t feel good.” Dean spoke, coughing in between words.

“Well, you never feel good when you spend the night at some chicks house. You always come back with a cold. Tell you what, we will go get you some Claritin D or whatever other kind of medicine to help you feel better so we can get to the movie on time.” I spat with annoyance. My eyes glared over at Dean, when I saw him not moving. I grabbed his keys and made my way over to the door.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dean asked quizzically, turning his head to see where I was going.

“I am keying your car, since nothing else is working.” I called back to him

“I’m up!!!” Dean yelled, and I smiled to myself. He was out within minutes

“Well, someone looks awfully better.” I sing songed as I hopped into the passenger seat.

“What can I say, it’s a miracle.” Dean smiled, as we pulled out the parking lot of the old motel.

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Wordless Comfort

Request by @trinityjadecCan I please request a really fluffy oneshot with Sam where it’s after a rough hunt and they both take a shower together but it’s not sexual at all and they just help each other wash their hair and bodies and just hold each other and it’s super super fluffy

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: about 1k (short but sweet)

Warnings: brief mention of injuries, fluffy fluff, nakedness, shower cuddles


To say the hunt was rough would be a drastic understatement; thanks to Murphy’s Law, nearly everything had gone wrong.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Grundy and Cheryl are so suspicious but that's way too obvious and plus Cheryl loved her brother so it's probably Hiram but that wouldn't make sense because we haven't even met him yet and he's supposed to be in the next season so maybe it's Hal but I don't know if he has the guts for it and FP wouldn't do it because that would break his sons heart and he's not a monster so okay probably Mama and Papa Blossom but no because Jason was going to take over the business and they didn't want Cheryl to do killing him would make no sense but wait Betty had multiple personality disorder(?) so she did it except no she didn't because she keeps digging up evidence that helps the case so it's Jughead but he couldn't have done it because he's a sweet angel who gives 0 fucks (that's not enough fucks to kill someone, you see) so it's Veroni-- lol no nvm there's no way plus she was in New York-- so it's Archie except no it fucking isn't that boy can barely get through his parents finalizing a divorce he for sure could not kill someone so it's Kevin except don't you fucking CW I am not playing if you FUCKING DARE I WILL-- so it's Joaquin except I WILL FUCKING CUT A BITCH-- so it's Smithers except that's too cliché and he has no screen time so it's Moose but why(?) so it's Reggie but why(?) so it's Ethel but why(?) so it's Chuck but they were friends so it's Fred-- AHAHA lol nvm so it's Alice except no she had enough solace with just sending Polly to the sisters so it's Polly but no it's not she loved Jason so it's Jason(suicide) but no he was going to start a family with Polly so it's Hermione but no she was in New York with Veronica so it's one the pussycats but why(?) so it's... so... it must be... *wail of defeat* WHO👏 KILLED👏 JASON👏 BLOSSOM👏 IT'S👏 DRIVING👏 ME👏 MAD👏
Rooftop Confessions

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader, Gabriel

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Fluff (Smut in next part)

Words: 796

Author’s Note: This is for @beckawinchester‘s birthday challenge!! My prompt was “Ooooooh sounds kinky” and Rooftop :) There will be a part 2 that will basically just be smut.

“A little faster, Y/N!”

MY shorter legs struggle to keep up with Sam’s gigantor ones as he climbs the stairs, taking them 2, even 3 at a time.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Sam!” I hear the door slam, and I know Sam and the shifter have reached the roof. I push myself, reaching the top of the stairs. I press on the door, only to have it swing open, almost knocking me to the ground. I am about to cry out when I see Sam’s suit covered back.

“Sam?” But it’s not Sam who answers.

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Reggie Mantle x Reader

This is based of a request I read somewhere. It’s also my first ever published story/imagine so sorry if it sucks :))) enjoy! (also, english isn’t my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes!)


Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager in Riverdale is harder. But being a Jones and living in Riverdale is the hardest. My family had a rough history in this town and the present wasn’t any more pleasant. My father was an alcoholic, my little sister and my mother left my brother and I with said alcoholic dad and my brother and I, well we were homeless. We could go home if we wanted to don’t get me wrong but there wasn’t much of a difference between living at home and not living at home. My brother Jughead and I used to live at the drive-in but when it got sold to be taken down we fled the place and wandered around for a few days before finaly setteling in a tiny closet under the school’s stairs. It barely fit the two of us but hey, we got a roof AND working showers, another thing we didn’t have at home. Besides all that my life was fine I guess, I had my friends and I had my brother so I liked my life. “Hey, Y/N… wake up school starts in 3 hours” I groaned as I slapped my brothers hand away and pulled the duvet over my head “you go shower first” I mumbled and I could hear my brother sigh before grabbing his stuff and leaving the tiny space. I closed my eyes again and decided 5 more minutes of sleep wouldn’t kill anyone. That was until 15 minutes later the closet door opened and I sprung up “Oh Y/N” I could hear a familiar voice say. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Archie who looked at us with a sad look on his face “How long?” He asked and Jug sighed “Since the drive in closed, that’s where we used to live before” “Well, why the hell are you not living at home?” Archie questioned and I sighed before answering “Truth is, things aren’t good… at home” Archie picked up on of the empty cans before asking “With your dad?” “Yeah… he kind of fell of the wagon, after your dad fired him” I looked at the clock and saw that school started in an hour and quickly put on my clothes “He’s been without a job ever since. He keeps saying he’s going to get his life together but our mom couldn’t take that rollercoaster anymore and took Jellybean and went to live with our grandparents” I could hear the first kids approaching and grabbed my bag, phone and school books before leaving the closet. “C'mon” I said and closed the door “Well why don’t you guys come live with me?” I chuckled and shook my head “This is temporary Archie… look we’re going go figure something out. But just please, please don’t tell anyone” I said and squeezed his arm before leaving the boys alone.


Ever since Archie found out we were living in the closet things just got worse. I tried living with my dad again but I just couldn’t. Jug was staying over at Archie’s and I told them I was staying with Melody but truth was, I was back at square one. Also it didn’t help that the bullying got worse. Jughead and I were used to some teasing and pushing but lately they’ve gotten meaner and harder on me than ever before. Especially Chuck and Moose, they couldn’t leave me alone for some reason and normally I would ignore them and shake it off but this time they got too personal and everything in me just snapped. “Hey dirty girl” I heard Chuck’s voice boom and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning my back to them, but was blocked by Moose “You know, he would call you a slut but no one wants to touch you so why waste a word that’s too nice to describe you” my heart was pounding in my chest like usual but I didn’t show any sign of emotion “Oh c'mon not even a laugh? Did your mother not teach you how to laugh at a joke? Oh wait, your mom left you I forgot” Wait… how do they even know “Probably because you’re such a huge dissapointment. Is that why daddy started drinking? To forget you? I know I would you worthless piece of flesh” I could feel the tears welling up and pushed past them, hearing the laughter behind me “That’s right baby girl, run to your non existent home you homeless freak” I slammed the door of the locker room shut, threw my jacket and backpack on the floor and fell to my knees as I finaly let it all out. I kicked a locker that was in front of me and suddenly a voice spoke up “wow easy tig- hey… are you okay?” I looked up to see Reggie with his sports bag in his hand and I realised I must have walked into the boys locker room “Can you just… please leave me alone?” It was silent for a few seconds before he stepped foreward and sat on the ground next to me “Chuck and Moose?” He softly asked and I nodded, another tear leaving my eye “It never gets to me, never but this time they said some things that were way to personal and why am I even telling you this?” I said as I whiped away the tears on my face “I don’t know, I wouldn’t probably tell me this” he replied and I giggled “It’s just… never mind you don’t care” I said and went to stand up before he stopped me “Y/N, would I Mantle the Magnificent sit on this dirty ass sweaty floor if I didn’t care?” I smiled and sat back down “Thank you Reggie, you’re really nice” I said and he smiled softly before scratching his head “Is it-is it true you’re homeless?” I bit my lip and waited a few seconds before nodding “How?” He whispered and I shrugged “Just some good old family issues” I smiled and he shook his head “This is serious Y/N, where do you sleep?” “Well where ever Juggie goes I go. We first stayed in the drive in but it got demolished so we moved to the tiny closet under the big stair case but now Jughead stays with Archie and I told them I’m staying at Melody’s… but truth is I’m not. I tried living with dad again but I can’t stand that place so I just roam around” I said and he looked at me with a hurt and confused look on his face “I’m so sorry Y/N… I never knew” I squeezed his hand and shrugged “It’s okay, no one knew” suddenly he perked up as if a light bulb turned on in his head and stood up and lifted me off the floor. “I know where you can live… my house” I opened my mouth to say something but he kept rambling “My brother just went to college, we have a spare room! I’m sure my parents won’t mind, we had exchange students before! Yes you’re living at my house, that’s it! We both get advantage out of this, you get to live in a house with an amazing family including myself and I-” suddenly he shut up and pursed his lips together as if he was going to say something but couldn’t and I tilted my head, smirking at him “What would you get out of this Reginald Mantle?” He smiled innocently and chuckled “I get to wake up with a beautiful girl in my house, even though it’s not in my bed” he said and I burst out laughing and looked at him as he smiled. Before I could control myself I leaned foreward and kissed his cheek “I’d like that Reggie, and maybe we can bring a change in the latter” “Oh count me in”

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I wanted to make a post to let you know the full extent to which I appreciate your game. I’m so glad to see a protagonist that is gender nonconforming, disabled, and is a direct subversion of the “masked murderer” stereotype. I am extremely grateful to see a secondary character who also has an estranged father, like myself. I love that I can relate to Sal and Larry both as a gender nonconforming, disabled individual who was raised by a single mother. I’m also absolutely in love with the music, art style, and general atmosphere of the game. It’s very nostalgic with its 90s setting and the music is so ambient (aside from the Sanity’s Fall music, which is epic in its own right) I listen to the music from the game quite often. It’s incredibly impressive to me that you’ve done all of this on your own and I want you to know that your fans support you and look forward to the next installment! I’m also so glad to see a fan base building behind a creator that returns the support he is given and I am so happy to see you interacting with us and supporting our fan work!

You’re doing great man, we love you. 🖤 @stevegabry

Warm Arms

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Request: I was wondering if you could write a one shot where the reader was assaulted in the past and has been recovering from it but she hears the sound of fabric tearing and it makes her think of that night but Dean ends up comforting her?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: implied sexual assault

A/N: Super fluffy Dean…

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This little fic was a collab with @angelkurenai and it was really fun to do! :D We both hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Platonic Dean x reader, Platonic Sam x reader
Warning: None! Just Fluff! ^w^
Word Count: 1473

(K: Gifs belong to respective owners)

Video Chats and Giggles


It had been at least a week since Sam and Dean had left for a hunt. The hunt was just a few states over. After hearing about these mysterious murders, they packed up and went to go check it out. Turns out they were hunting down a shapeshifter who was taking form of different men and murdering women.

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the princess diaries 2: the royal engagement sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “a queen is never late. everyone else is simply early.”
  • “is this an american custom?”
  • “you can step on my foot anytime.”
  • “i dream of love, not fondness.”
  • “i would gladly take a bullet for you.”
  • “most interns don’t even want to fetch me my tea.”
  • “i offered that we hang him by his toes in our courtyard.”
  • “we danced and…i flirted.”
  • “oh my goodness! it was a ring!”
  • “and you’re sure my father wanted this?”
  • “power means never having to say you’re sorry.”
  • “well, aren’t you just…crafty?”
  • “the point is that i’m onto you.”
  • “are you sassing your grandma?”
  • “they just adore you.”
  • “a princess never chases a chicken.”
  • “that is impressively sneaky, ______.”
  • “_______, official best friend of future queen. i don’t like you.”
  • “she’s terribly bright, sensitive, caring.”
  • “why would i be jealous of _____? he has to spend the rest of his life married to you.”
  • “what are you doing? what is wrong with you? you can’t just go around kissing people! particularly not engaged people!”
  • “maybe i just like kissing you.”
  • “darling, when they tell your story, they’ll call your heart of gold your crowning glory.”
  • “you’ve fallen in love with her.”
  • “we can have those tasty, finger sandwiches together.”
  • “can i see you one more time before i go?”
  • “this really is more romantic in books.”
  • “being married is about being yourself…with someone else.”
  • “i look like a moose.”
  • “how am i supposed to herd sheep with a bike?”
  • “i’m a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.”
  • “just because i didn’t get my fairytale ending, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”
  • “i’m in love with the queen to be. and i’m inquiring if she loves me too.”
  • “do you have a chicken for my table?”
  • “she looks beautiful.”
Hell’s Princess

Originally posted by eternalwincest

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 10,271
Warnings: Smut, swearing
Authors: Both
[She’s Leaving]

They stared at you. “I asked him for just one other room, ya know, for Dean…but he’s trying to pretend I’m a prude. Let’s just say he’s probably not going to agree to zap Sam to visit with me there for a sleep over.” You chuckled. “And he blew a demon up. That was disgustingly nice of him.”

As the three of you sat down, Sam paused. “Wait. Why did he blow up a demon?”

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Bow Before the King

Description: You get creative while trying to get information from Crowley

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: some smutty stuff ;)

Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

You walked down to the dungeon behind the boys. Crowley had information, and you needed it. Sam opened up the shelves and walked in.

“Hello, boys. Ah, and if it isn’t my little darling behind them.”

Dean barely looked up. “Shut up.”

“What? Jealous of her pet name, squirrel?”

You rolled your eyes. “More like I’m not your darling, or whatever. Now are you ready to give up any info, or are you gonna keep sulking?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I am. For a price.” Of course.

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Final Say

Originally posted by just-purely-insane

Pairing: Crowley x adopted!reader, Dean x daughter!reader, Sam x niece!reader
Word count: 264

FINAL part of Learning Curve

“You have her around HELLHOUNDS?” Dean yelled, making you look over to him. “Come on, sweetheart. Come home. We’ll take care of you.” His voice was calmer.

Crowley put his hand on your shoulder. “Who shall it be, love? Choice is yours.” He was confident he’d be chosen, just as Dean felt he would be.

You looked between Dean, Sam, and then up at Crowley. Chewing your lip, you thought things over. Sam had been kind to you from the first time he saw you. You liked him, and didn’t want to hurt him. However, Dean did everything in his power to deny you, and that hurt. A lot. Crowley while, sure, was a bit of a jerk at times, had come along.

“I’m sorry, Sam, Dean.” You said, looking up at them. “I’m going home with him.” Looking up at Crowley, you took his hand in yours.

Crowley smirked, looking quite pleased with himself. Dean looked angry, and Sam looked shocked. “Are you sure?” He asked.

You nodded. “I am. But, I’d still like to see Uncle Sam!” You looked at Crowley. “Can I?”

“Of course, love.” He agreed. “That is, if Moose agrees.”

“Yeah, just let me know when.” Sam smiled, relaxing you a bit.

Dean shoved his hands in his pockets, clearing his throat. “Can I ask why you picked him?” He asked, a somewhat hurt look on his face.

You looked up at your father, your green eyes looking into his. “You don’t want me.” It came out so casually, like it was nothing, even though it hurt. “Never did.”

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Can you do one where the whole spn family are having a battle on who can write the best destiel fanfic behind d+cs backs, until castiel finds out and outdos them all? Smth really meta and cracky/sappy with many examples of fanfic? Pretty please!

Wow, I dunno, you may have to twist my arm- no, what am I saying? I would LOVE TO. This is gonna be so much fun.

For the sake of the fic, Charlie is alive, and as thanks for helping their father, the angels and reapers worked together to create a portal where dead friends can interact with the Winchesters and even pass things back and forth. Think a gilded mirror about the size of a serving platter.

“Alright, Moose, you ready?” a voice called.

Sam looked up from his file in time to see Jo slide into a chair at the bar in front of the enchanted mirror in the Roadhouse heaven. He grinned, setting his research aside as she straightened the sheets of printed paper, her brow raised in challenge.

“Hold on, Charlie is gonna wanna hear this. Charlie!”

The deceased hunter rolled her eyes. “There’s not a single coffee shop or truth curse to be found in this version. She won’t like it.”

“Sounds droll and out of character already,” Charlie quipped, grinning happily as she came to drape over Sam’s shoulder and wave. “Hi, Jo! Let me guess: hunt goes wrong, Cas gets hurt, Dean gets weepy, love confessions ensue?”

Jo snorted. “No, that’s how Andrew typically thinks Dean and Cas will get together. Honestly. It’s like you don’t know me at all. My scenario has them totally as aBAMF power couple on the battle field, corpses of their enemies everywhere, town saved, and people cheering.” She slid the papers through the frame for Sam to take, continuing as the pair of them read, “I mean, if Dean and Cas are ever going to get together, it’s probably going to be in the euphoria of a battle won, one they never thought they could, and where, in their excitement, one of them accidentally kisses the other without thinking about it.”

“I still say it should happen when one of them walks in on the other naked in the shower!” another female voice called.

The mirror shook a little as Jo slapped her hand down. “That’s because you are a pervert, Pamela! They deserve better than that!”

The sultry brunette slid into the frame, arm snaking around the blonde. She winked at Sam. “Well, I’m not saying they have to have sex right then. I’d allow them, oh, ten minutes.”

Charlie chuckled in his ear, and Sam threw up a hand to cover his eyes.

“Oh, God, guys. What have I said about my brother, sex, and nudity? We have rules for this. It’s the first rule, actually. I have enough mental scarring.”


Charlie tapped the story of Jo’s. “I love the way Dean grabs handfuls of Cas’ coat and yanks him forward. That’s beautiful and gives me joy.”

Relenting, Sam nodded. “Yeah, I like that, too, and it sounds like something Dean would do once he finally reached a breaking point.” He arched a brow. “It’s entertaining, but I still think my story of him nearly dying of sexual frustration while Cas stretches and does yoga after a run is much better and far more likely. Eventually, Cas is GOING to notice the way Dean’s eyes glaze over and his brain stops all functions involved in walking or avoiding furniture.”

Pamela laughed and disappeared from view, calling back, “See? My story of sexual passion giving way seems all the more likely.”

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anonymous asked:

hey:) i love your blog! the pictures are amazing, and i assume in the profile pic it's you as well :) beautifully taken. but i wanted to ask you about something: you say you love wolves- but still you can't get rid of your anthropocentric point of view. why do you put human, a species that is destroying nature and wildlife constantly, above animals? why can't we just let them live as we do and see what happens? it's the only way we can make it up for them.

Hey! Thank you very much.

The profil picture is me indeed! 

I don’t know what it is that I said that makes you think that I put humans above other species, but I am assuming that it is this ask I answered about hunting. 

We don’t have to “let them live and see what happens” because we already know. Several ecosystems are already in great imbalance. In my own country the population of moose are way too big because of lack of predators. We know that if these animals are not hunted by humans they will overpopulate even more, which leads to problems on different levels. The moose itself will suffer from starvation, more disease and more conflicts. Humans are affected through numerous severe and deathly traffic accidents involving moose (this is a HUGE problem in my country). When the moose (or any species for that matter) overpopulates it also traditionally means that they “push” other animals out of the ecosystem which often (if not always) results in chain reactions that threathens the whole ecosystem,and possibly also the survival of endangered species. 

When I support hunting it is NOT because I put humans over animals, because I do not by any means have that opinion! The perfect situation for me would be a healthy ecosystem where animals species are able to manage eachother, and where humans only take what they need, nothing more. But that is not where the world is today, so I believe the best current solution is that humans manage prey species and (in most cases) preserve big predators such as wolves, tigers, lions etc. 

I also believe that if you truly love animals, you support hunting. Because the alternative is letting the number of prey species grow unrestrained leading to harsh living conditions, not only for that specific species itself, but for other species in the same ecosystem as well. I’ve said it before and I say it again: surely a bullet must be a better death than starving to death??

anonymous asked:

I have a mighty need for a Teacher au.. Delinquent!Nine/Ten and Teacher!Rose. Inspiration: Van Halen - Hot for Teacher Oh yess. Ps: THANK YOU for your lists of fic recs. <3

Ok, sooooo this went a different sort of direction, sorry about that Nonny… Hope you don’t mind too much!


Rose rubs her eyes and looks at the two students sitting at her desk. There’s John, lanky, short hair, beautiful blue eyes and a frequent scowl. And, unfortunately for her, Jon, short for Jonathan, tall, lithe, great hair and cheeky brown eyes. They both sit with arms crossed, legs resting on her desk and smirking at her. For all they claim to hate each other, she thinks, they’re remarkably alike. And remarkably good at getting into trouble. Generally by trying to one-up each other in their acts of distraction or destruction. Often both.

Though, according to her colleagues, the boys are exceedingly well behaved in Rose’s classes. Lucky for her, they say, her first year out of university and they seem to be letting her off easy.

Hah! Easy, she thinks, frowning at them. Unfortunately, they seem to have come to some agreement and her classes are no longer off limits. Art supplies and very intelligent, but still teen, boys makes for a rather disastrous combination, as both their current artworks show.

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Hi guys! Not sure how many of you know, but I work in an elementary school in San Francisco. At the school we have a weekly event called Fun Friday. Every week I try to incorporate Kindness into my lesson and I wanted to do more than just have the kids make posters or write a simple card, thus the Motivational Moose was born! I was trying to think of a fun way to do this so the kids would enjoy it. Then it dawned on me! 

Jared Padalecki is perhaps one of the most motivational people I have ever seen! The things he has started with the help of the SPN cast and family are astounding and I am very proud to be apart of it! He has touched my heart so much that I have incorporated him into my lessons to try and spread as much love and support as he does. Unfortunately I think it would be lost on the kids if Jared’s face were on a stick so I went with a moose instead. As you can see from the pictures it is a felt moose head on a dowel and around the dowel is a piece of paper with words of encouragement. 

The kids had a lot of fun deciding what to write and which friend or teacher would get their moose, but what really put a smile on my face was seeing the people who got their moose and saw their special message. To see their faces light up like that was awesome! It made me and the kids happy. It helped so many people smile that I don’t want it to stop! I want to make more and put them all over the city! I would also love to send some out to you guys as well! if you’re feeling down just let me know and you will have a moose coming your way! 

Anyway I was hoping you wonderful people could help me spread the word about my Motivational Moose project. I want this kindness to spread to the point that Jared himself hears about it and then he can fully see how much of an impact he has on people’s lives. 

I could really use your help with this, it is very important to me. Thank you for reading and I hope you’re all doing well! 

p.s. if you would like to know how to make a Motivational Moose just let me know and I can shoe the steps! 

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15 Day Destiel Challenge

10. confronted by something they are afraid of

“Second I see you, I am so kicking your ass.”

“Dean, calm down.”

“You expect me to just hop into that metal death trap?”

“Dude, you’re gonna be fine.”

“Says you.”

“It’s barely an hour. I think you can handle it.”

“And why can’t I drive there again?”

“I think the ocean and the complete lack of roads might be a pretty good reason.”

Dean digs his knuckles into his forehead, blowing out a breath.

Leave it to his moose of a brother to get married in Hawaii. Fucking Hawaii, of all places, completely inaccessible by car, and on top of that—at some random ass place on the island only accessible by helicopter. Jesus. Just because Jess’s parents happened to be botanical researcher geniuses slash whatever the heck they are—with a gigantic house and estate on Oahu—that didn’t mean they needed to have the ceremony there. Dean would have preferred literally anywhere else.

“Dean, take a deep breath.”

He clenches a fist, but he listens to his brother, and does. It doesn’t help.

“It’ll be over before you know it. And then you can beat me up or whatever.”

“Count on it,” Dean mutters. Sam hangs up and he shoves the phone in his pocket, grumbling.


Dean turns, biting the inside of his cheek. The rotors are going, whipping the air and making it nearly impossible to hear anything, but there’s his pilot, approaching him across the tarmac.

If he was thinking straight, he’d probably go into flirt mode and start hitting on the guy, because seriously—damn—aviators and sex hair have always been a thing of Dean’s—but he’s seriously trying not to throw up right now, so normal goes right out the window.

Oh shit. Don’t think about things going out windows.

“Hey, I’m Castiel,” he says, stooping briefly to grab Dean’s duffel. “I’ll be your pilot today.”

Dean just nods. His palms are sweating and he’s pretty sure his face has turned a nice shade of green by now.

But he climbs into the helicopter after the guy, wind whipping his hair and his clothes.

Oh fuck, he thinks.

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