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Just tell me the truth! Stingue///loveya

Note: This takes place right after Sting and Rogue’s fight against Natsu and Gajeel, with the exception of Sting killing Jiemma. That doesn’t happen.

“Rogue! Please wait!” Sting called, chasing after the shadow dragon slayer. “Stop running! I need to talk to you!”

“Damn it all…It’s all over…” Rogue muttered to himself, clenching his bruised fists in anger. “Why wasn’t I able to hide my feelings this time…?”

“Rogue! Hey, just stop for one fucking second!” Sting shouted, accelerating his speed. With one quick leap, he tackled Rogue to the ground, making the both of them hit the cold floor with a thud.

Rogue pressed his lips together, sealing away the desire to speak. He wouldn’t be answering any of Sting’s questions, no matter how much he begged. He couldn’t let Sting know. It was best to keep quiet about it.

“Tell me what’s wrong! Why are you so distant from me all of a sudden?!” Sting questioned, refusing to get off of him. 

Rogue remained silent, closing his eyes tightly. Maybe if he did that, everything would just disappear. His heart started pounding in his chest, but he ignored it, along with everything else. The need to speak, the nervous twists in his stomach, the heavy weight in his throat. 

“Answer me, idiot! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Sting got off of Rogue’s trembling body and pulled him up, gently forcing him back against the wall behind them. “Please…”

Rogue dared not to look into those crystal blue eyes. They were powerful enough to lure him into doing anything, and he couldn’t let himself fall under the spell. Not this time. 

“You’re scaring me…” Sting said, lowering his voice to a shaky whisper. His hands began trembling as droplets of sweat ran down the sides of his face. “D-did I do something to hurt you?”

Rogue forcefully, and almost instantly, shook his head. Nothing was Sting’s fault. It was all his own. 

“Talk to me, Rogue,” Sting pleaded once more. He grabbed Rogue’s face, making him look at him. 

Sting stared intently into Rogue’s ruby red eyes, trying to find a sign or a message of some sort. He could always read Rogue and tell what he was thinking or feeling just by the look in his eyes, but this time, they were void of any expression. It was nearly impossible for him to find a clue of any kind.

He tried to recall everything that’s happened this week. Sure, Sting was oblivious at times, but he wasn’t that dense. He could sense when something was wrong with Rogue. 

After a while of careful thinking, he managed to think of one potential thing that was bothering him. It was a sensitive topic, he presumed, no, he knew, so he made sure to be very lenient about it. 

“Is it…what our lady told me? About…you know…” Sting glanced down at the floor, suddenly finding the wood finish to be very interesting.

Rogue bit his lip, sinking his fangs into the flesh. Crap, he knows. 

“It’s okay..you know..I-”

“It’s not okay!” Rogue precipitously yelled, grabbing one side of Sting’s vest. “Do you know what could happen if Master found out?!”

“So you finally speak…” Sting said with a smile, his eyes softening. “You don’t have to worry. Everything will be fine.”

“Sting…nothing’s ever fine around here!” Rogue whispered harshly, hanging his head low. He gripped Sting’s vest tighter, boiling in anger and fear. “You were never supposed to know! I tried to hide it for so long…”

Sting moved one of his hands to Rogue’s clenched fist, holding it in a comforting manner. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Stop being sorry when it wasn’t your fault,” Rogue hissed, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth together in frustration. “It’s a sin here. I’ve done something terrible…”

“So it was true then, huh?” Sting asked expectantly, brushing Rogue’s bangs aside. 

Rogue unclenched his fist before pushing Sting backwards, curling up into a ball. He pulled his knees to his chest, hugging them as he buried his head in between. 

“Just tell me the truth. You love me, don’t you?” Sting whispered, reaching out to touch Rogue’s cheek. It wasn’t easy considering how his face was buried in between his knees, but he managed to pull it off anyway. 

Rogue’s heart said yes, but his mind said no. He couldn’t risk answering the question in fear of Sting’s safety. After all, just moments ago, one of their comrades had suffered a terrible fate. Someone very close to Sting’s now damaged heart.

“No,” Rogue lied, trying to keep his voice steady.

Sting wasn’t shocked or offended. He’d known Rogue too long to be able to tell what he was really thinking. “You don’t have to lie to me.”

Rogue’s ears flamed up as he lunged forward, grabbing onto the hem of Sting’s crop top. “I’M NOT LYING! SHUT THE HELL UP!” Sting simply smiled, too broken to even feel afraid any more. One look at his eyes and Rogue’s hand shook violently once more, realizing what he’d done. “Sting…I…I’m sorry! Y-you just lost Lector..and now I’m yelling at you..and I…” He bit his lip, closing his eyes tightly as he tilted his head downwards. 

Fresh tears streamed down Sting’s cheeks, dripping onto Rogue’s hand. He was still somehow able to keep the bright smile on his face. “Nah, that isn’t your fault…don’t say sorry…”

“Stop it, please. I can’t stand seeing you in pain,” Rogue whispered, lowering his forehead and resting it against Sting’s chest. “Don’t cry…please…I’m begging you…”

“And you think I don’t feel the same about you?” Sting asked, gently hugging Rogue while pulling him close. He would’ve hugged him tighter if it weren’t for the bruises they received from the recent beating. “You’ve been keeping that feeling inside for so long. I know you’re good at hiding feelings, but sometimes it builds up, and then it’s hard to maintain it all inside.”

“Worry about yourself for once,” Rogue spoke brittlely. “You’re in so much more pain than I am.” His voice was cracking, making Sting’s heart hurt.

“I don’t want to lose you too, Rogue,” Sting sobbed, burying his face into Rogue’s hair. He took a deep whiff, taking in the familiar, comforting scent. “I’m also scared…but I want you to tell me how you really feel. So I can be sure that my feelings are returned.”

“You…you love me too?” Rogue asked, his eyes widening. Sting nodded, squeezing Rogue a little tighter. His heart beat faster, practically pounding in his chest. “But Sting…if Master Jiemma finds out…he’ll…”

“To hell with Jiemma! If he dares lay a finger on you, I’ll kill him! Plus, I can’t hide my feelings for you any longer. He’s off on some shitty duty or whatever, so let’s take the time now to let each other know how we feel.”

“No, we can’t!” Rogue yelled, surprising himself. “If I ever put you in danger, I’d never forgive myself! I don’t want to see you any more broken than you already are, so for the love of god, please don’t make me do this…” 

“I’d be willing to take anything if it means I can tell you how I really feel about you.”

“It’s…it’s so unfair…” Rogue mumbled, burying his face deeper into Sting’s chest. “Why must we always be the ones who suffer? Everyone else can love so freely…while we have to live in fear of getting killed by our master…”

“I know it’s unfair, but want to know why I want to keep living?” Sting sniffled, wiping tears from his eyes. Rogue lifted his head up slightly, signaling Sting to answer. “It’s because of you, Rogue. I…I know things are hard right now…and probably will be for a while…but I just know that one day, things will get better. I’m going to wait till that day where we fulfill our dream and take over this damned guild and make it a better place. A place where anyone can love freely, and there will be smiles and happiness instead of fear and despair.”

“It surprises me how you’re always so optimistic,” Rogue chuckled shakily, lifting his tear-stained face off of Sting’s chest. “But your optimism gives me hope. You’re…the light of my life…as long as you’re with me…everything’s okay.”

Sting smiled genuinely, happy tears now filling his eyes. “I’m gonna say it now. I love you, Rogue. I can’t do anything without you. Please promise me that you’ll stay with me forever. We’ll do everything together like we’ve always been. And one day, I’ll give you the future you’ve always wanted. The future we’ve always wanted.”

“Sting.. I…” Rogue was left speechless as a smile formed on his lips. “I love you too, and I promise. Thank you.”

The two dragon slayers shared an embrace once more, crying out all of their locked away emotions. They knew more suffering and pain was yet to come, but they had each other, and in the end, that was all that really mattered.

*wipes sweat* okay i wasn’t planning to make this angsty but it just happened..! i’m really tired right now so idk if that was even good xD but here you go!! I’m so sorry I took forever to post this!