i always wondered what those were for

i started watching the seoul music awards not expecting any yoonmin but then i see the crowd shots and here jimin is with his arm resting on the back of yoongi’s chair like it’s the most casual thing. even when jimin was standing and enjoying the performance he kept his hands on the back of yoongi’s chair. he even rested his head on yoongi’s shoulder?! it’s always moments like this with these two that makes me truly wonder what is going on with those two. It wasn’t just for a moment they were like this the whole night

now i’m just thinking about them sneaking out to the movies for a date and jimin wrapping his arm around yoongi. or when they’re at the dorm and jimin sees yoongi watching tv so he sits beside him, swiftly wrapping his arm around his shoulders. when they go to bed and yoongi is so tired he just curls into jimin’s side enjoying the warmth of his arms around him - like… they both seemed so comfortable with the position i wonder when this started being their thing? 

i mean of course maybe jimin just likes resting his arm on the back of chairs idk but let me have my moment okay?

What if...

“I think everyone has a ‘what if’ person, don’t you think mom? Like one person who if situations were different things could have worked out possibly for the better. Not to say whoever you end up with isn’t absolutely wonderful but there will always be lingering thoughts about another in the depths of your mind”

“Whom Rose, Whomever”

“Right, you knew what I meant.” 

“Yes darling I believe most people have those”

 “Who is yours?”

Images of white blonde hair and steel grey eyes flash before her. Of anonymous notes hidden in books on dusty shelves of the library, of passing glances held just a second too long, of a smirk at Yule ball. A silent apology, a sickly sixth year slytherin, the Adam’s apple of a scared boy swallowing his fear in the face of Lord Voldemort. The boy who couldn’t kill, who fiercely protected his family, who had no choice….

“The one who had no chance” slips from her mind, off her tongue and past her lips as a breathy whisper.


 “Nothing. No one Rose, I don’t have a ‘what if’”

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I'm a casual naruto fan, and I haven't watched everything but i do know that Sasuke and Sakura end up together with a beautiful daughter. I was curious about if Sakura actually played any part in sasuke's development? Say for example, if Sakura was never in the series, would Sasuke still turn out the exact same? It's always been about naruto and sasuke's bond, so that's why I was wondering if Sakura had an impact on Sasuke worth mentioning.

Well, if Sakura wasn’t there, Sasuke wouldn’t have softened up as much as he did during Part 1. All those instances in which the viewers saw that Sasuke actually had a nicer, softer, caring side to him, were due to Sakura’s influence.

He obviously also would have lost himself to the darkness as early as The Forest of Death if it wasn’t for Sakura. There’s absolutely no telling what could have happened to Sasuke in that instance, had Sakura not been there to help pull him out of the Seal’s influence:

So yeah.

Obviously, Naruto and Sasuke’s bond will forever be at the forefront of the series, but that doesn’t mean Sakura’s efforts should be overlooked. There’s a reason she remains the only person Sasuke’s ever thanked.

Sometimes I still wonder about your favorite color, your favorite song, what you’re into nowadays. You used to tell me so many stories about your life and I wonder those things still happen you. You were always there to help me and you always supported me. I miss all of our inside jokes and the weird things we did at recess. I miss having you as my other half. I really miss you being a part of my life. But if you would allow me, you know I’ll always welcome you back with open arms.
—  The letter I never sent you..
  • Roadhog: Junkrat?
  • Junkrat: Yeah?
  • Roadhog: Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?
  • Junkrat: Roadhog... I don’t wonder, I know.
  • Roadhog: Oh... what are they?
  • Junkrat: They’re fireflies. Fireflies that, uh, got stuck up on that... big bluish black thing.
  • Roadhog: Oh... gee... I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away.
  • Junkrat: Roadhog, with you.... everything’s gas.
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Supernatural season 7 gag reel highlights

Let’s look at another gag reel, tinhat firmly in place as always. This one was pretty sweet. Many great moments, out of which some of them are illustrated below.

I can’t help but wonder if Jared always gets such an enthusiastic welcome. I hope so.

I have no idea who you’re talking about, Jensen, but Jared isn’t fazed.

Okay now, that’s just erotic as hell. I wonder if they were filming Casa Erotica: A Study in Homoeroticism. If so, I can’t wait to see it.

Some standard cracking up that never tires me.

Hey Jensen, what’s the cause for those heart eyes?

Well then… No surprises here. Jared is an irresistable goofball.

I really would’ve liked this scene to have been longer. Are they slow dancing or hugging? Inquiring minds demand to know.

Aww Jared, don’t be shy! I bet you’ve kissed Jensen on places far less innocent than his cheek, no need to shy away now that the cameras are rolling. ;)

I have no idea what this is, but I can’t help but keep staring. Jared’s eyes rolling back, Jensen somehow looking very bothered. I truly have no idea.

Never miss a chance to smack that ass!

Watch the entire gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be doing two of these each day of Christmas, last one coming out on Wednesday the 28th. Happy holidays, all of you wonderful people!

(Failed) Feminism from a father and husband

This video was posted in a Jezebel article that @styro linked to.

The guy talks about his faulty assumptions in his marriage–that his work should always take priority over his wife’s work and childcare–and how his socialization affected those views and what they did together to correct it.

We all know that women are socialized to think of others’ needs, etc, etc. The guy talks about how some household-management chores just never occurred to him; they were essentially invisible. I wonder what would happen if the woman in a similar relationship just gave up–let the dishes get crusty AF, the kids don’t get transported to soccer practice, no one has dental appointments. Then what? If you have tried this and it failed spectacularly (10 cavities! Maggots in the sink!) or it sort of worked, let me know. I’m curious.

(In the video, they have an infant, so I guess the baby isn’t going to feed himself if the dad doesn’t notice. But with older kids…?)

This reminds me of the time I told a male roommate that it was his turn to clean the bathroom–including sweeping the floor. He didn’t see the point of that. I said his body hair was all over the floor and sticking to my feet. He didn’t believe it, had never noticed it himself. I led him to the bathroom, we both got on our hands and knees, and I plucked three curly black hairs from the floor. He finally got it.

But I thought–is his vision just bad?? Or is this particular circumstance because women sit on the toilet to pee and thus see the floor at closer range more often?


^In hindsight, it really does makes you wonder though, just how many of those early demon antagonists that were introduced both in the manga and anime, were nothing more than brainwashed victims of King Yama (aka Koenma’s Father), whom if you noticed was always mysteriously away for some reason up until late in the Chapter Black arc. 

I dunno, but when I first found out what kinda messed-up crap King Yama was trying to pull when I was reading towards the end of the YYH manga way back when, it just really put everything into a whole different perspective for me, and kinda lessened those early demons as villains in my eyes. 

I mean shit, when you really think about it: Sensui was fucking right about everything in the end, and it’s a damn shame he didn’t live long enough to see King Yama and the corrupt side of Spirit World get what they deserved, along with seeing Demon World start to open and integrate with Human World.

Out of all the Villains Togashi wrote, King Yama really took the fucking cake didn’t he? <— (that friggin conniving manipulative old-bastard really did end up playing everyone till the very end: Spirit World, Koenma, Botan, our Heroes, etc).

But seriously tho, all this time - just how many innocent people did our Heroes, Sensui, and (Oh God I just remembered), and even Kuroko as well, helped put behind bars, or worse - got them wrongfully executed down the line all thanks to King Yama….I mean jeez, did he just jump at the chance the moment the Kekkai Barrier was put up way back when, has this whole conspiracy been going around since then, all so that he could keep what little grasp he had of power over Half of the first Basement so-to-speak of Demon World’s Terrain?! 

^It kinda makes me really sick to my stomach, when I start to really think about it all, tbh. …..But maybe it’s just like Kurama says: 

Perhaps it’s best not to dwell on it too much. ….After all not all heroes are shining.

I have an open ended question.

So, I’ve always said that nothing is inherently feminine or inherently masculine and that those things are just social constructs. But then people feel dysphoria or alternate between being a woman and a man or are trans or are somewhere in the middle and my question here is just:

What is the tie between your gender identity and the social expectations of what makes up the gender(s) you identify as?

I’ve just always wondered that. Since having long hair isn’t just a girl thing, but it’s something people can feel dysphoric about, like on the last few posts.

What makes you not feel like whatever gender you were assigned at birth? And what makes you feel more comfortable as what you identify as now? And how much of it is based on like the societal definition of man/woman etc.?

I’m sorry if I’m using like incorrect terms or wording this super poorly. I don’t know how to ask. Other mods feel free to answer or call me out if I said something wrong! Also feel free to delete this post if the whole thing is a shitshow.

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Pietro part one

Complete series

* Just a disclaimer here, I used Russian in this one because…ya know…dramatic effect. I am a complete amateur though and used google translate. If any Russian speaking people read this and it is completely wrong I apologise and please feel free to correct me!!! Hope you enjoy it though!!! *


“You got…” Tony said, glancing at the bit of paper and then around the room. “Boy wonder over there.”

“Excuse me what did you call me?” Pietro said glaring at Tony from his seat, his accent strong. It always seemed to thicken when he was annoyed. Not that you were complaining. There’s just something about this accent…those muscles…just him in general that got to you. Your heart was beating noticeably faster at the thought of being locked in a room with Pietro. Wasn’t that ironic.

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The Prophecy

[Neville steps forward]

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cbat123  asked:

Hi Lou- Cindy- there is a lot of conjecture today around the Olicity blogosphere that MG may have released 5.20 spoilers because he did not want to lose a significant portion of audience from 5.16-19. There may be some semblance of truth to this. For me, I am here for the show. But if I were honest with myself, it is more for the wonderful fandom community here. I feel a sense of comfort an

People always go on with this kind of thing. 

And bottom line, people know squat about why MG does anything. Unless one of those people talking is actually MG, then it’s all just wild conjecture and assumptions based on very limited information and understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. 

Here’s the thing - everyone associated with Arrow wants us to watch it. Spoilers are meant to entice us to watch. This has always been how it’s been. 

Here’s the other thing - unrelentingly bad things has always happened on Arrow and they usually get more intense as we hurtle towards the end of the season. This has always been a thing. 

If people want to say there is a link there, okay, they can. All I know it’s always like this every year. It’s all anxieties and what ifs and then we get flashes of the end in sight. Same old same old. :)

But yes, I’m like you, Cindy, I’m just here to watch the show. The show which I KNOW is going to throw angst and drama at me for 98% of its 23 episode season, and then give me 2%, scattered throughout the season, to catch my breath. People saying, oh no, bad things must be coming because we’re getting a nice spoiler or a good interview.. umm, yes, it’s Arrow. Bad things are always coming. That’s the show. That’s always been the show. 

And it’s not the way to look at things, IMO. 

I’m in this to find out what happens to these characters I love. I accept there will be bad and good things happening to them. I know that when I get bad things, good things are coming. I also know that when I have good things, bad things are just around the corner. Personally, I always prefer to be in bad things and heading towards the good rather than being in good things heading towards the bad. That’s just my personality type. That’s why I really wasn’t a fan of 4A. I knew we were going to pay for all that cute stuff, and we did. >.< 

So, yeah, I just go with the flow. I accept that bad things and good things will happen to these characters and I will have to pay for the good times when bad things happen, and I’ll be rewarded for the bad times by the good times rolling around. I tend to look at stories as being cyclical and never ending, rather than getting past one point and we never go back. I think it makes it easier to just sit back and relax into the journey, knowing and accepting that good and bad things are always going to be a part of the package. :D 

(i already posted this but shutup this is for a good thing)

happy asexual awareness week, nerds!! im ace af and real frickin proud of it, just incase you hadn’t heard!!

[description: girl with wavy brown hair to just below her shoulders, hazel eyes. wearing a grey t-shirt with a white and red plaid shirt over it, looking away from the camera, smiling]

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 requested. Requests are open. I write imagines for fandoms, please no smut. I sometimes post non requested blurbs, those blurbs will not have a part two. I never skip a request, or delete one. I love you all. for more inside updates on my blog add me on snapchat pastelimaines

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They took her (Pack  Imagines)

Originally posted by teenwolf

Request: can you do an imagine when your the baby of the pack and the dread doctors take you and you get really hurt and there so worried

 A/n: sorry that it took a long time, but i finally wrote it. I hope you like it :)

 You hated being the smallest of the group. Everyone always baby you around and tell you what to do or not what to do. And most of the time you weren’t allowed to go with them, to check things out. It sucked. It’s not like you’re the smallest. Liam’s only 6 months older then you and he gets to go along. But that’s i guess is the advantage of being a werewolf. You were only young and a human. How wonders that will do to you.

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✉ meme 4 meme?

🐽 Texts | Accepting

{ Txt; Jagoda }: new phone who dis

{ Txt; Jagoda }: were you the one sending those plush toys to me???

{ Txt; Jagoda }: do you ever look at the sky and wonder what you could have done differently with your life? i do.

{ Txt; Jagoda } : i don’t do well with stalkers

{ Txt; Jagoda }: -there’s a picture of all his little plushies- look they’re getting along

{ Txt; Jagoda }: you wanna come out of hiding and introduce yourself, or are you comfortable watching me from afar?

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writing to you, as if you were the person I wish to say this to. Are you a liar, did I spend all those years under your dishonesty. You told me to always be honest, for that will get me far in life. But now, I look at you and wonder, wonder if all the time I spent defending you, was all one big joke, time wasted out of my life I could have spent doing...what? Listening to it? To horrible things told about the woman who raised me? So please, mom tell me the truth, so I can live on with peace.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest.


“My gratitude to Johan is infinite. His legacy is also infinite. When I first started, he protected me. I did not know anything about football, and he gave me everything. Johan opened a fascinating world for me, like a new movie. With Johan, you felt that it was possible to dominate football. He gave us everything when we had nothing, we were even given grammar. He was such a great teacher that made you love your stuff. He was our Merlí. As a coach, he would always encourage you to follow your instinct, not logic. I still always wonder what he would do. He is so great that he completely changed four teams: FC Barcelona, Ajax, and the Netherlands and Spanish National Teams. The memory of Johan is indestructible. What he has done is unstoppable - I’m sorry for those who do not like it.”

- Pep Guardiola, to RAC1 after the passing of Johan Cruyff

prompt: mortality

there’s no particular reason why, but sakura is often pensive and talkative in bed, especially when they’re just laying there, sometimes spooning, sometimes facing each other, but always calm and breathing and listening to their heartbeats in in sync.

“am i in your will?” she wonders. 

he doesn’t waste time being surprised by her question. sasuke snorts. “of course.”

“i am?”

“you’re my wife – my idiot wife at that.” she punches him lightly but what sakura considers light, other people consider hard. “if i were to die before you, all of my estate and my assets go to you, and, by extension, all of those of the uchiha.” his hand, which had been resting on her hip, runs up her back until his fingers brush the fan between her shoulder blades. 

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sometimes I think about Celebrimbor hearing about the Second Kinslaying and that Celegorm and Curufin are dead. and there’s this stab of loss because it’s his father and favorite uncle, and even though he knew it was coming that’s different from knowing that someone is really gone. and guilt, because he wasn’t there. two things that were drilled into him almost since birth is loyalty and the importance of family, and he sacrificed both of those. and it feels like…there was always some childish part of him that wanted, somehow, a reconciliation. knowing it was impossible, that he couldn’t forgive - and still wanting it.

and another part of him is angry, because how could they, how could they keep following this path that was leading them to ruin, how could they attack other Elves, again, how could they get themselves killed.

but at the same time, I wonder how many eyes on him were looking, waiting for his reaction, scrutinizing his every expression and word for a sign of what he was thinking, how he was going to react to the atrocity of the Kinslaying but also the deaths of his kin. and there’s no right reaction for him to have. too much grief and they’ll say he forgets the victims. no grief at all and they will call him heartless. once a Feanorian, always a Feanorian.

Celebrimbor’s answer is to retreat into silence and work, hammering out mingled grief and anger into metal.