i always write a lot for new characters cause i'm trying to dig deep

The Unsung Harmony || Darius & Amneris

To say that her uncle was over protective would be a massive understatement. He’d always been that way when it came to Amneris and most of the times she’d roll her eyes with the over excessive coddling. But ever since the explosion that happened at the Starlasian Festival, Amneris has started to give into her Uncle’s worried ways a little more. She remembered the intense fear she felt that day when she realized her family wasn’t anywhere near her and how she had no idea if they were safe or not. That feeling was the worst feeling she had ever felt and she didn’t want to feel it ever again. So, discreetly, she has been latching onto Darius and Eric to make sure that if another attack happened, she’d be able to make sure that they were safe. In that moment she completely understood for the first time why Darius was so over protective.

 The train wasn’t too crowded which always pleased Amneris. It meant that she didn’t have to sit next to any smelly, creepy strangers, Her right arm was draped over a big, square that was covered with wrapping paper taking up the space of the seat next to her. Amneris’s bright eyes were focused on the scenery that she passed by, her head resting gently against the window. It took every bit of effort for Amneris to fight off falling asleep. Dark circles clouded under her eyes, which were caused by her lack of sleep. With all the events and attacks that have been happening, Amneris has had a lot of trouble falling asleep. Images from the burning Ferris Wheel and the screaming people inhabited her mind every time she tried to get some shut eye. Spending some time with Darius always made her happy so she figured this would be good for her.

 Since her sleep cycle has been so off it’s provided her with more time to spend on her paintings…which she has been spending time on religiously. Under her right arm was the painting she’d been slaving over for the past few days. She’d been working on it for Darius. Amneris didn’t always tell her Uncle how much she appreciated him…words weren’t always her strong suit. But she let him know through her art, something he only seemed to understand. So she hoped that with this gift he would understand how worried she was about him and how much she cared about him, without having to say the words aloud.

 After a long walk, trudging the massive painting around she was relieved when she finally made it to Darius’s door. She rummaged through her pockets to find the key he gave her but groaned when she realized she had lost it. Her knuckles hit against the door as she said, “Hey it’s me! I lost my key again.” Amneris practiced her puppy dog face to show him when he opened the door so he wouldn’t be mad at her for losing the key. The wrapped painting was leaning up against the hallway as she stuffed her hands in her pockets, puppy dog face ready for attack.