i always wanted to gif this scene tho

Highkey think GG and CP have a joint head canon about Barry and Iris’ first time and here’s why I think this…

1. In season one when there was no mention at all about Francine (not even her name), CP shared that she and JLM talked about how Joe and Francine met and where they might have gone on their first date, etc.

2. At one of the roundtable interviews at CC this year, GG said that as an actor he had to always deal with the subtext of Iris dying - even in the fun scenes - so subtext is important to him.

3. Barry and Iris’ body language is definitely more intimate by 3x09 even though nothing happened on screen (cause it’s a family show and blah blah blah)

So I want to know what GG and CP came up with! 👀 Like when exactly have THEY established Barry and Iris’ did it for the first time? and where did it happen? and any other details they came up with…😉


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