i always wanted to draw this

“ ‘Cause I got the wind in my hair,

And a gleam in my eyes.

And the endless horizon.

I got a smile on my face,

And I’m walking on air.

And everything life ought to be,

It’s all gonna happen to me, out there.

And I’ll find it, I swear.

With the wind in my hair.”

-Wind in my Hair from Tangled: Before Ever After.

So I am totally hype for Samurai Jack: Season 5. I adored this show as a kid, but I wasn’t good enough to draw fanart that I actually liked back then. Decided to try my hand at drawing Jack and practice some lineless coloring, and I may or may not be a little emotional right now about how close this got to what I’ve always wanted to be able to do.


How I Draw Marik! :D

(Apparently this one was too big for tumblr to upload so its on vimeo now)

Wiishus new video

So in @wiishu s new video she said that she was being told she was undeserving of the amount of subscribers she has because shes seen as just jacksepticeyes girlfriend which is why i wanted to say this: I cant believe shes getting negativity having Jack in her videos. Yes, the whole reason I found her channel is through Jack but I subscribed for her and her alone. I subscribed because I like her content and I think shes a really cool person and great artist. Shes one of the reasons that I have the courage draw and post my drawings online - something that i have always been too nervous to do as Im terrified people will laugh at me for being crap. Shes my inspriation and she deserves every single subscriber and so much more.


Happy late Valentine’s day! *sweats*
I wanted to draw Marron for Valentine’s day, but I couldn’t finish it in time orz 

There is this cute scene from “Sunday’s Secret” by Honeyworks. Byron really wants to be Marnie’s prince, so he dreamed about them on Valentine’s day. He also wish he could be a human because deep deep inside him, he dislikes his wolfskin features. *runs away*

BUT BOY, Marnie with a princess dress is the best <3



A mission gone awry leaves Hanzo fighting for his life, and McCree in limbo, waiting for him to come back…wanting to take revenge, and realising just how much Hanzo has come to mean to him.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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How did you develop your own at style?

Years and years of trying out different things and studying other art, and eventually giving up on ‘finding a style’ entirely and let it come naturally to me instead. Don’t be obsessed with finding your own style. What you need to do first is to experiment, and one day when you realize ‘oh, I really like this thing I’m drawing now’, add that as a mental things of things you like to draw. Eventually you’ll have a whole list of mental notes and that will all become your own style, one day.  One day, when you feel like you’re more confident with your style and strokes, embrace that. I feel like I’m at that stage now. But there will always be a time where you’ll want to change something and improve, and never stop yourself ‘because it isn’t your style’. I mean hell, even Mickey Mouse didn’t stay the same during his years of development.

Did you know I used to be a sonic artist? A really cringy, awkward sonic artist.


I must have been around 12? I wouldn’t say anything of what I did back then translates to what I draw now, except my love for drawing original characters. It’s extremely bad but this was the first time I felt I belonged to a community (ah yes, good ol sonic fandom), and it was about then I joined DeviantArt and I got a real confidence boost, knowing I wasn’t alone in my passion for art. (Thank you, internet!) My influence was the sonic games, obviously, and their comics.


I can literally still hear ‘cRAAAAAWWLING IIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIINNNN—’ I was still drawing sonic-styled art but I was slowly losing my interest in it. Once I attempted to draw humans, I noticed that my skill in them was… lacking. So I eventually gave up on sonic-styled art in favor of drawing people, which used to be my main thing when I was younger and before DeviantArt. You might notice a style difference here, though, and actual attempts at shading. The style was a lot more ‘grittier’ compared to the drawings in 2006. My influence? Good question. Anime, probably, which is probably why my sonic figures started to have more humanoid anatomy.


This is when the idea of a ‘style’ really started to come into mind, however. I struggled. Did I want a more ‘dark’ style or a more cute one? I kept shifting between the two styles in 2008, and my style would sometimes have dark, strong lines with contrasting colours, or soft, near invisible lineart with pastel themes. However, drawing sonic-style was not something I did anymore, only occasionally if I was experiencing some kind of art block. I always enjoyed drawing humans one way though, and it was definitely pretty boys and girls with soft features (even when they weren’t soft characters, ack).


2009 was certainly the year where I decided to just do my own thing entirely. I was sick of trying to suit into one category of art instead of drawing everything I enjoyed in one. The result was this, really odd-looking style, and these examples aren’t even the worst. The bodies became extremely long and slim looking, and the faces small with often giant eyes. It was without doubt a very experimental year and I knew it, but I figured I would have to let out all the monsters or never see my full potential one day. This was also the year I discovered the wonders of character design and colour theory!


2010 was the year of traditional sketches, even though I don’t show them here. I was drawing so much on paper because I’d go to school and just spend the hours there sketching to no end. So, when I came home, I’d try do so more colour theory, and try different colour methods. I started to find more colour palettes that I enjoyed, and I also started to learn anatomy on a near medical level, which is why the bodies ended up looking a lot ‘fleshier’. I also continued with the character design, and I tried to see if I could mix genres and whatnot to make unique looks.


However, the ‘fleshiness’ of 2010 wasn’t something that I was particularly happy drawing. Personally, focusing too much on correctness drained my creativity and put me into a huge art block. 2010 kind of shows that, but it also shows what I was trying to do to break it. I focused on using my anatomy knowledge to be able to bend the rules instead of breaking it, making the stylised look believable and not disastrous. I started focusing on digital sketches and drawing characters more diversely. That year I focused less on design and more on body features, such as hair, face, and body shapes. I also ended up using a different brush to ‘free’ my linework a bit. Not a good look, but it worked at the time.


The year of blending! This is where I started to go outside my comfort zone to see if I could find something between a rough, painted look or a soft, airbrushed look. My style finally started to balance itself out and I finally began to see and feel what I enjoyed drawing and what I did not. But most of all, I put most of my effort into painting and focusing more on my colours and palette and the way I coloured more than how I was drawing my art in the first place. Basically — the sketch became less important, and it was the ‘result’ I was trying to perfect. I would later come to realize that’s not the best mentality to have, but hey, I learned from my experience.


You can see I started to find balance between a harsher painted look and something softer and sketched. This is when I started to get very understanding with my choice of colours, and slowly went back to my passion for character design again. But I wouldn’t go back and recycle old ideas, I’d keep pushing. How could I bring these designs to life with what I’ve learned? With colours, brush strokes, and shapes? This is when I really found out the importance of a good silhouette and good contrast in colours.


A very, very quiet year. Little activity happened here and I barely drew anything at all. I’m not sure what it was; lack of inspiration and motivation, distractions with real life… whatever it was, I wasn’t drawing much. But, strangely enough, this is also the time where I discovered key elements with my style, and the few times I did draw, I’d make sure they were noticeable. The things I drew, I really loved drawing, and that’s something I’d bring with me the following years as well.


2015 was a year that went boom. I was so flooded with motivation and inspiration and I felt myself improve in all ways possible. My inspiration was actually my boyfriend who wrote amazing stories, to which I tried to illustrate. He also helped me boost my confidence and see how I could take inspiration from myself as well. It makes me still so happy to think about. I feel like I tried near everything and I never put myself down for trying something out of my comfort zone. I experimented, I drew much, and I learned so much — and most of all, I had so much fun. Every single thing I drew, I’d keep in mind for next artwork.


The following year became more fleshed out, but it felt like just another step forward in my style, rather than trying to ‘improve’ it. I worked with what I had and I embraced it. I wanted to illustrate the feeling of the things my boyfriend wrote, I wanted to capture the atmosphere and scenarios. And finally, after years of struggling with it, I’ve finally found a balance between something soft and harsh looking.

It’s 2017 now and I still feel like I’ve got plenty to learn, but instead of stopping there, I’m making that my goals. And I can already feel myself going there, and I’m happy with what I’ve done in the process and what has helped me to get where I am now.

Notice how, with time, I became less obsessed with trying to ’find’ a style, and instead embrace what I have? Find things that inspires and motivates you, and keep trying. Keep pushing. Keep having fun! A style might be a thing for the observer, but for the artist, it’s just an expression.

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hiya !!! i've been browsing thru ur art tag for like .. an hour and i just wanted to say that ur art is rlly cutee qVq idk if requests are open or not ,, but u should totally draw some more joshler / 21p when u have the time / if u want to !!

Awh awh anon ur so sweet (〃∇〃人) I’m always down for requests so here’s a soft pastel joshler just for you ♡

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when did you start feeling confident about your art? like i wanna be able to post drawings online but i just feel like its not good yet and i would be embarrassed :/ did you ever feel like you didn't want other people to see your art because it wasn't good enough?

I started posting my art online since I was 11 years old haha. My art was complete shit, but I was always proud of it for some reason, probably because it was one of the few things that made me happy in life. Which is kind of hypocritical of me to say because I am SUPER critical over my own art. When it comes to artists, you improve along the way. Like I look back at some MM art stuff I posted back then (which was only back in September) and I’m just like “Wow, I drew that??? It looks like crap compared to how I draw now!” But, honestly, if you don’t think you’re good enough now, then when? There’s no set skill level you have to be when you can post your art. You just do it lol.

Here, if it makes you feel better, let me show you one of my FIRST works that I posted online that my very childish self was super proud of lmaooo

You see this shit? It was supposed to say Dark Angel (I was super into DNAngel at the time lmao) but dumb ass me spelled it Dark Angle. This was actually for this online magazine club I was part of in 6th grade that my teacher created. And you know what makes it even worst??? It’s the fact that I misspelled angel, aND MY MOTHERFUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER DIDN’T EVEN POINT ANYTHING OUT… AND HE WAS THE ONE RUNNING THE DAMN CLUB smh. 

A moment of mourning: my electric pencil sharpener, which has done such yeoman work for lo these 25 years (and kept sharpening pencils super-sharp to the very end), broke tonight.  It won’t go.  And I can’t seem to fix it.

(I would complain about it breaking at an inopportune moment, but let’s be real: since it only gets used when I’m in the middle of a drawing session, it was pretty much always going to break at a time when I didn’t want it to.)

I’m gonna have to work on something that doesn’t involve drawing for the rest of the night (NOT my original plan), and hope I can get a good new one tomorrow.  UGH.

Ford would understand my pain, I feel sure.  

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What was your process for deciding how to draw Johns hair?

okay so like,,,

1 is basically how john’s hair actually looks so wheres the fun, i wanted it look moreee idk dynamic? so i started drawing it like 2
eventually though overtime it evolved into 3,,, cause ive always had a passion for drawing really floofy hair but i was trying to supress the urge,, 

but i decided to keep it this way because its very,,, distinct? so by seeing a john with this hair its more recognizable as MY john rather then just john? 

its like,, my brand


here are 2 of my children who i love but never show attention

1) Hanna B. (She/they) my sweet baby.. I keep showing more Sherri and Marcy but I always end up forgetting to draw her :^(
2) (Captain) Fudge (He/they) full of: >resentment towards his family, >unending love for his crew

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your art and it's so unique to all the other styles out there. Anytime I see something that you made I automatically know it's you because your style is that awesome and I always love everything you draw! I'm sorry that you're feeling down, but I hope you feel better soon! You are loved and adored by all of us and we'll always be here for you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:♥・゚✧♥

I’m crying thanks this is so sweet!!


910 // A whole bunch of nothing

Been trying to keep a detailed theme with my IG account and it’s been a hell-ish moment for me to be honest. Because been wanting to keep a cool aesthetic worthy post for an eye clean sight whenever so. Eh? Can’t even tell if i’m doing it right.

Trying to find a balance between my social and personal life has always been messy. Like i can be cool on the internet and not so cool out of the internet. Or i can be totally crazy and spontaneous off the net and boring and dull on the line. Where should i set boundaries? How to draw the line? Pfft.

My thoughts are all over the place as time passes, and why do i feel like my memory’s too clog these days that i couldn’t even process newer or fresher ideas and information to retain, for good future purposes—yes. I’m feeling craaazy and out of place. Like how am i going to deal with this nuisance?

Ugh. This is just one of those mornings where questions are all lined up running towards me than safe answers.

Papa and Mama Dragneel ♡( ´▽`)


Aaaah I’m so busy but I’m still wasting timeeee, but I forgot to finish this sketch and I always wanted to draw Zeref and Natsu’s parents… I really need to know more about them! ;__;

Trying to figure out a good way of not seeing notifications (likes/reblogs/follows) on my dashboard, but also somehow not miss people tagging me in posts

I get reeeeeeally hung up on what people say on my art and in the tags. Most of the time people are very nice, I have a largely positive experience in the tags of my art (which wow I’m glad people like my stuff hlksjdf). BUT MAN some people are just kinda mean or miss the point or like to reblog things and state how much they hate it and it always super bums me out despite all the nice things people have said to the contrary. I only remember the bad things, and I want to stop this cycle, you know?? I’d like to get back to posting my art because I enjoy drawing and not worrying so much about what people are saying about it :Tc 

But if I turn off my notifications then I miss people’s mentions and art from people and stuff! Which I don’t want to do, I love seeing things people make for me or think I’d enjoy!

 Ssssso this is my dilemma  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I must be getting old, the things I really wanted in my teens and early twenties were videogames, music and anime. Now the things I really want are a bigger bookshelf for my comics, a display case for my figurines and a comfy office chair to draw in.

And socks, I’m always losing socks.

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Hi!!! Don't take this the wrong way but is there a reason why you don't talk much? Its just that tbh we don't know that much about you outside of your art :x Hope this doesn't come off rude I'm sorry if it does, your art makes me smile I just wonder some times about the person drawing it

nonono don’t worry about it!! the sentiment’s kind of sweet actually (๑•́⌄ •̀๑)

i kind of thought people weren’t interested in me, so that’s why i haven’t spoken much i guess (๑•̆૩•̆)ᕗ but to hear otherwise is really nice, i’ve always wanted to interact more with you guys!!

i’ll be more open from now on!! (•̀ᴗ •́)و ̑̑ (but just in case i blab too much, all personal posts will be tagged with #cocochat)

Yet Another Munday Meme [accepting]

Җ - What’s your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to role playing?

[★] I’m probably going to get laughed at for this, but fuck it – professional wrestling interviews. Whenever I want to write one of Dandy’s long, drawn out soliloquies, I always make a note to watch professional wrestling interviews.

Now there’s a very good reason why I draw inspiration from sweaty muscled men in tights yelling at a camera, and that’s because they all carry specific themes that goes hand-in-hand with Dandy’s sense of showmanship: They’re nonsensical. They’re passionate. They’re lengthy. More often than not, there’s little rhyme or reason as to what started them in the first place.

Sometimes, their enthusiastic choice of words are able to enthrall and captivate their audience. Other times, what they’ll say can be seen as offensive and off-putting. To the people who are actually fans of the sport, they completely “get it” and love it no matter how ridiculous they sound. To the people who are looking from the outside or think the sport in itself is stupid, they’re probably thinking to themselves, “What the fuck is that guy going on about?” – that’s exactly the type of emotion I try to invoke whenever I write dialogue for Dandy, and it’s worked wonders for me.

Watch this video, for example, and tell me you can’t picture Dandy saying something as ridiculous as this:

…except the part about rescuing Donald Trump from drowning…