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The Dream Bear

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This is a spell designed to give you more dreams and more meaningful dreams! It’s one of the more complicated crafts I’ve done lately, but it has been so worth it. I’ve done this a few times and have fine-tuned the recipe, so hopefully it works well for you! (And as always, substitutions can be made if need be. One of the reasons there’s so much stuff in it is because I just attract herbs that are good for this type of spell, apparently.)

What You Need:

  • Representations of the four elements (or another way of consecrating things. I use the elements but you do you.)
  • A stuffed animal that you’re comfortable sleeping with, even better if it has a hole already forming somewhere
  • Needle and blue thread
  • A small drawstring bag. Blue is optimal
  • A blue candle (if you want a larger emphasis on prophetic dreams, replace with or add a purple candle!)
  • A small piece of amethyst or amethyst chips (Amethyst particularly resonates with me and is also good for divination. It also is a general power enhancer.) 
  • A small piece of red jasper (For vivid dream recall.)
  • Rosemary (for dream recall)
  • Chamomile (sleep aid, prophetic dreams)
  • Hops (to enhance sleep magic)
  • Mugwort (for prophetic dreams)
  • Bay leaf (for prophetic dreams)
  • Lavender (sleep aid, dreams)
  • Coltsfoot (nightmare ward, dreams)
  • A sigil of your intent
  • Scissors

Best performed during a full moon on a Monday.

What You Do:

  1. Design your sigil beforehand to save time, if you wish.
  2. Perform your ritual spell starters, be that casting a circle, grounding/centering, calling upon deities, whatever. I like to ring a bell to mark the beginning and end of a ritual and focus my mind onto the sound If you’re working with the elements, this is the time to call upon them.
  3. Light the blue candle.
  4. Bless/ consecrate your stuffed animal, priming it for instruction. Let it rest as you continue onto the next step.
  5. Fill the pouch with each of the ingredients, stating what each one is for and what it will be adding to the mix. “This is rosemary. It will aid me in remembering my dreams.”
  6. Draw the sigil onto the bay leaf as you add it, or draw the sigil on a piece of paper, fold it, and add it to the bag.
  7. Pull the bag shut, give it a little shakey-shake. Say a little prayer, poem, or chant if you desire.
  8. Take your stuffed animal, and open up a hole in its back. Move the stuffing around and put the bag inside. I like to place it where its “center” would be if it was a living thing. If your animal already has a hole elsewhere and you would prefer to use that, I feel that should be fine. I think keeping it close to the “heart” is nice though.
  9. Sew the hole shut with the blue thread.
  10. Consecrate the stuffed animal one last time, explaining its purpose to bring you prophetic dreams (or whatever variation!) and that magic will flow through the entire animal. It is now ready.
  11. Close down the ritual and clean up as usual.
  12. Sleep holding the animal (the closer to your torso the better, I’ve found) to encourage more dreams and more prophetic dreams!
FF Ch. 61

So, I know I keep talking about being patient and how everything will be worth it, but…

How often have we seen Seol-a look so heartbroken (with the death of Yu-Ji, and No-Rae’s close-call, perhaps, but consider the fact that no one is in physical danger this time)? 

She kept saying, “You don’t know that it was a coincidence”, and “What if it wasn’t a coincidence? What should I do?” We already know she has always been worried about No-Rae still having feelings for Sung-Pyo, but she’s getting to the breaking point if she’s crying and voicing her fears, even a little around someone who doesn’t quite understand. Seol-a is afraid No-Rae and Sung-Pyo coordinated the meeting, that it was planned and they may start dating again. 

Which we all know isn’t happening. 

In fact, we already know that No-Rae is thinking about Seol-a almost all the time (she said so herself, in ch.57), and this was still the case when she went for that walk with Sung-Pyo:

Seol-a: “I went to to go ride my board.”
Seol-a: “It looked like you met a friend…so you do you.”
Sung-Pyo: “What’s on your mind?” 

Notice No-Rae was surprised when he spoke, almost as if she forgot he was there. 

(And then, if No-Rae was being honest instead of diverting the conversation elsewhere:) No-Rae: “Oh, I’m just sulking because the girl I’ve been pining for left me with you, and I would much rather be spending time with her.” 

This chapter has also further revealed that Seol-a still seems a bit confused as to how far her feelings go, as No-Rae once was. We saw No-Rae resolve that for herself recently in chapter 57, after having the discussion about love with Ina and contemplating it, when she spots Seol-a at the bakery (that adorable, adorable moment). 

So basically Seol-a and No-Rae are in love, full of angst, and oblivious to each other’s feelings and Yoon Ina is set up in the perfect position to be the first secondary character to figure it out. We may see her do so in the near future and give one or both of them the push they need. Or maybe Sung-Pyo is giving Seol-a that push already? Then again, perhaps Seol-a really needs to figure herself out more thoroughly so that if No-Rae asks her, “Do you love me?” Like she did when Ji-Hwan confessed, she can give her a yes. Who knows. 

Casual Courting

Sometimes, love turns out to be surprisingly easy to find. 

For @ordered—chaos who just performed a miracle as far as I am concerned. 


It’s all very… mundane, really.

There’s no reason why it happens on that particular evening. They have done this a thousand times, watched a thousand movies, ordered a thousand take-outs, and now…

By now, even Sam has given up on the sly comments and the knowing glances.

They have been best friends for over twenty years, after all.

And yet today is the day that everything changes.

And nothing changes.

It would probably be complicated if Dean took the time to think about it, but when did he ever do that?

It’s past eleven pm. Cas has already slipped into one sleeve of his trench coat when he catches Dean’s eyes.


And says “I don’t want to leave”.

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