i always wanted to draw this

ive been listening to a podcast summarizing and analyzing the animorphs books and i just really wanted to draw ax… 
I think its interesting that andalites are described as small horse/deer sized, and centaurs always feel grand in scale, so I wanted to keep him looking delicate and also young!! he looks so old on the cover so… enjoy!

and please listen to the podcast!! It’s called morph club and is on itunes

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I pray kaneki has a cute little screech. Like he sees Hide and he just screeches "H-H-H-EEEEWOOO" ;)

I thought today was going really well, you know. We got that gorgeous official hidekane drawing, I got my Scarecrow, Matsuri and Marude omake like I always wanted, I found out that Tsuneyoshi was a hot ass daddy, my philosophy class was off so I had a free period, my dad bought paprika crisps and I managed to draw an entire drawing in one night for the first time in a while, but then you guys. You just feel the need to make me suffer continuously. What have I ever done to deserve this? Tell me.

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do you read a lot of jikook fics? kdldkk ive been binging a lot of them lately (THANKS FOR GETTING ME INTO BTS DAVE) (stares at you dead inside) if you do what are your favorites? I just finished one called the good doctor and (shivers) if you havent read her works yet, i recommend that writer c:

hey nonnie!!! i do read a lot of fic lol (p much every fic in the tag, i check a couple times a day bc i’m, bad and terrible) when i’m not writing or drawing im probably reading! you can always check my ao3 bookmarks for my top fics but heres three of my favorite (recent) works:

the eyes are the window to the soul (and to the heart) by cygnus (lucid_wisteria)

WOOP MEARIIES NEWEST FIC IM IN LOV W IT… its so sweet its about jeongguks eyes turning different colors according to mood and jimin wondering about what the color pink means!! makes me tear up :”) (sfw)

set in oil paints by flitter

a rlly interesting fic where jimin is da vinci and jeongguk is salai– intriguing for anyone who’s taken art history or also anyone in general pff– y’know what i want to see though? fucken isaac newton and fatio but w jikook that’d be wild (nsfw)

were not broken just bent by melanic

WOOOO RAVENCLAW JEONGGUK AND SLYTHERIN JIMIN… THE WAY ITS S’POSED TO BE…. absolutely brilliant writing, excellent characterization! its nsfw and jimin bottoms but the good kind? like, everything is still in character and he isnt some whiny sub, which i dont rlly care if thats ur thing, it just REALLY isnt mine, so im a big fan of this fic!!! its so rare for me to find a bottom jimin fic that i can actually enjoy hfhghdf (nsfw)

and uh, heres a little personal note and some writers i would recommend:

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Very original Castellanos/Ruvik. Jealousy. (Thank you for doing that thing. <3)

@subject-number-five hohoho I’m always a slut for Ruseb >:3

“Fear radiates from you,” said Stefano, and Sebastian could do nothing as the knife pierced his temple, drawing blood.  "It’s beautiful, but not quite finished.  You—"

He stopped, eyes bulging wide.  Blood welled from his lips and with a gurgle he hit the floor.  In his place stood Ruvik just as Sebastian remembered, hood and scars and pale, pale eyes.  He wanted to scream but the flash still held him captive, leaving only his heart to pound as Ruvik moved closer. He leaned in and licked the blood from Sebastian’s face.

“Don’t forget, Seb,” he said.  "You are mine.“

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i want become a Druid (I've always felt very connected to nature and that I was missing something) but i'm not really sure how, do you have any advice?

Do some soul searching. :) internal meditations. Self assessments. Be honest with (but not hard) on yourself. What draws you to nature specifically? What kind of person are you? Write down the answers to the questions you ask yourself.

Check out my meditations tag. There is an introspective one that might be a good place to start :)


“The creature in his chest roaring in triumph, he grinned down at Ginny and gestured wordlessly out of the portrait hole. A long walk in the grounds seemed indicated, during which–if they had time–they might discuss the match.” Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Taken from the Niflheim labs and raised as the heir to the throne under a strict hand, young Prompto spend the early years of his life confined to the palace reading about far off lands and interesting creatures across Eos. 

For the first time in his life, at the age of 20, Prince Prompto Aldercapt leaves Niflheim. With the company of his father the Emperor and Chancellor Izunia, they travel to Insomnia under the guise of a possible peace treaty with King Regis. Prompto believes his father and the Chancellor have other plans in mind. 

Niflheim Prince Prompto AU - Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

short & sweet ♡